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I had the best results with this site vs Craigslist, Facebook or other online roommate websites. The site is easy to navigate and reasonably priced!

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I thought that I would get the phone numbers and emails to potential renter. So I could contact them and see if their room for rent was still available. After paying I noticed the only added info i was getting from potential renters was the cross streets. No phone numbers. No address. No e-mails address. The only way to "contact" renters is through roomates,com website. and there is guarantee that the site is logit or that the renters on there aren't completely fake. I get more for free from craigslist. I regret wasting my time and money on this site.

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Although i agree there are unquestionably some fraudulent click bait profiles on this site. There are a slew of honest listings with credible leads to real humans. I'm currently in the process of linking with another roomie's and have found and spoke to a few people in a few days. I have also come across a few fake accounts and subsequently nothing bad has happened to my money or account.

People here are blaming the site for mistakes they made as if fraud them. One lady blamed the site for her rape, after admitting she allowed someone to get her drunk even though she is a self admitted alcoholic! That is batS*#%.

My only complaints is that the site layout isn't that good and there are several glitches. Also the information you can list and prescripts are not that good. I do like the smiley system, but ultimately it doesn't mean much.

I was scammed much worse by other roommate listing sites. While i paid for the 5-day subscription. The account managers quickly reimbursed me when a problem occurred with my account being scammed. Also the managers responded almost immediately to my complaints and questions. That is pretty amazing considering there are thousands of users in my city alone.

The big issue for me was i was unable to link a photo, and they have a strict policy on linking numbers and emails. Which means many people are writing out there info in broken scripts to keep the site from locking or blocking the information. But this is an understandable solution to trying to limit spam and scamming.

Overall i think this is one of the better sites, and is not fraudulent as such as and - DO NOT USE THESE SITES

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Definitely was happy with my experience on very helpful resource when you're in an area that's unfamiliar. Definitely recommend it!

1 review
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Aggravating,they say they want a renter now but will not reply, Im a good person who always pay her way and most of the time every ones too. Im having a hard time with this site.

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Contacted, and btw, there is no phone number as they can't be bothered to talk to you, even when you're a paying member, so be prepared for that. Anyway, Roommates responded quickly to my written communication, I'll give them that. But, then they tell me that there is no way to block anyone who is bothering the heck out of you, filling your inbox with junk. Yes, there are many spammers on there and others have the same problems. So, I have to wade through valid replies and junk spam that this site isn't skilled enough or doesn't care enough to allow one to sort out or block. Their lame response to me was, and I kid you not LOL, to tell ME that they ask that --- I --- stop sending THEM messages, and that they will request that the spammer stops sending me messages. Just great. Plus, I had to ask them twice, because apparently, they didn't understand the first time I wrote to them. Unbelievable.

1 review
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I had multiple responses to my add within hours. The next day I interviewed a few people from the website and decided to go with the very first one. I would use again, but I hope I don't have to lol

1 review
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I would highly recommend this site because of the privacy situation of looking for a roommate and being able to view several possibilities before committing to actual contact. Also, I feel that the price for a 30 day posting is very reasonable.

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I have used
For many years.
There are fake profiles to watch out for
However there are real people too
I have found 8 over the years as a person looking to rent out room.
Be patient and be safe. Invest in a background check. Roomates com does work.

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I feel fortunate to find the perfect roommate in 1 day. I think i was lucky and hope i have the same experience next time for my roommate has orders to leave but not sure when so i hope when i use this site again i have the same outcome. I had used craigslist and is dangerous.

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I found a great roommate after just a few days of posting on Roommates.Com. They made it easy to get my information out there. Sure will use this site again if I need to.

5 reviews
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The quantity and quality of this site did not match what they advertised. The people on the site (which is not many) always want to pay less than they listed and craigslist (which is free) has many more people who use their site. This can't be the "#1" site for roommates. Don't be fooled.

1 review
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If you are looking for a roommate, this is the best and probably safest site to find what you are looking for. I previously looked on craigslist and that was a huge mistake!

1 review
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I have contacted police but they can't do much without solid evidence.
I am not putting my real name here for safety.

Anyway, I checked and he has removed himself off roommates or at least removed the profile he HAD. He probably made a new one. I have no doubt that he will do the same terrible thing over and over again and I am afraid he already has a new roommate. He seems so nice too and it really made me learn a lesson about people. They can be the opposite of what they seem, and in my opinion, those are the worst kind.
He will countlessly lie and brainwash so you would never expect him to be a rapist. One of the FIRST things he ever said to me was how much he respected me and wanted me to know that no matter what state I was ever in he would never disrespect me.

I told him I had problems with alcohol and went to AA and instead of understanding he tried to tell me that I didn't have a problem and that only drinking would show me that. Despite me telling him not to offer me any alcohol he always still did and the times I got tempted and drank, I always ended up blacking out and not remembering anything until the one night I woke up while he was doing it, and the other roommate was passed out naked in his bed, with no memory in the morning. It's obvious now that he drugged us because we didn't drink that much and definitely not enough to black out like that.
I know he thinks he can get away with it and doing it over and over. because he seems so nice and has friends who would stick up for him and never believe that,
He thinks he can lie and manipulate his way out of everything but I am DETERMINED to keep him from happening to other women out there.
I can't control whether anyone believes me or not but I can put his information out there so maybe it could help save someone.

