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I am a veteran of the U.S.M.C I don't have a lot of money so when I am wronged I can't let slide and a second amendment enthusiast.

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I am an expert in consumer electronic


Firearms, survivalist and a great grandfather

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I needed a new doctor and I thought I found one. But every appointment I was abused by staff rude condescending and telling me I owed money. Every time I had to argue with unprofessional staff. The last appointment I was scheduled for a stress test I even called to confirm appointment so if I die it's gulfcoast medical center!

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This is an update to my complaint about ring.com. They did recommend a fix but I had to pay for it! It didn't work I had spent hours trying to get my ring system to operate properly but to no avail, I finally bought it wired system with 8 cameras and it works flawlessly, I would not recommend ring.com infact I have a slightly used system for sale cheap!

If it only would ring!
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The ring system is full of flaws. I purchased the doorbell 2 and it worked but there was a delay. I had contacted a representative he said that I needed a ring chime pro! That would fix the problem oh fyi they charge you for VIDEO/AUDIO storage 30.00 per year for each CAMERA! I thought I would purchase the FLOODLIGHT CAM, that's when I started pulling my hair. I spent 6 hours talking to 3 professional system engineers who had me move my chime pro closer to the FLOODLIGHT which is a Fancy word for Wi-Fi extender. On the box it suppose to double the distance of your ring network, it doesn't! The last professional said he would call me back but never did. You cannot add another ring chime pro, my VIDEO is jumpy and the AUDIO is un- intelligible. They said that I could add an off brand wi-fi hardwired of course. I have about 600.00 and I have better luck with a cheap set up. Never once did they said Maybe it is the equipment oh wait that was me. They Emailed me and asked how they did.

Kandyce K. – Ring Rep

Hi Rick,

I am so sorry to hear about this poor Ring experience. While I do see that you have been in contact with our Customer Support team, I would appreciate the chance to connect with you directly so that I can provide you with some additional assistance. It is imperative to me that we get your Floodlight Cam up an running consistently to your expectations and I would like to step in and ensure that this happens for you today. Would you please email me at Kaitlyn.rosenthal@ring.com?

I would appreciate your time.

Kaitlyn R., Customer Satisfaction Specialist


Wife backed in to the mailbox scratched the paint and put a little dent in the bed. When it was done I looked at the work, clear coated the TRD decals over spray paint under the wheel well miss paint spots. The mgr said that he would repaint it was poor quality. Brought it back to have it repainted he had it for a week turn out worse the second repair. The mgr kept offering me a veterans discount Charged $648.25. Brought my truck to a credible body and paint company, it will cost me $1009. 10 to correct the poor paint job.


I purchased a phone case for a samsung galaxy S7 edge. I bought a military marine case. When I ordered the case it looked nothing like the picture I ordered. I bought one similar from wish.com for 5.00 dollars they charged me 24.00 plus 3.99 for a total of 28 dollars and change. They will not refund me. I even said I would take shipping fee from payment
With regard Rick Houston


I quit smoking cigarettes with the help of nicoretts. But I missed the oral fixation like holding the whole ritual. Got a Email offering a free E Cigarette O2PUR FILLED OUT THE FORM AND AT THE END A CHARGE FOR SHIPPING 9.95 when it arrived 2 were delivered plus another 9.95 for shipping. Within a week one pen stopped working. Battery charge but would not work. I even changed coils no help. I Emailed the company and explained what was going on by the time they responded a second battery stopped working. There response was sorry batteries go bad. 2 in less than a month then tried to up sell me


I resently purchased a vortex viper Scope for my AR-10. It was not cheap 640.00 but did not come with scope mount. When i asked customer service for help they said look it up. How rude i went to a competitors site and they were glad to help me.


What a waste of time and money I was told that I pay for shipping and it turned out to be 69.00. The batteries where useless and I am going to replace another one it does not work well. I will make sure that I tell everyone about the garbage they are trying to sell. I am going to contact my credit card company and ask for a refund.


