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I had the worst flying experience of my life on a Delta flight 7 weeks ago. Although much of the trouble was beyond their control, their subsequent responses to my problems and concerns were totally unacceptable. 36-hour flight delays, out-of-pocket expenses, poor service, no in-flight meal, inoperable entertainment and lost luggage on this overseas flight made for a very, very unpleasant experience. Instead of offering some type of compensation for all of these issues they offered an apology. In the future I will do my best to avoid flying with them or their parent company, Air France. They treat their customers like cattle. All that matters is soaking them for as much money as possible without any regard for their comfort or offering any value for the money paid. They charged me $ 120 for a luggage fee and then lost my luggage ! Do they offer a refund or any type of credit ? No. Do they care that I didn't have a meal on the flight ? No. Do they care that I had to rent a hotel room because THEY caused me to miss my flight ? No. Shameful.

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Delta review
I absolutely did not recommend Delta, every time I called there was no less than half an hour of waiting. I had a membership with points for some domestic trips, I just wanted to change part of my name, since I got divorced, the customer service asked me ,to send by fax a photocopy of my passport, it is illegal to make copies of personal documents. This information is crucial to steal identities and falsify documents, currently corporations are giving training on how to manage this type of information.

I had to make a new membership Delta did not recognize the accumulated points.
This single signal should have been enough to not use this Delta, but my daughter had given me the ticket.

In July of this year( 2018), I traveled to Berlin, to begin, you cannot trust the availability of seats offered online, among the regular seats only publish the price of the less attractive and the others are reserved or are more expensive, then I saw many empty seats on the plane, some of which I would have liked to use it, they were unavailable online when I booked my fly.

The night before fly to NYC, Delta keep send me message to check in and I couldn't. I had serious problems and every time I called customer services, there was a one hour wait, finally after midnight, they called me back, to tell me that they did not know what the solution to my problem was.

It is an attack of surveys, when the service is not complete, for that they are efficient, they want you feed back before they services is complete, that was very suspicious.

At the Berlin airport, again nobody gave me an explanation of why I couldn't check in with my phone, Delta shared the office with other airlines, Delta opened the service with little time before departure time, it was chaos, fly attendant were rude, arrogant, the Delta clerk didn't greeting us, or said good morning , he didn't make eye contact, they mocking me, after that they forgot to inform the passengers the order of sections to board the plane, it was very slow.

The finishing golden touch of my stay was a wild handling of the customs clerk, she assault me , her touching was inappropriate, after I pass the metal detector with no alarm's on me, she check on me as if I was a delinquent, in front of all passengers, when I complain about their treatment , she answer that they did because Delta chose me, and what Delta ask her to do it, she said " you can complaint to them", I felt and informed them It was discriminative.

I am 65 years old woman who look at my age ,with disabilities, they are not noticeable, however I had health problems, she stress the hells of out me, I was sobbing, nobody come to asked me what happen.

For those who are interested to know, they found nothing inappropriate or illegal in my suitcase or in me.

On board the fly attendant were chatting on the back, instead of being attentive to the service, and the menu items were not available, the fly attendant found it funny that they did not serve decaffeinated coffee and they did not have some the soda drinks, listed in the menu. She referred to decaffeinated coffee in a derogatory way, said it was disgusting. I don't think that Starbuck will agree with that, it were Starbucks paper cups.

The computers in the back of the seats did not work, I had to wait till Delta crew re set them.

The compartment for my luggage was occupied by airline boxes, I had o keep my luggage far away from me.

Regarding the food the only nice thing were the European products, cheeses and crackers, the rest smelled unpleasant I did not eat.
The fly attendant did not give me a whole soda, it's a miserable attitude, was disregarded ,over all because the Delta fly attendant took so long to come back to my area. No tag name sorry!

Delta need to improve everything. Pilots training, the sanitation department in NYC has better drivers, fly attendant customer services, to slow, to fake smile, they are arrogant, food is horrible, information about check in clerk location and schedule, does not exist, honesty when we book a seat, what it is available and space for a traveler luggage, and definitely, hygiene and sanitation of the airplane, it was disgusting, the smell of urine and vomit invaded the cabin every time a passenger opened the bathroom door.

