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447 reviews
Categories: Fashion, Shopping
Maylands Ave
Hemel Hempstead, London, City of HP2 4NW, GB
Tel: +44 20 7483 1888
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447 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

The worst customer service I'm have ever experienced. ASOS brand clothes very cheap and bad quality.

1 review
0 helpful votes

This company and it's page is like a parody. They sent wrong items, don't care at all about their customers and do what they want without asking the client first. Bad, bad, bad.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Ok, so here is what has happened in my last few months of trying to get bridesmaid dresses ready for my wedding!

I ordered 3 bridesmaid dresses on the 2nd of December. (Now 23rd Feb)
But they never got dispatched.
So after many a conversation with so many different people and nothing happening, the 3 dresses ended up getting sent on the 11th December.
I received these ones. They were a completely different colour to what they were online. They're a blush pink online but I got a mushroom/beige colour. That was ok because I could try to make it work.
One of the dresses had a big black smudge on the front so I sent it back and got a new one.
Once that was received, all of the girls tried them on and one of the size 10's wasn't quite the right fit so a bridesmaid ordered a size 12 and we sent the size 10 back. Australia post says that was received on the 13th Jan. I still haven't received the refund. I spoke to someone 11 days ago and they said someone would get back to me in a few days. Surprise, that didn't happened.
So, more about the dresses, ALL 3 of the zippers were faulty! Because I couldn't be bothered talking with more people from ASOS, I went out and bought new zips and paid a tailor to put them on. After not hearing about the refund, I took to Facebook messaging them and telling them my story. I got a reply asking for my details to look into it. I gave it to them straight away. 24 hours later, still hadn't heard back so I prompted them with a "hello?"
Finally someone said that have sent it to the refunds team and shortly after another message saying the refund it's on its way. No acknowledgement of how terrible the service has been. No compensation for the amount of stress I've been through. Nothing.

My experience with ASOS has been terrible!! So bad. The customer service - BAD! A lot of them a very rude!
The process - BAD! The clothing - BAD!

1 review
0 helpful votes

company is a scam and words can't express how absolutely horrible they treat their customers as well as take your money and don't give you the merchandise. There packaging is horrible and has arrived town to pieces in the in plastic bags they use so it is very likely part or most of your order will be missing. There is no way to co tact this company other than live chat which I believe is all machine generated and the responses you receive through the live chat are identical. This has given me nightmares of having robots oversee my concerns and multiple issues I have had with this company. Buyer beware!!! You will be extremely sorry that you ever gave a penny to his company!! I am in the process of filing multiple claims to the authorities regarding their unethical and extremely

1 review
2 helpful votes

Wow, I was pretty excited with my purchases with ASOS. I purchased 2 dresses, a pair of shoes and a clutch online. The next morning I received a strange email asking for for information:
A copy of your passport, ID card or driving licence.
A copy of your payment card statement dated within the last three months, clearly showing your name and billing address. Please blank out your card number, but leave the last four digits visible.
The shipping address and the name of the person who will sign for future orders. If this is a work address, please provide the company name.

Um, hell to the no! What kind of legitimate business runs this way!? The very end of the email was even stranger, talking about how my funds would be released back to me in 10 business days...

Ok, now I feel I have just been scammed :(
Time to call my credit card company!

1 review
0 helpful votes

Ordered for Christmas Present for my sister on th Dec now Feb she still has not recieved it and ASOS won't give me my money back!!! they tell me someone is going to contact me and then they don't NEVER USE THESE PEOPLE! Worst service ever

2 reviews
0 helpful votes

Just a quick FYI to any/ all customers reading this.

Do not purchase from this company unless you have extra funds to not only pay customs charges but then to pay large sums of money to return items to them even if your reason for a return is that the item was falsely advertised on their website.

I purchase 8 identical items for my wedding, used the size chart to order sizes and received items that looked NOTHING like the item that was on the website.

I contacted Customer Service to see what they could do to help me out as I am in Canada and returning the items would cost me another $60. Keep in mind that the items cost $130, I had already paid $40 in customs charges that I wasn't going to get back, and the items I received looked like maternity clothing instead of the photo online that looked great.

