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I ordered a camera from here at 6am on Tuesday morning. I was given a tracking number and it was dispatched from Hong Kong about 2 hours later. I signed for it this morning (Thursday) at 10am. I couldn't have got it faster if I'd have ordered from the UK. I paid £218 for something I couldn't have got for £240 elsewhere (although top price would have been + £150). I'm impressed up to now, everything seems to be working ok (will come back on here if it packs up!!). I can HONESTLY say I've had a better (certainly faster) experience than buying from over here.

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This is the worst company in the world....I have never encountered anything like them ....they actually took my money and never sent the item and then told me they would not refund me for money they stole out of my account...they have no customer service and never returned my calls...

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Bought 2 netbooks for Christmas and neither would connect wireless to the internet. Company did not respond to emails or phone calls. Finally put the item in dispute but I lost the dispute with the CC because I forgot to get a "3rd party" to verify the units were bad. The CC company finally got the the company on the phone with me and they wanted me to send the units back with another $80 to fix the units (that didn't work in the first place!!) Go figure!! I finally took the units today to a computer store where the tech finally determine that the units did not have a built in wireless adapter as stated!! If this company had any class they would try to make it right but as you can see from the other reviews, they don't. Stay away!

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I ordered Android 2.2 on November 5th and canceled it before shipping. Took some doing, calls etc. They charged me a 25% cancellation fee. Problem is that they said I paid $99 but in truth my Credit card shows a charge of $116.99. Hard to get their attention and they refuse to consider that they are wrong. I am resorting to stopping charges on my CC now. May end up in small claims court. Stay tuned

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I don't make a habit of cussing. These scum after sending us a netbook that got so hot you could fry eggs on it have the adacity to ask for a 25% restocking fee if we return it. From what I have read, they don't even send refunds. I plan to get the FBI fraud unit etc; after them

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I should have done more research on these guys for sure! I am finding this site's ad reviews after having been ripped off by the same people but they are going by a new business name!!! The company logo is the same... the pone number is the same... and yes the bogus offers and unresponsive customer service is the same. We ordered 6 netbooks at Thanksgiving and have yet to hear a word. The credit card showed an instant transaction! Thank goodness we have fraud protection for my stupid mistake!

STAY AWAY FROM anything that says eGlobal!!!! Look at the years this company has been ripping people off...shouldn't they have been stopped by now?

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Ordered an iphone case that processed for 21+ days. Never received it so contacted paypal about the fraudulent company. Don't buy from them, save yourself the hassle and pay a bit more for quality items.

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I'm here to join up with everyone else.
I bought an open box 7" netbook for $79.99. Forget the company's best price guarantee, you can get the same garbage brand new for the same price at I bought the extended warranty for $14.99. I bought the faster shipping for $2.90. Two days later, Sam, called me with a package deal for $40, what he did not say was that phone sales and package deals are not refundable.
Of course the netbook did not work. I returned it along with everything I received in the package deal.
They took out their 25% restocking/reselling fee, they kept the $14.99 for the extended warranty, they kept the $40 for the "package deal".
I contacted the BBB, the company responded by lowering the restocking fee to 10%. Should I throw a party now? NOT!! They kept all the rest of the money.
I contacted the internet crime unit, my state attorney general, the consumer protection agency (which has a open case against this company), my credit card company, MSNBC, and the federal trade commission.

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Do not under any circumstance buy from this so called company. If you find a positive review you can be sure they wrote it. Nolthing but trouble since I ordered the first of December.

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Pros: None- good price, but junk netbook. I bought this netbook and had to send it back.

Cons: SLOW, wifi poor. Horrible quality. Has imprint on screen that is distracting.
Instructions included are not very helpful.

Bottomline: Do not purchase. Pay the extra hundred bucks in the store for a functional netbook. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!!!

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This site has the same advertisement verbatim as another "". Take a look and beware.

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I ordered a 7 inch notebook, for $100, plus $14 for a two year replacement warranty, and $3 for priority shipping. (Very important: there is also an option to get one in an "open box" for $20 less.) The product came promptly and in some ways was perfectly adequate for the price: screen, touchpad and keyboard all were acceptable. But the performance! As I said to them, it was shocking how little it could do and how slowly it did it, before running out of memory. So I asked to return it and an RMA was quickly issued to me, and I have just gotten word that they have issued a refund: for $75. So, they have a net profit of $39 (product plus warranty minus $75) and a product they can sell again for $80 (with some probable warranty revenue.) It seems that returns with product recycling could be their business model.

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I'm sorry I didn't see this site before I sent in my cash for a Christmas present. I did look at reviews, but I think they must have been posted by eglobalwireless employees! They actually went on and on about how great the netbook was. First, it almost didn't make it in time for Christmas - even though I ordered it the Monday after Thanksgiving. Then, it gets here, and it is a total piece of junk. NEVER worked right. I had also paid $10 for the extended warranty, so I sent it back. They sent me another. It also didn't work. I sent it again (mind you, all this shipping at my own expense), and they promised they would "hand test" the next one before sending out. Well, so much for that. It didn't work either, so over $20 later in shipping costs, lots of time, and lots of aggravation, they return 74.99 of my 109 fee. I am convinced they are buying crap for $10 each from China, and where they are making their REAL money is from the 25-30% they hold from you after you repeatedly try to get a quality product from them and finally give up. And then of course there are those who will just toss it and say "screw it." We have no idea how many of those folks are out there. My loss is your gain. Read this carefully and THINK AGAIN. I sure wish I had! D. Psihountas, St. Louis, MO

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They advertise one thing and you get another. I purchased what was a sylvannia 7" netbook and it came as a generic. It was in a box that was obviously opened and reopened several times, not to metion it did not work properly. When I returned the item they tagged me with a restocking fee as well as a shipping fee. I not only paid to have it shipped in the first place I also paid to send it back, so where do they get off charging me for something I paid for not once but twice.

