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87 reviews
55 Cyril Magnin St
San Francisco, CA 94101, USA
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14 reviews
7 helpful votes

Rememebr when you could buy software and own it? Now you get to licence it for a modest monthly fee. Great for them, not so much for you. On the bright side, the monthly fee isn't too high. Well, comparatively, depending on your income and where you live!

2 reviews
0 helpful votes

Their AE is now packed with lots of features that made lives of video editors like me easier. Purchasing Adobe products from their site is easy, and their customer service is very helpful when answering my questions.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I'm not going to go into the detail of my situation because I'm beyond frustrated at the moment but this company is a complete joke when it comes to customer service. They might as well just have an automatic response that makes you wait 3 hours and then tell you to go f*** yourself. Great product, $#*!ty customer service.

3 reviews
7 helpful votes

I had written a one star review a few days ago because I had to wait for over an hour and a half to get customer chat support to help with the fact that the application hadn't loaded. That is true and the one star for that still goes, but, to be fair, I'd also like to report that the 7-day free trial cancellation process was fast and straightforward. The customer support was also very good, once the person finally came on line.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I have had an extreme journey with this company and I have never and I mean NEVER been through something like this in my whole life. If you plan to use another software, do it, the service you get from Adobe if things doesn't work or if you have any questions is extremely extremely super bad. I cant find words to explain how bad Adobe treats you if you have any issues, I been dealing with them forever now and they just don't care to solve my issues and instead I end up with new problems and at the moment I cant use any of the programs at all. Worst ever, and it's not just something that I just say. It is the worst in my whole long life.

5 reviews
1 helpful vote

I love adobe, it's a really good brand. I love that they don't only make for like editing videos, they make editing for picture (Photoshop) and editing for video (Premire). It's pretty good that they have a free trail for like a month or so!

21 reviews
12 helpful votes

My review was late, but they use to be great in the past until they wanted more money out of a consumer's wallet. Give big thanks to alternative software that don't do this cr@p.

Basically on May 5, 2013 Adobe decided to make their software only available as "software as a service" rather than selling it as a product from a store. This means you don't actually own it, but renting it. The only good thing I can say about this is that it cost $10 at the cheapest, but as everyone knows, monthly payments will eventually be more expensive than just what you're buying if they were to allow it.

Imagine if you can only rent laptop and not buy it, that would be terrible.

3 reviews
0 helpful votes

I got to know adobe products when I was a kid and since then most of those are still somehow affecting my everyday life, getting better and allowing to learn more and more.

3 reviews
0 helpful votes

i am happy to use this i really enjoyed and i wish them very big success started using Adobe software in 1987 and it`s i think best professional software available on the market

3 reviews
1 helpful vote

Their stuff works 100% of time. Tons of tutorial online - best professional software available on the market

1 review
3 helpful votes

I will tell you the short version of my experience. I CANCELLED my account and they assured me that everything was fine, but instead they RENEWED my membership and charged me 2x more of the normal amount that I was paying. So I called again. The agent chat service? HAHA good luck! If you want to sit for 2 hours being transferred 8 times to different agents who aren't even on the same page! and YES I was transferred 8 times to 8 different people. One agents talking about a duplicate account, one was just repeating what you just said, One just talked about offers! I mean likeeeee I am PISSED! I don't want your stupid offers.!! JUST GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY! The product itself I do not mind it work well for my projects but just be ready when you want to cancel or are having problems because you will want to write a letter to CEO of this company by the end of that chat. Best of LUCK :)

3 reviews
0 helpful votes

Great place to find any and all adobe programs and products. I wish the free trails lasted longer or the products were cheaper.

68 reviews
210 helpful votes

I've used several different design programs and in those years, I found Photoshop to be the only efficient one. Starting at Photoshop 6, I slowly made small upgrades between the programs when affordable. Yes, I agree, the standalone was expensive. However, people are in denial claiming that the subscription base is better. Think about it this way: you're paying them $50 a month for the rest of your life. Every year, that's $600 out your pocket and you don't even have the actual program that you own because CC is cloud-based.

And please don't tell me it's only $20 a month. That option is for students. Once your time is over, you're at the regular price, which sadly, for beginners, fresh graduates, or struggling freelancers, it's really a kick in the face. On top of that, if you don't wan't the latest updates or upgrades, you are still forced to pay whether you want them or not.

Don't get me wrong, I use plenty of Adobe's software. They're great. They've been getting overly bloated, but the tools are amazing and very useful. Adobe CC has its benefits too, but at the price of $50 a month, it's not worth many people's money. The only time it'll be worth it, is if you use at least 5 of the applications on a daily basis and want the newest version every time they release. That's why people either pirate their software or stick with Adobe CS6 which is the last non-subscription version. If this is the case, Adobe is only hurting themselves.

3 reviews
1 helpful vote

The company`s services are all good and always were, I dont remember the time when I wasnt using any of those. However at my opinion the subscription thing made it a little worse, personally I liked the old scheme more ;(

11 reviews
11 helpful votes

I downloaded the Adobe Acrobat 7-day trial. Suddenly my computer acted as if it had a virus. I ran Norton, and it didn't have a virus, but I decided this was slowing my computer down to a crawl, and I saw other signs that something was wrong. When I uninstalled, the software TOOK WITH IT ALL ABILITY I HAVE TO READ A PDF AT ALL. I am trying to write an obituary for a very close family member and need those PDFs. Thanks Adobe.

3 reviews
0 helpful votes

A great company with great products used for fun and work. I`m personally a usef of Photoshop and Lightroom, and these are getting better from year to year. Keep it up!

