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Jolie Bonnette is a mad Pagan artist/musician/writer originally from the greater Houston metro area of Texas and now living near The Shore in New Jersey.

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I know about sites where you shouldn't shop because they are ripping off artists and other creatives.


art, music, animals, chocolate, tea, international cuisine

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They sent me a text message saying I owed $49.95 to "Coastal imaging". The link in the text is, of course, a link to a fake "login site" where they ask for your DOB. They list their contact number as *******131. An automated system says "Thank you for contacting you doctor's billing office" and puts you on hold. They constantly give you the option to "keep your place in line" and have someone call you back.

I know better than to give them anything because I worked for almost 5 years in a REAL physicians' billing company. If I hadn't gotten bored listening to their horrid quality prerecorded blather, I was going to basically just badger the hell out of them and jack with whoever answered the phone basically giving them BS answers and demanding that THEY prove to ME that they really had pertinent billing data like a date of service and service location. Then, if I could get them riled up, drop the "hey a-hole I'm a REAL medical biller so I just riled you up for my own amusement" on them. Alas, I have the attention span of a coked up ferret and just grew bored. This "company" is actually mention by name (and owner) on several scam track sites. So, unless you want to play bait the scammers, don't bother with it. I'm just reporting them and blocking them at this point.


Don't use clip art from here! They don't check copyright on anything and have no right to give away a lot of the images they have on their site. I've found my copyright protected artwork on there being offered as "free clip art". >_<

Tip for consumers:
Don't use it at all! If you download from them, you are stealing other people's images!


Being as I'm a poor, disabled artist, I've bounced around to different, supposedly cheaper web hosting and domain name registry services over the years. But I keep coming back to Bravenet. They are a little more expensive than a lot of services, but you also get a LOT more for the price. They don't get you with tons of stupid upgrades and they don't try to upsell you constantly. Their server downtime is minimal. They alert you when they'll be doing server maintenance.

I'm on the basic Bravenet Pro plan. They gave me a permanent discount so I'm only paying $11 a month (in three month blocks). I get unlimited storage and bandwidth. I can make as many sites and use as many domains or subdomains as I want. Their site builder tool is easy to use. I also get access to all of their Pro Web Tools with no ads or branding on them; this includes forums, email lists, guestbooks, password protect, etc. You also get access to a lot of theme templates if you want to throw something together quickly without wasting a lot of design time. While there are some limits in how many mailing list subscribers you can have or how many photos in a photo album and the like, this isn't an issue for me since my site is small and doesn't have a huge following. For those who need higher limits on those things, they can upgrade from the basic Pro plan to plans with higher limits.

Overall, on the very few occasions I've had to contact support, they were polite, listened closely when I told them what I had already done to try and fix things and, if it was something they could do on their end, fixed things immediately. If it wasn't on their end, they were good about helping me figure out what I had done to bungle things up.

I don't think I'm going to bother trying to find a cheaper service because it's looking like you get what you pay for. Most of the supposed "top 10 web hosting companies" I see listed online in various places (almost always the same companies, just in different order) claim really low prices but seem to have paid a promotion company to write those articles because most of them have really bad reviews from the users citing being overcharged, having to pay extra for services that were supposedly included, having poor customer service, constant spamming trying to get users to upgrade, lots of server downtime, etc. With Bravenet, I don't get all of those hassles.

Courtnie f. – Bravenet Rep

Hi Jolie, thank you for the fantastic review! We are so happy to hear that you love our services.


I get all of my medications through Walgreens. Their interface is very easy to use and they are very good about alerting me if there's an issue with one of my scripts.

The online part of the pharmacy runs well. The wait time at drop-off and pick-up in person... well, not so much. The one I go to on Rt 88 in Brick, NJ often has long lines both in the drive-through and inside and you sometimes are waiting 20 minutes just to pick up something that's ready or to drop off your paper script with them. They could use a bit more speed on the face-to-face end of things.


We seriously need trhe ZERO star option here! This site is over 4000 pages of tees featuring designs which are mostly images stolen from their rightful owners. I know this for a fact because they have several of my images on there without my permission. DO NOT SHOP HERE! They're stealing from dozens of artists and tee designers. Spread the word! They also have a presence on Facebook:*******083366103/ and post lots of ads on there peddling their illegal tees.


