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Review of Lulus

Lulus reviews

72 reviews
195 Humboldt Ave
Chico, CA 95928
Tel: (866) 918-5858

72 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
5 helpful votes

Ordered from them a couple weeks ago, I paid for a fast delivery and it didn't come in time. They day the package arrived I wasn't home and they said I had to pay a 12$ fee if I still wanted it, I decided to get a refund but they had to keep a 15% restocking fee and 7$ for I don't know what. Anyways, I only got 20$ back for a 60$ order. Never ordering there again, I just lost 40$.

Ask Lara about Lulus
1 review
1 helpful vote

I chose to use Lulu's for my bridesmaid dresses. One of my friends didn't order the dress when everyone else did, so they sold out (because they are the cutest dresses!). After a full day of emailing back and forth with the super patient customer service reps, the dresses came back in stock with the best luck ever, and they sent me a personal email with a coupon code!

Being in customer service isn't an easy job, and I super appreciate this team! Not to mention, the quality of dress that I chose is perfect!

Ask Emily about Lulus
1 review
1 helpful vote

Lulus consistently delivers me quality products, true to size. With most shipping being waived this is my favorite site to order from. I love all the the fun styles at great price points.

Ask Ashley about Lulus
1 review
5 helpful votes

I am very scepticsl when buying online. Afraid of ooor quality material or poor workmanship. Also I am a Latina of course with a curvey figure and was afraid these dresses were gouge to be for more slender petite frame . But I was looking everywhere for a particular dress and only accidentally came accross it in LuLus fashion. I have to say that I had to return the first dress because I didn't realize I order it from the "junior" section so I had to return it.. I thought it would be a hassle .. but when I calle their customer service department they were excellent. No hassle no fuss .. and they explained I need to go a size bigger. My dress arrived about a week later and fit like a glove.
I'm extremely impressed by lulus fashion. They have not let me down thus far.

Ask Milka about Lulus
1 review
5 helpful votes

I love Lulus' styles, I ordered a dress from their website which ended up being too small (I usually wear a medium, so thats what I ordered, and I was rather surprised that the dress ended up not fitting over my shoulders) but the material was quality and exactly as shown in the photo, and for only 45USD.
Im in the process of ordering another dress - as soon as I received my online store credit they ran out of stock on the same dress in larger sizing :( I have been sending questions to the company about their dresses and how they compare to the sizing of the dress I previously ordered and the service staff are so friendly and quick to reply, it takes all the fear out of online shopping.
Luckily I live in Canada and since Lulus products are made in USA and we have that lovely NAFTA, I paid no extra charges upon delivery.
The only thing I would suggest to the company is to have an area to choose which currency you want to see prices in, so international customers are less confused when they see their bank statement ahaha.

Ask Sara about Lulus
1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered several beautiful items from Lulu (which I love), but I decided to return a couple. I had two interactions with customer service about the timing of my return and the amount being refunded. Both interactions were quick, easy, and polite. They really worked to appease the transaction and it was so simple! I hate when shopping gets complicated - this was so easy, and I'm a happy girl with beautiful new clothes!

Ask Christina about Lulus
1 review
3 helpful votes

I ordered a dress that I ended up not needing, but I was having some trouble understanding the return system so I emailed customer service and withing ten minutes I had a friendly, helpful answer that answered my question and then some (it was also 7 o'clock on a Sunday evening)! A few days later my sister mistakenly ordered the wrong size and realized it about thirty minutes after placing the order. She called customer service and a very helpful young lady answered and got it all sorted out in a matter of minutes! It was very pleasant and hassle-free!

Ask Sadie about Lulus
1 review
4 helpful votes

I was iffy to order off of this site because I am not much of an online shopper and whenever I order something online it never turns out how it's supposed to. However, I just received my order from Lulus today and it is 100% what I wanted and then some! I cannot express enough how happy I am with my order. I typically don't write reviews but I had to in this case. I ordered a dress, heels, and necklace and everything turned out perfectly. It was great quality and great material. Hands down 5/5 stars.

