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Categories: Clothing, Wedding Dresses
Central, Hong Kong Island, HK

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But I found the perfect dress and couldn't get it out of my head. (in 987 reviews)


Their customer service was so helpful (and was one of the reasons I bought a dress from them)... (in 243 reviews)


Wedding dresses usually have to be altered anyway so it's not a big deal for me. (in 275 reviews)

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1 review
0 helpful votes

Wonderful experience. We love purchasing from your site with variety of quality products. Thank you so much!

Ask Lana about JJsHouse
1 review
0 helpful votes

Was a little hesitant to order from online. These dresses came in and were EXACTLY what the picture looked like and fit true to size! Were a little long but not a problem.

Ask Dainelle about JJsHouse
1 review
2 helpful votes

I bought 7 bridesmaids dresses all made to measure and WOW they are stunning, material is beautiful they arrived in time so so happy thanks jjshouse

Ask shelley about JJsHouse
1 review
3 helpful votes

I ordered a dress online for the first time ever, and after reading a few reviews on this website, I was a little suspicious. However, I decided to go through with it and order a ball gown for my last year at high school. The chat option allows you to talk to one of their professionals, and I asked for real-life pictures of the dresses I was considering. This was such a great idea, as the dress I originally wanted kinda looked completely different from the real life pictures, and the second dress I had decided on looked perfect, as I was able to look at all the colours properly. This made me change my decision, and I ordered it in the generic sizes (which was the perfect fit), and the lady even sent it earlier because my ball was so soon!
I absolutely love the dress. There are so many layers to it, and it fits like a glove. The only concern is that it was a little scratchy bu the fabric held all night and it still hasn't changed from the day I bought it, even after a whole night of dancing. The customer service was amazing and I received so many compliments that night. 10/10 would recommend to everyone.

Ask Savannah about JJsHouse
1 review
5 helpful votes

I have purchased three gowns from JJsHouse. The first and third were made to my measurements for very little extra cost. The second one was bought according to the size chart. I didn't notice that only one measurement in the size chart was in accordance with mine. It didn't fit. JJsHouse policy does not accept returns if the size of the dress you ordered doesn't fit. However, they did return a partial payment. Now I know to order the dresses to be made according to my measurements. The gowns are gorgeous and very well made. The styles to choose from makes it easy to find what I wanted. The prices for the gowns was excellent. I will definitely buy again, but only using my measurements.

Ask Carol about JJsHouse
1 review
4 helpful votes

The dress arrived well within the specified time, it fitted beautifully (m). I am a true medium size and this dress was beautiful! I felt confident wearing it and as I was the officiant on the day in front of 140 guests, it was really important to look and feel confident in my outfit. I will be shopping here again for sure!

Ask susan about JJsHouse
1 review
18 helpful votes

I ordered my wedding dress from JJ's and I received it last night...which is several days earlier than originally quoted by JJ's. It came in a small box which made me really nervous about what I was going to find inside. There was no way a wedding dress could fit in that box! I opened the box to find a very neatly and professionally folded garment inside a large plastic sealed bag. I took the dress out and unfolded it still nervous about what I was going to get. The dress was inside out which I thought was a great move by JJ's. I turned it right side out and found the exact dress I ordered. The dress looks identical to the dress on the website. The quality of the dress seems very good. I did order the dress 2 sizes larger than my normal size because I am small but curvy which always causes me problems when buying clothes. I didn't want to take any chances on it not fitting and having to deal with the refund process which from what I've read seems a little difficult. The dress fit me perfectly in the hips but it's a little big in other areas...which is normal for me. I will have to have it altered in some areas but it will be minimal. Wedding dresses usually have to be altered anyway so it's not a big deal for me. I have no complaints at all about my purchase from JJ's but I would suggest when ordering that you get your dress a little bigger than your normal size, especially if you have curves!

