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Love this site. Unique art work originals and crafters' creations. Gotta love it!


I saw an ad on television about this website so I checked it out and registered. They claim you are going to make money taking surveys. They get some of your personal information and then dole it out to other websites who start contacting you through e-mail and bugging you for even MORE personal information.

I did take at least 5 surveys and spent time going through those surveys only to be told at the end of them that I did not qualify for the survey. The one survey I did get to qualify for was a long, drawn out survey about paper towel use. Ha ha

This is ridiculous website that is trying to scam people for personal information. If you don't give some of them your full birth date and household income they won't let you proceed. With each survey you have to fill out a bit more personal info and I did notice that they will drop in an added personal question here and there to slowly gather more info about you as you continue to take surveys. I'm not sure what they intend to do with all this personal information on hundreds of thousands of people but if you've registered here, get out as fast as you can and ask for your personal info to be removed from every website that bigspot has given it to. I sincerely doubt this will do anything but ask anyway.

This is entirely too creepy at best. I am almost positive it is a ruse and a scam only to try to collect as much personal information about people as possible.

Run!, don't walk away from!


This is a local kitchen cabinet refinishing company. If you are looking for reviews on this business you have come across one by reading this.

Refacing and replacing kitchen cabinets is much more expensive than refinishing and since we had nice wood cabinets we looked into refinishing as an option.

When I had the estimate I was told that my kitchen cabinets would look like new when they were done. They showed me pictures of refinish jobs they had done and they looked pretty good. It took them 3 days to do the work which was sloppy and shoddy. They left pieces of moulding off that they needed to stain and replace, they told me they would install new crown moulding also. They stained the crown moulding and once the cabinets were done they said they couldn't cut and install the crown moulding because they didn't have the tools or experience.

Within 2 days the stain started peeling off of various places on the cabinets. Also they DO NOT look new at all but look like old cabinets that have had a restain job. Their patching can be seen through the stain, sanding was done quickly and sloppily, etc. etc.

I have had them back twice to try to fix what they didn't do properly and the second time I came home from work to find dry stain dripped all over my brand new flooring.

I realize that they want to come correct the problem every time I call them back but I don't think they have the expertise to do it right. It still doesn't look right and more stain is now chipping off as if it was painted on which means sanding wasn't done properly and with the attention and care needed to have a proper adhesion of the stain and finish.

I won't even have them back to correct any more problems and have to live with the job they did. That is several thousand dollars gone that I could have applied to refacing my kitchen cabinets.

Live and learn, my mistake for not looking into them further. Hopefully this review helps someone else.


I've been a member of ebay for more than 10 years and I've managed to do very well in buying and selling on ebay. Sometimes the shipping charges are outrageous but shipping charges are posted by the sellers.

I like the fact that we are buyer and seller protected but their charges to the seller are getting larger and larger as the years go by. The best way to pay or get paid with ebay is through pay pal but they also have charges to the seller.

One thing I would recommend is to not buy shoes on ebay. Usually they are seconds and don't fit correctly.

Make sure, before you buy, to read each seller's feedback list. Sometimes it's worth it to spend a little extra on something that is listed by multiple sellers to know you are buying from a good and reputable seller. Just yesterday I had that choice and chose to spend an extra $10 on something because that particular seller had 100% positive feedback.

All in all, my experience with ebay has been a good one.


I think their shoes are expensive but they have some very nice shoes that I can't get around town. There is a huge selection of shoes and good ones too. Like I said, though, the good shoes are expensive.


I love Quack Watch because their truly are so many newfangled remedies and health claims circulating with a sole for profit intention.

They intelligently debunk claims and, although they can be extreme in some cases, give great information, especially when one is engaging in debate and needs backup!

Very enjoyable and factually entertaining.


This site is all about trying to help women with hormonal issues but their main objective is to have you purchase their supplements and herbals which can be very expensive. Their herbal remedies made me feel sick and their vitamins were expensive, coming in individual daily packets that a person would be instructed to take 3 times a day. That was at least 14 pills a day which was entirely too much.

I sent the vitamins back for a refund which I did get without any problems.


I actually don't have a problem with spokeo. It has helped me to see which accounts I have at different sites that may be visible to others and to go to those sites and either remove my accounts or make them private.

For self protection I would suggest searching for yourself through name, email and other search options. Then see where you may have public info about yourself and either remove that info or make it private on those sites.

Spokeo can be used to your benefit in some instances like this. It can also be helpful when you are getting unwanted emails, etc... to identify the sender who is offending you.

If you make yourself not visible on spokeo by going through these routes (if this is what you want) it can be a great tool.

Spokeo I. – Spokeo Rep

Dear Marie,

As you stated, Spokeo is also a great resource for locating old profiles. Many of our users have implemented our service to successfully locate forgotten accounts with various sites, and deleted them. Also, many of our users have had great success in revealing the companies and telemarketers behind unwanted phone calls, and emails.



I did have extra charges from proflowers at Christmas time but I made sure the valentine flowers were delivered on a different day. Still, I'm glad for the other reviews for proflowers and won't be ordering from them anymore. Some flowers they will charge for a vase and other ones they won't. It is as if they have a quota for each order and will find some way to make that quota from the customer, regardless of what you order.


Total scam but most of these on line bidding sites are. They are making millions by charging you for bids. For real bidding ebay is the winner.


