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Tata S.
1 review
“Avoid if possible”

Ha! This is a legit company?? Wow. Id say it's only a matter of time before the retailers who have contracted to Borderfree, drop them as a service provider.
Emails go unanswered for weeks. You can't physically speak to a human through the 1800 number. Your credit card is double sometimes triple and quadruple charged. They claim this is as they preauthorize and hold the funds so they show as "pending" but this is not the case! Then why do 2 charges go through? I was billed for TWO $933 handbags and I only ordered 1 and received 1. Even with screenshots of my statement, screenshots of the initial order, and a claim through my credit card company , they STILL denied that they did this!
Also - one would think when u pay over 300$ in shipping and duty from the US TO Vancouver bc, that you would receive your parcel in a timely fashion. Not so much with Borderfree! It didn't even ship out until almost 2 weeks after ordering and the initial purchase page said 7 to 14 days until delivery.
They ship in clusters if its international so they wait until they have a whole bunch of packages going to your area and then ship them out as know to save on shipping costs lol. Those hundreds we pay aren't enough I guess!
So after waiting months for my item, weeks to speak to someone, and months to get my item, it finally arrived . Too bad it was a gift and the occasion has passed I was forced to purchase from somewhere else. Also the only reason I did get my overcharge back was through MY credit card company. They flat out refused to admit they stole.
It would be one thing to have kinks and bumps in your service but this is downright shady. You can't have that many issues and not have any customer service in addition to the problems. If they cared and tried to smooth things over then I would give them the benefit of the doubt but they don't! They ignore you and steal!
Come on Borderfree you can do better . It's not like infrastructure and technology isn't in place....heck if Amazon and independant seller's on eBay can send items internationally, same day/next day FOR FREE surely you can get us our stuff within a month when u r charging hundreds for shipping and double charging everyone! UNREAL!!!!

Shaun W.
1 review
“Avoid at all costs”

had to return an electrical appliance as wrong voltage requirements, won't give us a refund. keep making excuses as not to refund us! Total rip off

Louise P.
1 review

Wow, amazed at a 3 day delivery to rural New Zealand from
Great shopping experience thank you.

Lynsay W.
1 review
“Worst online service”

I ordered from Rebecca Minkoff and the international orders are handled through borderfree. I waited 4 weeks for my order and I heard nothing, I tracked my order and the status was 'Fully Shipped'. I then attempted to contact customer service and I eventually got through to boarder free. They then updated me on the status, which was 'lost', they did offer me a full refund however. I am very disappointed with this service and will avoid it at all costs.

Tip for consumers: Try and avoid!

Mary M.
1 review
“Stay away!”

I ordered from Asda, which went through borderfrree. I had to chase through Asda for an order email and order no. When I returned an item, I had to go through asda customer service. Borderfree have nothing on their website re returns policy, Returns are hassle and costly (found out later by email). I returned direct to Asda, still no refund. It is horrible. DO NOT USE

“Never again”

Ordered a tracksuit from Juicy Couture and only when I got a confirmation email I got to know that my parcel will be shipped to me through Borderfree. I ordered in November (paying 170 pounds) and still haven't received anything!! I asked for my money back but was told that they need their parcel back first even though they knew that it got lost somewhere and I have not received it. Its been more that 6 months! No clothes, no money. The worst experience ever! DO NOT RECOMMEND!!

Melissa K.
1 review
“Terrible service”

Placed an order with Nordstrom via Borderfree. Nine days later, the item hadn't shipped yet, so I contacted Nordstrom. They said the item was backordered and that Borderfree would have emailed me about it -- but of course, they hadn't. Now my order isn't shipping until three weeks after I placed it, with no notice at all from Borderfree.

Fatima M.
1 review
“I wish I could choose to give no star! Absolutely appalling!”

I ordered three jumpers from Bloomingdales on 24/02/2018. I started inquiring about the status my shipment on a weekly basis from April 2018 onward but I never received any response. I received an email on 05/05/2018 from Borderfree stating that my order has been lost. Such a poor and horrible service. I wasted my time and money, received response 2.5 months after placing an order. The worst customer service experience I have ever had.

Jane B.
1 review
“Poor service”

I ordered goods from George at cases on the 24 April. Still not arrived. Website says they haven't been despatched. After 4 weeks with one email complaint and two phone calls I am disgusted. It seems impossible to speak to Borderfree direct, I had to go through ASDA customer service who apologised but said they could only refer it to their colleagues at Borderfree. I have now cancelled the order. I have previously used ASDA for many years without problem, but never again!.

