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I am a product sampler and blogger. I love to volunteer with elderly, homeless animals and pay it forward.

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I enjoy volunteering with Hospice and helping homeless animals.


Praying and reading the Bible.

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UPSimage coming soon



I live at a business address and UPS as well as all mail services are terrible. Seems pretty D@@@ convenient that they say "oops" something went wrong and packages will be delayed. Yea every d@@@ time it seems to fall on a weekend but during the week I get packages early if not on time. This has happened to me more than once and the last time I am supposed to be getting vitamins, guess next time I will be getting them from Walmart at least then I get them early, because via FedEx, even though they used to deliver to the wrong address. Not to mention UPS can't even read and sometimes put packages in the wrong mail box. The box right outside the gate that is for after hour deliveries says FedEx, UPS, etc. for big packages put here.

Arbys.comimage coming soon



Visited the one in Palm Bay, FL, a few days ago and usually the store looks clean but not on this day. They had to workers sitting at the tables who looked like they were on break and the rest were behind the counter doing what I guess they were supposed to be doing but the seating area was a bit on the dirty side. Don't think it had been cleaned in quite awhile, not to mention the table we usually sit at was just as unclean. The food was another story, fries I ordered didn't seem fresh. The cheese on the sandwich looked slightly melted but as if it had been sitting around awhile. Let's just say this isn't one of the good days of coming to this place thank goodness I rarely go to this place.

Kelsey's Pizzaimage coming soon

Kelsey's Pizza


Visited this place in Titusville, FL after going to Beef O' Brady's first which didn't have room for 9 people at the time so we went to Kelsey's which had room for us. Anyhow we were seated, waiter took our order and we all sat and waited. So we thought, apparently when he entered the order into the computer it never went to the kitchen so we had to wait even longer to get our food and to make matters worse everyone around us who came in after got their food, ate and then left. We did get bread knots and some mystery garlic like pizzas to snack on while we wait. I never had a Greek salad before which had more big chunks of onion than other big chunks. Found out to late that I should have just ordered a regular salad that I'm used to. Needless to say I don't think we will ever go to this restaurant again

BzzAgentimage coming soon



I have been a member with this company for about a year, only had about 2 samples from them first was Downy softener which by the time I got it had leaked out but thankfully someone shipped it in a bubble wrap. Second was 4 packets of downy bead things that were supposed to make laundry smell for a month or so but well lets just say I wished I hadn't used it. But still was nice to get samples, just recently they changed their site. Now it is much like DailyGoodieBox and a few other sites that give you VERY cheesy sign up goodies. I keep getting these emails asking me to get samples I get emails asking me to sign up and give personal information I already have done.

ShopYourWayimage coming soon



I found out pretty early this year I can earn points/dollars through ShopYourWay sweepstakes as Freecash, and when I buy items at Sears website or Shopyouway I do the pickup when I can on small stuff until I have enough money to get big items. Well several of the Sears store employees are rude and/or when I see "processing for store pickup" for several days I wonder what they could be doing since the store I go to is always empty or very few customers altogether. I have to either call the store to ask why it is taking so long or "chat now" with Sears website either way I am pretty much wasting my time. I had a flashlight through the pickup for over a month before I finally called to ask why, which I can see why store is shutting down. Then there is the ShopYourWay website where you can enter in sweepstakes to get money to get merchandise cheaper, more and more each day I am having trouble being able to enter in the sweepstakes as far as the Shares, videos and the daily codes you can enter, can't get a hold of anyone to help fix the technical issues. They treat me like I'm stupid and seem to refuse to help, which leads me to see why these companies are going out of business. Even the Win Club in Facebook they are no help and are very rude.

Carrabba'simage coming soon



My first time in Carrabbas was in Melbourne, FL and that was a complete waste of money and food was very costly. First we had to wait (me and 2 others) which was fine since they looked fairly busy or change of workers which was odd when we seen a few tables empty. When we finally were seated the table was soo wobbly we had to be careful on how we moved. They didn't have any pork chops which my step father was wanting (stuffed they had advertised) so he had to pick something different and nothing was under $14 most was over $20. I forget what he ended up with may have been 2 VERY SMALL pieces of chicken. I had a salad which was just barely under $15 it was ok but wasn't worth the price. The server was fairly slow at serving us and when we got the bill it was just under $70 with that high of a cost you would think there would be alot of food on the plates when yet there was very little which wasn't all that great either. Needless to say we won't be going there anymore.

Tip for consumers: If you want to pay alot of money for slow waiters, costly food with very little on the plate then eat at Carrabas but it's best if you just go somewhere else.

BocaJavaimage coming soon



Sometime ago this company offered from their main website a free bag of coffee. Then I when I signed up giving all personal information and clicked enter the site conveniently messed and having issues. So I contacted the main site telling them this and got an email saying that when I get a postcard to take a picture of the back of it and so forth well it has been months now and still no postcard and/or free coffee. I contacted them a month or so ago to ask about it and all of a sudden they don't do that and/or control what franchises do or something to that. I'm sure that the FREE bag that was offered without restrictions at the time which conveniently was taken off and now there is a restriction that you have to buy something in order to get the D@@@ FREE bag. When they offer a FREE something and not give it, it is considered false advertising in my books. Below is a picture that I was sent via email stating how to get free bag of coffee and yet I never received that postcard.

