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93 Reviews by Janet


First, don't expect to get helped at a timely matter. I tried calling them to talk about something months ago when I created a business checking account with them. They told me the expected wait time was 1 hour. I hung up because nobody has time to wait 1 hour on the phone. That was just ridiculous to me.

Secondly, I didn't make any profit because my inventory took months to come since it came by sea and a lot of things were going on therefore delayed it. The moment my inventory finally arrived, BlueVine emailed me to tell me they closed my account for absolutely no reason and that they won't reopen it. Now, I have to rush and shuffle through my e-commerce website and platforms to change my business checking before funds won't be received when I make sales. They're costing me way too much time and pointless effort right now over a inconvenience that occurred for no reason.

DON'T TRUST THIS BANK. I was taken in by their simplicity and the fact they have no fees but they're just purely unreliable and irresponsible. Open an actual account at a real financial institution. They're the lesser evil compared to BlueVine.

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I've been using eBay for over a decade, sold hundreds of items, paid thousands in fees, 100% seller feedback and never had an issue but I notice their rules are completely ridiculous and fees are unprofitable for seller. Also, I listed items here that gets hidden every month from audience. If my listings truly got full audience, eBay wouldn't have to nag me to lower my prices constantly (which in turn is getting pennies on the dollar). They also wouldn't have to nag me to accept offers especially at 50% of the item's cost. They always fine ways to milk money out of you.

Also, the scammers on this website are unbelievable. I never had an issue until I sold a digital code, where eBay doesn't CLEARLY specify that it's prohibited. In fact, tens and tens of individual sellers sell codes and upon listing, eBay doesn't say it's not allowed, their help page was confusing. I sold a digital code, buyer left feedback, and I sent the code to him via eBay messages (in eBay's platform). Days later, he files a dispute with his original payment. Upon research, I find out that the buyer was a scummy 12 year old kid who made an account, hid his feedback (yes, they can make feedback private now) so no one could see he only buys digital game codes and then does chargebacks on them. In other words, this buyer preys on sellers yet gets away with it. Imagine a platform where the company cares so little that 12 year olds are on there scamming honest sellers? This is so embarrassing for me.

There's no way to leave buyers negative feedback and now they're even allowed to hide their feedback. Also, he's still allowed to have his account after he made a chargeback. EBay refused to help me because I didn't have a tracking number. Apparently, eBay doesn't "recommend" selling digital codes but they don't flat out ban it. Yet the buyers are allowed to buy these codes, scam and sellers can't do anything about it. We're living in 2021 and this is how eBay is set up which is unbelievable.

Not only that, but eBay's pages are all confusing, their website is different designs, mixed up and completely impossible to find real info. Seller central is a mess. Some of their help pages still say "Paypal" this and that yet eBay has ditched Paypal some time ago. This website has been outdated and customer service is useless and won't help if you're scammed. EBay doesn't flag these scammers–both buyer and seller. I reported scammer accounts, nothing was done.

Also, the "local pickup" concept is very confusing so be careful. If a buyer contacts you to buy your items outside of eBay, but doesn't actually buy it on eBay to "pick up", it's an automatic temporary ban on you, eBay will give you a defect, can't sell for two weeks AND eBay will take the final value fee for that item. How does eBay justify this? They have a bot that picks up messages between buyers/sellers and if you end the listing of the product around the time you spoke to the potential buyer, eBay will assume you "sold it" even if you didn't (and sold it elsewhere).

Lastly, avoid buying from Chinese and foreign sellers. I was scammed by one. The item's shipping time was about a month and it never came. I contacted the seller, but the next thing the seller said was that s/he shipped another one out but refused to give a tracking number for it. I stupidly waited because I thought the seller was honest, but it never happened. I waited and contacted the seller constantly who kept saying the same thing "hold on, we'll check your order", which isn't true. I realize the seller purposely delayed just to get out of Paypal's refund window. So basically, Paypal refused to help me (at the time) and I couldn't leave negative feedback for the seller. The seller also continued to sell and wasn't penalized.

Paypal is no longer used on eBay but now eBay can directly take money out of my bank account whenever they feel. Sell your stuff anywhere else. There's plenty of other platforms.

High fees! They said their fees may be less after leaving Paypal but instead, it's been the same flat 12.5% which eBay can now hold for more interest. It only deposits on "business" days, so if you're waiting on that money to pay for shipping or need it immediately, tough luck!

I rather just sell on Amazon even though Amazon has plenty of bad buyers too. At least they have a wider audience and Amazon bans buyers with too many returns, cases, disputes, etc. Ebay just lets this happen over and over. If you're a seller, be careful and don't sell to people who have no feedback, new account or hide their feedback. For buyers, ask all questions before buying and do research. If it's too good to be true, then it is. Lastly, how silly are buying scammers on eBay to pull a scam after they provided you their full physical/shipping address, name and everything. So insane!

