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I teach English on BUSUU and I'm very happy with how the platform works. It's easy for me and my students to connect and I can share materials with them during the lesson. This is a fantastic learning platform that brings students and teachers together for a mutually rewarding experience.


Double Standards Much?

So Amber Heard is on tape talking about her violence towards Johnny Depp. Gets to stay on Aquaman 2. Johhny Depp loses UK case, gets cut from Fantastic Beasts. Correct me if I'm wrong but there is a serious double standard here. How about we boycott both movies to send a message to WB? If abuse is abuse then at the very least you clowns need to drop Amber Heard as well. Otherwise, watch the backlash from fans boycotting WB movies.


I signed up for Avon last year but only order products for myself and my family. I'm always happy with the quality of the products. Ordering and payment are easy and delivery is prompt. Today I received a package with some free products as a sign of support for their local customers during this COVID-19 crisis. What a lovely gesture. I will continue to buy cosmetic and hygiene essentials we need from Avon. Thanks for the gift pack. It was very much appreciated.


With the COVID-19 situations, we are constantly being advised to stay home as much as we possibly can. I saw that this company had household essentials and grocery items so I ordered several that my local stores had run out of. Ordering was easy and delivery was relatively prompt. I hope they keep these items available even after lockdown as it is so convenient. Thanks


I can't believe it. I opened an Upwork account as one of my clients uses this site. 24 hours later, after being fully identified and verified, they deactivated my account without an explanation. I'm supposed to have violated their policies which is amusing as I have not been on the site long enough to do that.
I've asked for an explanation but won't be holding my breath._____________________________________________________________

Upwork has since contacted me directly. They claim their decision was related to a previous account and this one was only deactivated because they had too many freelancers who could do the same type of work. Whatever.
They still won't tell me which "serous violation" I am guilty of and hide behind their privacy policy. Just to let them know, the only reason I signed up with them in the first place is at the request of exiting clients. I won't be bothering anymore. If they can't be honest with a simple answer related to an account deactivation, they can use the same method to be dishonest in other ways as well.


We booked a town house in Zagreb through Airbnb. The host was friendly right from the moment we made the booking. The house was clean and warm and the customer service we received from Airbnb was amazing. I will definitely use them again.


I had booked an apartment for a large group to spend the weekend in Zagreb for Advent. Much to my horror, the property owner cancelled 5 days before we were due to visit. Booking.com advised me of this and sent me a link to an alternative accommodation. It was 3 times more expensive than my original booking so I was reluctant to take the offer. The agent assured me I would be refunded the difference between the new arrangement and the original one. We went ahead with our trip and I sent Booking.com all of my receipts. The lived up to their promise and I received the refund. Not only was the alternative arrangement better than expected, the host was also great. Our group had a fantastic time and booking.com ensured all went smoothly. THANKS.


After seeing the drastically improved health of a close family friend, we decided to visit Arni Centar for an intolerance test. Dr Gordana is a total professional and really friendly. She detected the food and substances we should avoid and gave us an eating plan that was easy to follow. My health, and the health of my family, has improved in ways we never thought possible and we've all lost weight too. Dr Gordana and her staff are all very pleasant and always greet us with a smile. If you're serious about doing something really positive for your health, I recommend you visit Arni Centar. You won't regret it.

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After spending over 24 hours arguing with a customer service officer on their Live Chat, you can absolutely forget about chatting with an actual manager. We were promised a refund of the difference between AUD 120 and USD 120. Refund was also calculated in US dollars. Conveniently they can do this when it suits them, but we still ended up short of what we should have received. Refund came over 24 hours later than we were promised and when we queried this, the person replying was not very friendly.
This company put us through hell at a time when we were already under a lot of stress. Will never use them again.

