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Review of Travelzoo

Travelzoo reviews

121 reviews
590 Madison Avenue 37th Floor
New York, NY 10022
Tel: 1-877-665-0000

121 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
1 helpful vote

I received an email from Travelzoo for a deal in Downtown St Louis at an area hotel at a pretty reasonable rate for Wed 11/23 for one night - there is a very large boxing fundraiser that night nearby so I thought it was perfect to stay close by. I booked it through the email giving all my information and never got any email from them confirming or saying it didn't go through - nothing - believe me I checked everywhere. I called the hotel directly they had no reservation - So a couple days before I'm supposed to stay, suddenly I get my email giving me my confirmation itinerary - so I call to see what the cancellation policy is since I would have to quickly see if I could still go this event and stay the night. As I'm inquiring with the customer service rep asking abt the policy - she 1st tells me they definitely sent me a msg right away on the 10th when I made reserv - making me sound like I was an idiot - uhm no u didn't send it until 11/20 - I explain that I don't want to cancel yet I'm just inquiring how long I have bc I never got any info from them - she proceeds to tell me she already cancelled it - I said what? I didn't ask u to do that I was inquiring - wth? She apologized all over the place and said she could call the hotel and when the cancellation came through they could ignore it - yeah like I'm trust that! I said never mind I'm done with Travelzoo. Beware - Very Poor Customer Service and obvious website problems if they're not gonna send u a confirmation or any type of email about ur reserv until a few days before.

Ask Connie about Travelzoo
1 review
0 helpful votes

Dad just passed away. Ordered 12 bottles of wine delivered on dec 1. Said no problem having it Christmas morning. Never showed up. Voucher never worked. $89 gone. I don't want someone else's Christmas wrecked when nothing is under the tree.

Ask Craig about Travelzoo
1 review
1 helpful vote

Why do the offers never show up as advertised on Travel Zoo? On numerous occasions after getting my weekly Top 20, I have attempted to find the advertised fare sent to me and have never been able to find that fare. This is misleading advertising in my books!

Ask Doug about Travelzoo
1 review
3 helpful votes

I purchased two vouchers for a Korean Spa. When visited the business on Saturday, they wouldn't accept them due to Travelzoo system outage. I had to pay full price (almost double) because I was already there with friends and the Spa is not close to my home at all. When called customer service two days later, their first suggestion was that I could go another time when their system was on. How ridiculous? After arguing with the representative who wanted only to refund me for the vouchers and cancel them, she called her supervisor. After some wait time, I was offered by her refund of $30 and $20 credit from Travelzoo. When I couldn't use the vouchers, I had to pay full price of $50. You tell me if $20 credit is equal to $20 cash that I paid. I asked at least for $30 credit, which they actually issued to my friend earlier that day. I was transferred to a supervisor named Sean. He at first was telling me that if they give me $30 credit and refund me $30 it will cost them, to Travelzoo, $60. Perhaps he forgot that the $30 they are refunding are my money paid to them (they will cancel the unused vouchers, of course). He started arguing that I got the services. I explained that I had to pay $50 for those and I wouldn't go to that business for the full price. Then he tried playing me that he is authorized only for $20 credit and for $30 he needs to speak to his supervisor. I asked to be transferred to that supervisor of the supervisor Sean. Suddenly, he started saying that they are offsite and there is nobody above him he can transfer me. He asked me for my friend's name. I told him that I will write a consumer complain and hanged up.

Ask Anton about Travelzoo
1 review
5 helpful votes

We were bought a Michelin 8 course tasting menu as a Christmas gift. We thought that this would be valid for a year but in the small print apparently it expired in May. Having just realised this we contacted Travelzoo and offered to pay a supplement to extend the expiry date.
They refused to do this. Don't know why. They have been paid so does it matter when we claim our tasting experience?

So the Restaurant does not get our business..... we do not get our experience... and Travelzoo GET TO KEEP £180.00 !!! Outrageous

Ask Barry about Travelzoo
1 review
7 helpful votes

We booked a hotel in NYC through Travel Zoo and when we arrived at the hotel the booking no. was not valid. (It was for a date that already passed and not under our name.) It took us several hours on the phone with at least 3 different Travel Zoo representatives before the problem was solved. When we got home we called Travel Zoo and asked to a partial credit to compensate us for our time (and the stress of worrying about where we were going to sleep!) We were offered a $25 credit toward a future booking...which doesn't go far in NYC. If you use Travel Zoo to book a hotel I would suggest calling the hotel to make sure they have your reservation.

