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Citigroup Private Bank reviews

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While the position may remain, the branch manager can do nothing at all. The bank is run from the Phillippines. A couple of people in S. Dakota, and one or two staff somewhere in Texas with a call center sometimes open in Florida provide some distraction. No one works at Citibank. The customer is treated like sewage. Long holds are placed on checks deposited for no reason. Accounts are blocked for no reason, and after being unblocked, may be reblocked without notice to the customer. for no reason. What was once an excellent bank is now total crap. Useless. Insulting experience.

12 reviews
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They have the worst credit cards with high apr. I normally pay bills online. Next thing, I cannot login. I used the correct password. They did this for days. Phone support is garbage. Never will I use their service again. Worst service ever. Credit cards are garbage to screw over someone's credit.

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Remember my reviews of Home Depot?.
Still dealing with payment issues.
I did discover that Home Depot is connected with Citibank,
processing their payments thru Citibank!. If you need to speak to
Citibank regarding Home Depot, Citibank will directly forward your
calls directly the Home Depot site. Huh?. I do have a Citibank card
which up till today was great no problems paying on line!
Today this all stopped!. I tried for nearly thirty five minutes to change
my on-line password,( I forgot the original one). I tried for over half an
hour and followed all their rules for setting up a new password.
No dice!. I failed to realize that my calls were outsourced to who
knows what country, not the USA!.
I contacted Citibank about my problem with creating a new password
and natch I was still upset when I learned about the Home Depot
connection with Citibank!. This is a separate issue nothing to do
with Home Depot the ultimate in shysters!. Well the hours of Citbank
are 10 am to until 5pm. Not sure of the 5pm time. Central time.
Banks usually open around eight or nine in the morning or even have
round the clock service. Not Citibank!. What bank would open that late
without providing customer service with longer hours?.

Now I am faced with closing my account with Citibank ( they suggested this
rather than help me create a new on-line password which most banks
will provide for creating new passwords). Communication with Citibank
prior to their hours of operation is worthless. They have l no regard to
aiding Citibank customers sounds as as Home Depot! Yes!.
I will try to contact again Citibank at their normal hours of 10 a.m..
Good Luck to me!. I really thought my card with Citibank was pretty
great!. What happened?. When I realized Home Depot and Citibank
are connected all bets are off with my account with Citibank!.
Citibank is another example as Home Depot of poor customer
service, as Home Depot even though Citibank is not Home Depot's
only source. I am certain Citibank operates mainly thru customer
accounts. I want to pay off my Citibank account ASAP!.
I do not need to be reminded of Home Depot and Citibank's lousy
service too. These companies are twins of lousy service towards
dealing with their customers and their Citibank accounts!

Have A Great Week-End!

3 reviews
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SCAM SCAM SCAM--Benefit cannot be utilized because small print says if you've had a previous illness that's a pre-existing condition---SCAM. Bad news because you think you have coverage and don't buy any.

2 reviews
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Citi has always given me the impression that they would protect me the consumer in transactions. This Fall we booked a place to stay on a trip to California. Two days before leaving on our trip - the place we had already paid for contacted us and said we would not have a place to stay. I disputed the charge with CITI, and went through a several month's long process - only to be told that since the "merchant" would not refund me - Citi would not refund the money paid for through them for nothing!

1 review
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I have had nothing but a frustrating and disgusting experience with Citi NRI.
sent a letter to Chennai office, 2 times so far without resolution yet, per instructions from customer service, instead of resolving a small online account lock issue on a call / text / email within the U.S. itself.
The first time I sent this, the bank kept waiting for a signature, and never followed up with me on the next steps and they expected a signature on a letter written by me, along with a driver's licence copy that already had my sig on it. I got to know the need of a signature after 2 months, and after 10 calls that I had to make from on my own. On top of that, one of the calls where the issue was escalated to a Manager, Rams Manager, Mgr SriRam hung up on me because he probably was in no mood to listen to a complaint.

