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I am getting calls from Tech Club daily. They were calling from private The Tech Club also diverting iYogi customers to there business and doing a big scam . I know it is not the iYogi because iYogi is still in business and serving people. I am also getting help from there whenever I need any help.

Do not give the remote of your computer to Tech Club people as they are harassing all of the iYogi customer who do not want to pay to Tech Club.

1 review
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Since 3 Months i was getting spam call from different number to my home phone and cell phone number. I requested those people many time who were calling me that, please do not call me or disturb me . When ever i need any help i will contact you back. Still they tried to call me at least 10 times in a day. I did the complaint over every where, but did not get any response.
Then i started investigate this matter . When i started talk with them , they were polite and listing my concern. They informed me that , I am getting scam call from any company must be where you have registered your number. They also told me that if you get any call by the name of iYogi, or Microsoft or Dell or HP etc, that must be a scam call. because iYogi or any other branded company does not call there client from the company side. So user must be carefully during dealing on this. (I found it is True) How lets see.......
After 2-3 Hours , i received a phone call from a toll free number , They have informed me that iYogi is out of business and we have take over the iYogi. The company name was Tech-club which is known as Global Technology company. I told him just give me 5-10 minutes and stay over the phone , i am getting down from my car.
There was some noise from that people who called me from Tech Club. So i started point out what they were talking with other people over phone. I have got some get news from there. The Tech Club People were doing this things with every one . They were calling to the people randomly not only iYogi's customers , they were calling to other customers too like Dell or Microsoft.
The Tech Club is the master person who is playing this game with many people. They were calling from private number to the people so that people can not call to them back. The Tech Club also diverting iYogi customers to there business and doing a big scam . I know it is not the iYogi because iYogi is still in business and serving people. I am also getting help from there when ever i need any help.
If any one got to know the Tech Club name they sure that , it is a complete scam. They were calling to the people and putting the result on iYogi. So be aware, do not give the remote of the computer to Tech Club. They were the complete scam. The actual call is going from Tech club people because they want to harass all of the iYogi customer who do not want to pay to Tech Club.

1 review
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After numerous problems with their service including trying to sell me unnecessary software and hardware, I uninstalled their software. Since then I've received an increasing number of phone solicitations from a call center asking for access to my computer. Currently I receive 3-4 calls every day from unknown numbers, no caller ID, numbers missing a digit, and Dummy numbers from all over the United States. No matter how many times I ask them to stop, the calls only increase in frequency. Last week someone from iYogi gave me the email address with instructions on how to cancel my membership. My email bounced back as undeliverable. Today, their representative asked me to pay them $100 to have my name removed from their systems. He said five of their technicians would be assigned to the task and it would take them less than eight hours. How do we stop this harassment?

1 review
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I have been an original client of IYogi, and still have a contract that goes into 2018, which they refuse to honor. In the beginning they were good technically, even though they tried assiduously to upsell every time. They have since degenerated into a complete scam and now resort to the tactics of computer scammers. MANY STATES HAVE FILED LAWSUITS AGAINST THEM!! Avoid them at all costs. Sad to say they are a disgrace to Indians!!!!! If it were possible to give them LESS than 1 star I would!

1 review
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I have been a customer of Iyogi for a number of years. They always tryed to sell something, however, they used to be VERY good at fixing problems. Something happened and they stopped being reliable. They called again today, but when I said I still had a contract with them, the call ended with a promise of a call back. I dont trust them anylonger.

Tip for consumers: They used to be 5 stars across the board, they changed in August of 2016. I do NOT reccomend.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I spoke to an IYogi support person as my files were Encrypted after they accessed my computer. They called me back and I asked if they had the key to Cryptolocker, he would not answer the question but wanted access to the computer.
I continually asked if they had the key as I didn't want him on my computer again. He would not answer the question and hung up.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Used this service for 2 years. Just OK- always wanting to sell more products. Have received at least 3 calls a week for over 2 months advising they are either not compatible with Windows or they are no longer supplying product and must refund money. They wanted to get bank information - no way. I have removed program from computer but they still call and say they must gain access to computer to clean up computer so it operates properly and to increase security. I told them to send me a refund check. They can't /won't do that and will not apply a credit to a credit card. Computer works fine without their program.

