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517 reviews
111 W. Washington St., Suite 2100,
Chicago, IL 60602, USA
Tel: 877-585-7878
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1 review
0 helpful votes

I tried Grubhub tonight for the first time. Bad idea. I ordered a burger that looked great and the app said 45-60 min estimate. I was cool with that but then the app was never responsive. At the time I was expecting my food, I refreshed the "Tracker" and it now said another hour and a half. WHAT ??!!!! No one reach out to me and I called customer care twice. The first time, I was put on hold for 10 minutes and I just hung up and called back. The second time, I said I wanted to cancel and was told to look out for the confirmation e-mail. The app still says that food is on the way and has not reflected a cancellation at all....STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP!!!!

Ask Ryan about GrubHub
1 review
0 helpful votes

This is the WORST website out there. if you plan to order your food and receive it do not go through this website. I ordered my food over two hours ago, continued to receive emails stating that it was on its way, and when I did not get the food I finally called only to find out this company did not deliver after. However, on this website it clearly stated I was ordering food for delivery and when they messed up they were unable to fix their mistake.When my husband called the restaurant that I ordered for they said they had not received a call from GrubHub. If you want food DO NOT GO HERE!!!

Ask hannah about GrubHub
1 review
0 helpful votes

this is the worst company on the planet!!!! We have tried to give them a chance several times and they still failed. We ordered food and it takes three to four hours to get your food IF you get it at all! Please heed this warning. DON'T USE THIS COMPANY!!

Ask Quite about GrubHub
1 review
0 helpful votes

Pretty sick tonight, so cannot walk to restaurants here. Apparently and the App are down tonight and have been for the past couple of hours. Customer Service (thru the phone and via Live Chat) is either busy (put me on hold for several minutes) and has no idea when the App and site will be back up. They absolutely refuse to take any orders over the phone.

Worst part it, even when the site was partially back up, it refused to accept my address multiple times as a valid address. What's with that?

Have tried to use both of these sources to order more than a dozen times now. I'm a stupid sucker, obviously.

Will never try to order from this site again. Wish there were good alternatives.

Ask Mala about GrubHub
4 reviews
16 helpful votes


Ask mark about GrubHub
1 review
1 helpful vote

Apparently, Grub Hub is a bit confused about the fact that their service is to deliver food that you've ordered and paid for. Tonight, I ordered curry and rice. The curry came, but not the rice. I messaged them, and the customer service agent said he'd refund me. I let him know that, given the choice between a $2.50 credit to my account or eating dinner, I'd prefer to have the rice delivered, so that I could eat (the restaurant is REALLY close to my house--I just don't have a car tonight). He said that it was impossible, as he'd just refunded the rice. (The delivery driver--who I tipped, BTW--had JUST left!) I explained to the customer service agent that I wasn't going to drink the curry, and the main order INCLUDED rice, so I hadn't really gotten my meal. After a lot of back and forth, I finally got him to get the rice re-delivered (or so he said). Two hours after the original order, no rice. AND they had re-charged me for it. WHAT THE WHAT?! I ended up drinking a protein shake, and putting the uneaten curry (I guess I'll make rice for myself tomorrow...) in the fridge. They could NOT CARE LESS about the fact that you're ordering food because you're hungry. It was the weirdest customer "service" conversation I've ever had. I literally typed to him "When I order food through your service, because I'm hungry, and then you don't deliver said food, I don't care about a refund. I actually want the food, and for you to do what you promised." I'm still hungry...BUT I have a $2.50 refund on my credit card! Wheeeee!! What terrible customer service. What terrible fulfillment of a business transaction.

Ask Amy about GrubHub
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

I have been using Grubhub now for a while and comparing their service to postmates. It's been pretty good. Sometimes they will mess up a couple things in the order but generally pretty dead on.

Ask Jose about GrubHub
1 review
0 helpful votes

I use grub hub a lot. I don't mind the wait- they tell you how long it will take. But after 3 hours- the restaurant kept telling me food was on the way. I ordered at 5pm- it was finally cancelled by 8. Grub hub had the nerve to tell me they didn't have ingredients to fill my order. Total lie of the situation. And I guess I just don't appreciate the $5 gesture.