Part II....Just got our credit card bill....We were charged twice for our hotel room. Once by Travel Zoo back in Jan. and then again by the TRYP Hotel. So now we will waste more time trying to straighten this out.... Buyer Beware!

We contacted the hotel regarding the double charge and they are crediting our account. In all fairness I want to note that this was not Travel Zoo's fault. I am still waiting to hear from them regarding the initial problem of the reservation mix up.

Tip for consumers: Don't trust Travel Zoo to make your reservations. Even if you have a booking confirmation no. it may not be valid.

Ask Mary about Travelzoo
1 review
7 helpful votes



Ask ANN about Travelzoo
1 review
6 helpful votes

Used Travelzoo to book a package for my grandsons birthday. Be careful- when they say "subject to availability" they mean the 1-2 rooms Travelzoo will ALLOW the hotel to book per night for them even if the hotel had plenty of available rooms at Crowne Plaza Dublin Ohio did with the zoo package that was advertised as one of Travelzoo's 10 best deals of the day- what a deal- on their day off my son's little boy did not get to go to the zoo- Shame on you Travelzoo and Crowne Plaza Dublin Ohio!

Ask Linda about Travelzoo
1 review
8 helpful votes

Travelzoo is a great way to see new places without spending so much. Every trip we have purchased from Travelzoo has been super nice. Great accommodations and great packages at a fraction of what it would have cost without them.

Ask Susan about Travelzoo
1 review
3 helpful votes

This website offers many interesting places to visit, entertainment shows an restaurant discounts. I have used this website many times and always very pleased with the outcomes of my choices. Last night I saw a very funny comedian along with a terrific magician . Securing tickets is just downloading the information along with the tickets. I would recommend this site to others - and have done so with my Las Vegas friends. Thank you for offering these services- and making my life enjoyable.

Ask Jean about Travelzoo
1 review
1 helpful vote

loved how the tickets were so cheap and easy to buy! I enjoyed my trip so much, it was amazing experience, thank you!

Ask mary about Travelzoo
1 review
1 helpful vote

I was a first time Travelzoo user and a little leery but decided to take a chance. Turned out my Travelzoo experience was perfect. Great discount, good collection of event reviews and information, fast and easy purchase and the tickets were in my email right away. I went to the Mummies of the World exhibit at the Bower Museum and had a wonderful time. I highly recommend using Travelzoo's services!

Ask Wendy about Travelzoo
4 reviews
3 helpful votes

highly recommeded

Ask Michael about Travelzoo
1 review
0 helpful votes

We have just returned from a delightful evening at such a great restaurant. Everything hits the right note starting with splendid $#*!tails. Chicken parfait with fig chutney a very good but not overwhelming starter, lamb was pink and tender. Fortunately we were not overfeed as it would have been crime to miss out on plum crumble with ginger ice-cream.
All in an impressive new restaurant with such nice, pleasant staff.
Heres to next time!

Ask Leighton about Travelzoo
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

Just wanted to say I booked a trip through Travelzoo and ended up having to cancel it to change dates. It was painless switching the date with re booking and cancelling the previous booking. I have used Travelzoo a few times now and find them very good!

Ask Larry about Travelzoo
2 reviews
18 helpful votes

UPDATE: I know nobody has posted on this board lately, but I am finally fed up with this ordeal. On March 8th I spoke with 'veronica' from apple who promised to follow-up on why I have been unable to book a room since Feb 12th, and why nobody from apple has ever followed through and returned my calls. It has been 6 days with no return call, I left her another message today.

To make matters worse, I emailed Mr. Stitt from Travelzoo on March 9th, 5 days ago. I have received NO response from anyone there either. So because of some major confusion at Apple when trying to book this replacement deal offered at apple, lack of communication, and no desire for anyone at both Apple and Travelzoo to followup on my issues, I'm now out $2800 bucks for flights and no room.

Below is the letter I emailed to Mr. Stitt at Travelzoo.

Dear Mr. Stitt:
I would like to thank you for your efforts on behalf of myself and other fellow Travelzoo Members that are left without unfullfilled accomodations from Fresh Trips. However, in my personal situation I have been left with no resolve after multiple and repeated attempts to make a booking with Apple Vacations at the Grand Sunset Princess.

I originally contacted them to make a booking on or about February 12, 2016. Originally, although I called the 'dedicated' line, I was transferred around for just under an hour as nobody knew what I was talking about.
Finally, I spoke with an agent that AGAIN said there were no rooms available for my dates, but promised to research it and call me back. I received no call back as of Feb. 15. I called again, this time the agent I did speak with had no idea what I was talking about, but promised to find someone who was familiar with this ordeal and return my call. I called several more times (Feb 17, 20, 22, 23, 27, March 2, 3, and 8) to attempt to make the booking with the same outcomes as above, not once did an Apple Vacations member return my call after calling repeatedly just trying to make the booking per your email.

