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PetFinder reviews

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61 reviews
Categories: Cats, Dogs, Pets
Checkerboard Square
St. Louis, MO 63164
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61 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

don't even bother looking at their website, they have nothing to do with the pets listed there. If you need a help they can't do nothing, they will just apologize for that. They just host the website for local shelters but have no access or not in contact with these locations. Very disappointing and frustrating. Process of adopting a dog very difficult there.

2 reviews
0 helpful votes

Sites like are more like Craigslist for pet adoption than anything else. You are not adopting from the site, you are adopting from the advertiser. They just provide marketplace to find and to communicate with the pet advertiser. It's obvious that many people reviewing the site do not realize that, since the fail to identify the name of the organization(s) they are actually complaining about.

Both PetFinder and Adopt-A-Pet supposedly vette the organizations that advertise on the site, but their standards are not transparent and there are a lot of bad actors and wackos to be found. The only mechanism either provides for complaining about an organization is via email and that information is way too hard to find. This lets a lot of bad actors and wackadoodles stay in business and make pet adoption far more frustrating than it should be.

PetFinder (and all the pet adoptions sites) really need to provided a rating and review system like eBay, This would quickly identify the organizations to avoid and save people heartache and frustration.

They should also require a link to the adoption requirements and applications on the site.

If they were to do these two things, I believe the majority of the complaints posted here would have been avoided.

They should also require updating listings that a pet has been adopted within 24 hours of that occurring. I found some that had been adopted the previous week.

Tip for consumers: Read the listings carefully. As often as not, they list different contact information than the Ask about "coco" button will use. If they say send and email to, send an email to Lisa. Chances are, Lisa is the foster. They will often tell you in the listing, that they require an application first and other restrictions on adoption in the listing. I've learned to move on when I see a listing with "No exceptions" rules posted. Every adoption is "Exceptional"

1 review
0 helpful votes

1st adaption experience. Works perfect. Good match. Really happy to celebrate Thanksgiving with new family Member "MISS ALABAMA" baby Bella B lab mix
Thank you for superior service provided!

Tip for consumers: Please help any pickup cat or dog to provide love & support. After you pick up this is SPACE to save one more life.

1 review
5 helpful votes

Spent weeks looking for the right dog. Found one. Asked about him in an email. Then filled out the looong adoption app only to have it forwarded to a rescue in my state. I offered to pay to come meet the dog and bring him home. Nope. If that's one of the rules of that shelter it should be the first thing you read on their homepage so you don't waste your time. Furthermore, they are ridiculously crazy questions in the adoption app. If they can call a vet that you've used for more than 15 years and he confirms that you are a responsible pet owner, that should be enough. Good grief I know they have to be thorough but this is crazy. They beg you to "adopt not shop" then turn you down. Also, PetFinder should have a standard adoption app so you're not filling out one for each shelter because God only knows who is getting all you personal information! PISSED (can you tell?)

1 review
3 helpful votes

In my search for a new puppy for our home. I found a rescue from and inquired about a puppy. I received an email and a call immediately from the rescue and was immediately berated. The woman asked me who would be with the animal during the day and once I told her that both my husband and I worked and would have someone come to our home during the day, she immediately began telling me that I didn't need a puppy if someone else was going to raise it and then proceeded to scold me because of this. I have never in my 46 years been treated in such a terrible manner and would not EVER EVER recommend this shelter. I would suggest that petfinder review the people that they let advertise on their site. If this is how people are being treated, then I would hate to know how these poor animals are being treated.

