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Getaroom reviews

255 reviews
Categories: Hotels, Travel
3010 LBJ Freeway Suite 1550
Dallas, Texas 75234
Tel: 800-468-3578

255 Reviews From Our Community

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I read some very mixed reviews, but found a great deal for a hotel, so decided to take the risk. (in 168 reviews)


I had the customer service call the resort and get me a confirmation number, which she did. (in 52 reviews)



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1 review
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Used this site and was lied to, woman stated room price was higher due to only two available rooms. When I got there the guy said there were plenty available and I could of had one twenty five dollars cheaper if I had called them directly.

Ask John about Getaroom
1 review
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Booked a room in Fort Lauderdale 7/15-7/19 a month and a half previously. charged me $392 through Kyak. I check out today and see on the receipt from Hampton inn that they only charged $330 for the stay when I asked the desk clerk about the difference she said it would be refunded to the third party who made the reservation and they should credit it back to me. I called and they were like no it was higher when you booked and we can't help that it is lower now. I asked about a credit and she said that there would be none as they had to pay the $392 but Hampton inn says it will go back to them. So shame on Kayak for even using a rip off company such as this I'm basically out $60!

Ask Brian about Getaroom
1 review
0 helpful votes

Don't book with them! Horrible experience they advertize low rates but then charge high fees that are not disclosed at the time of booking. When you ask for an itemized bill they refuse to disclose their fees. A room that was advertized for $144.38 they charged $207. The worst part was I thought I was calling the hotel directly they never disclosed on the phone that they were not the hotel.

Ask kathy about Getaroom
1 review
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7/9/16 cancelled my reservation on their own volition and have refused to either reinstate it or give me a refund.
On June 21, I made a reservation with for a 17-day stay at Best Western Plus in Nice, France. The trip was supposed to be for my honeymoon as I was to get married on the 3rd of July 2016.

The cost of the reservation was $3,878.78 and was refundable only if canceled prior to 2:00AM on July 3rd, 2016. Also, it is helpful to state that having a booking in hand is/was a prerequisite from the French Embassy when applying for a VISA. The confirmation number of the book is R588214975 under my name "Obinna Eke".

Due to a delay in getting the required VISAs from the French Embassy and an emergency in the family, I contacted TripAdvisor at around 7:00AM on July 3rd 2016 (so 5 hours after the deadline) to ask whether an exception could be made to the cancellation policy. I was told to contact directly.

After multiple conversations with, I was told on the 6th of July by a employee called "Loyce" that there was no way I could get a refund if cancelled. My wife and I decided that we will have to reach out to the embassy to see what could be done regarding the VISA issue in order to salvage the trip and not lose the entire amount of the funds.

About an hour after that call, we received an email from stating that our reservation had been cancelled.

We immediately called for some clarity and emailed their escalation team ( to:
1. clarify our position that we hadn't requested a cancellation,
2. advise that we were working with the embassy to get VISAs and the hotel to let them know we would be late, and
3. ask that our reservation should be either reinstated or refunded.

On the morning of July 7th 2016, I called and upon speaking to an employee (Hilda Saldivar) of Get-A-Room, I was told that the reservation could not be reinstated and that the cancellation request originated from TripAdvisor. I called TripAdvisor, who in turn called and was told that the cancellation request came from Best Western Plus. This claim also turned out to be false as Best Western Plus told us that they had received the cancellation from their booking agent and not the other way round.

After another round of calls, late on July 7th, I was told that Getaroom will not (a) reinstate the reservation which they cancelled at their own discretion, (b) refund me my $3,878.78 or (c) pull out any tapes which have me instructing a cancellation. And I was told by an employee called "Anisha" that they were OK for us to seek any redress is available to us to recover our funds.

In summary, we are seeking a full refund from because they took a decision on their own to cancel our reservation and they have refused to reinstate. We would also like Getaroom to refund us for time spent on numerous phone calls and legal advice.