I will tell you there was once I was actually able to speak with the "dedicated agent" (which by the way even though I called the 'dedicated number' again took 3 phone transfers and being on hold for 1 hour 20 minutes).
This agent told me there were no "project Travelzoo" rooms, but the representative actually made a booking for me this time at their listed rates, then she was to 'try to get the rooms approved and price adjusted'. Of course she stated she would finish looking into the matter and contact me within 2 days.
Of course, as predicted she did not contact me back. I called the agents direct line several times over 2 days asking her to return my call. She did not call. Instead, she emailed me back after my latest message saying " the travelzoo project ended 2/23/16, sorry".

As you can imagine her response made me very angry as I had spent the previous 3 weeks attempting to make the booking your email said I would be able to book.

So, of course I spent this past week or so trying to talk to supervisor at Apple Vacations, more phone calls, more promises to return my call which AGAIN never happened. Yesterday, I called again. I spoke with someone that actually followed up and had supervisor Daniel return my call. Once he did, he realized I needed to speak with Veronica, who also called me back as promised. Anyhow, she stated Apple is trying to secure me a room and would contact me in a day or two.

As you can imagine, I don't have much faith despite the recent efforts from Apple by finally returning a call. While I understand this situation was not created directly by Travelzoo or Apple, you did offer a potential resolution, which for some reason I have been dealing with roadblocks. I am reaching out to you to get a resolution to getting an accommodation. Because, as it currently stands I have nearly $3000 in airfare I stand to lose which had already been booked.. I want to book my 2 rooms at the price paid for the base room $798 each (with fresh trips I upgraded one room for a larger unit for $180). It doesn't necessarily have to be at the Grand Sunset Princess, I would consider less costly options.

Ask georgia about Travelzoo
2 reviews
37 helpful votes

Vrbo/homeaway has now done three things in the last 6 months to increase their profits with no consideration of the home owners that have made this site successful. Number one they have raised their prices about 20% each of the past two years. The latest in the last six months. Number 2 they now are putting other web sites on my site, such as, among others which simply takes traffic away from vrbo and my site in particular. Number 3 now they have decided to charge an extra charge to my customers, just because they can to make more money. What the new short sighted vrbo management doesn't realize is that the site exists because of the owners and the owners supply all the listing for them. Now they are cheating and triple dipping. Vrbo should be ashamed of their new practices!!
Mitchell Lewis

Ask mitchell about Travelzoo
1 review
1 helpful vote

Bought a massage, lunch and wine package for the Well and Being Spa at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess for a savings of 70.00 over the retail cost. I could not be happier with the price or the experience.

Tip for consumers: Go during the week when it is not crowded

Ask Kathy about Travelzoo
2 reviews
11 helpful votes

I recently purchased a deal from Travelzoo. The hotel the deal was for however decided they were not going to honor the deal. I called Travelzoo who said they would look into this and get back to me either with a resolution or issue me a refunded. I was of course assuming it would end up being a refund bt sure enough, the next day they emailed me and had the Director of Sales from the hotel contact me and honor the deal. That is wonderful customer service!

Ask Michael about Travelzoo
1 review
6 helpful votes

I purchased the damson dene hotel through travel zoo for 2 nights and the pictures shown were not accurate in the slightest as when we arrived it was a run down cottage with two very rude receptionists , I explained to them that it does not look like the photos and shown them and they replied "erm well there was a lake at the back " we then asked to see the room anyway we were given the key not shown where it was at all and as walking up heard the receptionist speaking about me for not being happy with what was advertised and what I actually saw and when I opened the door it stunk of smoke and had damp walks and cigarette burns in the bath and curtain placed on the bed , it was freezing as it wasn't double glazed , it was not in the slightest what I paid for , I'm very appalled with travel zoo and the hotel on how I was treated when I arrived and how they wrongly advertised the hotel completely I wouldn't allow anyone to stay there in those conditions , they were not suitable for residents as they didn't even have a lock on the doors and when I tried to contact travel zoo there is no phone number to contact someone directly and explain which I also find appalling as iam now unable to get a refund , so I have now had to pay another 300 pound to stay elsewhere for 2 nights as we traveled from afar and the service I got was fantastic at the hotel we found driving around frantically trying to find somewhere , it had boutique rooms and had complementry wine and drinks and the staff were very friendly and welcoming unlike the damson dene , I would strongly advise not to stay at this hotel and NOT to book through travel zoo .

