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I was raised and live on the East Coast of the USA. I work mostly all day so I'm typically up all night.

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As dumb or naive as it may sound, I believe in trying to make the world a better place. That's my only goal in life.


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I first joined Ipsy maybe around 2014 and I wasn't aware that there was a waitlist. If they don't have any spots open, you'll be waitlisted. However I always found this really strange because there have been opportunities since then to "skip the line" and just sign up. A few months ago a friend of mine tried to sign up and was waitlisted and I signed up in December for January 2018's bag and while she is still on the waitlist, I've been sent a confirmation that I'll be getting a glam bag this month.

In my opinion, these bags don't really seem to customized. I don't have a problem with that since I have a sister and some friends I can pass on whatever I'm not into, onto. If you're looking for them to send you just skincare, just neutral colors, or just a very specific thing, then this may not be for you.

In my experience, cancelling has been easy to do. You just go online and contact the Ipsy Care team.

They do have points you can redeem for things but those points expire after a certain amount of time. They also host giveaways that you can ente just be sure to check the page often so you know when they're posted because they tend to end pretty quickly after about a week.

To sum it all up, you may be contacting the Ipsy Care team quite a bit but they'll always try to make you happy. It feels like the bags are actually just random. I think I would only recommend this to people who want to explore beauty products and are on a bit of a budget. A great alternative to this would be the Play! By Sephora box which is priced the same as this.


I really love using ebates and I often go there before shopping anywhere else. They somewhat recently added in store cash back which makes this even more amazing. Don't be mislead though, it's not "getting paid to shop" it's just basically giving you some money back off of what you spent. That's really my only "complaint" (it's not really a complaint it's just wording but I hope you know what I mean).

The website itself feels very crowded but it is very easy to navigate. I've recommended ebates to almost everyone.


I don't order food very often but when I do and I see those "Sign up for an account now!" I never sign up. However, with GrubHub you have to sign up to place your order. It's a hassle, it's stupid, and I really don't like it. I think I would have a better opinion on this site if it weren't for this fact.

The good points of this site include that it's easy to use, order, and view your receipts. Anyone can use this site it's so easy.


Mercari is a place where you can buy and sell things from other people like you. I'm assuming this is a Japanese venture because the site can be set to "United States" and "Japan" but you won't find a link to their support system. Support seems to be available in app only.

For buyers: When you find a product you like, you can buy it, assuming that the seller still has the item and the app on their phone and is paying attention. Usually after a certain amount of time if the seller hasn't shipped on contacted the buyer through the app, the transaction can be cancelled at the request of the buyer.

For sellers: You can choose up to four photos and edit them in the app. You need to add a title and description, as well as choose the shipping fee, condition the item is in, size (if applicable, and price. Whole dollars only, no change.

You get $2 for yourself and a the person you refer to Mercari (if you want to use mine it's jld475, just saying).

Once you receive the item you ordered you will have to rate your seller, and sellers will have to rate the buyers. If you are not satisfied with your order when it arrives you can figure out what to do by contacting Mercari and/or the seller. Do not, under any circumstance rate the other person if you are unsatisfied with your purchase because there's nothing that you'll be able to do to get your money back if you do that.

Payment methods: Paypal, and card. You can have funds sent to your bank through the app.

Shipping methods: Labels are offered for USPS and FedEx. Mercari recommends using USPS for everyday things and FedEx for fragile things. The shipping rates are: 0-0.5 lbs = $4,0.5 - 3 lbs = $6,3 - 10 lbs = $9, and 10 - 20 lbs = $15. You can also choose to ship the item yourself.

I hope this is helpful. I have had a pretty positive experience using the service for several months now. I've had two negative experiences but one of them had deleted the app so they never knew I had purchased anything and another lady failed to disclose to me that the eye shadow palette I had bought from her (which she said was "no brand") was actually a knock off of something else. I did report the account.

Tip for consumers:
Be careful of name brands when you purchase. Ask as many questions as you can about the item so that you don't waste your time. Read their ratings!


I like using HTMLInstant for quick coding nothing serious, really.
You do not need to sign up but it's clear that the site probably hasn't had any updates in a good while.
On the left side you have a place where you can type your code and on the right side you have a place where you will see and be able to interact with what you've created as soon as you type on the left side.
It's very helpful when you need to see what something will look like but please do not rely on this to create a full website. It's a great tool for anyone creating layouts for sites like Vampirefreaks.com or something.

Tip for consumers:
People learning coding skills


The one thing that I find most annoying about this site is that stupid popup that constantly asks me to sign up for their Shipping Pass pilot program.

Other than that, the site it well organized and loads fairly quickly.


The recent site update makes logging into my account a lot easier and quicker. However I still feel like they should have have an option to keep the old login style or switch to the new one.

Once logged into the site, everything is well organized and you are able to access many of their tools to help you save, budget, and manage your money.


I downloade the app a while ago to kind of look around at things I could probably make for myself but since then have made plenty of purchases. Some of them have been very good while others have been disasterous.

I highly recommend being very careful when shopping for beauty products or electronics on this site/app because they may just be losses and you've paid all that money and waited for a month (in some cases) just to throw it all away.