This site actually tries to hide the depth of its theft by only linking 4 sections on the front page. However, you can type in most any fandom or movie name like Doctor Who, Supernatural, Mad Max, Star Wars, etc and find a TON of designs lifted from daily tee sale sites and other sources. You will note that a LOT of the preview images on this site are crappy and blurry. That's likely how your shirt will look, too, because they are just lifting preview images from other sites which actually have artist permission to publish the images. Just a hint, folks, any site that says "buy cheap" anything related to fandom is ripping off both the consumers and the designers who made the art and you're supporting art thieves when you order from them. You will get shoddy merchandise and likely not be able to get refunds or anything else done about it because people who do such things are shady to begin with.


I'd never heard of them before and I'm always looking for platforms which may have items the others I use don't offer. All I can say is this is a very poorly run Zazzle wannabe. Their "shops" don't show anything but a bunch of product reviews which appear to have been ripped from another site. Adding "categories" to the shop does nothing. The one item they made live after a few days never showed up at the link which supposedly funnels into my store. The process is slowed down immensely by the fact that they seem to handle approval for every single product (not image) you put up there by hand. They also don't allow you to access previously uploaded images, so you have to keep uploading the same image over and over. Overall, I'm not at all impressed with them and have sent them a customer service email requesting that they delete my account and all content associated with it.

Tip for consumers:
Stick with other sites like Society 6, TeePublic, Zazzle, CafePress and NeatoShop and Design By Humans for easier to use shop and image interfaces!


I've been with ICQ a very long time (since not long after it first started). At this point I am considering ICQ 10 as a form of virus/cyber attack. I had been using version 8.4 for a while because all the older versions quit working when these jerks took over. Recently, it has started constantly installing version 10 onto my machine without permission and without even asking. It will install 10 while you're running version 8. If you have the installer in any of the normal places things go to (Downloads folder for example), 10 will erase your installer for 8. I have to keep it in a totally unrelated folder on a jump drive to keep it from being erased.

At this point, I am considering my system compromised and I'm going to talk to a tech friend of mine to see if she knows how to get rid of this bull$#*!.


I caught them illegally selling my art work. Don't support the thieves!


Caught this site selling my original art without permission. Suspect a lot more being stolen there as well. Don't support the thieves!


Don't buy from this scam site. They are stealing designs from other people for a profit. Several artists have verified that their designs have been stolen by the people running this site. If you see a shirt on there that you like, use Google image search to find the REAL artists and buy from them!


NeatoShop is a print-on-demand service like no other. They have their own proprietary print process and meticulous quality control which means the printing on the shirts and other merchandise has better clarity and color than pretty much every other print-on-demand service I've seen. Even some of the sites which do screen printing can't match them. They have a nice support system for helping the artists promote by giving them free stickers to hand out to fans and that sort of thing. They may not have as many items as some places, but what they have is top-notch. Plus, there are no color limits and there's no need to format for screen printing or working in a limited spot color palette. You send them your art in all its full color glory and they do their very best to make it look awesome when it's printed. The quality is such that some artists and shirt designers are using NeatoShop exclusively when ordering their items for convention and festival sales. Prices are decent and artists can now use their new drop-ship program to fulfill orders for places like EBay, Etsy and Amazon in addition to keeping a shop on NeatoShop itself. They are really very dedicated to doing the absolute best for the artists who do business with them.


Already verified stolen art from Wolf Krusemark Art and there are a lot of familiar looking designs from timed tee sites and other venues there as well. Do not buy from this site. They are art rippers and do not have permission to print any of the pop culture and other images on their site!


This site is pretty much a clone of TeeSpring and similar sites. The majority of the designs on this site are put up there by people who have no rights to sell them. The artists whose designs are being stolen and sold are constantly fighting this site to have them removed. They DO NOT do anything about the thefts. While they front themselves as a fund raising site for causes and charities, they are nothing more than an easy way for copyright infringers to hide their identities and have their little pop-up sales of stolen images. The company pretty much ignores DMCA takedown notices and artists are now having to go to their hosting and registry companies to try and put a stop to the thefts. Please do not buy anything from this site unless you are 100% sure the person has the right to sell it (IE: you know for certain the artist is the one selling it or it's a group you belong to selling it). Hint: If it's an ad you're seeing in places like Facebook 99.99% of the time that is NOT the artist selling it.