I explain in detail about the service and the fly attendants, the food and the hygiene, I want to add that the pilots were a disaster when we landing in Berlin (TXL) the plane bounced on the runway like a ball, and when we landed in NYC (JFK), the plane sighed as if the driver was drunk and I never saw the faces of the pilots either in my way to Berlin or back, the information was poor and the translation for the German passengers insignificant, is a lack of respect.

In all my trips to Europe and recently visit Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Finland, with Finnair airlines, I hadn't this kind of outrage, I will never use Delta.
They should return my money.


6 reviews
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I had purchased first class seats for my son and grandson to join us on an island scuba diving trip. Return flight was two hours late, missining connections, sent them to a hotel in downtown Atlanta , then the next day could not accommodate both in first class so when we filled for refund .. no problem they said and returned $54 on a $2600 ticket. Sorry Delta your magazine exclaims you have wonderful 222 airplanes just the one on Saturday , then the one on Sunday we're both delayed hours due to mechanical problems.

1 review
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My son gate checked his bag.

Then the airlines took it off the plane. They finally realized their F----up, then DELAT re-routes the bag.

The the Baggage Representative tells us that the bag will be delivered tonight. It never arrives.

Then I call DELTA, kept on hold for over an hour. Then I am told TOO BAD, maybe it will get delivered tomorrow. AND YOUR REPRESENTATIVE HANGS UP ON ME.


PLS SHARE Across the Internet. Pass this on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! --> DO NOT FLY DELTA. They lie. They do not do what they promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 review
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Completely disappointed with Delta right now! I purchased tickets for my family to fly to Seattle around the first of the year. Since that time, I have received numerous emails with changes. Mainly those are flight numbers or minor time alterations. Yesterday I received an email where Delta had a duplication in my seat and moved me 17 seats away from my family. I paid for a first class ticket and I shouldn't be the one moved from my family! Why not inconvenience that one person and move them? Instead you're inconveniencing 4 people! I'm very upset about this and it's not right. Sure, I was given a $200 compensation but that doesn't help the other 3 people in my party? I'm now leaving an hour earlier which changes all my plans prior to leaving. One person is traveling over an hour to the airport. This has created an unnecessary hardship that your representative doesn't see as an issue. I have always flown Delta but this has caused me to lose faith in your customer service. Something needs to be done because this isn't ethically right! Your comment about not having guaranteed seats... that's absurd. Then take the option to choose your seat away! I paid the fly first class, not economy. You're excuses are irrelevant at this point, you're completely wrong and I'm sorry doesn't fix it!!!

2 reviews
0 helpful votes

I flew with Delta a lot of times - quality of your trip is really a matter of luck. Very inconsistent airlines

14 reviews
4 helpful votes

Delta has always been the airline I can depend on for about 20 years now. I had always been a Delta girl. I feel safe and comfortable flying Delta.

95 reviews
123 helpful votes

I've flown with Delta since before they merged with Northwest, and with Northwest consistently prior to that. I've never had a problem on Delta. Gate and inflight crews are always proactive to tell us what's happening in the case of delays, what they're doing about it, and how long it'll take, usually updating us every 15 minutes. They treat me with courtesy and respect; in past years I flew enough to be a Gold or Platinum Medallion member, but the past few yrs I haven't flown enough to even get heavy cardboard medallion. Yet, they always call me by name when I present my boarding pass and thank me, I don't sense any deep seated anger in the flight attendants like I do and have with other major airlines, like those that might start with a U or Am. My bags have never been lost, and I arrive on time probably 99% of the time. Unless it's a really good deal on a discount airline, I won't fly any other majors, as I usually feel like I never left the ground because they treat us like dirt.

2 reviews
17 helpful votes

Delta and it's seedy staff are the reason I gave up flying. Was directed to wrong gate by staff and missed international flight as a result. Staff member accused me of being a scammer to get a hotel room until the next day flight, saying, "I bet you've done this before, haven't you." I was so outraged at this accusation, especially since it was my first international flight on any airline. !