Ask Samantha about Lulus
2 reviews
12 helpful votes

Hello I have an coming up tomorrow 8/12/16. Ordered my shoes on Monday 8/8/16, they came yesterday 8/10/16. I love the shoes, just like In the picture but its a little to small. I ordered an 8 cause I wear an 8 but my toes are kind of hanging over the shoe. :(

Ask qua about Lulus
1 review
19 helpful votes

I would say I am between a 4 and a 5. I have shopped a lot at Lulu's online, so I have quite a few different experiences. My review is for those wary to try on of these side Facebook advertising online only clothing stores. I have tried a few online only clothing stores, and I think we all know most of the time what you receive in the mail is low quality, thin pieces with falsely advertised colors and patterns, which you wear 1-2 times and ditch later.

My thoughts on Lulu's:

-The styles are pretty chic and original / or chic and in fashion, and I always get lots of compliments. I MEAN a LOT of compliments.
-I have quite a few dresses dating back 3-4 years and they have held up well against time.
-I buy Lulu's for the styles they offer - the fabric is good but not great aka the fabric could def be of higher quality. In some ways it is on par or slightly better than what you get from Macy's, but way above Kohls, but def a tad below Express and American Eagle and perhaps even Modcloth. Then again I think generally speaking Lulus is cheaper than Express, and perhaps still even slightly cheaper than the ultimate Express coupon-er. AE items also tend to shrink over time - Lulus doesn't.
-Lulu's is expensive but its a steal when you find dresses on sale, and they do ship you a coupon after every purchase. Maxi's are always a bit more expensive in the 80-120 range for normal nice maxi's for going out or shopping in style, 40-80 for daily maxi wear, and 100-200+ sometimes for formal wear. But these dresses I don't wear 1-2 and forget about them in the back of the closet, I have worn them over and over again.
-They are true to size - I am 5'2'' and change and between 115-120 lbs depending on the time of year and an extra small fits me well. I have had to get some dresses tailored (but only if I really like the style and its worth the $ in the end). If you are in the 100-110 range expect to have things fit loose in some areas or get it tailored. Again, sometimes with these dresses I have found its def worth it. All in all, I like Lulu's because they offer a lot of styles for smaller / shorter women (A line, etc), that compliment our figure rather than fit poorly - aka hits below our waist instead of our waist and makes us look way thicker than we actually are.
-I have tall friends that also have found a lot of styles that compliment them well.
-They do arrive with a return label in the bag.
-Standard handling and shipping is within 5-10 days I have found. A bit on the long side, esp considering how much you spend sometimes to get free shipping.
-I only have had experience with the jewelry (which is cute - a cheaper version of Francesca's but I have had a piece for a year now and it has not tarnished) and shirts and dresses.

All in all, I would say give Lulu's a try.

Ask kelsey about Lulus
1 review
4 helpful votes

I wanted a pair of summer Sandals .So decided to get online to see what was out ther I wasn't sure what I was looking for.( So I googled summer SANDALS) AND lulus poped up.. decided to take a look.. searched for two hours and decided to try..wanted by this Saturday..this was on weds when I ordered.paid the extra money and I got them today 6/17/2016..they are exactly as you see online.came perfectly PACKAGED....the SANDALS. ARE ABSOLUTELY TOO CUTE...I GOT TWO PAIR..CANT WAIT TO SEE WHAT ESLSE THEY HAVE.. NEW CUSTOMER..VERY HAPPY WITH MY PURCHASE....THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO CAREFULLY PACKAGING THE INSIDE OF THE SHOES AND BOXES..

Ask Rosa about Lulus
1 review
4 helpful votes

Ordered prom dress (Everlasting Enchantment Light Peach Maxi Dress) from this site. American company and I live in the UK, but even including shipping it worked out a fair price. HOWEVER, before it got delivered I was told by Royal Mail that I had to pay VAT and a handling fee which hadn't been made explicit before purchase. It was an additional £19.50 which I had not anticipated so be warned! This said, the dress is relatively good quality and true to size- I guess it's like the American equivalent of New Look. The material is slightly heavy and feels a bit cheap, and it hangs a bit strangely (but I think that's more due to my body shape), but overall I'm pleased with the purchase.

