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278 reviews
Categories: Deal, Discount Shopping, Shoes
400 Stewart Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89101-2913
Tel: (888) 676-2660
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278 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

I ordered a pair of Roper brand round toe fringe and studs boots from 6pm for $84.99. I bought them the second I saw the price because they're retailing everywhere else for between 149-186 and I had been just dying for them! Of course I didn't read the reviews until AFTER I submitted my purchase and I became so nervous I ALMOST cancelled my order. I was freaking out since there are so many people who didn't get what they ordered and were forced to pay the return shipping as if it were their fault, and that most of those reviews were people ordering shoes or boots!

Anyways, I tracked the package and discovered it had already shipped. I couldn't cancel! I sat nervous for 5 days halfway expecting to be out $85.00! They arrived today PERFECT! Exactly what I ordered, in flawless original Roper box complete with tags on each boot strap and tissue paper inside to keep them from becoming misshapen during shipment. I was so excited! Maybe I just got lucky. Idk. I don't mean to dismiss the frustrations of other customers, but my transaction was so perfect that it almost made me wonder if some of the negative reviews aren't written by other companies who are tired of losing business to 6pm's absolutely unbeatable prices!

Anyhoo, I love the boots! Love, love, love them! Luckily I already knew exactly how Ropers fit me so I didn't have to worry about a return for size reasons. And even luckier still, 6pm sent exactly what I ordered for free at close to 100 bucks less than everyone else! SCORE! If you know how the brand you're buying fits you, I say go for it! I'm supper happy that I did!

Ask Kacie about 6pm
1 review
0 helpful votes

Unless you want a fake bag for a lot of money, stay away from this site. It's probably best to stick with the coach website or any other trusted department store with the designer bags and a reputation of being authentic.

Ask Kristen about 6pm
1 review
1 helpful vote

Ordered a coat and received a book bag! How pathetically stupid do you have to be to not be able to distinguish between coat and a book bag???

Ask Lakisha about 6pm
20 reviews
39 helpful votes

My fellow size 11 girls know that it can be difficult to find our size in stores. I live in a town with a variety of options but most of those places admit they only get a few size 11's and often, those shoes are out the door quickly.
6pm has given me another option to find what I want at a reasonable price. Most recently, I purchased a pair of UGG boots and Nike walking shoes on clearance. And a real plus was that neither pair was made in some wonky colors that no one would ever purchase.
I've always had good luck - shipping has been fast, and when I had to make a return, it was credited promptly.
The company offers special deals from time to time. Sign up for e-mails if you want to hear them.

Ask Nancy about 6pm
1 review
2 helpful votes

Their site promises no defects or fakes but that was a lie when I opened my package today. I ordered a very expensive Valentino Bravia bag in python leather. A $1,400 purse on sale for $425. The purse I recieved didn't even match the picture. The shoulder strap was missing. The metal plate was cheap steal with water stains. The inside trash was cloth (it is supposed to be gold medal plating) was sewn in UPSIDEDOWN. There were no authenticity cards like there should be in the inside pocket. The sewing quality was horrible. 6pm had offered me a new Bravia bag but with no python print. I'm actually nervous to order anything else at this point. And when you call customer service you will be speaking to someone from India or the Philippines. If this is really Zappos, you have lost a customer. Discount or not, no one likes to be cheated.

Ask Xanah about 6pm
1 review
0 helpful votes

I have had such a negative experience lately regarding quality and style - all is so cheap quality that I NEVER would buy at the store having an opportunity to touch the item or very bulky style I wouldn't buy either. I don't know where they get their products from, all seem like fake replicas. Had to return so many times at MY OWN expense.

Ask Gala about 6pm
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

Shoes came quickly

Ask Joy about 6pm
1 review
2 helpful votes

I was a loyal customer of 6pm for a few years, but after my last couple of purchases I will no longer use their services. On several of occasions they advertised a certain price for the shoe, but upon checkout/purchase (2-5 minutes later) the price was significantly higher. I had to call 6pm and they rectified the situation. It happened again, but this time my husband was making the purchase. It was not until the shoes arrived & I checked the invoice did I notice that upon checkout the shoes were higher a higher price. Of course when I tried contacting them, I never heard from them again. K. Baker

Tip for consumers: Be sure the price advertised is the price you will be charged upon checkout.