1 review
1 helpful vote

All airline travel has taken a nosedive in recent years, but Delta use to be one of the best. Now its average. Sometimes ticket pricing online is varied and unreliable.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Have been trying to book tickets on for last few days. Delta flights show great prices when searched through Google flights website. When you decide on your options, google routes you to to proceed with booking. Once you get on, you see obvious error that the flight you chose is no longer available. Then you have to begin search all over again.. and end up with same result!!!
In another search, I found good price on which then redirected me to to proceed with booking. In this case though, Delta lets me proceed until confirming the booking (after entering passenger and Credit Card info). Once you click on 'Confirm Booking', delta immediately says the price for this flight has now changed to +$500. You then either continue booking with new price or begin search again. I tries this for so many days.. this is really bad for delta to play such cheap games. You will lose customers for life with such cheap tricks!!

4 reviews
12 helpful votes

I still remember the Pan Am days and wish I could magically transport back there, but post 9/11, I suppose the whole travel industry has changed. Now, safety overshadows experience. Don't get me wrong, I still love to fly, but given the choice of train, RV or flying only one of those involves a pat-down by a stranger. So that's the way of things I suppose. But Delta has held strong in a quality experience for their customers aka me and my husband. I give them 4/5 because they still have some work when it comes to pet handling but their human service is first-class!

3 reviews
1 helpful vote

I find Delta is so much easier to deal with than other major US carriers. Connections are easier (their Atlanta hub is about as pleasant as an airport can be) and I can always find decent prices. I usually do a little price shopping, but Delta is my first choice and is always price competitive for my needs.

3 reviews
1 helpful vote

Safety is my primary concern when shipping pets to their new homes. Shipping through I use Delta's live animal shipping service. There staff is very helpful and caring which is important when shipping someones new family member

1 review
2 helpful votes

I am writing about my recent experience with Delta which has left me shocked and in utter despair. I hope that I can get through to someone how badly this airline is perceived and how shabbily my daughter and I have been treated throughout our experience.
I will await an acceptable response but if none is forthcoming I will begin posting our experience to all travel sites I can think of.
Chapter 1
My daughter and I were booked to fly DL 1425 Baltimore to Atlanta and DL 108 Atlanta to Madrid on July 25.
We arrived at Baltimore airport where we were met by the most sullen officious Delta ground staff representative. No pleases or thankyous, just barks orders to give her our passports and put our cases on the carousel. I attempted to engage but got nothing but monosyllabic responses. By this time the flight had been delayed 3 times in increments of minutes.
We then went to the departure gate to discover that our flight had been delayed yet again, initially told that it was a mechanical issue and then due to weather conditions. When we finally boarded, the plane took off but began to circle several times to await the passing of a storm but wind sheer forced the plane to divert to South Carolina. We sat on the tarmac in South Carolina for over an hour before the plane eventually took off again for Atlanta.
As we were descending, I asked the flight staff for information on the Madrid flight which, by this time, we knew we would miss. They were pleasant but reassured us that we would be taken care of by ground staff in Atlanta.
Of course by the time we got to Atlanta, the Madrid flight had left and it was disarray/chaos. I used the phone service to attempt to rebook but still had to stand in an eternal line to get boarding passes re-issued. 45 minutes later I got to the desk and was issued boarding cards now for the 11.25 to Paris and then ultimately from Paris to Madrid. I asked about our cases and was assured that they would be transferred and that Delta had a flawless record for ensuring that passenger belongings always follow the rerouted journeys. However, no apology for the delay. Fascinating that the first rule of customer service, at least in my view would be to issue a personal apology it helps.
When we finally got to Madrid 9 hours delayed, we stood in line for our cases. Of course they didnt arrive.
Noone knew who to make contact with but someone suggested that we go to Deltas partner airline, Air France as the last airline we flew to arrive in Madrid slowly followed by several passengers in the same position.
The staff was obnoxious, rude and totally unhelpful . They said that one of our cases had arrived and insisted we hadnt looked properly. They had no clue about the other case and threw a piece of paper at us with an international telephone number and told us to call it. I asked if there was any compensation, emergency money for nightware whilst we awaited our luggage. The response was to give us a flight kit with toothpaste and advice to go buy what we needed but that compensation wouldnt exceed 100 Euros. In other words, we had to be out of pocket and wait months for any compensation at all.
The worst part - there was no apology. They just didnt care and had no vested interest in even attempting to reassure us.
Chapter 2
We arrive at our hotel and try to call the number given to us. The office is already closed. I try the US number cant get through. We call the following morning we wait on line for 45 minutes with no luck. We asked the hotel to call on our behalf. I called Delta in The United States. My husband called Delta in The United States. When we eventually spoke to someone, the stories ranged from:
one case is on its way but we dont know where the other one is
both cases are still in Atlanta and coming today
one case will be here today
Ultimately my daughters case arrived at the hotel the evening of the following day. I called yet again about my case and was told it was still in Atlanta.
I called again the following morning and was finally told that it was on its way but no guarantee of when it would get to the hotel.
My husband in The United States and I spent probably 2 or 3 hours on the phone, on the internet and asking hotel staff to keep calling on our behalf.
I was in Madrid for a 5 day trip and was without everything I had brought for 3 out of the 5 days so had.
We had to purchase clothing essentials and cosmetics since a lot of those items were in my case.
From arrival at our hotel at around 5:45 pm we spent the next 3 hours trying to find essentials in a city we had never visited.
I am absolutely devastated by this experience and spent 3 days, including our travel arrival days stressed about how to go about trying to get someone to listen to us and above all be honest with us.
Major problems:
Honesty. Dont just say anything to placate the passenger at least be truthful and communicate.
Apology. So important.
Pleasant/friendly. Your airline is light miles away from accomplishing this predominantly at the ground staff level.
The only mitigating factor was the service in the air but given our experience, it really didnt help. Your flight staff, for all except the return flight home on July 31 from Madrid to JFK, were pleasant and generally provided decent customer service.

