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Rose M.
1 review
“Its a SCAM!!!”

Made a purchase from proflowers. Never got a refund for shipping and was never informed this was a "membership"!!! Terrible company! Police should be involve.

1 review
“This is a SCAM”

When I ordered ink products from HP store , website popped up and promised $10.00 refund. It seemed it came from HP Store. I filled up he required info to get the $10 refund. I found out out that they charged me $1.97 for trial initial membership. I called and told them to cancel immediately and they did it.



1 review

Scam!!!!!! Scam , scam , scam. Scam. Scam. Scam. Scam. Scam........ Scam. Scam Scam.. Scam ..Scam.

Camber W.
1 review

I bought an exercise supplement, and was brought to this site saying I could get free shipping. I was unaware that there was a membership fee. I got charged by this company TWICE and didn't even receive a rebate. It's a scam. $15 wasted......makes me so mad.

Maria R.
3 reviews
“Fell twice for this, never got a penny back”

Truly shame on me.
First time I did not get a rebate because I submitted late (really?). I quit I joined again (how dumb is that? )
Second time I thought I order so much online that would now get my membership paid and more, even make up for lost prior membership.
Got nothing, obscure rules, more money lost.
I have no idea if this scam is still up.

Curtis B.
1 review
“They made it right”

I wrote a scathing review (1 star) because of our experience with

I managed to find the right person in who handled our case. My request for a full refund of 5 months of charges was satisfied by Mike Procaccini (Samantha was also involved), and I have verified that all the requested refunds HAVE been credited to our credit card.

Therefore, I declare publicly, that DOES care about their customers' concerns and WILL make it right when given a satisfactory explanation and the chance to take remedial action.

The message here is: has the required integrity to provide their customers with confidence.. IF you sign up for their service, be sure you know what you are doing, be aware that there are MANY satisfied members and if you fit into the profile of frequent internet buyers, this might be a good service to subscribe to. Make sure you can justify the monthly charge.

I am officially notifying the world that they HAVE SATISFIED my concerns. Thanks Mike and Samantha.

Aazz S.
1 review

I called the Free shipping customer service before asking for the rebate of $10 on a perfume I had bought. I asked them how it works and why they're asking for my credit card info. The representative said I'm going to be charged $1.97 to get that rebate but he never mentioned that I'm supposed to be subscribed to their service and pay $12.99 monthly. It was not explained in the terms and conditions either.
I realized that after 3 months of payment. It's not definitely worth it!!

Jan A.
1 review
“A lesson in reconciling credit card statements.”

When my husband realized I was paying my credit card bills without reconciling I had to start. Right off I found a charge I didn't recognize. It was When I called them about it the woman started asking for a lot more personal information. I halted the interview and asked that the (almost) $100 charge be removed. Her attitude was flippant. I hadn't cancelled according to the terms of the agreement so there would be no refund. I didn't even know I'd signed up! She said it was back in Oct of 2009! So I'd been making payments to this outfit for almost 9 years and didn't even realize it! This is a really good lesson in reconciling credit card statements. At first challenged the credit my card gave me but eventually I prevailed.

Blake S.
1 review
“Does cusomer service exist?”

Emailed a few times to and no reply. Have a list of receipts for cash back and come to find out that minor discounts received on the products aren't eligible for cash back...when most products can be purchased with some sort of discount. Would not recommend

Bethany R.
1 review
“Charged 15 months for nothing!”

Was automatically signed up for their "service" after buying a gift for my grandparents. Didn't realize it for 15 months and was charged $12.97 a month for absolutely nothing! When I contacted their customer service, I was told it was my fault for not checking my credit card better. Total scam! Stay away form this company!

Tim J.
1 review
“Response from FreeShipping C., FreeShipping Representative Responded 1 day, 9 hours ago”
• Updated review

Emailed the Representative and haven't heard back from them so I suspect they didn't really mean what they wrote in a reply to my review offering a full refund.

If they offer a full refund I'm willing to edit and upgrade my review of freeshipping. However if it's BS then I stand by my one star review of deleted my freeshipping account and sent an e-mail about they would issue a refund for approx. $52.00 out of the $190.00+ dollars charged my visa credit card.

This company needs to be reported to your attorney general of the state of which you reside as their business practice is illegal.

