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Prasad B.
1 review
“My package returned multiple times”

They are completely lazy people who dont care about anything. Please dont use this for any important cases as they are sure to screw up.

Tatyana A.
1 review
“They lost my passport. This company doesn't care about their reputation, customers and provided se”

Shout-out to POLISH DHL office, I'm going to sue them. THEY LOST MY PASSPORT AND I MISSED THE FLIGHT AND LOST 2000$ TICKETS!
I ordered "Saturday delivery package" to pick up my passport from the embassy in Warsaw in Friday and deliver it to Krakow on Saturday. I called twice before the day of delivery to customer service to provide all details and to be sure that the courier has all needed information. They convinced me that everything is ok and courier has all info and my passport will be on time. On Friday I got the email saying my passport has been taken from the embassy. On Saturday morning I called the customer service and they said my passport is still is in embassy. Later they found that the courier created a new order with Standard delivery instead of Saturday delivery and THEY EVEN DIDN'T NOTIFY ME THAT MY ORDER WAS CANCELLED. The whole Saturday I was trying to find my passport and was calling the customer service. I took the train and went to Warsaw. BUT NOBODY EVEN WAS TRYING TO FIND MY PASPORT! When I arrived to Warsaw they said my parcel is already in Krakow, but NOBODY IS GOING TO GIVE IT TO ME because it's not Saturday package.
Thanks god, I got my passport on Monday evening, and the cost of the delivery was for Saturday package. So they forgot about Saturday delivery package, but they didn't forget to charge me for that.
Of course nobody answered me about my complains. I can be sure this company doesn't care about anything: not about the service they should provide, not about customer relationship, not even about their reputation.
It's my mistake too, I shouldn't trust such important document to any third party company and should to pick up the document by myself. And I should read reviews about them before, nobody trust them. I'm just wondering how they got license and can't do such simple job.

Craig T.
1 review
“Worst delivery service available, avoid if possible.”

Paid for their most expensive international package service only for the package to do a loop over and over between 3 post office delaying the package to the point where using a horse would have been faster.

Ontop of the sloppy delivery bull the customer service is garbage. I called on a friday morning for them to tell me that they'll 100% call me back within the hour.. Needless to say nobody called me and was forced to call back monday morning only for them to tell me again that they will have someone call me at 3:30pm right before they close. I'm like 90% sure they'll push it off until tomorrow again. What a joke of a company.


Piwayi R.
1 review

Very useless ,i will not recommend it. They dont value the customers and they lie .called them on friday and they said they will deliver my parcel on friday . On friday they didnt and i called again and they said Saturday . Called them on saturday asking what time is my parcel coming and they said we cant do it today, come and collect it on your own and will be closing at 1500hrs. They said they can will deliver it on Monday and i tried to explain that i will be travelling and i need to go with that parcel. They dont consider their customers as long as they get their money they are done. I dont recommend this unprofessional services

Philipp O.
8 reviews

The worst service ever! My package arrived two weeks ago and still processed by Zoll. I have sent multiple emails with poformainvoice and transactions. But still no answer! DHL should close down and give space to more reliable companies.

Sean V.
1 review
“Never use DHL they are an unethical company!!!”

Be very cautious and NEVER use DHL for shipping. I took a package to this facility and they measured and weighted and estimated the shipping at $188.13. The DHL representative signed my copy of the invoice receipt, she opened and inspected my package which seemed unusual and then repackaged it. A few weeks later I get charged $263.98. After calling them they claim they recharge me based on volumetric weight... The package weighted 2lbs. The DHL representative weighted it and measured it at their facility! So they had all the information to charge me the correct amount up front. Instead DHL acts fraudulently fooling their customers in thinking their shipping prices are better than competitors. NEVER USE DHL THEY ARE AN UNETHICAL COMPANY!!!!!!

Ann l.
1 review
“I ll never use DHL EXPRESS again!”

Paid Ch260 for 3 days guarantee delivery to Greece only to find they delivered parcel without customs clearance so it had to go back . Clearance cost euro 70. Parcel delivered normal mail with hidden costs. No apology No refund . They are cheats! Don t use them!!!

Monika R.
1 review
“DHL gave my 100 order to a stranger”

I am very, very disappointed! I am awaiting my 100 order for nearly a month, i emailed the product's company manager to find what is going on and was told it has allready been delivered 24 days ago. To our NEIGHBOURS. Yes, I was confirmed by the DHL service the 100box was given to our neighbours, totally strange people with a different name who are not any relatives to us and for example in our case like to drink alot alcohol or never take their 3 unregistered dogs out, and i am very, very sure, they havent mentioned any box delivered on my name nor left anything on the door. Dear DHL, please imagine your situation, do you think I would still order for 100 knowing my belonging will be given to a stranger on delivery? I am begging, please, higher your shipping fee and make your service reliable by at least phoning, asking a code or an ID card!!!!!

