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I love to shop but most importantly i love to save money so i shop anywhere with big discounts!

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I will try any site once and if it holds up Believe you will know about it!

13 Reviews by Amy


Heyy Heyy Consumers:)

As you can See i gave this store 2/4 stars.

I like this store i can always find what i need {Even tho sizes are almost impossible to find.}.

I am 4'9 so i am short and skinny not bone-y but skinny. && the way the jeans run can't be true to size lmaoo i mean a size 0 is equal to a size 3 in their jeans.

The Bathing suits run to small or to big.?!?!

Well heres the good part...

I was shopping for a dress for my little diva sister (who is now 7) and believe me there were alot to choose from i spent ours in the dressing.

Missy little diva picked out 2 dresses 2 pairs of shoes and hand bag and a little over the shoulder sweater. Lmaoo shee looked soo pretty:)

The best part was i only spent 40 bucks.

Other then that. The store Sucks. Never have true to size clothing and 1 shirt can run your pocket dry. Thank but ill have better luck looking thru Vims and finding something great rather then this store.

But for those who love this store more power to ya;)

Not feeling this store!



I am back with a great REVIEW.

I ordered from the MY BOBS Website and i could NOT have been happier with my order.

We spent a little over 300 dollars and it was worth every penny. We bought the BOB-O-PEDIC. And its the best best i've ever slept on. NOW i am not saying that it is better then the tempurpedic but i sleep way better and i notice the back pains are gone.

I thought ordering from this website was goin to be bad being that we never went in the store to check out the bed itself. But either way i am pleased with the bed its FREAKING great. I can't wish for a better bed.

The Delivery was fast and pleasant we ordered our bed on a Friday and it was delivered on a TUESDAY && i didnt have to pay for express shipping and that was good being that we don't have much money to begin with.

My one and only Problem with the store was the Rep that called me not even 20 mins after i placed the order.

He calls me and asked me what day would be best for them to deliver the bed i gave him the date and he said "GREAT" I was pleased at how fast they worked and then he tried this move "Ive noticed you didn't get the GOOF PROOF PROTECTION (for those who don't know what this is its a protected for the bed,). FOR 39.95 WE CAN ADD IT TO YOUR ACCOUNT".

I said no thank you because we already bought a top quality bed protected he got snippy with me and rushed me off the phone and when i said thank you for the call he just hung up on me.

Other then the call from Mr. Mean Rep i love my bed and will order more from Bobs the prices are good and the items are great.

Take a chance on them if you haven't already.

Miss. Amy


I am really happy i found this out before i placed an order...

Thank You Consumers && SiteJabber.


It looks cool and yes i was even temped to try this site but it seems very iffy...

If you want the real thing just go out and buy it its much safer to go to the store and pick up the item then giving these scam artist your information and being screwed over at the end!

Please think about this before you go and enter you information such as where you live and your credit card information.

Websites like this can really do damage in the end and sometimes its extremely impossible to get out of.



Okay guys i am back,

So i went around looking for a LV bag. [First time owner].

I found this site and was happy because the had a coupon that saved me even more money.

Ha ha ha Jokes on me right although the bag came fast. It was FAKER THEN FAKE!

See unlike everyone else I've never owned one so i did not know how to tell the real form the fake until i took it to the LV store and guess what they told me?!?!...

They said although it looks like the real thing mines was truly FAKE! The stitching was all wrong and the color was a far cry from the real ones soooo plain and simple its FAKEEEEEEEEEE! I am not a label girl i do not care if its fake or real as long as it looks good. Point blank

What i hate the most are people trying to take advantage of the consumers we place our trust in the companies so when you say its REAL we are going to believe you! Now that i know this company is a true Fake i can contact them if they refuse to do anything about this huge ISSUE then i will file a claim!

Consumers Beware!

If you have doubt then your probably right!

Stay Away!

A pissed off Customer!



I wanted to try out proactiv i didn't have bad acne but i had break outs sometimes. So i thought Hell what do i have to lose right?

Well anyways I bought it and started using the goop on my face at first i wasn't sure if the burning feeling i got was to let me know if it was working or if i was stupid enough to really buy something Ive seen on T. V... I mean it burned every time i used it. [I know i should of stopped after the first use just wasn't sure.]

After a two weeks of usage i stopped because the burning hurt really bad.
THEN I NOTICED... more pimples... and more... and more.

I wanted a pimple free face not an oil fest. Really im not joking.

How about that "FREE GIFT SAMPLE " that GREEN TEA joke!

Omg after washing my face step at a time i put that crap on and felt like i cleaned my face for no damn reason... Talk about Greasy!

Dont get me Wrong i am sure it worked for a lot of people but at the same time half of them are mad as hell to have a tomato face...

First time charge was only 19.95 but with out notice they bill you for 4 months worth of product! My hubby was over drafted twice on his account!

Then they have the nerve to send you a notice nearly a week and a half later!

I mean who does that?