Ask K about 6pm
1 review
2 helpful votes

Bought a pair of high end boots, always wear a size 7.5 and these were way to small. Went to return them to only be told i would have to pay $20 to ship them back. Other online shopping returns are free. Is this how they make most of their money by sending you defective products and charging you to ship it back. Horrible. Never again. AND THE BOOTS LOOKED SUPER CHEAP..possible knock offs. Disappointing. I would give NO stars but had to-to submit review :o/

Ask s about 6pm
1 review
1 helpful vote

I made my first purchase from this website just a couple days ago. I ordered Osiris shoes from the site immediately after the shoes that I wanted disappeared from the brand's main website (I'm assuming they sold out) and paid extra for one-day shipping. The only negative thing about the transaction was that my order did spend two whole days listed under "Processing" before they actually shipped out. As soon as they were marked "Shipped" though, they arrived exactly a day later, just as I ordered.

I originally ordered from the site on a whim, I'm inexperienced with buying shoes and clothing online so I just kind of bought them on the first site I found them on. They were $10 less on 6pm than they were selling for on the regular website, too. After purchasing them, I realized that "Oh, some websites are scams" and went looking for reviews, just to find that the site has EXTREMELY mixed reviews and I was scared. They arrived today and I will admit that I was fearful as I was opening the box but was pleasantly greeted with the same colour, size and brand of shoes that I had ordered, brand new, just as described.

Since the site has such negative feedback, I'm unsure if I'd give someone a 100% recommendation to use the site without warning them of the negative reviews and the possibility that something may go wrong. I'm not sure why people may not be getting what they originally ordered but it's a company run by human beings (just like everything else) and well.. humans make mistakes. They even allow you to return any shoes you order as long as it's within 30 days of receiving them. I got what I ordered and I'm very pleased.

I'd personally say, don't be AFRAID to order from this website because there's actually a chance that you'll get exactly what you ordered and be pleased with it. If you don't get what you ordered, well, you can return the shoes and get your money back. There isn't much to lose, right?

Ask Austin about 6pm
14 reviews
1 helpful vote

It is a discounted store cool

Ask alfred about 6pm
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

I would read every review in sight before I made a purchase, but this place is legit. NO SCAM. I ordered a pair of puma suedes at a discounted price they came on time in good condition and I was so happy. I've recently had a bad experience with a purchase from Journeys online and I'd refer someone to this sight before Journeys.

Ask Brittany about 6pm
1 review
0 helpful votes

I recently ordered four pairs of shoes from and they arrived as promised in just four business days in pristine condition. Our package was shipped correctly and neatly with the items we ordered online and there were no problems with any of the shoes at all. I highly recommend for great deals and selections of name brand shoes and other clothing items as well. We'll definitely use again in the near future as we are very happy and satisfied customers. Thank you for everything!

Tip for consumers: Please read and review the return policy before deciding on returning orders and items from Thank you!

Ask Ahmad about 6pm
1 review
0 helpful votes

Unbelievable, in 2016 having to return ship is ridiculous. I didn't even check. I shop online for everything and with all of the competition for customer approval having to go and ship your own return seems impossible. The prices were not any lower than others, I can't believe I fell for this.
I'll tell you right now, I am a prime member on amazon and I just assumed any other merchandiser associated with them would be professional.
I'll also be righting to Amazon. I noticed 6PM at the bottom of their site. I would never have shopped there if I knew they were that antiquated.

Tip for consumers: Don't. The possibility that you would ever want to return something isn't worth the couple of bucks you save.

Ask Joy about 6pm
1 review
2 helpful votes

Buyer Beware! I was very distressed to realize that I had missed the 30 day return/exchange policy for this company (6pm). Yes, it's my fault that I procrastinated 36 days before asking to return it. I would have been happy with an exchange of one size larger and would have paid for the service. So now, I'm stuck with a too small $75 dress and 6pm has an unhappy customer writing bad reviews. They are so inflexible that they would not even exchange it. Yes, customer service answered me with the standard "that's our policy" email. I obviously will not be returning to this store when there are so many other companies who pride themselves on trying to please a customer with a reasonable request. 6pm is not one of them.

Ask Patti about 6pm
1 review
2 helpful votes

1. French Connection dress appears to be knock off. Has a FC label, but fabric, cut, fit, and overall quality are off. First order from this site. Had already bought the dress in question, but needed the next size up which was sold out from the major retailer, so I have a real comparison.

2. Not only does it appear to be a knock off, but also appears to be a second or worn return. Clearly has been worn and either cleaned or washed previously as the dye from the print has bled out and blushed the white border to pale pink, and has wrinkle creases across the hip/thigh area (right where the dress would bunch when sitting).