Annie N.
1 review
“DHL in Germany doesn't deliver”

I have sent one letter, which was very important. DHL lost it and didn't even apologized, they said that it reached the destination (the "post office" in a different city) but when receiver went there, they said that they don't have it. Well, 4 months later, no apology, no letter, nothing. I went to DHL "department" to complain, to talk to them, they always shut me down and told me to write them an e-mail. THey didn't answer any of my e-mails. But this is not the only encounter with them that sucked.

Last time I ordered through e-shop some clothes and I was the whole day at home at the day of receiving, noone buzzed the ring, nothing. They left the box of my stuff at neighboors apartment and they didn't even write or put a a small paper in my mail box, that they delivered my package to a neighbor.

As far as my experiences go with DHL (and these are not the only bad things they have done to me), I don't see DHL to be responsible delivery service. It's the worst. I can recommend DHL only if you want your package/letter or whatever you send to be lost or broken.

Elyas S.
1 review
“DHL's service in Dubai is the worst!”

DHL's service in Dubai is very poor!

We regularly import things and get delivery by DHL and pay for the DHL Express service. Recently their service has been very bad an unprofessional. They come up with excuses such as "we do not have any drivers to deliver until tomorrow"

The most recent problem was today. They said that they cannot deliver even though the shipment was cleared by Dubai customs early in the morning, they told us they only have morning deliveries and not afternoon as it is Ramadhan but they told us we can collect from the Dubai Terminal 2 facility. We sent someone to collect by taxi, only to be told that the box is at the Meydan facility and shall only reach the Dubai Terminal 2 facility by the end of the day at 5pm. We wasted time, money and effort.

We can save our money and ship with another courier such as Fedex or Aramex as their services are actually quicker and cheaper.

DHL is not as good as it used to be.

Rita L.
2 reviews
“Quick as Lighting”

I do a lot of cross border online shopping .... I just don't know how they do it .... but my purchases get to me , through customs, I get quick billing, I also pay quick and bingo in no time the parcels on my doorstep.
Really great management and team work !! Thanks !!

Maher H.
1 review
“It is hell dealing with DHL.”

HDL should be shut down. They do not respect your package delivery time or information as super critical to your business. DHL and the employee's I had contact with act like government employees. Slow carefree the customer is always wrong and anything can wait till tomorrow! It is hell dealing with DHL.

Jorge L.
1 review
“Pay Express Delivery get No delivery”

Parcel sent from USA to UK.The driver called to tell me that he had my parcel but needed to pay the charges. I paid immediatelly online got confirmation from DHL about payment. The driver then promised me to be at my place between 2 and 4pm with my parcel. I took half afternoon off to be at home but the driver never showed up. When I tracked the parcel it said that driver attempted delivery but that I was not in. This is a total lie. I called Customer Services they promised to call me back but never did. I called again the following day and first they could not track my parcel. They called me 10 mins later to tell me that they found it but that I needed to collect it from an Internet Cafe!!!. 25 mins away from my place. I checked the opening hours of the place and they suppose to be open on Saturday until 9pm but when I went there at 1pm it was closed!! I paid for an Express Service buy for DHL this means Terrible Service. Use a different currier DHL is using contractors that cannot control and their tracking system is terrible. Btw if you want to leave a complete bad review in their website dont bother. Bad reviews with only one star can only be short. The good one are as long as you can read

Daryl S.
1 review
“Monkeys could deliver parcels faster!”

Daryl Sevenhuysen I ordered some ram from Newegg in the US on the 29th of Dec with a time frame of 4-7 business day delivery. Last tracking update was that it was in Melbourne on the 6th of Jan. I have contacted the Customs Broker DAI Post and they say it was short shipped and that it was not included in the shipment that arrived on the 6th of Jan. I contacted DHL who refuses to even initiate an investigation without it being initiated by Newegg. Newegg, when I phoned them today, said that my replacement claim may take at least 1 week before they can finish the investigation and dispatch a replacement and the resolution is not yet in sight.

Jonathan L.
4 reviews
“Decent courier”

So far I have received 4 out of 4 packages I had shipped via DHL. So, basically they haven't lost any of my packages yet. Unlike UPS, who lost my package and did not even attempt to find it (i found it on my own, NO thanks to UPS). The last package I had delivered via DHL got delayed by 3 weeks, but our local customs was at fault for that and not DHL.