I ordered 2 items that come in 3 sizes. They sent the wrong size so I sent them back. They charged me shipping and restocking fees which amounted to almost the price of the items themselves so I am out most of the money I spent with nothing to show for it.

I would have been better off keeping the items. They have bad business policies for returns!


This is a great website to help relearn how to live without cigarettes. If someone really wants to quit smoking it is a great resource to, at least, get started understanding why and when a person smokes and how to recognize these situations and subsequently learn how to change behavior.

I'm not sure how many people it has helped but given the lack of live community support for nicotine addiction, it is a great place to start.

Mark S. – BecomeAnEX Rep

Marie C.

Glad you have found the EX Community valuable to your quit journey. Don't hesitate to say hi on the community. We love to hear updates from our members even after they've been quit awhile.


EX Community Manager


I've only used dirpy a few times. If I had more time and a new IPod I think it would be a lot of fun to play around with.


The Farmville application on Facebook is fun for a lot of people. If a person has the time it would seem like a lot of fun.

I think that is great for those who enjoy playing but, for me, it floods my Facebook wall with a bunch of junk that I have to sift through just to see the personal posts and communications with my Facebook network of friends. Then, I feel like I will be offending my 'Farmville lovers' friends by blocking the application. I hope my friends/family don't take it personal but I did block this application and I am enjoying Facebook a lot more now.

5/3/10 has great records if you are into doing your geneology. They have old census records and is a great place to get started if you do not want to do tons of researching yourself. Geneology can be a difficult task, requiring hours of research and sometimes difficult procurement of records. is very helpful in this respect.

The DNA testing they offer is nice and could be fun but I haven't tried it yet.

This is well worth the price if you are really into Family Ancestry.


I really love this website. It's so much easier to just order here and get the supplies you need for your pets in one fell swoop. Their prices are good, in fact, a bit lower than most large Pet Store chains and they have specialty products that you can't usually find at the stores.

One great thing is that the prescription medications you need for your pest are much cheaper here than if you were to buy the medicine at your local vet. You do need a pet prescription for some. Usually I will ask for the prescription from my vet and the vet sometimes lowers their prices to match 1800petmeds.

All in all, it is a fun place to shop if you are a pet owner/lover.


I went to this site because of a few good reviews here on site jabber. I'm not at all thrilled with Bid Pigs. First of all, you have to pay just to bid. I purchased one of their discounted bid packages for $30.00 which gave me 50 bids. Each bid cost me $0.60. I decided to bid on something and had to continually bid because someone had automatic bids on this item. I ended up spending over $15.00 in bids, not counting what I would have had to pay for shipping of the item, to receive a $25.00 retail item I could have purchased locally without shipping and I STILL hadn't won the bid. I calclulated the odds of me winning this item for just a bit less than retail and it just wasn't worth the stress of continual bidding.

Since I had already wasted $15.00 or more on bids and having nothing to show for it, I ended up using the "Buy Now" feature for the item. I didn't lose my $15.00 but, between what I paid for the item and its shipping cost, I ended up paying more than the item was actually selling for at my local stores. Calculating this, I paid almost $28.00 for an item that retails for $25.00. I was a few dollars in the hole instead of $15.00 in the hole and nothing to show for it.

I am not sure if this is the intention of the site owners. Also, I'm a little suspicious of the 'bidders' who are bidding so highly on things.

The purpose of a penny auction is to buy things for pennies on the dollar. It doesn't seem to be working out that way for most.

Also, there are so few auctions, maybe 3 a day. Some of the items are good but others are meh. I don't think this site will last too long.

I MUCH prefer ebay. I can bid there and if I don't win anything I don't have to pay anything. I can get a much better value over there.


We used two years ago for Christmas gifts. One of the gifts we ordered was sent to another state. Constantly checking on where our order went to, we finally got a response and they claimed to mail a new one out. It turned out that the second order also got mailed to a different state! Continually trying to get resolution to the situation, we just gave up. We never got our intended purchase and we never were given any type of refund.

The prices at are not really discounted. They may receive overstock items but some things are actually more expensive than if you were to purchase at a local retailer.

Unfortunately I can't give this website a good review.


I love I can go to the website and watch an entire season of tv shows in a day or two for free. They have a decent inventory but it would be great if they were able to get more to choose from. Even so, you can pop over to hulu and go through their inventory and find something you want to watch, be it a movie or a favorite television show that you may have missed or would like to check out before deciding to sit in front of the tv every week.

Lots of fun for movie and tv lovers.


I have ordered flowers from this site for quite awhile. I have rarely had problems with them until I ordered a standing cross for a relative's funeral. The cross was about half the size it was supposed to be and the flowers were half dead. It was a total embarrassment to say the least.

However, I complained about it and ended up receiving a full refund for this particular order. It didn't make up for the terrible mistake that was made because you don't get to do this sort of thing over again but I did get refunded.

I can't place the blame on 1800flowers, though, because the local florist should have known exactly what they were supposed to deliver for the funeral.

Every other order I have ever placed with them has turned out very positive and I've been doing this for many years.

It's nice to be able to look at pictures of what you are ordering and tailor your selection to the recipient and the occasion.

Nothing is perfect and there will always be an occasional mix-up but, approximately 95% of my orders over the years have been successful.

I really don't care that they wire orders to local florists because I enjoy the convenience of being able to see a picture of what I am ordering from my own office. I don't mind paying a bit more for the convenience.

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