Ask Obi about Getaroom
1 review
3 helpful votes

Still haven't been refunded in full and its12 days later.

Ask Vanessa about Getaroom
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

I'm sorry that others had a terrible experience idk if I just got lucky but I was stranded at airport in myrtle beach sc my flight was cancelled I went to get a room and this wonderful gentleman that works for get a room named ALEX was so helpful and got me this room at paradise hotel in sc on the 12th floor overlooking the ocean the room was clean and only a few bucks to get there by cab maybe he should give classes on customer service because he was above and beyond his personally skills amazing I'm originally from Brooklyn NY and he picked up on that and again he made everything great thanks again Alex I'll never forget how great u where

Ask Laura about Getaroom
1 review
0 helpful votes

This is a company that in my eyes cheats the clients by not advising them when you are booking a hotel room even in your own country that you will be billed in US DOLLARS. The Agents are advised not to spell this out to their clients even though your are providing them all the demographic details. You have to read their Terms & Conditions (lol). I hope Expedia that deals with the company reviews "" reservations policies.

Ask Simran about Getaroom
1 review
0 helpful votes

We were searching for a hotel in Rome. The Hilton popped up and we thought we were dealing directly with the chain, but when we received the confirmation it was The charges ended up being $120 over the quoted price and they had already charged our card. After a long process on the phone they agreed to refund us the $120. They sent us the following. Quote
Kenisha Jones, Apr 25, 10:28 PM:
Dear Mr.
Thank you for booking with We have issued a refund for the amount of $120.58. Typically our refunds take 3-5 business days to process, however depending on your bank it can take as long as up to 30 days or 2 billing cycles to reflect on your account.
If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-468-3578 for international 469-675-5368, or by email
Best regards,
Kenisha J.
So I waited two billing cycles and guest what - no refund. So I sent them an email and received following: Quote
Dayanara Rodriguez, Jul 5, 8:15 AM CDT:
Dear Dave,
Thank you for contacting The reservation will be refunded for the amount of $120.58 once the stay has been completed. Once the stay has been completed, the refund will be processed.
If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-468-3578, or 00-1-469-675-5368 for callers outside the U.S.
Dayanara Rodriguez

Ask David about Getaroom
1 review
1 helpful vote


I booked a room last night before my trip to Ottawa in Canada. The website gave me a currency selection to Canadian dollors which I paid for. The first confirmation came without showing the currency and 2 hours later, the second confirmatin was sent, showing the charged me not only with US dollars, but charged me a hidden fee of Delta airline which I never travelled with.

The hotel room was not even booked for me and at the time of checking in, my information was not on the system. The check-in guy told me that the room I got charged for was double-booked!

I gave a call to the company and nobody seemed like to care and they told me for the $677 CA dollars fee, they can only return 176 CA, due to their policy and even if you are selecting the currency, they will charge in US dollars without you knowing. This is the policy to false advertise and make people purchase something without any service, in a hidden currency. Also, the shift supervisor told me that he will take a full responsibility for the fault and he doesn't care that a woman will end up sleeping on the street over night without having a room - recorded voice in the call centre - July 1st, 2016, Mr. Damin.

Ask Mahtab about Getaroom
1 review
1 helpful vote

I obtained reservation through this service and I wish I had seen the reviews first. I first called and canceled a room on 6-7-16. I have been calling ever since trying to obtain that refund. The young lady I spoke to on 6-19-16 said she would do it manually and it would reflect on my card in 3-5 business days. It is now 6-18-16 and no refund. As of my phone call today, the new young lady says it was approved on 6-10-16 for the refund and I should get it in 30 days. Why do I have this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach??? Avoid this website!!