3 reviews
8 helpful votes

So I turned off my monthly subscription for adobe illustrator cause I thought it was too BS that I'm paying for something that I should already own and use as a graphic designer. Than lo and behold , al' mighty saviaaaaaa!!!!, hallelujah!, I'm getting charged on a yearly plan....on another account I used as a trial period that I was, that lord may strike me down!, sure I canceled before I made it official on another account to double check if illustrator was right for me in the long haul. I mean I got caught in the trend train that adobe illustrator was the best tool for all graphic designers and now it's ramming me when I found out adobe been taking money from my account for months. And the fact I had to pay a cancellation fee, which equaled to 74.99 dollars, was an equal $#*! slap to the face. And a kick in the bits where I could switch from illustrator to photoshop. Only to pay 10 dollars for another year....(btw their are two other options adobe give you beside photoshop switch and cancellation fee but I forgot them at the moment)

Anyway filed a claim to my bank, so let's see how that goes.

Anyway for those who are graphic designers and don't mind paying the 20 dollars monthly, the tools their are pretty good and extensive if your willing to go through a learning curve on YouTube or other sites your comfortable with. And I admit, adobe illustrator tools out trumps some of the tools I use in my clip studio art canvas, but hey to each their own.

1 review
2 helpful votes

My son bought one stock image and suddenly was enrolled in a year-long program. We were billed without permission or notification. Do NOT use Adobe stock photography for any purposes. And tell your friends to avoid the company at all costs.

4 reviews
5 helpful votes

I asked in a chat if the Photoshop CC would be compatible with a touchscreen computer. The representative said yes. I already had Photoshop Elements 5.0 which was and STILL is compatible with both my old Lenovo tablet and new HP tablet computer. So, looking for an upgrade on my new computer I purchased Photoshop CC. ONLY to find out, Photoshop CC is ONLY compatible with touch screen in the aspect that it will allow you to click panel buttons BUT IT WILL NOT LET YOU USE GESTURES (in otherwords, no drawing or any motion of that sort on the picture). Now that this is useless to me, I wanted to cancel my supscription..BUT they charge a fee! NO WHERE on their website does it say that Photoshop CC is not compatible with gestures on touch screen. NO WHERE. I found it on a forum lost in the abyss of the internet..others with the same problem. With that being said, they were only willing to give me 2 months free ($9.99 a month) so $20 off of $120. WOW WHAT A HUGE HELP..NOT REALLY! the cancellation fee is $48.....THAT DOES NOT HELP! I rather pay the fee. BUT I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO. The customer service rep said she would be helping me out by giving me two months free, Is that a joke? Sure let me still pay $100 for a program I won't be using. Can you do math Adobe?

10 reviews
4 helpful votes

photoshop cc is the best image editing software I know. And since they got the monthly subsctiption at a reasonable price for photographers, it's easy to get. Everyone is a little bit photographer these days, but not everyone needs such tools. If you do, then photoshop is great.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I downloaded their "free trial" and couldn't get it to work. It turns out none of the free trial features are meant to work! NONE! You can't do anything with it other than look at the screen and your photo on it. The salesperson immediately tried to up-sell me. I know upselling is considered an ok business practice today. But I don't like it. It's dishonest and pushy. If you have a good product or service, let it sell itself. Be honest.If you say free trial. Give a free trial. Adobe is really dishonest and their Indian answering service is rude and sexist. It took talking with 4 different "technicians" before they admitted none of the features would work with the free trial. They are not technicians, they are salespeople. Totally dishonest rude company. I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE TO ACCEPT THIS MODERN FORM OF BUSINESS AS OKAY!!!!

11 reviews
7 helpful votes

If there have any option to give minus rating then Surely I'll Provide them (-100000 ) rating. Everybody beware of them

2 reviews
25 helpful votes

I recently purchased, or more correctly upgraded, Adobe Essentials 14 (from version 10). I admit that I did not use Adobe Essentials 10 very much primarily because the program had frequent crashes, was inexorably slow, and lacked a number of features that free software like Picasa offered and were much better at. Nothing seems to have changed with version 14.
I had numerous troubles just installing the program followed by numerous crashes when trying to import and/or use the features. I near as I can tell all they have done is keep the bugs but changed the interface, and while I am sure that there is more to the program, it still sucks which is why I stopped using it in the first place.
To give you an example: There are limited sort options - I would have thought that a "sort by date taken" would be a good option but it doesn't exist. However, the two most important features it lacked were the ability to keep its catalogue database up-to-date when I removed photos from my file system because using Essentials 10 was too laborious.
The second major problem was the amount of lime it took to operate on the database. Picasa is lightening fast in this respect, while Adobe Elements 10 is turtle slow and took hours to perform the same functions. In brief, I could not recommend this product to any one and I am planning to revert to Picasa until I can find a better product to catalogue, tag, and organize my photos.

12 reviews
1 helpful vote

I only had the program installed for 20 days in which time I could not use it and I had problems with computer not responding. I entered an online chat with a foreign Adobe contact to cancel my order and it took 37 minutes before I ended it without having received satisfaction. NOT Happy.

3 reviews
4 helpful votes

I have stayed with the last version you own Adobe CS6 Master Collection which I bought for $151.00 that has Photoshop CS6 Extended, Illustrator CS6, Indesign CS6, Acrobat and more, that in the course of a year saved me lots of money. The Adobe CC SOFTWARE SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE you have to pay each month and if you stop paying your software stops working. See for yourself here.

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