Stupid Rules and Fees
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If you're a small seller, looking to make money, hustling, or anything else, avoid eBay at all costs. Their rules are made for some sellers and not others. I had a small business selling drip tips (vape products) which were removed either from a petty competitor or eBay themselves. Yet, I see 100s of sellers selling the same items from me, same supplier, but their listings still remains steady. Especially Chinese resellers.

Along with their one sides rules, they can hide your listings for months so you have no sales. Wasting my time and effort. Plus, their fees are just criminal. They take 10% in fees in almost every category, 10% of shipping if you choose not to give "free shipping", 2.5% + $0.30 for paypal, and you're left with almost nothing.

Avoid them. They are just criminals out to waste your time, steal your money, and their website's layout is meant to confuse you. If you're unfortunate, as a seller or buyer, you're bound to be scammed somehow. Not worth wasting your time. Don't sell your high-priced goods here. And don't buy technology off here. Shop elsewhere. EBay deserves a class action lawsuit for almost every reason.


You have to be really careful dealing with people especially high-ticket items. Time-wasters, spammers and scammers are rampant here so expect that.

1. They don't notify you when a listing expires. They do tell you on the website but be honest, how many people would actually check or remember?

2. They hide the potential buyer's email from me yet the potential buyer could see my email upon response. This is irritating because the potential buyer could sometimes be a persuasive bot which then grabs your email or phone number the moment you respond. Not very pleasant considering how much email and text spams we get nowadays. For example, someone emailed me and I responded within minutes. Yet the "person" somehow said "thanks I found one already". This has happened 3 times within two weeks for 2 different items; in other words, there's no way that all 3 communications led to the person "finding another one" so quickly. It's unrealistic and just a waste of my time.

3. With that being said, I used this website for over a decade and they have not once tried to implement any new features to deter bots and spammers. Not even adding CAPTCHAS. For now, it's best to just ignore whatever suspicious emails you get from "buyers".


This website is a scam website. Their address in USA is a fake. It's the same address being used by the parent company for another brand called Lit Activewear. Both Chinese drop shipping websites selling horrible quality products. I'm very disappointed that these people have the nerves to create and fake a black-owned business and then profit off the movement and the black community. It's so messed up to the point where no one should support this type of shadiness. Stay away!


I was ALWAYS skeptical of Facebook and Instagram ads because I'm generally on-point with these things. However, I made a mistake of buying from a brand called Huncia which is hosted on Shopify (so I found out through their coding). They really led me on and I was so embarrassed that I fell for the scam. BEWARE. These scammers (likely Chinese sellers) are getting smarter everyday.

The website has Caucasian models, some social media presence, "influencers", claims to be USA, claims to have USA warehouse and they charge high prices for what appears to be quality goods. I received a jacket that was $120 which was a complete piece of crap. Words can't explain how cheap and ugly the jacket is! On top of that, it took a month to get here and it was shipped from China. Then I found out the website and brand was created in Hong Kong. Here I thought I would try to support startup and independent brands, but oh boy. Also, the same brand name was previously used by the parent scam company for a totally different line of products before they converted it to clothing.

It will be REALLY hard for legitimate brands and companies to stand out with Shopify when everything is created to scam you by Chinese sellers and drop shippers. STAY AWAY! DO DILIGENT RESEARCH! If the brand has absolutely no online presence (empty social media accounts) then it's a "fake" brand.

I run a legitimate business based here in USA with all my products here and I wanted to create a Shopify store. I'm literally scared of hurting my own reputation by being mixed into a platform with such a high number of scamming websites that Shopify does nothing about!

With all that being said, I've used Shopify as a platform in the past and have no issues with it. I think a big peeve of mine is the fact that if you want extra customization (which helps your store/website stand out), most (I think all) of the extensions or add-ons provided require an expensive monthly subscription that's almost more than Shopify's monthly subscription on its own.


I bought from CottonOn because I have a friend who said their clothes are pretty decent for the price. I didn't have high expectations. I ordered 9 things and kept 2 of them, so I returned 7 items.

1. PLEASE BE CAREFUL AND DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID! If you're a USA customer, make sure you go on their website and generate a return label. If it doesn't work, make sure it's on the US website otherwise it'll tell you that your order doesn't exist.

2. AGAIN: PLEASE BE CAREFUL AND DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID! DO NOT use the shipping label that came in your package. I mistakenly thought it was a return label so I stuck it on and sent it off. Luckily, USPS returned the package to me and that was when I realized it was just a duplicate of the shipping label they used to send me my items. Why would they leave a duplicate of the shipping label in my package? It's confusing and misleading!

3. Their returns are extremely complicated especially for US customers. The return was free however, I paid with Paypal. I live in New York City where tax isn't charged on articles of clothing less than $120 or so. I was charged for my order but I decided to let it go since it wasn't worth fighting for a minuscule amount of dollars.

