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Review of Zulily

Zulily reviews

2121 reviews
Categories: Baby, Baby Clothes, Daily Deals
2200 1st Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98134, US
Tel: (877) 779-5615 or (888) 826-6564

2,121 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

First of all - do not order anything from Zulilly if you need it in under a month or more. I placed an order and received the wrong color on one item, wrong sizes on 2 other items, and 2 items I ordered were cancelled with no explanation.(Which is probably just as well!) The tops I got were completely different from the pictures, not gathered in the front as shown, and the fabric was really cheap and yukky. No returns. Big disappointment.

Ask mary about Zulily
1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered a cute, top that was gathered in the front. What I received was a plain t-shirt. I complained and asked for a refund, so they shipped me another plain t-shirt, without my consent. I complained again and asked for a refund and they gave me a credit of $10. Sorry, no refunds.

Ask Kathy about Zulily
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have been ordering from Zulily for 3 or 4 years now, Customer service is great, when there was a problem with my order, they credited my account and I didn't have to send back the order, they told me to donate it. I check their web site everyday, love to see their deals. shipment has been spot on with the dates they have given me for when to expect my item. Like reviewer A.C. before me, I am surprised tthat so many people are unhappy, I have had nothing but good transactions with them.

Ask cheryl about Zulily
1 review
10 helpful votes

There are so many other sites to order better clothes and you may get them before the month+ it takes to get these crappy Zulily clothes! Lowest quality clothes, terrible customer service, takes over a month to receive.

Ask Koreen about Zulily
1 review
8 helpful votes

This is the worst company ever!!! First I get slooooowwww shipping (2-3 months) and I receive what I didn't order. I orderd a XL pants and they sent a 3X? And the shirt I orderd was not right, NOTHING LOOKS LIKE IN THE PICTURES! This is a scam. They take your money and send you junk cheap quality China made stuff. Save your money

Ask Jackie about Zulily
1 review
6 helpful votes

Im still waiting for my fall boots I ordered 3 weeks ago! It said they would ship in 2 days....I hope they arrive before the snowy season! I will not be ordering again from Zulily. For the price I paid I could have bought them in the store for the same price because now they would be on sale! And the savings really isnt all that great. I thought I would give it a try because the ads pop up everywhere. I wonder if they will ever arrive?

Ask Jaime about Zulily
1 review
3 helpful votes

I'm shocked to see so many complaints against them. I adore Zulily! I check it once a day, I'm so addicted to it. Unlike a lot of these unhappy folks, I have been one of the lucky ones and always received my items that I ordered. Sure, it's not shipped instantly (practice a lil patience) & returns are nonexistent because they don't stock a warehouse like a typical store, which allows them to keep the prices low. Once, an item was behind schedule and they sent a nice email updating its status, but my package was still sent to me. Over the course of about ten orders from Zulily, they have always been great, nothing broken, sizing accurate to their provided charts, condensed shipments. No complaints here. And no, I'm not affiliated with them, just a happy customer. :)

Ask A about Zulily
1 review
2 helpful votes

I placed my first and second order within 2 days, i got 2 shipments very quickly with the items from both orders... I was unhappy with the fit and quality of 1 pair of boots... And my daughter's toddler size boots had a minor defect. Zulily credited me the full amout back for both items and told me not to worry about sending the items bac, but to donate them to someone in need. I sent a late email to them 11 pm and received the credit in my zulily account before 8 am the following morning! I thought that was great! Also i loved all my other items i purchased!

Ask Jess about Zulily
1 review
6 helpful votes

I'm new to Zulily because of their "NO" return policy. I finally decided to give it a try because I really wanted some tops from Rising Star. They said that they run small, so I ordered 3X even though I wear extra large. They arrived today and one is too large while the other is tight. Why is this?? They're the same brand for goodness sake.

Ask Karen about Zulily
1 review
3 helpful votes

Zulily has some great deals when you can find them on name brand items. Beware of the return policy, however. I bought some Keen shoes and checked the size chart, but when the shoes came in, they were too big and fell off my feet. Trying to return them was a bugger - almost impossible. All I got was a credit, no cash back. Also, they charge your card right away, but you don't receive the item for sometimes a month. That's way too long. I couldn't go with 2.5 stars, so I took it down to 2 stars because of the hassles I've had.

Ask J about Zulily
1 review
6 helpful votes

Zulily will bill your debit card multiple times

Ask Clayton about Zulily
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have had nothing but positive experiences with Zulily. There have been a couple of orders I wasn't happy with, and they were handled very well by them.

An example-had ordered a pair of plaid clogs. They came, but each shoe had the plaid going in a different direction. I emailed them with a picture, and they wrote back that they could see the problem, and I was credited, didn't have to return the shoes (donated them) and they gave me a $10.00 credit.

I am always careful when ordering clothes to check their size chart. It is different for each brand you order. Only have gotten one thing that didn't fit as I thought it would. Gave it to my sister who loved it.

