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Kenneth J.
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“Communicate communicate .we need to hear from you”

Sir, Dec 13: we sent two large packages via UPS to Miami, from Illinois.
They were delivered but we did not know, we made several calls e mails no answer .
Would be good if the delivery guy can inform us....package delivered, Received by John,
We paid over $176.00 delivery charges.
A phone call or e mail will do.
The receiver eventually notified us after 16 days,

Lynne H.
1 review
“Really Terrible!”

They don't know what they are doing! Appalling, were meant to pick a parcel up, we have been in all day and they were meant to uplift between 12 and 5. No show. My husband spoke to someone who said we didn't have a delivery arranged despite a printed delivery label, a notification saying when uplift would be and a payment made by PayPal! He then wanted to refund and my husband said no way, you are picking our parcel up and we have to pay an extra £3 cash to the driver, if he shows up of course. So another half day in. Absolutely rubbish, rubbish, rubbish, please do not use.

Val S.
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“package left at apartment door”

i was told package that i was sending to an apartment would have a card left if no one home - that did not happen - they left at the door! Fortunately no one stole it but definately what i paid for!

Courtney T.
1 review

One of their drivers screamed and cussed at my mom and called her all sorts of horrible names. Her boss called in to complain and defend her and they didnt even apologize! Completely unacceptable! Currently working on getting that driver fired

Terry w.
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“Useless Service and Tracking”

I paid $300 for Expedited International Service that said I would receive my goods in 3 days. It has been over 2 weeks and still no package. I have tried to track the package through online service and phone calls and e-mails and it now looks like I won't get my package for another 5 days. What do you think the rating should be. I wouldn't even give it one star!

Steven C.
1 review
“DIY customer service and delivery”

I have received such terrible service, that I intentionally looked up where I could leave a negative review in the hope to influence change. This last time I was left a notification sticker that on my $68 order there was a $24 delivery fee...okay. I signed up to have it redirected to the UPS store while i was at work. Instead they tried to delivery it again. I called the UPS store and also double checked that I signed up for that it was supposed to be delivered there. They said it was listed as incoming but they outsourced to a third party courier. I called for a week, finally I was told to call the UPS contact center. After waiting a half hour on hold they couldn't tell me where it is and suggested to call the sender to issue a refund. That is why I have things delivered regular post and insure it, so much for the Christmas presents; thanks for nothing UPS.

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“Bad Service all round!!!”

I have a few packages that I for the life of me just can't receive from this postal company. I am seeing the status saying these items are delivered to the POST OFFICE yet when go to pick up item, ITEMS are NOT in the mail box & NEITHER WAS IT GIVEN AT THE DESK!!!!


I tried calling their phone number and not a $#*! am I getting through! Emailing is another big problem cause I can't get an email address to contact company!!

I messaged them on facebook, however, got a response and I felt like I was actually getting somewhere, BUT when went and picked up item, 2 items was found and 3 are still MISSING!!!!

Tried messaging them yet again on facebook, and I yet to get a response!!


B F.
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“Mis-delivered not picked up promptly”

UPS has had a habit of delivering packages not belonging to us to our address. First of all, it's not exactly intuitive when trying to contact them on the phone of how this is supposed to be addressed. You have to enter the tracking number and after a series of prompts you are eventually connected to a customer service representative. The representatives are helpful and you do get a phone call from the local depot, however, trying to get them to retrieve the misdelivered package proves to be challenging. In the latest round, it took 3 days and they delivered packages properly addressed to us. Their excuse is that it's the holidays and they hire lots of temporary employees. Sounds like the temporary employees are not receiving proper training.

Jean L.
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“Impressive Service!”

Wow! I am impressed by what UPS and their employees will do to deliver packages to their customers! Thank you! Great job! Keep up the good work. UPS is my first choice in sending packages!

