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2254 reviews
2200 1st Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98134, US
Tel: (877) 779-5615 or (888) 826-6564

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2 reviews
0 helpful votes

yes, there have been two or three duds when the items did not fit me or were poor quality. I was offered a prompt store credit, no hassle, no delay. I fully understand from item descriptions that shipping may take a while - it's plain to see on the website. My husband loves my cute fashionable Zulily clothes - says the styles and colors are so much prettier than what I can find locally. Last summer I bought a gorgeous royal blue lace dress. Perfect for afternoon formal occasions. It was a tad too big, so I had it altered. And then wore it to a fancy wedding at a Tudor caste in England. Got tons of compliments. The cosmetics events are terrific too - Lancôme, Nars, Chanel - at bargain prices. Just don't expect purchases to arrive by Express Mail. Finally - the kids clothes are superb - my two little grandsons wear Zulily and always look colorful, and beautifully dressed in high fashion duds.

1 review
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Wow. I own a lot of Swarovski jewelry and when I was on the Zulily site I was excited to see such an amazing sale on it. Buyer beware! I will never order from zulily again!!!! This is not Swarovski jewelry! It's some cheap cheap knockoff stuff! The cross necklace...looks like it's made of tin with some little crystals glued on! I already own a certain bracelet and bought another from them, but in different colour stones! It says on the "real" jewelry I own "Swarovski" right on it! This stuff they sent me is very small and nothing written on it!!

I will make sure to warn all my friends of this. I'm still waiting for a few orders and I can't wait to see what this looks like!
Very unsatisfied customer! :(

1 review
0 helpful votes

I have ordered a lot from this company and my first few orders were exactly as described and I was so tickled I had stumbled on this site, butttttttt the last 4 or 5 times I have ordered from them I have not been impressed AT ALL, items coming now seem to be very poor quality, shirts with appliqué started coming off literally after 1 washing, ordered some earrings, 1 of them broke AS SOON as I unpacked it, necklace looked VERY CHEAP this will be more than likely my last order with time, this truly saddens me because I Loved this site and recommend it to EVERYONE, well I'm pretty sure I'll start saying buyer beware, so sad WAS such a gd company to order from, not sure wt happened

1 review
0 helpful votes

I love zulilly, wen I 1st saw it on-line n having to register I didn't like that but actually that's important because on any site to save items in a cart you have to Register w them
Once I did I didn't realize wen you see something u like you better buy it then
Thens go fast on zulilly
I ordered shoes in summer perfect fit
N I'm hard to fit wide foot
Then b4 Christmas I ordered several things for my lil girl every thing arrived on time as expected quality items
1 issue I had I had liked a lot in my cart n I accidently hit submit button w out realizing it n it. 2 x it went thru my PayPal n attempted to take out of my acct I got 2 over drafts from my bank I called zulilly n they we're great I removed paypal from my zulilly acct
N I highly recommend using child mode on. Zulilly to prevent submit button accidently being pushed on botton of your list
Child mode is a # digit code b4 submiting order or making changes

Customer service is A+++++.great service
An order I canceled
A doll arrived anyhow
N I called them to make sure
Cancel went thru
It had but items are sent directly from company that makes it zulilly does not stock items

Customer service. Said no problem keep doll on them

I compare prices b4 buying items
N they are lower priced
N some loved lil girl dress n clothes brands like jly the pug. N Matilda Jane ect
Are significant price discounts
But buy wen you see it or it may be gone
At Christmas alot of items we're in 2 payments!!
Unknown brands on there for women
I wear 2 x n if you read on some unknown brands it gives you a size chart check it
Alot of x it says they run smaller
N clothes in. Other countries often run smaller than in US
On known major brands great prices n fun unique items
It gives u wait times that's expected

On bedding sets n sheets

Some are cotton
Some are polyester
Some microfiber

I don't like microfiber or polyester
These items are cheaper
Walmarts sells them too
I don't buy them
At any place

the key is pay attention to item descriptions n the size charts ect
N realize there is shipping times from prespect companies ect
If you particular brands or categories
Zulilly will send you alerts wen back or back in stock
Catagories n items often come back
Zulilly customer service is fantastic

1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered extra large and received a small size that says extra large. The quality is not good either. Shipping is expensive and it takes a long time to receive order. I believe they make their money on 1st time buyers and not repeat customers. Zulily is bad business.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Most of my experience has not been good. Clothes sizes are wacky. Too small or too large. Quality is not good. Just ordered a comforter, looks way different in person. And not in a good way. Order time is unreal. I find the shipping fees excessive.

