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Dar F.
2 reviews
“Charged $51 to return merchandise”

I ordered shoes from Nordstrom using Borderfree. I was charged $86 Canadian. The shoes did not fit so I returned them. I was told I would get a refund . I was given ONLY a refund of $33 (Canadian) I was charged $51 basically to try on a pair of shoes and ship them back. I would NEVER use this service again.

3 reviews
“No Complain”

Bought DrMarten 3rd times (carmelita) shipped to Indonesia used to be international checkout but now it's border free.......received it perfectly no complain about it

Kirsten P.
4 reviews
“Never experienced a problem using Borderfree”

I have made half a dozen purchases from merchants in the US for delivery to Ontario, Canada. Packages have always arrived within 7-10 days, in great conditions, no lost or delayed packages, no damaged items, no weird charges on my account. I always received confirmation of order immediately, followed by shipping/tracking notification within couple of days.

Tara P.
2 reviews
“Super fast & efficient”

I ordered a dress from BCBGeneration on the evening of Tuesday 13th January and paid for DHL Express shipping as I needed it for Friday 23rd January (I live in Europe and the dress was being shipped from the US).

I received my Borderfree order confirmation that same evening, and waited for a delivery notification. After not receiving one for 2 days, I started to get nervous and decided to google Borderfree reviews. Needless to say, my heart sank when I saw all the one star ratings and warnings to run a mile from them. I had almost written off receiving the dress in time (if at all) but still had a glimmer of hope.

I finally received my shipping confirmation email from Borderfree on Friday 16th January (which is really only 3 days after the order was placed which is reasonable, plus that time is factored in to the quoted delivery times at checkout). The email stated my DHL delivery would be due on Wednesday 21st January.

Well today, Monday 19th January, I received an email and SMS from DHL to confirm my delivery will arrive by the end of the day. I would have been happy enough with the delivery arriving on Wednesday, but for it to arrive today is super impressive! For an item to be ordered from the US on a Tuesday evening and arrive in Europe the following Monday is really impressive, and I'm very happy to rate my experience 5 stars.

That said, a lot of the negative reviews seem to stem from people's experiences with trying to make refunds or exchanges so while I can rate the delivery time 5 stars, I can only hope that the dress fits well so that I don't have to go through the refund nightmare that others have experienced.

All in all, I would order from a company (like BCBG) that has partnered with Borderfree again, but only order items that I am nearly certain I will keep and not part with a sum of money that I am determined to get back.

Suz A.
1 review
“Helpful during my panic hours”

Ordered from William Sonoma on Saturday Midnight. One hour after I order, I change my mind becoz I'm worried if the product is faulty , it might be difficult to get help from customer Service from SG. I panic as soon as I realized that there is NO CANCEL Button at William Sonoma. I email WS but no reply except for automated msgs. I thought maybe is Sunday. Then I thought since I order through BorderFree, I email them instead. Then I received email from Borderfree on same Sunday, that I should email WS for cancelation since the transaction is with them.
I reply to Borderfree that I already did but no reply. Then that same Sunday I received another email from Borderfree, Vlad, suggesting to call their number and they will transfer to WS representative. I stayed up till 1 am (SG time) to make a long distance call just for cancelation becoz I don't know which part of State in U.S/ time Borderfree is. The person from Borderfree who answer sounds really nice and helpful and transfer through. Managed to talk to WS reps but was told product already ship out. Well, I kind of 'leave it to fate ' already just hope there's nothing wrong with product. Sometime later, I received email from WS that they canceled my order and fully refund. I was surprised. I'm sure there is a helping hand behind the scene. THANK YOU WHO YOU ARE. The point is Borderfree has an excellent customer service and extend their hand first when it should be WS. Thank you again Borderfree, I'm grateful..

Kelly W.
1 review
“prAna - no refund of duty/taxes on returns”

Borderfree/prAna refuse to acknowledge that duty/taxes is calculated separately even though prAna's website indicates just that. prAna insists duty is embedded in the purchase price of the merchandise yet their site clearly states it is part of shipping. prAna/Borderfree REFUSE to refund my duty/taxes on returned merchandise.

Kathleen H.
1 review
“echt mieser Support der mich viel Geld Geld gekostet hat”

Zuerst wollten sie mir Rechnungen für die Einfuhrabgaben zu mailen, damit ich Geld vom Fiskus wiederbekomme und dann meldet sich ewig keiner und dann bekommt man nicht mal mehr eine Antwort. Seit Wochen antwortet man mir nicht mehr. Echt mieser Service :(

Marie S.
1 review

Ordered pants from Banana Republic USA to be shipped to Montreal Canada on Jan 2018. Received them today Jan 29, 2018 in perfect condition.

