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JCP orders shipped through borderfree- 4 of them, for 2 blinds, 5 months later I have 1 blind. Most have been cancelled, items missing, horrible excuse for a international shipping company.

Bill B.
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“Shipping notifications”

I ordered from Haynes in the US 2 weeks ago, got my order confirmation a day later, but nothing since. It's been 2 weeks and would at least expect a notification that my order has shipped. I live in Canada and regularly shop US products online , usually get a "your order has shipped " notice within a week. I got an email stating, " when your order clears customs you'll get a tracking number". Very poor, rule 1, always keep the customer informed of their order status!, since they've already PAID. With all the internet fraud going on I expect to be kept informed. I pay enough in shipping charges not to be kept INFORMED,!

C L.
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I have placed my order on Saks , Borderfree as their international hub. Been waiting my parcel being shipped for over two weeks, turns out the hub "lost" or I would say STOLEN my order. Phoned CS but received the worst manner and service ever. I hope at other retailers stop connected with this shady company.

Cherid L.
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“My heart sinks when I see Borderfree as the shipping provider”

Expensive, pretty slow, but worst of all is their returns system. So complex and expensive that you're better off listing an item on eBay and hoping to recoup some of the cost that way. They're a big company and seem to have sewn up the market for a lot of the top US brands but the service they provide for this Australian customer pretty much rules out anyone who uses them. If possible I'll to my US forwarding box instead.

Jim T.
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“Customer Service is poor”

I ordered some items from them and delivery to Germany. Needed to return 3 items and no way to get them returned it appears. Wrote 5 emails to site for return information and proper return approvals and address. No response... ZIP

Not a happy camper..

Rhonda M.
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“Absolute WORST for international shipping”

WORST customer service and biggest shipping SCAM out there. DO NOT USE THEM - AVOID AT ALL COST! I would give ZERO stars if it were an option. This bunch of crooks adds taxes when taxes aren't due (wtf?). Their delivery times are a joke - 18 BUSINESS DAYS to deliver to Australia? Shopbop, Netaporter, Mytheresa, etc, have no problems shipping internationally within days at no cost - and very low costs for returns! I'm astounded that companies like Saks, Neimans, Nordstrom, Barneys use Borderfree. I will not shop at any store if it means Borderfree is the only shipping option. Do not give them your money.

None o.
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Waited over 1 month for my George/Asda parcel and had to return it and it's been another month and still no refund. Asda customer service cut me off 5 times and had me on hold for 40 minutes only to say I must deal with Borderfree. They are impossible to get an answer from and use only email that gives generic replies! So frustrating!

Ador C.
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“Disgusting experience”

Negative 10 out of five stars. The package I ordered never arrived. It was lost. I kept contacting them to get it rectified and all I kept getting was a generic response with no real solution. It's coming up to a month and I still don't have my package or my money refunded. Disgusting.

N T.
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“Ugh. Brutal. Do not use Borderfree”

I bought a few items online. I wanted to return 1 item that cost $12US. It has cost me $40 Canadian to return a $12US item. Ridiculous! Do not use Borderfree!

Stefan C.
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This has had to been THE worst shopping experience. They charged when when they said I would get charged when my order has shipped. I've been trying to cancel an order that hasn't been shipped yet. Do NOT use this service no matter what. All these Positive reviews are fake!

Tip for consumers: Don't use it, period.

Alina P.
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“order not sent yet and a double charge”

I have placed an order on the 15th of July 2017. It's been 10 days already and my order wasn't sent to me, MOREOVER I was double charged (first on the 15th, then on the 23rd for some reason. I can confirm it was NOT a pending payment I actually got charged twice for no reason!)

Please check with your financial department and refund me the second payment ASAP.

Also, please finally advise when my order will be shipped? Please reply to my emails.

My order number is 00200228

Alina P.


I can't believe that Borderfree is paying people to write positive reviews about their service .


MAY 2018 : I tried to order via Opening Ceremony website which is using their services. I tried once with my debit card but the payment was refused( i have absolutely NO PROBLEM with my bank) so i made another payment with my PayPal account this time and Borderfree blocked my money which made my payment pending and my order failed. After one week without news from their side i contacted Opening Ceremony's customer services that told me my order was cancelled cause borderfree cancelled my payment. Borderfree never get back to me by e-mail to explain me the situation so i had to write them so many emails before someone get back to me without explaining me why but telling me my card was fixed and i could place a new order. Too late the item i wanted was sold out.

JULY 2018 : I wanted to order again on Opening Ceremony again. Using my debit card first , same problem , it didn't work. So i used my PayPal account and i'm exactly in the SAME SITUATION the payment is pending and i contacted the Opening Ceremony's services that remembered me and tried to contact Borderfree asking them to call me back or send me an email back : THEY NEVER SEND ME ANYTHING BACK.
So now i am fighting with them trying to understand the situation but NOBODY is actually answering my emails.


