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Wish has a consumer rating of 2.57 stars from 6,652 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Wish also ranks 53rd among Marketplace sites.

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Positive reviews (last 12 months): 2.6%
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What reviewers want you to know

Positive highlights

  • (The listing said wait at least 2 weeks for shipping.) This was an excellent experience.
  • Everything I have ordered has been delivered with in 30 days but usually sooner.
  • 2019 Customer Choice Winner

Critical highlights

  • No notification and no way to speak with a customer service person.
  • They continue to change the delivery date and refuse to cancel or refund.
  • After almost 2 months , they sent me 2 single mask instead of 100 pcs.
How would you rate Wish?
Top Positive Review

“Refunded me”

William C.

Was unhappy with the goods that I was sent and wish gave me a full refund.the only problem is lengthy delivery times.

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Top Critical Review

“Scam and nothing else”

KHurram A.

These people first mention before placing orders that they are delivering in your city. Then they will charge you delivery fee as much as the product itself. When the delivery date comes they will just change the delivery date without any notice and cherry on the top there is no way of contacting them. They are just a scam. Not ordering anything from now on and i suggest please don't waste your money.

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customer service (663) delivery date (259) 2 months (186) items (1890) customer support (184) order (3230) 3 months (131) credit card (181) 2 weeks (112) 30 days (108) love shopping (58) refund (1540)
1 review
61 helpful votes
June 14th, 2020
These people first mention before placing orders that they are delivering in your city. Then they will charge you delivery fee as much as the product itself. When the delivery date comes they will just change the delivery date without any notice and cherry on the top there is no way of contacting them. They are just a scam. Not ordering anything from now on and i suggest please don't waste your money.
1 review
46 helpful votes
June 16th, 2020
Im tired of these people. I have ordered about 10 things from them. 3 have arrived no problem. 2 arrived vastly different than the description. 1 was broken. And the last has sat in "wishpost order generated" since april 17th. Two full months. They continue to change the delivery date and refuse to cancel or refund. They only send scripted replies. Don't waste your time or your money.
1 review
44 helpful votes
June 12th, 2020
This company is a scam, you have to place orders individually so you end up paying shipping on each item you order. I made 4 orders non of them came in then when you try to contact them all you get is automated messages. I only received a credit for the shipping cost. The delivery dates are set to almost a month out putting the item beyond refund policy. This is a total scam!!!!
1 review
47 helpful votes
May 20th, 2020
I ordered 10 plant holders for my balcony. The order confirmation states 10 pieces but they sent me 1 tiny pot which I paid £9 for. I have contacted customer service & they say this is what I ordered however my order confirms 10. You can't go back into previous orders & they will only refund if I pay for the return postage. Misleading, over priced, shocking customer service.....avoid!!
1 review
8 helpful votes
July 23rd, 2020
Wish is the worst company ever with zero customer service. There's no way they can compete with Amazon. I bought something in May which was supposed to be delivered 2 weeks later. They kept changing the delivery window and now the delivery date is sometimes in September. Who waits 4 to 5 months for a delivery? If I knew their items are coming from China and takes ridiculously this long, I would have never shopped there.
1 review
9 helpful votes
July 20th, 2020
I ordered a water filter on Wish and they quickly gave me a tracking number - I could not tell what delivery company it was - It turned out that they took my money and their customer service is run by a bunch of untrained, dead men, and women. Worse company doing business in the USA. Money spent on WiSH should be seen as money lost, but if you receive a product - Go to your church and give a testimony. It's a fraudulent site. I give it a zero star
1 review
71 helpful votes
May 6th, 2020
If you order anything from Wish and wonder why it's so cheap here's why. Everything is sent by regular mail from Asia and comes by ship. I waited three months for things I ordered on Wish. The second reason is quality. 99% of items are poorly made, low quality or fake brand name knock-offs. Anything electronic will break or stop working after several weeks. Same goes for anything ordered from Aliexpress...all late arriving junk.
1 review
49 helpful votes
June 8th, 2020
I brought multiple items between the beginning of April through early May. Till this day, 6/8/20, the promised delivery dates have changed 10 different times for each of the 18 items purchased (have screen shots), some times 2 times in 12 hours. When I tried to cancel, they refused saying they are on the way (most were supposed to be here in under 2 weeks). I also sent 6 emails, no response from the company. They provide no tracking numbers for the US, just China.
2 reviews
46 helpful votes
May 4th, 2020
Do not order from this site. Things look catchy because they are priced that way and the products truly are CHEAP made. In addition, after I ordered the first time, my credit card was hacked and all of a sudden I started getting additional purchases being made. Not trustworthy at all. Also hard to get any contact with this company - no numbers to call - all automated online. Products also take a long time - I have been waiting 2 months!
1 review
1 helpful vote
August 3rd, 2020
Attempted over multiple emails and picture forwards to return incorrect size garments until it became clear to me that the asks would continue, but with no real action from Wish. They then just stopped responded to my requests/inquires.

