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The management of supplies is weird and very unsatisfactory. Petsmart used to be #1 store I went to for my cat's supply for many years. I finally stopped using it few months ago due to inconsistency of supplies. For past several years, cats food and litter supplies are not stable. I brought to stores managements' attention these issues, but always was given the same response at different stores location - I was told that Petsmart corporate office decides how much and which supplies to route to a store based on popularity of products. Thus, it led to elimination of POPULAR products TOTALLY!!! I asked store managers to bring to corporate's attention that even if it is thought (for some strange reasons) items stopped being so popular, they still should be supplied to stores with the lower quantity, the least. However, nothing has changed. For example, I used to buy Dr Elsey's Senior Cat Litter and Dr Elsey's Long Haired Cat Litter for 11 years, at the same store. It always was supplied before in good quantities and always was sold very fast, which means these products are popular. The same was with different kinds of cat's food, for example Royal Canin Persian Food and Royal Canin Hair & Skin 33 Adult Cat Dry Food. Lately, I feel that long hair cats are discriminated by Petsmart company. I am now using their competitor, Petco and other online sources to buy these products. Such attitude in business leads to store closings and I am sure this would be this company's near future.

Tip for consumers: The prices are the same at Petco, Amazon and other online sites.

54 reviews
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The are ok just a little more expensive on most stuff. You can find some good deals with sale items or clearance items. But they do have a good selection.

1 review
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Bought our first ball python from PetSmart and in the same month we ended up buying another ball python from Petco. We noticed that the one from PetSmart was sneezing a lot more than what seemed normal compared to the other. Then we started noticing signs of a respiratory infection. We returned the snake and got our refund which sucks that they don't offer any kind of help like Petco does to keep the snake and provide veterinary help. The same exact thing happened with our bearded dragons. Bought one from PetSmart and it didn't live even a month since we bought it and it always seemed more lethargic and stargazing compared to the one we bought from Petco. It's pretty obvious they don't care for their animals as well as they put on and I'm done wasting my time buying their animals just to have them die.

1 review
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Petsmart is a terrible company who's policies are outdated and childish! Would never recommend buying or supporting this company!!!

2 reviews
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We live across town in Ypsilanti Township and were just having one of those " running sorta behind days". We've NEVER been late for any other appointments with Pet Smart in the past. I called ahead, letting them know we'd be 15 minutes behind. Although, it was 10 minutes longer, pass their so called grace period. Upon arrival, we were told they could not groom our (23 lb.) Dog because we were late! Kimberly, acted like she didn't care at all that we were displeased! My dog has come home with burn marks from the razor, bleeding toenails from too short nail clips, itchy from not rinsing the shampoo out good....But we showed patience, giving Pet Smart a chance to remedy their inadequacies. Where is Pet Smarts patience toward Loyal Customers who may be running slightly behind on a particular day?? DEFINATELY WILL NOT use them ever for Boarding my dog or Grooming him again!

2 reviews
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I love cats and this website has many products for pets. I like to go for shopping with such a variation of products. But their costumer services are so compromised like some of their team members have attitude and do not bother to guide completely.

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In the last five months I I have had to replace my bearded dragons basking bulb about 7 times. The bulb I use keeps going out and it's not my fixture I just got a new one because I thought it was a fixture. It's ridiculous having to buy a new bulb every month when it should be every 6 months to 7 months. And any time I go in there to replace the bulb they get nasty with me. I'm pretty sure I will be going to paw Mart near me. They are better at customer service.

2 reviews
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I like dog VERY MUCH.I am so happy to know this website,thanks for their customer services,i understand my friend(my lovely dog) more,and we have a happy time every time.Hope my friend happy every day.

8 reviews
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The staff here has a lot of knowledge about their products and animals
I like to go shopping here such a huge variation

112 reviews
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On August 22nd, 2018 I went to a PetSmart for a male Cavia Porcellus (derogatory referred to as "Guinea Pigs" but I am going to refer to them as Cavia Porcellus or just Cavia) he is alive and growing.

But on November 10th, 2018 at Stemmons Lewisville I went for a female Cavia. I named her Cinnamon as she resembled others I had years before also named Cinnamon. She even behaved identically to them, as if she recognized me even before we met.

Unfortunately, Cinnamon has DIED did not even live much longer than TWO MONTHS.

I have decades experience in raising Cavias and have never encountered this before. Meaning that every Cavia from a Pet Shop had lived for 5, some times 6 years. I must have a replacement, even though I hate the word replacement with no restrictions on location, date, and time. and must replaced with a healthy Cavia.

