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380 reviews
Categories: Fashion, Shopping
Maylands Ave
Hemel Hempstead, London, City of HP2 4NW, GB
Tel: +44 20 7483 1888
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380 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

Shipments are supposed to arrive in 4 days when in reality they arrive in 14. The customer service is horrible! There is no number to call you have to "chat" with someone online who sits in India who doesn't help AT ALL. Do not order from this website, especially if you need your items quickly.

Ask Catarina about ASOS
1 review
0 helpful votes

order a dress from asos, with express delivery to arrive on monday 23 october, still had not arrived on wednesday night 25 october - live chat with them and they advised it was not going to arrive until 1 November - 8 days after original delivery date.
was for a special event. very disappointed.

Ask j about ASOS
4 reviews
0 helpful votes

I buy from ASOS very regularly. They dispatch orders really fast, delivery is always quick (1-2 days on standard delivery).
Their social media teams are helpful, and products are high quality.
What more could you ask for (a man that ejaculates chocolate, maybe!)

Ask Cee about ASOS
1 review
0 helpful votes

I ordered a package that was suppose to be delivered by oct 12. It's not almost two weeks past that date and the only answer I am given when I try to CHAT (why the hell no customer service number??) is that they are contacting the carrier. The tracking number has shown NO updates on where the package is since Oct 9th?!!! Said it was leaving NJ, a short distance from my home in PA, and nothing since then. NO ONE knows where it is?!! I demanded a refund tonight on their chat and was told he would "hand the issue to the right team". Anyone have any suggestions on how to force this fraudulent company to give your money back?

Ask Keri about ASOS
1 review
0 helpful votes

I've been online shopping for years, and I have officially encountered the worst customer service with ASOS. I ordered a dress and they delivered the WRONG dress. When I communicated with them via online chat, I agreed in getting a replacement instead of a refund. I was told that I would receive the correct dress in 3 days. Now, over a week later, I still have not received the dress! When I communicated them via online chat, they told me they JUST placed the order. Over a week after they told me it would arrive, they had barely placed the order! And they said all they could do was apologize. They NEVER made up for their mistake in ANY WAY. Not for sending the wrong dress, and not for lying about the delivery date! I bought this as a bridesmaid dress, and now I'm afraid I won't get the dress on time for the wedding, but everyone else has already gotten the same dress so I have no choice but to wait and hope that it comes! They could have at least offered faster shipping to atone for their mistake! Stay away from ASOS!

Ask Belen about ASOS
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered an item from ASOS and had it sent to my girlfriends house because my apartment complex doesn't receive packages at the front office. For some reason they transferred the purchase from UPS to USPS for delivery and it was never delivered. I originally ordered the item on 9/16/2016 and after more than 2 weeks they said it was returned to sender. This was not the first time I've had an item sent to her house and they couldn't provide a reason as to why it wasn't delivered. I've never had an issue with delivery, until now. To top it all off, they said that I was refunded in July, which was two months before I ever ordered the item. They want me to send an invoice from my bank in order to verify. I've called them 3 times since this issue has become a problem and their customer service is the pure definition of HORRID. They show absolutely NO empathy and it's as if they're reading straight from a script. I would never, ever ordered an item from this company ever again!!!

Ask chris about ASOS
1 review
0 helpful votes

I'm not sure what happened to all the folks here with bad experience about ASOS. I'm a first time user of ASOS and was skeptical of ordering from this website after reading all the reviews but I took a chance and ordered a pair of boots and 2 t-shirts. Logistically speaking, soon after I ordered a prompt email was sent to my account notifying of my order, 2 days later I was notified that the package had left GB and the best thing of all was the tracking # that was provided that I was able to track with UPS. The order showed up on my doorstep as promised with standard 4 day shipping. NO COMPLAINTS here and ASOS earned a loyal customer. I just think some people are cursed with bad luck and ASOS cannot be blamed for that....thanks