When buying clothes I recommend taking your measurements first and then checking all of the size charts and photos available. I'm a Medium - Large when I go shop at Khol's, JCP, Macy's, but on this site/app I'm usually a large - XXL. Sometimes the fabric can be very cheap and thin so make sure to see all the photos that customers may have submitted.

Shipping takes a while on most items. You ay occasionally be surprised with an arrival of a package within a week of order confirmation but it's not common. Shipping is generally really cheap - I haven't seen anything higher than $5 (USD).


I highly recommend you stay away from this place. It is free hosting and you should always be weary of free hosting because you're host can simply delete your entire site and not warn you about it.

I had hosted my site on there for a while and one day I open up my file manager to do some maintaince work and nothing. No files in there, my site was redirected to their hosting24 site and it was a mess. I would recommend trying out emnhosting.com, three-words.net, or ofblue.com, instead of this.

The auto installer doesn't work, so if you wanted to install wordpress, you'll have to do it manually. It's not hard to do it manually, but it'll be another file to manage.


This app is a little quirky...

Firstly, to sign up you need to connect to Facebook and pick a "username" which you can give to friends to sign up under. Please do not believe the lies that you can simple get a $15 iTunes gift card simply by inputting a certain code, it doesn't work like that.

On my Apple device: All the videos play well. I usually just turn off the sound and watch TV or something. I then redeem it for paypal money. Daily, I use the free scratcher and you can either win a certain amount of points, or nothing.

On my Android: A lot of the videos buffer for 5 mins before the app crashes. When I open up the app again and play a video it'll say something like "video cannot be played" and then I see my points balance increase. I've contacted support twice about this issue. I've had no problem redeeming points for paypal cash.

Oh and you can also download the app you just watch the trailer for, for more points.
Ex: watch the video for 10 points, download app for additional 150 points, leave a tip/rate. Once you've left three tips on apps (in the app) you can and will receive 500 points.

I think this app is one that everyone who is curious about, should try at least once.


I thought I'd give this site a chance back in 2011 and since then I have kept my account open and active.

Let me just say that I do not participate in the "trusted surveys," "paid surveys," or "tasks. " Typically I"ll use the Coupons, daily poll, videos, noso, swag code, and swagbucks TV.

If you're a casual user, you can make a little bit of money (I've made about $60 in 2013), but I wouldn't rely on it for major income.

Support staff seems and has always been friendly, polite, and professional towards me and I've only contacted them twice about missing points. I received my missing points in about 2-3 days from the day I reported them and all was well. Though when it came time for me to claim my rewards it was a little different.
Paypal money was in my account within 24 hours but I ordered an optical mouse once and it took 17 days to get to my house. The cool part was that if I took a picture with it and a sign (or something like that) I could get more points.


Free version: awesome and almost everyone I know has it and has never had a complaint. I think it's better than pandora.

Premium version: For about $10 & change you can get unlimited streaming, no ads, and you save your playlists for offline play. I love the offline playlist option because whenever I go on vacation to a third world country, I always have my music available on my phone or ipod or ipad as long as I save it offline.

The only issues I've had are when they kind of raised the price from $9.99/month to $10.50/month because of some new law. Their apps are pretty good and offer a "private session" option which is something I haven't used yet.


Creating an amazon.com account is pretty easy. I don't remember having to add a credit card number before I actually ordered anything, so that's always good. It's always good to at least skim or search though the Privacy Policy and terms of service. That way you can see how things can work out for you if something negative were to happen.

Most sellers I've bought something from were always really good, punctual, and delivered what I had expected. However there's always that lot that sucks. I tried to buy a replacement laptop battery from a seller (something like kmsbooks/kmsdbooks) and they sent me the wrong one. I contacted them, they were polite and sent me a new one. Still the wrong one.

Overall, a really good site to do your shopping on, just read the reviews before you buy anything so that you are aware of what you might get.


Before you sign up, skim/read/search through the Privacy Policy and Terms. You can also easily just click ctrl + f on your keyboard and search for the keywords "third party" "marketing" "3rd party" or whatever your concerns are.
If you're ready to sign up for your free box, just know that they will ask you for a credit card. From what I've seen around, it's pretty standard. I know a lot of legitamate sites that do this and I've never had issues with them.
So once you sign up you go through and select which foods you want to "trash" (never get, "Try," "like" (send occasionally), or "love" (send regularyly). I went through and "trashed" a few spicy items because I just don't like spicy foods.
You can then wander wound the site and check out what else they have. Try to avoid the "friendCODE" tab until AFTER you get your first box so that you can see exactly what you'll be recommending yo your friends/family/followers. If they sign up under your FriendCode, they will recieve their 1st AND 5th box FREE.
You can keep track of your box's progress by clicking on the green tab with your name, and selecting the "Your Deliveries" option. I set my box's "Due date" to every 4 weeks, so I'll be getting one every month. You can change the frequency of how often you get them.
Scroll down on this same page and you'll see "Nibble box" and "Light box" and you can select which one you want. You can also set up an automatic delivery for every 2 weeks (tasting club) or once a week (healthy snacker). Like I said (in case I didn't make it clear before) at the top of the page you can set the due date back or forward.
At the very bottom of the page is a "Cancel deliveries" option which you can select if you're not satisfied with your box(es).
Overall, I'm satisfied with Graze.com and I like that it's $6/box. I would and do recommend this.

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