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Brigade Gateway,8th floor, 26/1, Dr. Rajkumar Road, Malleshwaram(W)
Bangalore, WA 560055, India
Tel: 2082758401
2017 Customer choice award

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7 reviews
11 helpful votes

Amazon is really amazing Online Shopping site. As when I need anything in low cost but of good quality, I shop on Amazon. It really made my life easy as I get each & every product delivered at my home very nicely packed & with complete info about my ordered product. I must also bring in views about the Amazon Pay Balance where one can get the change like even one rupee in your account on Amazon. That's called Value for Money. Thank you Amazon for this Amazing Journey to be continued... in future with Best Services.

2 reviews
15 helpful votes

showing price ever less than other but delivery charges beer from our pocket always .if we would purchase 100rs product with discount 59 essential oil i talk about charges of delivery 100 rs either i was purchased 8peices of essential oil but charges for each one seperate 8*100=800rs for delivery waoooo...make it fool .

4 reviews
8 helpful votes

Hi There,

I made an order in Amazon ,order no: 408-8209322-4837110 which should be delivered on 19/11/2018. I received a message on 19th from Amazon that says my order is delivered but it's not delivered yet and courier people are not answering for my calls. Few times they responded and courier boy told me to remind him later to deliver but he just left the home town with the parcel. People trust Amazon very much but they are bluffing the customers before they deliver and they are very careless with customer orders. Courier people are quiet unprofessional.They haven't responded to me even after i submitted feedback to Amazon, so they don't care a customer.

2 reviews
2 helpful votes

Delivers the right product..... Almost no difference is seen in the photograph and the goods delivered.

6 reviews
12 helpful votes

I have never faced any issues with buying on Amazon..though the costs may vary from market by a small margin.. I get most of my electronic on Amazon and even books.

But for being seller you have to already be a well established business with flourishing sales volume in order to make Amazon a sales platform or media. Else its not for businesses that dont own a website of its own.

1 review
2 helpful votes

It is very useful for customers, if they want to buy any product they can search the customer review and reveals the product details.

So we can easily purchase whatever likes.

1 review
4 helpful votes

froud seller
I order a item Jain Pure Aquafresh Pre Filter For Water Purifier at 21 September 2017
and at 26Sep17 system showing order is delivered.

I block my credit card due to some security resion.
Now amazon person is telling he is not able to refund money .

Final conclusion is that:
Don't pay online
In case if u paid amount online and u loss ur account or credit card
so amozon will not able to refund u

3 reviews
7 helpful votes

In a row, four times, I have been duped by such a famous site. As now they are established, so they have started duping us out of our money. I ordered 'the Clownfish 13 inch / 14 inch Synthetic Signature Series Laptop and Tablet Bag - Macbook Air, Macbook Pro Laptop Bag' but the bag is instead a sack, too big in size and very inferior PVC quality. And the services are too poor the delivery agent does not contact, instead I have to contact them

2 reviews
3 helpful votes

I am a regular customer of amazon and no much bitter experiences from them. But recently I purchased a water purifier and the received item was entirely different from which shown and described in the web site. So I tried to return it. But, then I came to know that some items will not be picked by amazon, so we have to return it on our own risk by other couriers. It gives struggles to buyers due to return, delay for waiting to refund, reorder, and many mess-ups. Since this item was very urgent for me, I was compelled to use this sub-standard item.
I think amazon is not taking any action on those sellers.

2 reviews
8 helpful votes

I ordered Sennheiser CX 275s earphones from AMAZON but they failed the SENNHEISER AUTHENTICATION TEST. The earphones were counterfeit.

So I asked Amazon to send a replacement. The new product failed the authentication test too. This product was also counterfeit.

So when and if you buy from amazon, BEWARE the product might be a FAKE. Don't forget to check their authenticity before accepting.

As compensation, AMAZON decided to pay 50 rupees. Shameful!!

2 reviews
2 helpful votes

Amazing collection but sometimes overprices and delivery issues. But fortunately the reward system and the support system is very active and helpful.

8 reviews
7 helpful votes
7/29/17 reach international standards also in India, especially improving trustability of seller (mismatching details on item on sale, not real time alert, and delays in delivery).
PS allow foreigner to use their international cards too while shopping in India!

1 review
3 helpful votes

I ordered a product on Amazon recently and opted COD ... without any call they have cancelled my order sending across a message saying customer has refused the order .When I call the customer service they say it is a general error that occurs when a customer has opted for COD and he requests me to place a new order with prepaid payment. If they have given an option COD how can they negate it...what's the fun in having that option at all....