4. However, I paid with Paypal and Cotton On processed my return but now they're asking me to fill out this complicated form via email citing they need all the info including my bank account and routing number amongst others things I have no idea about. Do they not have this info on file? I paid with Paypal and not a bank account and I refuse to give them this info. If this info is somehow shared or leaked, anyone could just take money out of the account and you have to go through the headache to file stolen money through your bank.

5. Since I kept some of the items, I don't know exactly how to calculate the refund. It's crazy that the email they sent me, asked me to input a refund amount. How the heck am I supposed to know? How do I clearly calculate the discounts they gave me and the tax they charged me? This shouldn't be the customer's responsibility. I'm shocked this isn't automated.

6. When you're generating the return label on their website, make sure you use the ORDER number and not the "transaction" number. They sent me email confirmations saying my order number is this this and that. But then I punched the code into the return label generator, it said it was incorrect. One email shows "order number" as a bunch of digits without a "W" on the front. Another email shows an "order number" with a "W" on the front and totally different digits. Extremely confusing.

I liked the items a lot. They're not pricy and the quality is decent enough to me. I had to return a lot of items since the sizing was larger. I didn't expect biker shorts in size US 4 (small) would be so large since that's my usual size. That's no problem with me and I have no issue reordering my right size, however the hassle they're putting me through right now makes me wish I didn't have to return a single thing to them.

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GoDaddy used to be the golden standard for domain and web hosting in the 2000s. They have changed a lot since then and they just nickel and dime customers like crazy. Everything costs extra with no real support.

I purchased my domain and Wordpress dedicated hosting with them. Initially, I had absolutely no problems with them, until one day, I decided to change my theme's main page look. It was changing my grid masonry between two or three columns. When I saved this change, my main page received an internal server error and never fixed.

When I called GoDaddy up, the CSR assured me that my theme was the problem. However, I NEVER had this problem with my theme for the two years that I've been using it. Not a single problem. I contacted the author who provided no solution, but based on all the customer reviews, comments and forums, no one had the problem I did. The GoDaddy CSR changed my theme back to one of the default Wordpress themes and all he had to tell me was that my theme is the problem and couldn't tell me anything else.

In fact, they told me my error/server log was empty and nothing could be done to solve this problem. Two months after paying $100+ to manage both my domain and hosting, my website's main page was down. Not only is it an embarrassment as a graphic designer, but it was also wasting my time and money. I had to reset the website and start over.

Later on, the website stopped loading and gave a specific error. After months of not being able to access my own website at home and in certain locations of the country, I never ended up solving the issue even after spending 30 minutes on the phone with GoDaddy where they kept saying "everything is fine on our end", and blaming my ISP. On their forums, many other users had the same issues to no available solutions.

If you don't end up having an issue like mine, then you're probably going to have a decent experience. I have not run into any other technical errors. However, they rip you off from every little thing. Granted, I did choose basic hosting, however, for the same price or similar pricing (without the raised cost after a "promotion" ends), other providers have SSL security/certificates and daily backups already in their pricing. GoDaddy charged me $40 a year for daily backups and also will charge me $80 a year for SSL security otherwise my website looks unsafe and suspicious.

LASTLY, I want to add that in 2021, GoDaddy is still charging for SSL certification and with different price ranges depending on the customer. Last year, they were charging my husband for a service he never used. GoDaddy generously credited him for the unused service and suggested to put the credit towards to an SSL certificate cost. So he did that and everything was fine. Just yesterday, he tried to modify his website and for some reason, it wasn't working. Spending 20 minutes on the phone with GoDaddy, the agent said that unless my husband renews and pays $150 for the SSL certificate that he previously had, the website won't work and there's no way around this. Are you serious? Why is the customer responsible for this? Now my husband is infuriated as he was never told this ahead of time. GoDaddy has lost me as a customer, and I warned my husband in the past. Now, they also lost my husband as a customer.

TLDR; If you can't afford, cancel SSL or if the SSL promo is over, you're responsible to pay for it otherwise your website will be permanently disabled.

Constant "Server" Errors
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I purchased my domain and Wordpress dedicated hosting with them. Initially, I had absolutely no problems with them, until one day, I decided to change my theme's main page look. It was changing my grid masonry between two or three columns. When I saved this change, my main page received an internal server error and never fixed.

When I called GoDaddy up, the CSR assured me that my theme was the problem. However, I NEVER had this problem with my theme for the two years that I've been using it. Not a single problem. I contacted the author who provided no solution, but based on all the customer reviews, comments and forums, no one had the problem I did. The GoDaddy CSR changed my theme back to one of the default Wordpress themes and all he had to tell me was that my theme is the problem and couldn't tell me anything else.