Ask Kim about Zulily
3 reviews
2 helpful votes

I have been buying from Zulily for about 6 months now. Never been disappointed, arrived in a reasonable time by Canada Post. A few things I have not liked or have not fitted
and had I tried them on in a store I may not have bought them.

But with the prices "you get what you pay for" in some cases.

Ask Terri about Zulily
1 review
10 helpful votes

Don't bother with them would be my advice to you . After ordering for 200$ and waiting 3 weeks for items , i did not like one item . Contacted them to advise me how to get the prepaid label so that i could return the item they said it is my responsability to pay for and then i will get a refund zulily credit to shop again :)))) . I had to report themto my bank as fraud as i could not deal with them anymore. The worst customer service skills and best scam ever . Will definetly not recomend even to my worst enemy .

Ask Nadia about Zulily
1 review
7 helpful votes

I have not had good luck with clothes. I'm a XL and everything I have bought so far is far from XL. I just received a jogging suit that is a med at best. So disappointed because I liked the design. I'm expecting a coat soon and i'm very worried. I bought 2 pairs of sandals last year that are to big. I don't mind the wait but I would like the size I ordered. Have not had much luck with home goods either. I bought what was supposed to be luxury orthopedic dog bed and it was a as seen on TV dog cushion. I was given a credit for it but that's beside the point. It would be nice to get what you ordered.

Ask Sonja about Zulily
1 review
9 helpful votes

I ordered it ms worth 400$ and all clothing items. All the sizes given when you choose an item are wrong! I ened up wasting so much money and im upset to the core. Esp tops worth 35$ and so - the quality is so bad, so BAD! The material is like a flimsy rag cloth. Horrrible! China made i wud suppose. When i found zulily i thot i found my forever shopping paradise and i was a fool id say. The top/dresses look something online and when u get them dey luk bad. Deceiving is the word. Plus their return policy is the worst EVER. IM SUPPOSED TO SHIP Things back somehwere ohio or penn or something. Can u believe after giving dem business worth 400 bucks and up i have to yet again spend my money to ship things bck due to their fault! And mind u sizes aint like one size up.. its like two three sizes smaller or bigger. I almost cried. Plz friends.. dont bother wth dese guys. Save ur money!

Ask Divya about Zulily
1 review
9 helpful votes

I have bought a lot on Zulily and some items were okay as far as quality goes, but recently I have had some really poor quality items. For example, I just received a comforter set that looked beautiful on the Zulily site, but I pulled it from it's packaging and I was mortified! It's made extremely cheap! Seams are not sewn close enough together, material is more like a cheap nylon, like the kind you would see with a child's cheap costume. The batting is free to move throughout the comforter. There are no spots that are sewn to keep the batting from falling to one corner. What appeared to be faux fur or fluffy ruffles in the pics turns out to be single strips of some sort of cheap material. Again, these strips are sewn on with a single thread and the edges are raw and already shredding. this comforter can never be washed, it would just shred! I guess I should just spend the extra money and buy the real thing from an actual retailer.....

Ask darlene about Zulily
1 review
7 helpful votes

Let me start off and say I understand it takes a while for the items to show up at my door and that does not bother me. I'm also understand their policy that you can't return items, but form time to time when an item was defective I got a refund. I understand what Zulily is, but the savings they are provided are not wroth the money to me.

Lets be honest how many of us who shop online regularly have to send items back? I end up sending items back because of bad sizing, bad color, or they just don't look good one me. I tend to shop at stores have that good return policies and Zulily use to be the exception, the problem is the savings they are providing are not really worth the long ship time and crappy return policy. In the past year about 50% of the items I purchased would have gone back to Zulily if they were a normal retailer, but didn't. I go refunds for 25% of those items because they were flat out defective and the 75% went in to a bin for Goodwill. When I add up all the money I spent on items that went to Goodwill with the items I kept those deals are not as great.

I still buy things from time to time at Zulily but I now stick with home goods and brands I already know. Honestly I am unsubscribing from their mailing list and not looking back.

Ask Christy about Zulily
1 review
4 helpful votes

I did not read the small print..., i.e. they cannot process returns. I saw a nice sweater, the price seemed reasonable and went for it. Came after three weeks... way too big and fitting like nothing in the picture.

Another item I bought looks Ok, but the material is of fairly flimsy quality. I wonder how many washes is going to last. It was $40, so not H&M cheap... Do not buy from them.

Ask Luna about Zulily
1 review
18 helpful votes

The reason zulily gets so many bad reviews is because people don't read or pay attention to why they take so long or can't accept returns. Unlike most stores, zulily does not house the inventory. They take your money within 3-5 days because they have to pay the brands to send everything in bulk and then send it to you. They get a discount for ordering in bulk (like costco) and you are paying the discount price. They don't have warehouses full of things and don't have a place to accept your returns that you didn't like. You have to use size charts, measurements and pay attention as many items come from different countries with different sizing. Anytime you order from overseas it takes longer. They clearly mark on the description pages the return policy, shipping timeframes and more. IF YOU READ

Ask Sharlene about Zulily
1 review
6 helpful votes

If you order from Zulily-be very very careful. Original prices are exaggerated especially on some of the clothing lines-you may get see thru knit material??!!. I don't order Junk! Some of the shoes/boot descripts say they are leather and they are NOT. Just got a set of chairs that said suede-there is not a stitch of leather or suede in the fabric. The material is made to look like suede junk. So beware-I have ordered many many things in the past, but have cut back a lot due to quality and maybe down right deception. Be Careful!

