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Review of ReptileCity

ReptileCity reviews

50 reviews
Categories: Pets
Honey Grove, TX 75446
Tel: 888-220-3536

50 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

Worst place on earth after kindly talking to Felton Willis about not receiving a order that was payed for I was cursed out and disrespected for no reason
I received two sick skinny animals barley hanging on to life and one dead animal skinny and his response was I got free shipping what do I expect from him , the all the pets were crammed in a small deli container and he was totally rude and unacceptable , I would not reccomend buying any pets here ,this was the worst experience I've had ordering reptiles online

Ask Shepherdz about ReptileCity
1 review
1 helpful vote

First off the guy is just plane rude... I'm a disabled veteran I ordered a nile monitor from there over a month ago. It was supposed to arrive on a tuesday, it didn't. So Wed I called and he gave me the excuse that the hatch he Had was bad that he was getting some in Thursday and I would receive mine the following Thursday. Did not receive it. Called Mr. Felton and he gave me the same story. He said he would refund my money. Over a week goes by and I called to ask about my refund. He said it was sitting on his desk and he Had been out of town the whole week and I would receive it in two days. Highly dought that coming from a dishonest corrupt so called american. So my next step is to fight Mr. Felton and reptile city to get it closed down just like I fought for my country. I didn't serve my country putting my body and life on the line so that low life like these people can take advantage of Americans. I will turn him in to the better business burea. I will turn him in to the general inspectors office for fraud. Then sue him for fraud and the extra stress that he has caused me and probably many more. Do not buy anything from these low life unamericans out there ripping off the innocent Americans. Its time that we as veterans and Americans stand up for our selves against Curupt people like this. Retile city has made a new enemy and I come in the from as a former United state's Marine ready to fight until they won't even be allowed to sale lemonade on the corner....

Ask Phillip about ReptileCity
1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered a tortoise from a while back. It arrived in 2 days instead of 1, in a flat USPS box with no airholes. It was completely sealed. The tortoise came underweight and he had pneumonia and a vitamin A deficiency. After spending $100+ on medication and vet bills, the tortoise unfortunately passed. I emailed to complain, and ended up being ignored. I decided to buy a tortoise from a new place to replace my deceased tortoise. After 4+ months, I randomly recieved a replacement tortoise in the mail, in the same horrible packaging. I didn't have room for a second tortoise, so I had to give it away. Moral of the story, do not purchase from reptile city unless you like supporting a company who abuses both it's animals and its customers.

Ask Justin about ReptileCity
1 review
0 helpful votes

After reading all the nasty reviews, I cannot believe we are even talking about the same store. I think they have actually changed ownership by the way. My son has purchased MULTIPLE different types of reptiles from Blake and Tamika, and they have all been brimming with good health. Not only that, but I have a beautiful blue tongue that was not purchased from them, and whenever I need advice or health checks, they are always amazing. I have never had a faulty product and in fact their knowledge of all the reptiles they keep is amazing. I'd advise people to try them out themselves, rather than be misguided by a few vitriolic posts that may well be about the previous owner.

Ask Veronica about ReptileCity
1 review
0 helpful votes

Knowledgable, friendly, and wonderful customer service along with high quality Reptiles are some of the many reasons you should consider ordering from Reptile City. I purchased 2 musk turtles from Reptile City, and could not be happier with the amazing customer service I received as well as the exceptional quality of my turtles. I reached out to Felton with a few questions prior to my purchase, and he went above and beyond my expectations to provide a positive experience. He responded to my phone calls and emails promptly and professionally. I was very impressed with how quickly I received my turtles as well. They are a great addition to my fish aquarium. I highly recommend Reptile City for anybody looking for outstanding reptiles! I look forward to purchasing more turtles in the very near future from Reptile City. Do not let all of the negative posts sway you from giving Reptile City a chance. Call Felton, and he will put your mind at ease and give you the best experience ever. I am so happy I reached out and did! If Reptile City was as bad as some of these people claim it is, then it would have been out of business years ago. Read the reviews from all of their customers on their website, and you will see why there are many happy customers including myself :)