Ravon S.
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“They blame customers”

Everytime they deliver my stuff they ALWAYS send it to the wrong address and blame me because the driver won't take their time to read the addresses right

Cassie P.
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#ups #UPS #deliveryfromhell
I ordered a bed frame from Wayfair which is great! Unfortunately they use UPS as their shipping company. I was told my package would be delivered on November 27 .. My sisters death anniversary falls on the same day. I called UPS and asked if it could be pushed back to the 28th of Nov... they SAID NO it had to be the 27. They also couldn't provide a three or four hour window in which the delivery would take place. They said between 9am to 8pm because of this i didn't get a chance to visit my brother or even go visit the accident site on that day. By the time 9 pm rolled around NO delivery!!! A lady from the local shipping facility (steeles location toronto Canada) Who had (had a Caribbean accent didn't get her name) called the morning of the 28th. She was EXTREMELY RUDE!!! Which to me is Disgusting considering the situation.... I was told by this lady the bed was never on the truck the day before!! WHAT??? I was told four times by UPS the day before this was out for delivery? Of course I was SOOOO MADDD to say the least and she hung up on me. You cant call the office back so at this point I don't know where the bed is. I call Wayfar, I spoke with a very nice lady who refunded me 50% of my order (which was nice) she also called UPS and they confirmed my bed would be delivered between 3pm and 7 pm... well 7pm rolled around and guess what NO BED!!! I call wayfair back and the man who answers this time calls UPS himself while im on hold and guess what? he comes back and tells me that UPS wouldn't be delivering this for another 2 days!!!!!! WTH!!!! and while i am having this conversation the UPS man shows up at my door with my bed!!! SO there seems to be ZERO communication between the local shipping office and the clients. The way I was treated the last few days was disgusting and I WOULD NEVER use UPS again nor will I buy anything from any company who is using UPS as their shipping company.. I am considering looking into legal action for this experience, and hoping for compensation. What I wrote here was ONLY HALF of the issues I had with this delivery.

R C.
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This Black Friday we got an Apple Watch and a SoHo wireless headphones online, they were supposed to be delivered to us. They were marked as delivered but we never received those. I am always at home and it's a 2nd floor apartment.

Sascha H.
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“Claims Department Needs Better Communication”

I had to deal with UPS claims as a result of order issue that I had with -See separate review.
Oct. 9 - UPS responds via email asking me to confirm my delivery address.
Oct. 11 - UPS canned response:

Can you please take the time to confirm if there were any issues with the delivery of this shipment?
Please check the following locations:
Family or household members, nearby neighbors
Entrances, porches, patios, back decks, garages
Leasing office or doorman that may have accepted your package

If you've had a chance to check these locations, please reply and confirm whether your shipment has been located.

It's possible that a replacement package was shipped. Please confirm if you received a replacement by including the new tracking number in your reply.

Thank you for taking the time to respond. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by shipment delays.


Marjorie C
UPS Package Information

I immediately respond that I never received a replacement package and my neighbors and family also do not know what happened to the package.

UPS did not care to inform me that they forwarded the claim to the original shipper - Keystone Auto. I find this out when I call about two to three weeks later wondering why I haven't heard anything back on what their disposition is.

The customer service rep states that they won't do anything unless they get something back from the original shipper. If they don't send anything well,... you get the gist - nothing happens. Sad service.

Nena M.
1 review
“Delivery issue”

The building I am in is locked, there is a Call Box where you press the number after the person's name, for access into the building. Delivery person never did that just took the package back.

Logically R.
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“Lazy, corrupt drivers”

Corrupt, lazy, worthless deliver drivers! The ONLY thing they deliver is NOTHING! I live in a small apartment complex that is mostly elderly people who order their meds and supplies online. Most of them never see their orders come in, as these delivery drivers refuse to even get out of their trucks, much less take packages to the addresses ON the packages!!!

According to the apartment manager, the drivers will drive through the complex, but never stop. The few that do stop, NEVER bother to try and deliver to the address on the package, they try to dump it off on the manager. She tells them they cannot leave packages there as she isn't a postal center. These drivers get pissy and nasty because she forces them to deliver these packages to the actual addresses on the packages! She says most all of them will just get back in their trucks and leave, and won't even TRY to deliver to the address on the package.

The manager came to work one day and said the maintenance man found a pile of packages dumped behind one of the bushes outside the building!!! The douchebag drivers just dumped stuff in the bushes and left!!!!

