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Daryl S.
1 review
“Monkeys could deliver parcels faster!”

Daryl Sevenhuysen I ordered some ram from Newegg in the US on the 29th of Dec with a time frame of 4-7 business day delivery. Last tracking update was that it was in Melbourne on the 6th of Jan. I have contacted the Customs Broker DAI Post and they say it was short shipped and that it was not included in the shipment that arrived on the 6th of Jan. I contacted DHL who refuses to even initiate an investigation without it being initiated by Newegg. Newegg, when I phoned them today, said that my replacement claim may take at least 1 week before they can finish the investigation and dispatch a replacement and the resolution is not yet in sight.

Jonathan L.
4 reviews
“Decent courier”

So far I have received 4 out of 4 packages I had shipped via DHL. So, basically they haven't lost any of my packages yet. Unlike UPS, who lost my package and did not even attempt to find it (i found it on my own, NO thanks to UPS). The last package I had delivered via DHL got delayed by 3 weeks, but our local customs was at fault for that and not DHL.

- if you have issues with DHL, send a message via their contact us link on their website and ALSO call the local DHL office (just make sure you have the relevant tracking number).

Matti R.
1 review
“Never, ever use DHL. The worst thing is that they lie to you.”

I ordered a package from Finland to Japan. The package left Finland Dec 20 and arrived to Japan Dec 22nd. DHL tried to deliver the package late afternoon on 22nd. I came home in the evening and opened their web page which said that the package has been forwarded to partner company. There are many delivery companies in Japan.

So, I waited the deliverycompany to contact me. They usually do it in maximum 2 days. I waited Dec 23rd and 24th. On 25th I contacted DHL by phone and they still had my package. I re-scheduled the delivery to the morning of 26th. Nothing came. I called them again and they told me there has been some misunderstanding and they can deliver it 4 hours later. The distance to my home is 30 minutes by car.

Never, ever use this company.

Claire D.
1 review

This company does not know their business. We were convinced to use DHL ( this choice is where we went wrong) for an international shipment after being told that this was DHL's speciality. We read the "DHL Country Guide" and completed our paperwork correctly. We purchased extra insurances on the advice of DHL's rep who said if ANYTHING went wrong we would be covered. When the goods arrived at customs in the ship to country they seemed to disappear. We completed mounds of extra paperwork, had our lawyers look at it and returned the required paperwork as per DHL's instruction. Goods still "unavailable"
After endless follow up we were told the goods were going to be returned to us--ok we could live with this. Again after continual calls and follow up emails we were then told the goods could not be returned but they could not be delivered either!!
I then tried to initiate an insurance claim and was told by the same DHL rep that as the goods were not damaged the insuranced did not apply. This is the same person who said the insurance would cover if anything went wrong!!!
We have learned a very difficult and expensive lesson with DHL--their reps misrepresent things, they do not know their business and they make promises they cannot keep.
FedEx may be a bit more expensive but they know what they are doing---again my advice NEVER Use DHL.

Christian D.
8 reviews
“Hard to believe these guys are still around”

Shipped a package overseas and DHL demanded all kinds of documentation or they would not deliver. Mind you, they started pitching a fit when the package was in Germany. I had them return it to me in the USA and I reshipped the same package FedEx without issue.

m v.
1 review
“Never choosing dhl again. Terrible experience”