4 reviews
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we have started the dog food for the puppy and i see that our dog like to eat that all dog but some time he don't like to eat i don't no why? Whenever i use to bring the new food she don't like it

2 reviews
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It seems like PetsMart is heading down the same path as K-Mart and Sears. Lousy customer service, they have an, "I don't care attitude" and the management is awful. I have been to two different PetsMarts here in Albuquerque and it is the same in both places. Today, December 24th I was scheduled to get my Morki groomed at 9:00. When I arrived they said I did not have an appointment. After reading the reviews, this seems to be nationwide. Spoke to two different managers and their attitude was basically that they didn't care whether I shop there or not. You loose one customer, you loose 10, that 10 becomes 100 and that 100 becomes 1,000 and on and on.
I grew-up in retail and I would NEVER think of treating a customer in this manner. I will never step another foot in PetsMart again. And what is interesting is that in Houston when I lived there, it was the same attitude at PetsMart. You went into PetCo and they treated you like royalty. You went into PetsMart and they treated you like dirt. I wonder when they will declare bankruptcy because you don't run a business like this! Especially in retail.
Bye, bye PetMart and it not been nice knowing you!

1 review
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Never taking my dog back to this grooming salon again. Today, I found out by one of the groomers that our babies are put in kennels right after their bath, while they are still wet, so they can air dry while the groomer gives baths to other dogs. I know this is a business and they care more about making money than taking good care of our babies. This is why they provide the express wash for $11.00dlls more, which includes the blow dryer. I thought the blow dryer was included in the price but apparently that's an additional price. God knows what else they do with our babies behind those walls!

1 review
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Great treats, my german shepherd Wilson always gets super excited when a new bag of Blue Wilderness dog food comes in. Not the cheapest option, but Wilson deserves it and I'm very sure he loves it!

1 review
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The salon portion of this facility is a joke. My friend went to take in her dog to have a full grooming service and after not being acknowledged for over 20 minutes, was told that they "normally do not work on rescues." As a company that has several stores that support the ARL, which is a rescue facility, this was appalling news. Why would you physically offer adoptions of rescue animals at your facility, then state that you do not offer service to them? Then to top it off, she was told that the vaccination paperwork she had provided did not have sufficient information because it didn't include the expiration date of her dog's vaccinations. Everything has been administered well within the year mark, and as a facility that has access to this information daily, I would assume that they would know that most vaccinations are good for at least a year - especially since the dog is only 13 months old.

I have had good experiences at another PetSmart facility, but this experience definitely puts a new view on where I would consider taking my pets for grooming services.

2 reviews
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I like that they have a great selection to choose from but everything just looks so expensive. I suppose it would be better if you know what your pet really likes. The toys are ok though, nice and squeaky.

1 review
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Dont go here. Do what you can at home or go to a shop where they do not leave ur dog in the back for SEVERAL HOURS. A bath and haircut DOES NOT AND SHOULD NOT TAKE THAT LONG. They cut my dog so many times and say "those were there." They are FRESH CUTS. I REPEAT, NEVER GO HERE.

3 reviews
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Banfield gives Pet Smart a bad name. It's unethical for them to continue to offer Banfield services in their stores. We bought the annual "subscription" services for Banfield. They have collected over $500 from us and we have yet to be able to utilize services. We are being told to drive 30-60 miles away from our home to have our dog's teeth cleaned when we have a Banfield outlet at our local Pet Smart. We were originally told we could use any of their locations, which was great since we travel between Northern and Southern California. But this is clearly not the case. We had an appointment that was a 40 minute drive from our house and when my husband got there he was told it was for an evaluation, not a "drop off" as the email indicated so we could actually get teeth cleaning services. Now we have to figure out how to cancel this non-service, service agreement.

1 review
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I started my pets on products that were healthy and were the most quantity for price. It's a PetSmart only product for both dogs and cats. We have had our dog kids go over the rainbow. Our cats are caught up in a product change. One cannot, without warning and planning, on the pets side, just switch foods. One of their Simply Nourish dry cat food products is being dropped. You can't switch their food overnight. The Aurhority canned flaked turkey cannot be purchased at this time except for on the shelf supplies. So, tell the cat no. It understands well. Throws up good, too, when you make overnight changes, without slow introductions. Not including there is now an increase in cost by a reduction in the size of the size of the can.
My income is fixed. If the price continues it current escalation, I can't afford my pets.
This is why pets are surrendered. This is what affects the feral cat situation and the neglect of dogs and cats.
PetSmart is not for pets, but for their pocket book.