1 review
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I have had nothing but negative and frustrating experience with citibank! The online banking is just exhausting. Total time and energy waster. I can go on and on with stories about my experiences. Every day it was something else. After 3 months i finally switch to Chase. What a time waster.

5 reviews
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Es el mejor medio de pago que he conocido se los recomiendo con los ojos cerrados, lo utilizo constantemente

1 review
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I have a Citi credit card which I pay online I get no hard statement. I tried to change my password and was locked out of the system. I called 2 times they can not get me back in at all. their answer was thanks for calling have a nice day. I can't see it at all. So I can't pay it or see anything. Worst customer service ever.

1 review
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It took 20 hours (!$##$) to get online access to my elderly parents account (which I had already joined in person at the bank.) It repeatedly "goes down" and is unavailable and then locks me out every other time I try to log on. I have NEVER had this problem with any other bank and I have done online banking for 20 years.

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today down pretty much most of the day. the online system is worst that usually and it is very bad in general. I logged in did about 3 transfers, error message system down. I tried to log in later, system down. just now I made a payment, suddenly system down. customer service line is busy, no response. I tries to send a message, of course you cannot, the system is down. now the credit card information is not available... cannot make a payment, cannot see the balance...thank you Citibank for nothing!
Citibank has the worst technology ever!

1 review
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That is, if you can get one single human being on the $#*!ing phone. This bank is absolutely worthless. It took me 15 tries on all of their various 1800 numbers to actually get a human in the fraud department. And guess what, it turns out their fraud department employees cant actually help you with fraud issues. If i need to contact my credit union, they have multiple phone numbers that get me to a human right now. I feel bad for citibank customers as citibank surely does not care of your problems. citibank can kiss my ASS!

1 review
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An exemplary example of a horrible customer service experience. Every company has a bad apple... but usually you can bypass the intellectually-challenged agent to speak to a superior who can assist in solving your problem. Not so with Citicards. The financial institution credited my Electronic payment (made in same format for at least 11 consecutive months prior) to the WRONG account. When I called to speak to customer service to straighten out the issue, I wasted 30 plus minutes of my life speaking to an ineffective and incapable agent who could not resolve my problem nor allow me to speak to his supervisor because "he was my supervisor". Instead of banging my head against the wall by continuing to speak to the agent, I gave up and will have to start from scratch again with a new call. Unfortunately, I was not able to file a complaint on this "supervisor" since I was prohibited from speaking to his "supervisor", "boss", " superior" or anything else his narrow little mind could interpret to be in a position above him in his call center.

1 review
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They suck you in as a new customer and then they do not provide you with their latest advertised interest rates. New customers be aware of poor after service. Don't get hooked in.

4 reviews
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These people have no compassion. I accidently paid the wrong amount on my Macy's card and even though I told them, even had my bank call them so they would stop the transaction, not only did they not stop, they attempted 3x to take $4500 out of my account over a 2 week period, even though they were told wayy in advance this payment was done in error. Every bill I needed to pay for the past 2 weeks has been returned from my account NSF because of this, these multiple attempts to take this money out left my account in the negative, the fees incurred on both ends have been insane. Be aware, if you pay your bills online through a companies online pay system outside of your bank, be cautious not to make a mistake because the financial institution will not care, and they will try to debit 3x regardless. You will get 2x the fees for each attempt they make that is not successful, they don't care how big or small the amount is. This is a horrible policy, they should have stopped with their attempts upon me notifying that it was a mistake. Any card that I have held by citibank is getting closed. Done with this nightmare of a bank. I did a little research and they have already been involved in several class action law suits over fees and such, maybe this will be another.

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Given the widespread problems with stolen/hacked personal information, unwanted charges, phone scams, and supposedly "free" trials, here's how I pay for my online shopping.