I mailed one 2 pound package from a DHL storefront in USA to Bangkok which cost 115 dollars, although the website said it would be around 60-80 dollars. It made it to Bangkok within a few days but upon arrival, it was held up in customs. A DHL rep called around 3 days later and left a message saying they did not know why it was being held, they would try calling the handlers in Bangkok to find out. Instead of just sitting and waiting, I called the recieving party and had them call the DHL that was holding the package. Turns out all they needed was some info from the receiver. Why did they not just call her, since the recievers number is written on the invoice? Ok. So a week after arriving at customs, after the help of the sending and recieving parties, they got the info they needed to release the package from customs. Next, when they sent it out for delivery, they told the reciever there was over 200 dollars in addidional fees and taxes before they could release it to her. Or the package would be destroyed. This amount was completely ridiculous since the value of the package was around 100 dollars so I told DHL we wouldn't pay it. I asked why its so expensive and they told me because of the weight (16.73 Kilograms).... So I guess somehow the DHL added a package to my shipment along the way. Now they are emailing ME, NOT THEIR DHL BUDDIES for a transit receipt, which I do not have. So now it has been 2 weeks, the package is spoiled and I am still waiting for the people at DHL to correct their mistakes. And the phone line takes 45 minutes to get a representative. I WILL NEVER CHOOSE DHL AGAIN!

“Worst delivery experience ever”

The worst delivery experience ever. I get my day of homeworking specially to get my parcel on time and the only thing I get is the message that I was absent and so the parcel couldn't be delivered. The very same thing the very next day. This time, once I get the message that due to my absence the parcel couldn't have been delivered, I phone straight away to their local call center. After minutes spent at phone and confirming that the address was good, the only thing I'm offered is to go pick up my parcel the next day only after 16:00! The only explanation that I got for this situation was that the indication of the appartment (4/3) was not clear. I don't know how about the others but for me it's building 4 appartment 3. What else could that be? Moreover, I gave them a seperate number of my mailbox on which it's stated at which appartment number I live). Just for comparison, the very same days, we received two packages via local post and UPS - without any problem. Zero professionalism and poor help at their call center. TO AVOID.

Boston M.
1 review
“They screw up, now im out $60”

I ordered something online, for some reason i have to sign for it even though i didn't ask to. So in a confirmation text i received it told me i had to sign for it all of a sudden. So since I probably wasn't going to be home when they deliver it they gave me the option to have it delivered somewhere else. I changed it to my office. Behold I get a text saying they attempted to deliver it.....they tried to deliver it to my house even though i had the address switched. Since it was Friday the next day they will try to deliver it is Monday, but that is a problem because i need it on Sunday. I tried calling them but they couldn't get a hold of the driver right away and then when they did get a hold of him he was "too far away" to fix their stupid mistake. I had the option to drive over an hour away to pick it up at their shipping center. UNBELIEVABLE....I paid $20 for shipping just so I could get it in time but then they screw up and won't fix it. Now im out $60

Nadya N.
1 review
“Never DHL”

DHL- your service is horrible!!! I totally agree with Stefan Pohn, that you have to fire all you "support" people. In addition, if you have never replayed to complain on your site what is the point to provide this option?! The parcel with tracking number 6468194331 came from China to Canada for two days and next four days are still in your office!!! It was written by the first driver Delivery attempted; recipient not home. Sorry DNL but I was at home all day. Support people told me that my buzzer number is missing. First, I wonder if the people working for you can read. In each building (including mine) there is buzzer directory and the buzzer numbers are provided. Second, after giving you the buzzer number and scheduled for pick up from your office nothing happened. Three days later, I was told that the parcel will be delivered to my home. In other words, in the best case scenario today I can get a notification, which I didnt get first day (because of missing buzzer???!!) and tomorrow or next week I can get the package. This is how express DHL works! Even Canada post works faster than you for cheaper price! From the same seller I got I package two weeks ago vie UPS without any issue.

Bruce G.
1 review
“Never Use DHL. Brokerage Fees are a Rip Off!”

Daughter ordered a $40 dress. Shipping from New Zealand was $43.00. Then DHL charges another $40 for customs brokerage. I know that all courier companies are the same and I never buy anything from online sellers that don't ship via regular post. However, daughter doesn't know the ins and outs.

Bottom line, never, ever buy anything from anyone who uses DHL. There is no way customs brokerage fees for a $40 item should be anywhere near $40. Total rip off.