509 reviews
279 helpful votes

I love their help for finding my pets the best of food and even flea medicine...ive bought a beta fish three years ago and hes still swimming around lol there fish last a long time

1 review
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I got a cat there about 1 1/2 years ago in Lansdale it was a rescue and his name is Teddy. We went into store and he actually picked us. We inquired about him and they said the rescue place did all his blood test and all his shots. We where like awesome so we got him and he is the most awesome cat I've ever had great addition to our family and 3 months ago he stopped eating and drank water like it was going out of style and peed constantly. We took him to Harleysville vet and found out terrible news he has terminal kidney disease. I called PetSmart and right away they said that's not our problem call the rescue. I was shocked no one from rescue has called me back. I have spent 1,600 dollars trying to help Teddy but I'm sad to say on Friday 8/3/2018 at 630 we have send him to god. He is in to much pain and his quality of life is very bad. I'm a grown man and I'm heart broken and my wife and son are just destroyed. I would like to say that you at PetSmart should not sell cats and dogs under the assumption that blood work has been done properly and then deny responsibility for any issues like this. Lansdale store

1 review
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I took my puppy there a month ago, and he ended up with a nailbed infection. I chalked it up to coincidence because the groomer was so sweet. Took him in today and two groomers were very rude and looked like they hated their jobs. It was so bad that I wouldnt leave my puppy. He was going crazy, so that should have been a warning signal for me. I did complain to the manager, and he said he would address it. It was not warm or welcoming, and I watched the girls entire demeanor change after the owner of a beautiful yellow lab, Sami, walked out of the store. She became irritated with the dog and tossed her off to another groomer to go and put her in a kennel. She began checking me in and never once smiled. She asked if my puppy had his rabies vaccination, and I said yes. She asked where, so I gave her my vets office name. She asked for the number, and again, I gave it to her. I told her if she had told me she needed this, I would have brought the paperwork with me which she ignored my comment and picked up phone.

At that point, I decided I wasnt leaving my puppy there!!

1 review
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Soon a petition and grievance will be filed against PetSmart on behalf of over a dozen former employees of a PetSmart store in NJ.

Back in September of 2017 the Moorestown NJ store on Nixon Drive (store in question) came under a new store manager (L'erin Gaines and assistant store manager (Amanda). Corporate knowingly transferred one Mr. L' erin Gaines from the Fairless Hills, PA. store due to mistreated employees threatening to all quit if he remained employed there. Knowing such an awful tyrant of a person is in charge of people's livelihoods and careers, corporate desides to transfer him to the Moorestown, NJ store location. It didn't take long at the new location in Moorestown that Mr. Gaines continued his tyranny and threatening ways towards the employees that were working there for months and even years. It didn't take long for Mr. Gaines to force employees and managers alike to quit, resign, walk out or get fired. His tyranny and very poor management continued for a better part of 8 to 9 months upon arriving. Why would corporate back a store manager knowing that he has a history of being a major problem, just to cause it elsewhere? This is why a petition and grievance soon will be done in place of over a dozen employees and managers that lost, forced to quit, walked out on or gotten fired while Mr. Gaines was the store manager at the Moorestown, NJ location.

Solution????? Yes, an investigation should be done immediately. All employees/managers that were abused by this man and forced out of their livelihoods by him should get their jobs back or offered so if they want it.

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Reference # A37979

Theres a reason why Petsmart only has a 2 star rating on the internet.

We brought our 2 poodles into Petsmart for basic grooming haircuts on Friday June 8, 2018... Our dogs were perfectly fine when we dropped them off for their appointments, but when we picked them up they looked completely dazed and traumatized for good reason.

I received a phone call two hours earlier than expected from Petsmart stating that they had finished with my dogs haircuts and that I should pick them up immediately. When I arrived, both of our dogs looked awkwardly nervous and completely shaken up.

Bellas haircut was horrible (photo attached) she had a large strip of hair that was missing off of the top of her head that was obviously clipped off by accident a lot shorter than the rest of her hair which was extremely short to begin with.

The staff and management stated that the strip of missing hair off of the top of her head was a result of Bella having a cowlick. Our vet later confirmed that there was NO cowlick on Bellas head, and went on to say that it was only a mistake made by the groomer who had clipped Bellas hair.

After noticing the strip missing off of the top of Bellas head, our attention quickly shifted to our other dog Zorro. His haircut was totally blotchy and completely unfinished. After asking what happened to his hair, the manager of the grooming dept stated that Zorro had Hematoma in his left ear and further stated for that reason alone they were unable to continue on with his haircut.


Just a few days later during an appointment with our vet, she confirmed that Zorro had no visible signs of Hematoma in his ear, and stated that if he actually did while receiving his haircut on Friday June 8th, it would still be noticeable/visible for her to see on June 14th.


Shortly after arriving home with our two dogs from being at Petsmart, they both started looking clued out, dizzy and in a big bubble. Within a couple of hours Bellas eyes started to swell and Zorro began to throw up repeatedly while both dogs had diarrhea throughout the entire night(s).

I contacted the vet the very next morning and explained what had occurred thinking that the dogs may have experienced some side effects from the rabies shots that they had taken just a couple days earlier on June 6th.

The vet confirmed that the symptoms were not related to the rabies shots, and if they were the symptoms would have been noticed almost immediately or shortly thereafter of receiving the shots.