His name : Sam J Gambino
his hair and eyes are brown.
Age: 64 but on his profile said it was 50.
Current address: 1640 W Villa Rita Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85023
His old deleted profile was under the name "musiclover"

1 review
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I have been using this service for many years. I have found and lived with many outstanding individuals. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting a high quality person for a roommate. It is well worth the cost.
John Elder

1 review
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I first paid the $5.99 to try it out for 3 days. All of the people who 'SEEM' to 'Match' me, had N/A for 90% of their answers. Probably because they're either not real customers, or not paying ones. THEN, I was stupid enough to pay another $19.99 for an additional 30 days, with hopes I'd finally get to the real deal. B I G MISTAKE!! Again, I was matched with N/A info people. This site is making a TON of money and pissing a lot of people off. Many people who have complained about this site, didn't take time to understand what's 'FREE' on here, so shouldn't complain when they didn't get more than they expected. However, when you pay twice and get less than nothing, I'll make it my business to report this. People, DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME & MONEY. You're welcome for this review:-) P.S., I've read all of your apology replies to others, so need to send one my way.

1 review
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You could end up with an email like this....names change, but dad's email is the same. Do a search on it. FAKE FAKE FAKE. They will send you a cashier's check which will bounce when deposited. They will show up and try to rob you. They won't answer your questions when you email back. AVOID!!

Kate Jenny
Jan 17 (2 days ago)

Hello P******,

Thanks for getting back to me.. My full name is Kate Jenny Im 29yrs old.(FEMALE) I was born in CHINA Beijing I speak both language,my Dad is from US while my Mum is from CHINA I went to Beijing University Of Technology china and I graduated last year in Beijing University Of Technology. Im fun loving, personal, friendly, clean,caring and respectful of others. a non-smoker, dont do drugs but I drink occasionally, am single and have no children. I go to church every Sunday.I am coming for my masters degree, am presently on research work at Guam, but will be coming to the state for my master degree in February/March I would have loved to call you but this is a remote area calls is hard to go through from here and I dont want to waste much time. Im really interested in renting from you, I would have loved to see it but am very far, with pictures I will really appreciate it. I really want you to tell me more about yourself and if you have garage or parking space because i will have my own car coming over

Am writing to confirm if you still have the room available for rent......If YES, Kindly reply the following questions below:
1) I will like to have the description of the room, size, and the equipments in there.
2) I will like to have the rent fee per month plus the utilities.
3) I will also be coming with some of my furniture, electronics that is if it is allowed, like bed, book shelf because I read a lot, shoe rank etc
4) I will also like to know if you accept Cashier's Check or Money Order so that I can contact my father for the payment. is responsible for the payment.
5) If the 4 questions are YES, I will like to know the total cost for the initial move as in first month rent plus utilities and if deposit is necessary.
6) I will like to know the major intersection
7) I will like to know as well when the place will be available and how long you wish to rent it out.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Kate Jenny.

Reference: My father lives in Illinois, Chicago and you can contact him to find out more about me, And here is the cell phone # (309) 512-0595 you can only text him to reach him at and his name is Ronald Cole and here is the email address in case you choose to write him ( He works as a site manager for a construction company in Chicago.

Tip for consumers: If you get international attention from someone NOT telling you where and when they are going to school, and dad will pay for it, be aware. DID give me a full refund, but I will never use a service like this again.

1 review
4 helpful votes

I had moved to Denver from Las Vegas and because of an abrupt change in my living situation when I arrived in Denver forced me to find a place to live in a city I knew no one in immediately I was desperate. I didn't want to have to resort to Craigslist until all other outlets were exhausted and I had been told about by someone in the past. I gave it a try and, literally, within hours I had gotten in contact with someone in a great area and a couple days later I signed a lease with a great roommate in a nice house!

I would recommend this website to anyone! Especially people who don't have any connections and are looking to move to a new city and start a new life!

1 review
1 helpful vote

I was hesitant at first and out of all the potential possible roommates I was lucky I not only met nice people but genuine and up front about what they were looking for. I found a really nice roommate and I would use this site again if needed but for now I think I found the right person. Romy K

1 review
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Very helpful

1 review
3 helpful votes

This a great roommate finding service that I have used a few times over the past 10+ years. It doesn't get any easier to filter the kind of roommate I'm looking for. It's definitely worth the small fee rather then weeding through spam and weirdos on free sites. I've gotten many quality roommates and will continue to use their service if I need one again in the future! Thank you!

1 review
3 helpful votes

Once again, was an awesome help. The last roommate I found through this site three years ago still is very responsible, mature and easy to get along with but her company is moving and now so is she. My new roommate certainly seems to be the same and I found her within two weeks. Much better "selection or roomies" - I'd hesitate to write that but we both felt that way - than with the free online ads. Thanks for so improving my life; for turning what could be a nightmare process into something of a breeze.

2 reviews
2 helpful votes

I just wanted to make a simple compliment. I'm not sure of the exact date, but about 13 years ago I found a roommate through and we are still rooming together through two apartments and one house. It was so easy and fast that I recommend this site to anyone looking to share whether they own a home, rent an apartment or just need a room to crash. So thank you for helping me find mine and still being here for the people who need you, both young and old.

1 review
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Very pleased with the site. Got 2 roommates and they are a good fit for my home. Thank you!!!

1 review
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The process was pretty painless and the daily matches gave me plenty of people to contact. Found a roommate yesterday!

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