Ask Jennifer about JJsHouse
1 review
15 helpful votes

I ordered a beautiful mother of the bride dress. Came in early-great! I ordered a size above my normal dress size and the dress was wayyy too small. I know my size. The zipper is also very faulty. Hard to get it up and down, and they didn't even address this issue when I was trying to get a refund. Zipper was constantly getting stuck both up and down, very defective. The most I could get them to agree to was a 35% refund for the dress even though it had a defective zipper and was too small and not fixable. I was only offered 35% refund and that was fer several emails. No telling how long refund will take. To my surprise my money was refunded very quickly. Also, after further emails, they agreed to a full refund which they very quickly sent to my account. Shipping was very expensive but they have promised me a partial refund on that.

Tip for consumers: This is an update to my previous review. JJs House has now agreed to allow me to return the dress and refund my money. I am very appreciative of this. Their dresses are beautiful, however this one just wasn't meant to be for me. Thank you JJs House!

Ask Marsha about JJsHouse
1 review
10 helpful votes

I was really nervous to order from this website because I was unaware my purchase would be shipped from Hong Kong, I found out after I placed my order because my bank called me about it! I bought a prom dress on 4/27 and hoped it would come before my prom on 5/20; I also picked the color from the picture and was worried about that too! But I asked them a couple questions and they responded right away and the dress came really fast, shipped in three days! The dress is only a little darker than the picture online, and for ordering a regular size 4 it fits very well, the beading is gorgeous and everything is of nice material. I have to say that I would definitely order from here again, it was a nice experience.

Ask Brianna about JJsHouse
1 review
11 helpful votes

I ordered my custom made dress one April 23rd and received May 02 (prom is May 14) I ordered my dress in pearl pink and the color is beautiful, and the dress looks exactly like the picture! It's made of very nice material and fits perfectly! I was so hesitant to order from this site but I had a great experience, thank you jjshouse!

Ask Alexis about JJsHouse
1 review
10 helpful votes

I received the dress I ordered opened the box and pulled it out. Something immediately caught my eye the dress had two small stains on the front and two on the back by the zipper. I emailed the company and this is the response I got. "We apologize for the stain. But judging from the picture it is an ordinary stain and can be removed easily. Just soak the polluted part in the water with detergant and leave it for a while. Gently brush the stain through hand washing. No dry cleaning is needed." This company thinks it's ok to have stains on your new wedding dress. They are now accepting my return and I would like to add the dress was pretty and well made I was just upset that it had the stains. Someone probably stick their finger while sewing the dress and didn't realize it got on the dress. I would recommend they check over the dresses before sending them out.

Ask Kathy about JJsHouse
1 review
8 helpful votes

I was hesitant about ordering from this company since they are based out of Hong Kong. I have shopped online many times and have always steered clear of out of country businesses. I was looking for a formal dress for my 14 year old daughter, she fell in love with one on the JJ's House website. It wasn't until after she found this dress that I discovered the company was out of country. I read several the reviews from different sites and decided to take a chance. I am so glad I did! On April 12, 2016 we placed our order, praying the whole time as I was typing in my debit card information that it wasn't a fluke and the dress would look like the picture on the site. I love the idea of the custom made dress. The website was very user friendly, and customer service was very helpful and responded to an email I sent them within 13 hours. (There was no problem, I sent an email to make sure we were on track and the dress would be shipped according to what the order confirmation stated - and it was). I received a shipping notification email on April 20, 2016 and the dress arrived to my front porch right after lunch on April 22, 2016. The dress is absolutely beautiful and looked just like the picture and the measurements were just as I submitted. I was/am completely satisfied with this company and my order. I would definitely purchase from them again!

Adel, Georgia

Ask Laura about JJsHouse
1 review
3 helpful votes

Had a problem, getting it resolved!

