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About Me

White, middle-aged, single gay man who collects antique clocks, antique black amethyst glass, does massive gardening, but only with flowering plants. Avid reader. Have been to 14 countries.

How I Can Help

Antiques, flowering plants, motorcycles.


Children, animal companions, antiques, travel, spirituality.

76 Reviews by Charles

My room mate craved garlic knots. We usually get them at another nearby restaurant. We ordered garlic knots from Mama's. Some of the garlic knots were over cooked and tough. And several were perfect. The varied in size from one bite to three bites. It's as if each one was cooked in a different oven at various temperatures. The tomato sauce used to dip the garlic knots in was obviously canned and watery. Maybe Mama's is great at pizza, but the garlic knots were horrid. While waiting for my order, I noticed there was limited seating, with crowded tables. It is a hole-in-the wall restaurant and that the toilet room sat out in the room. I would hate to be the one sitting at one of the two tables right next to the toilet.

Tip for consumers: Atmosphere was cramped, appeared to be not very clean. Seems to specialize in pizza by the slice.

As you know, if you've read my reviews, I rarely find a restaurant that is so horrible that I can't find anything good to say about it. Bellissimo's Italian Eatery is that restaurant. And people know I'm exceptionally easy to please. My friends ordered garlic knots as an appetizer. They were not cooked all the way through and were doughy. My friends meat lasagna was cooked so much earlier that the bottom pasta was hard, dried out and burned. My other friend had a salad and was given dressing in a plastic tear open pack! My vegetable dish was watery with over cooked spaghetti. The vegetables had no flavor. I NEVER use salt and pepper because if food is cooked correctly you don't need it. This needed lots of salt and pepper. The only plus I can find for this restaurant was the waiter. He was courteous, professional and very accommodating. You can't give less than 1 star to a restaurant. If I could I would give this establishment minus 5 stars.

Tip for consumers: Be prepared for substandard food that is old, overcooked and pricey. But great wait staff!

I have, or had, a Canon Printer MG2520 that I have used for 5 years now. It recently quit working and when I looked up the error code it said the Ink Absorber was full. I went on line to find a way to fix it. It was there that I found out, you can fix it by taking the printer apart and squeezing out the Ink Absorber. Or send it in for repair, which costs twice as much as the printer did. I also saw reviews that said Canon Printers are purposefully made this way so that you have to buy a new printer every few years or so. What a devious way to get people to scrap a perfectly good printer and sell them a new one. I just bought a competitors all in one printer and will NEVER buy another Canon product. I hate underhanded deceit!

Tip for consumers: The printer will only last for about 5 years before it stops working.

I have been going to the Cracker Barrel, Store #CB0535 on Ulmerton Rd in Largo Fl for several years. The last two times I went were really bad. The wait staff are now using smart tablets to order the food. Unfortunately, the tablets do not like changes to orders. Being a vegetarian, I usually substitute the meat (bacon, sausage, ham) with the Parfait Cup. They were out of the parfait cup and a couple of types of toast. We waited from the time of order to delivery of food for 23 minutes. Not too bad. But not fast either. Items were left off the delivery and the waitress had to go back twice to get items. On an egg platter, how do you forget the eggs? The food was lukewarm, but plentiful. My waitress told me that they were so short-handed that the Manager had to cook my forgotten eggs. In the past, I have really enjoyed Cracker Barrel, but I think I will patronize other restaurants who up on the game better.

A month later: I did submit a complaint to corporate Cracker Barrel and received a nice letter back with a coupon for a free entree good for 30 days. Why would I go back if the service and food were that bad? My friends that I eat out with every Sunday will want to go back one day, so I guess I'll use the coupon then. Reluctantly!
As you can see from previous jabs, I have bought rainbow trees from several sources. The source I normally use has not had any rainbow trees since before February 1st, my last order. I cancelled that order after 5 months. I found Snyder and Sons on Amazon and took a chance in ordering 2 rainbow trees to replace the two ripped from the ground during Irma. What an impressive company! The trees arrived within a week in tough boxes, individually together. Each box is configured so that the plant is held securely in place and can not move around. Each seedling was packed in pot, the pot cover in a tight fitting plastic bag. On the top of the soil was wadded up paper towels and news paper to keep moisture in the pot. And a stake in the center of the pot to hold the seedling upright and damage free. The plants were in perfect shape, moist and VERY green. Hats off to Snyder and Sons Nursery. You are now my go to nursery for plants. (I do buy a lot of plants.) If I could give you 10 stars, I would.
I had eagerly anticipated going to Lotus Vegan for a while, being a vegetarian for more than 30 years. I visited last week and was shown to a dirty table although there were clean tables available. I had to ask and remind the waitress to clean the table. The chairs at the table are so petite that when I bent over, the chair tilted over. The food was delivered fast, I mean really fast. If was from the freezer (pre-made) to the deep fat fryer and to the table in less than 10 minutes. Very greasy. White rice came with the meal, but if I wanted brown rice I had to pay $1 extra. That's nonsense. Cold, sweet, black tea had to be made individually made so I settled for a can of ginger ale. It was a 12 oz can from Costco. I paid around $2.50 for it. The restaurant can not have paid more than 35 cents for it. Over all a disappointing dining experience and I felt I was being over charged for what I was getting.

