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Review of Spokeo

Spokeo reviews

351 reviews
Categories: People Search
556 S. Fair Oaks Ave., Suite #101-179
Pasadena, CA 91105, USA
Tel: 1-877-913-3088

351 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

On the left side it gives the number of COURT RECORDS for a person which one can see when looking up a person's name. So, I plugged in my name out of curiosity expecting to see NO court records listed (because I've never had any problems with the law). It listed I had like 25 court records! I DON'T!. So, I guess part of the SCAM is that they might get people looking up themselves to pay for their service when they see Spokeo has listed many court records besides their name that the person does NOT have.

Ask Reka about Spokeo
1 review
2 helpful votes

This site s not worth the money or time. They will not refund try another service. I'm still paying for a service that does not fit my needs. If you try this service, pick the lowest amount indicated on the site. Don't buy before you try as I did.

Ask The about Spokeo
1 review
2 helpful votes

Spokeo is doing a disservice to victims of stalkers by making available information victims wish to keep private.Spokeo claims that they merely pull information from public records.

However, before Spokeo, if a stalker living on the west coast suspected his victim moved to a town on the east coast and he wanted to confirm that, the stalker would have to buy round trip airline tickets, fly 6 hours out east, rent a car, rent a hotel, and walk into a hall of records between M-F 9am-5pm during business hours only in the town he thinks his victim lives, and then search the public records in that town. The chances are slim he'd incur the huge cost and time needed to take that gamble. Thanks to Spokeo- a stalker's best friend and a victim's second worst nightmare- stalkers can get this information in minutes just by paying a small fee (compared to travel expenses flying across the country...) If people want to search for their birth parent or something legit, invest a few hundred dollars with a private eye to do it.

Put Spokeo and other like-businesses out of business.

Ask AMANDA about Spokeo
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

They charged me even though they didn't find any information about the submitted number.
This is a scam !

Ask Marcel about Spokeo
2 reviews
5 helpful votes

One reviewer suggests opting out to remove yourself from Spokeo's directory. But when I tried, it looks like you have to have their exact directory link path to request they remove it, which you could only get by subscribing. Double scam!

Ask Jeanne about Spokeo
1 review
2 helpful votes

My experience of contacting Spokeo CS for a refund due to a misconception was notably the best CS experience I've ever had. A representative was available almost immediately and did not hesitate to resolve my issue- NO HASSLE AT ALL! Because the service initially purchased provided everything needed, I will return to Spokeo for any future needs, and I would definitely recommend Spokeo to any and all.

Ask Tani about Spokeo
1 review
3 helpful votes

When this site was free, it was great. Five years later, their data is often wrong or out of date too many times.
Also, I kept getting charged $23 for my membership fee for over a year I did not recognize. I had cancelled my first account 7/15; I called for help.The rep told me I could have another account in another name but unless I could remember it, she could not help me. More Monthly charges so 3 months later I called again 3/16. A rep told me the additional account email. She agreed to cancel the account. 6/27/16 just saw the same debit on credit card. They just keep on charging me. Protesting with credit card company this time.

Ask JoAnn about Spokeo
1 review
3 helpful votes

I purchased to look for an old friend of my aunt who was visiting from out of the country. Needless to say, none of the phone numbers provided were current and the address was a bust. When I signed up it said I had a 30 day trial, what a lie! It was only 7 days and then I was billed for $19.95. When I called to cancel, a very rude young man confirmed that (yes) I just paid for a service that did not work and it was too bad as I would not get a refund.

I advise everyone to beware of SPOKEO as they have no moral compass.