DON'T ORDER ANYTHING FROM ANYEONE WHO USES UPS!!!! Their "drivers" won't even attempt to deliver it to your door, and will end up dumping it in some bushes to get rid of it. They've even been seen dumping packages in local garbage cans!!!

Nathan B.
1 review

Almost 100% of these issues would go away If you could communicate to your UPS driver. He or she would more than likely go out of there way to help a customer out. Remember Your ups driver has been your daily driver for many years and he or she wants to have your back at all times. Sometimes your driver will be on vacation and a replacement driver will not do exactly the same way as your regular driver but still can handle the job almost just as good as your daily driver. :)

Steven M.
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“Lost or Lied”

Three times in the past year, twice in the last week I received emails from UPS saying a package was delivered, yet no package was and I was home at the time. I live on a cul-de-sac in a small house with thin walls. I can hear when a big delivery truck with a noisy engine comes down the street. The truck didn't even come down my street. They refuse to start an investigation on my word and will only do so after I contact the company I purchased from so they can request an investigation. They have the ability to track the trucks exact stops and find the addresses the packages were delivered to. They did so with me. I went to the address and it was an empty house with a for sale sign - no package. I contacted them again and was not polite in my discussion with them. An hour later the package was delivered. I think today's missing package was retribution by a driver that had a complaint filed against them. I will no longer use UPS for my deliveries and will not shop at companies that use UPS for theirs.

Rafal J.
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"To everyone who is thinking of using UPS,
Please don't. Spare yourself time and effort and go with another delivery company.
Using UPS is thus far the worst customer service experience I have ever received.
Not only they have lost my bike during the transport from one depo to another, it has taken 4 weeks to officially' find my package which has been known for all this time that the package was at the another depo.
I felt like it was left up to me to find the bike that UPS has lost!
Not only were the staff I spoke to unhelpful, but to be frank they were lazy and not very resourceful. All they appeared to be doing is shifting the blame from one person to another, and even worse, to a third party. I was not aware this third party until I was told my bike was lost. After several weeks of this ordeal, once the bike had been delivered it was damaged to the point where it could not even be ridden. I was told yesterday that by UPS that someone will be following up on my case. Obviously this has not happened and once again I need to continue my battle with UPS to receive compensation for my damaged goods.
I haven't mentioned before that the once bike was delivered, the package was half ripped and partially opened.
After having the worst experience of my life, I wanted to see whether my case was a one off'. It appears as though UPS is flooded with the bad comments about the service they provide.
It seems quite common that they rarely fulfil their contractual obligations.
Therefore, I would strongly suggest to everyone who is thinking of using UPS, to think twice and go with another delivery company.
Safe to say that none of my friends or work colleagues who either used UPS in the past, or were thinking of using them, won't be doing that anymore.
I hope that this comment will help you avoid going through the same ordeal as I have gone through.
Kind regards"

Nurudeen O.
1 review
“Luggage returned.”
• Updated review

I got an email that my luggage has been found and it was delivered the next day, the bag torn and damaged.
I'm so frustrated

• Previous review

I wish there's zero ratings!!

I sent 2 luggages same day and 1 was delivered while the 2nd was with the status"out for delivery" for two days.

The 3rd day I was told it's missing and they're searching for it.It's been over 2 weeks no trace.Those guys opened my bag and realised the contents are worth over $6000 and decided to steal it,how can a company with such name not be trustworthy with valuables or able to trace who took lugagges out for deliveries 2 days in a row?

Pls tell UPS to return my bag
I called ups about my lost valuables and was asked to file my claims. I have sent an estimate of items i can remember in the luggage today 9/24/18. I'm Just updating the community
Nurudeen Ojuolape

no n.
1 review

I shipped a package national with UPS at september 29th 2018. After a
week the package hadn't arrived and I had no message from UPS. After I
contacted them they told me they didn't know where the package was and
they opened a case. They sent me an e-mail saying that the package was
lost and I had to open a case to get my money back. After I contacted
them and asked them if I could get my postage fees back they said they
didn't know. I said that I wanted to know beforehand. They said they
couldn't tell me. To hell with UPS! So after my package didn't arrive, I
had to contact them, they lost my package and they couldn't tell me
whether I'll get my postage fees back? THAT'S IT! I WISH UPS WILL DROP

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