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1 review
0 helpful votes

I got an email from avast@digitalRiver telling me my Avast anti-virus would update automatically 2 weeks before my year contract would end and I would be charged if I did not reply to a website with a number and password given to cancel the automatic update. The link to cancel did not work. Luckily, I had changed my credit card last year and the one that they tried to use which was correctly my old one did not work so I got another email from them informing me of that fact and asking me to update my payment information. I was not able to contact a human to update my card number and I did not want to do it their web site online. I'm glad I checked this site before dealing any more with DigitalRiver. I called the store where I bought my PC and the first Avast software that they still recommend Avast virus protection as better Macafee which I can get free from my internet server. Thanks for your posts. I'll try to order it direct from Avast, I have not been able to find a human at Advast either and am hesitant to buy again from a company that has no humans answering the telephone and must provide DigitalRiver my credit card information..

1 review
1 helpful vote

Went though on my Paypal with bogus email and phone #. Have found no way to get my money back. Don't even use the subscription product they charged me for. Email address on file bounces back invalid. Paypal would not help because they said I have an agreement.

1 review
3 helpful votes

I thought I was buying Acrobat from Adobe and somehow they sent me on to Digital River without me realizing it until I received a past due notice. First I thought it was a scam but Adobe confirmed them as a reseller. Digital River would only take a check. Since paying I have received 3 past due notices (never received the first invoice). The check was processed. The invoice includes Adobe's number for payment questions on Digital River letterhead. When you call the Adobe number, which is a call center in India, the operator disavows any knowledge of order and refers you back to a Digital River number, who gives you the runaround and sends you back to Adobe. I even have a customer order #, but apparently neither company can look up order information by that number, our name, or phone number. I've tried multiple times hoping to get more knowledgeable operators with no luck. The software is fine, but don't buy anything from them, ever.

4 reviews
20 helpful votes

I ordered a tablet through nvidia's website. Digital River are the distributors for nvidia.
I really should have done some research beforehand because had I known how bad Digital River were, I would never have ordered.
They sent me a used tablet that had clearly been returned to them for a refund as the previous customers return slip was in the box with the tablet!
I eventually got a refund but only after submitting a claim through paypal, it really was like getting blood out of a stone.

1 review
3 helpful votes

I paid for the program smartpcfixer 5.2 to specifically fix an error, Ox80070570. Immediately after downloading and installing the program my computer stopped working. It could not access any program, and even had trouble shutting down. When I tried to reboot, it said there was an error and could not boot. Do not trust this company!!!!!!

1 review
3 helpful votes

Liars! Scammers! Avoid doing business with Digital River!

1 review
5 helpful votes

I ordered MediaWidget from this company. Installed it on my computer and it did not work. Of course they charged my credit card I've requested a refund and have yet to receive it. The technical support they offer does not allow you to converse with anyone via phone. All correspondence is by email and it take them 48-72 hours to respond to any request. Their customer service is awful. If I could rate them in the negative column I would. One star is far too high a rating for them!

Tip for consumers: DO NOT USE THIS SITE! I wish I had read the reviews before i purchased the product.

1 review
4 helpful votes

I have been trying to purchase ACDSee Ultimate Pack through Digital River for many months.

Whenever I attempted to pay using a credit card or PayPal, the order was immediately cancelled, even though all information (e.g. the name and the billing address) was 100% correct. I tried several different credit and debit cards and both my business and personal PayPal accounts. I also tried placing the order both through my desktop and my cell phone.

On August 8, 2016, I decided to place an order of the Ultimate Pack again, this time paying using a wire transfer (paying the wire transfer fee on top of the order total). I got an Order Confirmation with wire transfer instructions.

I made the payment using a wire transfer exactly in accordance with the instructions provided by the online store, including the Wire Transfer Reference Number. The wire transfer was booked on August 9, 2016.

Several days went by, and nothing happened. I wrote to the online store and got the response that my order was cancelled and that "orders are typically cancelled when incorrect billing information is used".

