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Nin H.
2 reviews
“Charged me a fortune for a return and never warned me”

I bought a whole lot of underwear believing I was buying directly from a US store. Half of the items didn't fit so I had to return them. I returned them but they charge me $38!!! In other words, much more than the postage. They never wanted me about this charge, which in the country I'm from is actually illegal. I will NEVER be using them again. This site is a scam.

Stephen M.
3 reviews

My order was delivered last friday. I would love to give them 4 star rating because they should be improving their customer service.

Chantel R.
1 review
“Horrible Ulta Experience”

I placed an order from Ulta that is supposed to be shipped to my house here in Canada. I was sent an order confirmation from border free but was not sent a shipping confirmation. I emailed multiple times for days until someone finally replied with a tracking number, which said that the destination for my package was Illinois. I was concerned because I specified delivery to Canada, but was later informed that there was a stopping point in Illinois before it goes to Canada. I reached out multiple times asking if it was possible to track it after Illinois to know when it gets to my house in Canada, seeing as it is -30 degrees here and I dont want my package to freeze outside. I was then given automatic responses saying again that it is in Illinois and will be shipped soon. Finally today, after waiting for two weeks for this package, I was told that my package is lost. Ulta is saying that all they can do is give me an electronic gift card of 45 dollars, when I payed 71 Canadian dollars for my order. Or, they can reship it, which, with this service, I can assume will take another 3 weeks to get here. This is horrible customer service. They have been misleading and uncommunicative, and it should not take me reaching out for over 2 weeks almost everyday to finally be told that my package has been lost. Will not be ordering from Ulta ever again, or using border free for any other website.

Goh Z.
1 review
“Charged Extra”

They emailed me a receipt saying it was $716.30 for everything, then they charged me exactly that amount. After a few days another $20 was charged from my account for no reason. Filed a report to their customer service, claims to reply in one business day and a few days have already past, i'd say they are full of $#*!.

Tip for consumers: Don't buy from them they'll take "tips" from you without your consent.

Panix C.
1 review
“Pleasently surprised”

I made a gigantic order at Ulta because they had free Canadian shipping over $100 (and I went way over!), didn't really know what Borderfree was but they gave me the option of paying taxes and duties at checkout (very reasonable) so I went ahead and ordered. Only after placing my order did I read all these awful reviews. Let me tell you, I was very nervous. I am busy as can be and with the holidays and everything I really didn't want to deal with any problems so I was really crossing my fingers. And boy, am I impressed. Placed my order on a Sunday, received an order confirmation right away, order was shipped the next day (Monday) and on Wednesday it was in my mailbox, packaged perfectly! I am so impressed with the speedy hassle-free shipping. I have been wanting to order from Ulta ever since learning that they have started shipping to Canada and I finally did it and I am so happy!! I don't even think Sephora ships this quickly, seriously!! My order even had to go through customs and all and I still received it within days of ordering. I am a happy camper and would likely take my chances with ordering through Borderfree again!

Elspeth H.
1 review
“Inefficient, uncommunicative, generally a disaster”

I have been a regular customer of LL Bean for many years. Since their tie-up with Borderfree, the service has deteriorated dramatically. I live in the UK and in October I received an 'Under Armour' parcel for someone living in Delaware which had my LL Bean address label stuck on it. I also received my LL Bean parcel but that was late. Borderfree seemed to be incapable of dealing with the issue and their complaints team was both dilatory and completely un-joined-up. My latest problem has been a November 27th order to LL Bean, shipped on 5th December which, after being received by Borderfree on the 7th and supposedly being passed to the UK courier handler also on the 7th just disappeared entirely. Quite clearly Borderfree have taken on too many retailers and providing an inferior service to all of them. I would rather deal with LL Bean direct and settle the UK taxes through the courier as I did before. If I could give zero stars I would.

Tip for consumers: DON'T!!!

D A.
1 review
“Fishy, creepy, misleading, avoidance, unreliable, shady”

How to select "0" stars!?

I've used Borderfree services before. (I adore & miss my country, it's great, I thought). In my last order, I noticed a 70% charged in taxes. I'm closed to filing a formal consumer complaint with both countries involved.

I've emailed Borderfree 4 times in a period of 2 weeks. No answer has been provided in regards to a break down of taxes. Shipping is extremely high because it includes custom fees, shipping, freight, etc. Why are then taxes at 70%? I've tried calling the number provided in UK (since there's nothing for the country I am), the number is not recognized. I tried in all ways, shapes and forms, nothing seems to work.

The tone of my emails is drastically taking a 180 degree turn. What it all started as curiosity, has become a break of trust and suspected over charges. After much research, deliberation, time wasted, and attempts to contact them, the silence tells me I've been overly charged, BY A GREAT amount, yet Borderfree decides to ignore me. Perhaps, I'm wrong, perhaps I need to understand. Maybe they were accurate but by not replying to my formal emails states otherwise.

We shall see if by a formal consumer complaint will turn their attention to my crying out inquiry.

**A funny note** The red flag became quite brighlty red after DE customs contacted me asking for my receipt (after I thought I had paid MORE than enough taxes and stuff), they forwarded us a "receipt" that Borderfree provided to them (supposedly that we paid). The receipt was in dollars, no taxes were listed and shipping cost were about $5. When in reality I paid 69....% in taxes, and outrageous shipping fee. Interesting huh....

The deadline for a response is becoming thing. I hope I gain an answer as soon as possible.