I was told "the Manager has agreed that you can return the clothing" "you are responsible for the postage" "I have done all I can do".

I shop at ASOS all the time and am a loyal customer and they weren't even willing to work on a solution with me.

Please don't trust these people with your orders.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I can only recommend! I´ve just received my dress (it took 5 days to Czech Republic) and absolutely love it! It looks absolutely the same as on the webside. And it fits perfectly :)

1 review
0 helpful votes

I just wanted to counter the bad reviews that are floating around. I had a very good experience with Asos. I know my measurements and all of the clothing fit as stated. My orders, three all together, arrived on time, including two day shipping. I live in the state of Utah, US.. I returned a partial order (two jackets that did not look as well on me as I had hoped) and it was received in less than ten days and my account was immediately credited. 70% clearance sale, received when stated, easy return, no complaints.

1 review
0 helpful votes

This was my first time ordering from ASOS and I probably never will again. I ordered a pair of $90 leather-upper heeled booties and they have huge knicks in them from wearing them for a few hours the first time. I also had a bad experience with their customer service. The only option to talk to a rep is to chat with them thru their website. I chatted THREE times for them to send me my 10% off student discount. The first lady I talked to told me I needed to send a picture of my student ID, which I did, and I would be sent a coupon code to my email within 48 hours. I never got it so I chatted again and this guy said I needed to prove that I was enrolled so I sent him a screenshot of my tuition billing statement for this semester. Then he said I needed to tell them my enrollment dates, as in when I would graduate. Any person who has ever been to college knows students usually don't know when they'll graduate until a year or so out. And this chat took 40 minutes of my time. I complained about the miscommunication and he gave me a temporary 10% off code, which I appreciated. However, I wish I would have returned the boots before I wore them. And they didn't even come in a shoe box. They literally just threw them in a large box surrounded by paper so they were knocking around during shipping and had a few scuffs. I tried to send this review to an ASOS rep directly and he ended the chat. Overall bad experience.

1 review
2 helpful votes

This is my first ever review. I ordered over a month and a half ago. I paid extra for fast shipping, and was supposed to get my order two days after I ordered. After never receiving it, I contacted them multiple times. I received no help. It is now a month and a half later and I still don't have my money back or my order after contacting them over 20 times.

3 reviews
21 helpful votes

Im a US customer and I really enjoy shopping on Asos. They have a wide range of clothing, different name brands and the selection is always updating. Most of my orders have arrived within the time frame listed but I have had items shipped much later than they should have. Customs can always be an issue as well and that is out of their control. My advice is to shop locally for anything you need by a specific date. Returns are free and easy if something doesnt fit or match their pictures. Would recommend!

1 review
0 helpful votes

I ordered several (3) pairs of jeans that they advertised as in-stock on the website. They arrived much later than the email notification specified, and then when they did come, two were the wrong style, but correct brand, and the third was not even the right brand. I sent them back and was told that one of the 3 was actually not in stock, and they would send the correct style for the other two. They then sent the EXACT SAME incorrect jeans a second time. I've now alerted them to this fact, and it's been more than two weeks and they still cannot even tell me if "the warehouse" has the correct jeans that they are still advertising as in stock (the ones that I've paid for). They will respond to online chat and Twitter DM's, but everyone says the same thing: we're waiting to hear back from the warehouse. No action, not helpful. There is zero excuse for a company this size having such poor inventory management and customer service. I will NEVER buy from them again.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I bought 2 dresses for my bridesmaids. I received the items later than the expected date, but I recognize that this is because of the Canadian customs that held my items for more than a week.
I was quite pleased with the dresses, they looked exactly as in the pictures. I have to admit that I've seen better quality, but for the price I payed, it was well worth it. The dresses fit well.

Overall, I'm happy with my purchase!

1 review
0 helpful votes

Ordered jeans, got completely different item with different description on the included order summary.

They claim free returns but Canada is not on the list of the countries (btw. neither is US?