Tip for consumers: Compared to other vegetarian restaurants, I feel that Lotus Vegan is over priced and dollar for dollar not a good deal.

In January I bought a modern, trendy table light for my best friends, a couple. The light is called the Levia Design Lamp by Rigalshop. It was at a reduced price. I received an email from Rigal confirming the order and telling me the lamp was on it's way. After a month I emailed them again and asked them where the light was. I had not received it. I emailed them again this morning. And am still waiting for a response. This company apparently does not respond to their emails and has terrible customer service. I really wanted that light, but it now looks like I'm going to have to get my bank involved and get my money refunded. I asked them to respond by Friday the 13th of March.

Tip for consumers: Don't. Apparently they don't respond to email and have no phone number to call. Lousy customer service and do not fulfill their orders.

I have been to the First Watch Restaurant on Bay Pines Blvd several times and am always impressed. The food is wholesome, delicious, fairly priced. The wait staff is superb. I've been a vegetarian for more than 30 years and can always find selections that I enjoy. I have never had a bad meal. And, there is outdoor seating. I will continue to go back.

Tip for consumers: Go early, it fills up fast! That should tell you a lot!

I ordered a ChopBox smart cutting board on February 1st and when I went to track it from the carrier, that carrier said no such shipment existed. I then contacted Mr. Brown with ChopBox who said they had told me the wrong carrier and gave the correct carrier. I then logged in with that carrier and they indicated movement in the shipment. I just went on line again to check on the shipment and am told it was delivered in New York City. I live in Seminole, Fl.! I just sent two emails to Mr. Brown asking when they would correct this and get my ChopBox smart cutting board to me. It was a birthday gift that was 2 weeks ago! Additionally, on their web site it indicates there is 24 hour support. There is not! Nowhere is there a telephone number to contact. Everything has to be done by email. Poor performance from this company. I will not be buying from them again.

Tip for consumers: Don't! There is no 24 hour customer support like the website says. My order was sent to the incorrect address. The company indicated it was shipped on the wrong carrier. If any company can do it wrong in so many way, ChopBox has the lead!!!

I have been looking for a job and signed up to several web sites that offer help with finding jobs. I received an email from Employment Garden listing several jobs. I never signed up for this web site and when I tried to unsubscribe, the unsubscribe page cuts off contact. That makes it impossible to not continue getting their emails. Seems like a shady company that won't allow people to unsubscribe. And, how did they get my email address anyway?

Tip for consumers: Don't even open the email. My security system tells me it is a malware site.

Ordered a 3 pack off variegated Bougainvillea plants. Although the price was a little high, the plants were packed well for shipping and got here in excellent condition. They have a nice web-site and offer a huge variety of garden plants.

Tip for consumers: If you go the web-site you will spend a lot of time cruising through their plants being offered for sale.

Tried to order a set of 3 different bougainvillea plants but PayPal would not go through. I closed the website and the next day, Mr. John Talbott contacted me personally and apologized for the PayPal problem and I ordered through him with my credit card. Because of the problem, he gave me the same deal at 25% less than the online order. The plants arrived packed very well and in good condition. Top of the line customer service.

Tip for consumers: Email Mr. Talbott at teacher77358@gmail.com for an order. It's more efficient and nicer. He is a very nice, older gentleman. (And that's rare!)

Being a vegetarian, it is difficult to find a upper rung restaurant that doesn't charge a high price or offer cutsey vegan dishes. I love Green Tomatoes. The food is fresh, the soup bar you could live on by itself, the bread and desert bar is fantastic. The price is good and it is all you can eat. Staff is friendly and efficient. (If nothing else, I would go for the soups! I can't make them that good!) I even wrote their headquarters asking them to open one in my section of the county. Now I live within 5 minutes of the only one in the county. Oh, and they have seniors specials that are priced ridiculously low.

Tip for consumers: Go and enjoy the best salad bar, all you can eat, restaurant I have ever been to.

Went to Cody's Steakhouse as a guest in Pinellas County FL and was impressed. When you walk in you can fill up a little bucket with peanuts in the shell. As you eat them, you throw the shells on the floor. Very rustic. Not a quite place, but not so noisy as to be uncomfortable. The food was phenomenal and inexpensive. The waitresses do not use order pads and our waitress forgot two of our items. She did get them for us. We did sit next to the bar, and one "lady" was so loud it was irritating. Once she left all the patrons in the area laughed and winked at each other. The place does stay packed. They also have an outdoor dining/seating area. (I smoke and I appreciated that.) The staff is friendly and pleasant.

Tip for consumers: Go on an off day. Do not go a peak hours. The food in incredible and the pricing competitive.

WaWa is a Canadian company that invaded Florida a few years ago. Not only are they quick, efficient, extremely clean, well lit, competitive in their pricing, they also provide free air machines for tires. Everything WaWa does is rungs above American companies. Our homeland companies could learn a lot of lessons from our north of the border WaWa friends.