Ask Myna about Getaroom
1 review
0 helpful votes

Booked a room and on arrival at the hotel I found they had my name correct, but nothing else--wrong address, wrong credit card. Called getaroom to find out why they transmitted someone else's address and credit card type and number to my reservation and what hotel got my address and card info. Had to talk to someone whose english was barely decipherable, wasting half an hour to no avail. Finally called my card company and cancelled my card (took two minutes). The kicker is getaroom charged me $106 but the hotel receipt said the room charge was only $71! Avoid this site at all costs!!!

Ask Floyd about Getaroom
1 review
0 helpful votes

Made me believe they worked at the hotel after their phone number must have popped up on the real hotels website. Not knowing who I was dealing with I agreed to get the hotel at the 173$ agreed price. Stayed at the hotel which I probably shouldn't have paid more than 100$ for and got my bill for 239$ because I had no idea it was in American funds. Canadian hotel , Canadian citizen , Canadian credit card. Feeling ripped off !!!!

Ask Jared about Getaroom
1 review
0 helpful votes

DO NOT USE site!!!. They make you prepay & apparently somewhere it states this unethical 4 day cancellation notice. No refund. Call the actual hotel & book. Rates are much better.

Ask Zel about Getaroom
1 review
0 helpful votes

Made a reservation for me at the wrong hotel! When I showed them their mistake they said "sorry" we can't get your money back-
The place they booked me at was a dump!

Ask Rhonda about Getaroom
1 review
0 helpful votes

booked a room through through phone, gave them all the credit card information and confirmed our information 3 times with them. Next day got an email from them saying the reservation is cancelled and they said the cancellation was by mistake and someone made another reservation directly with the hotel and we can just use that confirmation number to check in on the day of arrival. Called the hotel cuz getaroom said they can't confirm the cost of the room because the reservation is now made directly with the hotel. The hotel said the reservation was made by a third party booking so they can provide us any detail on the cost of the room. Then called again and they insisted that the confirmation is now cancelled and not valid but the hotel says that the reservation is still valid...

Ask blah about Getaroom
1 review
0 helpful votes

Too bad you can't do 1/2 a star! Be VERY Careful when dealing with this site!! Regardless of what you ask, they WILL Charge your credit card Immediately! I Asked Specifically how much the room was,,, Even asked if it was FIVE NINE, And he said YES! and when I got the charge on my card which by the way I told him there wouldn't be any money on the card until the next day and he charged it ANYWAY, the charge was 69.71! Ten dollars More than I was told!! So again, I Say,,, BE CAREFUL When dealing with!!

Ask Billy about Getaroom
1 review
1 helpful vote

Horrible customer service

Ask dena about Getaroom
1 review
1 helpful vote

This company should be removed from the web. Never give them your credit card number. I booked a room through GetARoom, I believed I was at the LaQuinta web site, looked very similar. This was a 4-day trip to New York. When I got the confirmation email from GetARoom I immediately canceled the reservation and went back looking for LaQuinta, found site and booked with LaQuinta. I got to LaQuinta hotel, asked if the GAR reservation had been canceled, answer was yes. GetARoom charged me for being a "no show." I called Bank of America and got some of the charge reversed.. NEVER use this site. Absolutely fraud and thievery and very clever about it.

Ask Carolyn about Getaroom
1 review
0 helpful votes

I prepaid for a hotel but was told it had been given to someone else when I arrived. They moved me to a different hotel that was far away. A nightmare experience and they did nothing in response.

Ask amy about Getaroom
1 review
1 helpful vote

I had no idea the number I called was a third party. The automated phone response says Hotel reservations,. They lied that they were the Hyatt Hotel. They lied that they had booked me in a block of discounted wedding party rooms. It wasn't until I confirmed with a wedding party family member that the price I was charged was 75.00 more than the discounted rate for the wedding party. When I called it took 10 minutes to talk to a live person. Who's response was I must have been confused and there was a misunderstanding. He could cancel my reservation but my credit card would not be refunded. They tried to appease me with a 7% discount when I checked out the hotel. I can't believe I was duped and I don't want anyone else to have the same experience

Ask michelle about Getaroom
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

Be very careful with this crowd!

