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I have been shopping online domestically and internationally. Appreciate honesty and good service, dislike crooks and dishonesty

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I ordered 6 translucent storage boxes on January 2. First came the small ones, one month later the 2 large ones. One of them was broken. Had to be broken when put in the shipping box, because the broken off piece was never found in the shipping box. The container store sent me a replacement.

Yesterday 5 weeks later I finally received the 2 medium size boxes. One of them is broken again. I called, the wait is never ending, yesterday I waited 45 minutes. I opted for a call back option. Explained to the customer service rep. She informed that they do not have the box to replace the damaged one and they CANNOT send it at the end of February when they get the boxes. I do not want a refund, after 5 weeks I want the box. Their system does NOT allow to send me a replacement in 3 weeks.is this a joke?
I guess I should place a new order and wait until July, then if it is damaged place another order. This is lunacy! I was supposed to receive a call back from a supervisor within 2 hours. 4 hours later still waiting.
Do not waste your time placing an order. You cannot get though to anyone and if you do after 45 minutes they give you a lunatic excuse why after 5 weeks you cannot have a broken container box replaced.

Tip for consumers:
Do not shop online. You cannot get through to customer service. Out of stock for many week. Damaged merchandise , if out of stock, will not be replaced at a later date when they get the merchandise. Ridiculous system,
If you do not want aggravation and get nothing do not waste your time. Horrible company.


I have ordered food and toys from chewy many times, Very happy each time, you get your deliver in 2 days. That's why I was very disappointed when for the first time I ordered medication from chewy.
I live in manhattan but my vet is in Brooklyn. A 30-45 Minute One way cab ride depending on traffic. The vet had the medication but I decided to order from chewy, thinking quick delivery as always, No travel time. Unfortunately anything but, a huge disappointment.
Tuesday late afternoon I ordered the medication online that had to be approved by my VET. Next day my vet approved it by 9AM. I looked online and chewy was showing preparing for shipment. Ok, I was thinking going out latest next day morning, Thursday, I called and they said, no pharmacy is not the same speed as food and toys, medication. Shipping Friday, I would receive it 3-5 business days later.
Not acceptable, in my opinion medication is more important than food. I can get food anywhere, not medication. In the end I cancelled the order and took a cab to pick up the medication from my Vet. Wasted 2 days, Cab $98 Round trip, waisted 90 minutes in the cab.
I would give 0 stars for this last order, giving 3 taking into consideration previous food orders.


I have been going to this store ever since it opened since I have lived in this neighborhood for almost 30 years. Expensive, so you would think everything goes smoothly. It does not. You would think they are in the business of selling things, but based on my experience anything but.
The employees are very helpful, but it appears helpless as far as having certain products in inventory.
Most recent problem ongoing for a few months white mustache yogurt.
As of today not in store since about 10 days. It sells so well that I had to be on a wait list to buy it, because it sold out very fast. Almost never in inventory. I have been trying to find out if they discontinued ordering this oroduct, no information. The store does not know, the customer service a total waste of time, all I am hearing they are changing, rebranding, sending me back to the store.
I went through the same experience with biali, not available in the store for over a year now, even though I had to call when the store opened so I could buy some before it sold out, pain au chocolate the good one discontinued, later selling tiny, burned priduct, currently not aware what they have. Honestly you lose your appetite, literaly.

All the products mentioned were selling out immediately, I had to make a special effort to get them. I thought dean and DeLuca was in the business to sell merchandise customers wanted to buy. I appears I was wrong.

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Most of the positive review are from buyers. That is because, in my experience as both consigner and buyer, items are priced very cheaply. Unreasonable cheaply.
Problems for consigners:
1, rejected items based on fictitious "problems". Non existent stains, non existent fading.
2. Initial log in info like description, condition. The condition is almost always fictitious. Favorite words, fading, used, staining, pulling even if the item is brand new with a tag attached. Happens all the time. You can ask for a review if you catch the item before it is released, that can take several weeks and in 99% of my cases they corrected it to pristine, no visible sign of wear.
3. Pricing is atrocious. A brand new item with a tag $700, could be priced bellow $100. The 20% discount upfront is put on without rhyme or reason. Again, you can ask for a review that takes again several weeks. They talk about "selling trends" every item where the price was increased sold at that price. Sometimes double or more. They are dealing with too many brands. In my experience they are not familiar at all with the brands. How they price? Every skirt is the same price, every pants the same etc.
4. Getting through to Customer service for consigners can take a long time. I wish they changed that dreadful music on the phone.