In fact, they told me my error/server log was empty and nothing could be done to solve this problem. Two months after paying $100+ to manage both my domain and hosting, my website's main page was down. Not only is it an embarrassment as a graphic designer, but it was also wasting my time and money. I had to reset the website and start over.

Later on, the website stopped loading and gave a specific error. After months of not being able to access my own website at home and in certain locations of the country, I never ended up solving the issue even after spending 30 minutes on the phone with GoDaddy where they kept saying "everything is fine on our end", and blaming my ISP. On their forums, many other users had the same issues to no available solutions.

If you don't end up having an issue like mine, then you're probably going to have a decent experience. I have not run into any other technical errors. However, they rip you off from every little thing. Granted, I did choose basic hosting, however, for the same price or similar pricing (without the raised cost after a "promotion" ends), other providers have SSL security/certificates and daily backups already in their pricing. GoDaddy charged me $40 a year for daily backups and also will charge me $80 a year for SSL security otherwise my website looks unsafe and suspicious.


I often browse A LOT of different subs. So far, I notice almost 80% of the subs I visit (non-political) has some really serious censorship issues. The platform/forum isn't that easy to use and for beginners, you could forget about it. It seems like you could get banned for literally anything. Even if you read the rules, there's more rules or if a mod doesn't agree with you, you could expect to have your account restricted.

I was on the r/Beauty section just today when I found a thread discussing this new beauty brand that seemed mildly suspicious. I scrolled down and almost half the comments were deleted/removed by mods because those users didn't have enough "karma points". How exactly is this practical in any way? I don't even have an account with Reddit and this makes me not want to make one because I don't even know what I could avoid saying before getting banned.

ALSO BEWARE: If you're a person who suffers from anxiety or sensitive, do not try to even post your problems for suggestions, to vent or even ask for any type of help even if it's something so simple. I mentioned above about not having an account but I made one out of desperation because I needed help with something. To no surprise, the Redditors/users are relentless and would find any way to make you feel like crap.

For example, I posted a question under /AskNYC about my landlord who was doing something illegal but refused to meet me halfway to resolve the issue. The comments I received from the users were condescending and unhelpful. To make matters worse, the mod (who was the first to reply) wrote the most rude and pointless response I've ever encountered. In fact, the mod broke his/her own rules by leaving such a comment. I've seen the mod do this to other users who posted questions. I ended up deleting the entire post because I felt attacked by everyone and I felt so humiliated. To think that these people live in the same city as me and are wandering around outside like everything is pretty while sitting at home, hiding behind a computer screen to make other people feel bad about themselves. It's honestly sad and disgusting. That was my first post and will be my last ever on Reddit. It was one of the most unwelcoming experience I've ever encountered on any online form/discussion website. It's as if the mod and the users are stereotypically the most angriest and bitter incel/femcels.

If you're going to use this website, lurk or don't expect any sort of positive feedback. Unless you're in a niche group with people who are enjoying their hobbies, you'll be bullied to death on this website.

Literally the worst! I don't remember this website being like this years ago but so much as changed. It seems like a really insensitive childish platform nowadays with mods that promote favoritism and with serious ego problems. "This is the internet", yeah I get it, Redditors/mods can censor whatever they like and say what they want. But because of that, I don't find this an a good website to visit anymore. If you don't want any nasty, childish, verbal attacks (which will happen), don't even bother posting your story or your opinion here. In fact, don't even ask for advice. I notice only the niche/hobby communities only have good people. Everywhere else is a hellhole! It's no longer a respectable platform like it was years ago.


I'm sure the Seller Support are limited now due to COVID-19 but I feel like there's so many simple issues that could be fixed and yet they don't have the resources to do so. I'm a new seller and have been trying to list a product for weeks. I paid a ridiculous amount of money to GS1 to "rent" their barcodes for my products, paid Amazon for the pro seller account, and spent a lot of time finalizing a sample of my product with MY brand and info on the packaging to send them. I spent even more time trying to fix a very strange issue which I believe must be a glitch within their system or catalog.

They approved my brand and my product to sell on Amazon. But suddenly, I was getting numerous errors saying my GS1 code is being used when I try to list my product or that my product already exists in Amazon's database but it doesn't. Despite submitting a GS1 certificate to show I own the barcode, despite having all the right info, despite having a lot of professional sellers reviewing my info and process which they confirmed is correct, Amazon still gives me the runaround, asking for the same info or provide very unhelpful generic answers. If they tell you they'll escalate your situation to their "team", good luck. You won't hear back for weeks or months. They also don't reply to emails as fast as they do with phone calls so forget emailing.

Their Seller Support team also are hard to understand and don't speak proper English which makes things harder because you have to repeat yourself over and over. Thanks to this issue, I was unable to get my product into production and shipped to an Amazon warehouse because I don't have right info since I can't put my product listing up. This is a major setback which will last at least 2 months and unfortunately, it's incredibly frustrating as every day counts in this type of business.

