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I signed up for the Biglots store credit card that Comentiy provided. This bank is quite incompetent at electronic banking. I set up bill pay six months prior and used it. However, Comenity can take months to send the notice to the bill pay service and in that time you can rack up some appreciable late fees and expend a fair amount of time rectifying it. In my case, in a conversation with Comenity customer service, "I'm happy to help you today. The
Account is not eligible for any late fee credits." Save yourself the aggravation and the extraction experience, and pass on this Bank.


I was a member for several years and over the last year it has become significantly more difficult to reach a payout. I was lucky to earn a payout once a year. The website was had chronic operational issues for nearly a year. Getting surveys from other countries, extended periods of the website site unavailable for "maintenance", difficulties login in, surveys resetting back to first question without reason, some times it took several attempts to complete a survey and ambiguous questions that and capricious referral program. Sometimes it's on, sometimes it's off and support isn't going to help you on that one. Also, the screen out rate has significantly increased and reaching the payout threshold of $65 extended. If you rely on email notifications you will discover that surveys reach quota very quickly, and with no other surveys being fielded, So, you just wasted your time. I communicated my intention to leave and they just nixed my account immediately. The OnePoll is owned by 72point.


Not really worth your time. I tried them for 15 months and was able to only make the cashout threshold with a referral. Just doing surveys it will take a panelist over 18 months of visiting daily to reach $10 completing surveys and they have a high screen out rate. Expecting anything from the drawing is fruitless. LEO doesn't really communicate. A good example of this is that they refuse to show you your own panelist history, the surveys you were screened out of, missed opportunities, polls and poll submissions. There is a good reason to not show participation and progress, it would be discouraging. Additionally, They invite surveys from the panelists but never respond to submissions, I asked to cancel the account and they did it but never confirmed. If you decide to resign, understand they don't provide any way to donate the "rewards" to another member or a charity, they keep your rewards for themselves, fairly self centered. Not recommended.

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I setup a Sofi Account to pay for a significant purchase. It took about a week for an electronic transfer to to complete. The recipient setup a Sofi account to receive payment. While the maximum monthly transfer limit ($3,000) was discoverable, the daily limit ($250) was not and this has introduced a hardship completing the transaction. Customer service was adamantly unhelpful and did not offer any assistance to speed up the transaction. Also the incentives for referrals are not manifesting. I question the transparency and usefulness of Sofi in the future. I definitely will not be conducting any more business with this group.

There was a link on my Sofi Dashboard "Email CEO". Instead of the CEO Anthony Noto responding, an underling "Jennifer" replied. She refused to read the Sofi reviews for security drivel. I sent a screen shot, which was acknowledged. However I'm still throttled at the minimum amount and it will take two weeks of sending the minimum every day to complete the transaction.

Not a very responsive service and I don't recommend them.

Questionable: Not so fast, not very transparent and pedantic support.
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I setup a Sofi Account to pay for a significant purchase. It took about a week for an electronic transfer to to complete. The recipient setup a Sofi account to receive payment. While the maximum monthly transfer limit ($3,000) was discoverable the daily limit ($250) was not and this has introduced a hardship completing the transaction. Customer service was adamantly unhelpful and did not offer any assistance to speed up the transaction. Also the incentives for referrals are not manifesting. I question the transparency and usefulness of Sofi in the future. I definitely would not make make any more investments with this group.


I awful, awful and extremely stressful time trying to order. I indicted interest in the Sichaun chicken the server did not understand what that was, apparently only spoke Spanish and further could not tell me what I could have for a side, except to wildly gesture in way I could not tell what she meant. I had no idea what was going on when she just grabbed a plate and started shoveling fried rice on it. I told her I wasn't going to order and was just going to get a drink. She still chased me down with a plate of fried rice and I had to vociferously indicate to leave me alone. This was extremely frustrating and left me massaging tension muscle cramps later on. I live in the neighborhood and it has been several years since I visited this location and lousy experiences like this just reinforce avoiding Panda Express. I also wanted coffee and there were just sweet teas and soft drinks.

