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m m.
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“Pleasant on the phone while cancelling”

I found this charge on my credit card. Family member had signed up and we hadn't used it- so the rep agreed to refund all my money. It worked very well.

My T.
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“Read the terms of anything before you enter your credit card info!”

FYI: This is NOT intended for anyone who signed up through the Amora offer. I don't know the details on that, but after some searching, it looks like that deal is over, which says a lot about it.
I hope that most of this will help those who haven't signed up yet & those who blindly signed up (again, not the Amora people). Blindly, I'm sorry, that is harsh, but c'mon, it's true. "pestered, pushed, etc." into signing up? It's a pop-up, people. You are signing up on your own free will, for goodness sake. I'll admit, I've done it in the past with something else, & learned the hard way, but lay the fault at my own feet, unless things were literally hidden & unavailable. That isn't the case here at all.
The main thing I see people upset about is the: $12.97/month fee. Being "stolen from? scammed?" Its right upfront! You can not sign up without having your eyes pass over it, in normal font size, with the heading in Bold, as you're filling out the information.
Either way, why is anyone giving their credit card information, especially to a company they know nothing about, without reading all the terms? Its a hard pill to swallow, but take responsibility. After learning my lesson with things like this, I wait (its so tempting to jump right in!) until Im sure Ill make at least $25/month to make the monthly fee worth it & until I know I'll have the time to be on top of every possible way to earn money, because unlike most similar sites, it offers way more than just click-throughs.
The other reason Ive seen is that they must wait up to 60 days after a purchase to get a check. This is the same with Ebates & other similar sites Why? Most stores will not pay fs, Ebates, etc. until its been 60-90 days & you havent returned the item. Thats understandable.
As for the fee itself, it can be seen in a number of ways. Since I've had the fortune & misfortune of owning my own business in the past, I see it as this: 1) They are a business. 2) Overall, if you shop a lot on line, they pay out a LOT more than the other sites like Ebates. Ebates is for average online shoppers. I was on it for 7 years, still use them some, explanation coming, and with all my tons of shopping, I never got anywhere near the $1000+/year! Complaining they have a cap of $1000? And, when it is in their terms of Service? I didn't even make $1000 after 7 years with Ebates!
How do they give people so much in return if they aren't making any money? Yes, fs gets paid by the stores for every person who shops through them. But, if people don't shop, they get nothing. Plus, unlike other similar sites, you always get 10% back. NOTE: spending refers to the specific shops that are affiliated with fs, not all of your online spending. Spending up to $130/month? (your net, $13 fee - $13 , net earned = $0), this definitely isnt for you. Spending $300/mth? (Earn $30, Net $17 @ fs. As opposed to earning approx $6-$15 from the average 2-5% back paid by other sites), this might be for you. Spending $400 or more? $27+ net? You tell me.
For me, personally, I see the $12.97 an incentive to keep me focused & on track. But even more, $12.97 is MUCH Less than the gas I would spend driving to all these stores! I removed 1 star because I do have to spend more time than I think I should, making sure I get everything I can from every order. I know they could set up the system to make things more streamlined. Although, it is Work, a job that I'm getting paid for! How can anyone complain? As with most income, you must earn it. And most jobs would cost you more than $12.97/mth in gas & uniforms, etc.
I use Ebates, as well as a couple of other sites, by quickly comparing against fs 10% and what their extensions show me when they pop up at check-out (see more on that below). And, if you shop on line a lot, getting paid for doing so, it's worth every minute! I'm disabled, can't drive or walk much, so I do all my shopping, other than perishables, for myself & family, on line: at least 3 orders/week off season. Christmas, at least double. No, Im not rich by any means. Just think about how often you stop by the grocery store, pharmacy, Big box store, etc. every week. I just do that on line. And Im sure, like me, many of you spend more than $400/mth on these things.
If less than $400/mth isnt going to change soon, go check out Ebates /RetailMeNot/Piggy/Honey (for Ebates, go through one of the many referral links on here from other reviewers. I'm not going to compete, LOL. I dont see these, so here are links for Piggy- (I get a referral bonus, you'll probably earn more than on Ebates, usually offering 1-3% more) & Honey @ With Honey, you dont get much for your shopping, but using the extension on Amazon will save you a ton of money (I average $0.50 - $6.00 per item): it automatically shows you who has the lowest price for any given product. Awesome! What a time saver & assurance that you are getting the best deal! Again, if you want to get the most out of these, use them all. With the extensions for each one, you'll know immediately who you'll get the most money on any shopping trip.
I've used all of those for a long time & they fit best for low-medium online shoppers. Or, for those who simply dont like the idea of paying a monthly fee, no matter how much you make.
I really do hope this helped at least a few people. Writing this took me a while & it wasn't just because I hope I'll get at least 1 referral, LOL, which really was an afterthought near the end. If you see I'm just another person on here trying to save/make as much as I can (disability checks are a joke!), please use those referral links. If I just irritated you, or whatever, I still urge you to sign up on your own to get the most back from your shopping! Good luck out there! Remember, you are the only one who can protect yourself. Caveat Emptor Buyer beware.
Good Luck & Happy Shopping!
Sample of the term of SERVICE: The Most Important thing to read, probably 3 times over like I did, which is on the same page where you enter your credit card, so that you have all the info before signing up. There are a LOT of reasons you might not get money back. Such as, and these are JUST A FEW, NOT ALL:
Reasons why a participating retailer may not report a purchase to us, including but not limited to the following actions on your part:
o You go directly to the retailers website without using links.
o You complete multiple transactions without returning to our website.
o You contact a participating store to change, cancel, or return an order.
o You fail to abide by the restrictions imposed by a participating retailer. To view a specific retailers restrictions, please click the cash-back restrictions link on that retailers page, or click the Cash Back Restrictions footer link on the member website.
>This one is huge. almost a deal-breaker, until I found enough shopping sites I use that rarely/never have coupons anyway. There are coupons, but only through the guidelines, some of which are here:
You use an external coupon that was not found on a participating retailer's page at the time of your transaction. To ensure that your purchase will be eligible for cash back, only use the coupon offers found on a participating retailer's page.
Any of these actions, will NOT be eligible for cash back. These are NOT ALL the reasons:
Orders that are returned will not be eligible for cash back.
Any order that is deemed a high-volume/reseller order, in FreeShipping.coms sole discretion, membership benefits are only available to personal, non-commercial purchasers.
Purchases of gift cards and/or e-gift cards.
If any item in your order is purchased with a gift card, store credit or store "cash", that purchase, in its entirety.
Purchases that contain items "shipped to store. Your purchase must be shipped to a residential, non-retail location.