1 review
0 helpful votes

My only negative is the shipping time, however it is easy to track order through account. No excessive waiting. I have had one order error - wrong color which I kept. I have found merchandise to be of quality... ordered several cool open sweater/coats which were pretty much as I expected... no really up to the compair price but that would be too good to be true. I have had to talk to customer service several times - cancelling orders I changed my mind on and clarifying payments with no problem.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I have ordered around 10 times from Zulily (in Canada) and overall the experience has been great! I heard about it through a colleague how has also has good experiences. I have received some absolutely beautiful and fun pieces.

When an item never showed, I contacted their Customer service by email and promptly received a refund.

A few times I received piece that were lower quality but the price was always reflective of the quality. I have also learned to read the description of every item before purchasing (dimensions, type of fabric, etc.). And when I feel like there aren't enough pictures to properly see the item... I don't buy it. Simple as that.

Overall positive experiences for me. One tiny thing is that they could have more pictures of their items or allow for a proper zoom.

2 reviews
0 helpful votes

I have been shopping with Zulily since the start of the company. 98% of my purchase have exactly what I ordered with full satisfaction. When a problem arises Zulily will go out of their way to help me and make all efforts to correct an issue. 100% I recommend shopping with Zulily. As the company has gotten older, their shopping choices have become an even better with a larger variety and we are the ones that bennifit from it.

1 review
10 helpful votes

I saw the Zulily advertisement next to my Yahoo email inbox showing a top that interested me, so when I clicked to look at their website I was faced with having to Register?? This is no way to do business, so I just X'd my browser tab. It made me wonder, tho, what their reputation was, so I found this site. Am glad I chose not to Register with them and possibly discover they've charged me for something.

1 review
9 helpful votes

I wonder if this has happened to anyone else. I order one Eric Carle two pack of sleepers. I have 1 brand new grandson. Not 5 or 6 "like Zulily thinks I have. After I placed that order my account and order when I'd look would go back to my home screen. I couldn't get into my account at all. UNTIL my cc number expired and then I was able to get into my account. Go figure. Anyway I looked at my order because I received an email that said my item shipped. It was a L red body suit. Wth I NEVER ORDERED a red bodysuit. Then I noticed that there are 15 items in my account in transit 5 caterpillar neck rolls. My grandson has one neck and doesn't require a neck roll yet. There were 5 caterpillar buntings. Again one grandson. 5 window shades w/ Eric Carle. So because I ordered 1 baby stuff and two Eric Carle pj's I get 5 buntings, 5 window shades 5 neck rolls. I have 1 grandson who is brand new but they say I order two play station something's for a car. No kids that age and no play station. I also received earrings that I actually ordered that are either broken or bent. They won't do a refund because they were not properly packed and came in an envelope. I also received a model rideable car for a 4 yr old that again I NEVER ORDERED.

1 review
5 helpful votes

I will only purchase brands that I know I like on Zulily. I learned my lesson a couple years back buying a generic brand dress. It came with holes! Another order, all the clothes were way too small. Found some dresses by Love In, and knowing I like that brand,purchased them. They were here in about 12 days, and are perfect! Stick to brands you know you like,and that you know your size in.

1 review
4 helpful votes

This compamy is horrible! I ordered many clothing items from them. The first item took a very long time to arrive, first of all. The clothing was poor quality for the price. Then the same size for each piece varied from too big to very very small. You have to have permission to return anything. When I called to set that up, I was lectured about their strict "no returns policy." Finally I was given the return codes to mail this garbage back at my expense. This is the clencher they NEVER give refunds. They gave me credits on my account so I can do this all over again!!!! No freakin' thanks!

1 review
3 helpful votes

I ordered from Zulily on 12/28/16 and finally my order has shipped on 1/11/17. Here is the kicker. I still will not get it for another week because it is coming via UPS regular mail. I am going to receive items from China quicker than this Company. REALLY!! Never again will I order from them.

1 review
4 helpful votes

i was planning on ordering from Zulilly but learned my lesson after ordering from Rosegal to always read reviews. I will not be ordering from Zulilly. The service is too erratic.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I can live with the long wait and even the shipping costs, but obviously zulily does not have the actually product before they put in on their site. I ordered 2 compartment storage containers (as pictured) received single, twice. This time I ordered "100% cotton damsak striped sheets", got sateen. (I HATE HATE HATE sateen sheets). The word sateen was no where to be found on the product description so I called. Customer service, at least for me, has been wonderful. I received a store credit (I opened one set) and a full refund for the the other. They didn't want them back, so the local homeless shelter now has two brand new sets of sateen sheets. I know better then to order clothes or shoes on line, especially from a site that does not offer (free) returns.

1 review
4 helpful votes

Honest to Pete. I have officially learned my lesson. Never ever again will I place an order with an online company that seems too good to be true. I had been sucked into what I consider scam sites before - ones like Rosegal & Modlily - where they had really cute clothes at great prices. Weeks & weeks went by before anything arrived....and the clothes were never what I expected....either several sizes too small or of poor quality. Too late I realized the pieces were not coming from a domestic company but were coming from overseas...usually from China.