Ask Melissa about ReptileCity
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered some turtles tuesday morning, this pkace has the BEST PRICES AND SHIPPING so I figure wure give it a shot. I emailed him wednesday night just to make sure they would be here by the holiday weekend (3 day weekend ) & I told him I read a bunch of bad reviews and I hope the transaction goes smooth because I will be a returning customer. He gets pissed off and says "dont believe the reviews , your order Is shilping tomorrow, actually, no im voiding your order"

long story short. He probably voided my order because he could not make the shipment by the weekend. Funny how you pay for overnight shipping at UNDERGROUND REPTILES and they are at your house next morning with multiple text and email alerts. Nothing from this guy just pay and wait. Now lets see if I actually get my refund....

Ask Jim about ReptileCity
1 review
0 helpful votes

I was disgusted with how my turtles were packaged!!!! First of all it was in a priority box with no markings that there was a live animal inside so I can imagine how much they were thrown around. Yes there was dents in the box. Opened the box with a bunch of paper and turtles were inside a container with a piece of toilet paper on top. I will never give them my money again even if it means paying $20 shocked they made it here alive, they are alot more active now that I've had them in the tank the last couple hours. Not to mention the manager is just rude as can be, gosh forbid I call and ask about my order.

Ask Laura about ReptileCity
1 review
0 helpful votes

I was extremely skeptical when I ordered from them, because of all the bad reviews. But their scorpions were on sale. And they gave free shipping over $100. Normally every online pet delivery is $40. So I couldn't pass up the sale and took a risk. They arrived on time and all 11 of the scorpions were alive and very active, beautiful even. I ordered 2 of the same breed previously from a different site, and they were small, one was damaged, and they cost me $80 including the shipping. These from reptile city were huge and had massive claws! They were packaged individually in deli cups with air holes surrounded by newspapers. The only thing missing was the styrofoam padding around the box, other than that it was a great unboxing experience. I am still amazed that they have such poor reviews. I even spoke to Felton the owner himself, and he is a man of his word. He assured me they will be in deli cups rather than a bag that I've seen on YouTube videos about them. Perhaps they really made a change for the better. I couldn't be happier with this purchase. What a steal 109.99 for 11 big Asian forest scorpions.- Joe

Ask Joseph about ReptileCity
1 review
3 helpful votes

This worst $#*!ing ppl I ever I countered FO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT BUY from them...first off I ordered 3 hatchling turtles 2 res and 1 western painted...they sent the 2 res ALONE... Nothing saying the ties would come separately so I HAD TO CALL THEM and he says oh you'll have it next week (eye opener) so okay I'm thinking maybe it hasn't hatched yet, well I'll be darn the turtle came and it was a juvinile wayyyy bigger than expected, okay so I decided to keep him no biggie since I paid 30 alone just for that one...well it's been about two weeks and no turtle activity they don't swim all they do is stay on the rocks even while the lights are off...the 2 res would eat but no poop,...and the western would eat a little maybe two pellets (mind you he's a little over 3 inches)today I came to peek in on them and one was floating dead, the other STILL on the basking ledge and one that looks fine for now...I called them to let them know and this $#*! named Nina caught a attitude because I "insinuated" they sent me sick turtles...wellllll THE $#*! ARE they then if their not sick...this is not my first go round with turtles I know how to take care of a $#*!in turtle...the water right the basking area is correct..she tells me I have too much water in the tank $#*! bye do ya research these turtles can swim in the deepest water long as they can get to the top for air...I have plenty of resting areas in my first turtle were from THE TURTLE services good communication,alive and active turtles...this what happened when you try to go cheaper you get what you pay for...I will be ordering from them today to replace these pieces of $#*!...and I will do anything in my power to have this place shut down...they just $#*!ed with the wrong persons money....

