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Kogan.com has a consumer rating of 1.32 stars from 204 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Kogan.com also ranks 256th among Marketplace sites. The most common issues with Kogan.com are around customer service, which is not as good as expected by some customers.

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Positive reviews (last 12 months): 4.1%
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What reviewers want you to know

Positive highlights

  • i had phone and it got sent back for a refund they pay.
  • Once an item did not turn up (multiple items in 1 purchase).

Critical highlights

  • A absolutely useless for me, contact customer service, reply " it's Non Refundable Product "
  • I advised my bank details at that time then 2 weeks later Kogan deducted $99 from my account.
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Top Positive Review

“I have been buying from kogan for pass 12 months”

peter l.

I have been buying from kogan for pass 12 months. I have found there have wide range of products. There own kogan brand stuff i have purchased many things, everthing works great. I had phone and it got sent back for a refund they pay. No problems. Allways with kogan you just keep your mind on what your after, check and check. I don; t just jump in and buy i wait till i see it at the lowest possiable price and free shipping. If you wait long enough you will get both good price and free shipping. They are great with instant chats and stuff.

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Top Critical Review

“Not worth the stress”

Jay B.

THE WORST customer service I've ever experienced. Products are also dodgy. I bought a "Grade A" quality refurbished iPhone 7 and it was sent to me with a critical battery error. I had Kogan pay for a local shop to replace it for a new one. Weeks later my phone would get stuck in a boot loop and freeze if it died. I caved and had it sent back for repairs. It's been 6 days and they told me it will take another 8 days just to access the problem. After that they'll update me. WANKERS. Never again.

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customer service (47) 2 weeks (13) phone number (9) 5 days (12) credit card (11) email address (4) post office (4) 12 months (4) 14 days (4) refund (48) product (54) support team (4)
1 review
10 helpful votes
April 20th, 2020
THE WORST customer service I've ever experienced. Products are also dodgy. I bought a "Grade A" quality refurbished iPhone 7 and it was sent to me with a critical battery error. I had Kogan pay for a local shop to replace it for a new one. Weeks later my phone would get stuck in a boot loop and freeze if it died. I caved and had it sent back for repairs. It's been 6 days and they told me it will take another 8 days just to access the problem. After that they'll update me. WANKERS. Never again.
1 review
9 helpful votes
July 3rd, 2020
Ordered an item close to $1,000. Kogan chose to use the absolute worst freight forwarding company, Hunter Express, who do not take calls, Giv you a very open delivery time slot 1-2 days, still waiting. Two full days spent at home waiting and no goods. Because customers have nothing better to do with their time... So angry. I can take a picture of nothing because that's what's been delivered
1 review
13 helpful votes
June 21st, 2020
First time I was purchasing with them. On checkout, there is a small box I accidentally ticked which somehow signed me up to some ridiculous postage scam which they were accessing my bank account monthly without notice! Then it was difficult to cancel and I can't remove my credit card details from their site! Not worth the hassle! Absolute rip off!
1 review
22 helpful votes
February 12th, 2020
Seriously if I could give them minus stars I would. So angry right now, my fiancé and I bought our son a TV for Christmas, he was so excited when he unwrapped it but was soon disappointed to discover the screen cracked... you can not phone Kogan only email which is extremely frustrating. Today 8 weeks after they collected the broken TV his new one was delivered and surprise surprise the screen is smashed on it too. Very disappointed with Kogans customer care and we will NEVER purchase anything from them again
1 review
2 helpful votes
June 30th, 2020
1 review
0 helpful votes
July 26th, 2020
Online shopping, and the products descriptions are poor " may be deliberate " and when I got my order, after opening it out I knew straight away I don't want this, you simply can't refund your money! What I was getting is the crappiest Chinies products what you can get from there. Really bad quality, cheapest plastic worst design. I was refused the refund and plus Kogan changed me extra money without reason, you can not talk to anyone why, so needed to cancel my card! No notification of this or anything. I never would have seen it if I had not checked my bank. They keep harassing me with sales email and ads every day even though I was not giving my consent and was buying as a guest not registered with them.
1 review
13 helpful votes
June 2nd, 2020
I purchased some rubber training bands from Kogan. They provided me a tracking number, but this proved to be a bogus tracking number!
After 3 months the goods did not arrive. They promised a refund, but I have never received it.
After 4 more weeks of chasing for the promised refund the goods arrived. I sent them back unopened. They will not provide a refund as they claim the goods are not the same!
Liars and cheats. Never buy from Kogan, you will regret it if you do

