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27/180 Chaofa Rd
Chalong, Phuket 83130, Thailand
Tel: +66 76 282 808

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I paid about $400AUD for two nights accomodation at a hotel in hawaii and then I was hit for a $200AUD mandatory cleaning fee at check in. This fee was in no way disclosed at time of the booking process. When I called them to discuss on their "emergency" number, I was given an automated response to email which took days for them to reply, that's a terrible response to an emergency!!

They strung me on for weeks with their emails on a wild goose chase with nonsensical and unhelpful responses. AVOID this third party booking site - they are deceitful and atrocious!!!

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Should you cancel a reservation made at or be absolutely sure to get a cancellation number and email confirmation.

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Booked a room for 2 adults and 1 child on their site only to discover that they booked a room for 2 adults only one week before our trip to barbados.... Ended up having to cancel and rearrange the whole trip last moment and spend way more money... All they did was make their booking process issues mine. No customer care at all....NEVER AGAIN WILL I BOOK WITH THEM!

1 review
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You guys had me scared to death that I'd lost $900 on a hotel reservation in Reykjavik, Iceland. I booked in March 2016 for travel in September, 2016 through the website. About 3 weeks prior to departure, I came upon these horrible reviews & freaked out that I'd been scammed. But the hotel confirmed my reservation, knew my name & had my money. Absolutely NO PROBLEMS using

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We had an awful experience with Hotel.Travel. We booked and paid 60 USD for 1 night at the Capital Airport Hotel in Beijing. When we arrived to the hotel they searched for the reservation and confirmed us that they didn´t receive any booking for us from Hotel.Travel. We tried to call Hotel.Travel several times with no success. Since it was already 1am we didn´t have a choice but to pay again for the night (it cost us 20 USD more than the original booking). We contacted Hotel.Travel and the answer we received surprised us: they claimed that we didn´t show that day at the hotel. Finally, and after resending them the duplicated paid we had to make for 80 USD, they offered us to cancel the original reservation without any fee. We are still trying to get them to refund us not the 60USD for the booking but the higher amount we paid at the Beijing hotel. We wouldnt have spent that amount if it wasn´t for Hotel.Travel; too expensive for only 10 hours at a room.
I´m definitely not going to make any reservation with Hotel.Travel anymore; it was my first and last time. I highly recommend you to do the same.

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How can a website not have a 1-800 phone number ???? When I purchase a trip they charged my card not once but twice its been nothing but bull$#*! every since I purchase this trip they don't send the hotel any info that u be staying there !! Scammmmmm
They customers service is a joke they tell me they can't see they charged me over 1,200 for 3 days when the total was $600 for 3 notes really eat a $#*!
I had my bank manger call them they said they did not double charge but they did been 3 days and nothing been done to solve this problem
I use booking with no problems or bull$#*!
They won't charge u till u stay and they send your info over to the hotel right away and have a phone number u can call unlike hotel travel .com that u need international calling

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I booked a room in Penang Malaysia. At first it sent us the confirmation email saying the booking was successful. However, a person suddenly called saying that our transaction is needed to be verified by sending email of our personal details including the scaning copies of id and credit card to them. That is ridiculous! Hello?! How am I going to know this is a defraud or what? We called our issuing bank and the bank told us thst the transaction was already successful. There is no need to do anything to verify it especially by send our personal details which is dangerous.
Then the person from called again and talked in a very bad manner saying that if we didn't do as he said he will cancel our booking. Does just make a threat by calling? I was very disappointed with hotel
I will never ever use the website! Never!
My advice to , please take note this issue seriously or else you will keep on losing your customers!

1 review
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After booking my reservation online yesterday, through Hotel Travel, I read some bad reviews, which obviously concerned me very much!! I'd like to say that I received my confirmation AND even spoke to the hotel directly. My reservation is confirmed without issues. I'll update my review with a 5 star once I actually go on my trip, and thinking positive that it all goes well, without any problems! FYI the price for the room is awesome!!!

