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Exposing truths about businesses. Wish there were more out there that have done right by me as a consumer, but U.S. businesses have just gone straight down the toilet. Great customer service? What's that anymore?


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It's very telling to me when businesses continue to ignore complaints around this country. What it tells me is that they could care less, and that seems to be a theme with many, many, many businesses in the U.S. It's also a pattern and theme, set up by 45's administration where consumer protections were all but destroyed. Nobody wants to be accountable, responsible, or take ownership of issues that affect us every day.

Again, without answering any of my questions, I'm not comfortable paying for help. I may have to chase them around and wind up frustrated over the original issue, then this company. If they wanted our business, they would respond. Good-to-excellent customer service is very rare these days.

As an update to Facebook, they're created some kind of algorithm to block me from creating an account using part of my real name. Perhaps in combination with my birthday & IP address (hidden, but they may have software that can see its origin) as well. It's the only information I give them. What they did crippled my business and severely limited me from interacting with my family & friends. GetHuman can't commit to helping me with these sparse details?

Tip for consumers:
With thousands of entries, it doesn't track these companies very well, but I suppose it's worth the visibility. You are notified when someone appreciates your complaint/kudos.

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Charge to Help?
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I see on this website that every single Facebook issue has not been addressed. Why is that? Because it's the largest social media empire in the world and nobody has the guts to challenge them? That's why I wouldn't recommend this website. And do people get their money back if they pay for help and don't get it? I smell something fishy when websites do that, but don't guarantee they'll help. What would I be paying for then? To have my time and theirs wasted? No, theirs would get paid for, and I'd still have a disabled Facebook account.


I'd give them 5 stars, but took 1 away for sending me the wrong order. I ordered a shirt, tie, and slacks. I got the shirt, tie, and the craziest-looking shorts I've ever seen; in a size way too big. I sent an email and didn't hear back, so I got in a chat session with Justin.

He and I laughed about this, because I was able to upload the pic of these shorts, which I will provide. Because the warehouse completely screwed the pooch, he's ordering me the slacks and over night'ing them to me. Now, THAT'S what I call good customer service. No fuss, no hassle. They do need to do something about their email system that doesn't respond.

I typically don't like chat sessions, am not normally up this time of day, and they beat phone calls where customer/technical support gets away with saying any ole' thing in your ear. Thank you, Justin; it was great doing business with YOU!

Tip for consumers:
Great quality clothing, shipment is a little goofy, chat rep was very gracious and fun. Talking about those ugly shorts that were too big for me.

Products used:
Shirt & Tie


I won't retell the story about the horrible move that a guy named Logan, a veteran, did to a fellow veteran. It's located here: https://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/semperfilogisticsandservices.com#1. From damaged, broken, and missing items to an attitude that was full of crap, this is about what Wells Fargo Bank did after I filed a claim with them about the move. I moved on December 3,2019, and I was so exhausted that it took a day to realize they damaged & lost more than the move cost. I call Wells Fargo Bank the next day, and the woman on the phone was completely compassionate about the situation and why I wanted my money back. She files a claim and puts a hold on paying Semper Fi Logistics. I'm sure they got paid now.

I sent high definition color photos of all the damage done, except the bed that wasn't put together properly (it moves side-to-side and back-and-forth when it shouldn't), and the woman said they put a freeze on the almost $700 charge to my account. It gets to the claims department, which were completely ridiculous about everything. First, they tell me they didn't get the pictures, so I sent them again through their upload link on the claims department website. I wait longer, and they tell me they can't make out anything. I was confused for quite some time until someone there told me they convert color photos to black/white photos. I hit the roof. "What do you mean you convert them to black & white? You can't see anything like that. Why?" She tells me that's just the way it's done. She also told a lie that they had to send the pictures to Visa, in order to validate everything I said happened.

I called Visa, who told me they have nothing to do with claims processing at all; that is a Wells Fargo Bank process. When I passed that information back to WFB claims, they skip right over it and tell me they want the man who came out to hook up my washer/dryer to write a letter that he did so because the movers didn't. I hit the roof again. That man didn't own the company, and he did not know why he was showing up to hook up my washer & dryer. It took me over a week to find him! I may have mentioned that the mover said it was a liability issue, but Logan did not tell me that until he came back 3 days later (on Friday).

Back to WFB Claims, I went back and forth with them about that, because the installation of the washer/dryer was only $75 on top of the move. What that had to do with anything, I do not know, nor did I care. I wasn't getting that guy to lie, get his bosses to let him write a letter on their letterhead that he showed up because Semper Fi refused to install my appliances. I provided the receipt for what he did, and they shouldn't have needed more than that. The claims department people I spoke with were always condescending, rude and patronizing about everything. I kept sending them emails they wouldn't read, and REALLY? They wanted me to call so they can be any kind of way they felt like being over the phone. Quality assurance my arse; nobody is listening to those calls or people wouldn't get away with the attitudes they have towards customers.

Because they couldn't see anything after running my high definition color pictures through a black/white scanner, and I was not going to ask an appliance man to write a letter, they closed my case and took the money back. WHAT? So, I start making calls about how to file a complaint against the Claims department. They tell me I had to go into a branch and start a complaint about them. I do so, and wait. First I was given one man's name, who was to do an investigation on the Claims Dept. Then, I call and ask how were they going to investigate anything about the claims department without speaking with me? The personnel at the bank merely filed something, without writing down all I had gone through, and gave me a claim number & phone number. They tell me someone would be calling me about what the claims department did.

Nobody calls, so finally I get a call from a woman saying something about that stupid letter and the photos. What happened to the guy? Where did she come from? I hit the roof again and ask her how the heck can she investigate anything without speaking to me about the complaint? Again, the man at the bank didn't write down what I was complaining about; he just came up with a long number and a business card with the escalation team's phone number on it. When she started repeating what the claims department told her, I lost it and went off. She then asks me if I can find another moving company to write something up about the one who moved me, and I couldn't believe my ears. What kind of double-talk was this? Moving companies don't do that sort of thing and she knew it. Another kind of lie she wanted me to get a different moving company to create.