M M.
1 review
“Want unhappy customers...use Borderfree”

Ordered online to be shipped to Canada.
Dec. 4/17 online order placed.
Dec. 7/17 Borderfree sends order confirmation #.
Dec. 19/17 Borderfree cancels my order with no explanation.
Borderfree = unreliable, slow, poor/no service!

If your company goal is to make your customers angry and lose business use Borderfree to ship your online orders!

Francee T.
1 review
“Terrible Service - WASTE OF MONEY DO NOT USE”

Paid NZ$50 for shipping (5 to 7 working days) a week ago. No update to my order and was just advised it is still in transit to Borderfree in the USA. Rip off. DO NOT USE!

Hilarie B.
1 review

Do NOT order from Borderfree(BorderFee). The company has screwed over pretty much everyone in the international community here in Norway. I had a $26 package shipped to me from Target when Borderfree was running its free international shipping campaign. It took 4 weeks to get here, and when it arrived, beat up, I received a bill from DHL for $150 in tolls. We have a cap on tolls here, and I was well under. I talked to DHL who were willing to take away the toll if BorderFree would confirm that my items (they had my itemised bill of sale) were under $30. Border free would not, and they would not contact Target about it either. They basically just wiped their hands of the issue. Now I am stuck paying $176 dollars total for $26 worth of goods. DO NOT TRUST BORDERFREE. There are many other great ways to shop internationally, and companies who will have your back for choosing to do business with them.

Bill F.
1 review
“incredibly bad customer experience”

Shockingly bad customer service. I ordered something from Bloomingdal's through them on 26 November. Order acknowledged never delivered. Chased and got an auto reply saying I'd get a response in 24 hours. Chase again. Told order cancelled. No explanation. Chase again saying I want to complain. Get a response saying the order was cancelled because they messed up the processing somehow and I should order again. The item is no longer listed as available (which I suspect was the real problem). No response to my request to file a complaint. This was to a Christmas present for my wife. Completely incompetent service that doesn't even follow their own procedures. Would never shop with them or Bloomingdale's again.

Tip for consumers: Keep aware from them -- they are useless.

Lori P.
1 review

Ordered 2 items with Nordstrom Nov24/17 . The first shipped promptly. The second parcel did not show a tracking number. After several phone calls and emails with Nordstrom, I am finding out today (Dec15/17 ) that the order was received and signed for by Borderfree on Dec4/17 but is lost in the facility! Sad to say that I will not shop with any company that uses Borderfree especially after seeing so many negative reviews. Poor customer service from Borderfree !

Salomon S.
1 review
“A waste of time, go AMAZON.”

This is the worst shipping company I know. I ordered two times with Dr. Martens shoes. First time it took almost a month to arrive to Mexico. Now I am waiting with a supposed December 11 arrival and when I contact them the told it´s going to be a longer waiting period. As I told them : Next time AMAZON.

A H.
1 review
“True Religion via Borderfree a now show”

I purchased True Religion jeans x 2 pairs and only realised that the transaction is via Borderfree once I got a PayPal receipt. I then got a confirmation of order followed by nothing....nothing....nothing. 3 weeks later....nothing. True Religion said they'd follow up but it was up to me to check in again for status in 9 working days. Borderfree send an auto reply each time I email.
The worst international service I've ever come across with ZERO customer care. I'll never use either company again. There are plenty of others with great service and the delivery time between US and Australia is usually within the week. Borderfree couldn't be less professional in the modern era of international deliveries.

Ivana G.
1 review
“Amazing Service”

Order a jacket on on Nov.28th,2017 and received the package today.I did pay $35 for duty and DHL shipping but it was worth every penny.
Thank you Borderfree

Joanna H.
1 review

I live in the Philippines and usually when i bought items from different sites online, i have it shipped to a local logistics company based in new york to have it sent to me within a few days. Usually using that method the longest wait period for me is 2 weeks.
Recently while browsing a few sale items from rebecca minkoff. i noticed that the prices were not that bad. it was already converted to the currency we use here. I decided to buy 2 items and have it shipped directly to my office since that option looks good...... NOT GOOD! item ordered using borderfree was submitted since November 17. IT was only "Shipped" on the 1st of december. what the hell did i pay for express shipping if it took them almost a month to deliver my items. i am still waiting to receive my items.
I tried calling them a few times telling them that i want to cancel my order they kept telling me that they cant. i also tried calling them to see if they have received the items i ordered from the rebecca minkoff website, they kept telling me that they haven't received the items but upon confirmation with rebecca minkoff the items were already delivered to their warehouse.

Still waiting for my items. will update soon once i receive it.


“2 items received and charged”

I ordered 1 product but they sent me 2 and charged me for 2 the return process was easy and free, i just was annoyed my credit card was charged twice. so i only gave them 3 stars

Manoon M.
1 review
“Charged twice”

I wasnt expecting something like that as they charged me Few seconds after I ordered and today they charged me again before they shipped my order for the second time.
They dont replay to my mails.
Really horrible experience and service .
It will be my last time to use it .

“Charging twice update”

Today I have Been charged fully for one of my orders for the second time. The first charge (hold according to borderfree customer service) did not drop off. When ( if) it does or in case of news i will update.

Jewels M.
2 reviews
“Charging twice for an item! Smt fishy about them.”

I purchased a lot of items this Black Friday from Macys and they have referred me to Borderfree to get my order shipped. However, I payed for my order through Visa fully. But Borderfree were charging me again b4 shipping each item!
Items are shipped individually and not grouped.
Customer service is horrible. You will get no reply even if you are emailing them all day.
I will never buy through this service SCAMMERS.
PS I received nothing yet.
I wish I read the reviews before purchasing through borderfree.

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