I heard all the dreaded stories about Amazon Seller Support but I didn't know it was this bad. This has been such a terrible experience and now I have a limbo problem that they will take weeks and months to resolve and possibly ask for more info and then ask me to wait even longer. It's INSANE to me how the majority of Chinese sellers were able to list their products here with no issues, selling out and making money yet as a USA-based seller, I'm giving this horrible runaround over and over again.

Edit: After a week or so, I've provided the information they wanted and I was given the runaround asking to submit documentation to "prove" I'm the owner of the brand. I've submitted this in the past and have done so numerous times and yet Amazon keeps asking. I'm so infuriated that I'm about to give up and just make a Shopify store.


I wouldn't order again unless I REALLY want something. I'm neutral about this situation because Nike didn't really do anything wrong and their website and process was very easy to handle. However, read the returns instructions carefully. I was under the impression that Nike has a free shipping (minimum order) and free returns policy.

I took a risk (first order on Nike) and bought this $220 jacket that categorized itself as loose fit, so I went with their smallest size on the chart which was XS. I'm normally a size S in everything USA. When this XS jacket turned out too big still, I thought "no problem, I'll just return". I went through the process and it turns out the return label for guests is just a mailer label. It's not a pre-paid return label which is for members only. I made an account after to see if I could get the pre-paid label but of course, it didn't recognize my order even though the account and order was made from the same email.

Now I have to commute 1 hour to a Nike store to return because this jacket is so large and heavy, shipping it back would cost at least $30 and I'm responsible for it if it's lost in transit. Unless you want to make an account just for that ONE item at Nike, I would say don't bother unless you're ok with paying for returns. God knows what UPS or the post office will charge you.

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I made the biggest mistake of buying something off Coach Outlet. I paid with PayPal because of the buyer protection. After I spent $78.39 (tax included) at the Coach Outlet, I waited weeks for the package to come, finally I open it and the product was described wrong. Coach had no prepaid return labels, no Coach outlets in NYC, and on their website, they said the shipping is the customer's responsibility. I should NOT be responsible to return something that's not as described so I filed a dispute on PayPal to get $8 refunded to me from Coach so I could return the socks. They closed in my favor, I used $6.41 out of the $8.00 to return the socks. Coach gets the socks.

BUT! They only refunded me $70.39 on PayPal. Where's the $6.41 I spent that was supposedly covered by them for THEIR mistake? Again, I had to contact Paypal and again, each response was from a different agent who barely read my previous dispute, barely looked at the previous evidence or even bothered checking the transaction ID showing that I spent $6.41 to return items to Coach. Instead, I was offered a measly $8 "return shipping voucher credit" that lasts only 6 months because the agent said that Coach *did* refund me full. His response: "Coach refunded you $8 and then $70.39". DUDE, I spent the $8 to return the WRONG items to them. Like WHAT? I wasted so much time waiting for these items just for them to be wrong, I had to go through the hassle of talking to PayPal, then having PayPal letting Coach keep the money and giving me back a partial refund over something that wasn't even MY fault. Such a headache and since it was only out $6.41, I basically ignored the resolution and gave up. How sad that consumers have to give up their money because a situation becomes so complicated and ridiculous? PayPal wasn't helpful at all.

A Forced Payment Option with Uncertainty
• Previous review

Like another reviewer said, Paypal is a horrible forced payment option especially on eBay. In most cases, you are never even SURE that you could keep the money you made because buyers have literally half a year to file a chargeback or a claim against you for any reason they want even after many months have passed; even if they left you positive feedback with no issue at all.

This break between eBay and Paypal hasn't changed anything! The only that has changed is Paypal's web interface which is much easier to use and much better on the eyes. If you have a problem with a chargeback or a claim though Paypal, eBay would just tell you tough luck. Yet this payment processing option is FORCED onto you to receive money and takes a chunk of your money for every payment received.

I would never trust Paypal with any of my money. I honestly wish there was a better alternate that eBay would use, but they are too busy racking high fees from their sellers. I pay hundreds of dollars of these fees to Paypal every month as a seller (excluding the eBay ones) and neither of these two companies actually helped me as a seller in any way. If you have a big sum of money left on your Paypal, transfer it immediately and don't leave it lingering.

If eBay wasn't forcing sellers to use Paypal, this payment option would never exist. For freelance work outside of my online shop, I take cash, checks or ChaseQuickpay. No fees, no scamming, no chargebacks, no disputes. Done.

Lastly, as a customer, there is no way to hide your address from strangers when purchasing an item. Whether or not it's a tangible good or a mistake on the receiver's side, there needs to be a fixed solution for this. I don't enjoy knowing some stranger in Puerto Rico knows my address when I pay the invoice to receive my digital photos from an activity during my trip.