What were they? The wolves guarding the chicken coop? YEP! How can you investigate something against one of their departments without talking with me about that department? So, they refused to reopen the case, and I'm flat out tired and frustrated with this whole thing. Of course that was their aim; to get me to go away. They didn't want to do any work in the first place, their equipment was antiquated, and I don't believe they were ever out to help me at all. I'm keeping my account until this is resolved, then going with another bank. How dare they insult my intelligence, lie to me, do nothing, and take my money back? I've been a long-standing customer with WFB; way longer than they have on record this time. Plus, when I was working for Tandem Computers, Inc., they were one of their first customers in the 1980's and I worked with them as our client.

Semper Fi Logistics was out-of-line, they damaged more than the cost of the move & washer/dryer installation. What on Earth was WFB doing except wasting my time & getting on my last nerve? Anything but their job, I tell you! So, because of all the aggravation, misdirection, deflection, lies and making me relive that nightmare over and over again, WFB owes me for the move ($681.31) AND the $75 charge for a man to come out and hook up my washer & dryer. That's $756.31+, and I will take WFB or Semper Fi Logistics to court over this; another hassle. I still haven't found a handy-man to put my bed back together correctly, and may have to call someone from the place I bought it 10 years ago... in San Antonio, TX. They do have a store in my area, but can't come out to fix it until this COVID-19 nonsense is over. WFB should be ashamed of themselves for the crazy run-around I got from them.

I created a review for SFL below. That was a living nightmare if I've ever experienced one, and I've moved all over this country. They only had to move me 1.4 miles away, and had I known they were going to screw me over, I would've had another person here to watch what they were doing. I was trying to watch 3 people running all over my apartment when I use a cane, and I just couldn't do it. They took advantage of an disabled elderly veteran, and should lose their ability to do business with anybody!

Tip for consumers:
Beware of the greedy Wells Fargo Bank financial institution and lazy claims department employees!

Products used:
My debit card was involved in this transaction.

• Updated review

Since so many people have viewed this scandal, perhaps you wouldn't mind signing my petition. So, unlike F__kerbook, I will transparently say that signing it means you will get emails from the site to sign other petitions. You can ignore them, unsubscribe, or whatever. You can also do so anonymously, and she never gets notified you did so. Embedded within the petition is a YouTube video & article on Medium... both are yours truly!

I mistakenly said I posted a video of a white woman painting herself white, when it was a black woman doing so... that was 2016, so they had been harassing me for a very long time. I am unapologetically ME!

Here's the petition: https://www.change.org/Justice4KingRay

(you'll have to copy & paste that in your favorite browser or phone, because this website doesn't convert urls to links)

Please and thank you!

Tip for consumers:
If you're not a kiss-ass black person, look out for vindictive employees protecting white supremacists, racists, or privileged wypipo! Yes, even in my world, which isn't very big in society. Always have backup admins for any groups or Pages, and if you're not about keeping up the status-quo, they will harass you continuously!

As for being banned, it was unfair, cruel, and a nasty move on their part. They knew people looked up to me, I didn't care what they thought I was doing there.

Products used:
Everything you can imagine there. I had over 1,300 friends, hundred of followers, 2 business Pages, several groups, and was an admin for many groups as well. I did Lives, and posted many videos from my YouTube channel to that platform. Pulling the rug out from under me is an understatement. They intentionally disrupted everything I was doing, from being an international mentor, having children all over the world, my family is there, support groups, product groups, etc. What they did is a crime I can't afford to hire an attorney for, but I'm still looking for that needle in a haystack that will assist in doing so! Civil Rights or Anti-Trust; both apply.

Permanent Ban?
• Previous review

Well, they finally set me up and banned my account with prejudice on 8/8/19. Wouldn't give me a reason at all; said for their security & privacy (or was that safety) they could not tell me. No, if they told me, it would probably be grounds for a good lawsuit. Must've been a group decision, and I traced the emails they were sending me to NYC. They're even harassing my friends when they post things about me or for me, when they don't even use that place very much. If I hadn't had them as my admins, my groups (and Pages) would have disappeared altogether. They affected many things & people in my life, for I am disabled and run my business from my home; can't get around much for physical reasons.

They are tyrants running that place like dictators, thought police, censoring activists, and protecting fragile users on that platform. To say we need internet laws is an understatement. Social media sites have gotten full of themselves, and ruin people's distribution channels & dissemination of information. Being the largest & fastest platform in the world, FB is definitely leading the pack of monopoly empires seeking impunity for what they do to people (especially POC). Zuckerberg & employees are behaving badly, having private meetings with the thug in the White House, and everybody looks the other way because they have a presence there. SMH

Facebook Employees Harassing Users
• Previous review

About 2 months ago, I posted a video of a white woman painting herself white while saying "White Lives Matter," and a bunch of other funny stuff. It was bitter-sweet, because I, as a Black person in America, am as outraged by oppression as anybody. Tired of police shootings and incarceration of innocent Black people. I start a conversation with a black guy and we were laughing about going to Lowe's to buy some paint together, return to paint ourselves white and go hang out with the KKK. Perhaps even start some crap. But, it was all fun and games, because no way would 2 Black people do anything but get killed in a situation like that. Anyway, the post was public, so anybody could see it. Next thing I knew, the post disappeared. Now, whenever anyone breaks Facebook policy and gets reported, the employees flag the post and make you take it down before you can sign back in. Not this time. It just disappeared. I create a post saying that someone at Facebook must be a KKK-supporter or racist, and why are they doing this? Days later, I find the video again, put it back up, and dare Facebook to take that one down too. I also explain what the hubbub was about with the post that was deleted, but none of the fun was in the new one.

About a week later, I create a new middle name that describes what I do in the world. Some employee of Facebook starts harassing me about the middle name, saying that it's not legal, yada, yada, yada. I tell him, Riley, that they are liars about making everybody comply with this legal name nonsense and that I have tons of friends who don't use their legal first or last names on Facebook. We go in circles about it, and he says that I can have it as a nickname (which only shows up if someone bothers to look at my profile). I tell him that, too, is bull. They run around claiming an across-the-board policy that they only enforce when someone decides to pick you out of millions of users who don't use their legal first OR last names. I use both! I figure I'll fight these clowns outside of Facebook, and that Riley was about to block me from Facebook, because this conversation took a couple of days. They have been doing that to people they don't like too. I saved everything on my computer, change my name, and start hunting around for someone to fight Facebook with me. That has been interesting, because nobody is watching the helm of what Facebook does to people in this world.