1 review
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I had IYogi for 3-4 years, at first you had to stay on the phone and try to understand them, then they took control of your computer, they did a good job, the, everytime you used the serviced they wanted money for something, then I heard they went out of business, I wanted some money back, they called many times each day. Today, I talked with someone named John Carter??? with an Indian accent. Wanted to give me $250 back, when he was putting it into my account, a mistake, put in $3250, then wanted me to go to Walmart to get a moneygram to return it. I told him to just take it back out, couldn't do that. Well I'm not going to send a moneygram, I called the police and my bank. tomorrow I am changing the account number but leaving his $3000 in the old one. Keeping the $250.00. Little $#*!s, just a bunch of thieves and when it started, they were good and did a good job.

1 review
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they wont stop calling me after I asked to be removed.Their service sucks. I would never trust them with my info or computer runnnnnnn

1 review
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After spending 100 dollars; they did not give us any support even I called them many times and they put me on hold and finally they disconnected my call.

Finally, they called me for renewing the fees for an upcoming year and when I explained their performance of a whole year and then suddenly tech used bad word & told me; from which country I belong from? And he said; oey main janita hoon tujhey!!!!!
I was shocked (I discussed with my other friend who belongs from India and he said that; it is just like street thread).

I was surprised!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think this company running by trained marketing street peoples nor educated peoples.

My suggestion for all peoples; Please take care from them, they are calling from different numbers and harras you from different viruses and then they selling their products. (Same thing in Indian movie "Hello") Be careful. Don't rely on beautiful websites and don't waste your money with time.

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Tip for consumers: site would have zero stars if it was allowed

Sarah O.
1 review
1 helpful vote

I contacted iyogi to get my slow PC fast. It was showing pop-ups everytime I tried to work. The tech asked for the remote access to my laptop and then scanned the whole system. He said there are 600 viruses in my laptop and they need to be removed. He asked to buy their $149 plan which offered tech support throughout the year. I found it as a fair deal so bought it. He removed the viruses, upgraded the software. My system was in good condition afterwards. I appreciate the good work!

1 review
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People never use it's a scam, they call you like there is a big emergency with your system. all they want to do is access your computer system and make it looking like they are going to fix your network problems or security network problems? what problems?
they are cause the problems then they tell you it will cost $1500.00 to allow for protection from hackers there the hackers. I had used them in the past for tech support from Quick books what a joke. They accessed my system and that was it. I can no longer use the computer but if I want to give the now $500.00 dollars they will fix the problem they caused. They have locked me out of my computer system.
This is what happen when we see all tech support to other f***k up countries.

1 review
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September 29, 2016

This morning at 9:20 a.m. I was speaking with Aviral Gupta of iyogi. Had to screenshot the chat. My computer was running slow, and I asked Avrial Gupta to speed it up. Here are verbatim excerpts:

Aviral Gupta: Now your computer is fully optimize (sic) and working fine.

Me: May I give it a quick ride before you disappear

Aviral Gupta: No.

Me: Could you explain why I am not allowed to try it out while you insure all systems are go?

Aviral Gupta: Yes.

Me: Super. Will you now do so?

Aviral Gupta: No.
Are you happy with my services?

Me: I dont know because I have not tried out my computer.
If it is working with optimum celerity, I am ecstatic.
If not, I am perturbed at your brusqueness.

Aviral Gupta: Okay as you wish.
Is there anything else?

Me: How do I save this chat?

Aviral Gupta It is not possible

Fortunately, they cannot disconnect unless you let them go, so I made him wait while I screen shot the conversation. Typically, the techs try to get a promise from you to give them high review ratings before they let you exit. With few exceptions, they press you to buy more things. I have admonished them in the past. I suspect Im blacklisted (my customer number). Theyll take my money, but are not always there. I once went a month without being able to contact them, and their 800 numbers constantly shift.