2 reviews
0 helpful votes

Decided to go with ASOS for my first online clothing purchase, and I have to say I'm very pleased. I was a bit skeptical after reading some reviews about shipping errors and customer service problems but decided to give them a try anyways. Because of the shipping complaints I saw online, I decided to pay the extra $15 for an expedited arrival. I was given a working tracking code and the package arrived on the date scheduled. I bought 4 items, 2 of which were ASOS brand, and all of them matched the website displayed item descriptions and appearances. Quality=price paid. I may have gotten lucky with the sizes although I did go on YouTube and watched a few ASOS haul videos to get an idea of how the sizing would fit prior to purchase. A tip I would give any first time ASOS shoppers is to do some research to help with sizing(YouTube and ASOS instagram models) and don't be scared to pay the extra $15 expedited shipping, for all I know that may be the reason I did not encounter any shipping problems. Will definitely be using the site again and will update my review accordingly.

Ask Angelo about ASOS
1 review
0 helpful votes

The clothing on the Asos website looks amazing, but once it arrived the quality was so cheap, the colors are dull, the fabric doesn't look at all like the one displayed, even the cut was off, it was supposedly 3/4 long sleeves and the shirt that I got had sleeves way above my elbow. If you want cheap quality clothes go to Aliexpress, same low quality and it will be much cheaper!!
Awful experience, the prices didn't at all go with the dirt cheap quality clothing!!

Ask Angelina about ASOS
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

All good from my end - the only cons is that it wasn't too clear for me that the sizes are UK. So I ordered a size 8 but out of 3 pieces, I had to return just one (too small).
The return was pretty easy - download the free parcel from their website, sent back and in a week time (if I remember well) I had the money refunded in my bank account.
Recommended (from Australia)

Ask Elena about ASOS
1 review
1 helpful vote

I was recommended to find my birthday dress on this site. Found the perfect 2, ordered it, paid for expedited shipping so it would make it in time for my flight. The next day at 6pm I received an email saying my order was cancelled, I was blocked from using my app, and they needed my personal info (identification, bank statement with address, and my card number with the last 4 digits showing, etc.) I sent all requested info. The customer service is non existent. I used the customer service chat the rep told me I'd receive a call the next day. Even though I expressed the urgency, I still didn't receive a call. I emailed customer service, expressed urgency and asked how long the process was, they completely ignored my question and basically to me to wait. Still no call. I had to use a friend's account to order!! It has been over a week! Customer service still hasn't contacted me and I'm still blocked out of my app. Who did I send my personal info to?!!

It's ironic how can still send me hella emails to buy but I can't place any orders!

Ask Vicki about ASOS
1 review
0 helpful votes

Every time I've ordered, they've shipped the wrong size. Once, I sent a belt back TWICE because I had ordered the smaller size and recieved a bigger size, only to have them repeatedly send back the same too-big belt. I gave up and ended up altering the twenty dollar belt to make it work.

I ordered some things at the end of last month. Delivery date was set for 10/06. Never got any tracking information, never got any updates. I just got off of a chat with customer service, who was totally unapologetic, told me that I'd need to go to the post office and hope they can find my order through my name and address to give me tracking information, and that I should have spent more money on their express shipping to avoid this happening. He blamed it on the hurricane, which would be legit if the company sent its US customers who were expecting packages a note about shipping delays. I spent less than three dollars including shipping on something coming through China on eBay and they could somehow provide a tracking number. I shouldn't have to buy into a shipping scheme to get a reasonable estimate as to when I'm going to get the goods I paid for. Asos, get yourself together. Your customer service is absolutely embarrassing, and your fulfillment team needs to reevaluate their reading comprehension.

Ask Kymberlee about ASOS
1 review
0 helpful votes

i ordered my product about a week ago, and it said it shipped. instead it said it was supposed to be here friday (its now tuesday) and the tracking is non existent. the tracking just sends me to a page that just says "You're package will be with you soon" Thats it. Thats all it says. I've been waiting for this package for a while and nothing.