I then find a site saying that Facebook is targeting certain kinds individuals and harassing them because they think they are activists. It was a petition to bring this to the attention of the Facebook executives, but needed another thousand or so votes. So, I propagate that one all over Facebook... to groups I belong to, which are many. Too fast for them to figure out where I was sending it to and get rid of it before I did. There's also someone who posted on my timeline which said that Facebook is doing emotional experiments on people to see their reaction; pissing them off on purpose. I was sickened by what I read, and couldn't finish the article.

What's going on in this country that some businesses get so large that everybody is afraid to go after them? And, it's not like I wish for the good old days where companies were much more under control, because that's just hogwash anyway; they have never been under anybody's control, but are just getting worse. Organizations and businesses that are supposed to protect consumers just don't exist anymore, and legal entities make you jump through a million hoops to help any individuals on a civil matter like this. I bet a class-action law-suit could be created, but they would have to do quite a bit of work to draw out people being harassed by Facebook employees who won't identify themselves with full names, titles, etc. There are over 13,000 employees working for Facebook in Menlo Park, CA, and well into the billions in users.

I was a computer professional, so I know how managers are clueless as to what technical employees decide to do behind their backs; they would have no idea and could claim ignorance, while the techno-geeks get away with murder if they want to. The petition said that Facebook is even getting the police involved in watching certain people if they suspect advocacy or activism going on. Oh, but not the supremacists! No, they leave all of THEM alone to do as they please, harass who they please, bully who they please, and hate who they please. The discrimination madness must stop! I've got more leads to check out as far as organizations who could help, but I'm just disgusted with what Facebook employees are allowed to get away with. I'm not running, either, because I will stand and fight for what I believe in. My first amendment rights are being violated, and I'm not going to just sit here and take it. NOPE!


Okay, this is silly. I created a group of 11 people to communicate concerns about the condition of my father, who is sick with pancreatic cancer. When I wanted to delete it, I couldn't. I tried and finally called my carrier's customer service. After some explanation, they hooked me to Apple Care, who told me there was no way to delete groups because of Android phone numbers connected to it.

What kind of nonsense is that? Sometimes people put things in there by accident, and my people are annoyed. Apple IOS can't handle deleting groups? That seems like basic functionality, and what is it with these companies not doing right by their customers anymore? It's like they just don't care what we're experiencing out here. I bet if they were only Apple devices, I wouldn't be able to delete the group, either... just the conversation itself, but folks can keep putting things in there, which results in you seeing the group again. Sigh

I used to be a software developer & consultant, and back in the day, you couldn't get away with lousing up software functionality or bug fixes. There was a stringent process with releasing software that included individual inspections, QA testing at the department-level, QA testing at the division-level, Alpha testers, then Beta testers. Anything the tests found had to be fixed before anything could be released to the public. NOT ANYMORE! They release crap onto the world and sit back waiting for bug complaints that they deny when you report them over the phone. No paper-trail, because these companies won't let you communicate with them that way about software issues.

Apple's 'Feedback' is a waste of time, too; nobody ever looks at those or responds to them. They need to get their act together, because I could probably write that functionality into their IOS if I knew what language they are using and had access to their source code. A teenager could probably do it, but Apple developers can't? NONSENSE!


Cable companies are terrible anyway, but this one is the worst I've experienced in my life. I moved and really liked the place, except they have a contract with Charter/Spectrum; no choices. I asked lots of questions from the complex management and of course they couldn't tell the truth, because they didn't know the truth or didn't want me making my decision based on this cable company.

As much as I fussed & fought with Xfinity for 7+ years, I'd read reviews about this company a year or two ago and was horrified. I wanted to replace Xfinity because of the consistent rise in cost, poor service, and a school got built across the street that caused our services to go out constantly. Those employees didn't want to work on the weekend, so if we lost it on Friday, it wouldn't be back up until Monday morning.

Back to Charter/Spectrum, OMG! I went to pick up my equipment and thought I was in the wrong place. It looked like a check-cashing office without the bulletproof glass (or did it have that glass?). When I asked questions of the employees, they had no clue about anything. I guess their only purpose was to hand out equipment, which is probably the only thing they were good at. Don't have to pay people much for that.

When it came time to hook up my equipment, it wasn't plug-n-play; none of it. I had to call in for the internet, and the equipment is large with extremely huge AC plugs at the end of the chords. No 2-for-1 routers, but 2 separate boxes (1 modem/1 router); taking up too much space and I use UPS boxes for all my equipment. The AC plugs are so large, they wanted to cover up 2 plugs in my UPS box, so one is in the wall. I have a limited number of plugs in my expensive UPS box, and OH NO they're not covering up ones I need for MY equipment. I don't care they recommend using surge protectors. Unless they provide them, I'm not buying one just for these cheaply-made boxes.

When I moved in, I hooked up the TV in my bedroom and took a couple of days before I did in the living room; Basic service. The Smart TV in my living room kept wanting me to subscribe to all the channels. I made at least 3 calls to customer service who said there was a service-outage in the area. I told them if that was the case, the TV in my bedroom wouldn't be working, so nonsense. Customer service was rude, and tossing around lingo that they didn't know I already understood, i. E., nodes. I told them nodes are not particular to outlets inside my apartment, but to entire areas, so stop blowing smoke up my you-know-what. On the last call, someone finally said that their system thought I only had 1 box, not 2. I asked how that could happen since I picked up 2 boxes at their check-cashing-looking office? He couldn't explain, but switched it online.

I noticed immediately that my soundbar would not sync up with the cable box. It synced up with my smart hub and my blue-ray player, so it was their box causing all the trouble. Another call to tech support, and I was treated rudely again. I was told their only function was to get me the equipment, but they were not equipped to deal with entertainment systems; nonsense again. I was so infuriated, I asked for their corporate phone number or email. That guy said they didn't have one, which I called bull-crap on that. When my services were finally up, I found every corporate executives' email addresses and sent a long letter to them. I would put all that in here, but it would take up too much space.

I got calls from several people to get senior technicians to come to my home and resolve the issue, and that's what happened. They did have people who could deal with it, so why did that tech say they couldn't? Lazy or inexperienced, and this kind of thing is going on with all cable companies and other kinds of businesses. Capitalism is turning into one big monster, where too many front-line people aren't even in the U.S. and if they are, they are untrained to do their jobs properly.

