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They advertise numerous prints and colors of a sleeveless print lounger, priced from $19.99. Click on that design and what do you find? A line of different colors and prints -- priced from $29.99 to $34.99. Only one size of one print comes in at the advertised $19.99 -- apparently a size and/or print they either can't sell or are nearly out of. But that $19.99... boy, they really emphasize that price. I've also found that a sale price one day disappears in no time. Shame on them.

• Updated review

If your info on OnTVTonight.com is just fine -- or if you don't care if it's correct and up to date, you won't care. But if you find that channels are wrong, if you find that channels that should be updated, removed due to no further usage or added due to being new, you can give up on being paid attention to. There is a form for contacting them -- you'll just never get a reply or see your requested corrections made. Wish I could say better things; apparently, I'm not alone in that.

So far, so much better than Zap2It!
• Previous review

I'm giving On TV Tonight only four stars, rather than five, because I've only just started using it. But I am pleased with it so far. If you are disgusted with Zap2It, if you're disappointed with TV Passport, give On TV Tonight a try. I'm not a quick learner when it comes to navigating new websites -- but I'm finding my way around this one easily. I put in my zip code and chose my cable provider -- and every channel my provider carries is listed (unlike Zap2It, which is slow to add new channels or remove old ones no longer carried, and TV Passport, which doesn't respond to requests to add or correct channels AT ALL). You can customize your grid with only the channels you want, you can choose favorite TV shows (and get reminders of when they'll be on). And the grid shows SIX HOURS AT A TIME! You don't even have to choose it -- it's there! I'm hoping that this continues to go as well as it's starting for me. If not, I'll be back to let you know!

• Updated review

I won't say that every delivery driver is a problem, but it's easily half or more. We have no problem with inside-porch deliveries from USPS, UPS, FedEx or LaserShip. Amazon? Not good. Do delivery instructions in big capital letters make a difference? Only IF THEY WOULD READ THEM. Mine is by far not the only complaint. Please, Amazon -- either give us someplace to file complaints or hire drivers who pay attention. Throwing a small, lightweight package outside to blow down the street is NOT a "secure" way of delivering.

Truly my downfall (in a good way).
• Previous review

To say that I'm a frequent shopper at Amazon is an understatement. I've placed hundreds of orders, never once had an overall negative outcome. Any problems with a seller, delivery or order issue, Amazon has been quick to make it right. Their chat and phone customer services are just great. It's the first place I look to locate and price shop everything.


I emailed them to ask about an item they sell. I received a reply that they didn't have the info I needed, but would look into it and get back to me. Months later, still waiting. Then I found something that I want (and don't need their "help") -- but when I went to order it, I noticed that while the URL starts with "https", there is no little padlock to indicate that the site page is truly secure. I've always been told to look for both "https" and the padlock. So, I have to wonder if this is a safe place from which to order online. I think I'll pass.


Don't you love it when you check a tracking number for an anticipated delivery on the FedEx website, only to see a message telling you that a delivery attempt was made... and you know perfectly well that it isn't true? And if you call and speak with a customer service rep, they'll check and confirm that, indeed, no delivery attempt was made. Or when your package is left at the house at the end of the street because the driver was too "busy" to come all the way down to your house and deliver the package properly? Any time I have a choice in shipping options, I don't choose FedEx, for these reasons and so many more. And judging by what I've read on here, I'm not alone.

• Updated review

A couple months ago, I contacted Acme Markets about how awful their "sales ads" feature has become on their website. I did hear from them -- first, with the usual "must be a problem with your browser" reply; then when they admitted to what I was complaining about being THEIR issue, a "promise" that they would refer it to their IT people and get it fixed. Now, so many weeks later, it's no better; in fact, I think they hired an even lazier person to upload info to their website. The search engine still doesn't work properly over half the time... and canned and dry goods STILL showing up in "Frozen Foods". Useless.

Their "new and improved" website isn't "improved".
• Previous review

The Acme website was always a good place to have a look at their weekly "sale papers", but not anymore. Want to know what brands of ice cream (for instance) are on sale? Well, their "search" feature is useless. Type in "ice cream" -- no results". Type in a brand name -- no results. Try going through their drop-down category box and click on "frozen foods" -- most likely not. Try "dairy" -- you find some! Which makes you wonder why using the search box returns "no results" when there clearly ARE results. And I can't tell you how often I find products displayed under categories where they don't belong. Why would "Tasty Kake" items show up under "frozen foods"? This "new and improved" website, frankly, sucks.


In trying to find a better choice in TV listing websites than the "new" Zap2It (for when they kill the good "old" one yet again), someone recommended TVPassport.com. I went on there and set up an account. And I like what I see and how it functions. Not perfect, but far better than "new" Zap2It or TitanTV. However, a channel is missing from my "customize" listing, and it's a major one, one that I watch most every day. I've used their "Contact Us" form and submitted my request to get the lineup corrected three times. Gave them my zip code, cable provider info and the channel info. Still no channel added. So, until I see that they are reactive to user requests, I can't recommend this one.


I've come up with some scary pop-ups on this website. I have a full pop-up blocker activated -- these even get through that. The kind that want to scan your computer or want you to call a toll-free number to "fix" a security issue. Making a note to myself to STAY AWAY from Overstock.com.

