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1 review
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Please share this to get the word out. Bite squad takes the money from people who are ordering online prior to guaranteeing delivery with the restaurants. At time of delivery I find out they're not delivering because I message them. Not only did they take my money they state it could take 3-5 business days to return my money. This is Bite Squad-Arrowhead delivery. I will not be doing business with them.
I placed my order at 930 a.m. I'm sick and will not be making lunch and I find out at 1130 because I reach out to them. Poor customer service.

1 review
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Screwed up my order. Then charged me an extra 9.00 after the order when they should have been fixing there screw up to begin with not charging me more money! Worst Customer Service! Use Any other delivery service!

1 review
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Worst customer service ever. Twice within a month I received a promo email promoting free delivery for a month. Twice, the promo didn't work. Twice the customer service reps stated the promo expired even though I received the email THAT DAY. The reps wasted over an hour of my time each time. 2 strikes and you're out. I went with a competitor. I'll never use bite squad ever.

1 review
1 helpful vote

For every delivery I've had, I've been called by the delivery driver to try to find my address, and even after giving it to them I've literally had to wave a flashlight so they could find me. They claim they've meet their delivery times, but given the effort I've had to put in that is complete BS. BTW, I never had an issue getting a pizza from Papa Johns delivered here.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Terrible experience. I placed an order HOURS in advance for food delivery for my mother-in-law across the country as my father-in-law passed yesterday. Literally ONE MINUTE before the scheduled delivery, they contacted me to say they could not deliver it. At that point my family was counting on a meal after a very difficult day. I will never be using this experience again and would not recommend anyone else use it. Following this, I contacted a restaurant directly, the old fashioned way, and someone offered to go out of their delivery zone to accommodate. THAT is good customer service. Bite Squad should take note.

1 review
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Watch your debit cards after using Bite Squad. They continue to charge my card for no orders. Watch out

1 review
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trash service!!! work from home and i'm busy so i order a burger, onion rings from a restaurant a mile from my house were COLD!! seen on the app my order was done but wasn't being delivered till 30min later. chatted they didn't give a crap.

screw this company!

1 review
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I wish I could leave 0 stars for this crap company I would. I placed an order and got a receipt by email. It said about an hour. I check the tracker in an hour to see where the food is and it shows my order as canceled. Apparently I was supposed to get another email saying I needed to send proof of ID and credit card. How stupid is that? The driver could've gotten that when they came. What bothers me the most is they expect people to keep checking their emails for their ridiculous requests? I can't call them so I have to live chat and they say I should've gotten an email. I say I didn't. They finally send it but now it's been over an hour and a half. As if I'm going to do this order with them now. So 3 people just continue to starve because of incompetence of a company. I hope they fail and Uber Eats or whoever else takes this terrible company out.

1 review
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Terrible experience and constant issues. In the 5 different times I have ordered they have forgotten food, up charged on menu prices without customers nor the restaurant knowing (restaurants with no logo they add to the price due to them not being a pro member fyi). They take zero responsibility for late delivers avg time for delivery 1.5 to 2 hrs no matter the time or restaurant. This company is one that simply won't make it. I know several restaurant owners and GMs that already pulled out due to shady business practices and constant mistakes.

1 review
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I contacted them to let them no my order was wrong. I added steak to an item which I paid for and I never got, and they asked me to dig it out of the trash and take a picture in order for them to resolve. No thank you. I'm not digging in my trash to fix a mistake that you made. Will be sticking with Uber eats from now on. If they make a mistake they immediately refund you for the item without making you dig in the trash.

1 review
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My local BiteSquad replaced a former delivery service in my area that I had zero complaints over and I wasn't too happy concerning the change. But since I can't get out often and still enjoy fast food, I ended up placing three orders with the service over the past few months. All three orders have been disappointing to say the least. On top of the booking fee, service fee, delivery fee, "other fees", and whatever else they seem to charge, they also raise the price of menu items by a flat 25%. Want a $2.00 egg roll from a Chinese restaurant? You'll be paying $2.50, and that price increase isn't documented anywhere else. Their customer service claims it is some kind of partner fee because they're not affiliated with the restaurant, but it's plain deceptive. All three orders also had items missing from the order (like an entire portion package, sides, etc. There's no verification). I can understand not opening someone's food to verify, but when it's brought up after the fact, the driver blows you off or you get a half-assed credit towards your next order. I won't be using the service again, and if you want to avoid an overpriced headache, I advise you do the same.