Ask Faye about Lulus
4 reviews
5 helpful votes

Everything is great quality and you get what you pay for even if every dress I buy is over $50 it's worth it. I usually wear them to weddings and they have a huge option of backless options and that's what I go for

Ask Amanda about Lulus
1 review
11 helpful votes

I ordered a few dresses from there and received plenty of compliments. Love their return policy. Quick and easy. Will definitely shop there again.

Ask Mix about Lulus
1 review
8 helpful votes

The clothes are really cute and look pretty much like the photos. No, the quality isn't AMAZING, but it is better than most of what you'll find online or even at your average store. Prices are a bit inflated, but when they offer free shipping AND returns, the money has to come from somewhere. And I've sent back numerous dresses and have gotten my full money back for them all.

Sizing is a bit inconsistent. I teeter between a small and a medium on most dresses. Sometimes the small fits perfectly or is just a bit too big. And sometimes the medium fits perfectly or is just a bit too small. As far as my normal size, I range between 4-8 depending on the brand. This being said, online shopping can be frustrating, but on LuLus I usually start with a medium and if it doesn't fit return or exchange for a small. When it fits, the clothes are very flattering!

I even tried on a dress, the clasp immediately broke, sent it back, and got a full refund with no questions. I would've kept the dress and fixed the clasp myself, but it was slightly too big.

I have had absolutely no problems with LuLus. On average, I receive the clothes within 3 days with their free shipping option. I also live in Nevada and am super close to Chico, so that could be why. I just dropped off a return yesterday and got refunded today.

Overall, great service and cute clothes. I've been fully refunded for every return I've made (I had three separate returns in just the last three weeks). And when I do choose to keep the dresses I've ordered, I get many compliments on them.

I'll definitely keep shopping here!

Ask Michelle about Lulus
3 reviews
21 helpful votes

Prices are mostly reasonable and you get what you pay for. Definitely recommend it! Got some pretty bad ass shoes and dresses :)

Ask Tanya about Lulus
4 reviews
2 helpful votes

I love their clothes, shoes, everything! I also like their categories and website navigation. It's really easy to find anything you want.

Ask Charlotte about Lulus
1 review
23 helpful votes

I always check the reviews before ordering online & sometimes, it looks like most companies fake their own reviews. Well, I'm just an every day girl from Virginia Beach- & honestly, this is a great company. I ordered an ivory body con dress with a plunging neck line. After I ordered my dress, it only took a week for the dress to get here. The dress was a beautiful, comfortable & heavy fabric, perfect for the fact that its white & winter. It didn't fit me the way I would have liked it too (I'm 5'3", it would have been better for someone a little taller) but overall, it was still a beautiful dress. I sent it back the same day. The return label that you print off is free as well as the whole shipping process. The return instructions are very clear.
It has been a week & once again I used the chat feature to check on my return. With very friendly & quick service, I was able to find the status of my return & they said they are processing my refund. It has only been 5 days & I should have my full amount back within the next two.

so to boil it down
-although the dress didn't work for me, the dress was beautiful and made out of quality material.
-the customer service is excellent
-this is a site that I would recommend.

Ask lauren about Lulus
5 reviews
7 helpful votes

Good quality dresses. I've been ordering their maxi dresses for my Christmas parties. I've received many compliments from colleagues/friends. Lulu*s will be my fav website for pretty, elegant maxi dresses.

Ask Sue about Lulus
1 review
14 helpful votes

Honestly, I had originally come here to complain about Lulu's return policy. But a quick email to customer service fixed everything. They were so unbelievably helpful and went out of their way to fix the issues with my order.