Criminals who take advantage of grieving families
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We ordered flowers for a family member's funeral in Australia, but as we weren't in the country at the time, we searched online for a local Brisbane florist. We specifically chose an online florist with a. com.au address as we intended to pay with an Australian Debit Card with a prominent Australian Bank.
Nowhere on their page does it show that the prices are in anything but Australian dollars. Image our shock and horror when the amount deducted from our Australian account was for almost AUD $60 more than we were expecting. It turns out, that even if you make this purchase from an Australian business, the system is set up so that if you order from outside Australia, you are charged in US dollars. So we were expecting AUD 120, but were charged USD 120. If that was the case, what we should have been charged is USD 82 (exchange rates at the time).
All attempts to resolve this have fallen on deaf, stupid or incompetent ears. They just keep re-sending the link to their terms and conditions where it states that all orders from outside of Australia are charged in US dollars. What they don't tell you is that they use the same price but add it to a different currency. This has put an extreme amount of stress on the family who are already grieving the sudden loss of a loved one.
Live Chat is a complete waste of time and you can forget about communicating with a manager because every single manager is out of the office all the time.
I will be reporting them to the ACCC, The International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network and I will be sending the Brisbane franchisee a letter so that when they are out of business, they will know why.
This business is fraudulent, unethical and a disgrace. You try and arrange flowers so you have a presence at a loved one's funeral and you get completely screwed over. Talk about taking advantage of people during the darkest times they are facing.


I went on a trip to Prague and Vienna from 28.2 - 3.3. From the moment we got on the bus, to the moment we said goodbye to our tour guide, it was a fantastic weekend. Our tour guide, Marko, was charming and friendly. He took our group to the best parts of these 2 cities and added some quirky anecdotal information that had us laughing the whole time.

In terms of organization, everything was great. From getting us through several border controls, to hotel check-ins, the tours themselves and even suggesting some good spots for coffee, beer and food, it was all timed to perfection. Our two bus drivers were also fantastic. Always ready to lend a hand and impeccable driving.

On behalf of our group, thank you for an amazing and fun weekend. We will remember Marko's red umbrella bobbing through the crowds with a smile.

Tip for consumers:
Check out the package tours ARD Travel has on offer. This is one of the best companies we have travelled with so far.


Ovo je vec drugi put u kratko vrijeme da kurir sebi nadje razlog da ne dostavlja posiljku a tek javlja u centralni ured kad se dobro izmakne tako da se nemora vracati da uradi ono se mi kupci debelo placamo.

Prvi put je nazvao moj mobitel na sitnu sekundu samo da ima dokaz da je nazvao a bez da sam imala priliku da se javim. Minutu kasnije zove me teleoperaterica i obavijestava me da je poziv bio prepusten tako da posiljku nije bilo moguce dostaviti.

Ovaj put kao razlog da su imali pogresan broj telefona a nekad jutros. Trebalo im je dosta sati da telefoniraju posiljaca pa tek onda mene da mi kazu da nisu me mogli kontaktirati. E, sto lazu!

I u centrali umjesto da ti traze brzo rijesenje oni podrzavaju neprofesionalno ponasanje svojih vozaca. Nijedan im izgovor ne drzi vodu. Samo lazu, muljaju, uzimaju novac za brzu dostavu i onda vozaci su vidjeni kako su parkirani ispred kafice a mi to sve placamo to im je svejedno.

SRAM VAS BILO! Znaci nije dovoljno sto lazete, jos u tome traziti opravdanje.

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This was the second time in 2 months I've had flowers delivered via these folks. Once again, they did not disappoint. The flowers were delivered to my mother the evening before Mother's Day just as requested. These guys rock.

Tip for consumers:
If you live in Melbourne or have someone special in Melbourne you'd like to send flowers to, these are the folks to do it for you. They have a great variety of arrangements and additions to suit every style and budget.

Quick and easy
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Living in Europe, I am quite far away from family. I really wanted to send my mother a gift for her birthday but wasn't sure of what to do.

I did a quick search of florists in Melbourne and found "Flowers Across Melbourne". It was already quite late, but I crossed my fingers and placed a very last minute order. My mother got her flowers on her birthday and was thrilled.

Tip for consumers:
Definitely the place to go if you want to send something nice to someone you love.

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After being scammed and my attempts at recuperating my earnings have pretty much fallen on deaf ears, I have closed my account.

What I got from Freelancer was a whole bunch of shoulda, woulda, coulda. It didn't matter that I played by the rules.

I had thought of keeping my account open, but it is obvious nothing good will ever come from this platform so I will no longer be wasting my time. Besides, there are better, more honest places to get work and be paid for your efforts.

Tip for consumers:
Freelancer should change their name to Scammers Anonymous.