Ask Renato about ASOS
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

I love Asos so much that I have the app on my phone and have purchased the membership to have one year of 'free' two-day shipping. The items are high-quality and it seems like they really try to keep that consistent when picking clothes from other brands (i.e., Boohoo brand clothes are often very cheap quality, but the Boohoo brand clothing they sell on Asos are very nice and often substantial in fabric). Asos is always on track with the latest and upcoming trends so I always make sure to check them first whenever I'm feeling a little adventurous with my style. I also love how they stock well-known brands (Adidas, Dr. Martens, Missguided, Aldo, etc) and regional brands that don't ship directly to the USA (Stylenanda, Pull&Bear, Monki, etc) which makes them a great one-stop spot for your clothes-shopping needs.

It seems like most of the complaints about Asos is about shipping. You guys have to understand that this is a risk that inherently comes with online shopping. Read everything during your checkout process and make sure that if you want a tracking number, you gotta choose a delivery service that includes one. Also, be patient with customer service. Don't rage all over your emails and expect them to not feel threatened and intimidated. They are human beings too. Be decent and calm and work WITH your customer service representative in resolving the issue. Also understand that once your order leaves their warehouse, the journey to your house becomes largely a responsibility of the shipping company. While you should expect Asos to help you make sure that you get your items and/or provide explanations about the problems, take into account that they also have to deal with the shipping company and can only do so much if anything was to happen with your items.

Edit: I would like to give notice: I once ordered a pair of chelsea boots and they arrived slightly dirty and packed carelessly. I love the boots so I kept them. They have been a great addition to my wardrobe but do take in mind that you might encounter some less stellar experiences.

Tip for consumers: Sign up for the myUniDays student discounts, and follow their stylists on IG for some awesome outfit inspiration!

Ask Jill about ASOS
1 review
6 helpful votes

International free shipping is non existing they provide no tracking number. You never receive your package and their customer service is crap. Lost over $1000 usd in merchandise that never arrived. They blocked me from twitter and my own account.
These people are thieves please BEWARE do not buy from them. Their twitter page flooded with complaints from ppl not recieving their parcels. Had to claim through PayPal this is a nightmare!
Then they will threaten and treat you like an idiot
And if you try to speak up through social media they will completely block you from their pages ! This is like living in a dictatorship, it is actually a disgrace
ASOS you make online shopping stressful unreliable and unworthy. Your representatives are ignorant cows who treat people like toilet seats !
The quality is really crappy and just not worth the value
I wonder how much money they pay bloggers to make their company look cool and reliable.
Please do not let ASOS scam you there are plenty of honest decent retail websites everywhere
You for sure will be robbed and insulted

Ask Pin about ASOS
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

Nice selection, cheap, sizes are sometimes a pain but I shop here all the time!

Ask Chris about ASOS
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

Bought shoes online, supposed to be delivered by September 13th. Today is October 3rd and package still has not arrived. Asos can give NO information other than they are looking into it. Just to get them to email me took 3 separate emails and chat sessions. Now they are telling me to contact the post office to find out where it is?!? No. Will never order from them again. Good riddance.

Ask Ashley about ASOS
1 review
0 helpful votes

What's the point of being a high value ASOS customer with ASOS premier but delivery doesn't always arrive on the next day or goes missing. It's appalling. I just received one package from ASOS through dpd instead of two. That's not even where the problem really lies. The parcel came opened. Why is that the case????? Is the delivery man looking through to see if there is something he can get from it. Ridiculous and so unprofessional and this is DPD services who claim professionalism of the highest order. Let's not even talk about HERMES who always have my parcel missing. Then top of it up with the unreachable ASOS customer services who put you on hold everytime for 20mins or more because they never ever pick up so you are frustrated to hang up. Then you email and they reply every 24 hours. Common now! I have been on ASOS since 2009 and I have spent close to £20,000 if not more! I have always been a satisfied customer till this year. Something needs to be done and fast but another company gets ahead and uses ASOS 2016 madness of incompetency to their advantage.
2016 has been a very disappointed year as an ASOS customer (based on my experiences this year)