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I am really happy i found this out before i placed an order ...

Thank You Consumers && SiteJabber.

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I ordered 3 mini netbooks for christmas. Two of them worked but one didnt I contacted them for a refund and they kept asking me for information that hey didnt provide like a tracking number. After emailing them on eight different occasions I got a very rude email today stating "Listen for one your refund was made so f you need to get your money from your credit card" . I had my bank search for the refund and they found it but in all the emails they sent me they never said the refund had been done they just kept telling me it was being processed. I requested three time the name and contact information of there president and they would not give me any information. There is nowhere on there website that you can file a complaint. So I have turned to you for help

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They sent me a non working computer, charged me a 25% restocking fee. It cost me twelve bucks to mail back. I lost about forty dollars and for my money I got nothing but grief. These folks are crooks. No doubt about it. Oh, and when I stopped payment on my Chase card they said sorry, we can't interfere with any policy of the seller, (the restocking fee) so Chase let it all go down. Don't buy ANYTHING from eglobalwireless, you will be sorry.

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I ordered a netbook from this vendor on 2/7/2011. I didn't receive a confirmation number nor a confirmation email. I phoned them today to see when the item was shipped to my son in N.Y. I was on hold for over 2 hours with the call continually going to a voicemail after some time holding. I also attempted to contact them via their virtual chat. I waited on there for almost an hour for a response. They were unable to find any purchase or item shipped under my information even though I could cut and paste the charges from my bank account. I spoke to a woman by the name of Scharma and fought to speak to a "supervisor". After 30 minutes of back and forth the "supervisor" Jason came to the phone and told me the owner was contactable at I contacted my bank and the FBI fraud unit to report this and try to recoup my money. The more of us that report them the better to get them shut down. The owner of the company is:

Yanki Hofstatter
7523 Silver View Ct
Boca Raton, FL 33432

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Do not buy anything from, or you'll get the scamming of your life!!!!! I ordered a 7" mini net book from them on Dec, 5th, 2010 for my daughter for Christmas and was promised it within 10 business days. I then saw this website a few days after I ordered the net book. They look and seem so legit but BE WARNED THEY ARE FAR FROM LEGIT!! I immediately called my credit card company and told them of the scammers and they; within 2 days refunded the full amount of $143.89 back to my card for this mini net book. I saved all the emails I had sent them and receipts in my drafts on my computer and the 1 email that I received from them. My credit card company told that everything had been resolved. Now 2 months later they charged my credit card again for $143.89. I had erased all of the emails and receipts in my drafts. I sent the mini net book back untouched Fed Ex ground back in December the day after I received it. Now I have to show proof to my cards dispute dept. that I sent the item back , because eglobal does not want to give me my money back. My only hope is that FedEx has the receipt so I can show proof that I sent the item back. BE VERY VERY CAREFUL NOT TO LET THESE SCAMMERS GET YOUR MONEY. I'm just hoping I can get my money back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I ordered the 7" mini-notebook computer, model X6-7A. There were 70 or 80 consumer reviews on their site praising the little $99 WI-FI unit. I promptly received an emial asking if I would like a 2 yr warranty for a reasonable price, so I opted for the warranty. It arrived in a reasonable amount of time, but would not access internet sites. I asked on-line to return it and was given the necessary information to do so. It cost me $25 for return shipping. I was sent a new unit - it too does not work. It is very slow...will connect with ether cable, but not wirelesly...will not bring up basic sites like Yahoo Mail.
Basically, I am out $99 plus $20 for a warranty plus $25 for the return. I am just going to junk it - it isn't worth throwing away another $25 to return it. The unit is junk and eGlobal is not a reputable vendor to deal with.

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The product I purchased was not what they described. They charge 25% for you to return something as a "restocking fee to cover shipping and marketing cost". warranty is non refundable.
I would NEVER get anything from them again. Telling all my friends....

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100%n the worst company in the history of company's!!!!! Customer service is a negetive 10, their products suck.. .and i recieved a NETBOOK COMPUTER IN A BOX WITH NO PACKING INSIDE A PLASTIC ENVELOPE...I bought a 7" netbook just like everyone else and it did not work like they promised, it kept turning off. wouldnt go to several different web pages ect! it is crap.. It was a present for my 11 year old daughter and she came to me after being on it forr about 10 min. and said " daddy this thing don't work, its no good"... seriously!!!! after tring for sever weeks to contact EGLOBAL and recieving absoultly no service via the internet or by phone i just sent the peice of crap back to them with a letter, i recieved a refund minus the 25% restocking fee. So over all i lost $25 restocking fee, $8 shipping from them to me and $13 shipping from me to them...DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!

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My wife bought me a netbook for Christmas. She bought it on Thanksgiving day and right after I received it I quickly found that it did not work at all like they said it would. We have been trying to get they "Great Customer Service" to allow the return as well as waive the 25% restocking fee. They are not allowing us to return the item even though it does not work at all like they say. In addition to the frusteration of them saying they will not accept the return, Their supposed great customer service phones are not working and the online customer service is down more than it is up and you can rarely get someone and when you do they can not make a decision on their own and told me the phone service has a problem and she would not get me a supervisor on the line. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM,Next step is the Better Business bureau.

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This has to be one of the worst retailers on the web. DO NOT DUE BUISNESS WITH THIS COMPANY. After not recieving this item and paying extra shipping and also an extended warranty They only refunded 2/3rds of my money. This company is a JOKE. Just read the reviews on the internet.

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Having the charger fall about while in the wall is a serious manufacturer defect and is very dangerous to children. They could be violating some serious laws by selling these things. Good you pointed this out.

By Mary T.
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