Tip for consumers: For a uplifting change, try out WaWa. Service and product as it should be.

EverQuote advertises on-line that once you enter your automobile insurance and personal information, you will never have to do it again and they will transmit all your info to automobile insurance companies that will contact you with lower automobile insurance rates. That is a lie. I have had to repeat over and over again all my info to various companies and finally gave up. And, after checking them out on the Better Business Bureau web site, I see that they answer all their complaints with double speak. Never addressing the issue of false advertising. I did file a complaint with the BBB.

Tip for consumers: Call individual companies yourself or go to their website. EveryQuote is just making money on your time sending your contact information to other reputable companies.

I have been wanting a battery operated mower for a long time. But was put off by the price. I finally bought a self-propelled, battery operated mower by Ryobi. I also bought a 2nd battery as a back up. I couldn't be happier with this mower. Although it does not have the power of a gas mower, it is quiet. I don't have to buy gas or oil anymore. I push one button and it comes alive. Pull one off two levers and it's off at a speed I select with a sliding button. I use it on mulch mode and it leaves no grass clumps behind. It is lighter than a gas mower. The handle folds into the body and the mower can be stored in an upright position or hung from the wall.
I had been looking for Gay Pride pins on different web-sites and was amazed at the high prices. Then I found Pin Mart. Their prices are almost 1/2 of what other web-sites offer. I wonder if the other companies are buying from Pin Mart and reselling the pins! Pin Mart offers a huge selections for every kind of use. Amazing at the variety they have. Very impressive.

Tip for consumers: Scroll around for the mega-variety of pins they offer.

• Updated review
Earlier I wrote a review of Atmor Tankless Water Heaters. The problem I faced was not looking at the output of the water heater. Had I done that I would have selected a higher level unit for the Kitchen and Bathroom sinks. That's my error. A rep with Paragon Group USA did call me today and offered, at no cost to me, to replace the units with larger capacity units. I have unfairly categorized the Atmor Tankless Hot Water Heaters as a "poor product". Although I selected the unit based on the chart listed on the retailer's web site, I neglected to look at the gallons per minute output. Had I done that I would have understood I needed a more productive unit. So, I have to give Atmor a better rating, especially in customer service.

Tip for consumers: Make sure if you select a model based on the use on the chart you also look at the gpm output.

Poor product
• Previous review
I purchased 3 Atmor units from Home Depot on sale. Two were the AT900-03 and one AT900-10. I selected models based on your chart and that I live in central Florida. One for the kitchen sink, one for the bathroom sink and the AT900-10 for the shower/tub.

The kitchen sink: AT900-03 The water flow is 1/2 of what I normally get using the aerator supplied with the unit. It takes a very long time for the water flow to fill a sink or coffee pot. Because the aerator is so high pressured, it makes the water splash on the back-splash and onto the counter.

The bathroom sink: AT900-03 Your aerator does not fit on my faucet, so I had to use the one that came with the faucet. The water, because it is not restricted like your aerator does, is luke-warm. It never gets hot. Flow is still diminished.

The shower/tub: AT900-10 This unit works fine and produces plenty of hot water.

Overall, I am deeply dissatisfied with your product and would not recommend it to anyone. If I had known the shortcomings of the AT900-03's I would have gone to a higher unit. But based on your scale and my point of use, I selected what your chart recommended.

I did try to call the customer service number listed on the material included with the units. I got a recording and was told someone would call me back. No one did. Lousy customer service. Even Paragon Group USA email address is hard to find.

Tip for consumers: More than likely you will see units for sale on other company's web-sites. Do not buy these units. If you do, go to a higher unit than the one recommended on the charts supplied.

• Updated review
When the installers came to install the door, they brought the wrong door with them. The installer told me that they would still put the door in and within a week someone would come out with the correct upper panel of leaded glass. I called Kaitlin (sp) at Banko and she had someone come from their warehouse with the correct panel. Then after the installers left, they had not installed the rubber seals correctly around the door and I had to call Banko again. They had a repairman come out the next day and properly install the rubber seals. The installers may have not been on top of their game, but customer service in fantastic at Banko Overhead Doors.
Sales and Sales Personnel
• Previous review
I need a modern garage door to replace the old one piece up and back door. I had gotten a written estimate 2 months ago, and decided today to go with the original door I had selected. The 2nd Sales Agent, Theresa, who came out today had to re-write the order. I had selected upper windows in leaded glass to match the new front door I'm installing. Because she could not find the price for the leaded glass windows, she gave me the leaded glass windows for the same price as the plain glass windows. That's a bargain. I probably saved around $400 on the leaded glass windows. I am very impressed with Banko Overhead Doors. I had spoken with Amber twice on the phone. She was professional, personable and knowledgeable. And dealing with Theresa today was the same. A very friendly, polite, charming, professional and knowledgeable. If the installers are even half as nice as Amber and Theresa, I will be further impressed. Plus Banko's garage doors are less expensive than 4 other competitors that I had price the job.

Tip for consumers: Look at the different options.

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