Price Comparison:

5 reviews
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What an incredible rip off! Order 2 pizzas & wings & it was $88!!! They automatically add a tip (total bad, should be customers choice) PLUS a delivery fee PLUS "Other fees" which they don't explain nor label. Should be categorized as illegal business practices!!!

1 review
1 helpful vote

Last night we received our order from Famous Daves and we were unexpectedly surprised and disappointed. The $24 ribs were missing a large strips of meat off the top. The mashed potatoes that I ordered came as sweet mashed potatoes. The corn bread muffins that we're supposed to come with the meal we're missing and the brownie that we ordered was missing. This was a $70 meal that we ordered to celebrate my new job offer. When I spoke to support on chat I was only offered a $15 credit. I absolutely can not believe the service we have received from Bitesquad. I spoke to Tony , the restraunt manager at Famous Dave's, who was adamant about wanting refund me for all the mishaps with this order. He said that unfortunately because it is through bite squad that bite squad needed to initiate the process. Tony also said that he planned to contact Bitesquad in the morning. Earlier this morning I received the message from the contact center whom I made the issue known with and they offered a $30 credit for Bitesquad. Yeah right. I will not be doing buisness whatsoever with such a slimey company. This needs to be resolved ASAP. I AM EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED.

1 review
1 helpful vote

ALWAYS late. And not by 5-10 minutes--usually at least 30 minutes. Additionally, the orders are FREQUENTLY INCORRECT. I understand that mistakes happen, but it happens enough that you should never get your hopes up that you will actually get what you ordered. You can trust them to be late, though.

Finally, lets talk about their TERRIBLE customer service (if I could write this review in all caps, I would, but I fear it would lose its impact). Bitesquad needs to do total refunds if they mess an order up badly enough. Once, my order came over hour late, and the driver had accidentally grabbed someone else's order. When I called in, they offered me $5---I had to fight tooth & nail to get only the item refunded (which still left me paying $11 for something I didn't order). Once, when I called in to complain, they accused me of calling in too much to complain!! Like it was MY fault that they were screwing up all my orders!!! In my industry, if I sent my client something they didn't want, and it was late, I would be lucky to get paid at all.

1 review
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Absolutely horrid. The food always takes at least 1.5-2 hours to be delivered, arrives cold, and is wrong half the time. It's not the drivers' faults either. The company has them pick up multiple orders at once and accepts orders from customers even when there isn't an available driver so it appears as if they've taken 30-40 minutes to even submit your order to the restaurant. Customer service will hang up on you and stall you, claiming they were disconnected until it's apparently "too late" to cancel your order and you're stuck with cold food. I don't think they'll last very long unless they get their customer service reps in line.

1 review
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NEVER on time !!! in fact more than 20 plus minutes late on every order I've place with them. Don't believe the time frame ... finally frustrated enough to call the customer service that was worse. They put me on hold for 18 min. Finally offered a discount on the of $5 dollars on my next order. During that call I got a text update that my order is delayed-an additional 27 min. I said I want a credit on the delivery charge. They refused . Now my order is going on 1 hour and 40 min. So I said cancel the order I could drive there multiple times in that space Of time .... they said I can't cancel because the order had been made.... I'm charge back my credit card .... this is the worst delivery service in the state of Washington. I'll never use them again ......

1 review
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I placed my first order with Bite Squad today and we had quite a few issues. Firstly, we wanted our food by 12. I understand sometimes it takes longer, but we didn't get our food until 12:35. When it finally arrived, we were missing 4 orders of fries. I also don't like that you can't get any of the deals. We ordered from Applebee's and we weren't given the option to do the 2 for $20 deals that they have on their menu. Overall, it was just a very poor experience. I decided to contact Bite Squad and see if they were willing to fix the issue... instead they made excuses for being late saying they get a 30 minute window to be late and then proceeded to give me a $5 credit to my Bite Squad account not even refund me for the missing orders of fries. Horrible company, horrible customer service, horrible all around.