Thomas B.
1 review

This company is a scammer. They have been fraudulently billing my credit card. The charges have been reversed. There are stiff penalties for mail fraud. Why not internet fraud?

Laura D.
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I too seemed to have been charged 3 different times 12.97 for shipping that IDID NOT sign up for. I don't even remember going into this website... SUCH A SCAM. I don't know what I ordered that would require this.

Alecia A.
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“Charged me 3 times for $12.97”

My bad for not checking my bank statements better However, I never authorized this company to bill me! They charged me 3 separate times, for $12.97. No clue why they even billed me. Never using this site ever again, never even got the rebate I was supposed to get. Total BS. Sent them an email requesting they refund my money, otherwise I'm disputing with my bank.

Megan G.
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“Had no idea of charges”

So I thought I was trying some coffee from Amora coffee, terrible btw. Amora charged me then 68$ a month for terrible coffee. I then go back to look at my statements from the holidays and notice a 12.97$ charge. WTF! I never visited the site but they got me from the 1$ amora coffee trial and continued charging me. NEVER TRUST THESE PEOPLE!!!!

don s.
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“appears to be another scam”

Got pestered to sign up while on omaha steaks website saying I would get free shipping and $20 so I did the trial but of course when placing my order none of this was true

Jacob M.
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I purchased over $10,000 during the holiday season, my account was shut down saying it is only for personal use! Did not get my $1,000, stick with Ebates, it's free and they actually pay you!

Michele S.
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“Major scam”

Whatever you do, do not use I usually know better then this to fall into the trap of companies like this, but unfortunately had a weak moment one night and clicked the button for their service. Once I did I was being charged $12.97 to my charge card. Once I realized this, I immediately called them and had it stopped. They did reverse the charges without hesitation, but ironically I now have fraud on the very card that this was hitting. And interesting enough all my other charges are with reputable companies. So, my suspicion lies with Do not trust them with your information. They are nothing but a scam. So I guess they will stick it to you one way or another, either by $12.97 a month or rip you off by stealing your information and charging a bunch of charges on your credit card! Thank God my cc company realized it and put a stop to all the charges.

Jia L.
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“Won't let you know that you reach your maximum cash back amount of ($1000)”

Beware there is a $1000 limit cashback which they do not let you know about it. I made over 20+ transactions during Thanksgiving/ Black Friday and now they declined all of them because according to them I reached my annual maximum cash back amount which they did let me know that I have reached. How am I supposed to know and keep track of the amount that I have received so far? Plus, they decline your cash back after like one month of your transaction which is very deceiving and misleading. If they would have let me know I did, I would not have made all the purchases with it and use Ebates instead; which is free service unlike this. Very bad customer service; they do not take responsibility for the fault in the program.

heather h.
1 review
“What a scam!”

I had two fees for this service on my credit card. They refunded me in two seconds without even asking why I wanted to cancel. When I asked how it got on my card, they said I registered for their service when I was on the Kohl's website. I absolutely did not! My next email is to Kohl's!

Hugo H.
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“Fair, Serious Company with Outstanding Ethics and Customer Journey Experience Focused”
• Updated review

My original review did not start well at all. But after a rough start, I am extremely happy with the service that I received from

I am perplexed that there are still great companies out there like that take the time to listen to their customers and do right when it is fair and possible. After my original review, Freeshipping offered me a full reimbursement for the eight months my credit card was charged. This is more than fair because I never used and I never applied for any rebate while I accept responsibility because I should have noticed this charge from the first month but I took 8 months to figure it out.