1 review
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We booked through last October for a 3 night stay in Amsterdam
I received 2 docs from them last year for our arrival this year June 15th/15.
One doc said "
Thanks for using our service.
Below is your current booking - June 15th - June 18th.
We arrived at the hotel on June 15th and were told HotelTravel had cancelled our reservation!
The hotel phoned and was told they cancelled our reservation because "it was an international credit card!??
The agency said they sent us an email saying they were cancelling our reservation.
I informed them when we got home that we never received said email and had our company IT guy look and there was no email in inbox deleted or trash
Many emails back and forth with H.T. changing their story in every email
At one point they said the booking was good until after check in.
I replied if that was the case there would have been no problem
More back and forth and lots of dishonesty.
I said in 1 email if we received said email why would we fly to Amsterdam and go to the hotel knowing the reservation was cancelled?!
We had the 3 nights booked for $982.00 Canadian.
It ended up costing us $1980.00 Canadian!!
Our travel agent phoned them and said their explanation made no sense.
He and his coworkers will not recommend this booking agency again.

Hotel Travel after reading this review declined to help me get my money back and persisted in saying they sent an email I never received.
As well they have never said why they cancelled my credit card
I used the same credit card at the hotel on arrival after finding that HotelTravel had cancelled our reservations and they had no problems with the card.
We paid an extra $1000 because of their cancellation.I am still requesting reimbursement.

3 reviews
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If I could give a zero star, I would. First off, they don't answer their phones, tried 3 times and go through menu, then there is nothing. Dead line!
I made a mistake when I arrived one day later to my hotel in Alberta, CAN and the folks there had a room, but I had to pay for it. They said, "Good Luck" with getting a refund or any such thing from this company. I tried calling, but cannot get through. I know it was my mistake, (early dementia), but to have no communication with them is very poor. Non existent customer service.
Do not use this company! I should have read these reviews first before booking with them. Never again!

1 review
3 helpful votes

I booked a hotel with them which they confirmed. They then sent an email advising they were unable to fulfill the booking. I therefore booked with another booking agent. When checking my travel itinerary I thought I would double check all details. On checking their site it stated the booking was confirmed and non-refundable. I telephoned and emailed them and they stated I had made two bookings. This was not the case. I am still in the process of trying to make sure the money is not taken from my account. Use this company at your own peril.

1 review
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I had trepidations about having booked the Fairmont Peace Hotel in Shanghai once I read all the negative reviews. I wrote the hotel to make sure I had a booking, and I did. Hoteltravel was cheaper than any other site and did the booking immediately. There were no hidden fees, to the best of my knowledge. My experience was entirely positive.

1 review
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Since my first review of Hotel Travel, I have to say that they responded immediately and as of today, they refunded my entire payment. I appreciate their effort by standing by their product. Obviously, their customer service is excellent after my review.

I would stay clear of either of these organizations. I booked a room at the Madrid Hilton through them on April 2nd...the charge went through immediately. On May 15, 2016, over a month later, I went to the Hilton to give my voucher and the Hilton informed me that Jac Travel/Hoteltravel had called them that morning and the Hilton had already sold out! Fortunately, I spoke Spanish and fortunately I was a Hilton member. They arranged another hotel close by and although it appeared nice enough, NOT THE HILTON AND I got bed bug bites all over. DON'T USE THIS WEBSITE!

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Please don't be fooled by the response to my review dated 4/4/2016. The response to my review does not address the issue I stated. Based on my review, the hidden/undisclosed fee was from and not the hotel. I was charged the additional undisclosed fee when I booked the hotel on the website - one week before I went to the hotel. I've attempted to resolve the issue with the company and they refused to provide a refund for the foreign transaction fee, so at this point I just want other customers to beware of this undisclosed fee.

1 review
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They don't refund your money 5 days prior to your arrival time. If anything happens and you try to change or cancel your booking they charge you for one night.

1 review
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This motel was perfect, we have nothing but positive things to say about the motel, the room, the staff, the views, the wine and appetizers on Saturday night. The price was very good when you compare it to other hotels/motels in the area. Your on the beach and close to all the other beaches and only 10 minutes from Clearwater beach. We would definetly stay here again

1 review
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I had a last minute meeting in Washington and searched the web for a decent hotel price. After two days of looking I was ready to settle for a $250 room when I found a HT offer on Tripadvisor for $100 at the Comfort Inn downtown. I couldn't believe it so I booked online and called the hotel the following day to confirm. It was true and the stay was perfect, it even included breakfast. I will definitely try them again. Very happy.