1 review
3 helpful votes

I just adopted a dog through Petfinder Two weeks ago. Purebred rescue of Florida's Hillary Donovan is running an undercover puppy mill. I adopted a Yorkie mix from Hillary and it died a week later after I got it. The dog had parvo and liver failure and nobody at the rescue said anything. Hillary told me that the dog was healthy and had been cleared by a vet, that's not the case. Hillary was a bad dog breeder once before and is most likely using the word adoption to hide the fact that she's running a puppy mill. She claimed that she didn't know the dog was sick and offered to give me a new one at no cost. The 2nd dog I got from her had the same thing. I called her and she blocked my number, I went to the shelter and how continent she wasn't there. I kept on coming back to the shelter until I found her and I demanded a REFUND. Hillary refused to refund my money, I paid $5,000 for that dog and want it back! Two dogs from her not even three weeks and they both died, I deserve a refund. I wont stop until I get my money back, if I have to sue her so help me I will. Three days ago I left the rescue bad reviews all over Facebook and all over google telling the world about what she did to me. That same day I left the reviews on their Facebook page the entire page was taken down. The next day all of their information on Google was completely removed to, how convenient. As soon as you leave bad reviews on them telling everybody about the way they treat people they cower out and remove their stuff so nobody-else can see it. Google used to be full of things about them and now you can barely find them unless you look very hard. Stay away from Purebred rescue of FL and stay away from HILLARY DONOVAN.

1 review
6 helpful votes

So we've been trying to adopt for a few months now however, by the time we find the dog on Petfinder, contact the right shelter, fill out their application and they do the reference checks and home visit the dog we wanted is adopted by someone else. This has happened three times, with three different shelters, each time with us filling out the paperwork and hoping that all the hurtles are cleared before someone else adopts the dog we're interested in. I think that by the time we finally find our pup, we will be "approved" by a 1/2 dozen or more shelters. I would think that this is a waste of resources for the shelters and that perhaps if Petfinder had a common application and they performed the reference checks (and home visit if necessary) that the adoptions would be faster and the mostly volunteer forces at the shelters can be freed up for other services. Just a thought as we anxiously await our fourth adoption inquiry.

1 review
4 helpful votes

I found a rescue group through called Purebred rescue of Florida. I had adopted a female gold dust terrier from them named Angel. I am not happy with them, I feel like I've been ''SCAMMED''. I sent a message the rescue about adopting one of their dogs three weeks ago. I asked them if I could meet the dog in person, they told me yes. I asked them for an address and they gave it to me, I drove to the shelter. When I got there and saw the dog, she looked very healthy. They gave me more information about the dog and told me that she was in great health. I went ahead and paid her adoption fee of $1,500 the same day. I brought the dog home and she constantly started vomiting. The dog stopped eating and got very weak, I took her to the vet the following day. The vet told me she had worms, I de-wormed her and I thought she was better, but apparently she wasn't. It turns out that she had ''PARVO, not once did the rescue mention that. The dog ended up being put down, I called the rescue and they wanted to act stupid like I was a liar. They basically called me a liar and told me she was healthy and did not have parvo. They refused to refund my money, they contacted the vet that put the dog down and called them liars too. I am looking forward to seeing them in court. I miss Angel so very much and want justice for her, that rescue knew she was sick.

1 review
0 helpful votes

''About two weeks ago I adopted a purebred Yorkshire terrier from ''Purebred rescue of FL through I drove to Brooksville FL from Little rock, Arkansas to pick the dog up from their rescue. The staff is fantastic, they treat their clients with nothing but kindness. It is hard to find a legitimate rescue group these days so I am grateful I found them. My only complaint toward the rescue is their high fee's.

Tip for consumers: ''I would highly recommend ''Purebred rescue of FL'' to anyone looking to adopt a dog.

12 reviews
10 helpful votes

I have gotten two dogs with petfinder with good resulta

14 reviews
10 helpful votes

Wanted a bull.terrier rescue and found my baby on this site thru a girl registered on it who is a rescue person. The dog came fully vetted and I was able to go see her in her home etc etc.

I am sooo thankful

1 review
3 helpful votes

I have inquired about dogs on this sight several times and never heard back from anyone other than somebody in Texas. It's a bit confusing to understand where these dogs actually are being fostered. I want to meet a dog before I adopt. I did get wise finally and just looked on the drop-down list of rescue organizations and shelters in my area and started looking there, but even then I still have gotten very few responses. These rescue animals need loving homes, so I don't understand the lack of responses. I would not recommend just browsing on Petfinder, if anything find your local rescue groups and go that route.

19 reviews
4 helpful votes

Petfinder connected me to a lot of people who were exploiting the site to find out information about me and where i lived. It was really awful. Please don't use it as this site is not unsafe by itself but it is full of unsafe people.