If you buy, you need to plan on keeping it regardless of the miss - it ain't going back!

One and done for me.
2 reviews
103 helpful votes
March 25th, 2020
This company does not disclose that items are coming internationally. They also provide a ship date but only AFTER your credit card is processed. Then when the date passes, I look on my account to see what happened and the ship date is pushed out another month. No notification and no way to speak with a customer service person. All done online and they will not cancel an order. Terrible. I will never use this site again.
1 review
2 helpful votes
July 30th, 2020
Got most of my order after 4 months. Every single item was a total date of money. Cheaply made, poor materials. Useless. Planted seeds, they died. Magnifier, fell apart, what looked like a very pretty shirt was a cheaply made piece of crap with flower design that peels off, still have not received 2 items after 4 months. My advise
... steer clear of this junk. Worst merchandise I have ever ordered online

Tip for consumers: Unless you REALLY are desperate look elsewhere.

1 review
0 helpful votes
June 24th, 2020
Was unhappy with the goods that I was sent and wish gave me a full refund.the only problem is lengthy delivery times.
1 review
22 helpful votes
June 24th, 2020
We bought a watch which not only never arrived but WISH moved the arrival date 3 times on us to avoid a refund...now they only refunded the shipping and told us we have to wait another 1.5 months for the item refund even thought it was due to arrive a week ago? What a scam...take the money and then hold it for months...basically they sell fake items and use your money to gain interest or invest it while thy hold you back! Avoid this scam site!
1 review
63 helpful votes
February 14th, 2020
I never got a chance to receive an order. Both times I placed an order and paid for it via credit card (payment cleared right away on my end), it was refunded because "your last transaction may have triggered an alert for possible unauthorized use." I got this terrifically unhelpful canned message twice, the second time--in response to my request to explain what exactly went wrong. Deactivating my account because this company is plain useless.
1 review
48 helpful votes
April 21st, 2020
Item description was 50 pcs of face mask and I bought 2. After almost 2 months , they sent me 2 single mask instead of 100 pcs. can you imagine how much those low quality mask cost me? costumer service also doesn't do anything and mostly is just an automated answers from the system.
stay away from this trap Wish.com
1 review
34 helpful votes
April 20th, 2020
0 stars, really. On top of shoddy customer service, and questionable manufacturing practices, they have blatantly stolen images from several creators, spanning from nail art creators to garment makers. Do not support this kind of wickedness!
6 reviews
74 helpful votes
April 10th, 2020
There was an unauthorized order on my account, which I canceled and received a refund to my debit card. The next day there was another larger unauthorized purchase for $244 for electronics. I went onto Wish.com to cancel it and someone had already canceled it. I removed my debit card info from my account and changed the password. Wish.com later claimed the cancel request requested Wish Cash, instead of a refund. Wish.com refused to send me a refund. Their automated responses leave me no further ability to speak with them.
1 review
7 helpful votes
July 5th, 2020
I ordered headphones in March 2020. They said will arrive by April 2020. Nothing so they say on the app allow for delays. I'm assuming because of COVID-19, plus items coming from China. Even to this day July 6. The app says items should be here by April 2020. After contacting them they tell me no refund after 30days of arrival date. Great customer service hey, no warning that since you item hasnt arrived we keep your money and give you nothing in return. Welcome to Wish Scammers......
1 review
0 helpful votes
August 2nd, 2020
I like wish but I absolutely love their sister app cute. When I haven't gotten my item the refunded my money just by contacting customer service. Yes delays are happening but not just their fault all mail is going slow. Keep up the good work guys I do wish shipping wasn't so high that why 4 not 5 stars
1 review
29 helpful votes
April 24th, 2020
Ordered some essentials for my daughter since she is a traveling nurse. They did not come in on scheduled date and they refuse to cancel, change shipping address or work with me. The products are coming in a month to two month after I ordered it. They even refuse a refund. Now they are be in ng delivered to god only knows who because my daughter is going to another hospital away from the one she was at. Bad customer service.
1 review
10 helpful votes
June 28th, 2020
Saw an ad for a cooling hat for cheep. Went to site, put it in my cart, and price more than doubled. Raised the item price and added shipping. Then started check out, and they added more shipping. Read reviews and learned their photos show items larger than actual, shipping is way slower than they represent when ordering, and customer service stinks. Decided to avoid this fraudulent Chinese front company.
1 review
4 helpful votes
July 18th, 2020
They're telling me I can't get a refund because the order is still within their shipping dates. Six months???? Really??? I'll be delighted with my light summer dress here in cold upstate New York in late September. They just ignore all your explanations, requests, troubles, etc. I'm guessing the products will be junk, but how can I know, when they never arrive? I will NEVER order from them again, tempting and cool as their stuff might look in the photos.
1 review
21 helpful votes
June 21st, 2020
I am more than 2 months and 15 emails into trying to get a full refund for a purchase that NEVER arrived. There is NO phone support for customer service. All done through automated response that goes in loops. Emails are also mostly automated. DO NOT BUY from this company. If you have a problem you have very few options. All items are imported from oversees on slow boats....beware!
1 review
2 helpful votes
July 18th, 2020
My item was due for delivery on July 13th. It did not arrive - bearing in mind that had given them a month to deliver the item. I asked for a refund on their rubbish customer support system. They refused as they put a new delivery date of September in as stated I cannot have a refund whilst there is a current delivery time. This means they can keep failing to deliver and keep putting in a new delivery time so I cannot get my money back. CRIMINAL