The majority of the designs on this site are put up there by people who have no rights to sell them. The artists whose designs are being stolen and sold are constantly fighting this site to have them removed. They DO NOT do anything about the thefts. While they front themselves as a fund raising site for causes and charities, they are nothing more than an easy way for copyright infringers to hide their identities and have their little pop-up sales of stolen images. The company pretty much ignores DMCA takedown notices and artists are now having to go to their hosting and registry companies to try and put a stop to the thefts. Please do not buy anything from this site unless you are 100% sure the person has the right to sell it (IE: you know for certain the artist is the one selling it or it's a group you belong to selling it). Hint: If it's an ad you're seeing in places like Facebook 99.99% of the time that is NOT the artist selling it.

If you do order from a campaign on there:
1. You may not get anything at all. A good many of these scam artists take your money and vanish. They can do this because TeeSpring does not require any verification of identity or usable contact info.
2. If you do receive a shirt, it's most likely going to have horrible print quality because these thieves are lifting preview images from other print on demand services such as TeePublic, Design By Humans and Threadless. They are not using printable quality image which is why you get blurry, pixelated printing on the shirts.

10/26/15 is nothing but a hub for copyright and trademark infringement. See this link from their site? That is a product which I officially licensed my art for with another company. See that "get quotations" button there on the right? This is AliBaba setting you up with people who will agree to illegally make that product for you extremely cheaply in their Chinese sweatshops. They have ZERO permission from me or the company which makes that product to be doing this.

Seriously people, if you value the economies of your own countries and the rights of the copyright and trademark holders who live there, don't do any business with any site in the AliBaba Group. They are ALL hives for trade in illegally produced goods and are ripping off legitimate businesses all over the world.

No matter how much AliBaba's representatives say they "respect intellectual property", it's BS until they shut down that "guide" part of their site which allows Chinese sweatshops to give bids to illegally mass produce products they have no rights to. They try to talk the talk, but they most definitely do NOT walk the walk. Frankly, I find it amusing that all of a sudden this "Echo Q." person has appeared to try and make it look like AliBaba gives a damn about all of the thievery they are profiting from now that AliBaba is as 3 stars and AliExpress is at 2 stars. What a joke! If they really cared about fraud, they would be shutting these sellers and sections of their sites down completely. But I was recently reading an article and saw a spot on 60 Minutes about how China actually ENCOURAGES its citizens to steal intellectual property and trademarked items from US companies and individuals to further weaken our economy. So, big surprise that Ali Baba Group does nothing to stop this. They're probably getting bonuses from their government for it or something.

Tip for consumers:
Just stay away from all sites which belong to AliBaba Group. You will be getting cheap, shoddy and illegally produced merchandise from a country in which people had no problem poisoning babies with melamine in their formula just to make a profit. Also, people, if you are being ripped off, DO NOT give them 3 and 4 star reviews! Give them a ONE star. I don't get why people who have been scammed are rating them with 3 and 4 stars.... They stole your money. That is NOT 3 and 4 star service.

Jeff W. – Alibaba Rep

Hello Jolie,

This is Echo from Alibaba Customer Service. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Alibaba Group takes intellectual property (IP) rights very seriously and would like to investigate your claim. To do so, you will need to launch an official investigation through our site. Since is a user content created site, we rely on your help to identify any misuse of IP assets. In order to launch the investigation, please log on to AliProtect:
Also for further guidances, we have a professional online customer service team at your service 24- hours, 7-days a week.
Please follow the steps below to get live help from our service specialists:
1. Go to our customer support page:
2. Click “Live Chat” to tell our agents about your concerns
Once again, thank you for letting us know of this incident. Our Trust & Safety team will be able to help once they receive your claim.

Kind regards, Customer Service


I can only speak on this site as a product deisgner/shop keeper there. They get some really interesting and quirky items for you to put your art on. However, my few sales there so far seem to have been more sedate things like tank tops and tote bags. Many items are fairly expensive but some are moderately priced. They could use better tools for the shop keepers to organize designs. Their current store system doesn't work well and doesn't always put things into the stores when you tell it to. You can't make subsections in stores to organize further. This set-up makes for a messy browsing and shopping experience unless you link directly to particular items from a site where you control the organization. I'll keep adding things in the hopes I'll make more sales despite the messy store/designs interface and adjust my rating once I know more.