It took over half an hour to get my review lodged with the panda express survey system. They use very low limits on text descriptions (400char). The system would not take the survey code, so I just made something up to get past the submit button and then the survey page froze and gave no completion code. So I had to brave the automated voice system on the phone and that took several attempts.

Panada Express does not care to have effective and well operating systems and makes the customer bear the brunt of the indifference. Perhaps if the CEO tried to order, this would be real to them.


I don't shop at Lowes very often. They have serious operational issues and don't care at all the difficulties they visit onto customers. I hadn't shopped since 2016 because the Rubbermaid Deck storage cabinet I ordered for pickup could not be found, they sent me an email it was ready for pickup. However, I showed up the next morning and it wasn't anywhere to be found. Instead of delivering it once they had found the cabinet, they kept me waiting for over an hour until they dismantled a display cabinet and presented that to me, missing parts with no price adjustment. I refused that. Eventually Lowes found the units stuffed on top of a rack with no explination why they were in the back of the store and not the customer pickup area. I wrote to corporate about the terrible experience and they responded back that the store management would be contacting me. I was never contacted. I hadn't been to Lowes again until a AA battery deal came up on slickdeals. I ordered the for pickup and made a trip to retrieved the package. Once I got home, I discovered that I was given someone else's package, Tub Facets in a brown paper bag. I email Corporate explaining that I would not be back at that location and to ship the batteries to me and provide a way to send the tub facets back. A reply came back that the store managers would be contacting me. I never heard from the store and after two weeks I sent another email that I had not been contacted and I was going to write a SiteJabber review. Again I was promised to be contacted and I haven't. So, here's my warning. Lowes has serious problems with follow through and no one in the organization will take responsibility to resolve problems.


I tried to use this service and I will never use it again. I should have caught on that there were problems. The print locations are out of date. The web map and mobile map are seriously out of date. The map showed locations that had been discontinued and failed to show quite a few active locations. This will waste time going to an inactive location and traveling much farther than you have to. I called support to find nearby locations and they were informing me of installations 50 miles away. I persisted and eventually, they located a location close by. However, since this location was not on the map, there were no instructions, such as the address to email your document. I had to call back a second time to get the location information. I sent the document from the desktop to the email provided and boarded a bus. In transit, I installed the mobile app. I reached the printer, opened the app and there was no record of the transaction in the app. It took a while and I eventually fished the release code from a confirmation email. Entering the release code on the printer keypad was another trial in futility. The keypads were so closely spaced that only a child, using their pinky could do it in one shot or using a stylus. So in summary, this service is poorly supported, unmaintained, staffed by ambivalent staff and force you to overpay for what you need. I will never use this again. Because I'm not coming back the excess credit I was oblige to pay for will eventually be forfieted. It is not a good sign if a company has an official policy to abscond with your money, even if it is part of the TOS.


I've been a customer for over 15 years and American Science and Surplus is declining in value. For instance, the prices they charge can surprisingly often may not be a deal. The prices can be noticeably higher that competitor or just match. I think they know this because the listings in their catalogue are done purposefully to make price checking hard, model or ID information is omitted, low quality photos used and using confusing language. Instead of providing accurate information, they make the listing funny, AKA obfuscation. They will sell you products that are probably just a headache for them, like "gently used" alkaline batteries that die and start leaking 6 months after buying them, now you have to dispose of the batteries. A large amount of the merchandise appears to be Chinese rejects and fail on first use. They are very reliant on hype, like an item is on sale because it is a 3% price reduction. Sometimes it is more. The cart system they use will spontaneously loose all your items and does not follow you if you change devices, like going from computer to handheld. They have a very confusing, rube Goldberg like wishlist system. I've had many hours of building an order just disappear and having to start over. I wrote to customer service on several occasions about these issues and never a reply. You should always completely verify your order, things can be missing or under sized. Some orders are cut from bulk and they can short you. I've done research on the company and they have a reputation of over working and underpaying. I think that is a prime contributor to the spotty quality I've been experiencing.