George M.
1 review
“Company Rips off people!”

Try order for delivery Thailand order was denied by bank yet BorderFree Hanes placed to different charges on my bank account and has not responded to my emails .Company needs have license revoked,I wonder how many others had same problem!

qingkong l.
1 review
“I would rate minus star if I could”

I wish I had read all these comments before I placed an order.

I bought the shoe on Black Friday and now it is 24 January 2018. I still have not received the package.

Part of the reason is that I did not choose to pay the duty and taxes when I bought it. Seriously, who could imagine It's so hard to pay the tax and duty after. Borderfree asked me to contact the postal office and custom office, I did it like what he said. Completely useless. First the package was sent to Germany by USPS and its only postal office is hundred miles away from where I live. Then it would be delivered by DHL so I went to the DHL in the early January and the stuff said it was waiting for the payment of taxes and duties at the custom office and I would receive a mail to pay it. I still have not received the mail now. Then I contacted the custom office, the stuff said he needed document from the sender which is USPS and the sender should be responsible for the procedures of payment of duty and taxes. So now the Borderfree asked me to call USPS in the united states by myself which I think Borderfree should be the one to do that according to the information I read on the USPS website. I would really love to get a refund and the borderfree never responded to demands like that. All he would say is you could contact someone to try to get your package. Also it's pretty weird that I could track the package on the DHL but not on USPS and it is not in the custom office. However the borderfree asked me to call USPS now and it is quite expensive to call from Germany.

To anyone who would like to buy something on Borderfree, pay the taxes and duties in the first place, borderfree wouldn't tell you how troublesome it is to do it later and he just don't care. Also pray there is nothing wrong with the delivery or the package, the customer service is completely unhelpful. All they suggest is that you could try that and normally it won't work. After all it's not their time and efforts that are being wasted. Finally, I would like to say I would never ever buy things from this company again.

Sandun W.
1 review
“Great service”

I was little worried after seeing all the negative comments from here but I received my package on the 7th day after ordering. Great service for sure.

Linda C.
2 reviews

I placed an order with Party City and unfortunately the order has to go through Borderfree. I became worried when I have not received a shipment notification after 5 days and had contacted Borderfree 4 times requesting a cancellation if the shipment is delayed as my order contains balloons for my daughters birthday party and will be useless if they don't arrive on time. On the last attempt to cancel my order, they shipped out the package the following day, which is already too late. Party City will not refund me, and I now have party supplies POST my daughter's birthday party. Extremely unimpressed with Borderfree. If you want a frustrating, with extra charges, hard to reach customer service, irresponsive and a delayed shopping experience, use Borderfree. Otherwise avoid them like plague, they will only cause you unnecessary agony and anger.
Last note - their customer number is not toll free if you are calling from Canada, I was charged $14 for the 4 phone calls I made to them. Even more anger.

Nin H.
2 reviews
“Charged me a fortune for a return and never warned me”

I bought a whole lot of underwear believing I was buying directly from a US store. Half of the items didn't fit so I had to return them. I returned them but they charge me $38!!! In other words, much more than the postage. They never wanted me about this charge, which in the country I'm from is actually illegal. I will NEVER be using them again. This site is a scam.

Stephen M.
3 reviews

My order was delivered last friday. I would love to give them 4 star rating because they should be improving their customer service.

Chantel R.
1 review
“Horrible Ulta Experience”

I placed an order from Ulta that is supposed to be shipped to my house here in Canada. I was sent an order confirmation from border free but was not sent a shipping confirmation. I emailed multiple times for days until someone finally replied with a tracking number, which said that the destination for my package was Illinois. I was concerned because I specified delivery to Canada, but was later informed that there was a stopping point in Illinois before it goes to Canada. I reached out multiple times asking if it was possible to track it after Illinois to know when it gets to my house in Canada, seeing as it is -30 degrees here and I dont want my package to freeze outside. I was then given automatic responses saying again that it is in Illinois and will be shipped soon. Finally today, after waiting for two weeks for this package, I was told that my package is lost. Ulta is saying that all they can do is give me an electronic gift card of 45 dollars, when I payed 71 Canadian dollars for my order. Or, they can reship it, which, with this service, I can assume will take another 3 weeks to get here. This is horrible customer service. They have been misleading and uncommunicative, and it should not take me reaching out for over 2 weeks almost everyday to finally be told that my package has been lost. Will not be ordering from Ulta ever again, or using border free for any other website.