2 reviews
3 helpful votes

I have buy wallet form and my product delever date is 19 july 2017. But today is 21 july 2017. And I have no information about my product and amazon customer executive tell wait wait and only wait but not resolve my problem so amazon is very bed site for shopping

7 reviews
3 helpful votes

I love this site to the core of my heart. The prompt delivery and responsive customer service made this amazon india, a wonderful hub to shop.

1 review
3 helpful votes

I am not sure why you Amazon accepts order when the entire CS team is ready to force you to cancel the order. If this is your real policy then please stop accepting orders from now.

Order ID # 404-7463504-2057908

My request was very simple either complete the delivery before 10 oct or allow me to redirect the parcel to another city. Even your policy allows to re-direct the package to a different address until it is shipped.

But as per your team, it is allotted to Courier Team, however, the status is still getting ready to ship. I am really surprised by the number of stages you need to ship the package.

Your team has advised me about 3 stages. God know how many stages you need to ship the package.

I just have a simple request as previously mentioned.

If you really care about my order then review the chat and resolve my issue.

Me: Hi
You are now connected to Manish Manohar from
Manish Manohar: Hello, my name is Manish Manohar. How may I help you today ?
Me: Hi
Please check my previous order and update me
Manish Manohar: Are you referring to Moto G Turbo (Black, 16GB) ?
Me: yes
Manish Manohar: Thank you for providing the information
I'll surely help you out with it.
I see that your product has not yet shipped.
and your order has been confirmed and will be delivered to you on or before 13th October , 2016
Me: Could you please let me know why it hasn't shipped yet? As your colleague promised me two days that it will ship within 2 days?
Manish Manohar: As promised by me colleague usually all orders get shipped within 24-48 hours but as we have our sale going on there is a delay going on in dispatchment of products but I can confirm that there is no delay in the delivery of your order and will be delivered to you within the time frame allotted
Me: I need this item before 10th of oct.
Manish Manohar: I will not be able to guarantee you on the delivery of your product within the date provided by you as the item has not yet dispatched
but I'll surely put in a note to prioritize your product delivery
Me: Is it possible to re-direct the order to an different address?
Manish Manohar: redirectment of package is possible within the same city
but re directment leads to delay in delivery of package by 24-48 hours.
Me: It fine but I need to re-direct the package to this pincode 832301
As I will not be not available here to receive the package after 10th.
Manish Manohar: As told previously re-directment is possible within the same city
In case it does not get delivered to you by 10th october, 2016 you can cancel the order and place a new order for the new address
Me: Are you able to give me the same deal on this item?
Manish Manohar: I see that the product is still available at same price
Me: how much?
Manish Manohar: 9999
Me: Could you please check how much I paid for it?
Manish Manohar: and we wont be able to provide the lightening deal which was applied for your order
Me: So, please stop saying your nonsense response and pass the chat to your senior.
Manish Manohar: I understand you want to talk to my senior but they will be sharing same resources as I have.
Me: I am sorry but I don't want to chat with you.
Please transfer
Manish Manohar: Ok just be online while I connect you to my senior
Me: ok
A Customer Service Associate will be with you in a moment.
You are now connected to Sai from
Me: hi
Sai: My name is Sai. I am a supervisor on the floor. I'll be glad to help you.
I've checked your chat conversation details and see that you've contacted us for an early delivery on the Order No: 404-7463504-2057908.
Me: Just a simple request, either deliver my product before 10 or allow me to re-direct the product to different city.
Sai: Unfortunately, I can't promise a delivery at a different city. However, we've provided an estimated delivery date which is comparatively far than usual as this is a festive season and we're having more order volumes being shipped out of our fulfillment centers.
However, we're trying our best to get the packages delivered as soon as possible.
Me: It's not fair at all.
You are denying my both requests.
CS team is there to serve the customer not to deny the request without any logic.
Sai: I'm really sorry about that. We'll be showing you an estimated delivery date while placing an order. That is the maximum time we need to pack, ship and delivery the order to the selected address.
Me: I am just asking to re-direct to different city
Sai: We'll not be able to make any changes to an order after it is placed. However, if you want the package to be delivered to a different place we can do it if the other address is also in the same city. We'll not be able to redirect the shipment to a different city.
Me: May I please know why?
Sai: Once an order is placed, depending on the pincode, we'll provide an estimated delivery date and a courier will be assigned automatically. To change the city of delivery, you need to cancel the order and place a new order with the correct pincode which will be assigned automatically.
Me: is this your policy?
Sai: Yes
Me: Okay, as I have accepted your policy while signed up and I have to accept it. Before I do this may I have one copy of your policies?
Sai: full link)
The first phrase states that 'You can change your shipping preferences in Your Account at any time after placing your order as long as the order hasnt entered the shipping process yet.'
Me: yes, that's my point it hasn't shipped yet, You can change the delivery address.
As your colleague confirmed that it hasn't shipped yet.
Sai: The order will be assigned to a courier within 1 hour after placing. If you want to change and address, you can cancel it and place an order within the 1 hours. This particular order is assigned to a courier and it will be shipped.
The current status of your order is 'shipping soon'
Me: How come it is possible that it has been handed over to courier but the status is Preparing for Dispatch
You guys are just changing your words after each and every contact.
On the very first time your colleague promised me that it will ship within 24 hours. Nothing happened.
On second contact your team advised that it has entered to first stage of shipping and will receive an email: No change
3rd time it is on 2nd stage? How many stages you need?
Now, shipping soon and too much useless responses but not a single effort to assist.
Status is still getting it ready? Please pass the exact order status with me.
Sai: Your order is package and a courier is assigned to it. You'll receive an shipping confirmation email as soon as the product is dispatched.
Me: As much as I know, once you assigned a courier it gives you a tracking ID, may I have the tracking ID?
Sai: I'm sorry, the tracking id will be generated only after the package is handed over to the courier and the same will be sent to you via email.
Me: As it hasn't handed over yet means still not shipped.
As per policy you can change the address.
Sai: The package is assigned to a courier depending on the pincode mentioned in the address. So, we'll not be able to make any changes to it.
Me: May I which courier company?
Sai: That information will only be available with the fulfillment center team and we'll not be having the details with us.
Me: My brother what details you have except saying no?
Sai: You'll receive your order by the estimated delivery date provided to you while placing the order. This is the information I can provide to you at this point of time.
Me: Please transfer the chat to your senior.
Sai: This chat can't be transferred further. This is the best we can do at this point of time.
Me: Just transfer please.
Sai: I'm so sorry, but we can't offer any additional insight or action on this matter.
Is there anything else I can help you with?
Me: I repeat, just transfer the chat. In case you disconnect it. It will impact much on social networks. So, be humble just transfer.
Sai: I'm sorry, I'm not allowed to comment on that. If there isn't anything else I can help you with, I'll need to disconnect this chat.
Me: Just transfer only that you can do.
Sai: Thank you for contacting Amazon. Have a great day.