Tip for consumers: I wouldn't recommend this airline if you really value customer service.

4 reviews
9 helpful votes

Compared to any other service provider, all airlines stink unless you can buy the most expensive seat on the plane. But compared to the rest, delta is very consistent and that makes them better than the rest. Delta is my first choice for getting hosed by an airline. At Least with Delta you know generally how it is going to go down and what they will do when it is worse than usual. In the battle of low expectations, Delta and Fly Delta website will let you down the least. And that sort of makes them the best?!

2 reviews
2 helpful votes

Dear Delta,
I recently flew with your company on flight DL1172- from Santa Ana to Atlanta on January 18th, 2017 at 6:45am. This was the absolute worst experience I have ever had flying with an airline. First and foremost, this flight was suppose to have complimentary tv screens and charging ports, but when I got to the gate they explained that they would not be working on this flight. This was a huge inconvenience for me and made this five-hour flight absolutely miserable. Especially since I could not do any of my work that I was suppose to do on my iPad since I couldn?t do it since it was dead. In addition, my phone was dead as well because I didn?t charge either of them the night before because I was suppose to be able to charge it on the plane. I tried to sleep however; the person behind me kept pushing my chair forward who was really aggravated me since I asked them twice to stop. For this inconvenience your flight attendance did not offer anything to compensate such as premium food or drinks for free; absolutely nothing. Which I thought was absolutely ridiculous because the main reason why I flew with you is for the complimentary services you offer as well as the quality and reliable service delta is known for; in which your company did not provide to me. I?m completely dissatisfied with your company and the way they handle situations when problems arise.