Even though I sent proofs of payment several times (obtained from online banking), the online store customer service representatives insisted that I need to send "an actual proof of purchase" or "an actual proof of payment".

I have discussed the issue with a manager at my bank, and she told me that the wire transfer cleared correctly on our side and that she advises that the recipient contacts their bank and asks them to find it. She also gave me a printout of the transaction record, saying "this is the best we can do". I sent this document by fax to the online store.

Finally, on August 17, 2016, they said "I have received the attached proof of payment" and that they will locate the payment and send it back to me. More than a week passed, and, again, nothing happened.

On August 26, 2016, I sent a follow-up email and got no response. I got the following response to my August 27, 2016 email: "We've looked into the status of order number *** and show that it has been cancelled. Your credit card has not been charged." (I have replaced the order number here by '***' for privacy reasons.)

From this pattern of responses, I have to assume that Digital River is refusing to refund my wire transfer payment for the order that they cancelled.

It is not a good business practice to arbitrarily cancel orders and then even refuse to refund a wire transfer payment that was made in accordance to the wire transfer instructions provided to the client. The latter is also theft and exposes Digital River to legal liabilities.

Digital River is legally obligated to provide the refund in the full amount of $53.03.

I have submitted a complaint to Better Business Bureau. It it doesn't help, I will submit complaints to Minnesota Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I recently ordered a top spec Lenovo laptop from Digital River UK to replace an old machine on its last legs. At the point of ordering Lenovo quoted about 2 weeks for delivery. There were however no less than 4 changes to delivery estimate - totaling about 5 weeks. I cancelled the order, but they had already shipped a docking station (ordered at the same time). I am still awaiting a returns number for the docking station - which is no longer required. I was able to order a comparable machine for less money from Dell and the order was processed and delivered in 3 working days, whereas I am still waiting for a reply to my emails about the docking station from Digital River. Please save yourself the stress and aggravation and shop elsewhere.

1 review
5 helpful votes

I purchased McAfee Total Protection virus software from this company that scams you into thinking you are buying from McAfee as their logo shows up when you buy. I spent 2 hours downloading and it uninstalled my old protection but did not install the new version. I spent 8 hours so far on the phone with McAfee who said there server does not work with theirs so they attempted for days with no luck. Then I had to repurchase directly from McAfee who told me they would process refund but I was double billed. I would NEVER buy anything from this company again.

1 review
3 helpful votes

How can this company be reported to the Better Business Bureau? And if they have been, why are they still in business? Order "IMtoo Video Converter" last year and NEVER got a response to any of my emails for their faulty and crappy product.

1 review
4 helpful votes

I originally downloaded a TRIAL version of Kaspersky Internet Security off Google .. after a few weeks decided 'buy'...clicked on 'buy' to get a validation code....paid thru PayPal..thinking I was dealing direct with Kaspersky Australia...after paying and getting the order confirmation realised I was grossly overcharged of A$88.95(for 1 Mac for 1year) instead of A$39.00 (1 mac for 2 years)..tried contacting Digital River, by several emails..never received any reply...What a con !!

1 review
6 helpful votes

I have recently bought a Lenovo equipment to be shipped to the Netherlands.

I never received my order so I called Customer Service asking for a refund. As I have been previously defrauded by lousy/not customer centric support. I asked them to actually send me a confirmation email, stating that the refund process had just been initiated.

Today I called to follow up on my refund and I was told that they could not see any information about a refund on my account. Only that it was dispatched to a warehouse somewhere in The Netherlands. I tried to say that I had a confirmation email and even had the name of the person who actually sent it to me. After this the assistant got all defensive saying she would speed up the process and that up to a max of 10 business days I should expect the refund. I asked if I could receive a confirmation and her name so I could follow (again) in the event of not receiving anything (as I suspect will happen) which she promptly denied.

DIGITAL RIVER - Only given 1 Star because the system won´t allow me to go any lower...