Thank you for ruining my day.

1 review
3 helpful votes

This website is cheating both sellers and the consumers, what they do is replace the real products with fake one or cheap ones specially with similar names to avoid being sued, its just a matter of time before they piss off some rich guys and get thrown out of india for running a con products site.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I recived my courier today.
Quality service and quality product.

3 reviews
16 helpful votes

Bakvas site he. Sab saller our delivery bhi .. chitar he..lutne ko bethe he Amazon vale.. sham on you.. mera macron ka power bank ka rifund our courier charge abhi tak nahi mila.. my Amazon id .

4 reviews
3 helpful votes

I ordered some multivitamins from Healthkart as my brother is a gym freak and he had some healthkart cash in his account. But the who service was pathetic. So I switched to for my second order and it was spot-on.

5 reviews
2 helpful votes

excellent service and genuine product and on time delivery

2 reviews
28 helpful votes

I am Tushar Jadhav facing bad experience with amazon india service. I have placed an order of Moto e 2nd Gen 4G mobile on 2nd March 2016 which offered me for Rs. 5999 which actual costs Rs. 6999. it is expected to delivered within next two days. But till today, it is not yet dispatched and I have contacted customer care 6 times since I have placed an order, but they don't have an idea about my order and what is happening at their inventory. Can anybody expect this type of answer from India's leading e-commerce online shopping company? I am extremely disappointed with amazon service. Now, they expect from me to cancel that order and place new order which cost me now Rs. 6999 which is Rs. 1000 extra. They deny to offer me mobile in same cost if I go for new order. It is prepaid order which I had placed earlier. Now, I want to take legal action against this approach of amazon. Can anybody let me know the procedure to take legal action in this case? My mobile no is 8149979711.

3 reviews
1 helpful vote

I order Samsung Alpha from amazon, i was bit worried about delivery and quality. But it turns out to be perfect. It was amazing experience. Such a good care of customers. Hats off to you people.

2 reviews
4 helpful votes

Ever Most reliable online site. I love shopping with amazon.

3 reviews
4 helpful votes

Its an amzing webstie thanks alot. amazon team you guys rock.

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