If you have an issue with them, please contact them first before assuming that all hope is lost. It's a great company and I won't hesitate to shop there again and again!

Ask S about Lulus
1 review
8 helpful votes

I had ordered my dress for a wedding through I needed to return the dress and realized it was after my 30 days per the policy that I was unable to return. I wrote in to customer service and asked them if they would be willing to issue my refund. They were more than accommodating to process the refund. This is such an amazing company! I will ABSOLUTELY shop here again and I will ABSOLUTELY recommend anyone to shop at this site. Thank you LULUS! You have my business!

Ask Mary about Lulus
2 reviews
8 helpful votes

I am a little outside their target age (I'm 29) but I do find lovely items, and when I do boy they are terrific. Anytime I've had issues Lulu*s Customer Service has been INCREDIBLE. I had a chiffon dress with a pull on the bodice (mostly just noticeable up close) and they made the process of exchanging it not only painless, but great! They offered faster free shipping but I didn't need it. Recently another item arrived with a slight defect and again they quickly resolved the problem: all they require are photos of the defects, and they can send out a no charge exchange immediately!

What else: free returns (within 10 days, but very reasonable), free shipping minimum is great ($50), Ive received coupons following every order, items have been beautifully packaged with tissue paper, and every single rep I've worked with is amazing! One offered to check back stock and inventory for a dress that was sold out, just in case there was one hiding out somewhere! Wow. Very personal and friendly service. I will continue to buy from them..their competitors should take note.

Ask Sara about Lulus
2 reviews
5 helpful votes

This is my new fav store to shop at. I love everything I have ordered from this site. Customer service is wonderful and helpful. They don't get upset when you try to return something, like other places do (Yandy). They provide return shipping labels, so returning is easy! The quality of the clothes is good. I'm very petite, and the xs size fits me perfectly. They also send me 15% off after every order. If I had to say one bad thing about the store, is that some items are overpriced. I still love it though. I'm waiting on 2 orders right now. I love LULUS!

Ask Nathalie about Lulus
1 review
7 helpful votes
10/22/15 has the BEST costmer service. It revivals Nordstroms. No joke.
Twice I've received superb customer service by them.
One time I ordered a necklace, one of the stones was missing----such a bummer. I contacted customer service by email since I was at work. They emailed me right away, and just asked me to email them a photo of the necklace with the missing stone. I received an email right away from one of the representatives and they advised me they would be sending a new necklace right away and to not bother sending them the damaged necklace . Cool!
Second time was just recently...I ordered 2 dresses for an upcoming event. I ordered them 2 weeks prior to the event just in case I needed them altered.I actually don't live too far from where they ship from...plenty of time. I waited and waited and checked with ups...nothing. Finally I contacted UPS and they told me it may be lost and opened an investigation :(
I called Lulus on monday and spoke to a gal named Caitlin. I let her know the situation and she told me she'd reach out to her logistics coordinator to see what could be done, she let me know she would call me back. Less then 20 minutes later I get a notification from ups about a package being sent out. Ten minutes later Caitlin calls me to tell me that UPS did loose the package and that they were sending me the items with 2 day shipping to ensure they would arrive on time for this weekend. Wow! The only other business that I've received that level of customer service has been Nordstroms. I will continue to shop at

Ask adriana about Lulus
15 reviews
15 helpful votes

I like the quality of their clothing, but I still feel it's a bit pricey for what they are offering. I had to return a few things, but their returns are super awesome and no hassle!

Ask Em about Lulus

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Megan R. [Lulus Rep]
A: Hi Kaitlin! Shipping will vary depending on the method you choose at checkout. We offer the following options:

Economy Shipping: $15. (estimated arrival in 9-21 business days)
Standard Shipping $21 (estimated arrival in 7-15 business days)
Express Shipping $39.00 (estimated arrival in 3-5 business days)

Please note, weekends and holidays are excluded from processing and shipping times, so please account for non-business days when choosing your shipping method. I hope this helps! Please feel free to let us know if you have any additional questions! XOXO
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