Work, but don't expect to get paid
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Freelancer is a breeding ground for scammers and criminals. They have absolutely no system in place to protect freelancers / sellers from doing work and not getting paid. What's worse, their care factor for this is also a huge ZERO. Other freelance type sites insist on the buyer paying a deposit so at least you know you will get some of the money.
I followed their terms and conditions to the letter, checked the client was fully verified, including payment verified and even used their timing app, which was supposed to be completely secured. What they failed to mention is that the client can remove the project and vanish without paying you.
I reported the problem and was basically just told to stop working. NO KIDDING! Did they really think I would continue working after being ripped off? Subsequent inquiries have been ignored so the only conclusion you can come to is that they are either incompetent or just as corrupt as the scammers they allow to register.
Also, their Bid Quality Score system is a joke. If you don't bid often enough your score goes down, yet half the time the available jobs are obvious scams or the job is advertised at an insultingly low price. I wouldn't be surprised if Freelancer pays people to bid low just to undercut the rest of the bidders.
I'm keeping my account open a little while longer just to see if I get paid. After that I'm gone.

Tip for consumers:
Until they introduce an escrow system so you know you will get paid .. STAY AWAY


I've been shopping in this store for almost 10 years now and let me say, I am never disappointed.

They have everything I need for my family's skincare, hygiene and cleaning needs and the prices are quite low considering the quality. The staff there are also quick to help and always smiling.


I love this little town. It has quite a lot of history and is absolutely gorgeous. It is literally surrounded by hills and mountains.

For a small town it has a lot of activities throughout the year and the people are genuinely friendly.


If you would like to stay in a place close to Medjugorje, but away from the hustle and bustle, this is the place to go.

The location is nice and quiet with comfortable rooms. The staff are really friendly and will make your stay very pleasant. The swimming pool is also a great place to relax on a hot summer's day.


I have family and friends all over the world so keeping in touch used to be rare due to the enormous costs.

Thanks to Viber I can stay in touch with my nearest and dearest as often as I like. My mother even learned how to use it.

Yes, we experience glitches from time to time, but considering how often I we use this great app it's not really an issue.

Tip for consumers:
A great way to stay in touch with those you love.


I have been teaching on Verbling for 18 months now and it has been one of the most rewarding experience for me. My students come from all over the world and are incredible people.

What sets Verbling so much higher than other platforms is the support you get from the administrators. They respond to any issues quite quickly and the tone is always so friendly.

I am so lucky I found Verbling.

Tip for consumers:
Verbling is the place to be for languages.


I recently spent a weekend at Hotel Zora with some friends. First impressions were good and most importantly, the room was impeccably clean. Every member of staff we came across were friendly and did everything to make our stay comfortable.

The hotel is situated just 500 meters from the old town of Primosten and the views are breathtaking. This place is amazing for a family vacation.

Tip for consumers:
A hidden jewel you don't want to miss.


I ordered Farmasi cosmetics from a friend a couple of times. The products aren't too bad for the price. Recently I contacted my friend to place another order and she told me she was no longer selling. Having experience buying and selling cosmetics via this direct selling / multi level marketing set up, I decided to join the sales team.

What a joke. There are so many conditions on placing orders. If you want something from the specials catalog you need to first make a purchase from the regular catalog. Not such a task except I didn't like any of the products in the regular catalog. None of my friends who intended placing orders liked the regular catalog items either.

I sent an email to sales management but no leeway. They have the stance and they don't care whether you like it or not. Then I was not-so-graciously informed that I was not a re-seller but an end user. Seriously? Do you know anyone who would buy several of the same product for themselves?

The marketing team need a crash course in customer service. I've been a re-seller for a number of direct sales companies. Not only were there no restrictions on purchases, they kept giving me free items to pass on to my customers as an incentive to keep ordering from me.

It's one thing to have a stance on how orders can be placed, but couple that stance with a lousy attitude towards potential customers is a death sentence for any business. This is one customer they will never see again.


Hello Jasna,

We apologize for the inconvenience that has occurred with your time at Farmasi, we comprehend the frustration of your case. Here in Farmasi we take feedback such as this very seriously, as we are constantly seeking to evolve and better our services for our consumers. I have taken note of what has occurred in your case and will be sharing with the rest of our team. Thank you for taking the time to voice your concerns.

Farmasi Consumer Services

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“Upwork is quite selective they filter the talent of designers but once you are accepted the average pay out is less than $5 an hour so you not missing much”

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