- if you have issues with DHL, send a message via their contact us link on their website and ALSO call the local DHL office (just make sure you have the relevant tracking number).

Matti R.
1 review
“Never, ever use DHL. The worst thing is that they lie to you.”

I ordered a package from Finland to Japan. The package left Finland Dec 20 and arrived to Japan Dec 22nd. DHL tried to deliver the package late afternoon on 22nd. I came home in the evening and opened their web page which said that the package has been forwarded to partner company. There are many delivery companies in Japan.

So, I waited the deliverycompany to contact me. They usually do it in maximum 2 days. I waited Dec 23rd and 24th. On 25th I contacted DHL by phone and they still had my package. I re-scheduled the delivery to the morning of 26th. Nothing came. I called them again and they told me there has been some misunderstanding and they can deliver it 4 hours later. The distance to my home is 30 minutes by car.

Never, ever use this company.

Claire D.
1 review

This company does not know their business. We were convinced to use DHL ( this choice is where we went wrong) for an international shipment after being told that this was DHL's speciality. We read the "DHL Country Guide" and completed our paperwork correctly. We purchased extra insurances on the advice of DHL's rep who said if ANYTHING went wrong we would be covered. When the goods arrived at customs in the ship to country they seemed to disappear. We completed mounds of extra paperwork, had our lawyers look at it and returned the required paperwork as per DHL's instruction. Goods still "unavailable"
After endless follow up we were told the goods were going to be returned to us--ok we could live with this. Again after continual calls and follow up emails we were then told the goods could not be returned but they could not be delivered either!!
I then tried to initiate an insurance claim and was told by the same DHL rep that as the goods were not damaged the insuranced did not apply. This is the same person who said the insurance would cover if anything went wrong!!!
We have learned a very difficult and expensive lesson with DHL--their reps misrepresent things, they do not know their business and they make promises they cannot keep.
FedEx may be a bit more expensive but they know what they are doing---again my advice NEVER Use DHL.

Christian D.
8 reviews
“Hard to believe these guys are still around”

Shipped a package overseas and DHL demanded all kinds of documentation or they would not deliver. Mind you, they started pitching a fit when the package was in Germany. I had them return it to me in the USA and I reshipped the same package FedEx without issue.

m v.
1 review
“Never choosing dhl again. Terrible experience”

I mailed one 2 pound package from a DHL storefront in USA to Bangkok which cost 115 dollars, although the website said it would be around 60-80 dollars. It made it to Bangkok within a few days but upon arrival, it was held up in customs. A DHL rep called around 3 days later and left a message saying they did not know why it was being held, they would try calling the handlers in Bangkok to find out. Instead of just sitting and waiting, I called the recieving party and had them call the DHL that was holding the package. Turns out all they needed was some info from the receiver. Why did they not just call her, since the recievers number is written on the invoice? Ok. So a week after arriving at customs, after the help of the sending and recieving parties, they got the info they needed to release the package from customs. Next, when they sent it out for delivery, they told the reciever there was over 200 dollars in addidional fees and taxes before they could release it to her. Or the package would be destroyed. This amount was completely ridiculous since the value of the package was around 100 dollars so I told DHL we wouldn't pay it. I asked why its so expensive and they told me because of the weight (16.73 Kilograms).... So I guess somehow the DHL added a package to my shipment along the way. Now they are emailing ME, NOT THEIR DHL BUDDIES for a transit receipt, which I do not have. So now it has been 2 weeks, the package is spoiled and I am still waiting for the people at DHL to correct their mistakes. And the phone line takes 45 minutes to get a representative. I WILL NEVER CHOOSE DHL AGAIN!

“Worst delivery experience ever”

The worst delivery experience ever. I get my day of homeworking specially to get my parcel on time and the only thing I get is the message that I was absent and so the parcel couldn't be delivered. The very same thing the very next day. This time, once I get the message that due to my absence the parcel couldn't have been delivered, I phone straight away to their local call center. After minutes spent at phone and confirming that the address was good, the only thing I'm offered is to go pick up my parcel the next day only after 16:00! The only explanation that I got for this situation was that the indication of the appartment (4/3) was not clear. I don't know how about the others but for me it's building 4 appartment 3. What else could that be? Moreover, I gave them a seperate number of my mailbox on which it's stated at which appartment number I live). Just for comparison, the very same days, we received two packages via local post and UPS - without any problem. Zero professionalism and poor help at their call center. TO AVOID.

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