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Review of CheapAir

CheapAir reviews

80 reviews
Categories: Plane Tickets, Travel
26707 West Agoura Road, Suite 204
Calabasas, California 91302
Tel: 800-243-2724

80 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
1 helpful vote

The four hour window cancellation is a fraud and misleading. It's the old bate and hook trick. The tickets only needed to be changed to the arrival airport instead of saying in was $280 more he said that that was the price. I asked for a refund and they kept rebuttaling me. Now I have to wait 10 to 14 days for my money?!! It's been over a week and I'm just now getting a confirmation of a refund. This is so uncleprofessional and sloppy. They need to get people who you can understand clearly. I shouldn't have to keep asking to repeat what they said and it's frustrating!

Ask Tracy about CheapAir
1 review
1 helpful vote

Never in your life use this company. They literally stole my money and now I have to take this into legal matters which is gonna be a complete time waste. I had booked a flight with this company but due to someone else deciding to join us very last minute I called the same day to see if these tickets were fully refundable and I was told, Yes no problem. I went ahead and asked them to cancel them and I was told my refund should be seen in my bank account soon (dont remember the exact days they told me) I waited the time I was told, no refund. I called back to see what the problem was and I was told that in their system the refund had been issued and that it was probably my bank who was holding the money, I said okay, can you please send me an email that specifies that they will be refunded and the total amount (best thing I could have done) I received the email and I called my bank. My bank told me there was no money shown as refunded yet, but that it could come in at any time. They suggested that I put a claim in and that way I receive my money the next business day and when the money came in from cheap air the claim would go away. I did that, the money was deposited into my account and that was it. Or so I thought. About a month later I get the money credited from my account because cheapair is now claiming that the tickets were not refundable (wtf right?) and that I never showed up to my airplane on time. Um, yeah, I didn't show up because I was specifically told that the tickets were canceled and that a refund was going to be given to me. I call cheapair to try and explain my situation and I speak to one of the most worthless least sympathetic customer service representative I have ever dealt with. I get told that this is somehow my fault and that there would be no refund. I ask to speak to a manager, I'm told that one would call me back. A lady named Silvia calls me telling me she's the manager and I explain my situation to her, i'm expecting someone who's a manager to be a little more sympathetic to my situation, NOPE. She's actually worst, she tells me shes doesnt see it my way. I ask her what part of my situation she's confused by or she doesn't see my way, she cant answer me. She pretty much tells me they wont do anything for me and that I should just deal with it. Now I had to have my lawyer look into this, good thing I asked for that email cause my lawyer says that this is pretty much a slam dunk in his eyer. Now not only are they going to have to give me a refund but I will also be adding my legal expenses and time wasted. If you're going to book through them make sure you keep records like I did, they are a horrible company to deal with. Cheap air, make you need to do what you promise people, hire new customer service representatives and new managers because the ones you have now are HORRIBLE.

Ask Alejandro about CheapAir
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

The site marks it has a 4 hour cancellation policy - however, this does not apply for most airlines, so the cancellation policy is complete nonsense. If you try to get customer support they charge you huge fees to change and try to persuade you into buying tickets now.
Very unethical site.

Ask Daan about CheapAir
1 review
1 helpful vote

I will use again and again this cheapoair to fly business and leisure

Ask MAurice about CheapAir
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

Selected a flight for $426. When I checked out the system message showed "ops that ticket was booked by another person". However, at booking there wasn't any notification that there was one ticket left. As I continued to the ticket it increased from $426 to $475. I continue to book the flight because I didn't have time to do any further research for cheaper flights. By the time I booked the flight not only was I charged $475 which included taxes but it took another $16 from my card as a separate transaction. On my bill ithe itinerary shows me getting a discount of $17 but they took $16. When I called to inquire they stated it was for taxes. Hell how much taxes are you allowed to charge?!!!!?!?!