Even though I like this place, I will not stay here and get stuck with Charter-Spectrum, who has a bulk deal with this complex. We have no choice and pay for it out of our rent; their Basic service of TV & Internet; not even phone. For that, we have to deal with the company directly and pay them in a separate bill. I got a DVR, and even that thing is legacy-looking; nothing you can read on the box and recording programs on-the-spot ends up chopping them off before the program ends. You have to get in there after pushing record and extend the program. At least Xfinity technology was smart enough to automatically extend programming for movies & sports.

Three days ago, the box in my bedroom suddenly stopped working, and again, the people answering the phone couldn't handle it or fix it. Another technician sent to my home. The night they were supposed to come, I get a call that the tech in my area was too backed up, and I had to reschedule for the next day. UGH! He finally shows up an hour late, and when all was said and done, he called whatever number he has for senior tech support who tweaked something and made the box come on. Now, why couldn't they have passed me to that one, instead of wasting my valuable time to have someone come out here? Double, triple, quadruple UGH!

Can't talk into this remote, the ones they had to give me to solve the soundbar problem don't light up, and my DVR doesn't bounce a signal to the box in my bedroom, so I don't have to pay for another DVR in there. Archaic, I tell you. They're charging too much for this thing, too, so I won't be upgrading my services anymore. Light years behind Xfinity. To say I'm unhappy with this service is an understatement. All the networks in this area are fighting with the FCC, and Time Warner being purchased by Charter-Spectrum is a big mistake for customers. I've been with at least 5-6 different cable companies since cable began, so I speak from experience when I say this one is the worst of them all.


So unprofessional, damaged expensive items, refused to do what they said they would do during the estimate, missing pegs/shelf pins (they must've misplaced them) and didn't install furniture properly. My monitor is chipped, scratch at the top of my bedroom TV, scratch on the entertainment glass table, desk is misaligned, washing machine leaks, they refused to hook up my dryer, and my bed frame was improperly put together. Couldn't tell what was wrong with the bed without the mattresses on it. They lost one of the arm cushions to my loveseat. How?

I told him before the move that most of my belongings can't be replaced, so please be careful with them. He insured me he would. No they didn't; especially when I wasn't watching them pack & unload everything.

Heavy computer equipment was placed far from the desk, and I had to direct too many people (3) to put things close to where they needed to be; not just dump them wherever they felt like it. I needed 6 eyes or 3 people to watch everything they did. Dumped a dustpan with stuff in it onto the floor (pic not included but taken).

Said they would work with me about the payment and lied. Deceptive at best, just to get my business. The owner is a veteran, I'm a veteran, and he did me dishonorably. I am in the process of disputing the charges, since they left so much for me to do and ruined some of my expensive belongings. They turned my dresser over and over to get it to the wall. They threw parts to the dryer inside of it with clean clothes; I told him this before they moved it. Did they think dirty clothes were in the dryer? Foolishness and negligence. I didn't see him stick those dirty things in with clean clothes (UGH). It needed the other connection for this unit, but he refused to switch it and install my dryer. Truly unprofessional, sloppy and careless.

The woman said I watched her put together my bed 3 days later, as if that meant I knew how to install the thing, when I didn't. The slats aren't right, and it moves considerably from left to right. They had me remove the sheets, take off the mattress, and pointed that it was put together. Yeah, it was put together, but incorrectly, because it did not move from left-to-right the prior 11 years I've had it.

When I moved here from another State 7 years ago, everything was done perfectly, and I didn't have to assemble anything or call them back to redo sloppy work. Nothing they did was sloppy, and this was the driver of my belongings from 4 States away! I didn't even have to put together my nightstand lamps; he did his job well. Semper Fi did not. They came back 3 days later to dishonor themselves further and insult my intelligence.

I was given 2 quotes (one fixed, the other hourly). They managed to charge me just as much for hourly as fixed but told me hourly would be cheaper. $50 cheaper? They must be kidding. I must hire people to do what they wouldn't, so that will be deducted from this move with the method I'm choosing to do battle with.

Do NOT use these people! They were super friendly until they got to my new dwelling, then turned into some kind of bi-polar, while making snide comments about me being upset about what they did. No walk-through, and they hurried up and got out of here before I realized all they had done wrong. I argued the charges, but he was too busy telling his 2 helpers to hurry up and get in the truck. Bait-and-switch, then run. Even after returning, they corrected nothing and hurried up again. I had a friend come over, so they wouldn't talk 'ish to me; I was furious!

I have a lot more pics of the mess they made at my old place, and here, but I'm done typing for now. Half-assed wouldn't describe what happened here, and I don't even have a hamper to take my clothes somewhere to wash them; well, the one I have isn't portable. I didn't expect such a horrible experience. To say I'm undone would be an understatement. I found them on Thumbtack, and thought a veteran would take better care of a veteran, instead of constantly telling me how professional he/they was/were. NOT!

I'll give them an extra star for not breaking my 55" TV, dresser mirror, Lazy Boy and bookcases. They only had to pack several boxes that I provided; loose items in the living room and boxes I labeled and packed. Everything else, I moved in here by myself. I have pictures of that, too!

I didn't want my receipts shown; too much personal information about me. Thought that was for company use only. Replaced with some pictures of their handiwork.

Tip for consumers:
Just don't use them; find someone else. I resolved the issue, but it was a pain and I can't replace the damaged items with the cost of the move. Monitor & Glass TV stand cost well over $600 to replace.


This is after a call, then a few chats months later.

What on Earth is going on with these software product companies? So, I need to upgrade my Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional to whatever is current. Nobody will answer why they don't offer an upgrade package. It shouldn't matter that my version has run its course in the life cycle. Never been a problem before, and I had a conversation over the phone where whoever I was talking to said a price far different than what they're saying now. That's why I don't like making phone calls to any business anymore; they lie and there isn't a phone recorder to catch these lies. So, the following is what I saw coming from someone at Adobe and what I said to spur their response. Then, I sent another message to them and made sure to mark it to be 'read'. The "expletive" deleted the message without reading it; or so it said. He read it; just didn't like what I said, but I don't care what these young fools are feeling these days:
Reminder: We're Waiting to Hear from You

Dear My Name,

We noticed your case is still open and we're waiting for your response.
Your case details are as follows:

Case Number: ADB-10486951-G3K2
Issue: Guidance with Product/Project
We've found these self-help articles if you'd like more information about your issue:

Acrobat. Adobe(dot)com/us/en/acrobat/pricing. Html

Please reply to this email or log into your Adobe Account to view your open cases and send a reply back. Your case will automatically close in 5 days if we don't hear from you.

We look forward to working with you,
Adobe Customer Care.