I have been trying to get help from Samsung for 3 days. Most of that was spent on the phone. The representative got on my computer and phone downloaded software. He did not know what he was doing. I was then transferred to a specialist she did not do a y better. I then ask for a supervisor 5 time I asked dude out me on hold then the line was disconnected. Samsung never did help me. I ended up going to cricket store the manager used to work for Samsung and with in less than half hour dude fixed my S-8


I have never had any problems with Netflix there always ready to take care of what issues mite arise. They are ready to take care of problems and issue credit to help with service. Great company.


I have ordered several tee shirts from this company but man when they mess up they try and pass it off as good work. They have been using Tombstone sayings to sell tee shirts but one in particular with a supose likeness of Kirk Russell NOT this is the worse tee shirt and the cost is unexceptable. I had to fight to get my money back for a Tee shirt that was not even finish the excuses were many when I did a screen shot of the shirt they were selling and the one they sold me I finally got a refund. But no luck on the current tee shirt.


I bought the Jay bird spirit a few years ago it was awesome. The quality was outstanding but you couldn't ajust the sound. I purchased a new Jay bird freedom, the sound was incredible but any movement walking made the ear buds would fall off. Everytime I would grab the review it was so frustrating they would fallout great sound and you could ajust the sound pitch quality. The freedom headsets had a heavy power unit with a clip to hold the power unit up but did not work.


My experience with Pandora is nothing but positive.


I purchased a rodeo 150 drone from bang good it took several weeks to get my drone and when I received it the transmitter was not included. When I placed the order I asked if there was anything else I needed to fly the drone they told me no, was that a lie. I ended up spending another 75.00 for a transmitter and several more weeks for delivery and I still have not received my product.

Katherine L. – Banggood Rep

Dear rick H,
We apologize for leaving an unhappy shopping experience at banggood.
We are very sorry to hear that your parcel didn't arrive. Could you please tell us your order number, so we can have a check? Sometimes, it will be delayed by customs, logistic and your local post office.
Best regards

Banggood Team


I purchased a Galaxy S7 with the VR goggles wish I had read the reviews but what a piece of junk, error messages I finally decided to return the phone. I went to our local Best Buy and the sales person said that I had to ship it back the way I got it, Well I asked for the manager the manager tried to pull the same thing, but at the bottom of my receipt it states if you are not happy you can return to any store.The manager was pissed but took it with my receipt in hand I left. I waited a week and there was no credit Got paypal involved what ever the dude at Paypal said with in 2 days the credit showed up thanks Paypal.


I was looking for an apple 4 for my wife she just had a pacemaker put in. Are family dr suggested this watch because of the features it would help monitor her heart. I went on amazon and tried to order one but soon became a cluster f&$k, after I ordered amazon kept saying your card did not go through. Once again I called amazon customer service and complained I had 12 orders for the watch! After many hours on the phone I was getting frustrated and I just wanted to cancel my order all but 2 apple 4 watches were canceled they still sent me 2 watches and 6 magnetic power cords. I was a prime member but didn't receive order until 2 -3 days later and I could not dispute order with my credit card company until it shows up on my credit card. I canceled my prime membership and asked to be refunded my membership I have yet to receive it!


Well I'm back again with another Horror Story from wish.com now they froze my account claiming that I filed dispute charges on products that I ordered I've ordered a lot of things some I have not even received but they did no background to try and find any of that stuff but yet they freeze my account because I complain it ain't worth dealing with this company it was a cheap lesson to learn I will never do business with wish again with regards


I saw your add on facebook and I like the mirror camera but when I went to your site different camera then what was shown and the price was different. When I by on line I want to by the product that I am looking at, what I saw was not the same nor was the price.

shamy z. – TomTop Rep

Dear Customer,

Sorry for the inconvenience we may have brought
Please tell us your order number, then we can solve the problem.
If possible, please send email to support@tomtop.com of the problem, then we will check and give you a solution.

Best regards
Customer service from tomtop.com

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