They have listing that appear to be the hotels official site...... until you finally pay and get a confirmation email.

Their service people do not read email..... well not mine !

This whole hotel booking market is a shambles and has removed competition between hotels.

Room rates are so expensive now and the official hotel web sites are now buried well down the page lists thanks to Google selling the first page, of your search, to booking.con

I book direct with hotels and get sane or better prices/ rooms...

Ask The about Getaroom
1 review
1 helpful vote

I clicked on Sams Town Res. site and asked if this was Boyd Casino Reservations to which the rep. said yes, without telling me it was getaroom. After booking the room and paying, I asked if there were any other charges associated with this booking and was told no, but when I checked out there was a $58.30 extra charge. These people will say anything to book you, beware.

Ask DG about Getaroom
1 review
0 helpful votes

Booked a room and prepaid for it. Get to the room to check in and they said that the card issued from getaroom to pay for the room was declined. I paid 85.52 for the room. Getaroom wanted the hotel to charge only $56.00 for the room and basicly they would keep the rest. The hotel argued and said that was not the rate that the agreed on. So getaroom was issuing me a refund and I ended up paying the hotel directly which was a little more for the room. It has been two weeks and I have yet to receive a refund so I paid double for dive hotel. Not to mention I was on hold for over an hour trying to get everything worked out and was late getting ready for a garduation! So completely disappointed with the service getaroom has provided. Do not use this service. They steal your money.

Ask Amanda about Getaroom
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

My friend gave me the number 1-800-hotels-8 to book a hotel after she got a deal on a room for $129 per night. I called five minutes after her and got the same deal - $129 a night.... except I didn't. When the bill came I was charged a $53 service charge that I was not told about. Her bill came to $146 and mine $182... and we booked the same type of room at the same hotel, using the same number, within minutes of each other.
I called customer service because I thought they had just made a mistake, but they claim that I agreed to the terms. When I talked to them, they didn't say $129 plus tax and an outrageous service charge. They just said $129 and tax.
They claim all calls are recorded and I told them to talk to IT and listen to that recording. No service fee was mentioned.
The customer service rep was not helpful and I escalated the call to a supervisor. The supervisor told me she was not able to make any kind of refund. I called her on the BS and asked to be escalated and she said there was no one to escalate the call to that she is the supervisor on duty. I've left my number and requested a call from her manager because she must work for someone, right?
Stay away from this service and trip advisor as they are subsidiaries of each other.

Ask Leanne about Getaroom
1 review
2 helpful votes

Went thru Trip Advisor to book room at Hyatt Regency Orlando for four days. As going thru booking process with GetARoom watched for any mention of additional charges such as parking or other fees hotels love to charge these days as this is almost pure profit for them. After not seeing any mention of these fees finished booking. When arrived to hotel found they had book two rooms as I had only requested one, ok that was easy to fix. Then at end of stay I found I had been charged additional fees for resort and overnight parking adding an extra $127.80 to pay above what I had already paid for room. After getting home I checked paperwork to see if I had missed something but all it said on confirmation sheet was total charge $xxx.xx. I then thought to look at their Terms and found this "
20.Charges NOT Paid by Travel Agent
Upon check-in at a hotel or for a cruise, customer acknowledges that customer will be required by the cruise line or hotel to provide a credit card to cover any incidental expenses that are incurred by the customer at any time during the stay. These expenses include, but are not limited to, room service, meals, valet parking, additional hotel taxes, internet fees, beverage fees, spa services, picture purchases, and any other fees associated or incidentals with staying at any particular hotel and/or traveling on any particular cruise line."
This gets them out of this type of practice and lets them show rates below what you would see from other sites which include the information they don't.

Tip for consumers: Check hotels web site before all else!

Ask Neal about Getaroom

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A: I would not use it. Better to reserve thru the hotel directly. I used them and thought I was getting a good deal but in actuality paid more than hotel was offering at the time.
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