Visit Adobe Help Center to find self-help, troubleshooting, and learning resources.
I said: No, I want to know why there are no upgrade packages now? Is Adobe that greedy that they don't consider the fact I've paid for one of your products before (actually 2 products), whether it ran its course in your life cycle or not? I've been dealing with software most of my life, and these companies becoming inflexible has gotten on my last nerve, not to mention these subscriptions that don't make any sense to pay for. The subscription price for the same product is half as expensive as buying it outright. So, you're going to penalize people who don't want to deal with subscriptions TIMES 2? Jesus
Someone there said:


Greetings from Adobe!

We have received your words on email with great shock! We are sorry about your disappointment. We are always looking for ways to better our service, and your feedback is an invaluable part of that process. We don't compromise our customers' satisfaction under any circumstances and make sure that you walk away from this experience with a big smiling face. This is a rare and unusual situation.

We have a reputation for keeping our customers happy and we want to make sure it is kept upheld. Please accept our sincere apologies.

As your system is not compatible with Acrobat 2017, that is the reason we are suggesting you to upgrade your windows.

Adobe Support.
I said: WHAT? Nobody said for me to upgrade to Windows 10, and you've got to be kidding me anyway! Upgrade operating systems for 1 silly product? I can't even believe you said that. If Acrobat 2017 is only compatible with Windows 10 (not backwards compatible when it should be) and the current version of your Reader, that is a great disservice to those of us who will not be upgrading older machines to that crappy operating system. I've been in this industry since 1978, or didn't you know that? I was one of your first customers in the 90's. I was a software consultant, too. So, what you're saying doesn't even make any sense to a seasoned veteran in software! WOW

Fix your silly software and stop being regressive! Geesh. Just because you're a monopoly doesn't mean you need to act like.
The last thing, I said while turning the message deliverable/read flags on. He quickly clicked 'delete without reading'. So, I said this: "Now, I report you to every consumer website I belong to and put this correspondence in them. You must be a kid to delete messages without reading them from customers. Brat! SMH"
Really, these kids are being so immature, you rarely find competent tech/customer support reps anymore. I was told over the phone that to upgrade my product, it would cost less than buying Adobe Acrobat DC Pro. I don't want a subscription, which would make that product over $400. Must be joking! They've combined 2 products into 1, or making it like I'm a brand new customer, or trying to get you to pay per month (subscription). Therefore, that person was lying, and dimes-to-donuts they weren't in the U.S. either. So sick of this & them in India! Oh, this followed a few chat conversations, and that's why I know where they are. I worked with plenty of them when I was a software engineer, recognize their name are from India, and they know not who they're talking to.
I only needed to edit a couple PDF's and decided to download the trial on my laptop running Windows 10. Didn't let it become the default for viewing PDF files and will just let the trial run out. Definitely not worth over $400 to avoid their subscription service, and rude customer/tech support reps.

Tip for consumers:
Only deal with people during normal business hours, else you end up with foreigners who couldn't give a hoot about Adobe's customers.

Products used:
Adobe Acrobat DC 2017 Pro - trial


I've been an avid user of Outlook (not Outlook.com) since it began in 1996. First when I worked for a corporation, then after I stopped working for corporations and worked from home. Ever since I can remember, once a year, spammers get a hold of one or more of my accounts and starts hammering them with junkmail.

The problem with this is that Outlook is UN-trainable, and legitimate email ends up in that folder. I must go through it for each account to make sure to mark them as not junk. I send & receive tons of emails, so just imagine being in your 60's straining your eyes through emails every day. I don't like Outlook.com and refuse to use it as my email agent; they know this, too.

I used to be able to contact Hotmail support, who somehow closed the gate to this, even though the emails weren'*******@hotmail.com email addresses. I've done this every year for years. THIS year, I get in a chat session with some fool from India (I know them by their names, as I've worked with tons of them in the computer profession), who starts sending me emails saying they won't do anything about it because they aren't Hotmail email addresses. But, a few months ago, all the emails going to one of my accounts WERE Hotmail email addresses. Somehow this employee managed to remove the designated Hotmail domain name and expose the underlying spamming email address and the onslaught continues.

So, I started sending all the emails back to them from my junkmail folder to abuse(at)hotmail.com and abuse(at)microsoft.com. Old trick I learned long ago. I keep getting messages saying to reveal the source of the emails using Outlook.com. I told them that won't do any good, they ask me to do it anyway, then send me an email saying they won't do anything about it because they aren't Hotmail email addresses. INSANE! Meanwhile, the number of junkmails being sent to that address are increasing by 2, then by 3. I continue sending them back to them. Almost 200 per day for one account.

I look on the internet to attempt to find the Corporate office phone number and end up being sent off to technical support. Well, tech support started this mess and I had no confidence they would do the right thing. I schedule a call-back. To make a long story short, I end up talking to a so-called supervisor (I'm convinced he wasn't now). After not listening for 30 minutes, now my main account is getting an onslaught of junkmail that I have to go through to find legitimate emails to put back in my inbox. He tells me there is no way to speak with anybody at the Corporate office and now I'm peeved to the hilt. He closes the case immediately, which made me suspicious that he may have been a co-worker of the original guy in the chat session. The same spammer, phisher, etc. can make variations of their email address and get around any rules you create & Outlook's filter; making you manually address the issue if Microsoft won't. That takes a ton of time out of my busy schedule.

All this is to say, tech supports all over the world (and mainly in India & the Philippines) are doing a bunch of shady things. This guy tries to tell me perhaps it was some mistake. Really? Now, they switch to sending crap to my 2 oldest email addresses, which I've had since the early-to-mid 1990's? This has got to stop, and I need to get to the Corporate office to report this. People not giving out information about who they are doesn't help and UGH! I'm changing the companies I do business with the first eAddress this started happening to, to get rid of that one. But, now my primary? I can't get rid of that one. What a crock! I know what they're doing; I was a software consultant, developer, engineer, and was in software tech-support and hardware before that. Since 1978; before PC's were even invented.

They're being intentionally vindictive, and I'm tired of monopolies giving their employees the green light to do anything they want to consumers. FED UP! And, what's with forcing everybody onto Windows 10? I can't stand that Operating System, and mine is stable. My laptop has Windows 10 on it, and I hate it. It's doing too much for savvy users to be comfortable with, but that's another review to write. I am an Office 365 subscriber paying for this nonsense.