Tip for consumers: Never buy from Kogan

1 review
5 helpful votes
March 30th, 2020
This company has the very worst service imaginable. You cannot contact them apart from emails. And i also feel like real people are not dealing with these emails as they keep repeating themselves regardless of what you say in your reply. Its kinda like they have not read your email or they just cant understand plain English. I have been left very frustrated and annoyed by my dealing with this company and would DEFINITELY NOT recommend them to my worst enemy.
1 review
10 helpful votes
May 3rd, 2020
I purchased a security camera system that will no connect to my router, you can not get into the system to trouble shoot, I contact Swann tech support who said I needed to return the item as it was faulty, 5 days later despite having a Swann Reference number, they have still not organised a return, and I have had to uninstall the hardware from the house? Pathetic service to say the least and one email per day if you are lucky
1 review
24 helpful votes
January 12th, 2020
My family waited more than 2 weeks for their lousy TV and we got NOTHING, I had to pay for my poor decision, I sent during this time heaps and emails with absolutely no reply. Ended up buying new TV...

1. No way to contact then or call them, it's impossible, they control you during the whole purchasing process, so if anything goes wrong you are DONE
2. Account dashboard is very outdated, and shipping status is fraud and fake!
3. Obvious lack of communication inside their departments, shipping, sales, orders, customer service they all not talking to each others

Simple they don't care, the worst online service I have every seen in my life.
What a waste of time and energy!
1 review
14 helpful votes
January 16th, 2020
Absolute piece of $#*!, bottom of the pile, garbage products. Sucked in once but never again. Not only arw their products garbage but their so called after sales service is worse than Telstra. That's bad. Don't waste your time or money. Spend the extra couple of hundred and buy a reputable brand. If you must shop on their website, just don't buy anything that is branded $#*!, sorry, Kogan. You'll regret it if you do.
1 review
12 helpful votes
April 21st, 2020
I make 2 purchases, and suddenly that gives Kogan the authority to spam my inbox multiple times daily with crappy deals. So then to STOP the emails, I have to log onto my account. But I tried to re-set my password, and the generic email you get from Kogan doesn't have any link or ability to reset the password. Uuummmm seriously?
And their CONTACT US form gives drop down menu options that don't relate to query. Whatever happened to a "OTHER ENQUIRY" option?
1 review
5 helpful votes
April 4th, 2020
Pixel gone on tv that's not even yr old. Having so much dramas with them. Should be just replaced. Will not by any thing of kogan again. So bloody angry. With this corona virus we all home bound and have a child whos 4 yrs old we need a tv