There is no customer service (only an address you can send a physical letter to - what is this 1950s?)

Anyways.... lost $60. What a scam...

Beware and do not order.

1 review
0 helpful votes

First I must state that I personally have never ordered from Originally i saw reviews on YT about this website and believe it or not I heard nothing but wonderful things! I'm now realizing I can't trust these YT channels that I follow that claimed this company was legit etc. (I guess the truth comes out after all . They must were either sent free items to review them or it was some type of PR in return a positive feedback/review) I took a look on their site since I have a huge bridal party coming up and I was set out to buy not only my honeymoon clothes from this site but also purchase $100 worth of clothing for each of my girls (bridesmaids) as a extra thank you for everything they have done to make my wedding so extra special. Anyway, needless to say I was set out to spend well over 1k on clothing from this website as well as send multiple new people to their site as well. After seeing (I can't thank each of you enough for your honest reviews and feedback on this rachet online Asian Co.) all these newer reviews and yes there are alot of them (BAD/neg 1 star) this saved me so much money and time/effort. They are not smart, if so don't they realize that the word is going to get out about their horrendous customer service etc.and in the long run they are going to loose so much business. By stealing people's money all the way to not giving refunds, it will only last so long until they are out of business! I have a team of lawyers (yes for something as simple as a clothing website screwing people out of their money etc. Lol.They have saved my behind so much money and headaches which Companies have been shocked when they receive calls/letters from an actual attorney on my behalf. Typically what happens is, say a co. Like this was screwing you over and your not getting anywhere with them and so on . You become angry and frustrated and say , My lawyer touch with you! These Co. Who $#*! people over continuously hear that all the time I'm sure. They think or assume that that person doesn't/isn't going to hire a lawyer for something lIke that. Little do they know, when you have lawyers with the service I have "its absolutely the best thing I could ever recommend to anyone" defending you and DO actually go after these type of companies even something that may sound so petty . Finally, I'm just glad I didn't have to go through all that to save time and effort knowing all this in advance thanks to all of you who reviewed this Co. Ps. I never have mentioned this to anyone online let alone in a review lol but if anyone is ever interested in learning more about the Co I mentioned that defends me with stuff like this plus MUCHHH more I don't mind helping anyone out! It's the best thing I have ever done honestly! It's saved my butt many times on many different situations. I pay $38 bucks a mo which in my eyes the best 38 bucks I could ever spend lol.. Thanks again everyone!

1 review
1 helpful vote

I didn't receive my item after 2 months of trying to contact them and they responded only once saying to check at my post office/neighbor etc. Then they just cut me off and stop responding completely... they won't either refund or re-ship the item. So basically stole my money... beware!

1 review
0 helpful votes

I bought a dress for a wedding I'm in. The dress was beautiful online. I got it really quickly, and was excited to open it, but it wasn't even close to the dress I ordered. The dress was way too small as well, and I could have gone up at least 1 if not 2 dress sizes. I was unhappy to say the least, and sent it back.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I have been ordering from Asos for 6 years now - a long time and a loyal customer. I had received wrong items in the past but they had handled it very well - sent me the correct item, no questions asked, as it should be. Recently, I noticed they changed their shipping policies. It used to be free shipping internationally, not anymore - the first red flag. Now, in my most recent order, I received the wrong item. They asked me, a customer, to go out of my way to package it, go all the way to the post office, spend my own money again and send the item back. They sent out my order again and I received the same wrong item AGAIN. I even said I would send them a picture of the wrong items with their labels as proof. After they said they would get back to me within 1-2 days, I waited TEN DAYS and then I had to email them again to see what they would do to fix the problem. They sent me the same response - send the item back. Completely unacceptable. Now the original item I ordered is out of stock in my size and it seems they are unwilling to give me a refund. NEVER order from them. They make a lot of mistakes, trust me, but now they seem unwilling to resolve customer issues (and I have been a regular customer for 6 years, they can see that in my account). In the past, they offered a 10% off coupon when they made a mistake too, now absolutely nothing even when they made the same mistake TWICE. The clothes often aren't even that nice - very hit or miss. Half the time they don't look how they do in pictures or are bad quality. Not worth the experience.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Returns are awesome , please ASOS don't ever leave , there is no sales tax and yes you can't really reach a customer service , but reached out one time and the response was pretty fast. Also the clothes are the bomb as a plus size girl , I'm always looking for style no one else has ! Your design team is amazing clothes purses are amazing . I give a 11I love United Kingdom