Ask Myrna about Spokeo
1 review
4 helpful votes

I purchased a (6) month subscription and I never received a confirmation email of my purchase, which was strange. The at the same time I see that it will be a reoccurring charge. So I contacted them on several occasions about cancelling my subscription. Finally I received an email and they stated they stopped the reoccurring billing but would not refund the money I paid out for the (6) months and that I could use the site until Dec of 2016. Well, ok, at least I would not be charged again. Now I have this subscription for the (6) months I paid for. This has been about (2) weeks ago. So the other night I thought well since I paid for this I check someone out. I went to sign in and it said there's a error and my password was not working. So I did a password reset, then another reset, then another. They blocked me even though I paid, they blocked me from using it the (6) months I paid for. They stole my money, there is no other way to explain it then out and out fraud. NEVER I MEAN NEVER TRUST ANY SITE UNTIL YOU READ ALL REVIEWS.

Ask Gina about Spokeo
1 review
1 helpful vote

This company just plain $#*!ing sucks! Do NOT EVER use their services. PERIOD!

Ask Harold about Spokeo
1 review
2 helpful votes

This is the worst scam ever on Internet and you should be very afraid of using this non existing service and also about how your credit card info is used from this company. Stay away! its just $#*!.

Ask Spokyeosite about Spokeo
1 review
3 helpful votes

Spokeo did a recurring charge without my permission. I was charged for a search I didn't order as I was just discharged from the hospital last night from major abdominal surgery in which I haven't been online or any where to purchase any service? I didn't authorize the charge.

Ask christine about Spokeo
1 review
5 helpful votes

Like everyone else who wanted a ONE TIME SEARCH for .95 from spokeo, we got ripped off too! The search we did was useless! Then they have the audacity to bill my account for $19.95 for two months before I finally had time to discovered what was going on! REALLY? I did not receive any email from them saying they were going to charge my account! I know they will put up their canned apology here but I DO NOT BELIEVE THEM! I understand your scam! Some people don't check their bank accounts and you bill them then you will give them a small refund and keep the rest! The money adds up after you dupe a lot of people! Then you get everyone's personal information and charge for that too! WHAT A SCAM!

Ask A about Spokeo
1 review
7 helpful votes

I paid $0.95 for one use to check it out. The search was inadequate. BUT THEY CHARGED $19.95 for at least the last THREE MONTHS that were unauthorized or somehow disguised upon purchase. I only used it once. Deceitful. I also read the FTC found they were writing their own positive reviews.

Ask Allen about Spokeo
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

I've been the victim of credit card fraud one too many times, so I decided to find out who is responsible since the card companies can't be bothered. Guess what, these jokers won't let me investigate the people who stole my credit card! When I put that I wanted to use it to investigate credit card fraud, they said think you very much your money has been refunded! Good that I verified the location of the address before I gave them my info so I can report that with the phone number.

Ask Rebecca about Spokeo
1 review
6 helpful votes

Spokeo remains the lowest form of life on the internet. Every 6-12 months I have to contact them to correct the misinformation they spew.

My father, deceased since 1984, is still alive, as far as they are concerned. My mother, who died in 2009, shows as still alive and living in Fort Collins......... where she never lived in her life.

They have 5 listings for me, 3 of which are wrong.

If you believe in Spokeo, you believe in Godzilla and Peter Pan. This useless site should be shut down for distributing more misinformation than any other source on the internet.

You have to know, looking at the reviews 300 one star vs. 6 five star reviews that this is a failure of a company. If they served food, sold gas, mowed lawns, or provided any other service in the world, they would be out of business. If you pay them a nickel. you are a sucker. Their motto must be "Never give a sucker an even break"

Vote these clowns out of business

So spokeo's response is that it is not their fault that there are so many innaccuracies, all of the data collection is done by machine....... therefore it must be the machines' fault.

"It wasn't my fault that I killed someone, the bartender should not have sold me the drink and they shouldn't have made a car that would go 75 MPH"

Sounds like the dog ate someone's homework out in Pasadena. 50 to one....... one star vs. 5 stars........... the world has spoken: "spokeo is scum and a worthless hazard to the internet"

Ask Manny about Spokeo
1 review
3 helpful votes

i wish i could rate it lower than one star. a website that exposes you address, relatives and more WITHOUT a shred of your consent. puts your information to the public WAY to easily. If i were you i would go on there website and op out just to ensure your safety

Ask john about Spokeo
1 review
4 helpful votes

How to find them? How to get them to stop taking my money? They offer as little as 411 and ask for extra money for every small service beyond that. I was gullible and joined so I am spending money every month but cannot ascertain who this terrible agency is! The best I am say now is: Help!