Ask Shenea about ReptileCity
1 review
3 helpful votes

CAUTION!!!! DO NOT BUY!! I ordered yellow belly slider turtles. One dead and the other died a 6 days later. I am not a beginner turtle owner. I currently have a very healthy 4 year old YBS that I did not purchase from this company. I know turtle behavior and when I saw first, how they are shipped, in a plastic bowl with some newspaper in a beat up box, I knew I was the recipient of sick and/or dead turtles. Opened the bowl to find one DOA. The other was very lethargic, but I first passed it off to the stress of shipment. Now, 6 days later, I have another dead turtle. He never perked up, wouldn't eat, wouldn't really swim. I contacted the company by phone on the day of the arrival to report my DOA. And yesterday I emailed them because I had not heard back from anyone. The reply I got was simply "will replace". No apology, no explanation. After waking this morning, to another dead turtle, I emailed them back telling them I just want a refund. Also, my turtles were shipped via 2 day mail, NOT OVERNIGHT, as I was charged! The price on the postage was merely 6.95 while I paid 29.99 for overnight. I will follow up this review once I find out if they are actually going to refund me my money.
This is the response I received after telling them I wanted a refund :
Reptile City Inc.
6:17 AM (3 minutes ago)

to me
Will issue you a full refund do you feel better after your post? Thanks, Felton Willis

Further proving the rudeness of the customer service. I won't apologize for giving an HONEST review.

Ask MJ about ReptileCity
1 review
0 helpful votes

I ordered a Mexican red knee t and it just came in today. It was very well packaged and it was very healthy and energetic. I will for sure order again

Ask Emmanuel about ReptileCity
1 review
4 helpful votes

I ordered a baby Blackthroat monitor from Reptilecity. After 2 months of them avoiding my calls, not responding to my emails or texts, & giving me no status on my $350 order, I finally had to plead with them to cancel my order & refund my money which took weeks to get back. They basically jerked me around for a couple months claiming they had animals on stock that they in reality don't have. Avoid Reptilecity, save your money, time, & sanity from a Mailorder Nightmare.

Ask jason about ReptileCity
1 review
1 helpful vote

They ignore the call after payment. It was fraudulent. For more than a month there is no feedback. The phone turns getting lost . Do not ever use this company.

Ask Kang about ReptileCity
1 review
3 helpful votes

They offered a two for one on House Geckos. I ordered five. When they arrived I put the bag in a cage, and opened it to water and feed them before I set them free. Only five were in the bag. I called and they said I was lying. Yes I get rich cheating reptile stores.

I would not recommend them, I have used Backwater Reptiles in the past and they always support the guaranty. I thought I could get 10 for the price of five but I got 5 for the price of 5

Ask Anthony about ReptileCity
1 review
0 helpful votes

Every One Have Own Opinion If Gat Good Or Bad Service Don't Like Animal Been Deliver That Way No Order Nothing Go Pet Store & Do Same How You Think Get There YES There Few Bad Place Sale Reptiles We All Have Speak Against & Report Them & Most Place Do Best Can Because Know Everyone Is Watching.

Ask Jose about ReptileCity
1 review
5 helpful votes

Very rude people. The guy caught a attitude with me and insulted me on the phone. And they don't package their animals correctly. Your critters will be dead in a day if you buy from them!

Ask jay about ReptileCity
1 review
6 helpful votes

My wife bought a boa constrictor from Reptile City for my birthday. I have always wanted one of these snakes and this was awesome, until I realized it was completely INFESTED with mites that I was unable to get rid of before the snake died of infection. I contacted them and let them know, never heard back from them and then another snake arrives in the mail. It was shipped while prepping to shed. When I got it, it had a dry shed and a nasty case of mouth rot. Reptile City has provided me with nothing but sick animals, anxiety and lighter bank account. I found a local boa breeder that does great work and sells exceptionally healthy animals. I will pay more to the breeder, than deal with these crooks again. I'm not even asking for my money back, because I don't want to deal with them any more. Unfortunately, this rating system doesn't allow for a rating of less than 1.