1 review
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I had to pay 75 dollars just to get lettuce, tomato, onions and pickle, which were supposed to come with the burger as specifically stated on the menu. Anjyi of bite squad was excessively rude to me and after spending all that money, and from the time I ordered and the time the last driver showed up with what was actually ordered it was THREE HOURS. Bite squad lied to me. Bite squad lied to the delivery driver. Bite squad lied to the restaurant. Bite squad did not bother to READ THE MENU to find out that shockingly enough, the lettuce tomato onion and pickle COME WITH THE BURGER. Anjyi insisted on a photo of the meat. I sent a photo of the meat, which looked like.....meat. This took up a lot of time. How utterly ROTTEN my experience was. How NASTY my experience was. I even had to call the restaurant and go though a quarter of an hour of an employee screaming at me the customer so that I could verify that yes, LIKE THE MENU SAID, it comes with LETTUCE, TOMATO, ONION, AND PICKLE. What does it come with? IT COMES WITH LETTUCE TOMATO ONION AND PICKLE. Not 75 dollars worth which is what I had to pay and was forced to pay three booking fees and tips over and over until finally I was able to have something other than just a nasty cold slab of ground meat, which looks like....meat.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Bite Squad continues to disappoint. Always later than expected. This last time I received the wrong order. Called the restaurant who admitted it was wrong but couldn't do anything since it was ordered thru Bite Squad. I got on the app and went thru live chat. I was told that I could be refunded for the wrong food only. That left me with $11 worth booking fees and tips fries and beans. There is no point in having the fries and beans if you don't have the meat to go with them. I called the customer service number where they told me they would refund the wrong item and the drivers tip but not the booking fee. Why would i want to pay a booking fee when you brought me the wrong order? At this point I'm starting to get a little frustrated so I tell them i want a complete refund on the entire order. I was called a "$#*!er" and hung up on. I called back to talk to a manager and the manager said i'm sorry you were talked to like that. We will give you a $5 credit on your Bite Squad account. $5 holy crap! That makes it all better! Maybe I can get some more fries! Last time I ordered thru them the delivery tracker said the customer was sitting at the restaurant waiting to pick up the order. 45 minutes later I call the restaurant and they tell me they haven't seen a bite squad driver all night. This place is a scam. I don't suggest using it.

2 reviews
1 helpful vote

I used Bite Squad a couple of times and it has been great every time. The foods are delivered fresh and don't take too long so I am very happy that such a convenient way to get food delivered exists.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Ordered early in the evening (6:00 ish) for a restaurant online, clicked submit order, nearly $20 added for fees, taxes, extra taxes, service fees. Attempted immediately to cancel the order and was told after a 5-10 minute wait that the restaurant wouldn't allow it because they had already started cooking the order. Was offered an $8 refund, but the chat timed out. Got a message that the order was delayed but Bite Squad was at the restaurant waiting for the order and it be arriving at 7:05. At 7:10 got a call from Bite Squad saying the restaurant was asked to cancel the order so the food hadn't been cooked yet. Now 7:43 and we are cooking dinner.

1 review
1 helpful vote

After being a customer of both Naples express meals and Bight squad I ordered there 3 our 4 times a week for the last 7 years I began to have a problem with the drivers going to the wrong house especially at night when it was dark They just could not get it right I Live in a town home Properly lit Address directly in front a house on sign they could not get it right bothering my neighbors parking in their driveway So I complained Only the find out both their customer service and management team are disrespectful And not ready to admit Their business faults Not only is it unsafe for the driver snooping around people's homes that are not expecting him I Complained they never gave me back my tip the police wound up coming to my The neighborhood At basically blamed me They begun to not take my calls I try to order only to find out after Being such a good customer they cancel my count I did absolutely nothing wrong I've always been respectful and kind call of their drivers I've always tip them properly more than I should have I don't like companies like this That can't admit when they made a mistake and just fix it Worst company ever

1 review
2 helpful votes

This company will lead you to believe you have ordered... And then 40+ minutes later when you are tracking your order you figure out it's not coming and has not been placed.. this has happened 4 times in a year. They keep contacting me tell me it will get better.... Really.... I'm loosing Faith. I do love this app and the people, but it very hard to trust every time we order something happens!! Just be cautious...

1 review
1 helpful vote

I do not usually write reviews but I must. This is the 3rd time that bitesquad has forgotten items on my order. Each time foolishly I have given the driver a generous tip without checking the order. I do this because I want to make sure the get a good tip. I will no longer be tipping since the driver is not checking the order and taking proper care of their customer. Each time I have complained they say they will give me a $5 credit (which is laughable) and it won't happen again. I have never received a credit. Further more the chat person is always the same name and could care less about customer service. I am currently disabled so recieving a nice meal is a treat for me and I spend hundreds of dollars each month for this type of service. They could care less about loyalty, or good faith. I am so dissapointed because I do not have many options. And even worse is their cavalier attitude. EXTREMLY DISSAPOINTED!!!!

1 review
1 helpful vote

This company is absolutely horrible. They don't bother relaying to the restaurants what you actually requested to order. They always seem to get lost so the food is always cold and it's not cheap I am still waiting on an order totaling over 100.00 for 4 people, that was supposed to take 44min, it's been about 2 hours. The food when you get often looks like they take your food and shake it. We need more delivery options in hawaii

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