Carlotta P.
1 review

They wrongly addressed all the export documents (using the shipping address, instead of the correct invoicing address - as I correctly indicated during the orders) and I finished to have big and costly orders blocked at customs in Italy. Solution: I had (personally) to find a solution and pay extra money since they didn't want to change the documents they wrongly made. ABSOLUTELY TO AVOID

Heather L.
1 review
“What a rip-off!!!”

I ordered an $18 item from Target, paid taxes & shipping. Then Borderfree they tried to charge me $30 literally to obtain the package. That is ridiculous (nearly twice the price). Also Target decided to split my purchase into 2, so the other item which I cancelled when I learned how Borderfree is a scam, and they've shipped it anyhow, so I'll have the joy of refusing that package too. I love ordering online, and I order from the US as a Canadian all the time..but I will never order from a place that uses Borderfree ever again. For shame!

Keryn U.
1 review
“Faster than expected”

Not that I was in a hurry to get my order so it wouldn't have bothered me if it took a month. After reading all the negative reviews I was expecting to receive my item after being shipped maybe 3 - 4 weeks. However whilst reading these reviews, my doorbell rang and what do you know my parcel arrived in less than a week after being shipped. No I didn't pay for any fast shipping just standard from USA to Australia. No complaints this time. Well done Borderfree. All in tack as well.

emma t.
1 review
“absolutely horrific”

i will never order from this site ever again.. order was placed last month (15 march) and my order is still not here and it is 5 april.. you would think paying a premium amount of 25 euro to post a babies swimsuit would have given a fast delivery, but no sign of my order and customer service is just telling me to be patient.. for the money i have paid i would have expected alot more from this company.. extremely disappointed and will never be using this company again

Janis J.
1 review
“Cancelled orders!”

It is impossible to buy from the UK now! We are buying a lot from the UK, since living in Europe!
Canceled orders all the time! I'm still trying to get ONE order COMPLEATED!

Steven F.
1 review

Would anybody use this so-called service if they didn't have. This time it's been 6 days since I ordered and my items havent been shipped yet. I'm pretty much done ordering from merchants that use borderfree. Are you listening Hanes?

Jonathan V.
1 review
“Returns are ridiculously expensve”

Borderfree might be fine if you get exactly what you want, but they charged £32.25 to return a £40 pair of shorts, not a great experience.

Melloney S.
11 reviews

I hate this company they have ruined the shopping experience for me and my daughter! We used to buy a lot from an online store in the UK, I mean a lot!
Then the store decided to put all its international orders through
Since doing so we have had nothing but troubles.
Cancelled orders, being charged twice, missing payments, missing items, parcels not being delivered and they claim the address was wrong, but upon checking it was not true, delayed refunds, final notice payments even though we had paid, threats that if we do not pay our ability to shop with any store affiliated with Borderfree will be compromised. EVEN though they had my money already.
They will remove your money on the day you order then they do it again when they send the order out, if you complain they lie and say the bank holds the funds, they do not get it until the parcel is sent to you. If that is so why do I keep getting billed twice, the sum goes down in my bank (twice) then all of a sudden Borderfree put it back in without even so much of an apology! See the photo and you will note the amount is taken out twice then put back in. THEY deny doing this. Seems from other people I have spoken to it is common practice to do it. They have also stopped us using Paypal on the site we shop on, but Borderfree still use Paypal if asking for money from them. I think it is because if we pay with Paypal we have a way of getting our money back if Borderfree mess up. WE LOVE the store we buy from but since they started using Borderfree it has ruined everything!
The people you email just say the same over and over, if you try to call all the phone does is beep beep beep.

Tip for consumers: STAY WELL AWAY...not trustworthy and they do not care about their service or the goods they send out.

Dar F.
2 reviews
“Charged $51 to return merchandise”

I ordered shoes from Nordstrom using Borderfree. I was charged $86 Canadian. The shoes did not fit so I returned them. I was told I would get a refund . I was given ONLY a refund of $33 (Canadian) I was charged $51 basically to try on a pair of shoes and ship them back. I would NEVER use this service again.

3 reviews
“No Complain”

Bought DrMarten 3rd times (carmelita) shipped to Indonesia used to be international checkout but now it's border free.......received it perfectly no complain about it

Kirsten P.
4 reviews
“Never experienced a problem using Borderfree”

I have made half a dozen purchases from merchants in the US for delivery to Ontario, Canada. Packages have always arrived within 7-10 days, in great conditions, no lost or delayed packages, no damaged items, no weird charges on my account. I always received confirmation of order immediately, followed by shipping/tracking notification within couple of days.

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