Tip for consumers:
Consumers seem to like it, but businesses don't care what you write about them anymore. They're monopolies who are writing their own rules and not listening to users anymore.

Products used:
I am an Office 365 subscriber


I have not seen 1 good review for this company, if you have issues with reservations. Why are they being allowed to continue sapping the life out of customers? Anyway, I booked a flight for my fiance, but purchased a cancellation plan for the ticket. She could not make it to the departure city, which is 4 hours away from where she lives. I call Travelocity who informs me I have to file an insurance claim to get my money back, which was annoying. I have the flu and am really not in the mood for a hassle. Then, when I go to file the claim, I had to use her last name, when I insured the ticket, not the traveler. There was no option to have the money placed back onto my credit card, and all I could provide was my home address without my name. What kind of crap is this? I can tell this is going to be nonsense, even though the Travelocity guy said they would return the funds to my credit card. How can they do that when the claim form didn't ask for my card #? I don't think Travel Guard can see who purchased the ticket or the cancellation plan; just the traveler's name. Oh boy! Never again. It's misleading even to call this a cancellation plan when it's travel insurance. I'll deal directly with the airline from now on, because this is pure poo-poo in the making. When the price seems too good to be true, it usually is. SMH

So, I purchase a ticket & cancel plan. The ticket was from Raleigh, NC to Atlanta, GA. The traveler is in Chesapeake, VA. Not only couldn't she make it to Raleigh, NC, but is receiving treatments for her back that would require her to return to VA when I couldn't pay that ticket back quickly enough. I call Travelocity, who tells me that the cancellation plan is actually travel insurance; that I'd have to file a claim to get my money back. I asked how the money would be returned, and he said to the credit card that purchased the ticket & the cancellation plan. Lie #1. Come to find out that they mail a check, and want to put the traveler's name on the check even though I told them I'm the one who purchased both. They do not let you know whats in this cancellation plan before you purchase it; only afterwards. I didnt anticipate cancelling the ticket, but had to long after the 24-hour window to cancel everything. They bank on this! I had on idea what TravelGuard was about until I had to use it. UGH!

Then, I go to file a claim, and it never asked me my name; only the traveler. I file the claim, call TravelGuard (who works on behalf of Travelocity). I had to cancel the ticket before filing a claim. Then, people from TravelGuard tell me that under the insurance, I don't qualify to get my money back. I merely stated that the traveler couldn't get to Raleigh, NC. Then, I start getting upset and tell them that not only isn't the traveler the one who purchased the ticket, but that she also had medical issues that prevented her from staying for more than a week. It was a one-way ticket. So, I ask them to send me the stupid medical form, that they want her to have her doctor fill out and send back to God-knows-who. She is not technically inclined, and I have no idea how any of that would work. Her doctor probably doesn't give their email address out in order to send the form. Then, I get this message telling me that the payment can only be sent to the traveler, not the one who purchased the ticket or the plan. WHAT? I told them they were crazy and I made it very clear that it was my claim, not hers. They're giving me the run-around, and now it's time to contact the BBB or Attorney General where Travelocity headquarters is, since they're the ones who hire TravelGuard. They're doing anything to get free-money from consumers. I can't even believe they have the audacity to think they can just keep money from a ticket that was never used and was cancelled for 2 different reasons. What a bunch of crap & nonsense. Do NOT do business with Travelocity; contact the airline directly, because they and the companies they work with are scam-artists!

I have filed lots of things, and everybody is turning a blind-eye. The police department in the city of Travelocity's Headquarters, a company who is supposed to monitor the actions of internet-based companies, the Attorney General of Texas, other places, and nobody is doing anything! It would cost more to sue them than the ticket was, but it was my money, and they stole it using "policies" as an excuse. BEWARE!

• Updated review

I forgot to mention that when I tried to put a bad review of them on their website, they rejected it. So, they're scamming people and will only put good reviews on their website to draw people in. BEWARE!

What A Nightmare!
• Previous review

These guys were absolutely terrible! No understanding of the problem, condescending, rude, and they shouldn't have a law license... if they do. They acted like they knew nothing about social media, internet laws, information technology, and were patronizing at best. If you are a POC, don't attempt to consult with these people at all!


I've been ordering t-shirts & sweatshirts for a while now, and except for the last couple of orders, it came to me quickly and the quality was great. They lost one, and the last sweatshirt I ordered wasn't the usual quality I expect from Teespring. They smell funny when I receive them, so I washed it, and when I dried it, there is lint everywhere. This has never happened before, and the item is black. My lint-remover doesn't work, so I'll have to pick it all off with my fingers... UGH

Tip for consumers:
If anything goes wrong, and you're not a seller, it's almost impossible to get support. As a buyer, they should have the same options as sellers do.


No, I'm not a celebrity-chaser, but absolutely none of the buttons work on that site, including Login, Contact, NOTHING! They even sent me an email to verify my account, and the link gives the same silly error page. Doesn't matter what browser I'm using, and I use a computer, not a cellphone (Firefox, Chrome). I've included a screen print of the error for the important links on that website... except for the ones they want you to click successfully. SMH


So, the first thing I was to say about this company is that a contract isn't a contract. Comcast/Xfinity will find ways to raise the prices regardless of what they tell you when you're inside of a contract. Rates have been raised twice while I've been in this current contract, and they merely justify everything single thing. Oh, you're paying for a nation-wide sports package... but I don't even subscribe to a sports package. Oh, we raised the cost of your boxes... but, wasn't that part of the contract? Oh, we raised the taxes... really? You're not the government; how are you justifying that? So, I fume, tell them they are crooks, look around for another company and they're all just as bad, if not worse.