I signed up around March 2020 shortly before the COVID-19 situation hit. I was supposed to pay the annual membership fee of $40 on April, but they froze membership accounts and the gym nearby wasn't opened until the middle of the September 2020 then closed on October 2020. They only sent me emails of the gym reopening, and never stated when fees are going to be charged. They charged me for September 2020 for the two weeks they were opened. Since it was only $10, I forgave that. I was going to cancel my membership sooner because they required wearing a mask while working out (which is something I can't handle). But to get into the gym to do anything whether speaking to the front desk or working out was atrociously long. I was told by other customers they were waiting for at least 1 hour.

I decided to do it another day, but I live in NYC and my neighborhood was a red zone which meant that non-essential businesses had to be closed to reduce the virus outbreak. This was in October 2020. Planet Fitness was closed the entire October 2020 yet they charged me the annual fee on October 1st and the monthly membership fee for mid-October. This made zero sense to me and it was out of nowhere; without warning. I would've been charged overdraft fees if I didn't have money on the account. I rushed to the location to try to cancel but they were closed (obviously). I tried emailing, I tried calling them, to no response. I walked past the gym numerous times between Oct-Nov 2020 and the gym wasn't reopened so I couldn't walk in to cancel. Their company policy demanded a ridiculous letter which many customers online said that PF would play stupid and pretend not to receive. My friend had this same issue with a different gym called Blink and she had to cancel her checking account to stop them from charging.

For me, I called up my bank to see if they could help and the agent reversed the charges and gave me my money back for these fees. She also told me that I'm not the first customer who called in about this problem. Clearly, PF is taking advantage of people by taking their money while the gym isn't even opened then use the "company policy" and "agreement contract" to get away with charging people regardless of the situation and rules that are out of customers' control. For PF, you could sign up online but thee's no way to cancel online which is ridiculous especially now in a pandemic. I would NEVER sign up with this gym ever again and I would advise anyone else to be careful of them. I also won't ever attach my checking account to any service as minuscule as $10 a month to do ANYTHING.


I received an ad for Coach Outlet advertising socks that looked awesome. I go on the website and this website is the plainest of the plainest website ever. It has no details or better descriptions of their items so you don't know the size, dimensions, etc. I wanted to order a pair of socks in 3 different colors but it didn't say if it was ONE SIZE or what gender it was for. Since Coach Outlet only had a number to call and it was a time consuming wait, I texted actual Coach and they told me that the socks are one-size-fits-most, the "outlet socks" fit the same as their "regular" ones, and that was it.

Coach Outlet shipped out my order using SurePost which is the worst shipping service for UPS and it took almost 2 weeks to arrive. I was so excited to rip open the package, but immediately, I was disappointed because the socks are not one-size-fit-most. It says on the packaging that it's for Men Size 5-10. I'm a woman size 5 so these socks were almost 2 inches longer than my foot.

Not only was I given wrong information, but the packaging slip/invoice says to affix the prepaid return label included for returns. There was no label in the packaging. It also doesn't say that the customer has to pay for this, yet I went on their website after to find a return solution (since the prepaid label wasn't in my package) and on the website, it says return shipping is the customer's responsibility and cost. A Coach Outlet doesn't exist anywhere in NYC so this was such a waste of my time and money. An $80 order for socks with now $8+ gone for return shipping after waiting for almost 2 weeks. They need to list product descriptions, sizes, measurements and any details CLEARLY. I would never shop on this website until these fix the return shipping costs and add clear product descriptions.

EDIT NOV 2020:
I filed a dispute on Paypal giving them evidence that Coach sent me items not as described. I asked for $8 back so I use the money to return the items. Coach obliged. I used the $8 to return the items. Coach received it but refunded me only $72 out of $80, which excluded the $8 from shipping. I had to file a dispute with Paypal AGAIN to explain to them that Coach used the initial refund for shipping costs towards my total refund. PayPal offered a measly $8 return shipping voucher as a solution and is failing to understand the problem and the mess Coach Outlet has caused. I don't want a voucher that lasts 6 months, I want my damn money back. I had enough at this point which is why I would NEVER recommend this website to anyone. Something that they did wrong is taking me days to resolve over $8 and now resulted in a poor resolution by PayPal. NEVER AGAIN.


Purchased from Missguided 2 times. First time was my first order and second time was the second chance I tried to give them. I'm convinced that not many of these 5 star reviews are actually legitimate as no one mentioned what product they bought or any details. But to get a better perspective, the quality of the clothing is very similar to NastyGal (as another reviewer mentioned). To be honest, the pictures depict the clothing looking pretty decent but upon receiving, they're super cheap and I was embarrassed to even wear them outside. I knew it was fast fashion, but this is where you get what you pay for.