Lisa A.
3 reviews
“Malicous Vindictive Cruel”

As if moving to another country wasn't stressful enough. It's heartbreaking when you are willing to pay DHL $$Thousands to ship personal belongings, only to have an incompetent and/or malicious employee make you jump through hoops for a month. DHL has held our packages for the maximum 72 hours (or three "working" days) before processing through customs, then another three working days before we're provided the paperwork, then another 72 working hours before a courier arrives to collect my signature and copy of my passport, then another 72 hours just to start the process all over again. The packages were cleared by customs weeks ago and we paid the 100% tariff on their assessment of value. Three times Marylin lost my passport photo, even when we sent digital copies by her email request. She would actually confirm receipt, then 72 working hours later ask for a new one. We filed a formal complaint on the first shipment, and another agent stepped in to have our packages released and delivered the next day. This agent assured us this was an exception and promised that the next shipment would take a maximum of five days process. Sadly, our second shipment has been on hold by Marylin for almost a month and we have several shipments from the US now pending in Costa Rica. Marylin has made it clear that our shipments will be delayed as long as possible in retaliation. I'm sick, frustrated, and no matter how who we reach out to, we're passed right back to Marylin who holds all the power. This company will gladly take your money, and you'll pay them more than any other shipping company because of their empty promises, only to have you and your belongings held hostage.

I have finally consulted with a Costa Rican attorney, but would recommend San Jose residents avoid this company at all costs.

Nikola B.
1 review
“The worst company ever”

I can't even begin to list all the damage DHL has done in the past, so I will now focus only on the recent event. I paid them for shipping from China, some 35 dollars, for package woth 350 dollars. When on the customs they listed their further expenses for 20 dollars (cost of them running the package throught the customs), they listed taxes on FREE items I received from the seller, and later they listed another fee (for DHL) in the amount of 10 dollars, becouse I had more than 5 items, even if I had only 3 items (the other items were free foil for smartphone-gift etc.) In the end I paid them more 65 dollars for shipping from China (which is usually free, but me idiot choose DHL). Never do business with them.....

“Nach zweimaliger Terminankündigung, wurde das Paket nicht zu gestellt”

War extra zu Hause geblieben weil es Austauch ist. Wer nicht kam war der Zusteller.Haustür Klingel in Ordnung, Ich bekam von Zwei anderen Zustellern (Andere Firmen) an den Tagen meine Pakete. Ist nicht schön das mann so verschaukelt wird. Passiert mir immer nur wenn ich Pakete von DHL erwarte

Nanci J.
1 review
“Incompetent and Untruthful”

On top of all the other issues justifying a negative review, the driver lied about attempting to deliver the package at a time I was sitting on my porch. No DHL vehicle drove by, let alone stopped.

Christel R.
2 reviews
“Slow sped up in India....”

I appreciate the competence of DHL customer service putting a trace on my package and advising me of the cause of a shipping delay in India (New Delhi) due to a multi-day national holiday. I could understand that and appreciated their effort to allay my concerns for a shipping delay. Thank you!

Amber C.
2 reviews
“Paid 4 day shipping and it is now 12 days and no dress”

I paid the extra for 4 day shipping and it is now 12 days and no dress, I had nothing to wear for a surprise lingerie shower and I'm 6 months pregnant so I was looking farward to a maternity dress I'm very disappointed and will never spend a extra penny on faster shipping with this company, I've used the standarded 7 day shipping and got my package before the 7 days what kind of bs is that?

santosh e.
1 review
“DHL Worst service”

I ordered some traditional clothes from India worth more than $200 and on the day of delivery I got a message saying package got delivered (I opted for Signature option on delivery) but to my surprise the order status showed package delivered (status showed some signature as proof which is not mine nor my spouse).
I called up DHL on phone and informed all everything to them, they recorded all the details and said they will follow up with the driver and update me, after 2 days some guy "Pedro Rodriguez" called from DHL and said DHL is still in the process of contacting driver and update me as soon as they get some information and after 2 days i get a call saying sorry inconvenience sir your package got delivered at the given address and we cannot do anything about it. "The Driver said he left the package at the front of the house" ...what the heck! in spite of the signature on delivery option..WOW seriously!!

it's like the saying - The operation is successful but patient died.