• Updated review

A few years back, Zap2It decided to go with a new "bells-and-whistles" TV grid that was positively awful. After tons of complaints, they went back to the previous format, which was great. Guess what -- they're going "bells-and-whistles" again and it's awful. I can't log into it, can't open a new account, can't do anything with it. It is, as other posters are saying, awful.

The good old TV grid is back!
• Previous review

10/2/16 -- This is an update to my earlier review. After a long time away, I decided to check in at Zap2It and see how they were getting along with that awful website. Wonder of wonders, it's gone! They wisely went back to the clear, clean, easy-to-read, highly functional TV program guide they had abandoned. So glad to see it back, just hope they keep it this time.


Whether you're looking for a single issue or a subscription, this is a great place to look. They also have a brick-and-mortar store in Washington State (BulldogNews.com) -- and if I ever get out that way, I'll be sure to stop in and have a good browse. I placed an order for a not-easy-to-find magazine with them -- order was filled quickly, my emailed questions to them were answered within the same day. The shipping isn't cheap, but it is Priority Mail with tracking info, and I had my order (from West Coast to East) in three days. I highly recommend this one.


Comcast (or XFinity) had a great TV programming guide. Among other things, you could list your favorite channels (not having to scroll through a gazillion channels you don't watch), set up a watchlist, many other features having to do with programming your DVR. The format was easy on the eyes, easy to read and navigate. Well, that's gone. Comcast decided to get fancy and give us a program guide that lacks the features that everybody liked best... but boy, it looks real techy and snazzy! The customer forums are packed to the brim with customers complaining, asking for, BEGGING for, the old program guide format to be brought back. Does Comcast listen? Well, maybe. Do they cooperate? Nope. I haven't seen one posting in favor of this new claptrap they've foisted on their customers. Shame on them for continued lousy customer service.

Tip for consumers:
If you're using it for the programming guide, use TVGuide.com instead.


Seeing as how this is a local business in my area (South to Central N. J.), I used to recommend them to people. Then I checked out friends' for-sale listings on their website and stopped recommending them. Their site is constantly out of date (a house listed from back in Winter, for instance, is still labeled as "New Listing"; some are from further back than that). The photos taken are extremely poor quality -- interior photos are dark and blurry, set up is poor (cleaning supplies in the room are left where they are and appear in the pictures). If you're depending on house-hunting info on the Internet, this isn't the real estate site to go to.


I notified Haband weeks ago about a problem with the "check out" function on their website. Heard back from them that they'd found the problem and were fixing it. Weeks later... still not fixed. Doesn't work on any browser I try -- same problem. No problems shopping anywhere else (which is what I'm doing -- take notice, Haband), so it ain't me. Ordering by regular mail takes too long; ordering by phone is a lousy connection to a foreign call center. Haband used to be good to shop with. Now, not so much.


You can sign up for free email notification of free premium channel previews on cable or satellite dish services. I've learned of upcoming freebies that even my cable provider didn't let subscribers know about.


I just typed in the address of the development in which I live to see what sort of information I'd get. What I found (besides a few correct listings) were listings of people who moved away or DIED years ago, and they're listed as still living here! Is there no such thing as an accurate, up to date phone/address search service? Paid or free?


As noted in previous reviews, none of the info is correct. Much like 411.com, which is supposed to be correct, but isn't. Pure junk.


Whether you buy from a seller through Music Stack or from the seller directly, you'll do well. Music Stack is very customer pro-active -- if you have a question for or problem with a seller and you get no response from the seller within a reasonable time, Music Stack will lock that seller's account until you get a reply! I've found hard-to-find music here; their search engine takes you into all formats (vinyl, 45s, CDs, DVDs, tapes) and all over the world.

David S. – MusicStack Rep

So happy to hear that you have been finding lots of hard to find items on MusicStack!
Thank you for leaving us such an excellent review and for noticing our seriously we take customer service from our sellers. That is correct. If a seller doesn't (or refuses) to contact you within 5 days we feel that such a seller should not be listed on our platform. This keeps out all the sellers who can not provide good customer service and keeps only the best seller selling on the platform.


I just love this place. I've had some hard-to-find Corning and Corelle pieces that I've found nowhere else -- found them at Replacements. Most recently, I was looking for stainless steel flatware pieces; I had absolutely no information on a manufacturer or age. Went in under "bamboo" and "miscellaneous", and there they were. Also was able to date my grandmother's old flatware from the early 1940s. Really love this place. Phone customer service people are so very nice, too.


We've just found our second vehicle through Cars.com. It made the searching so easy. You can start with a broad general search, then narrow it down with choices including year, make, model, body style, transmission, interior and exterior color, etc. Then you can narrow the choices down from there. We tried several auto search websites, always come back to Cars.com. Good job.


One of the worst websites every, and that includes the others with which it's connected (YellowPages.com, WhitePages.com, etc.). The listings are horribly out of date and incorrect more often than not. I live in a community. I entered my main address into the search box. Came up with more mistakes than fleas on a dog. People who had moved away or DIED years ago are still listed. Names of people who don't live here at all. I wish someone would come up with a good, reliable phone-listing website -- this one seems to be associated with any website that has a phone listing search engine. Awful.

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