Order 1: I purchased 3 Sean John collab items. I read the description and looked at the images. Says that the model name Carmen wears a size US 4 in the pics and yes, the joggers are oversized on her. I sized down to a US 2, and I'm not as slim as the model, yet the US 2 was HUGE. Bought the size US 4 Sean John collab crop tank and that was fine at least. Very disappointed as this company isn't in the US, so I paid $11 express shipping to get items to me that I'm not convinced are described or sized properly. Return shipping is costly and not even worth returning. It was kind of embarrassing because my boyfriend touched the embroidered work on the tank's band and he said the quality could've been better.

Order 2: This was the mistake where I tried to give Missguided a second chance thinking "well maybe only SOME of their products are cheaply made". So I bought 1 windbreaker style jacket and 2 blazers. This was where I noticed Missguided's sizing is larger than regular. I bought the jacket 2 sizes smaller and the blazers 1 size smaller. Blazers fit fine but the material was cheap and so hideous. The jacket was actually fine (lightweight and comfy) but the sleeves were so wide, they were monstrous. I paid $10 for shipping then I paid another $8.75 to return the entire order. Luckily, I paid with Paypal and Paypal covers return costs as long as you provide them proof that you paid to send items back.

While Missguided has pretty stylish products, it's not a risk I'm willing to take. The place is great for low-priced basics and trendy clothes, but not for me. The quality doesn't meet my expectations (which weren't even high to begin with), but I was able to buy blazers off a more expensive brand for about $20 more and the quality was much more impressive.


I purchased a name brand belt for much less than it cost elsewhere and a bunch of pants and a pair of sneaker. The items arrived within two days, are authentic and look great. SSENSE didn't give me a single problem with my items. I haven't spoken to customer service so I can't say too much about that. The website is very easy to browse and checking out is just as simple. My only peeve is that shipping is kind of expensive.


First and last order from Nasty Gal. I didn't have high expectations as I knew it's fast fashion but my friend ordered from them for years and had no complaints so I thought I'd give them a try. I ordered 11 items and kept 2 of them.

Here's the outline for the clothes I bought: 6 pairs of shorts, 2 top, 2 pants, 1 belt. The sizing is very off and not consistent at all to the sizing chart they provide. Of 6 pairs of shorts, I kept 2 pairs. For the rest, I ran into problems like the waist being incredibly big, boxy fits or just too large for the labeled sizes. I normally wear a US 4/Small. Both tops had a really awkward fit that if you bent over, the top would slip off immediately exposing your chest. The material was bad, felt like a cheap bathing suit and wasn't breathable at all. The canvas belt was itchy and didn't feel like canvas. Most of the bottoms were so badly sewn with threads hanging out everywhere. The Nasty Gal tag on the clothes are also itchy and ugly.

1. They say they're based in San Francisco (California) so I was under the impression that the warehouse is somewhere in California. Instead, after I confirmed my order and paid for shipping, I find out the courier is DHL which is used for foreign mail so the items are coming from somewhere out of USA. I found out it's from the UK.

2. Shipping isn't free. It's $10. I accepted that and paid for it, but for my $200 order, I never anticipated to shop at a brand that doesn't have a free shipping incentive. Not very inspiring for new shoppers but I tolerated it.

3. Return shipping isn't free. They don't mention anywhere on their help section that return shipping costs money or how much it actually costs. Shockingly, mine was only $4 but it seems other buyers were charged much more. You'd think that especially know during a pandemic, that they'd be a bit friendlier about their policies but they're not. At least with H&M, I could buy online and return to store if I don't like anything. Unfortunately, Nasty Gal has no real store so returns are processed online and apparently not in USA either. Luckily for me, my return was processed within days of shipping out, so I got a refund very quickly.

4. Quality of items are hit or miss, mostly miss. Most of the items seem to match the price range for fast fashion so I'm not surprised. I took a risk to purchase and I accepted that.

5. They mark up prices then put up a 60% off sale as if you're getting an awesome deal but you're not.

If you're in the USA, there's plenty of other retailers that are around that have real stores you can return your items to. I had better experiences on SHEIN and Romwe and that's saying a lot. Also, I put this review on another website and Nasty Gal reported it within the hour. It's no wonder there were only fake positive reviews there. Beware! Despite giving them two positive notes for me keeping 2 decent products and complimenting the fast refund timeframe, they still reported me so that shows they're hiding behind fake reviews. I have even less incentive to ever buy from them if that's how they do business. Stay away! FYI: I attached my order confirmation to show I actually bought from here.


I almost bought these roses because the images make them look gorgeous but after research:

1. I realize the images always show the rose from a distance so you can't see the imperfections and of course for photography, the company will always pick the best looking ones!