I definitely neither recommend nor going to use DHL service in future.

Tom C.
12 reviews
“Slowest Shipping Company in the US”

Unlike many customers here, I have to say that all packages sent to me via DHL actually did arrive (eventually) and arrived in acceptable (although not pristine) condition. That's why I gave DHL one more star than my feelings about the company would support.

The two problems that I have about DHL are there total lack of any sort of 'customer service' or support for the people receiving packages sent via DHL and their unbelievably slow shipping times.

Their so-called "Customer Service" people are even more blatant than their competitors about letting you know that you aren't really considered a "customer" -- so far as they are concerned, only the shippers are their customers, and only the major companies with exclusive DHL contracts really count. There's a reason DHL is normally pronounced "D H Hell" by those who have suffered through having a package shipped via this company.

Their tracking system is less reliable than UPS or FedEx (about as bad as USPS) but so far as I have been able to tell their actual routes only add about one day to the delivery time on packages to my city. We are a major Interstate junction in the central US, so a typical DHL or FedEx package actually passes through here on its way to their nearest "hub" before being hauled back here the next day. Although the route adds only that one day to the transit time, the WAY the company handles packages usually adds a few more days. Unlike other shippers that operate more-or-less 24/7, it seems that DHL operates on a daily cycle so that each time a package reaches one of their hubs, it has to stay there until the next day before moving on to the next hub. If a package reaches a hub in the daytime, it won't more on to the next hub until AT LEAST the next day. Sometimes the tracking data will show a package sitting at one of their hubs for several days. If you call to ask what's happening, no one knows but the usual GUESS is that your package is PROBABLY in transit somewhere and just wasn't scanned.

I avoid having packages shipped by DHL, but in too many instances online you simply don't have any choice for basic shipping unless you want to 'upgrade' to obscenely expensive options like Next Day Air. Most online vendors don't even tell you how they are going to ship your purchase, and especially not when they are saying "free shipping" (nothing is really free, they just include the shipping in the price).

1 review

After having made an online order through a website from abroad, i chose the DHL option over the simple method. HUGE MISTAKE.. In that point, after having paid the hole amount of DHL, THEY DID NOT EVER INFORMED ME that for orders over 30$ NOT ONLY I HAD TO PAY TAXES but also to pay another amount for their services. Then after having made the order they informed me that my order has been stopped for clearance, and they informed me that i had to pay taxes WITHOUT INFORMING ME ABOUT OTHER EXTRA CHARGES. After many days i received an email that informed me about extra costs apart from the taxes BIGGER EVEN THAN THE TAXES. When i called them to try solve the issue and asked them what was all about, they just told me that was the mistake of their employe and "ok we are human and we do mistake and forget to inform you". I asked politely the supervisor to find a solution and i accepted to pay the taxes but not the other costs.

SUPERVISOR was fully unable to find a solution (even the employee was more helpful) and she consisted that it was not her mistake and can do anything. I am really frustrated about all my inconvenience. THEY ARE VERY RUDE AND NOT HELPUL

Marcello T.
1 review
“Do these people know their job?”

I ordered a hair lotion from an Italian pharmacy which delivers all over the world. The product has been blocked in Moscow; dhl claimed the lack of information about what was inside the box, then the customer service asked me if it was a hair product (so the information was there then!!). I called dhl on the phone and the operator said at first that I had to send them documents about the product (how could I send documents of a product that I have not yet received!!!!?), then he said that it was ok, they found the information needed and they were sending me the product the next Monday (it was still Wednesday!!). More then 10days for only a 2000km delivery, cost 50 euro for less than 1,5kg! Unbelievable. Dhl is defenetly not worth using, better go with other companies.

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