Do not use their services.

I hope they will close their services cause what they are doing is probably illegal.

Be extremely careful and DO NOT TRUST POSITIVE REVIEWS.

Christian S.
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“Never order anything through this company or Brooks Brothers”

I have ordered something through the partner company Brooks Brothers, but Borderfree handles the payment. Because there is no Brooks Brothers shop in Holland, I ordered this through the website. The product was not what I wanted, and I returned it. Then the whole thing started. I have been waiting now for almost 3 months. Brooks Brothers says Borderfree will take care of the refund. Borderfree says they already refunded me and that the problem lies with Ideal. Ideal gave me a quick and very detailed response why it was not with them. Borderfree then tells me to check with my bank or with bank company. They are telling me every time they are sorry. Every time the customer service agent tells me 'I promise I will fix the issue'. Nothing happens. And Brooks Brothers sees all the contacts that have been and tells me 'let me know if we can help'. No one is refunding, that is the problem. And then I get the message 'case is closed'. What the bloody hell!!!?? This is not ok. And Brooks is watching this whole thing and doesn't intervene at all. It's so wrong haha. Don't order anything through the websites that use Border Free, and I recommend you to not use the Brooks Brothers either.

Tata S.
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“Avoid if possible”

Ha! This is a legit company?? Wow. Id say it's only a matter of time before the retailers who have contracted to Borderfree, drop them as a service provider.
Emails go unanswered for weeks. You can't physically speak to a human through the 1800 number. Your credit card is double sometimes triple and quadruple charged. They claim this is as they preauthorize and hold the funds so they show as "pending" but this is not the case! Then why do 2 charges go through? I was billed for TWO $933 handbags and I only ordered 1 and received 1. Even with screenshots of my statement, screenshots of the initial order, and a claim through my credit card company , they STILL denied that they did this!
Also - one would think when u pay over 300$ in shipping and duty from the US TO Vancouver bc, that you would receive your parcel in a timely fashion. Not so much with Borderfree! It didn't even ship out until almost 2 weeks after ordering and the initial purchase page said 7 to 14 days until delivery.
They ship in clusters if its international so they wait until they have a whole bunch of packages going to your area and then ship them out as know to save on shipping costs lol. Those hundreds we pay aren't enough I guess!
So after waiting months for my item, weeks to speak to someone, and months to get my item, it finally arrived . Too bad it was a gift and the occasion has passed I was forced to purchase from somewhere else. Also the only reason I did get my overcharge back was through MY credit card company. They flat out refused to admit they stole.
It would be one thing to have kinks and bumps in your service but this is downright shady. You can't have that many issues and not have any customer service in addition to the problems. If they cared and tried to smooth things over then I would give them the benefit of the doubt but they don't! They ignore you and steal!
Come on Borderfree you can do better . It's not like infrastructure and technology isn't in place....heck if Amazon and independant seller's on eBay can send items internationally, same day/next day FOR FREE surely you can get us our stuff within a month when u r charging hundreds for shipping and double charging everyone! UNREAL!!!!

Shaun W.
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“Avoid at all costs”

had to return an electrical appliance as wrong voltage requirements, won't give us a refund. keep making excuses as not to refund us! Total rip off

Louise P.
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Wow, amazed at a 3 day delivery to rural New Zealand from
Great shopping experience thank you.

Lynsay W.
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“Worst online service”

I ordered from Rebecca Minkoff and the international orders are handled through borderfree. I waited 4 weeks for my order and I heard nothing, I tracked my order and the status was 'Fully Shipped'. I then attempted to contact customer service and I eventually got through to boarder free. They then updated me on the status, which was 'lost', they did offer me a full refund however. I am very disappointed with this service and will avoid it at all costs.

Tip for consumers: Try and avoid!

Mary M.
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“Stay away!”

I ordered from Asda, which went through borderfrree. I had to chase through Asda for an order email and order no. When I returned an item, I had to go through asda customer service. Borderfree have nothing on their website re returns policy, Returns are hassle and costly (found out later by email). I returned direct to Asda, still no refund. It is horrible. DO NOT USE

“Never again”

Ordered a tracksuit from Juicy Couture and only when I got a confirmation email I got to know that my parcel will be shipped to me through Borderfree. I ordered in November (paying 170 pounds) and still haven't received anything!! I asked for my money back but was told that they need their parcel back first even though they knew that it got lost somewhere and I have not received it. Its been more that 6 months! No clothes, no money. The worst experience ever! DO NOT RECOMMEND!!

Melissa K.
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“Terrible service”

Placed an order with Nordstrom via Borderfree. Nine days later, the item hadn't shipped yet, so I contacted Nordstrom. They said the item was backordered and that Borderfree would have emailed me about it -- but of course, they hadn't. Now my order isn't shipping until three weeks after I placed it, with no notice at all from Borderfree.

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