Tip for consumers:
double check you are really getting a good value.


While NameCheap is low cost, you pay for that with poor customer service. Everything is chat and the chat person is taking 4 more sessions at the same time. They are not paying attention to you, you can tell this by the long gaps to respond to your replies and questions. I like to have the full focus of the chat person and not have them get mixed up. In my experience, the support people are not inclined to match the support that the customer needs.

I also learned that Cheap means "you get it our way or no way". I wanted to pay for a block of extra domain services at the time of renewal but they refused and pedantically required me to pay for separately for the same domain. I only used them one year and moved on.


Unfriendly, apathetic Staff and policies. I was meeting friends after a long day at a competition and I was tired and hungry. I rode a bicycle 8 miles to the location. I ordered a meal, which was prepared in a reasonable time but served with no utensils, I had to get up and go to the bar and ask the waitress for a fork/knife and return to seating. After 5 minutes of staring at the food, and still no fork or knife, I got up again, went to the bar and found a mug with plastic forks and knives. The food was okay. However, I have a condition that after eating I can feel drowsy for half an hour. After finishing, I close my eyes and listened to the activity in the room. I was there for 10 or so minutes, always upright on the bench. The same waitress that served me was directed by the manager to rouse me because the manager thought I was drunk. All I had was water and coffee that day and the waitress that served me did not bother. I got up, gather my stuff and left. I'm never going back until the staff is replaced and warning friends away from the Brass Tap. From other reviews about the Brass Tap, this conduct is not unexpected.

Tip for consumers:
Support local businesses instead


While Honey did save me some money, it could often lead to price increases during checkout and then you had to redo the cart to get back to the original prices. This is most pronounced with Swanson Health online store. I also had problems with the extension spuriously triggering at non-retail survey sites. It leads to extra attention to dismiss those unwanted pop ups. When I contacted Honey support, they were quick in response and worked diligently to absolve themselves of responsibility. These guys are parsimonious and not your advocate and seeing how they've been in business for over 5 years, not very capable.


While these products are of low cost, you pay for it with no support, in an beyond the "warranty' period, more on that later. I ordered a bicycle cargo trailer and it arrived without the wheel skewers. There was no bill of materials and they did not understand what a BOM was. I don't think it existed, ever. So I could not check the shipping box to make sure I received everything I needed. All they could do was send pics of a fully assembled wheel, which I was expected to have sufficient product knowledge to deconstruct and reply back what was needed. It took nearly 10 email exchanges, across a language barrier, before they would guess what was missing and sent two complete wheels. The parts I needed were in the parcel, in a pink pouch. That had the skewers, a wrench, and some misc hardware. This pouch was never identified with the assembly guide. It would have saved a lot of aggravation if they devoted a penny to add the BOM to the product guide. I put the trailer into operation with the skewers and had my next problem. At the factory, ALL the nuts were put on finger tight on the bolts. I didn't discover this until using the trailer and hauling groceries back from the store. The main bolt that holds the tow arm in place lost its nut and the bolt eventually fell out. This cause the whole trailer to pitch back and tilt to the rear while I was moving at a good clip. I always try to balance the payload over the axels. I reacted to this by breaking hard, this caused the load to pitch forward HARD and the bed of the trailer hit the tow arm and put a crease in the top of the tube. I salvaged the situation by moving the spring pins around and scavaging stuff from the side of the road and found a lag bolt to fill the hole. I sent Aosom the pics of the damaged arm and bolts from all over the trailer that was never tightened. Instead of sending a replacement arm and nut/bolt they refunded the purchase and instructed me to donate the trailer. This is when I discovered a disturbing Aosom position, not indicated in any public facing document or on their website. I attempted to pay for a new tow bar. However, since I was "out of warranty" because they refunded the purchase, I could not obtain ANY parts from them. They would not even sell me a spoke, tire or a complete wheel. Not only that, Aosom would not tell me any specifications so that I could find the parts independently. I don't think they know and they don't have the capacity to contact their own factories for information. Aosom manufactures many of the products they sell. So be aware that the lack of support that Aosom provides, means you may be disposing of an otherwise serviceable purchase prematurely because Aosom will not support or provide parts. This is not the strategy of a company with any notions of sustainability.