Ask Michelle about GrubHub
39 reviews
113 helpful votes

I had numerous different experiences using Grubhub and some been good. However, maybe Grubhub should explain how the service works when customers order. I ordered a sandwich and a pastry from a deli. The sandwich's egg was spicy by default which I don't think should've been an option not something default. They got me the wrong drink, gave me the wrong pastry and added a random item to my order.

Perhaps restaurants shouldn't list food on the menu that they always never have? I contacted Grubhub about the missing pastry that cost me $4.50 and they claimed to follow up with me about it and never did. It's been almost three years since I notified Grubhub of the issue. Never heard from them again.

Yes, I still use the service. But only when I'm extremely desperate. If I don't want to tip a driver, I simply won't order food or pick it up myself. This service is not worth my money. The drivers are sometimes rude, the order is sometimes wrong or mixed up, and the wait time is ridiculous. Plus, the order total is about $20 all the time for just one meal if you consider the restaurant's minimum, tax and tips or "fees".

Ask Janet about GrubHub
1 review
1 helpful vote

I will never order from this company again. i was given a 70 min delivery time. the time the food was to be delivered to my house i got a call from the delivery driver that the restaurant closed and that seemless/grubhub just gave them my order for pick up. They driver explained that seemless/grub hub does this all of the time. I will never order from this company again!!. there are plenty of competitors, i suggest everyones uses the competitor.

Ask nikki about GrubHub
1 review
1 helpful vote

They are the worst. I ordered four items and paid not only in full, but also a delivery fee and tip by credit card. When all the food didn't arrive, they would only refund me for the item not received. What a rip off. No customer service and clearly not interested in repeat business.

Ask Sue about GrubHub
1 review
1 helpful vote

Absolutely terrible customer service !!!very rude ... We love the restaurant we chose ....we order from it regularly , this is the first time we used grub hub .. Thought it would be quicker and more conveniet and we were offered a coupon .. Well the Coupon didn't work , I called them and was told they could not apply it and they gave no options for us to use it another time because grub hub only offers it for first time customers and now we wouldn't be a new customer anymore since we just placed our first order !! If u ask me I think they do this on purpose to get a percentage of your total and not have to honor their coupon's smart if they really don't care that your never going to use their service again Horrible business ethics ... Total scam .. Looks like they're burning bridges everywhere the only positive is our restaurant disconnected with them when I told them what had happened because they don't need to give them any of their profits when it could very well be costing them business by doing so .

Ask D about GrubHub
1 review
1 helpful vote

No food for well over an hour. I call restaurant and they link me to a driver service "Zoomer" who then tells me the order will be cancelled. I explain I do not want my credit card charged. Zoomer staff then calls me back to say the order has been cancelled, however, I have to call Grub Hub to get my food. So - I ask, "why call Grub Hub when your driver picked my food up (per the restaurant) over 45-minutes ago?" The Zoomer staff tells me it is out of his hands. Driver has my food and my tip. Called restaurant back again & was told that staff cannot give name and his boss will call Grub Hub. This is ridiculous. My 2nd time using & 2nd terrible experience. 1st time we ordered from work & it took 2 hours & the order was completely wrong.

Ask Melissa about GrubHub
1 review
1 helpful vote

So I understand that suggesting restaurant does a hit-or-miss business but I don't understand is that when someone works in customer care for a company that they know what they're getting into you going to be dealing with a lot of complaints and if you can't handle the complaint and think that it's okay to be rude with the customers that are already complaining about your company then maybe you should consider a different job. At first the agent was very helpful over there I'm at his suggestion about possibly getting a phone number she got nasty with me on the phone that's not ok. I understand that rules are in place for a reason but you can express the correct answer without being rude and nasty.

Ask JASON about GrubHub
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered at 7:30, at 8:30 had no food and called. Driver never picked up the food and they said 10 minutes more. They couldn't find the guy who was supposed to deliver, and started looking for someone else to deliver the food and no one did. 30 minutes later I decided to order other food, and 15 minutes after that they said only another half hour...I cancelled the order and was content with Domino's. 7:30-9:15 and NO FOOD. 1 hour and 45 minutes...

Ask Richard about GrubHub
1 review
2 helpful votes

Ordered at 6:55 and followed tracking which showed by order was delivered to me at 8:12. Nope. Never got anything and for some stupid reason they can't call their driver to find out what happened. Now after 9:00 no delivery, no explanation and now I'm cooking which I didn't want to do. This is ridiculous. Never again will I order through GrubHub. Pass this along to your friends so they don't make the same mistake.