Kogan can get F now. If there was minus I would give KOGAN ONE;(
1 review
20 helpful votes
January 27th, 2020
A con man style company!
Promote a product called "Kogan First" for free 14 days, then $99 pa for those innocent customers who has not much internet shopping experience and only shopping for cheaper Kogan SIM card and nothing else. A absolutely useless for me, contact customer service, reply " it's Non Refundable Product "
A totally misleading sales!
Totally recommend Don't deal with Kogan, otherwise you will get a bunch of rubbish home!
1 review
1 helpful vote
June 12th, 2020
I have written 30 emails various texts and still no air/ heat conditioning unit, not working 3 service calls and 6 months waiting for replacement or refund. Bought unit 28/12/2019 delivered 15/01/2020 now 12/06/2020.
Probably the worst Australian company for service I have seen in 50 years.
Imagine if you were elderly and need to stay warm in winter. Only benefit saved money on electricity charges.
1 review
7 helpful votes
July 4th, 2020
I forwarded kogan the email from auspost saying they lost the item. Logged several online requests where most were ignored and response days later was that they can't refund until they investigate. I have already waited weeks over due date. I am so fed up And repeatedly asked for my money back but no luck. It's $500 which I can't afford to lose and go elsewhere.
Next time I will happily pay someone else the extra ten bucks than deal with kogan ever again
1 review
12 helpful votes
May 28th, 2020
BEWARE! Kogan present themselves as a single business, but actually are handing off responsibility for many purchases through their website to other suppliers. They say they will guarantee the delivery regardless, but it seems this guarantee is meaningless. Just try to get them to offer a refund for something where the supplier offers endless excuses for not delivering and doesnt even bother to answer their phones. Kogan offer no help and take no responsibility. They say on their website they will call if you ask them to, but they never will. They just hide behind lengthy email delays or dont even respond. Avoid dealing with Kogan. Buy elsewhere.
1 review
14 helpful votes
March 5th, 2020
Stayed home the whole day when they said delivery was out of warehouse (expected in today) and driver couldn't find the address, didn't have the courtesy to try and contact me at all. Had to wait another 4 days for it to be delivered. On both times customer support was also unapologetic about the matter (borderline arrogant even) about this issue. Don't even bother with this company will never touch them again.
1 review
22 helpful votes
December 15th, 2019
Made a purchase on 5/11/19 for item costing $29 with free delivery included. I advised my bank details at that time then 2 weeks later Kogan deducted $99 from my account. Unable to contact a real person to discuss this matter. Have gone the old fashioned way and sent a letter to them. I don't expect a reply. My bank has blocked my card and issued a new one to me and will be following up the dispute of this transaction. Definitely underhand tactics to defraud my account.
1 review
2 helpful votes
May 5th, 2020
I ordered a product online (which took FOREVER to turn up) to only realise that 30 days later after not reading the T&Cs correctly that I was charged an ongoing monthly subscription fee. If i wasn't on top of my bank account i would never have realised I had signed up for that - the clause is hidden right in the body of the T&Cs. I cancelled my unknown subscription immediately and reached out to Kogan who hid behind their T&Cs clause and said I should have read the full contract before hitting accept. Scam. Never buy from them.
1 review
5 helpful votes
March 3rd, 2020
Kogan offers dispatch dates and then moves the goal post without informing you (except when you log in to see if item had been dispatched already, as the date originally promised had passed).

To top it, there is no number to call them and find a reason for this extension (4 weeks) on delivery.

POOR customer focus
1 review
0 helpful votes
June 3rd, 2020
Ordered a sofa bed through Kogan. One half of it arrived on time. The other half seems to be in a black hole somewhere. The support keeps sending me around in circles and won't let me submit a report or enquire and their courier company has no information on the missing part.
1 review
0 helpful votes
May 21st, 2020
I purchased several clothes hangers from Kogan.com, which did not come cheap, believing I was buying quality. How wrong I was... it was just poor Made in China crap, flimsy, thin, unhandy... I had to struggle to put a T-shirt on one of them. Of course, I returned the item, but I had to pay the return postal fees and I was also charged by the seller with a "change of mind" fee. On top of everything, they're spamming my email address every day with commercial advertising! Don't take anything from them even if they give it to you for free!
1 review
4 helpful votes
February 14th, 2020
Purchased two London lounges they are so uncomfortable you can not lay on them without a cushion. They don't come with cushions and the joins jab into your back. $300 down drain Kogan customer service only said we could return them at our cost. Never buy from Kogan crap product! Crap service!
1 review
11 helpful votes
March 1st, 2020
When u have an issue email only not even phone number or live chat i would give no stars bot 1 is the lowest u can give been waiting over a month 4 tv says shopping info recived but never sent package

Q&A (10)


Super difficult. No phone line. After you emailed them you have to wait for Kogan coming back to you. Normally after two days.

By Amy D.
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They dont want you to contact them they just want your money

By Gavin P.
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Not only rubbish customer service, they won't give you a refund if your product doesn't arrive. - Check these out - https://www.accc.gov.au/media-release/kogan-in-court-for-alleged-false-or-misleading-discount-advertisements https://www.choice.com.au/shopping/consumer-rights-and-advice/your-rights/articles/kogan-returns-and-refunds-issues I learnt the hard way so save your safe the time and stress and go elsewhere.

By Stephen M.
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Ring the bank to stop the transaction and iniate a query of same.

By Stephen H.

I would suggest that Kogan have not delivered to Kogan in a timely manner

By Stephen H.

Yes... most of the mainland Chinese options. Such as taobao or gearbest

By Simon I.

They became famous here locally many years ago when they were the first to offer relatively cheap large flat screen TVs. Since then, in Melbourne they are a widely known option. After customer service I had lately though I will not be going back

By Simon I.

Says that courier is not supported by tracking. IF FASTAWAY GOT YOUR PARCEL GOID LUCK WITH GETTING IT ON TIME!

By Mim M.

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