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368 reviews
Categories: People Search
556 S. Fair Oaks Ave., Suite #101-179
Pasadena, CA 91105
Tel: 1-877-913-3088

368 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

I put a particular number into their system. They ran the number and said that they had a full report to share with me, so I paid the $2 for it. Turns out they had no information on the number at all. I'm not going to cry over $2, but after reading other people's reviews I will definitely be monitoring my Credit Card. I don't think this site is honest or useful.

1 review
0 helpful votes

They take your money with promises of giving you information they have but once they take your payment you get nothing.

1 review
1 helpful vote


1 review
1 helpful vote

Do not use this service you will end up paying for a subscription without knowing it. Communist bastards!

1 review
2 helpful votes

These people are as crooked as a three dollar bill. My subscription lasted 20 minutes while I discovered all the hidden add on charges for their free 7 day trial and even demanded more money for the original info I paid for and never got. Cancelled with confirmation but have a bad feeling my credit card hasn't seen the last of them.

1 review
2 helpful votes

seems that you cannot be trusted. These reviews I am looking at are terrible. Sorry I will go somewhere else.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Googled free reverse phone lookup and this company comes up. They are not free!

2 reviews
6 helpful votes

Signed up for the $24.95 plan but was charged over $50. I haven't even been a member for a full month. The site itself is cool (although some stuff is inaccurate and the social media profiles are a shot in the dark) but the way they run their business is not ethical.

2 reviews
14 helpful votes

Do NOT waste your money on this company. They are nothing more than SCAM artists. Watch your credit card for recurring charges. They will not stop until you demand they do.

1 review
5 helpful votes

I use to have business account with Spokeo. The information in general was pretty accurate if you knew what you were looking for and did some double checking on data it was accurate more then it wasn't. My subscription expired as my biz had slowed a bit I elected not to renew it but when it picked up again I reactivated it only to find out they had completely restructured how they let you see the info. Instead of a monthly price for all info you use to be able to see, I learned after paying a ridiculous amount that it was only for name data and if I wanted all the info I use to get I had to add pieces from an a la carte menu. Bottomline....while there use to be value in Spokeo they are now 100% a total rip off. STAY AWAY....FAR FAR AWAY.

5 reviews
12 helpful votes

I decided to do a search of myself and was surprised at what I saw. Names of deceased former tenants or people whose mail I have gotten accidentally. The only one I know there is my now ex husband and they even had his age wrong. Having said this...that gave me bad vibes about this company. I don't know 95% of the people stated that I am associated with. I believe they got some information from the Postal Service!! I recall seeing these names from getting these people's mail. Many of these people I learned from long time residents have either long moved out or died. I wouldn't give these people 1 cent...not even a 1/2 cent if they still existed. Total phonies!!

1 review
5 helpful votes

After reading primarily very negative reviews I am glad that I did by the way, I will not be using your service, wow, do you know how many really bad reviews you have?

1 review
6 helpful votes

Used the one time charge option. Was charged 19.36 a month for several months before i even noticed. Called and cancelled next month another charge ..wife called and cancelled asked for a refund ... 3-7 days never got a refund.. next month another charge.. called and cancelled ased for refund...3-7 business days... still no refund.. called to cancel yet again was told the account was cancelled but never submitted for refund.. guess what??? 3-7 business days!!! Im not holding my breath!!

2 reviews
10 helpful votes

I am in the service and was looking for a trusted site for work related information.I signed up for a free 30 day trial to see if it was what I wanted/needed. I had 1 more day to cancel if I wanted to but on September 11th They took $9.85 out of my account and there is another $19.95 pending. What?! I sent them an email and got nothing in return. I don't understand why is this a scam? I want my money back. Both of the amount's. I still had 1 day to cancel before they started taking unauthorized amount's out of my account. If I don't hear anything in the next 48 hour's I will get a hold of the security officer at my bank and I will call the Better Business Bureau as well as the authorities. Kathleen Barrett. Update. Spoke has taken care of the problem so I have changed my 1 star rating to a 4 star rating. Thank you Spokeo

1 review
6 helpful votes

Went into this thinking that it would give me real information, but it didn't even come close. I get better results just googling information myself. So now I'm out 30 bucks for basically nothing. I would change my review if they offer me a refund or at least try to make it right. There's a lot of missing and/or inaccurate information that a kindergartener can find better... Not worth the price at all. Maybe if it was 99 cents. :/

**Edit** Well I called them and I must say that they did handle my concerns pretty well. They explained to me clearly the fine print. They also offered to do a search for me through the phone. I've cancelled my subscription without any hassle, but I still get to use what I paid for. For that, I'll give them another star. I won't use them again though.