Ask Perry about Spokeo
1 review
3 helpful votes

Spokeo membership is a scam. They charge more than the original fee quoted. It was very difficult to cancel membership. They "lose" the account information, but are quite capable of taking money from my account.

Ask Maureen about Spokeo
1 review
5 helpful votes

They say they are going to charge .95 to look up a number and then a week later charge you $19.95. Do not use this company. Find a reverse look-up company that does not scam it's users.

Ask cheryl about Spokeo
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

HA! What a joke. Tried to find a number for work. Was going to pay $0.95 to get the listing. So after I entered all info it says I will be signed up for a monthly charge!! Well don't want a monthly charge. I wanted to look up ONE thing for under a dollar! So I closed that page and went to another reverse lookup page. Come to find out they charge you the monthly fee anyway! Even if you don't click to finalize the order! Once they have your info they use it to put charges on your card! I wonder how many people don't even notice they are being charged. None of my emails have even so much as a confirmation of account email to show my membership or agreement to join their services. Another scam, fake company, RIPOFF!

Ask Amy about Spokeo
1 review
1 helpful vote

My Debit card was charged on 3 different occasions, totaling $40.85.

The company is called Spokeo. They're a web based company designed to conduct reverse lookup searches on people. They're website is

Transaction as it appears on my Wells Fargo bank statement: RECURRING PAYMENT AUTHORIZED ON 04/22 SPK*SPOKEO SEARCH 800-6994264 CA S306113303286617

If you look on your bank statement, there will be random numbers that appear with the general transaction information. These random numbers aren't so random., they're actually the phone numbers connecting to Spokeo. The numbers start as 1800 (1-800) or just 800. They appear on my statement as 800-6994264, which is phone # 1-800-699-4264.

I called the 800 number and connected to a recording. Press "0" immediately after the recording begins and you will quickly be connect to a live Spokeo representative that will help you with cancelling the account.

The Spokeo representative you speak with will ask you a couple questions that will direct him/her to your account information. They will see detailed information regarding the activity or inactivity on the account in question.

You MUST inform them this is an unauthorized charge and you want the money refunded in full or you will begin with disputing the charges with your bank. Spokeo will refund the money and send you a confirmation number immediately.

If you claim these charges are unauthorized by you, the cardholder, the Spokeo representative has no other option but to refund your money. The last problem an online company wants to deal with is your banks legal department contacting them and throwing around words like "fraud" and "Better Business Bureau complaint".

Ask Jamie about Spokeo
1 review
3 helpful votes

First of all, I did a general search for "reverse phone lookup". The search came up with "Spokeo" as the first listed. The title said, "FREE - Reverse phone lookup". You go to website, put in what you're looking for, and then, if you're not careful, it'll sign you up for a $9.95/mo service. Otherwise, for only a single lookup, it's $1.95. So I paid for that. It took my pymt, told me it would email me a receipt but NEVER GAVE ME THE INFO I HAD REQUESTED. If that's not a scam, what is? I'm giving it a one star rating, because it wont let me select zero.

Ask K about Spokeo
1 review
2 helpful votes

Had them taking payments from my account without authorisation. My bank called them with me on the line. Promised to refund last 2 payments and stop taking payments. That was December 2015. Never got the refunds and on 03/29/16 they took a further payment. Bank is dealing with them as I type. Unprofessional company that gets as close to criminal as you can without being prosecuted

Ask Brian about Spokeo
1 review
4 helpful votes

No searches come up with viable information to be used, just asks for more money to continue. Your basic on-line RIP-OFF. Basically fraud. No info is current or accessible.

Ask Dan about Spokeo

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