Ask Karisse about Travelzoo
13 reviews
40 helpful votes

I have never found a good deal on here... when I go straight to the hotel or airline sites... they are offering the same deals! So, why give them a chance to screw up my reservations? !

Ask M about Travelzoo
1 review
13 helpful votes

Dont trust any deals through travel zoo. They dont stand behind their deals. I had booked an all inclusive vacation through travelzoo advertised site (fresh trips) - after waiting for months for the confirmation, I had to finally call my credit card company one week before my trip and dispute the payment. I was stuck with no hotels and had to book one at the last minute for a very high price!
You are better off buying from orbitz, expedia or priceline than through travelzoo!

Ask Austinite about Travelzoo
1 review
10 helpful votes

Bought vouchers for advertised deal at Tenaya lodge. I was aware that all weekend dates in Feb were blacked out. However, when I called the Hotel reservation desk to reserve weekend dates outside of the blackout period they reported that NO WEEKEND DATES WERE EVER available for this deal. I now must wait 48hrs to receive the email confirming the refund THEN 7-10 additional business days for the refund of my $756 dollars. The responsibility is now also on me to make sure the refund email arrives and that the refund actually happens. Will not be using this travel site again.

Ask Rose about Travelzoo
4 reviews
19 helpful votes

I wish I can make this review short but the multiple errors and lack of service by TZ has made it difficult to do so. Due to a Travel Zoo technical glitch, we were booked at the wrong hotel and now we're stranded in Miami, FL. They booked us for Atlanta, GA..?! The confirmation email AND 'pre-arrival alert' email indicates the Miami hotel info. Offices were closed and we couldn't contact anyone. We are two girls who were stranded until 1am in Miami. Called Travel Zoo next morning (today 12/30) and the agent was incompetent and gave us the run around. First told us it was a glitch and they're fully responsible. Told me she will refund me completely and re book me near the original booking location and can cover $300-$600/night. She then says "We have a Hilton in Princeton for $75/night. Oh, and this will be in New Jersey." Excuse me?! New Jersey?! She then apologizes and offered me few options, I selected the hotel and she asked if I was ready to head there. After placing me on a 15 min hold (I was on phone for 45 mins at this point), she comes back on the line and asks "Did you decide on a hotel? I was taking notes about our convo." Are you kidding me?! She then searches for the hotel and now tells me that I will need to pay for the hotel and they can't guarantee that the hotel costs would be reimbursed. Now I'm waiting at a random hotel lobby looking to book a hotel, which are triple the original price. Current rates are $550 for a 1 star hotel so you have an idea about what I'm facing here.

UPDATE: (12/30) After hopping from hotel to hotel and waiting until 7pm daily for a last minute deal to arise, we found another hotel (higher than the original booking price). Haven't heard back from TZ yet.

On 12/31, a Travel Zoo agent called me and told me they'll only cover up to $100. Ridiculous. We once again didn't have anywhere to go. At this time, due to NYE, hotel prices had nearly quadrupled. We ended up booking a hotel away from the main area which cost us $400 for the night. We were so tired of running around for 3 days, our entire trip was ruined and we ended up sleeping into the new year due to exhaustion. Thank you Travel Zoo for completely ruining our entire vacation.

After going back and forth for hours and hours, Travel Zoo said they will only cover up to our original booking amount and didn't even accommodate us due to their crystal clear mistake. Again, prices had nearly quadrupled and we had to cover the extra charges, which was several hundred dollars. PLEASE do yourselves a favor and go with other established travel sites (Orbitz, Expedia, Booking) who have a 24 hr support system and are reputable. The agents at TZ are rude, incompetent and have no regard to customer service and safety.

I have shared this terrible experience with my combined 900k Instagram and FB followers.

Ask Sara about Travelzoo
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

Sencillo, sin complicaciones.Very easy, no troubles.

Ask Roberto about Travelzoo

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on 7/5/16
A: Hello Jill, we do advise not to give out your PIN; however, some hotels do required the PIN to enter and secure a reservation. You should have no problem using your voucher at check in as the hotel will be expecting it. If you have any additional concerns, please contact our Customer Service Team at 1-877-665-0000 directly. We are available M - F, 9 AM to 9 PM EST.
on 7/6/16
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on 6/17/16
A: Hi Phil R.,
For the best assistance, please call our Customer Service Team at 1-877-665-0000 Monday through Friday 9 AM to 9 PM EST. We will be happy to help!
on 6/17/16
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