I decided to try this as a "backup" password archiver to the Apple Keychain because the Apple Keychain can evaporate without provocation. Well the more I used LastPass, the more I had to devote to getting it to work. LastPass hard sells the premium during trial period but provides the scantest support. You don't get a good impression that there is any better value. Support relies on canned responses. I complained intensively enough to get to upper management and I explained the shortcoming, of course, there was a vague promise to improving the product. So I decided to wait. A year later I received a market statement of a new release. It was prettier but still functionally flawed. I recommend trying more a robust Password manager that can seamlessly handle the Internet. Having to spoon feed a browser extension is not what I consider a robust app, especially because it is going to be handling sensitive information or ready to charge for.


While early bird books professes to let you have choice of subjects, you will be barraged with content you can't escape. This means the topics you interested in are diluted with reviews you have to wade through. What this also means if there are no new topics, you still get the stuff you didn't ask for. I asked to change this and here is Early Bird Books response. "Unfortunately there is no way to not include bestsellers and award winners. You will always receive those books..."

If you have to wade through titles, try the free digital content forum on slickdeals.


Yugster tries to give the impression of value. Only name brand items can be trusted to have consistent quality. And with what appears to be product model information is not included with the listing. This makes it much more difficult to verify if it is truly a good deal. Frequently I discovered it and was not. On knockoff Chinese branded merchandise, Yugster is completely comfortable passing along inflated specifications and support will grill and challenge you, if you try to return it for this reason. An example are Chinese 18650 lithium ion batteries that advertised twice the rating of super high quality batteries and are lucky to test at a quarter of the capacity. You will also discover that the artifically short warranty is designed to prevent claims. Another strategy is to sell Apple computers and laptops that are capped at older and obsolete OS (per apple support). They conceal this by making it difficult to figure out the actual system configuration. Instead of providing the CPU information from the profiler application, they give the marketing number from the case. I sent Yugster an email offering to fill in the voids in the product description and the highest installable OS but was ignored.

So in short, Yugster is an gamble and the only honest deals are the junk boxes, because those are accurately represented. Otherwise you get a lot of junk that was suppose to be a deal instead of the real thing.


Wonolo seems to have a strategy for pairing freelancers and with gigs but only if you are willing to do it in a specific, drawn out fashion and only on a clunky app. Hence my title, Pedantic. Not a very good first impression. The onboarding process is just as pedantic, and have constructed a testing regime that reflects this, script regurgitation. Wonolo also has a practice of adding procedures that are very one sided, Such as an ominous sounding "breach of contract", Wonolo has made it difficult to back out of a gig. This is important because Wonolo provides sparse and scant overview of gigs. In three years of being in business, one would expect Wonolo would have worked to facilitate rather than regulate. I suggest holding off until Wonolo considers people more important than THEIR process.


I know I should not expect much from iHop, their menu is a corporate committee decision implemented by the lowest bidder. They have a promise that is undelivered. I've visited iHop scantly over the 40years and always have an unremarkable experience. I typically visit after I've forgotten the previous experience. I think iHop has this idea that bland dishes, with scant seasoning is a good way to save costs and salt, pepper and a few bottles of hot sauces is sufficient to compensate for blandness. My most recent experience was particularly marginalizing and unsatisfying. Here's list of issues I called out on the survey from the receipt.

