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Very disappointed with the Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster. Does not protect consumers and only protects Big Business


I hate kickstarter. I see them turn down great ideas all the time but promote dumb ideas like a facebook clone. Come on, isn't one facebook enough? They helped these guys make $250,000 to make a copy of facebook when there's already dozens of open source social networking websites. That was 4 months ago, and there's still nothing to show for it. These guys took the money and ran, we'll see nothing of Diaspora, no one is going to leave Facebook. What a waste!

If kickstarter is going to support ideas at least support NEW ideas not old ones!

UPDATE 2013: Like I said 3 years ago, we saw nothing of Disapora. Kickstarter is a scam, they take the money and say "we'll give you something in 6 months!" and when you get nothing and try to complain to Visa they say "Sorry, that was 6 months ago!"


LOVE/HATE relationship. Have to be VERY careful who you buy from. DON'T buy name brand from china, almost always fake. Don't buy from new sellers unless it's very cheap. Don't buy from anyone with less than 99% feedback.


They want the login to my store and the login to my bank just to apply. Who would be crazy to give the login to their store and the login to their bank to some online website hoping that website will loan money at a high interest rate?


Not impressed. Bought an item online. Never got a shipping confirmation. After two weeks I emailed them and they said they didn't know but they would contact the seller (?) I'm guessing they do what amazon does and they don't fulfill orders. Two weeks later they refunded the money. Um, thanks, but I wanted the item, not to wait a month to get nothing :(


Freelancer promised everything and did nothing, and I mean NOTHING, but took the escrow money, almost $1000. So I disputed it. Elance didn't even read the dispute, told me to pay $133 to some other website to dispute it? WTF? When I contacted Elance they said "Elance is not a legal decision-making entity and therefore cannot investigate the facts or judge who is right or wrong. Elance cannot decide how funds should be divided between the parties." WHAT THE F? What good is using elance if they can't refund money? Isn't that the entire point of using elance, that if the freelancer does nothing i can dispute it and get a refund? I might as well just hire anyone online and not even use elance, refund policy is the same.


They sent me the bill the day before it was due and they gave me NO way to pay the bill except giving them my bank account information. Sorry but I don't give that out to anyone, it's too easy and dangerous for a shady company to clean out your bank account. On my bill it said if I didn't pay them the minimum I would have a $35 late fee and my APR would jump to 29.99%. Wow! I cut up the card and I'll never use them again.


FAKE! They spam the internet and their solution is really malware. Never trust there software


Great website to see how many visitors a website is getting or see how popular they are. Unlike Alexa that only ranks the top websites this website will show you details for any website. Highly recommended.


I don't trust it. Websites I've dealt with for years have bad "karma" and websites that many people have had trouble with (like netsol, google "netsol sucks", has a 83% hate on amplicate) have good "karma". Many websites are not even on there, google.com is missing, so is amazon, and they give sitejabber a 0 so we KNOW they're a fraud!


I had netzero a long time ago before I got broadband and they were pretty good for dialup and the price was right, never had a problem with them so I never had to call support or anything.


I've been using them for a few months and I think it's a great idea. They show up and mow the lawn and it's cheap. I did have a mower show up a day late but it rained the mowing day so it was no problem. I recommend them.


I hate Paypal! Twice they've confused me with another user and both times they froze all the money in the account! Of course they wait until you sell something on ebay before they freeze the money, amazing how that works right? If they weren't the only payment option for eBay I'd never use them. I bought something from China on ebay for $10 that arrived broken. I told Paypal and they said mail it back. Shipping to China was $7.65! I told him I couldn't, it wasn't worth my time to pack it up and drive it to the post office to make $2. Paypal wouldn't refund the money and the seller kept it.


Craigslist... what more needs to be said? It's good and it's bad. I've found a lot of great deals on craigslist and even found some jobs, but I've also met some really crazy people. One word of advice: don't use your real email with craigslist. Create a fake "craigslist only" email address. I sold this one guy some computer software. I get a call the next day from the guy saying he couldn't figure out how to install it! I tried to help but he just couldn't figure it out, and I couldn't understand the problem because it's as simple as putting it in the DVD drive and clicking "install". I started to feel like he was playing dumb, like maybe he installed it already and wanted a way to get the money back anyway. Finally just told him I couldn't help him. He posted my full name, my email, my phone number and my license plate on craigslist! I gave him back all his money so he'd remove the info. Oh well, just be careful on this website.


I love slashdot! Great news for nerds, stuff that matters


I contacted a seller on fiverr and asked them if they could do the job they advertised. They said yes so I paid them. They then did not do the work but said the job was done. I contacted fiverr but their feedback page is broken. I left negative feedback for the seller but that's all I could do.

I've been using fiverr for a long time and have found some major problems with them. For example a seller can completely ignore a payment and the buyer can't leave
Negative feedback for that. Or the seller can accept the job, sit on
It for weeks and then give it back to the buyer and again they can't
Leave feedback. What? Yes, you heard me: sellers can ignore you for
Weeks and you can't complain.
Even if the seller does accept the job there is no way to encourage
Them to actually do the work and no way to dispute it. After a seller
Says a job is done the buyer is given a box to click positive or
Negative feedback. Where's the dispute button? Your money is gone
Whether you're satisfied or not.

"But this seller has 99% feedback, must be good, right?"
Wrong: sellers create a fake buyer account and buy from themselves and
Leave positive feedback. Unlike eBay who check personal information
And ban people using the same address or credit card, fiverr only
Requires an email to buy or sell so it only takes a second to create a
Fake account. Since the feedback is just a percentage you can't see
Who gave positive feedback for what, so a seller only needs to create
One account and buy a few times from themselves to give themselves a
Stellar feedback score.
There's no way to avoid this, fiverr sucks

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