1 review
4 helpful votes

Only giving Spokeo 2 stars because they have well trained, professional customer service representatives - who are well trained to tell you that they are not giving you full refunds for cancellations you are not using, but offer you an 'upgrade'. Signed up for a one month subscription - which to any normal person means you want to pay for and use the service for one month only, not indefinitely. So, they 'renew' (because you didn't know you had to cancel something you only joined for one month), charging your credit card. Then, even though you haven't used their site (because you know your one-month subscription ended),they won't refund the full amount. ONLY if you push, will they give a partial refund. 2nd issue with them is that what is not clearly shown is that your one-month subscription only allows for 20 searches. Very limited in it's usefulness. Found that several of the free services that allow unlimited searches were just as good, if not better in finding current information. Can't recommend to others and don't ever plan to use them again.

1 review
3 helpful votes

I want a free trial like it says

2 reviews
5 helpful votes

On the left side it gives the number of COURT RECORDS for a person which one can see when looking up a person's name. So, I plugged in my name out of curiosity expecting to see NO court records listed (because I've never had any problems with the law). It listed I had like 25 court records! I DON'T!. So, I guess part of the SCAM is that they might get people looking up themselves to pay for their service when they see Spokeo has listed many court records besides their name that the person does NOT have.

1 review
5 helpful votes

This site s not worth the money or time. They will not refund try another service. I'm still paying for a service that does not fit my needs. If you try this service, pick the lowest amount indicated on the site. Don't buy before you try as I did.

1 review
6 helpful votes

Spokeo is doing a disservice to victims of stalkers by making available information victims wish to keep private.Spokeo claims that they merely pull information from public records.

However, before Spokeo, if a stalker living on the west coast suspected his victim moved to a town on the east coast and he wanted to confirm that, the stalker would have to buy round trip airline tickets, fly 6 hours out east, rent a car, rent a hotel, and walk into a hall of records between M-F 9am-5pm during business hours only in the town he thinks his victim lives, and then search the public records in that town. The chances are slim he'd incur the huge cost and time needed to take that gamble. Thanks to Spokeo- a stalker's best friend and a victim's second worst nightmare- stalkers can get this information in minutes just by paying a small fee (compared to travel expenses flying across the country...) If people want to search for their birth parent or something legit, invest a few hundred dollars with a private eye to do it.

Put Spokeo and other like-businesses out of business.

2 reviews
9 helpful votes

They charged me even though they didn't find any information about the submitted number.
This is a scam !

2 reviews
10 helpful votes

One reviewer suggests opting out to remove yourself from Spokeo's directory. But when I tried, it looks like you have to have their exact directory link path to request they remove it, which you could only get by subscribing. Double scam!

1 review
2 helpful votes

My experience of contacting Spokeo CS for a refund due to a misconception was notably the best CS experience I've ever had. A representative was available almost immediately and did not hesitate to resolve my issue- NO HASSLE AT ALL! Because the service initially purchased provided everything needed, I will return to Spokeo for any future needs, and I would definitely recommend Spokeo to any and all.

1 review
7 helpful votes

When this site was free, it was great. Five years later, their data is often wrong or out of date too many times.
Also, I kept getting charged $23 for my membership fee for over a year I did not recognize. I had cancelled my first account 7/15; I called for help.The rep told me I could have another account in another name but unless I could remember it, she could not help me. More Monthly charges so 3 months later I called again 3/16. A rep told me the additional account email. She agreed to cancel the account. 6/27/16 just saw the same debit on credit card. They just keep on charging me. Protesting with credit card company this time.

1 review
4 helpful votes

I purchased to look for an old friend of my aunt who was visiting from out of the country. Needless to say, none of the phone numbers provided were current and the address was a bust. When I signed up it said I had a 30 day trial, what a lie! It was only 7 days and then I was billed for $19.95. When I called to cancel, a very rude young man confirmed that (yes) I just paid for a service that did not work and it was too bad as I would not get a refund.

I advise everyone to beware of SPOKEO as they have no moral compass.

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Gerald J.
4 weeks, 1 day ago
Spokeo I. [Spokeo Rep]
A: Dear Gerald,

Thank you for reaching out to us. For questions regarding your Spokeo Subscription, please contact a member of our Customer Care team by calling 888-906-0850 at your earliest convenience. We are available 24/7 and happy to help with any questions or concerns you might have.

Spokeo Customer Care
22 hours ago
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Robert T.
on 12/9/16
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