Ask Shonda about CheapAir
1 review
1 helpful vote

I called to cancel my flight this airline was not helpful at all, they said my ticket was non refundable. I told the lady I had purchased insurance for cancellation she then inform me unless it was life threatening emergency my insurance would not cover, I told her that it did not specified which reasons for canceling they would accept, after calling the insurance agency that I paid 19.90 for they told me I would not get a refund both cheap air and the insurance protection plan are thieves!!!! how dare they do this to customers they should not be in business. I give them no stars but its making me select one

Ask blanca about CheapAir
1 review
7 helpful votes

Purchase baggage differently from my ticket and receive my statement with all the broke down of my bill. When I reach the Airport they told me that they are not seeing payment for my baggage so i show them my billing statement that I have received from Cheapair, spirit customer service told me I still have to pay because it is not shown on their system. Call cheapOair for a refund of my money and they told there is no refund of baggage I most call Spirit. I end up paying a lot more for baggage. The customer service person was very rude and unprofessional.

Ask Marcello about CheapAir
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

Very good

Ask Ravinder about CheapAir
1 review
4 helpful votes

They are rude, not trustworthy. They won't do anything on your behalf. They buy your ticket but if you want to cancel or modify your ticket you have to call airlines by yourself! It is not an easy process at all. Don't waste your money.

Ask maryam about CheapAir
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

This is the best website to buy airlines tickets, you will not get a better price anywhere else.

Ask Jackson about CheapAir
1 review
0 helpful votes


Ask Milada about CheapAir
1 review
7 helpful votes

I submitted a flight - they provided a booking number - no confirmation sent to email - no way to see if my flight was booked - when I called they didn't have my booking - my credit card was charged
what a total scam - please tell everyone - I should have read the reviews first
I feel so sick - I was booking for my child

Ask Kai about CheapAir
1 review
6 helpful votes

Don't use this site. It doesn't work properly
Also seleted my airline seats. Then get to the airport and they have no record of them.
They also don't price match anyone. I'd say just use a better site bc this one needs a lot of work

Ask Eric about CheapAir
1 review
2 helpful votes

I have been looking for cheap flights I could afford for awhile and cheap air gave me exact that. I got to choose my seat on both flights going and coming. Different planes but the dates and airports I wanted, and that's just fine. Thank you cheap air.

Ask Amanda about CheapAir
1 review
4 helpful votes

I have to book 4 times in order to get my flight done. The first time they were having credit card issue and then it went in, I rebook my flight, got a confirmation codes and everything then all of the sudden they email me that as requested my flight has been cancelled, also charged me $6 for that. Bull $#*!! I did not request any cancellation, and why am I being charged for the act I didn't even do. So again I have to call customer service and it seems like none of them are native English speaker. It is so hard to understand, and they are quite rude. The guy insisted to rebook my flight for me and will refund that $6 what they called booking fee??? So instead of doing it on my own online it takes 10 mins max, he kept me on the phone for 30 mins trying to rebook the same flight information to the result of $300 extra cost instead of my original price I booked from 1 day before. I went online and take a look, the price was the same as I booked the date before then why the heck is he costing me $300 more. Whatever that is I told him, he kept me on the phone for another 10 mins to refresh his changes and the result is still $300 more. So I told him I'm going to do it myself, I could have done it 30 mins earlier and it would be the same price as I'm seeing online right now. I hung up, booked mine. This time it's better not be cancelling again, and I hope they will refund my $6 for whatever reason it is. Very bad experience, I booked from them before and didn't have to go through any of this. It seems like they got more spam on people for money now.

Ask Vy about CheapAir
1 review
5 helpful votes

Booked a ticket for two 1 day before departure: Found them and it was the cheapest deal! Turned out the booking was shown processing status after checked out. And strange enough there isn't any email received. Received a phone call on the day: morning. Flight is at night, telling me the booked ticket is not available. Rude and ridiculous service! Made it sound llike it's my fault to book the ticket last minute emergency ticket. I ask why it shown available on their website and telling me it's not a day after? Rude explained given as, that's how they do it, they take the information from clients, then process it. Then if there's any available, they will send out confirmation! Thank you but no thank you, it's a $#*!ed up service and a $#*!ed up attitude. So they told me what's available for me since I'm on the phone now and everything can be done through the phone. Quoted new price is just couple hundred bucks more, that's all. Enough to make it to skip clicking them on the flight search engine. Guess what, since THEY already have my informations, and it was last minute, they knew they had my balls in their hand. I made the payment. And yes, first time. And last time! You all should try them! So you can have a better idea what's it like! Advise be at your own risk! Don't blame me. Everyone have a chance. For me, not to them anymore. And yes, the operator that I spoke to, play your balls good.