Oh, and my computers still slow. Thanks, Aviral Gupta.

Tip for consumers: They're very good with new customers, when trying to get more money.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I dealt with iYogi 4 years ...Last year they talked me into buying 5 years of service plus 3 years of their "Tech Genie application. They have received all my money (close to $1000 over the 4 year period)...Then, (after they had my money $539.98 (2015), they changed their available days and times of operation from 24/7 to Mon-thru-Fri, 6AM to 5PM which conflicts with my work times! They cannot contact me and I cannot contact them with these new times; I have asked for a pro-rated refund, however, they don't know me now! Advice: Do NOT buy or have anything to do with iYogi or any of their products and/or services or you will lose your $money and your temper! Please listen to this warning...Thank you, "iYogi taught me a lesson & I have finally learned it well!" NO STAR

1 review
5 helpful votes

Iyogi tried to scam me on the pretense of checking my computer to see if the system was operating correctly. Then the tech started to tell me about my registry being damaged. That escalated to there being 438 viruses on my hard drive. The laundry list of problems went on and on. When I asked the tech what he could do, he told me he only worked on computers and the tech would have to elevate this problem to their security department. Turns out they could help me by installing things and removing stuff - all for the sum of $2,395. I asked for his phone number on the pretense that I wanted to think about it & would call him back. He was not happy and wanted my commitment plus a credit card number to secure the money. I will never call them or do business with them again.

1 review
6 helpful votes

I was a customer for 8 years- everything was fine untill last August- Started upselling items i had no interest in- Unfortunately i bought into a 5 year plan. They owe me- So much for that Karma crap they used as a core principle for their team. Good Karma would put someone in jail.

3 reviews
7 helpful votes

After several years of good service, I calked in for a comp clean up.The tech took over my comp and put a false page on the screen telling me that my comp was infected.I knew it was a lie! In the background other employees were cheering him on!.I hung up!!!! Stay clear of Iyogi!

1 review
2 helpful votes

I was a customer for almost 1 year. They started out great with assisting me with my Macbook Air tech support needs.

However for the last 4 months I have not been able to get tech support to respond.

All the phone numbers listed don't respond.

I paid for a 2 yr subscription. :(((

Dorothy I.
1 review
0 helpful votes

I have had iYogi subscription for 4 years and whenever I needed any tech assistance, be it big or small, it has always been taken care of very quickly and accurately. I am highly satisfied with their service quality and would recommend their services to everyone.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Horrible company. I cancelled my service and I can't get them to stop calling me. It's at the harassment level now and I'm thinking of calling a lawyer to file suit. Today just received 2 calls and I've told them to take me off their list. I've spoken to managers, no luck.

1 review
2 helpful votes

so my computer had a virus, so i been subscriber for years now, and guess what when subscriber expired the called obviously to renewed it!. so now my computer came down with another virus and i spend a hold half hour on hold just for a technician. he was so rude!!!! and update my computer spend hours resolving god knows what, and until now it didnt even get resolve. avoid iyogi they scams!!!!

1 review
2 helpful votes

For the past couple of months, I have been constantly trying to speak with customer support. I have been put on hold for many hours at a time- or can't get through at all. The tech guys call me up at random hours and offer me their "updating service", and when I attempt to have them connect me to customer service, they connect me to the the supervisor.

The "Supervisor" When I am put in touch with him, I ask him to connect me to customer service he would call me an a**** and a f***** B.

This "Business" should be shut down asap, because the attitude stinks and they are useless.

1 review
6 helpful votes

I have had a support contract with them for 3 computers for several years. This past year they have not only talked me into renewing and THEN telling me I needed to purchase additional software, NOW I get no response when I try and get online support!
I am not at ALL happy about having spent all this money and now they don't answer.

1 review
1 helpful vote

i am trying to get iyogi to clean my computer.
no one is answering.
i have an account with them
i want to cancel my service with them

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