Q&A (1,493)


Yes, delete the app from your device. They will send you stuff you looked at! Bought a $7 item, was charged $97. Turns out everything I looked at, they billed me for and shipped. I only got $70 back.

By Wendy C.
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Honestly it depends on what u order. I found most of the stuff is ok quality. Not wonderful but not poor quality. Everything is always smaller then what it says so keep that in mind. My biggest issue with them is the customer support sucks. No way to contact them other then email, and the issue never gets resolved. Shipping is horrible. Plan for about 2 months after ordering. They give u estimated shopping time then add 2 wks. So answer to your question items are not the best but not the worst of quality either.

By tracey f.
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Very cheap knock off merchandise. I placed an order for about 70 items on a single order, out of those 70 I have received 9 items. *3* where broken, *4* was the wrong item and *2* were such poor quality it was unusable. And yes it has been about 7 wks. since I placed my order. The tracking numbers DO NOT work in the USA. And if you go through their site it's all in Chinese. I found all of the same items on EBay from same companies and tried them out and guess, I got a USA tracking number, and my item arrived in 2 wks.! So unless you just want to waist your money DO NOT ORDER FROM WISH.COM!!

By Betty J.
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Is it a scam


I found more bad seller's than good . Was also told a item had been delivered to my address. The item did arrive 3 weeks later. Another seller told me item had been dispatched then told me it was out of stock on each occasion customer service was really bad if you like a gamble this is the site

By paul m.
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Everything typically takes forever to get to buyer if it gets to you at all, then Wish says 5 more days ,5 more days all the while they have your money, if you do get your order and it isn't right or defective they expect you to return the item on your dime regardless that it was their mistake which is illegal. There is no customer service ,you have to email then eventually call your bank or file a complaint with the District attorney about Wish which I had to do in order to get my refund. I have not ordered anything else from Wish and warn people about them . So in my opinion beware order from someone else

By John o.
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I have answered this many times and my answer is always the same. Read the reviews!!! Some items are junk, and if so, people will comment. The clothes are sized for the Asian market and therefore are many sizes smaller. I wear a medium and ordered the one article of clothing I have ordered in an xxl and it just fit. Clothing tends to be on cheap side, too. Watches and jewelry tend to be a good deal and I have ordered many watches as gifts ans have averaged $3-$5. They look expensive and some even say CK on them. I ordered a $70 purse that I didn't use for several months and when I did, the zipper broke. I took a picture of it, sent it to customer service and received a refund within an hour. Didn't even have to send the item back. Items can take up to a month and if you complain, they usually offer a refund, but even with the refund, I have received the item every time. Have patience and read the reviews and you will be good to go!

By Suzan C.
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They are, just some do take a little more work to come over if you put more coats on to make darker

By michelle p.
See more answers (21)

They can't be trusted at all.

By Eric K.
See more answers (24)

Well if you bought it and try returning it I think it'll be a waste because of shipping, but usually you would get the money back. Oh and just so you know when they say that shipping is $1 sometime it's really not. I ordered something and shipping was way more then expected.

By eh p.
See more answers (13)

You don't get what they advertise. They won't do refunds unless you pay to send it back. If the shady company deletes their ad they can't prove what you bought. Wish is the main app for a lot of little companies. Most of which are dishonest. It's a gamble. Can take up to 2 mos to get your stuff

By Allison u.
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