Ask Kenneth about CheapAir
1 review
2 helpful votes

Full Size Car Quote from CheapAir for Firefly car rental was quoted $122.01US (includes estimate of taxes and fees). Also, stated 5m included. + $0.00 each additional mile (no extra cost for mileage). After processing, I was charged a total cost of $268.46 - BEWARE!! Under notes (bottom of Travel Itinerary) states "Rental car rates are approximate total rates including estimate of taxes and fees. Precise tax/fee amounts are subject to change." RIP-OFF!!!! - FYI Firefly is a subsidiary of HERTZ - I will never use Firefly/HERTZ again!

Ask Tom about CheapAir
1 review
5 helpful votes

I called for an upgrade quote to my ticket. The customer rep Ariane was rude, and argumentative. He kept saying that people are scamming for upgrades. You need to screen your employees better, and the whole experience turned me off from buying anything from cheap air.

Ask Blaine about CheapAir
1 review
6 helpful votes

How incredibly bad is Cheap Air? I waited 22 minutes to re-book a flight. Had to pay a penalty and then they booked the wrong flight! Now I'm waiting again...going on 15 minutes. No response. Tried changing on line and they said they couldn't. The site is a joke. Last time I use them.

Ask Robert about CheapAir
1 review
3 helpful votes

My first time using this business and I will be using it from now on to book all my flights

Ask Ashley about CheapAir
1 review
10 helpful votes

I recently bought a ticket. When I checked my credit statement, it said I was charged twice. How is it possible that I was double charged if I bought a ticket for ONE person AND it was the same EXACT flight. I called customer service and they told me they couldn't do anything about it and told me to directly call the airline. Unbelievable. Not only did they charge me twice, they didn't offer any help when I called them. Stay away from this site at all means.

Ask JC about CheapAir
1 review
8 helpful votes

i travel quite a bit and often use websites where they provide bundled info on airfares. for the first time, i decide to use cheapair...and i was in a rush. the short story: it cost me an additional $80 to use this crappy website. they dont give u all the available flights...just what they choose or have, and if i had gone to other bundled travel sites, i would have had more options. then, when i tried to get the additional costs refunded, they told me 1) they only refund IF i find a cheaper flight on THEIR site (not on other sites), and even then, the refund only happens when u rebook with them. so u are stuck using their more expensive and more restricted flight options. that sucks and i had to swallow the $80. Use other sites like travelocity if u are in a rush, or better yet, just book the flights from the airline sites...that is the most economical way to go. AVOID CHEAPAIR.COM !!

Tip for consumers: dont use this site!

Ask ellen about CheapAir
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

It's easy to search flights and book in cheapoair site. While we set departure and destination, we can see lot of flights from different companies. We can choose according to economy. Cheapoair is so simple and awesome site to book flights. I strongly recommend.

Ask Joju about CheapAir
1 review
6 helpful votes

I had a very bad experience with this website.
1st: after processing the reservation they changed my return day without asking me.
2nd: I live in Canada, they do not advice they will charge your credit car in US dollars.

I have contacted customer services but they did not care.

Ask Dave about CheapAir
1 review
11 helpful votes

I booked a round trip ticket. Got confirmation. I arrived at the airport early, to find out that they over booked the flight, therefore I had to wait almost a whole day.reaching my destination 8 hours later.that was the beginning of the nightmare. I called the next day to change the return flight to a later date.. They changed it to a flight that was 30/minutes later. So they would not refund me. I had to buy a flight for a later date. Telling them the exact date , and they got it wrong again... So I confronted them immediately for them to tell me I got a confirmation. To make a long story short I ended up buying another flight and it was over booked. And once again no refund and wouldn't accept responsibility for their mistake causing me over a thousand of dollar. I am Warning everyone stay away from these people.

Ask Demetrius about CheapAir

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