CitiBank issues credit cards [see:] with an optional feature they call VIRTUAL ACCOUNT NUMBERS. Plus, their website allows cardholders to sign up for account "notifications" to be sent via e-mail or as text messages.

After you login to your CitiBank online account you can create one or more brand new and unique 16-digit credit card account numbers, each with a specified maximum dollar limit (for example $50) and expiration date (for example 2- or 8-months from now). Each Virtual number is good for use by just one merchant.

When an online merchant asks for your credit card information, you simply provide the newly-created Virtual number, its expiration date, and (if requested) the 3-digit CVV/CVC number. When the merchant charges your Virtual Account, CitiBank's online data (and any notifications via e-mail or text message) will show that activity within about 10-seconds. (Fast!)

In my experience, the best parts of all this are:
-- I know immediately when my account is charged, and for how much.
-- If a hacker steals my Virtual Number, my primary credit card information is not at risk.
-- By setting a maximum dollar limit, I can avoid the "surprise" of unwanted recurring charges.
-- I can close my Virtual Account at any time. (Meanwhile, my primary account remains open and ready to issue new Virtual numbers.)

This has been working for me for a couple of years.

5 reviews
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Here's another good one that actually beat JC Penny's awful service. If you have a Costco card, then you're probably aware that when you buy a TV you get a two year warranty. If you charge the item to a Costco Citi Bank credit card, you get a four year warranty. So Friday I arrived at Costco a little after 10 am intending to apply for a Costco Citi Bank Credit card and then purchase a 60" TV. After applying at member services I was told I was good to go. They gave me a temporary card. I selected the TV but the card wouldn't work. Back to member services. They reprinted the card but it still doesn't work. Costco employee calls Citi Bank for me. Citi Bank gives them a run around. Costco employee asks to speak with their supervisor. The supervisor does another run around and then we get to talk to Citi Bank person #3, who BTW is the dumbest of all. After being asked every personal question under the sun, I'm told they want me to mail them a copy of my social security card. Have you ever heard of anything so stupid. On we go to Citi Bank person #4. Yep same questions. The Costco staff is outstanding, and continues to apologize for Citi Bank's procrastination. Finally after almost two, TWO , hours I'm really good to go. What's makes this all the more pathetic is after I get home I read an email from Citi Bank sent to me at 10:22 stating I was approved with a credit limit of $9,000. You can be absolutely certain that I will close out this Citi Bank credit card account just like I did with the JC Penny's account.

1 review
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I got a Costco credit card that used American Express . Citi took over and more than doubled my interest rate without notice. Now my monthly payment only goes towards interest. At this rate it will be paid off in literally 30 years! What a scam. After spending hours trying to make payment arrangements they said they don't have any "options for me". Basically scree you! $#*!s organization!

4 reviews
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Excellent in rendering quick services.

11 reviews
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New to the city, many colleagues recommended Citi, for ATM access, account choices and what not. Did not work out at all for us. Too many fees, too many rules, un-competitive savings rate. Closed the account after one year. :-((

2 reviews
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Good service,

20 reviews
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There are many that offer online banking but this is the best. Only thing that is not so good is you cannot change the pin on your credit card but only your atm card.

5 reviews
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More than acceptable offers!

7 reviews
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do not use them ! terrible customer service. if you go into the branch they're nice buts thats it don't expect much in terms of using them for business, loans etc---they nickle and dime you to death like all banks nothing great about them people should stop using banks for bill pay and to hold your money it only benefits the bank I'm not just a angry bad credit person I have way above average credit rating and they put you though the ringer for a loan or refi even though I had them for my mortage for over 15 years and never late and charged me for an apprasial --they strung me along for 6 months I left went to another company closed in 45 days!!

99 reviews
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They are good but I found them unprofessional and not so flexible for their investors and I left the bank shortly after joining them. I wont recommend their savings or any other product just cuz their staff is very negative in dealing with their clients and had so much problem to even get a card account although I am a good investor with excellent credit.

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