Ask Rita about JJsHouse
1 review
57 helpful votes

I bought a dress from these guys that looked stunning in the pictures. They had a huge selection which was great, so that I could select a style that suited my body type. I picked my UK size, and off we went. It arrived just at the end of the window they had estimated, from China. The dress was of poor quality, sequins and lace looked and felt so cheap (couldn't see these in the pictures), and it was so small I couldn't get into it, so I was not prepared to send a photo as I would be half-starkers in it, although this is a requirement for a refund. It took several messages before they would authorise a refund and when they finally did, I had a week to have it returned to an address in Manchester, or they said they held the right to refuse a refund if it was returned to them by any later than 7 days. I sent it immediately, tracked (definitely do this!!), and a week later I still hadn't had my refund, which should have happened instantaneously as I paid with PayPal (not PayPal credit card). They said they had checked with the logistics department and that my dress had not been received!!! They asked what postal service I had used, and if I had a tracking number, which confirmed to them, and they had received it a week before. Had I not had a tracking number they would have denied all knowledge of receiving it back, so please ensure you do this if you do bother with them. They then proceeded to tell me they were 'processing' my refund and they would send an email to confirm when it had been done. A day later I was fed up, and told them if I had not received the refund by the end of that day, I would take it up with PayPal. Surprise surprise I hadn't, so I requested a refund via PayPal. That worked! Got my money back, but no postage, despite them sending the wrong dress size (postage is £17, as well as First class tracked to return it). I opted instead for a wedding dress from Debenhams and the quality is 10 times better for only twice the price, and returns are hassle-free. You know what they say, buy cheap, buy twice. Sorry JJ's house, but you need to improve your quality, sizing issues, and customer service.
Ps. Do not give them you mobile number. Within a few days of requesting the refund I received the following text message from an unknown email: "Hi hope you're both well. I saw this and thought of you for ideas for the wedding" followed by a random hyperlink which looked like nothing to do with weddings in the title. I didn't click it, but JJ's house are the only folk I've given that mobile number to, about my wedding.

Update as at 29th April 2016:
jjsHouse customer services have been in touch with me on several occasions since the publishing of this review. They have tried their best to resolve matters, and resolving matters means:
- issuing me with a refund for the £17 postage, and the £3.90 postage I paid to return it to them.

However, the refund of my postage will only occur if I remove this review, and replace it with a 5-star review. Unfortunately, I have a strong sense of what is right and wrong, and this feels wrong and I will therefore not be removing this review but will say that their post-review customer service has been very attentive. Emily in particular has been very polite and proactive, however it is simply not in my nature to behave this way (removing a fair review and replacing with a 5-star review) to my fellow ladies. The last thing any girl needs is this additional stress and hassle this could cause when organising her wedding, especially the potential waste of money, the deceipt around non-receipt of dress to return address, the slow despatch after payment, the ill-fitting poor quality dress, I could go on.
If JJHouse send me a refund for the postage any way, as a gesture of good will, I will of course update this review. I have added one extra star, but still 2/5.

Update as at 5 May:
JJ'sHouse have now refunded me the original cost they charged me for delivery of the dress I bought from them from China. £17. It's appreciated thank you. I was not expecting that, as I said I would not be removing this fair and accurate review in any case, only that I would update it, as I am doing here.

Ask Line about JJsHouse
1 review
4 helpful votes

I was super nervous about ordering online and after other reviews I was even more worried. I ordered two and they both are great. I told myself I would put an honest review once received and I honestly think it was a good choice. I am so happy

Ask Sandra about JJsHouse
2 reviews
7 helpful votes

I had a good experience with this company. Very helpful when I had an issue, I put in the wrong address. It was a big mess, but it is resolved now. As a result, I have an extra dress. Because of my mistake I am stuck with this extra dress, as their return policy is very strict and will only refund in the case of a mistake on their part. If you're like me, and ended up with an extra dress, or ended up with a dress that is too small, its on you.

When you order you have the option to get a custom size. These are made accurately to what size you put in (as confirmed by my tailor), so if you think you are a 31 waist but are actually a 32, its on you. Refunds are not an option but they do make the dresses with adjustments in mind. (They put in extra fabric because I imagine this happens a lot) As it turns out I do need to make adjustments on the dress, its just the reality of ordering online.