2 reviews
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I booked medina apartments in sydney 29.30 31 dec . But had to cancel due to trip timing changes. I actually went to travelodge maquarie park to cancel well before time. But ever since i have been chasing the hotel and to find out " why i still have not been refunded my 1272. 48. The aust contact is rude and hung up when i asked her location . The travelodge ( who manage the the apartments ) have been trying to help . But they said i have to chase the third party for the refund . I got no proper authority number and they suddenly cant find my booking . But still have the 1272.48 . So i have now got my bank to investigate this scam. NEVER USE A THIRD PARTY . DEAL STRAIGHT WITH THE HOTEL . THIS LOT IN PHUKET JUST STEAL YOUR MONEY AND DONT PAY UP

1 review
4 helpful votes

Other websites are no competition! This website has the lowest rate out there! Their customer service is excellent. They get exactly what I need when I make changes. Their changes reflect immediately and they are fast in their service. I can't say enough about this website! I tell every one of my friends and family about this site.

1 review
7 helpful votes

I booked a hotel in Phoenix, AZ through HotelTravel and then called the hotel a few hours later to verify my stay. They had no knowledge or confirmation whatsoever of my booking. The HotelTravel website said that my room was confirmed. With whom was it confirmed may I ask? The hotel had no knowledge of it, so I cancelled and booked with a reputable company. I have read other reviews on this site that had the same or similar problem. I had no idea that HotelTravel is based in Asia until after the fact. I am usually a smart consumer and take time to research companies that I do business with. This was my fault for booking a room in a hurry.

1 review
3 helpful votes

The worst booking experience I ever had. First time and last time booking through them. Had booked on many booking engines before and never had much issue with amendments, changes and even cancellation of bookings. This is based on reading and ensure that I read the booking terms and condition correctly each time.

"FREE CANCELLATION (100% refund) if you cancel or amend this booking before 23:59 15th Jan. 2016 (destination time). Cancellations or amendments made after 23:59 15th Jan. 2016 (destination time) will be subject to a hotel fee equal to the booking amount for one night."

I initially booked and paid in advance for 3 nights. The above to me is pretty clear that if I change from a 3 nights stay to a 2 nights stay after 15th of Jan, I will still be able to get one night refunded to me as I still need to pay at least one night due to the amendment. Due to some unforeseen reason I needed to cancel the 3rd night stay, didn't want to refund me. I'd even called and spoken to the hotel directly today on this matter. The hotel staff pretty much thinks that HotelTravel simply just don't want to refund the money. As the money is paid directly to HotelTravel, the hotel itself can't do much. Never ever going to book anything through this unreasonable travel website again. Should have read the reviews before my booking.
Just got a reply from HotelTravel and stating I cancelled the entire booking?! What a joke?! I amended it to two nights stay instead of three nights! NOT cancelling the entire stay! I also spoke to the hotel this arvo... they mentioned something about if I booked directly with the hotel there would be no problem with the refund. oh well all about customer experience isn't it?! Well once and that's enough....

1 review
3 helpful votes

I just need help and I can't get a single person on the phone or online. I have never dealt with such terrible service and never want to deal with you people again!!

The only good reviews are from people who didn't need customer service help. I need help making a simple change and their many numbers will only ring and ring. No one answers. No one is available for their online chat. No one gets back to your emails. I tried to cancel and just re-book with a different site, but they told me I would still be charged the full price of booking. Per the cancellation policy that was mailed to me, I still have 3 weeks left in the 100% return cancellation window! This is fraud. Never book with this site!

1 review
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I found a cheap price for a hotel that i wanted in wailea hi, which was so exciting. Went through and booked the hotel only to find out that even though they put a charge on hold on my credit card for the reservation yet the room that I reserved is sold out! Called them and they said they have another room available but it cost another $500 more. Ended up cancelling the reservation and now waiting to see if they will reverse the charges. Never again will i go through them.

1 review
1 helpful vote

We booked 2 rooms in Sanur Bali through hoteltravel and did not have one problem received comformation of booking straight away had to change detailes on booking so contacted them and it was done without any problem thank you for a great service

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