Ask Rose about GrubHub
1 review
1 helpful vote

First time ordering through grubhub. No person to contact. No chat option. My food was ready at the restaurant for 45 min. Grubhub driver never contacted me. Foor arrived 2 and half hours after i ordered. No apology. Never again.

Ask DANIELLE about GrubHub
1 review
1 helpful vote

1. The website did not allow us to order side dishes.
2. They did not give us credit for the coupon at the restaurant on the website
3. It's always something with GrubHub

Ask Marty about GrubHub
1 review
0 helpful votes

In Chicago a lot of restaurants refer you to Grubhub if you want delivery. If a restaurant lets me order directly from them I do, but sometimes resort to Grubhub. It's a great idea, until you have to contact their customer service. If a restaurant doesn't deliver your food or if the grubhub driver goes AWOL (both have happened to me more than once) and you have to contact them, their phone wait times are very long, and their support is bad. They don't refund money even when they say they will, they promise you free grub coupons but do not send it. They are not very polite. It sounds like they have 6 scripted responses, and when you ask anything off script they're very rude.

Ask h about GrubHub
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered lunch sandwiches from a nearby subway--how hard could that be? First, they said the order wouldn't be scheduled to arrive until an hour later--pretty poor timing, but okay. Then they called me back, 45 MINUTES LATER, to tell me that they had to cancel the order. Now I had :15 to find lunch for a gathering of 10 people. Fortunately, Ithaca to go--a local delivery company--was able to do it for us. Grubhub issued me a coupon, which is useless because I will never use them again.

Ask Kirianne about GrubHub
4 reviews
11 helpful votes

Waste of money! Waste of time! First of all, it almost always takes an hour or more for your food to arrive, but once it does, the orders are usually wrong if you EVER put a comment in the note box. Whether it's something simple like "no pickles" or something a degree in astrophysics might be necessary to understand like "sauce on the side." THREE out of FOUR orders were wrong! And they call the restaurant and offer a refund of the item ONLY if the restaurant agrees to it. Huge waste of time and money, and we keep having to spend extra time (AND MONEY!) going out and getting other food to replace it.


Ask J about GrubHub
1 review
0 helpful votes

had to order thru grubhub as this restaurant did not take phone orders--stated delivery time 1 hour to 1 and 15 minutes. This in itself is a VERY long time for a food delivery. But then--it did not come--Called the restaurant--1st said they were waiting for the driver--then 10 more minutes--the manager said she would cal GH and call me back--which she did not do--the last call--they said GH site had crashed--I cancelled the order
Feel bad for the rest--and was very hungary

Ask l about GrubHub
1 review
0 helpful votes

I order from Grubhub very many times throughout the year. Last night, I called the restaurant I ordered my food from twice after waiting for an hour and no one answered either call. I then called grubhub and the lady on the other line was very helpful and told me should would try calling another number they had for the place and get right back to me. Just 2 minutes later, she called me back and told me that she couldn't get an answer either, so she was going to refund my money and send me $15 off my next order. She apologized multiple times for the inconvenience (when it obviously was not any fault of her own), but I genuinely appreciated the kindness. I definitely don't blame Grubhub for this issue and so I greatly appreciate the fact that they were kind enough to send me that free discount. I will definitely be continuing to use Grubhub for my future orders.

Ask Eddie about GrubHub
1 review
0 helpful votes

Just ordered dinner thru grubhub. Waited 1 hour 40 minutes (wait time was 1:15 to 1:20) then called to check on the order. Response was their delivery guy never got it. No food, and only remedy was a refund of our money. So disappointed.

Ask Toby about GrubHub
1 review
0 helpful votes

Grub hub has extremely slow turn time to respond to emails and the responses from their customer service team are very unhelpful. You wait 2-3 days and they don't address your issue! I also called in and the customer service rep kept me on the phone for 21 minutes, didn't help me and then i asked to be transferred to a manager because she said she didn't have enough authority to help me, when the manager took my call she immediately said just send an email to customer service we can't help you. So i wanted 21 minutes to be told to send an email. They don't seem to have a "can do" attitude there. They seem to pass the buck, make mistakes and don't really seem to care about the customer's experience. I would recommend Doordash or Caviar both have been great.

Ask Jane about GrubHub

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