If you want a place that does easy no questions asked returns, you may want to look elsewhere. If you are careful and are okay with the risk of possibly getting alterations, then this is a great, inexpensive option! There is a lot of variety and the prices are great. I also want to mention that the customer service is not going to be fast, as these folks are located in China, so they will respond to requests in the middle of the night. They were very helpful and courteous however. If you order from them, learn from me and many others, measure twice, order once, and double check the address!

Ask Sarah about JJsHouse
1 review
15 helpful votes

The food was good. Everyone was nice and our order was taken by a beautiful young lady.

Ask Joseph about JJsHouse
1 review
11 helpful votes

I was very nervous ordering this dress online and not knowing where it was coming from and how it would turn out. I took my own measurements and made sure to leave a little room. the dress came so quick and the fit was perfect. I can't wait to wear it to my sons wedding in August. I may contact them to see if I can have a wrap made for it.

Ask Randee about JJsHouse
1 review
10 helpful votes

Currently waiting on a refund for my returned items. Will be happy if this is processed as promised. This issues were resolved and a full refund was provided. I am happy they followed through with their word. Just wish they did not make it so difficult from the start.

Tip for consumers: I said I would update my review and did so because they followed through with their word. I hope they look at the duty issues and should pay the duty for you in case you have to return the item as this makes the refund difficult. Also note if you return an item you have to pay for postage.

Ask T about JJsHouse
1 review
11 helpful votes

I have been ordering dresses for my vow renewal, wedding next year and JJ's has met the challenge every step of the way. Their seamstresses have caught mistakes in measurements and held production on the dress until the measurements could be confirmed. They have been in constant contact with me about colour changes that I have requested when submitting my order. I wanted one dress made in Ivory but the sash made in champagne. The picture of that particular dress did not show a different coloured sash in the pictures so a simple inquiry at the time of my order allowed me to have that changed. There service team has gotten back to me in e mails within hours! Their sewing and quality of fabrics and finishing is amazing! I still have one more dress to order and I will do it without hesitation. I have customized every order to fit me and my girls and they have fit beautifully so we saved a lot of money in alterations! Don't be worried when you order from JJ's House. You will love your dress and it comes very well packaged, turned in side out for the trip from China just to insure it has a safe journey and sealed in a zipper bag. The extra duties and taxes are well worth the moderate expense. I love JJ's and I hope you will too!

Tip for consumers: Always customize your order to fit you perfectly with your proper measurements.

Ask Alice about JJsHouse
1 review
6 helpful votes

After I was sent the wrong colour of dress twice, I was left disappointed and frustrated.
I left a review on sitejabber which reflected my frustration. However, the company have allowed me to return the 2 dresses and fully reimburse me, as well as the custom charges. I have checked my Paypal account and confirm the money has been returned, just as they promised!

Ask Mariea about JJsHouse
1 review
9 helpful votes


Ask veda about JJsHouse
2 reviews
19 helpful votes

I purchased a dress here for the wedding of my brother. I was the maid of honor!. I wasn't sure but I gave it a I regret it...the dress didnt fit me and they are refussing to accept back the dress (the returning form is not included on the parcel, you need to request it, but they reffuse to give you one)...I paid:

dress 121.70
shipment 24.52 +
DHL 40.00 ( Though I refusse to pay this as i didnt request it but Jjhouse told me that they will pay part of it, something they forgot easily)
A total of 186.22

I tried the dress and it didn't fit me, the quality of the chiffon wasn't good unfortunately and it didnt have good finish.
At the beginning I refusse to pay the extra 40 euro to DHL so I contacted JJ house as I was going to send the parcel back but they said that after I accept it they will pay part of it ( a lie). the money I suppoused to save with '70% cheaper on shipment' they advertised on their website, I paid it at the moment I received the parcel.
I asked the returning form and for the devolution of my money and they said:

2016-03-10 08:22:15
Thank you for shopping on our website.Please be assured that we have received your pictures and we are sorry that you have met such a problem. During the tailoring process, it is normal to have many threads left at the seam lines. We have specially-assigned people responsible for cutting all these threads but sometimes, a few threads are unintentionally left during this process. These threads however can be easily removed using a small scissor. As we do care our customers' shopping experience. Here we would like to offer you a 10% refund of the dress value or a 20% discount coupon and hope this can be helpful.The coupon will be issued upon your confirmation.
Thank you for your time and understanding. Hope to hear from you soon. Have a nice day!

Jjhouse is refussing to accept the dress back and offering 10% of the is just unbelievable..! customer service thinks that a coupon is the solution..
I also requested to speak with somebody that can give me a proper solution....
After many emails back and forth and written reviews about the customer service, I finally received an email saying that I will receive the refund, provided that I edit my review in one of the websites - Trust pilot. The money of the shipment and 40 euro of Dhl is lost = 63 euro to the bin. They offered a 40 euro voucher but I did not received it yet...... Lesson learnt! was, beside a lost of money, a lost of time and energy ... I changed from 2 to 3 stars as they confirm this refund. I am still waiting the money to come through..
24.03.2016 i received a code for the coupon now and still waiting for the money in my bank account.

Ask Sandra about JJsHouse
1 review
22 helpful votes

I ordered my wedding dress on 3-7-16 with paying the extra $19 for custom measurements for myself. The email conformation said my dress was expected to be shipped on 3-19-16. I got another email on 3-16-16 letting me know my dress was shipped and giving me my tracking number. When I tracked my dress it said it was to be delivered on 3-18-16 (which it was!). I couldn't believe that I got my dress a day before it was even scheduled to be shipped. When I tried it on, it was a little big in the breast area so I will have to have it altered, but that is an easy fix.
I was really worried about ordering something like my wedding dress on line without being able to see it in person or try it on before buying, but as long as you do that custom sizing you should have no problem. It's better to be a little big and have it altered then to have it be to small. I noticed that some people who didn't used the custom sizing complained a lot about the dress being to small, so I would defiantly make sure you do custom sizing. Defiantly worth spending the extra $19

Ask Lisa about JJsHouse
1 review
14 helpful votes

I had seen many add about JJ House and foolishly assumed that they were a reputable dress making shop. The ordering process was easy and I even received an email confirming measurements. I felt confident of my choice of dress for my daughter's wedding, but that didn't last long. I received a call from DHL stating that I needed to pay $112 in customs and tariff if I wanted to get the dress delivered. I didn't have any other choices so I did. My dress arrived and what a shock. The measurements were all wrong. I even brought the dress to a local tailor to see if anything could be done about it and unfortunately it is not possible to make the required adjustments. The bolero that comes with the dress won't even go across the shoulders and the stitches pucker in the armpit area. The chest of the dress is made too big and the waist is completely off, too small so the zipper won't go up. I contacted JJ House through several messages and sent various pictures showing the dress. They said that they would give me a 20% on a new order or 10 % toward the cost of getting alterations done. As mention above, the local tailor said that the alterations needed to fix up the dress where not possible. If it was only one issue, I would have said mistakes happens but this dress is useless in it's present form. I am not interested in a discount, I would like to get my full refund.

Update: After communicating back and forth with the company and sending pictures of the problem, I was contacted by Emily. JJ House agreed to accept the return of the dress and to issue a full refund. I am very pleased that we could come to an agreement. You were able to turn what was shaping up as a bad experience into a great remediation.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Update: March 24th
My refund was processed today. Very pleased with the resolution.

Tip for consumers: The savings look good but beware of the extra charges and know that the customer satisfaction is questionable.
Review: After a few emails back and forth, I was contacted by Emily who was able to resolve my problem. Thank you.

Ask Lynda about JJsHouse

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