I fear I've gotten sucked into the same thing again with Zulily. I thought I had covered my bases by google searching Zulily & seeing that it was based here in the States in Seattle Washington. I SHOULD have also checked online reviews. Instead I trusted that this was a reputable site that would ship my purchases quickly and that they would be quality pieces that fit me according to the size I ordered.

Well, it yet remains to be seen what the quality of my purchases are because as of today, January 9, I have yet to receive any of the 12 pieces that I ordered on December 28th. In fact, only ONE of those pieces is showing as having 'shipped' - although technically, according to tracking, it's been in a processing facility in Hong Kong for almost a week now. It hasn't even arrived in the States yet! And, now that I google the brands/ companies that each of my pieces originate from, they ALL appear to be from China.

I understand now that Zulily is only a hub center that does not actually store inventory. I feel like an incredible fool to have fallen for this kind of ridiculousness yet again. Maybe my clothes will arrive when they are still in season & maybe they won't. Maybe they will fit and maybe they won't. Who knows?

I don't often spend money on clothes. In fact, I need to watch my spending very carefully. I am really afraid that I have totally just thrown my money away. What do I do if those clothes arrive & they don't fit....Do I return them and wait another gazillion weeks for the appropriate size?

Trust me. I will absolutely warn people against using Zulily. I have learned my lesson. From now on I will use sites I know I can trust and can expect my orders to arrive expediently....sites like Amazon. And, at the VERY least, their site should list the expected shipping times when people place an order. If I had seen that it would be weeks, I never would have placed my order in the first place.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I suppose one must expect a long wait considering zulily is basically a clearing house for MANY OTHER merchants. It tales WEE KS for them to process your order then another 10 days at least to ship so make sure your getting a really good deal and that it's not a gift or something time sensitive or u will b sorely disappointed and irritated. They would b much better off to publish a disclaimer r/e how long it takes them to process items on their website so customers would b informed,would b much less angry,and not thinking their pkg had been lost! It would save zulily a lot of phone calls from angry customers

3 reviews
2 helpful votes

I raced over to with my holiday money and was ready to order some plus size tunics. So excited to find a new source of plus size tops. Every top available as a plus size was worn by a size 0-6 model. That's lunacy. Many clothes look great on the thin and not ton the plus. I'm the only (possible) customer that objected? First email response from them (to my email) showed that they read the first sentence and ignored the rest. My second attempt received a response again showing a cluelessness not seen in an online vendor in quite some years. The rep thanked me and said she'd forward my concerns up the latter. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh okeeeeee.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered 15 items from them in Nov.16 for my Wife for Christmas. All items showed guaranteed Christmas delivery. All but one arrived by the week before Christmas. The last one arrived Jan 3. When I called Customer service about the Christmas Delivery guarantee I got through in 2 rings to a young man who was very helpful and courteous. He offered to refund the money and I asked him instead to just give me credit for future orders. Could not be happier with the shopping experience at this online retailer. They are all made in HK and shipped from there which is why I ordered early. I have seen some negative reviews about this place but my experience was terrific.

1 review
2 helpful votes

The top I ordered looked lovely on the Zulily website but the reality when it arrived was totally different, shabby colour, shabby shape and nylon thread sticking out at each end of the bottom of the item, which when I pulled it, ruched the fabric. I looked at their return policy and found they do not refund the full price of the article, even if the article is substandard...I won't use them again and the top will go to a charity shop.

10 reviews
8 helpful votes

Poor quality fabrics and bad fit. Horrible customer service. Extremely slow shipping. Return policy not clear but Zulily NEVER issues refunds. Zulily requires you to pay shipping to return items and the wait months to receive store credit for more low quality, cheap looking, ill fitting merchandise. STAY AWAY!

1 review
2 helpful votes

Buy name brands, and you will not be disappointed. I have had two orders with issues since I started shopping with Zulily (one was delayed beyond Christmas and the other arrived broken) and both times they credited my account.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I was so happy w zuilly I love there stuff but their shipment always late and one time I ordered bracelet but than I cancelled immidetly in the same moment I click submit, they charge me right the way but they didn't cancel they charge and they didn't refun my money since that time I didn't want to order anything n I'm scared to order anything even I ordered stuff for Christmas Eve n I didn't receive the stuff in the same day

1 review
5 helpful votes

We order 2 items for my 4 years old for Christmas. Non of them was delivered. After follow up it turns out the address was wrong on both shipments which wasn't our fault because they had a correct billing address which was the same as shipping but somehow their system changed our shipping address to the wrong one We called and complaint they refunded money and when I asked them to resend them to us since both was back to the sender but they said its impossible!!! This was first and last time we used Zulily and I recommend everybody don't waste your time and money.

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