1 review
0 helpful votes

I gave 3 out of 5 stars. As for a first time buyer, I wasn't entirely impressed. Like I mentioned in the title, the package was delayed for whatever reason, the upside is that it was only delayed for a day and then after that the delivery was really fast. The design of my jacket is really good, but It was scuffed and obviously a really cheap faux leather material. the jacket was $70 so, I kind of expected more. After receiving the jacket I realized the security tag was left on. Which may not seem like a big deal, and hopefully I can go to a store to explain my situation and they would remove it for me ( I live in the US, and we don't have an ASOS here). So that is just a little annoying. I probably won't purchase from this site again, I would expect a little more convenience than this.

1 review
0 helpful votes

My first Asos shopping experience was a disaster. Parcel was lost by local courier company, after first delivery atempt. It has been a week now that I don't get clear response neither from couriers, neither from Asos if and when I will be refunded. Very unprofesional and very poor choise of partners Asos! If I knew standart delivery means getting so much nerves, I would have paid those extra euros for secure delivery. Never more Asos!

1 review
3 helpful votes

Situation: Sitting in a hotel out of town when I see package has been delivered to my building and I signed for it. Arrive at home days later to see note saying package is in the bin outside of my building, but don't find package.

Rising Action: Explain to Asos customer service that I was out of town, my signature was forged, neighbours didn't sign for package, received DPD note saying that package was in the bin outside, and I could't find the package. Asos customer service say they will thoroughly investigate in 48 hours. I patiently wait for someone to contact me asking for evidence that I was away, and my signature was forged by driver, and my package was left in a bin.

Climax: Asos get back to me about 2 weeks later saying that the drivers GPS shows that the package was delivered and I signed for it. Shocked and outraged, I explain that no one contacted me to ask for the hotel invoice or images of my actual signature that show that I was out of town and my signature was forged. Even stranger, why did the driver leave a note saying that my package was in the bin if I signed for it?

Falling action: Skynet takes over asos customer service, they disregard the actual evidence, and respond to all my questions by saying "We are unable to process this further, the investigation was thorough, the case is closed"

Catastrophe: DPD says asos is responsible and I should raise a claim with them. Bank says they can't refund me because I paid by debit card. Asos "skynet" says their investigation was "thorough" and the case is closed. My bank account is a few hundred pounds lighter.

Conclusion: At asos, the customer comes last, skynet has taken over asos's customer service, once a case is closed it has completely vanished from all existence, and Never shop with ASOS !!

P.S. Chat transcripts available.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Customer with Asos for nearly 7 years
Order dress wasn't suitable so returned with their drop off got proof of returns
Paid for this item as had bank details but Asos said never received dress back plus order never went through, basically I was passed through approximately 6 people via emails and still never got this resolved . I sent in all proof of order and returns and nothing from Asos BEWARE of this as you can't even get to call or speak to management

1 review
2 helpful votes

ASOS is great if everything is going ok. However, if something goes wrong then prepare to fall into a deep pit of the darkest despair. They can only be contacted by email, Facebook or live chat. The only people that can deal with complaints are the call handlers meaning that they just tell you what they can't do, there's no way of getting anything but the most basic problems resolved and worse of all, no one takes ownership of a query. I've spoken to countless people over several weeks, none of whom read the whole thread before responding and meaning that someone will ask a question, you reply instantly, then need to wait another 48hours (at least) for SOMEONE ELSE to pick it up and ask something totally unrelated as they have not bothered seeing what went before. Their Facebook page is full of people complaining as it's the only way to get a response and it sounds like a lot of them have it a lot worse than me, but I can assure you it will be the last time I ever use the site.

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