Morgan R. – Print All Over Me Rep

Hi Jolie,

Thank you for your very helpful feedback. We really appreciate it very much as we are making as much room as possible for improvement! We are currently in the process of revamping our site for the sent few days and I do think that you will find it to be way more user friendly! If for some reason there are other things you feel would be an improvement that are not included in this site relaunch, please let me know and I will pass this info on to our team to consider for future opportunities! Please feel free to email me at or give me a call at 478-237-2003. Thanks so much!


People, just don't buy ANYTHING from this site EVER. All of the little shops there are full of illegal reproductions and knockoffs. They are ripping off artists from all over the world all over this site. Reporting it does no good because apparently China is the land of dishonorable thieves and they don't give a damn about intellectual property rights. I've been having to report my art being sold illegally all over this thing by MULTIPLE users for days now and they try to trick people into sending high resolution image files to them in order to get things removed. Yeah, right. Do I have stupid branded on my forehead? I don't bloody think so! I'm disabled and fairly sick right now, so I really don't need this BS. Just pass by this and Rakuten and any other sales site based out of Asia because they're all ripping off the hard work of others from the look of it. Russia is just as bad for counterfeiting, so avoid anything from there, too. Pretty much all device cases and clothing featuring art or pop culture images are stolen from the artists or other rights holders who made them. Buying them steals from the artists. So just don't.

Edit: I'm finally getting about 46% of my stolen art I'm reporting removed. I will not be even remotely happy until that rate is 100%, This is time I could be spending adding products to my own shop where I sell my art or making new art, though, and all because some low life thieves can't work ethically to make a living. *smirk* I still say stay far, far away from! The more you shop there, the more you are supporting the thieving/knock-off fraud culture China (and Hong Kong especially) is known for.

Edit 8/31/2015: So I went and looked at a lot of the reports I did on products where my art has been stolen. A LOT of the reports were pretty much ignored and the items are still there. So they're doing a crap job of Intellectual Property Rights Protection. They aren't as serious about it as their site would have you believe. You'll also note they've killed their Facebook, blog and Buyer Forum as well. Guess they realized all of that negative commentary on those was killing them. *smirk*

Edit 9/9/2015: It's been a LOT longer than the 3 business days I was supposed to wait for them to "escalate" my issue. Big surprise, there's still no contact from AliExpress support as to WHY those 150 reports of stolen art are mostly being ignored. Yeah, I'm about to start setting their own government on them. Turns out they are supposed to be respecting Copyright from any country participating in the Berne Convention and they obviously aren't with their refusal to remove my stolen items and those from other artists.

Edit 10/23/2015: It has taken months but I'm not able to get my stolen art removed fro AlieExpress. I am compiling a list of the known art thieves on a new site I've put together: All of those listed there were caught stealing my works and a majority of what they have listed for sale is illegal copies without question.


I would give them ZERO stars if I could! This site is selling illegally obtained images from search engines. NOTHING they offer is licensed or official and, having been harvested from search engines, will likely be of poor quality when printed. They are even printing people's PERSONAL photos, so try and make sure that no place you post your personal images is searchable by image search engine or you may find your kids up for sale here, too (*******141/update-on-wallpart-com)!. Here are just a few young artists whose works they had up for sale:

They are literally stealing images from anyone and everyone who has them online. Oh, and then your images get posted to their Twitter account (@WallpartPosters) amidst tons and tons of porn. Isn't that just grand? They appear to have shut off their site search engine, but you can get a backdoor into a lot of their sale pages by going to Google image search and typing in (with quotes) " poster" along with other search terms if you wish.

Stay away from these rip-off artists. They are lower than pond scum. If you find your content there, you can find contact info for their hosting company here:
With enough reports, they can be shut down, so please do report them if they are selling your stuff.

Tip for consumers:
Don't. Just Don't. Don't order ANYTHING from them! It's all going to be poor quality printing because they are harvesting images from the internet.


I've got work for sale here and also own some of the t-shirts. My one complaint is the printing is a little dark on the shirts. Other than that, putting items in the shop is a breeze and I haven't had any problems with the merchandise.

Tip for consumers:
If you're posting your art here, you might want to do some digital adjustments to brighten it a bit to counteract the darkening in the printing.


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