The vet recommended that I bring both dogs in for an examination to further look into the symptoms, and to figure out exactly why they were throwing up and experiencing diarrhea and looking completely lackadaisical.

I thought that it could be possible that both of our dogs may have picked up the flu; so I thought I should just wait it out for a bit just to see how things would progress. The symptoms resumed, so we brought the dogs back in to the vet on June 14, 2018.

After our vet conducted her examination and bloodwork, she asked me if our dogs were venerable to any chemicals etc at home that the dogs could have been able to access for them to eat or drink?.... (the answer of course was NO!

The vet stated that it appeared that our 2 poodles could have either been doped or poisoned based on the symptoms that both dogs were experiencing. (Keeping in mind that Bella and Zorro were perfectly fine prior to dropping them both off at Petsmart)

Bella started to feel better on the third day, she stopped throwing up and her eyes were less swollen and her behaviour was slowly returning back to her playful self.

Zorro on the other hand couldnt seem to shake it off and continued feeling extremely sick with ongoing symptoms.

While at the vet, the veterinarian completed comprehensive blood work on Zorro after examining him. She then recommended a prescription known as Cerenia to prevent Zorro for constantly throwing up, so that an antibiotic called Metronidazole could fight the infection that was causing Zorro to be sick. Also prescribed was a Pro-biotic known as Fortiflora.


Petsmart has accepted responsibility for lying about Bellas cowlick and refunded the full amount for her haircut in the amount of $ 89.27 (which was far more expensive than other groomers to begin with)

Petsmart has also accepted the responsibility for lying about the Hematoma in Zorros ear by refusing payment (for whatever unexplained reason, something obviously occurred in the grooming department at petsmart that had made both of our dogs sick, this is why they probably wanted us to pick them up 2 hours earlier than expected. (And Of course they blamed it on our dog Zorro having Hematoma which we now know never existed to begin with according to our vet).

We think that the management at Petsmart knew something that we didnt; and wanted our dogs out of their possession immediately knowing in advance that they were getting sick from either being doped or from eating or drinking something toxic in there building while being in their care.


Petsmart has refused to refund the amount that was incurred by the veterinarian for the prescription medications which totalled $315.38 (Even though they promise that if a dog is injured or sick in their care that they will cover the full costs and would send the dog to a veterinarian immediately...


The regional manager wanted me to go out of my way (like having to drive back and forth to the vet and stay up all night with my dogs to make sure that they were okay wasnt good enough) and to provide her with full disclosed of my dogs medical file at the veterinarian before they would even consider providing me with a refund.
(Plus the regional mgr stated that if they ultimately decided to provide a refund after review of the medical file, it would take an additional 4-6 weeks until a refund with be presented.

(WHAT A JOKE, they want to be able to review your Vets full medical file on your dog in case your pet dies to protect themselves, and if he doesnt die then they just decline your request for a refund and say it wasnt their responsibility)


So I called Petsmart head office hoping to address my concerns with a senior manager but they provided me with an incident number saying that a progression manager would contact me back within 48 hours.

So... 5 days later the same regional manager from the same location that I had the problem with contacted me back, really?

I wanted a head office manager to call me back, not the same manager that I had a problem with to begin with... why did I spend an additional 45 minutes out of my day to explain my complaint over the phone with a representative of Petsmart if theyre only going to forward my complaint back to the same regional manager....


So listen people, I would rather write this crappy review on Petsmart and take the chances of not receive my money back back from Petsmart if I cant actually address my complaint with a senior manager.

Soo... at the very least, other potential customers considering using Petsmart for the first time like I did; will know what theyre up against with a very unprofessional company.

Because of this bad experience with pet smart grooming, I will never shop at their store again for food or other supplies.


They could have been honourable and paid my veterinarian medical bills at a low cost of only $312.00, but they chose not to, so hopefully they now loose thousands of dollars in potential business from customers that read this and other reviews that are on line.
(Which add up to a pathetic


Sure they have an impressive sales pitch when you call for details and pricing , but the final results are unsatisfactory to say the least from a corporate name in the pet industry that you would expect to trust.

If you love your pet, please dont send them to Petsmart!

Kyriakos V.

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I needed koi fish food so I had to buy it at pet smart it was $30.00 with tax for a 1.32lb bag.when I was almost out I ordered from Chewy it cost $13.00 for a 2.25lb bag and that includes shipping.unbelievable!!!!

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NO. I had bought food for my parakeets, and you know what the bag was filled with? Maggots. Writhing maggots. It was a 3lb bag and cost me $15. I called them to tell them the issue and they said they couldn't do anything about it.

By Briana H.
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I have no knowledge concerning your question. At our Petsmart in Sacramento they sell animal products; it's a store; not a place where dogs go to play. Dogs are allowed inside the store to 'shop' with their person, but the dogs must be on a leash, contained, etc.

By Karen P.
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