1. I asked for a quite location, I was seated at a table in the center of the restaurant that became progressively louder.
2. The bathroom was disheveled, toilet seat detaching.
3. No posted wifi password and because the room was so loud, could not accurately hear the staff I asked for it.
4. No place to secure my bicycle, I had to use unoccupied outside benches.
5. I was not asked if I was an club member
6. Low menu diversity and unsatisfying menu options, and customizing what I wanted was going to cost more than I wanted to pay.
7. Low flavor meal, the water had more taste than the sandwich, all I could detect was the American cheese. The bread looked nice.
8. Plugged shakers, the pepper was coarser than the openings in the top, I had to unscrew the top to be able to add it to my meal.
9. Scant and paltry sides and add-ins. For $1 extra I got tablespoon of mushrooms added to the sanwich, the onions and mushrooms were only sufficient to be symbolic. I think there was meat in the sandwich. The hash-browns were as thin as a veneer, barely browned and smaller than the the bread.
10. The onion rings were low flavor, under cooked and had a pasty texture and flour flavor. I ate only one.
11. Waitress did not ask me about the onion rings when she cleared the table.
12. The register receipts print poorly and are difficult to read, the paper fades quickly shows stains prominently.
13. The waitress did not respond when I bid here good evening.
14. Not enough time to finish issue listing or enough text to list all issues.


I recently had an experience of really poorly prepared and implemented promotion, The daily deal. I went in and ordered the Sunday sandwich, at the location I was at, the normal price was $5.89, the special price was $6.00. I discussed this with the counter person and she did not perceive and problem. I contacted The main Subway consumer line, they gave an anemic response of having the franchisee contact me. However, this location is shutting down because they lost their lease. I've reported the location before for leaking roof, which has been going on for years and Subway Corporate let this continue for years. Subway Corporate has a pat answer that the franchisee is responsible for all poor customer interaction. This is a lousy policy and really points out how much Subway cares about the customer experience, they don't and won't lift a finger. I've had other problems with using their app and franchisees not preparing the staff to process orders, not opening on time, running out of merchandise, poor sandwich prepping, poor preparer attitudes and so forth. Also corporate customer "care" is arbitrary on what they will respond too, when they will respond to and what they will do, and what they consider an appropriate resolution. The most disturbing is forcing the customer to continue to interact with a bad franchisee, it's like they want to punish you by having to go back to the offending establishment.

This happens so broadly, because Subway is absent in the customer experience and they have an official stance to not get involved. They are not apt to be proactive in customer service, support and value.

Tip for consumers:
Don't expect much but aggravation


WILL MAKE YOU LEAVE AFTER HALF AN HOUR. Flavourly, Stuck in the past with their old style burgers. WhataBurger has decent burgers, but if you were expecting to leisurely enjoy them with contemporary technology, you out of luck. No WiFi, no place to connect your devices. If you have their app and try to order in the restuarant with a weak cell connection, you're out of luck. Their burgers remind me of 60's food, and I realize some may enjoy having well lubricated meals.

While I was writing this review the general manager came out and told me I was loitering and had to leave.

I submitted complaints to BBB and to the corporate office, no response.


I'm dealing with BBB.ORG across the US. The website is prone to an Webpage error 500 to many of the offices. I really think the BBB at best is ineffectual and at worst a shill for the business you're attempting to get resolution for. They obviously favor businesses over the individual when responding. They gave one business 6 months to respond and only allowed me a week for my rebuttal.

They have very confusing, nonsensical rating system. A business can get a rating of A+ but have all complaints and negative reviews. When asked why, a vacuous answer was provided.

I'm dealing with the Austin office most recently and it's clear that the "dispute resolution specialist" favors business enough to distort or ignore the meaning of words in the Oxford dictionary.

I think, This problem stems from the fact that the BBB sells subscriptions to businesses for their rating and decal. This translates into the BBB becoming captured by their clients. They are captured because if the BBB presses too hard, the Businesses would not seek the rating. Perhaps if the BBB had a subscription service for individuals, we pay for the opinions we want and could get an equal footing.

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