2. I know someone who bought one for herself and she felt ripped off because quality was extremely poor for the price. The rose appears hefty and looked like it was made of iridescent glass, plexiglass or some other hard material in the images. In real life, it's a thin piece of plastic curved to shape, the leaf is a thin spray painted piece, and the overall weight of the flower was like a pinwheel spinner. Craftsmanship wasn't there.

3. LONG SHIPPING! Why? Because it's a drop shipped product likely from an East Asian country such as China. It's not based in the USA or the North American continent. The hefty prices you're paying is for a product you can find on Alibaba for around $1.39. I know this because I checked!

4. The reviews here are fake 5-stars and back to back with no real profile for any of the users. They should be immediately taken down.

5. I'm guessing due to the likelihood of lots of customer complaints, or for some other reason, the company changes their website to dose-roses.com so any bad reviews online are less likely to be found by potential customers.

SAVE YOUR MONEY! Look elsewhere. The high end looking imagery and photoshoots are likely mocked up, edited or made to fool you to think this is a luxury-like product!


This was a peeve of mine becasue I normally read fine print, but I gave TurboTax the benefit of doubt since most people use it. When it said "free to file", I jumped in and realize it's not free. It's free to go through all the forms, but it's not free to get your tax return. If you have a W-2 for a job for a few months, then get laid off and use unemployment, there's an extra charge. They also don't point out that it costs $40 to file state and $40 to file federal. They also don't tell you that you're charged extra if you have a 1099 form instead of W-2. The whole thing is very misleading! I was embarrassed I even suggested to it to my relatives and told them it'd be free without first trying it out myself.

You're better off paying a real person $100 to do all your taxes so at least you could hire someone who knows what they're doing. The would say the only pro about TurboTax is that it's fast to sign, very intuitive, straightforward modern UI, and has plenty of info for people who are new. They also give good examples when you hit "learn more" or if you need help understanding something. If you're lazy and need a quick fix and don't mind the extra $80-120, go for it. But it's unfortunate for people who are already making very little ($35k-50k).


I'm a seller on Depop and I haven't had any issues. Potential buyers read descriptions and ask questions. We respond to each other in a timely matter. Everything is very easy to use! If you sell just regular goods like decor, low end fashion and accessories, you'll run into no problems. I don't trust any platforms selling high priced items or buying high end goods. The fee is only 10% compared to Poshmark which makes this more desirable to sell on. The platform is overall good but a little lacking:

1. There's no way to see my own shipping costs as a seller. I would have to edit the listing and its shipping info to see what option I've selected. Not very convenient as I can't remember every setting I put for shipping. Sometimes I offer free shipping to buyers but I can't tell unless I dig deeper.

2. Messaging platform should allow images. I send potential buyers images they request but it's in a Google drive link or something else. As a person myself, I feel safer if I know images are sent through the platform. If they're inappropriate, allow them to be reported. Sometimes, items get damaged and images for proof helps the case more. It also helps the buyer/seller communicate better.

3. Flat shipping rates are a little high but that's to be expected for Priority Mail and insurance up to $100.

4. Customer service is a bit lacking. Sometimes you have a seller or buyer emergency and they would take 2+ days to reply. When they do reply, it really stretches too much time and sometimes buyers can be impatient or mistrust you.

5. Depop referred me to file an insurance claim with USPS even though the label is provided by Depop. To me, that makes no sense. USPS has less incentive to help a regular customer as opposed to a partner company.

It's overall a good platform to sell on. I personally haven't ran into any issues with any buyers. The demographic is perfect for the clothes and accessories I sell. The platform is also much easier to list on, compared to eBay. I highly recommend it if you want to get rid of some stuff you have.

George B. – Depop Rep

Hey Janet. Thanks for the feedback, and we're glad to hear you're enjoying using Depop. Feedback like this is incredibly useful for us. Hearing what we can do to improve Depop for our Community keeps us moving in the right direction. We'll be passing this onto our Product Team for them to take a look at.

Keep exploring,
Team Depop


The website is very clean and very easy to browse. I've ran into no issues while shopping and my order went through fine. They also ship and deliver very fast and require signature confirmation so your item doesn't get lost or stolen. However:

1. You can't return online purchases to the store. You'd have to ship the items back. That's not too bad since the returns are free.

2. Their policy page doesn't explain that returning items to a store isn't possible. I know most people would think "well if it doesn't say it, then it doesn't work", but it's always better to be sure.

3. Their store locator contains outdated stores and numbers. I've tried to call two locations nearby me and both don't exist anymore.

Overall, I felt like they could've explained things better on the website. They provide a sizing chart for all items but then state that the items fit in standard Italian size at the same time. I have no idea how to reference that. I ended up buying a top that's my usual USA size they listed but it was too big. That's why I had to make the return. Unfortunately, I have to mail it back. Make sure you keep the box and original packaging in-case your item doesn't work out. I almost threw out the shipping box thinking I could return it in-store.

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