Goh Z.
1 review
“Charged Extra”

They emailed me a receipt saying it was $716.30 for everything, then they charged me exactly that amount. After a few days another $20 was charged from my account for no reason. Filed a report to their customer service, claims to reply in one business day and a few days have already past, i'd say they are full of $#*!.

Tip for consumers: Don't buy from them they'll take "tips" from you without your consent.

Panix C.
1 review
“Pleasently surprised”

I made a gigantic order at Ulta because they had free Canadian shipping over $100 (and I went way over!), didn't really know what Borderfree was but they gave me the option of paying taxes and duties at checkout (very reasonable) so I went ahead and ordered. Only after placing my order did I read all these awful reviews. Let me tell you, I was very nervous. I am busy as can be and with the holidays and everything I really didn't want to deal with any problems so I was really crossing my fingers. And boy, am I impressed. Placed my order on a Sunday, received an order confirmation right away, order was shipped the next day (Monday) and on Wednesday it was in my mailbox, packaged perfectly! I am so impressed with the speedy hassle-free shipping. I have been wanting to order from Ulta ever since learning that they have started shipping to Canada and I finally did it and I am so happy!! I don't even think Sephora ships this quickly, seriously!! My order even had to go through customs and all and I still received it within days of ordering. I am a happy camper and would likely take my chances with ordering through Borderfree again!

Elspeth H.
1 review
“Inefficient, uncommunicative, generally a disaster”

I have been a regular customer of LL Bean for many years. Since their tie-up with Borderfree, the service has deteriorated dramatically. I live in the UK and in October I received an 'Under Armour' parcel for someone living in Delaware which had my LL Bean address label stuck on it. I also received my LL Bean parcel but that was late. Borderfree seemed to be incapable of dealing with the issue and their complaints team was both dilatory and completely un-joined-up. My latest problem has been a November 27th order to LL Bean, shipped on 5th December which, after being received by Borderfree on the 7th and supposedly being passed to the UK courier handler also on the 7th just disappeared entirely. Quite clearly Borderfree have taken on too many retailers and providing an inferior service to all of them. I would rather deal with LL Bean direct and settle the UK taxes through the courier as I did before. If I could give zero stars I would.

Tip for consumers: DON'T!!!

D A.
1 review
“Fishy, creepy, misleading, avoidance, unreliable, shady”

How to select "0" stars!?

I've used Borderfree services before. (I adore & miss my country, it's great, I thought). In my last order, I noticed a 70% charged in taxes. I'm closed to filing a formal consumer complaint with both countries involved.

I've emailed Borderfree 4 times in a period of 2 weeks. No answer has been provided in regards to a break down of taxes. Shipping is extremely high because it includes custom fees, shipping, freight, etc. Why are then taxes at 70%? I've tried calling the number provided in UK (since there's nothing for the country I am), the number is not recognized. I tried in all ways, shapes and forms, nothing seems to work.

The tone of my emails is drastically taking a 180 degree turn. What it all started as curiosity, has become a break of trust and suspected over charges. After much research, deliberation, time wasted, and attempts to contact them, the silence tells me I've been overly charged, BY A GREAT amount, yet Borderfree decides to ignore me. Perhaps, I'm wrong, perhaps I need to understand. Maybe they were accurate but by not replying to my formal emails states otherwise.

We shall see if by a formal consumer complaint will turn their attention to my crying out inquiry.

**A funny note** The red flag became quite brighlty red after DE customs contacted me asking for my receipt (after I thought I had paid MORE than enough taxes and stuff), they forwarded us a "receipt" that Borderfree provided to them (supposedly that we paid). The receipt was in dollars, no taxes were listed and shipping cost were about $5. When in reality I paid 69....% in taxes, and outrageous shipping fee. Interesting huh....

The deadline for a response is becoming thing. I hope I gain an answer as soon as possible.

M M.
1 review
“Want unhappy customers...use Borderfree”

Ordered online to be shipped to Canada.
Dec. 4/17 online order placed.
Dec. 7/17 Borderfree sends order confirmation #.
Dec. 19/17 Borderfree cancels my order with no explanation.
Borderfree = unreliable, slow, poor/no service!

If your company goal is to make your customers angry and lose business use Borderfree to ship your online orders!

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