The crux of this review is about what happened the other day when I called to see what X1 was all about. I told the guy I was talking to that I am on a fixed-income, and if it's going to cost more than what I'm paying now, I don't want it. He says, "No, no, it won't cost you a thing to upgrade, and will even cost you less money per month. You want to save some money, don't you?" I said of course I do. Again, he tells me I won't have to pay a thing, and will pay at least $10 less per month for everything. He places the order, and I ask him to send me an email describing the transaction. He agrees to this. So, I get the email, and I didn't notice the bottom-line at first. The equipment arrived in like 2 days, I open up the boxes and can't find the second receiver. So, I call Comcast again and say that the 2nd box didn't show up. I then notice that my current equipment had tie-wraps around the cables of the DVR, so I ask them to send a technician over to install this professionally, because I don't want cables hanging out all over the place. They schedule the technician for the next day (last Saturday, 11/12/16. I also ask the rep what kind of box I should've received, and she says an X1-XIAO box. So, I tell her to get the technician to bring one to install in the other room. She says okay. I'm supposed to get a call from the so-called tech an hour before arrival, which I never got. The hour he was supposed to arrive was between 5-7pm. I get caught up and need to go to the store real quick, so I leave a note on the door telling them if they managed to get through the gate, I'll be right back. While I'm at the store, he calls and says he is by my door, and I tell him I'll be there in 5 minutes. I get here, and the first thing I notice is that he has no tools, no box, no nothing... just some measuring thing on his shoulder. He comes in and asks me if I'm having an Internet problem. I'm like, "WHAT? You're here to install equipment... what is on my TV-stand and he's supposed to have an X1-XIAO box for my bedroom." He starts stuttering, and I'm getting upset. I ask him why dispatch never tells them why they are really going to someone's house, because this has happened numerous times with Comcast? He has no answer, gets on the phone and goes outside. Comes back in and starts stuttering again... says this will take time. I said, "Yes it will... but, it's not my fault dispatch didn't tell you why you were coming here!" I also show him that I received 2 boxes, but one of the cable boxes is missing. He looks, pulls out this tiny box and says this is the 2nd cable box. I then ask him what it was, because I was supposed to get a box that will allow me to record 1 show and be able to playback recordings from the main DVR to the 2nd one. He says, yes, the little tiny box can do that. Then he says, but if there's no splitter out in the box outside, the cable box won't work. I ask him if he can go check outside and see if the splitter exists. He says it's too dark. I ask if he has a flashlight... what do you mean it's too dark... you guys don't work at night? He gets another call on his phone and ignores my question. I then point out that my cables are all stuffed inside a pole that my TV is attached to, and the cables to the old box need to be taken away, the new ones installed, wrapped up in new tie-wraps and put back through the pole. He refuses to even look at what I'm talking about by standing still and not looking behind the television AT ALL. He finally says he can't do the job today, and I'll have to reschedule the appointment. Now, I'm really annoyed, but holding my tongue. He tries to force me onto a particular day while I'm looking at my schedule, and it got so convoluted and confusing that I just say, yeah okay; knowing I would call someone at Comcast immediately after he left. It was obvious that this guy was either lazy, or just lazy. He then tells me that I can do the install myself with the same cables except for the one that plugs into the wall. I'm looking at him like, "Are you stupid? The power cable to my current box is tie-wrapped together, going through a hole in the pole and out another hole in the pole. I'm getting pissed. I see he looks like he's got ants in his pants. He leaves, I go run another errand, come back try to call Comcast. Their phone voicemail thing kept sending me in a loop and refused to connect me with an agent... kept talking about Video Demand being offline and would send me back to the main menu... over and over. I decide to get online for a little chat. Tired of talking to people on the phone, because it's all so obvious that everybody lies over the phone nowadays. I also read the 3rd email I receive from Comcast with a cost not even close to what the guy who placed the order said. The other 2 emails weren't, either, but the last one was higher than the first 2. I have an equipment protection plan... if that idiot who showed up charged me for showing up and doing nothing. Now, I'm livid. Good thing I wasn't talking on the phone, or I would be cursing someone out.

I tell him about the tech. He apologizes. Says he will escalate the business about the tech who showed up. He says that was unacceptable; I agree. Then, I ask about the emails. He says he will explain the charges. I tell him I don't care what he explains... it's not what the guy who placed the order said, and they need to fix it like NOW. He goes away for a bit, comes back and says we will take care of this, but someone will call you tomorrow. I'm typing like crazy all sorts of things about this $#*!ty service, the lies the guy who placed the order told, etc. He says, "I know it can be frustrating when someone tells you wrong promises." I type no, that was not a wrong promise, it was a lie, and if this bill stands, I'm unhooking everything, switch back to my old service, and be done with this. He says, no, someone will call you. I ask is someone really going to call me on a Sunday? He says yes. Another lie. He offers to credit me $20 for my trouble. What a joke. I give him my cell phone number instead of my landline, and nobody calls me on Sunday. So, now I'm thinking I should just put everything back the way it was, take this equipment to the store, and make them put everything back if they can't honor what the guy who placed my order did. Of course, my new service is activated, and my old equipment probably won't even work until I get them to manually switch back to my old plan. I am so sick of Xfinity/Comcast. The only reason I haven't changed is because aside from absolutely horrible customer service, it is reliable, other services don't have the channel line-up I like, with decent Internet speed & landline. AT&T tried me, but they blew sunshine up my butt too, so I canceled that order before they came to install it. Direct TV prices are ridiculous. Haven't checked other providers, yet, but I bet they can't come close to all 3 services I pay for & reliability. Oh, the other one I was going to check on was Charter.

But, I hope they are monitoring this site, because this is just horrible bull$#*!! I asked the guy during chat why would the first guy lie when I told him I didn't want any of this if it would cost me more per month or cost to upgrade? Just why? Of course, he couldn't answer; nobody ever gives their last name or a phone extension to call them back, so we get screwed over, get our time wasted, and get frustrated beyond belief! I have saved 2 chat sessions during this into Word documents, because I had a feeling the first person I chatted with wasn't telling the truth when he said an option would appear to save the chat and I didn't want to waste a bunch of paper printing everything that was said. Of course there was no option to save the chat after the session ended (for crying out loud they lie)! If you don't have Xfinity/Comcast, do NOT get this service; they have the worst customer service ever known to man!