2 reviews
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To Whom it may concern,
On April 1st 2016 on a Delta flight number -DL 1852 from Pittsburgh, PA to Fort Lauderdale Florida with one stop in New York ...we as passengers were boarded , only to an hour later de-plane and were told that the flight would not leave for another two hours, causing me and many others to miss our connection to Florida later that evening, which also was the last flight for that night. I approached the clerk at the counter and politely asked her what my options were, giving the fact that I was attending a wedding at noon she then very rudely told me to "wait" which I did. I was traveling with five of my employees and one of them was having a baby this weekend which his wife had already started to begin with her first contractions... After waiting for an hour not knowing what was going on we approached the angry lady again and once more politely I asked her if possible to at least get him home even though I had to attend a weeding at 12:30pm the following day as one of the bridesmaids I wouldn't mind leaving first thing in the morning... Why is makeup or hair important at at wedding when you're in it right? But that was seriously irrelevant if I could at least have time to quickly change and at least be in the wedding and not disappoint my best friend. Sure enough the woman grew angrier and uglier when I said I'll be ok, but please get him a seat anywhere from here to either West Palm Beach or Miami or even Tampa... I can get him a driver from there to drive him the five hrs home, his wife is already having contractions. To my surprise, the Delta employer by the name of Laurie L. told me in a loud tone in front of my employees to "shut up" and "sit back down" as if I was her child or 5 years old. I have to say that after 17 years traveling and doing business in all 50 states I have NEVER been told to shut up or been treated in that matter specially in front of people that work for me!!! I then asked her several times to speak with her supervisor, it wasn't until she laughed on my face five or six times that I asked the pilot himself to get me one and I was then sent to her "little guy" by the name of Mathew Brown (as he called himself) to solve the problem. Mathew was a nice guy, who was nice enough to apologize for her actions, but told me to write this letter because he was just one of the little managers and if I needed any type of Assistence to go to the "superiors" He then proceeded to approach the mad woman and asked her to "take a walk and chill out" with the same loud and rude voice she replied to him "I am NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!! I'm staying right here!!!" What is that? What kind of company allows a host to treat not only the customers in that kind of matter and disrespect, but also speak to her supervisor that way? This is completely out of character for me to do, write about an incident or even make it public, but this woman doesn't deserve to be dealing with people, nor animals or anything that breathes for that matter. Please people...If you're having a miserable day, stay home... Other people don't need to be miserable with you!!!! #deltaairlines#morelove#lesshate#
Lovewhatyoudo#getanotherjob. #delta. SAD

Sincerely yours,

One UNHAPPY ex-loyal costumer

46 reviews
78 helpful votes

Oil prices have plummeted and airlines, Delta included have not lowered their Florida fares for off summer seasons. This will only force folks to drive, which is fine with us but Shameful for airlines showing such greed. We are avid travelers but will be using other means and will not cave in to companies that are not adjusted prices to reflect Oil price decreases. Hard to trust.

2 reviews
6 helpful votes

After flying with Delta my wife was told to leave my son at home to make a connecting flight. Their customer service are rude and unhelpful. The issue was never solved and to top it off they call my cousin a liar.

5 reviews
22 helpful votes

I tried to send it back but they won't take it. 2 yes 2 !!! 5 hour layovers in a row, must be going for a record. Just trying to fill them darn planes.
I'll keep trying though , just NOT with them; Delta Blows...just sayin...Terry Montgomery

8 reviews
1 helpful vote

I have done extensive travel in my life and Delta has been my choice whenever I choose an airline. The pricing and the options are easy to use.

6 reviews
13 helpful votes

I have flown Delta a number of times and it's been a real mixed bag. Sometimes it great but other times it is so frustrating. Some of the staff are great but then there are times customer service need to learn that they are there to serve the customers and not to treat them in a dismissive manner. Management need to get more consistency if they want loyalty from customers like me. Delta could do better.

3 reviews
19 helpful votes

I am a medallion with Delta. The customer service is excellent. However the website sucks. Very slow, hangs some times and worse, after a completing the purchase (and payment) involving a credit from previous ticket, it dropped the booking entirely. I called the customer service and they took care of me. I hear that this happens frequently. This is unacceptable for any web purchase site, let alone for the likes of Delta. They need to look into this and fix.

20 reviews
43 helpful votes

I only use delta when it is the only available flight. I will never use them for international flights.
They have cancelled more flights, lost and damaged more bags, and supplied the most incompetent and rude customer service I have ever received. Their solution is always a few dollars voucher for food, or the biggest I received was a $50 voucher for a selection from an internet site. All the choices were junk I did not want, flowers, jewelry, restaurants I do not frequent, and travel coupons.
All the US airlines have gone down to the bottom compared to Asian and European airlines, but Delta is the worst or the worst!

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