8 reviews
0 helpful votes


11 reviews
3 helpful votes

I found my girl Sophie on Petfinder. I would recommend it as the first place to go when looking for a companion animal. It has easy search options. Just key in your location, what type of creature you're looking for, breed, gender, age, size, optional questions are does your home have cats/dogs/children.
Then the site filters through and presents you with a photo album of animals who might fit the profile you've created. It's wise to record maybe four possibilities. Also remember that some shelters won't have an animal filed by name. Definitely have any case numbers as well.
I feel it's also good to have several options so you can make a better choice. You only know if a creature is a good fit for you by meeting them. Not just from an online description. An example, I was taken by a photo of a male dog at a local shelter. When I actually met him he was much larger than his picture suggested.
They also hadn't mentioned his tendency to hump humans. He was so wound up he ripped my jacket as I tried to snap on his leash. Sadly I had the warden take him back to his kennel. The story ended happy though...The pup in the next cage turned out to be a winner and has been with us for four years now.

Lyse O.
1 review
3 helpful votes

How can you adopt a dog when the shelter is in Vermont (close to my home) and the dog is still in Texas?
Found out when I requested a visit.
To add insult to injury I was told that there would be 2-3 applications
considered. Guess what? Don't you think that an application from a neighboring state to Texas would have more chance than me? I would think so. Just in terms of saving the transport cost to New England. No thanks, I'll adopt from my local shelter.

9 reviews
5 helpful votes

Great easy to use site to help connect people find their perfect pet. Love this site. Recommend it all the time.

1 review
3 helpful votes

They Suck No Customer Service !! We tried to adopt a pet from them & we just went to
Santa Cruz and Adopted a dog !!!
We filled out forms @ emailed into them & No Phone # to call & talk to any one !!!
We sent pictures of inside and outside got static about fence height
They are terrible to work with !!!

14 reviews
27 helpful votes

Petfinder is an inexpensive way some reputable shelters use to get animals adopted. That said, I wouldn't recommend using Petfinder to contact the shelter or to apply unless you don't want to be seriously considered. I can see the shelter's point of view - on the internet, no one knows if you are a dog. If you serious about adopting, then go to the shelter when they are open and talk to the volunteers, meet the animal, and if you are match then you'll have a new addition to your home. For all you know, there will be a better fit for your family at the shelter that was NOT on petfinder. That's what it's all about - family.

1 review
7 helpful votes

I want to adopt two kitten/cats, found a perfect pair through Petfinder. One of the directors from the charities conducted a phone interview with me, asking all sort of questions to assure that I would be a good cats adopter. She told me that I would be a good cat Mom and asked me to fill out an application form. One day after, she called me back and told me that her manager denied my application because I did not answer the question the way they wanted. (Are you kidding!!!!) She then told me that she has no power to make decision. What a joke.

1 review
9 helpful votes

Ridiculous expectations, Inquiries not responded to. Rude foster owners. You could have a child with less expectations. I've had pets my whole life and never had such a crazy experience. I will start looking for breeders but feel bad that I couldn't adopt a dog that needs a home now. What a waste of time.

1 review
3 helpful votes

I'm so sorry to have to get to this point, to have to write such a bad review after the deplorable circumstances.
My husband and I were approved to adopt a very sweet looking puppy. When we were squaring things away for the delivery, to our surprise we were hit with an email by this woman, who has the power to denied adoption, playing with our feelings and for the best interest of the puppy to have a loving, caring family.
She accommodated, constantly, to her needs, and sympathized with the lady who supposed to deliver the puppy. Never show interest in working with us.
I tried repeatedly to get in touch with someone. I do understand this is Christmas time, but will like a call from corporate, or someone.
I have all the mails to prove how sour and heartless this woman from Kentucky is. She abuse of her powers, judging us, and insinuating we were not telling the truth.
She obviously has a total lack of communication skills.

4 reviews
0 helpful votes

Just love to browse Petfinder where you can find any type of pet you are looking for.

1 review
2 helpful votes


11 reviews
0 helpful votes

We found our Rotti here and have had him for almost 8 years now! I totally recommend this site!

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