Ask Brandon about ReptileCity
1 review
3 helpful votes

Our baby Tegu arrived safe and sound. What a beautiful addition to our family! I was very impressed with your service- you answered the phone whenever I called to check the status of my order and responded to my e-mails in a timely manner. You did an excellent job in packaging the animal so it arrived safely (with the cold winter conditions here in Minnesota). Feel free to put this customer review on your website- you get 5 stars from me!

Ask Brendle about ReptileCity
1 review
5 helpful votes

A: I recently ordered a baby Albino Pacman Frog on Dec.6/2015. Haven't got an email from Reptile City. So I sent them an E-mail asking for the tracking info on the frog for shipping. Didn't receive a reply until today when I sent Reptile City another email saying I was going to cancel my order if I didn't hear from them about the frog if it was going to be shipped or when it was going to be ready. The email I got back said that he will gladly refund my order - GOAY. I don't even know what GOAY means. I wouldn't place an order with this company. Still waiting for the funds to be added back into my account but haven't received my refund yet either and it is Jan. 1/2016.

Ask Nick about ReptileCity
1 review
6 helpful votes

I ordered a white California king snake valued at $129.99 on November 27th, the snake arrived dead. I contacted Reptile City, they requested a picture. I sent a picture to them. It took weeks and many phone calls to finally receive a replacement snake. The replacent snake was a regular black California king snake which is only valued at $69.99. We contacted Reptile city and complained that we received a snake that was not the same type we originally purchased and it was only valued at $69.99. We paid $129.99 for a totally different snake. They said we would be refunded $60.00. We never received any refund. I reported him to Paypal and have an open claim against him. I also reported him to the Better Business Bureau where he is an F rating!

Ask Brandi about ReptileCity
1 review
7 helpful votes

Fenton the owner of this business has horrible customer service skills and appears to be a criminal. He charged me for animals that were not sent. He has promised to ship them twice and not followed thru twice. When I expressed my displeasure at being lied to his response was maybe we are not a good fit to do business. I brought the negative reviews all over the Internet noting his multiple accounts of negligent service, sick animals, and other complaints against his business from other consumers his response was "people hide behind a keyboard and only tell one side of the story and this doesn't stop my business from doing 500 orders a week".

This man has clearly made a habit of poor customer service, is delusional at best and a criminal at worst, what he's done to me is outright theft. His only excuse is that there are two sides to every story, I guess everyone else who has a complaint made up their complaints too. Buyer beware!

Ask Devin about ReptileCity
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered a Chinese Water Dragon with a 8 to 14 day shipping and got a perfectly healthy (CWD) in THREE days. I am very pleased and will be ordering again!

Ask Mark about ReptileCity
1 review
0 helpful votes

I just to thank you for send me my water dragons in such a quick way I'm so very happy with them nice color and healthy looking again thank you and I will be ordering again

Ask cecil about ReptileCity
1 review
3 helpful votes

I requested some pictures for the Pastel Red Slider Turtles (c.b. babies) because I wanted to choose the one I wanted to buy.

Mr. Felton Willis the guy who promise me pictures of the pastel red slider turtles never responded me after my request.

The reptile city customer service is really bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would never buy from reptile city.......................

instead I will buy from or

Ask jorge about ReptileCity
1 review
6 helpful votes

Ordered 4 turtles, only 3 sent. Called the owner twice and was told he'd "look into it"- never heard back. Poor turtles arrived in an unmarked, battered box In a plastic tub with a dry paper towel. One died the following day. The others were sick and we're still not sure if they're going to make it. So horribly sad. Will never, ever order from them again- PLEASE don't give them any more business!!

Ask J about ReptileCity

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