Ask Cathy about Zulily
1 review
5 helpful votes

This summer I decided to try out Zulily and purchase myself some womens clothing and shoes. First of all the order came all seperated with the 1st one arriving more then 30 days after I ordered it and the last took 60 days. All of the clothing was made of poor quality and most of the stitching on the clothing items was not correct or sewn overtop of seams. Obviously this clothes was manufactured in China or some low cost.production country. I did not know this prior to ordering. The clothes all varied in fit. Some did not fit at all and others were way to big. The sandals i ordered fit properly but litlerally fell apart within a month of wear these averaged at about 50 dollars a pair. I have learned my lesson and will only shop from reputable stores online. I would not reccomend Zulily for clothing or footwear.

Ask Jenn about Zulily
10 reviews
19 helpful votes

I have been using and now for about 2 years now.
I have been happy with them and decided to write a review now because of what happened yesterday.
I ordered a well-known brand's bag.
I knew the brand name but I have never seen their products in real life so I was little apprehensive but because the price was below $50, I thought I would give it a try.
I received a bag and noticed the color at the bottom is much sharper and more vivid than the rest, it looked like it was bleached by the Sun, except the bottom, it was consistently faded.
If the bottom was also faded, then I wouldn't have guessed the color is off since I have never seen it before.
Anyway I thought about the hassle of returning it, it was not-returnable to begin with and it's not like it's not usable.
I thought I will just email them and see what happens.
I got a response within 24 hours and they gave me a store credit and told me I don't have to return the bag. She said I can do whatever I want with the bag.
I was very surprised. I wasn't upset that they didn't give me refund since it saved me the hassle of returning it.
I mean this is I am talking about.
However, I used before too.
There was this one time they emailed me and said one of 3 items I ordered couldn't be delivered by the time they said that would be delivered.
And they gave me options. Either they refund my money or I wait. I asked for refund and it was processed promptly.
I am very surprised to find so many bad reviews and low rating of the site since my experience has been nothing but good.

I would like to say few things that I learned about the site so far in case it could be a help;
I don't buy women's clothing since I sew and make my clothes myself so I have no opinion about the quality of women's clothing people are talking about.
I don't buy Coach/Michael Kors/Kate Spade because their price is more than outlets.
I recently ordered my 4 year old son's winter coat but haven't received it yet.
So many people said about bad quality of children's clothes.
What I ordered was $18, it said the retail price is like $200 but what I paid is $18 so my expectation isn't that high.
I don't order brands that I don't know well since then the chance of dissatisfaction is higher.
For my son, I have been ordering osh kosh mostly since I actually buy their clothes from stores so I know exactly what I will get.
If I am interested in a brand that I haven't heard about before, then I google the product before I place an order.
I read all the descriptions before placing the order.
Sometimes they are good deals, but then they have only one picture of the product, especially then you really need to read the description.
I noticed sometimes, they put wrong pictures.
I wouldn't have known that if I didn't read the description and compare, like a bag with a same picture but their price is different or one says it's small and the other, medium.
Then I go with the description because their dimensions are different in the description.
Yes, they should do a better job at posting correct pictures with correct description, but people make mistakes.
And by spending a minute to read description, I save myself a lot of hassle.
Delivery time that people complain about. Each product has its expected delivery time frame. And in my experience, they are really correct.
If they said it will take 12~ 15 days, it really takes that many days. Believe them and save yourself a frustration.
They ship as soon as they can even when that means they have to ship all 3 items I ordered separately! That's not how they charged me shipping and I didn't particularly asked them to do so. To me that's a very good service.

I am so happy about the service I got yesterday. I would have stopped using the site if they didn't do something about a "defective" bag, because nobody can beat their shipping rate!
Their shipping rate in/to Canada is the third on my top 5 list, #1 is Gap and #2 is Costco.
With their great shipping rate, and their deals on the brands I like and occasional pleasant surprises, this is my favorite online retail therapy store.

Ask Jan about Zulily
1 review
2 helpful votes

I have ordered several times before and was always pleased. Yesterday I had a blouse arrive that had some defective stitching so I emailed them. In less than an hour they resolved everything and PayPal has been credited! Wow

Ask Amber about Zulily
1 review
2 helpful votes

Got 2 pairs of shoes today I ordered about 2 weeks ago. They are beautiful, I got 2 for 40$ & they look exactly like the picture

Ask Tory about Zulily
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