5. Lost items. They lost my shoes, they were never found.

The most recent experience is an example what you are up against. I sent in a jacket, that was priced by TRR $325, with no discount. It sold the day it was listed. After a week of inquiring WHY the item was not shipped yet to the buyer it turned out TRR lost the jacket and they eventually HAD TO CANCEL THE SALE because they could not deliver the lost jacket to the buyer. This was a month ago. After TRR cancelled the sale I was told repeatedly and my luxury rep was told repeatedly that TRR was going to pay me in fullfir the sold jacket, They eventually found the jacket, but by then they cancelled the buy. Now, one month later I am being told TRR will NOT pay me for the cancelled sale BECAUSE THEY FOUND THE JACKET! Never mind I made $325, I never received, they want to re list the jacket now with a 20% discount. It may or may not sell at this point. What happened to the fact that the jacket was sold? Had TRR not lost the jacket and had they delivered it to the buyer, I would have been paid without a problem. Conveniently TRR is ignoring that fact.
TRR should remember that without consigners there is no consignment business. They deserve 0 stars.

Tip for consumers:
As a consigner you have to be on your toes if you want your items to be sold for a reasonable amount. It is a full time job to follow up on every aspect.

Consigning and follow up is like having a second full time job
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I have been consigning with TRR for a couple of years.
If you do not catch the item when it is priced, before it is released, good luck! Pricing by the so called "experts" is horrible. I have to ask for virtually every item's pricing to be reviewed. Providing sku numbers for similar items sold, sometimes for a 3-4 times higher price! If you reconsign an item that you didn't use at all, stil with the TRR tag attached, they refuse to list the item at the price you purchased it for. When I asked for the item to be returned the tag was removed by TRR.

2. I consigned a Marni bracelet that was listed for $275.00. After a few month I asked TRR to return it. They did. 2 months later I decided I was not going to use it and sent it back to reconsign. During the 2 month the bracelet was in a pouch, never used. Imagine my surprise, when the Marni bracelet was rejected as "scratched, bent, discolored". I sent them a picture I took before I sen5 them the bracelet. There was not one scratch or any damage. 3 time ps the jewelry "expert" came back with the same claim. Simply unbelievable. So it went from an accepted item listed at $275 to a piece of junk, they refused to list. I do not know what makes the so called experts experts, because they are totally clueless. They have no idea about the value of certain items. What I see is, all skirts $60, all tops $50, etc. even if they are runway pieces that sold for hundreds of dollars.

Listing with the TRR is like having a second job. You have to follow up on every single item, they almost always leave out nwt, they listed items with the wrong color, wrong size.
I had a picture of an item showing the tag, they claimed there was no tag.

And the presentation, sending the item in a tiny black bag, looks like a garbage bag. They stuffed an evening jacket with feathers into it, I requested a return because they wanted to list it at less than half a price of what I paid to TRR. It came back all damaged because they stuffed it into the tiny plastic bag. No respect for cloth. After fighting for months they reimbursed me.

The 20% discount applied from the time the item is listed is sometimes applied other times not applied. How about trying to sell it first without a discount?

And last but not least the shipping charge of $11.95 each way is outrageous. I do not know of any other store charging such high shipping fee. I have a hard time believing a large co like TRR cannot negotiate a better price with one of the shipping companies.

Tip for consumers:
Sellers do not bother with this co, This is about speed selling for close to free at your 48% of the cheapest price your will ever see! The price ranges showing when you consign onLine are fictitious. They only use the low end. No surprise you do not get an estimate before. If you did no one would ever consign with TRR! TRR Makes NO effort to sell your merchandise for a reasonable price. it is about making a fast commission NOT getting a reasonable price for you,


Today down pretty much most of the day. The online system is worst that usually and it is very bad in general. I logged in did about 3 transfers, error message system down. I tried to log in later, system down. Just now I made a payment, suddenly system down. Customer service line is busy, no response. I tries to send a message, of course you cannot, the system is down. Now the credit card information is not available... cannot make a payment, cannot see the balance... thank you Citibank for nothing!
Citibank has the worst technology ever!