I am sure that if it was any other company, I would have most likely never been contacted and if I was, it would have been in the form of a simple apology for any misunderstanding. This was not the case with, as they went far beyond than what I expected. After receiving my refund, I know that they believe in what they are offering to their customers and are not out there to take advantage of anyone, as perhaps I may have implied in my original posting. I didn't know better.

Perhaps the only thing that they could improve is to think of better ways to grow their customer base. Many times it is better to grow slow but with customers that are actually into their service than too many that may end up signing up lured by a different product (in my case, I wanted to get a free sample of Amora coffee). These type of customers (like me) will most likely not know about the service Freeshipping is offering and will later dispute charges they were unaware of .

Having said all the above, when I have a bit of time, I will see if I can use in the future because I believe that companies like this should be given all chances to be successful.

Thank you Freeshipping for listening and helping me. I appreciate that.

“While I am waiting for my refund”
• Previous review

FreeShipping contacted me about refunding my payments since I really never used their service. In the meantime while I am waiting for my reimbursement to show on my credit card, I am updating my review. I believe that FreeShipping's offer to reimburse me for the full amount of my payments is fair and it is by far much more than what most companies out there would do for anybody. I am just waiting for my refund now and that alone is a 5-star service. When I have more time in the near future, I will probably analyze if I could benefit from their service. I will update my review later but so far, this company is serious and cares about the customer journey experience, which is very important nowadays.

“"FreeShipping" is misleading”
• Previous review

Apparently I had signed up with them for Amora coffee. I cancelled Amora and I never remembered this "" site. For months I was charged $12.95 a month for something and today I finally called this number 800-515-9185, when I got to carefully see my credit card statements. The lady that answered the phone arrogantly said that I had signed for this service and that in order to get "cashbacks" (I didn't even know what the site was all about), you must make claims and that I had to read the fine prints about their service. I threw away my money for something that I never used and didn't even know it existed. Notice that the reason why I say that this is bad its because of the way they get customers to sign up. Very unclear, not transparent, not to mention that other companies offer similar services for free. I have finally gotten around to cancel this! Be aware, do not let the word "free" fool you. To me, "" is related to shipping something for free. Very disappointed.

Lydia G.
1 review
“These people are the world's biggest thieves.”

Part of this may be my fault for not meticulously checking my account every month. It was never a huge amount stolen from my checking account, so it got missed. Every month for months on end they were stealing from me. I went to my bank and they eventually got 2 months worth back for me. I got a new credit card, a new debit card and thought that would be the end of it. NO, it's not. Now they are back again stealing from my checking account. How is this possible? I never signed up for this disaster and have sure never used their services. I want them to cease and desist. But apparently they can get away with it. I'm beyond angry. I'm livid.

Mike T.
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Only after my I had to cancel my card due to unrelated fraudulent activity did I look over my charges closely enough to find a charge from freeshipping. When I contacted them and asked for a supervisor, sure enough the woman said she was the supervisor and there was no one above her. Not a single email or letter from them over the course of almost a year, yeah that doesn't seem shady at all.

Da T.
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“This is an awesome site (really!)”

At first I thought this was a hoax or a scam but I gave it try. I decided to stick with it for a couple of months and if I got nothing fine. But then then first $10 check rolled in cool. Then $23, then $16, then $25, then a whopping $485 (thanks to buying a couple of big ticket items during a 20% bonus offer).

I like it so much I got my wife into it and we love the fact we can reimburse $10 for shipping and $10 for return shipping plus any cash back rewards.

I knocked off one star but every once in a while tracking fails. It doesn't happen often but it does happen. You also have to keep track that they reimburse you for all submitted claims (they do process about 95-99% of what I send in though). Customer service via phone isn't the greatest but that's ok. I can usually get what I need taken care of over email.

Overall have been with them 2 years and I get most my cash back during their 20% cashback promo's they have during the year. I usually spend about $120 in monthly fees but I max out their cash back (I think it's $1000) yearly (not including all the shipping rebates) so I think it's a fair deal.

Chris S.
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“Very surprised by these reviews.”

I'm not understanding a lot of these complaints and confused consumers.

You pay 12 bucks a month to be able to shop for 10% off with free shipping at your favorite stores. Sometimes during the year they do 20% off and that's a great deal PLUS free shipping. If you are old fashion and don't do a lot of purchasing online , this may not be for you, but if you enjoy having your shopping done online with free shipping to your house and 10% off anything you purchase at all the name brand stores, it is definitely worth it.

Everything is just as described thus far, I have not been mislead or taken advantage of and I'm wondering if a lot of these people just don't pay attention to what they are doing and get angry about their own ignorance.

1 review
“This company is a HOAX”


tony k.
1 review
“don't use it, it terminates your account and cancel all rewards”

they will terminate your account and cancel all the rewards if they found you have too much reward transactions.
and customer service will only tell you "all your rewards were canceled and your account was terminated".

pat r.
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“You have to keep track of your transactions yourself”

Very time consuming to keep track that they record all your purchases. if you use a store's coupon, you don't get the rebate. i would join for the christmas season when i do a lot of shopping online, but don't know if they will allow me.

Jamie B.
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“They took me for over $350!!”

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