3 reviews
7 helpful votes

I chatted with a customer service rep online and he told me to call customer at a particular phone number for help. The rep answered as Kaspersky and did absolutely nothning but tell me to call technical support. I asked for a supervisor and only then did I find out it was not Kaspersky but Digital River. They made no attempt to help me or go beyond insulting me and telling to go away. I will not support such an organization nor Kaspersky if they stand in a circle and point to the next person to help you but never do anything. What a joke.

2 reviews
4 helpful votes

I took up Digital River / Beanstream with my volusion store.
I quite like the backend which is straightforward, the support from the advisors is freely available and the integration with Volusion was easy.
However if you are a UK user forget it! Digital River are new to the UK (2014) and it shows, basically the system is a fraud waiting to happen. And it happens.
The fraud prevention advertised is virtually none existent; I personally lost over £15000 due to charge backs which appeared legitimate.
To put that into perspective the target chargeback for any business should be less than 1%, I had approximately 30% under Digital Rivers Payment Gateway.
I even called the Digital River team on one of the big orders and was assured that systems were in place to check data.
The Pre Authorisation does not however check data, it does not check name, it does not check address, it does not check which country the card was issued in, it does not check IP, it does not even check if it is a man or a woman.
The AVS Address verification system does not work for UK users due to their banking partners! Who happen to be JP Morgan.
There is no current reason to use this system in the UK unless you want to lose your business.
Am I bitter Oh Yes!
This has virtually shut down my business.

2 reviews
13 helpful votes

I am finally fed up enough with Digital River to post a complaint and suggest that vendors should seriously consider using an alternate option.

About six months ago I received an email from Nuance promoting an introductory price for DNS. I placed the order for a download version and added backup CD. Subsequently my order was rejected for the download version, but not for the CD. Nice to have spent money on a CD without getting the license. On complaint to Nuance they said it was a problem with Nuance and could care less. I ended up purchasing DNS 12 recently through Amazon. Guess what, I used the same credit card and address!

Today I went to order an annual subscription to screencast. My order was rejected twice using the same credit card and address as for Nuance. A call to TechSmith sales and I was able to make the order without problem. Again using the same credit card and address.

I am sick and tired of Digital River and will avoid them at all cost. If a vendor does not offer an alternative to purchasing their product through DR, I will not purchase the product.

1 review
9 helpful votes

I bought software from Digital River which did not work. Customer service is awful; you can only communicate by email. There are grammar mistakes in all of their correspondence. I have been sent back and forth between emails, each saying that the other will resolve it. They will not give me a refund and insist they have solved my problem. I still don't have working software.

114 reviews
388 helpful votes

I recently bought a antivirus software that was less than perfect buy a long shot. When I bought the software from Office Depot the box did not say that they had no customers service support. In fact it said just the opposite. I called the number on the box when I needed help and guess who answered? To my surprise after spending almost $90.00 for the software that had a third party vendor handling there customer service. The representative told me they where Digital River. I asked her why I was not getting support from the name of the software maker? She replied saying that unless I bought the software online directly from the antivirus company I had to deal with them. Well of course I became pretty irate. I then told her where to get off at and said I would get my money back and she could stuff it. I also told her that unless they put that on the box they are selling in retail stores like Staples and Office Depot then they need to remove them from the stores all together. So beware of the Digital River corporation that does not identify themselves before you waste your money. Of course I know that Office Depot had nothing to do with this as they also where unaware of the issue until I brought it to there attention. They then swapped it out for me. How nice was that?

1 review
5 helpful votes

Digital River is awful. Avoid them if you can. I bought a Lenovo laptop from them but the laptop didn't work. Digital River tells me I have to get a refund and the process is as follows:
1. I contact Lenovo and get a return code under their warranty scheme.
2. I give the return code to Digital River.
3. Digital River confirms the return code with Lenovo and then collects the laptop from me
4. Once Digital River has collected the laptop from me they give me a refund.