Ask Fi about ASOS
1 review
3 helpful votes

I ordered a shirt to be used in a costume. It was supposed to arrive on or before September 28th. I was given no tracking number. When the shirt failed to arrive on the 28th. I sent an email enquiring about my order. The reply stated that if I did not receive the order by October 5th to contact them again. I again emailed letting them know the 5th was to late as I needed the shirt by the second. Which was replied to again with wait until the 5th. I then sent another email reiterating that the 5th was too late the response to which was to refund my shipping fee while again telling me to wait until the 5th. Each email assured me that they were here to help while not actually helping. My confirmation email stated I would receive my item on or before September 28th. Last I checked October 5th is eight days after the 28th

Ask David about ASOS
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have never had such bad experience with online shopping. This isn't the first time - no, its the second time - not only did they give me the wrong size but it was a COMPLETELY different colour AND COMPLETELY DIFFERENT to what the website stated and described it as. I ordered a black denim skirt and what do i get? a plus size BLUE denim skirt. Completely different!!!! I am so mad. DO NOT TRUST ASOS

Ask Rosie about ASOS
1 review
1 helpful vote

I am not sure what's up with all the negative reviews because I've had quite the opposite experience. Ordered a bomber jacket for 130$ CAD, was supposed to be delivered on the 28th but actually came 2 days earlier on the 26th. Was able to track the package with no problems. The quality and colours of the product are wonderful, and true to size. Did not get charged at all for duties (I'm from Ontario, CA). Overall great experience and very happy with my purchase.

Ask Lana about ASOS
1 review
1 helpful vote

Stop shopping online from them. Just shop there and order somethings. Funny, website is still up and runnING, but I think they are out of business. I order some pants, but got no sales order. Thank god I pay through PayPal cause I try to get in touch with them cause it state that I'd I order over $40, free shipping, well I got charge for it. I try to contract them and got no response, so paypal cancelled order.

Ask Chao about ASOS
1 review
0 helpful votes

I have orderded three times, their offers are irrisistable, the quality is ok and i have received my order in less than a week! (Greece)

Ask first about ASOS
1 review
2 helpful votes

You can tell a lot about a company when things go wrong. They shipped my order and UPS lost it and here we are 2 months later and I have gotten neither a package or a refund. Its become a my part-time job constantly contacting them trying to get something other than their canned responses. If everything goes smoothly for you, by all means, keep shopping there. Just know that if anything goes wrong they don't have their stuff together so they can't help you.

Ask Kristina about ASOS
1 review
2 helpful votes

Wow, ASOS is a household name so I thought their service would be top notch. Its now been 6 weeks since I ordered shoes which never arrived. I have emailed ASOS 5 times and each time they say they will get back to me in 48 hours... which of course doesn't happen. Despite me emailing them a month ago its still unresolved and they are refusing to refund my money. Appalling.

Ask Michael about ASOS
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on 9/10/16
A: Look, as I wrote here I shopped with them many times and I was never disappointed. I don't know where you buy from, but I live in Italy and it doesn't take more than 4-5 working days for them to deliver the package. If you're concerned about the quality, well, it's not really top-notch, but considering the price it's really good (you can't expect Max Mara quality from a shirt you paid 20 euros). As for the fit be careful because those are UK sizes and they are definitely NOT vanity sizing! Meaning: when you read "model pictured wears UK 8" you may think "they're lying, she's clearly a 6" but they're actually not in most cases. I have a body similar to that of most of their models, I ordered size 6 twice and it was a tiny bit small. So size accordingly. All in all I trust them and I like their product. Perfect low-cost site to shop from online.
on 9/17/16
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