3. Insult to injury. I have to pay shipping to send the fake item to them.

Ask Shirley about 6pm
1 review
0 helpful votes

After placing an order and 6pm getting Cc info wrong I used an alternate card. 6pm did not get it right again I spoke with the Credit card company they said no issue on amount being approved.
Next I get an email that order is cancelled.
The worse part of all of this is customer service is over seas and 6pm has chosen not to have any U.S. agents. You are forced to deal with outsourced agents who's only refined skill is answering a phone. The federal government has a regulation/law that states any business in the continental united states must provide a United States representative upon customers request. 6pm will tell you that is not possible the only agents are over seas.

Ask Sue about 6pm
5 reviews
26 helpful votes

If you like a particular brand of clothing on sale, I strongly suggest shopping at I have had nothing but excellent experiences with them. For clothes I know about, they are one of my go-to sites. I have never had to return anything so far, so I can't comment on that, but their prices and selection are excellent, and in my experience, items are shipped quickly. I highly recommend.

Ask Ardath about 6pm
3 reviews
3 helpful votes
4/7/16 is amazing! I've purchased some New Balance running shoes, heels for work, and a few purses so far. Incredible discount pricing and product selection. Shipping is free too, in my experience so far.

Ask Emily about 6pm
2 reviews
28 helpful votes

I searched high and low for as many reviews as possible for this site, and there seemed to be quite a few customers who got items they did not order, or the shoes were used, or they had problems returning. I've been wanting to try Stuart Weitzman shoes for years and 6pm was the only site where they were affordable for me, with discounts of up to 85% off for some of the pairs I wanted. Now, in my past experience, such discounts, especially at sites like DSW, are too good to be true, and the reason luxury items are priced so low is because they are defective, have scratches, discoloration, or were floor models. But, I thew caution to the wind and ordered 2 pairs of Weitzman boots, which cost me almost 400 dollars. To my surprise, the shoes arrived brand new, no defects, perfect fit - the only defect I noticed, was that one of the shoe boxes was a little raggedy and had small pieces of tape on the side. I don't care about that as long as the shoes themselves were in pristine condition. I was so pleased, I ordered a 3rd pair that same night and it too arrived with no problem. So, whether a fluke or a chance of luck, I had a very good experience. Can't vouch for returns, however, and hopefully will never have to.

Ask Sofia about 6pm
8 reviews
7 helpful votes

Just checked out the sale on shoes that 6pm has going on. Fabulous sale, righteous prices and many styles to choose from. Site is easy to maneuver. Shipping costs are low, BUT over 50.00 is free shipping. Clothing sale also going on, along with shoes. All name brand. Unfortunately promo codes are all invalid. Tried them myself. Gave it 4 stars for this reason. I only shop with promos. Possibly next month their codes will be active.

Tip for consumers: Always check for promo codes on

Ask DameDeb about 6pm
34 reviews
38 helpful votes

I found this site and wasn't sure if quality was the same but I checked and found that is thru zapoos which I love that site. Do I ordered A couple of items to check the quality.
They have free shipping just like zappoos and returns which I have not used.
They have great brands like Hudson, 7 for all Mankind etc. The sizes are the same so I do not see any difference except sales are about half off. That's is a great savings for $200.00 plus jeans etc
I did get 1 pair of Hudson jeans with different color buttons. They areally black and my others just like them are not. Not sure but am looking at site to check.
I am happy with the site and recommend it.

Ask Maxine about 6pm
1 review
7 helpful votes

It was my first time using 6pm and it was suggested by a friend who told me that they were like Zappos, free shipping and free returns. I went head and purchase two pairs of sneakers since I was not sure which pair would fit best. I am returning one of the pairs and to my surprise the company does not: 1) provide pre-printed return label (so you have to create your own label and stick it on the box) and 2) Customer is responsible for the return shipping. I am so disillusioned with this company. It will be my first and last time I buy anything from them. In today's competitive market, I expect a certain level of Customer Service which entails pre-printed return labels and free return shipping.
One less potential customer and consistent shopper.

Ask Onosma about 6pm
4 reviews
3 helpful votes

I can only speak on shoe purchases, but always look here before making a shoe purchase anywhere else. They have a huge selection and in most cases the cheapest price you will find for the exact same shoe anywhere else. I still peruse Zappos, but 6pm has beat them on price the last 3 pairs of shoes I've purchased.

Ask Zoe about 6pm
1 review
5 helpful votes

I will never order again. Did not know they don't offer prepaid returns if boot doesnt fit..Thank you. It cost me 34 dollars today to return for a boot that ran too small.. As an internet shopper too many other high end sites that send prepaid labels!! terrible policy after 6!

Ask Sara about 6pm
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