Everyone is doing their part except Digital River. Lenovo gave me a return code straight away. I gave the return code to Digital River. Digital River wont contact Lenovo to confirm the return code.
At first they tried telling me they contacted Lenovo and the delay is with Lenovo, however, Lenovo are adamant Digital River have not yet contacted them. Lenovo say all Digital River have to do is send an email and Lenovo will approve it immediately. Digital River now accepts they have not yet sent the email to Lenovo and claim they will prioritise sending the email with their supervisor. Its been over a week now and they are still delaying sending an email to Lenovo to confirm the return code. When I asked to speak with a supervisor I was told a supervisor will phone me. I am still waiting. Its pretty obvious Digital River are delaying giving me a refund for as long as possible. My recommendation is save yourself a nightmare and do not buy from these crooks.

1 review
6 helpful votes

Digital River are the online seller in the UK of Lenovo computers so I ordered my computer through them. There is an initial dispatch time of 2-3 working days but I am a third year university student and called for an update on the second day because I really need a computer. These are the following lies I was told by the most useless customer service team I have ever come across:

1.) It would be ten days because it was coming from China and I would receive an email the next day.
2.) When no email arrived that it had been delayed for an extra 3 days and was coming from Europe.
3.) That it was further delayed by 2 days.
4.) That it was again delayed by a further 4 days (now due to be dispatched two weeks after the initial order.
5.) That it had been dispatched the previous Friday, the day that I was told that it would be delayed by 4 days. This included an email with tracking details for DHL which did not work. When DHL were called they said that this number was not a tracking number with them. They had no record of it at all!
6.) By this point I was more than furious and called back to ask what the hell was going on only to be told it had not been dispatched. When I asked where the tracking number came from I was told that they had no idea. I then asked to speak to a manager who would call me back within the hour. Four hours later I AGAIN called to ask about talking to a manager and was (quite rudely) told that the manager would call me tomorrow because 'they receive a lot of emails'.

Well NO WONDER they receive a lot of emails. They are officially the worst customer service team I have ever talked to. Not just oblivious but actively lying to customers. If the manager does call me back (which I doubt) I will be cancelling my order.

5 reviews
10 helpful votes

Avoid this company. They will put you on an automatic renewal when their original product does not work (they will not answer you on that one either). I am getting charged by them when I didn't authorize a yearly charge, nor did the original product work. AVOID AVOID AVOID

1 review
7 helpful votes

Digital river is a seller for third party software. I bought a mp3 player from because it played older mp3's. I never received the software key to unlock the program out of trial mode. Digital River/RegNow/MyCommerce and have refused to answer any emails so they have essentially stolen 28+dollars from me.
Do not use this company. They are thieves.

1 review
5 helpful votes

lenovo france sell through digital river. reluctant at first, I ended up buying my lenovo laptop through digital river. What to say?
1) they are useless: they levy shipping cost in between lenovo and UPS, what for?
2) order monitoring is non-existant: it went from "being processed" to "completed" in three weeks. It's only since my shipment has been registered with UPS that I have more details. Meanwhile, I've had 1150EUR up in the air, zero info
3) their staff is stone: three full days after my order someone really weird from digital river phoned me to collect my address details...I already entered it online! The tone of his voice, and the wording of his questions did sound like the guy was stone.
4) they lie: they claimed a 1-2 weeks delivery...I'm entering week 4 and still waiting.

If you can avoid Digital River, do avoid them, they are not serious.

1 review
4 helpful votes

I have been using the Digital River companies RegNow and SWreg for about 14 years. They give good service, and are fairly easy to set up. In that time I have never had any transaction from my websites compromised, their security is excellent.
The one thing that prevents a 5 star rating is their customer support. Whenever I've sent a "Contact Us" support request, I have not received an answer. They must think that if they ignore you, you'll eventually find the answer. I usually have, but after a lot of wasted time and frustration that could have been averted by the courtesy of a simple answer from them.

1 review
6 helpful votes

I didn't manage to do business with them, but their sales team has been pompous and condescending. If that is a SALES team, whose job is to promote their product, and has all the motivation to please the customer, I can't imagine how their support team would be. Not impressed at all.

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A: Digital River sells no products. Whoever you bought from uses Digital River to get your money. A middle man, secretary, agent etc.
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