I am not going Crap where i shopped because at one point the product did work just fine. But after a two weeks i felt it got worst. Listen i still have the goop in the bath room haven't touched it since they sent the first half of the 4 months with of product!

To every one who is thinking about buying this stuff don't be fooled by the celebs that appear on t. V really think about this Because i am sure if this happens to you then you will be just as pissed.

And to those who bought it and it worked i am glad it did that's the whole point to this product isn't it?

Not so mad but not to happy Customer!


This Place Sucks!

1-They do NOT know how to toast the damn Bread!
2-They always forgetting Some part of your order
3-Rude a** workers!
4-Managers are never available
5. Rude a** Works

I know i said that twice but its true.

I work with customer service meaning i do in fact service my customers! L0l how hard is it to take an order and put it together!
I worked fast food so don't try to play me with that crap

If i ask you for a hero Toasted expect to see a TOASTED not BURNT but TOASTED hero! And if i ask for it lightly toasted i except slight Browning not BURNT ALL THE WAY THRU.

I mean come on!

I hate this place!


Okay I was goin to place an order with this website That is until i read all of the reviews!

Thank You so much for the information.

Also i would like to add that this site has been SHUT DOWN!


Possible never ordering again! Possible.

My brother was going to buy me a kindle but with little money he went on OVERSTOCK.COM to order me a E-Reader for Christmas and i was a little mad until i saw the E-Reader he wanted to get me.

But knowing my brother he can never keep anything a surprise so he asked me to order it myself with his card. [I did it of course.]

Don't worry i am getting to the point.

OverStock was advertising that they would Grantee Christmas delivery so we was pretty happy about that.


I received my tracking code...

I was so happy with the fast shipping that i went on to track my order and just GUESS what i see...

Shipment delivery date 12-28-2010

Boy when my brother saw this he was hitting the fan.

Mainly Because this was the first year that he was able to get every one gifts and my gift was the most important to him.

I say this a lot this time of year is the most STRESSFUL time of all. And i get that things sometimes slip and all but i use to work with sales and i know how important it is to get things out fast.

Anyways i wish they did not grantee something and end up side slapping us with this crap!

Anywhoo i just wanted to let ya know that if this has happened or is happening believe me i understand how you feel

I hope this helped you guys out.


A chick who has to hear her brother COMPLAIN until i get this gift!


I like GreatGlam.Com I never bought anything for myself because i never really find anything that fits my style you know i am more of a jean and sneaker girl its really rare to find me in a dress or a skirt unless its an important day l0l:)

But i did buy my mother her birthday Dress from here.

They Surprised me with the fast shipping.

To be honest i thought i was going to have a hard time with the site because these days you really do not know who to trust but i took my chances and i was more then pleased.

The dressed was this amazing looking blue and when i mom wore it i was amazed. I rarely see my mother all dressed up. So i guess you can say i am a fan of GreatGlam.

Any whoo The dress was not over priced and i did my research on the site before anything and i saw nothing but great reviews.

And to be honest the Review about them Using a Counterfeit BBB badge is the first bad thing i ever saw on the site.

I understand everyone is different so of course everyone has something different to say.

I Trust Great Glam.

They Worked with me in short time i had to get this dress.
Never rude or un-pleasant.

Basically I like GreatGlam.com

Maybe in the future i would find something i like and be Back to tell you my little story.

Thank You Great Glam

A very very happy CUSTOMER!


I placed an order on this site thinking it was something like Trueswords.com...

Well i can tell you big mistake.

Let me just say i did get my order but i hated the way the order came.

These were CHRISTMAS gifts and i asked them to please make sure to take EXTRA care of the boxes. [because i had to wrap them].

When they came they wear so bad i had to find away to make it work.

I would of returned it but it would of been impossible to have them replaced by Christmas.

Now don't get me wrong i understand this is a stressful time of the year but i didnt pay money to get my order looking like crap.

On top of all that.

The Items come in the box and inside of the box came another box and then in that box came this little Plastic bag it looked like someone step on it...

I will Just say this if you want to WASTE your money by all means do so. But as for me this was my FIRST AND LAST.


A very un-happy CUSTOMER!


I love Best buy.

All my orders have been Great.

My mom Bought me a eee pc Netbook It messed up after one month i bought it back to best buy thinking i was going to have to pay them to fix my Net book but i was WRONG. They Fixed it free and it works great.

Recently i bought my boyfriend a flat screen t. V the price is great and it has the best reviews. We haven't tried it out yet because its for Christmas but i kmow i won't be disappointed.

My point to this review is i love Best buy i always find what i need and i am always happy

Thank You best buy.


I Like Amazon its a good website.

I mostly buy books

But for Christmas i bought my mom a camera.

The Price was good and it looked Great.

Upon Receiving it

I was Happy the camera was sleek and Perfect.

The shipping was fast as always.

I use amazon like i said before mostly for books but i am always happy.

Keep it up Amazon.

A happy Customer :)

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