• Updated review

Yesterday I received an e mail reply from VC. It says: "at the time, the seller has indicated in the comments that she has not been able to ship using DHL, because THE CARRIER SERVICE WAS NOT AVAILABLE WHEN SHE WAS, she could not switch to drop off, based on VC policy..."

- is this a joke? So according to VC and the seller it is OK not to deliver the item I paid for, almost $500, because in 30 days the seller could not find a day convenient for her to have the item picked up by DHL. On what planet is this a good excuse or explanation?

It appears to be an acceptable excuse for the seller and VC. Not sure how this person became a seller, because she is clueless. A seller is responsible to deliver the item sold and NOT put the buyer, who has nothing to do with the shipping dispute, in the middle of it. I would think every person with common sense would know this, but it looks like not. This seller is clueless about seller reputation and responsibility.

- the seller relisted the same item in August of 2017. Honestly, I have my doubts this necklace exists. The entire story regarding my purchase is just too far fatched...
Yesterday I wrote a comment on the VC necklace listing to alert other potential buyers to this sellers history. I only wrote what happened and the feedback I received from VC. I just checked, VC removed the comment. As stated before, VC does not care about the buyers at all. Otherwise why would they remove the comment?

- I have bought and sold on Ebay where all sellers are accountable. If a seller does not deliver the sold merchandize they will be eventually suspended and the buyer comments positive and negative are displayed on the seller's account. There is no accountability for the VC sellers. They have 30 days to deliver the item to VC, I think it is excessive but that means all items should always be delivered for inspection, no excuse not to.

The December purchase was my first purchase on VC and the last one. I will not purchase anything from this site and I would discouraged others to do so, until VC takes a different position to the buyers. Apparently the seller will not get the "trusted seller badge". How is this compensating me for the time spent sending e mails, making phone calls, trying to find out why the necklace was not being sent and the funds $500 in limbo for 30 days? It does not.

The story continues...
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After purchasing the long thought after Dries van noten necklace back in December 2016 and never receiving it from the seller, I followed up with VC and wrote a negative review on the seller's profile. I was hoping that VC would take action against this seller, since they told me she has done this before. She sold, but never delivered the item to them for inspection, the sale was cancelled by VC after 30 days. Seller never responded to VC, did not cancel the sale, she had the option, so I was out of the money for 30 days. Close to $500.

Yesterday I checked out the VC site for Dries van Noten jewelry. And what do I see? The same DVN necklace, listed for the same price, by the same seller! I immediately contacted VC, they were closed, I sent an e mail to VC.
At the time the seller claimed that she refused to send the necklace due to some dispute with VC. What do I, as a paying buyer, have to do with their dispute? Why put me in the middle? It made no sense and after the whole experience I arrived to the conclusion the necklace did not exist and the seller was playing some sick games. Especially after I was told she has done this before.

No response from VC by e mail this morning. I called customer service and spoke to Richard a customer service rep. Many "explanation" and excuses for the seller about how my bad experience could have happened... the necklace was not available to the seller at the time when I purchased it, now it is, so the seller relisted it...? If the necklace was not available in December, why did she list it? She had 30 days to deliver it or she could have cancelled the trade instead of holding my money hostage and wasting my time. Richard could care less and I did not receive any answer to my questions. It was almost like he was reading his little script.
He also refused to let me speak to a supervisor, now or receive a call back. He flatly refused. I called VC back 3 times, it was always the same Richard who answered... Do they only have one customer service rep on duty?

I alerted VC so that another unsuspecting buyer does not end up the same way as I did. No merchandize, a lot of aggrevation, e mails, phone calls to follow up and your money will be tied up for 30 days. At the end no necklace received. A major disappointment in every respect.