So, my Kindle Voyager died that I purchased in Feb. 2015. I jump on chat, they take me through the paces, and decide it can't be fixed. What do you mean it can't be fixed? It's just a dead battery. Oh, we can't fix hardware problems. Okay, well, I'm not paying $199 retail for a brand new one, so, what can you do? Answer: $20 off a new one. NOPE! I call, speak with a guy named Arthur. I explain everything, and he says not to worry; which immediately made me suspicious. I tell him I need to purchase it on a payment plan after he tells me he's selling me the new device for $100. He says he'll give me $40 credit to be used as the first payment, and put $59.99 in my account to be used to make subsequent payments. I made him explain this 3 times. He kept saying not to worry, and he'd send me an email with all the details and his name... just purchase the device, and he'll do all these things on his end. So, I do it and wait for the email. I get the email, and it says $159.99 for the device with payments to begin the first month and his name is missing. Now, all the messed up crap begins. I decide they lie over the phone, so I start a chat. The woman is a moron and can't understand what I said happened during the transaction on the previous day. We go around and around, and then she then says she found $59.99 sitting in promotional credits and can't be applied to payments. WHAT? What does that mean? It means the $59.99 can only be used for future purchases. I tell her that's not right, and someone needs to fix this. She passes me onto someone else who says he will refund $59.99 to my card. Hours have past, and it's like 1am. I'm so tired at this point, I'm almost falling asleep. I tell him to do so, and I'll check back the next day. I check my account & emails the next day, and nothing happened. I'm saving some of these chats since amazon.com conveniently doesn't allow you to save them. I call to speak with a supervisor, and I'm already tired and frustrated. I get passed around, put on hold for 45 minutes, and hang up. I call back and get hung up on at least 5 times. Now, I'm steaming mad. I'm back to chats since people are jerking me around over the phone. I tell them someone needs to fix this, redo the payment schedule so that the device is $100 like Arthur promised me it would be. I get passed around some more.

I ask to speak with a supervisor, and I'm absolutely sure I wasn't speaking with a supervisor who blew me off. Every month, I'm chatting with people, pasting previous chats in the window from Word documents, and asking them what they plan to do. I get the device, and one of them tells me to send it back and they'll redo everything for $100. I ask him if he thinks I'm stupid, because everybody is saying something different and now I don't trust any of them. Send me an email saying this is what would happen if I send it back. He says no, which makes me know he's lying too. In September, I file a BBB complaint. Whoever answered refunds $41 because they took so long, I bought some mp3's which reduced the credit, and before I could ask about redoing the payment schedule, the BBB closes the case. So, I enter another BBB complaint about that. Nothing happens. I get into another chat whereby that rep says he will have someone from the BBB division of Amazon.com address the complaint. Nothing happens again after a couple of weeks. So, then I enter in a complaint with the Attorney General of the State of Washington... Seattle. Someone at Amazon.com sends back a double-talking response without addressing the payment plan... again. The Attorney General's office says there's nothing they can do and to go to small claims court for resolution. I send back an email with ALL the chats attached and tell them I've been deceived, and small claims court where? Washington? I don't think so! These people act like this isn't an online company and the laws of one State can govern the laws of another.

So, now Amazon.com decides to deactivate my device on 10/7/16 so it can't get any books online. Fine with me! It's their money they're losing out on, not mine. And for what? Just so they can do and say whatever they want to and not do right by me? I'm in dire straights, and they keep sending emails saying they want to take $80 from my card, instead of $40 twice and one payment of $20. I've spent thousands of dollars with Amazon.com on various products over at least 10 years, and they dare treat people like this and make me out to be a liar about the whole thing? I tell them if they were paying me by the hour, with all the hours, days, months I've spent trying to get them to do the right thing, the device would be paid for by now. My time is money too!

Nobody is a consumer advocate for online businesses, and a company as large as Amazon.com thinks it can do whatever they want. I think I've also written the FTC... not sure... but, they're another useless organization who does nothing about anything. Companies are running rip-shod over consumers, and are being held accountable for NOTHING! They're a monopoly, and there's almost no way around purchasing things online without going through Amazon.com. I'm disgusted and definitely looking for other options to help with this. Any ideas, folks?


I don't know why I didn't see all the crappy reviews about this company or maybe the website I was looking at was theirs which they seem to only post good comments. I bought a 2-piece suit. It was crumpled in the bag; no hangar. The jacket sleeves were way too short, and the holes for the arms were so small, I'm sure I'd rip it if I raised my arms. The pants were too short and too big in the waist. I just wanted my money back, but their customer service person said I had to take it to a tailor, have the pants altered, and they would remake the jacket. I've sent a couple of emails to customer service, and nobody has gotten back to me. The quality of the material is not good either, and it took forever for me to get this suit. I bought a DKNY suit from amazon.com and it fit perfectly, cost less, arrived much quicker, and the quality was much better. I will never buy another ANYTHING from them again. I'd rather get my money back and buy another one from amazon.com, but I doubt they'll do anything but give me the run-around through emails. Crap... Unbelievable!

Okay, I responded back to them privately expressing my desire to send them the whole thing back so I can get a DKNY suit from amazon.com, and they jabbered on about it not having resale value. Who the heck cares? I wouldn't pay $100 for that suit if I saw it on a rack in a store, and it will take at least 3 weeks to get the remade jacket back. It's just a hassle all the way around. I had to pay $22.50 to mail it back to SPAIN, and had to pay way more than that if I wanted proof they received it through Express mail. That makes this suit over $300, which it definitely is not worth that. I also accused them of taking advantage of International Trade something-or-another, because in this country, if someone is unhappy with a product, they can get their money back whether the product can be resold or not. So, they're using their own country laws to justify not making me a happy camper! I got an email saying they refunded the money to alter the pants, and then she reiterated for me to mail the jacket back when I sent HER receipts of me doing so on 6/2/16 (SMH). It's like she isn't reading my emails or some nonsense like that. Anyway, I still will never do business with this company again.

Sorry, Sir, but your policies suck! Like I said, this has been a complete hassle for me, and whoever was responding to me in emails was giving me the run-around and vague answers. I bet that jacket comes back and doesn't fit again! And, if you had sent me the alteration money in time, I would've been able to use the money. As it stands, you waited so long and I shutdown the card used to pay for it! Just shabby all the way around. Never again! Don't do business with this company if you appreciate your sanity.

Tip for consumers:
Check around ALL sites before you do business with this one, because they only publicize people who are happy with them!

Sergio V. – Hockerty Rep

Dear Ray,
We are sorry to hear that the garment you received does not meet your expectations.
We have a Post-selling policy http://tailor4less.com/en-us/info/alterations and Terms of Use http://tailor4less.com/en-us/info/legal that could be read before placing an order that allows us to refund for alterations (depending on the problem and garment involved) and also, if there is any production problem, we can make a second shipping of the product. Due to the fact that every product is 100% individually custom-tailored and handcrafted just for you, we do not refund the total amount of the order in any case. This is standard practice for custom-tailored products as there is no resale value.
Please follow the instructions of our customer service agent, who always answered you in less than 24 hours, in order to get the jacket remade.
The price for the pants adjustments have been refund as per our policy.

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