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I almost got a payday loan from this company and then read these reviews. Turns out that they have multiple complaints filed against them and often do not apply funds to your loan just so they can keep it open. No wonder they state on their website they do not need a credit check! I went to my local bank and got far better rates.


I just learned how to do a baby massage by watching a free video on this site. All for free. It even has sections for grandparents as well as expecting parents. Bookmark this if you are expecting a baby.


I was trying to find old episodes of True Blood and this was the only place that led me to a site which wasn't a scam. If you google True Blood videos mostly you just get scam websites.


It is that time of year again when you decide whether you want to send out real christmas cards or email cards. As we are all going bankrupt, I'm opting for email xmas cards. Last year jibjab was the hit of all of my friends. The snowball fight xmas card last year was hilarious. Sign up and it is worth the price of admission. Cheaper than real cards and quite a bit more entertaining.


Flickr is fun but not very useful for learning better photography. My photo skills are lacking and the people on photosig give me harsh critiques but I do learn on that site. Flickr is TOO friendly to be very useful in improving one's photography skills.


One of the best gadgets I ever bought for my skin. I don't think it really makes you look any younger like the website says, but it does a great job of really cleaning your skin and getting rid of clogged pores. Using this daily I almost don't need to get extractions or a facial as often.


Wonderful website for children and parents alike. They have easy to use interface and loads of games. Definitely worth looking at if you have kids and they use the internet. Keep your kids safe! Look at this site.


Great to finally see successful female comedians who have their own talk show. I'm sick of all of the male dominated late night shows like Letterman, Conan and the rest. Chelsea is hilarious and if you haven't seen her show, check out this website.


What better way to get free music than to be able to listen to it on your laptop and then convert what you hear into an MP3. Just like in the old days when you used to listen to the radio and record it to a tape player. The quality is not as good as CD because it is being streamed over the internet, but good enough for me.


There are many times when you hear of a new medical fad or diet and you wonder if it is really true or not. is wonderful website that is run by a team of doctors who go out of their way to tell people what is medical truth versus fiction. It is completely non-profit and I think they do a great job of telling us what to really believe in.


I tried a tempurpedic knock-off and the memory foam was not dense enough for me. I think the foam density was only 3 lbs but the foam density of tempurpedic was like 5 lbs. I sunk into the knock-off mattress so much that I wasn't able to move around much and it was really too hot to sleep in that bed. I ended up returning the fake tempurpedic and saved up enough money for a real tempurpedic and have been sleeping better ever since I did that. Don't waste your time buying a non-tempurpedic bed unless you want to end up returning it.


My kids love this website and they recently got me to play as well. I can tell you that it is completely safe for children as it is impossible for them to accidentally give away any personal information. There is a monthly fee of 7 dollars per account and if you have more than one child, they will both want their own account. You can let your kids play for free, but I can pretty much guarantee you that at some point they will be begging you to become a member. Club Penguin is smart in that unless you pay them 7 dollars a month you cannot get all of the "cool" virtual items like a big igloo.


The good part about this site is your daughters actions are tightly controlled and the site is very parent friendly. They have positive self esteem building tools for young girls as well. The downside is that it costs some serious monthly fees and my daughter just doesn't find it very fun. All of her friends are on facebook and she uses that instead and refuses to use this site because none her friends are on it. Now, if by some miracle, facebook goes away and all the girls go to this site instead, I would be more than happy to pay for this site. But as it stands, nobody is using it and therefore I am not going to pay the monthly fee. I hope more of my daughters friends use this site and I actually wanted to ask their parents to put them on it, but it is hard to compete with the likes of myspace and facebook.


Glubble is the only internet browser that my children are allowed to use. We went ahead and deleted IE off of their computer and they can only access the internet through the glubble browser. This way we know the only sites they can access on their laptop are safe and approved by Glubble.


Genius idea to have children's text messages monitored by people who understand all of their chat messages. The service is rather expensive but well worth it I think. Just the fact that my daughter knows someone is watching her texts I think makes her a little more responsible. Plus if anything ever happens, there is an entire record of who she has been in contact with and the police can easily get involved.

The one things that is missing is the monitoring of the internet usage on the blackberry. This company monitor texting, but does not monitor instant messaging on the internet using the cell phone.


Bryce 3D - For photographers, Bryce 3D is a great little tool to add 3D images to your photographs, such as suns, moons, landscapes, sky, etc... very worthwhile learning if you do landscape photography. Yes, I realize it is dabbling into graphic art, but nobody will know...

My kids got addicted to these things and we have wasted waaaay too much money on this stuffed animals and the website that goes along with it. What is worse is that the site requires even more money. However it is probably one of the most entertaining sites out there for children. Definitely would recommend it. I would start with the pet of the month as your children get bonus items for them to play with and the pet of the month doesn't cost any more than the other pets.

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