Better Recipesimage coming soon

Better Recipes


This is a complaint as well as a question. Has anyone ever won anything from this company? I visit several websites daily to be on the look out for free samples and such. Well this site always has daily giveaways to win kitchen appliances among other things but never heard of anyone who has won. It's nice that this website has recipes but quite a bit of advertisements and never mentions any winners or at least live ones.

Cellwestgroupimage coming soon



I visit this site when I visit those freebie sites to get free items and I have to say I often see this site offering a free USB bracelet so I asked for one filling out all the information and getting a response stating that I will get one. Well that has been 2 or 3 months ago and still haven't gotten one. Think I may have filled out information for another one and still haven't received a bracelet. Just wondering if anyone has ever gotten one from this company.

SampleSourceimage coming soon



Well I have a list of sites I visit daily for freebies and this one is no exception. Every time I visit this site I have to click what country I'm in and sign in. Well after signing in I click on samples and then I get a pop-up that tells me to sign in to get samples. I have never heard from anyone who has actually gotten a sample from this sorry a@@ site.

Crowdtap.comimage coming soon


Site is good if you want to make a quick buck for doing short surveys and sampling but that is pretty much it. I see from other reviewers that Crowdtap has changed hands not sure if it is true but have noticed when I had a question and got a ticket for it my question went unanswered or ignored. I have posted question or there of on FB and they were deleted not from me. Even went as far to ask a question per FB but threw their message system but was ignored yet again. All in all if a quick buck is what you need is one thing but be prepared to be ignored, account deleted, and questions either removed from FB, or ignored altogether. I added a picture of the pop-up I kept getting before,during and after a did a survey. They could have at least sent an email saying just let it ride out and it will go away on it's own instead of ignoring my emails.

FedEximage coming soon



Everytime something is ordered via FedEx the delivery truck people ALWAYS deliver packages to the wrong address. The delivery truck people are stupid to say the less and puting it nicely, we live next door to an small airport with different zip codes and different numbers for street addresses don't know why we have different zips but still you would think these delivery people can see this but still deliver to the wrong address. The airport people never tell us that we have packages over there and hoard pks.

Tip for consumers: A tip would be, if placing an order online check to see who will be dropping package off, any company other than FedEx. I know I will from now on.

Daily Goodie Boximage coming soon

Daily Goodie Box


I have a list of websites I visit daily to get samples, etc. or at least see if samples are available. Well I sent an email to this company asking why I should visit their site if I never get samples (or hear of anyone else getting a box) or a box of samples and now I see this sorry site is now much like that useless Pinchme site where you have to complete surveys in order to samples and/or a box. lol Even though it is very rare someone gets samples from Pinchme I have never heard of anyone getting samples from this site even though I go to their FB page and see where someone posts something on one of the DailyGoodie posts and those people are told they get a box of goodies. Well I never see those posts and never received a box of my very own, I've only seen advertisements and nothing else.

Tip for consumers: A very complete waste of time if you have to fill out surveys you will never qualify for in order to get samples that I will never see or get.

Hometestersclubimage coming soon



They offer very little samples to test out and/or receive. What is the point in doing nothing but reviews if you don't get anything in return and a few badges are not what I'm talking about since they aren't something you can hold in your hand. There are other sites I can go to give reviews and get items to test out in return. This site is not for me.

Tip for consumers: Don't bother.

PINCHmeimage coming soon



Well I first signed up with Pinchme because I was a member with several product sampling sites on Facebook, thought what the heck give it a try. Well as you sign up the first time you get a sample box but there after you don't get anything. You have to fill out these surveys to earn points to get a chance to get another box. Someone posted on FB that they received a box well, I am supposed to get the same box of samples and I was given a message stating that because of substantial shipping delays of March and April sample boxes will be delayed, well I see in my order history of the site that it states shipping takes at least 2-4 weeks plus the bar meter as stayed in the same spot for a week now. It now has been close to just over 3 weeks and I haven't received the box I am supposed to get that a few have already gotten. I am a blogger and product sampler and not only do I know of sites like Sitejabber but of sites where I can get samples of items faster without as much competition for those free items. I seen the other day they had a live podcast on Youtube/FB where they show these fairly big bottles of items but when I seen a picture of what someone had received and it was small packets the true companies themselves would send you.

Tip for consumers: Because of so many trying to get samples from this company I don't think it is worth the effort. Better off going somewhere else for free samples.

MyPointsimage coming soon


• Updated review

Now I can only watch videos on when I'm not signed in. I have contacted the developers but I get treated like I'm stupid, they ask me if I updated flash. lol And I'm like duh I updated everything, cleared everything including, flash, my activity in google chrome, disk cleanup, disk defrag. etc all before contacting them. Still can't watch videos unless I'm not signed in. In the past I had this problem but did a system check and repair and that worked, I once made sure yahoo was the search engine and that worked but not anymore.

“Can't do any surveys”
• Previous review

I keep getting this message when I click top button for surveys.

We're sorry, it seems that surveys are not for you.
Unfortunately, the information you have provided is inconsistent. We are unable to complete your survey profile.
If you have questions, contact our support team.

Well I did and about a month later finally get a message saying the surveys button or something to that was reactivated and that I have to make sure I answer them truthfully and honestly.

Well I do for the most part, not like I'm going to give exact age and year of birth so someone call steal my Identity. I can complete surveys on other sites like but apparently not Mypoints. Not to mention when I cash in points and start to collect more by watching videos I noticed things start going wrong with them and/or they start slowing down or messing up. I know the videos only run with Yahoo search engine but still having trouble after making sure I'm only watching them under yahoo.

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