It is very clear VC could care less about their buyers. Since I was refused the opportunity to speak to a supervisor, I will write a letter to management. Hopefully they are more serious about treating their customers well.

Tip for consumers:
Do not use this site. VC does not monitor the sellers. Even if they do not deliver merchandize to buyers on multiple occasions they do not penalize them. You are out of your money for 30 days! Customer service is of no help, you cannot speak to a supervisor or higher up. 1 purchase and 1 observation, but a very negative experience.

Waiting and waiting...
• Previous review

Follow up:
It turned out the seller never shipped the necklace to VC so after 30 days of VC holding my money I was reimbursed. It turned out the seller has done this before, reneged on the sale and did not cancel it, which I was told she could have done.
I asked for the sellers account to be closed, since clearly she is playing games, account is still opened. She is listing 3 item each for $500-700. I guess VC does not care other buyers will have the same experience with this seller.
To haveto wait 30 days for a refund is ridiculous. It was very obvious from the start the seller was not going to deliver the necklace. She did NOT respond to VC customer service for 30 days. What happened with my necklace? I wonder if it ever existed. Seller playing games.
To have to wait for 30 days to be reimbursed is ridiculous
VC does not seem to keeps its word about closing sellers accounts.

I will never shop on this site again.

Buyer impression after purchase:
I guess I should have read these reviews prior to making a purchase. I made a purchase online on the 15th of December. I spent close to $500.00. Last week I sent a follow up to customer service to find out why the item was not mailed out yet? Answer: they have not received the item from the seller yet... Today I received another e mail, that they sent another remainder to the seller...? To have a 30 day shipping policy should not mean the sellers should take advantage of it. After spending close to $500 Why do I have to wait and have no money and no purchased item for 30 days? Just absurd.
I shop online all over the world. Shop on ebay as well and receive items from overseas in less than a week. Customs processing included. The shipping policy of this co is not acceptable. It s very generous to the sellers, up to 30 days to ship the item, it is not generous at all to the buyers, who are out of the money, have no purchased item and end up waiting endlessly.
Vestiaire collective is not valuing the customer at all. I guess they do not believe a customer is vital for a business. I do not spend my money where I am not valued and appreciated. Looking at the reviews they are doing a terrible job. Do not recommend using this site. I certainly will not.

Tip for consumers:
Do not use this site. A 30 day shipping policy? Too long, too annoying.


I have been using the biotherm products for over 10 years. Sadly currently they are only sold online in the US. Their online system is archaic, has to be from the beginning stages if the internet, this is my last experience.
I wanted to buy a new product they advertise. It was out of stock. I added my e mail to be notified when it was back in stock and as soon as I received the e mail notification I wanted to make the purchase, the buy button did not work. I checked with biotherm they were working on it, I checked back several times and several hours later I was able to purchase the product. Or so I though... I received a ref number and e mail confirmation for the purchase. 10 days later I received no notification and no product. I was on vacation and just returned, I looked online, it said "not shipped". The product is out of stock.
Yesterday Monday I called customer service around 9:30-10am. They open at 9EST. 4 times I listened to a recording telling they were busy and to call back, then I was disconnected, this happened 4 times. No holding the line, no leaving a message and getting a call back, you are cut off. Finally I got through, on hold 15 minutes. I was finally connected. They were sorry, but the product is again out if stock... They have no inventory control,? And they take all the orders. I asked to speak to a supervisor, not available, She called today. Apparently what I was not told yesterday is that if your order does not get filled, it is no longer valid. It does not say on the system cancelled, but it is, you have to renter the order, it could very well be the order does not get filled again and again and again and you will have to continue re entering the order. You loose you place in line. According to the supervisor they cannot guarantee when your order gets filled... it is a popular product. How about not accepting orders for something they do not have or not canceling the order that was already accepted so it gets filled next time the product is in stock?
I would not believe this story if it did not happen to me.
I find this system inefficient, offensive and a big waist of my time.
I would NOT recommend this site unless you have a lot of time and nerves of steel, this company has no appreciation for loyal customers.

Tip for consumers:
The online system is archaic, the customer service slow, you will be on hold forever. This is the worst online system I have ever seen. Just Very bad.


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