Tip for consumers: Amount I was charged was refunded so everything is ok.

“Was't aware I was signed up with this shipping service for 15 months”
• Previous review

I don't remember signing up for free and my Visa Credit Card was charge $12.97 for 15 months without me being aware it was being charged. I haven't actually every used their service.

Adding the charges up total came to$194.55 of which I received 15 x refunds for $12.97

I'm only giving a three star review as I've never used their service and unable to comment any further about it.

Note: Once you sign up for this service there will be no monthly notice or billing involved which may lead to not being aware your signed up for their freeshipping service which AFAIK are shipping fee rebates and not actually discounts on shipping.

Krystal W.
1 review
“Cancel and refund?”

I don't recall signing up for this website. I don't order online but have been, unknowingly, charged $12.96 for months. How do I cancel and get a refund? Very displeased.

E S.
1 review
“Works perfectly, but they should change their customer acquisition practices”
2/20/18 works exactly as advertised. If (and that's a big IF) you understand the monthly fee structure and read the terms then you will know what you are signing up for and it is unlikely that their service leaves you unsatisfied. They are responsive, and run a trustworthy business which is worth it for those who do online shopping a few times at month and are willing to spend a few minutes to find the best deal (which is not always the even if you have free prime shipping).
That being said, they don't do a good job in helping you understand the monthly fee, and terms of service. The pop-up that they use to acquire customers at several third party websites, should show in large fonts and in several steps that this is a monthly service for which the customer will be charges $12.97 unless they cancel within trial period. And for the first time users they should let them submit the documents for shipping rebate up to several months after purchase, because many customers don't know how Freeshipping works and it may take time for them to find out they need to pay for the shipping at the time of purchase but can submit documents after the purchase to get a shipping rebate.

Deborah G.
1 review
“NEVER signed up for this .”

I was charged, yes, $12.97 for what? I never signed up for this service and from all the reviews I've read, over 300 people have unknowingly been charged this fee. When I called Freeshipping, the representative asked for my debit card number. WOW. I don't order online, so I don't know how this happened. I don't scam people, but your company must be raking it in and it is criminal. Unfortunately, I will have to call again to cancel something I never signed up for in the first place.

Mirtha M.
1 review
“big rip off!!!”

I initially got on for a $15.00 rebate I was suppose to get. never got it and called them a few times. they don't return emails. either. they are quick to charge your account but take months to pay out claim. so by the time you get your $10.00 claim they've already charged you $12.99 three times on your account.

David K.
1 review

I purchased parts from Sears and noticed an offer of a $10 rebate for trying this service. I received the information from them and noticed that the service was going to be billed at $12.97 per month. I cancelled immediately, but was charged $1.97 for my trial 7-day period. Because I cancelled immediately, my trial period turned out to be one day, and they now have no record of my account. No rebate, even though it was promised, but I still had $1.97 charged to my account for NOTHING!! BEWARE!!! Do not sign up for this. Even though I received an email stating that my account was cancelled, I will still be checking my credit card statement carefully for any $12.97 charges.

Cody Z.
1 review

I never knowingly signed up for this and unfortunately had 3 charges before I even noticed it. They say I signed up when I ordered some checks online. Obviously they get you to sign up in a sly way because I never even knew I signed up. They suck. That is all.

Lida S.
1 review

This shipping website is the worst. I was on Kohl's website and thought I was getting a $10 rebate for something I bought from Kohl's .. But instead I got a $12.97 membership fee. First off I called and told them there is free shipping with almost all companies why should I pay, and they kept telling me that they have sent a cancelation email which i still don't see. I don't believe them and yes I have checked spam. Hello , why would I pay for shipping fee when there is prime amazon , and other stores that provide free shipping, with certain amount of purchases. you better give me my credit soon. I found it odd that its been taking longer than two days to get my credit back. This company is annoying and a charlatan.

Moneer S.
1 review
“Best Online shopping assistant tool”

Been using freeshipping for the past 4 months. Unfortunately and fortunately for me, wife shops like a crazy (a little of that is me shopping too). Using free shipping, I have been able to save a few hundred $ so far. cant complain.

m m.
1 review
“Pleasant on the phone while cancelling”

I found this charge on my credit card. Family member had signed up and we hadn't used it- so the rep agreed to refund all my money. It worked very well.

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