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no n.
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I shipped a package national with UPS at september 29th 2018. After a
week the package hadn't arrived and I had no message from UPS. After I
contacted them they told me they didn't know where the package was and
they opened a case. They sent me an e-mail saying that the package was
lost and I had to open a case to get my money back. After I contacted
them and asked them if I could get my postage fees back they said they
didn't know. I said that I wanted to know beforehand. They said they
couldn't tell me. To hell with UPS! So after my package didn't arrive, I
had to contact them, they lost my package and they couldn't tell me
whether I'll get my postage fees back? THAT'S IT! I WISH UPS WILL DROP

Nurudeen O.
1 review

I wish there's zero ratings!!

I sent 2 luggages same day and 1 was delivered while the 2nd was with the status"out for delivery" for two days.

The 3rd day I was told it's missing and they're searching for it.It's been over 2 weeks no trace.Those guys opened my bag and realised the contents are worth over $6000 and decided to steal it,how can a company with such name not be trustworthy with valuables or able to trace who took lugagges out for deliveries 2 days in a row?

Pls tell UPS to return my bag
I called ups about my lost valuables and was asked to file my claims. I have sent an estimate of items i can remember in the luggage today 9/24/18. I'm Just updating the community
Nurudeen Ojuolape

sarah c.
1 review
“UPS killed my pets”

I have ordered some giant african land snails (classed as live food so they can be delivered) as pets, complete with advanced kit, heat mats and everything. Apparently they couldn't confirm my address even though I paid £7 for delivery. This should have got them to me the next day as they need to be outside the least time possible. It will have been at least 5 days until I get them and by then in this weather my new friends may likely be dead. Customer service won't let me collect this weekend apparently I had to arrange that by 6pm yesterday which I wasn't aware of at all.
Thank you very much for killing my pets, UPS. Screw you.

Jane S.
18 reviews
“Spiteful/Vengeful Towards Paying Customers,Extremely Unprofessional.What Are The Still In Business?”

The shorter story would be what do they not screw up.After this last package I am convinced they absolutely love irritating and aggravating their paying customers rather then helping them at all.They make up their own dates concerning when picking up from the shipper and dates of delivery.Three to five days for delivery,they run 24 hours and everyone is aware of this,do I bug them about a package past eight pm,no because that is not business hours but the trucks run day&night and lie to people t hat they dont.But they decided they want to make up a delivery and deliver it whenever the heck they want to.Both the shipper and UPS have all the power to help customers but outright refuse and having the proof of their refusal have the nerve to deny they are refusing to help their paying customers.I would never want to burden a person receiving a package with having to deal with all the non sense and drama UPS puts paying customers through.It doesn't matter one bit to me usually when packages arrive but I needed this particular package on time and UPS just laughed in my face.As I am typing this,I check on the delivery of my package and they pushed the delivery date back yet another day making the delivery date a saturday(making the package four days late)and they don't deliver on saturdays.Which means they are being spiteful towards their paying customers on purpose.What planet does UPS live on?I will never ever willingly use UPS and businesses need to know that we will shop else where if they choose to keep using this awful delivery service.I will sing and dance when they are put out of business.

“They are simply terrible”

They are simply terrible, I had UPS Next Day Air Saver, as a result got the item after 3 days. They never deliver on time, dont use them, they cant deliver on time. USPS works a lot better then UPS and is cheaper.

Bob K.
1 review

I screwed up and forgot the apartment number. No big deal. I go to change it online, but the site won't let me without contacting customer service. 8 DIFFERENT PHONE CALLS LATER of my confirming my address change and ALL 8 TIMES they confirm the change is in the system. THE CHANGE WAS NEVER MADE. The least user friendly site I've ever come across and the most useless customer service there is. Also, local delivery hubs don't have their own number so you have to call corporate just to connect to them and STILL they don't update the address. Isn't that just awesome. Never using UPS ever again.

Blake J.
1 review
“Scam, Fuking Crooks!”

Says next day air saver will be delivered by 3pm or money back, call at 3pm after the package was not delivered and then they changed and said end of day. couldn't call driver for status and wouldn't refund money! fuking scam! That's why Amazon is going to make the obsolete! Bums

Richard J.
59 reviews
“Lies to users”

Brother International sent me a replacement printer that proved unnecessary almost immediately, but as UPS had left the package when I wasn't home I couldn't follow Brother's instructions to refuse delivery. I followed UPS's instructions to call after delivery. Over a span of many days multiple reps--including 2 supervisors (!)--solemnly promised a pickup the next day or (when my follow-up was on that day) the same day.

No one ever came.

I received no excuses--just further unkept promises. The closest UPS office is inconvenient and UPS told me that the nearby "UPS Store" [a different operation] would not accept my return. Fortunately, I called the UPS Store, which did accept my package and provided a receipt.

Yan Z.
1 review
“The package always delivered to access point”

I have two incidents that UPS truck driver even didn't try to deliver my package to my address. They just directly drop my package into access point. first time, they send me email to pick up from access point. the second time, they even didn't send me email until I was tracking with seller and found they dropped my package again to access point. This is so ridiculous. both time, I was home all day.Very disappointed on UPS service.

Gorge p.
1 review

Day live packages if no one is home $#*! you ups you ging to be brooke and close soon $#*! you they're $#*!kkkkk

Kassandra M.
9 reviews

UPS has been around more then 110 years. Why then do they continue to abuse employees and the packages they service. 1 job: customer service. What do they not get employee appreciation and customer service. The shareholders care more about lining their own pockets then caring about anyone else. I would never suggest you use this company. You dont want to know what they do to the packages they get, from kicking and throwing to full time management talking about their hourly employees behind their back. I fully support UPSers going on strike 2018

Alice M.
1 review
“Disgusting lack of service”

I'm an American living in London, and I brought my US taxes over when I came to visit my parents in Virginia. My mother and I stupidly posted them, via UPS, from Staples (why does Staples USE this appalling company?!?!) They 'damaged' them. Of course they did. (Probably LOST them - they were in a hard cardboard casing that would've required a buzzsaw to damage.) Of course, not worth anything - other than HOURS of my life. Disgusting, disgusting, disgusting. What has America come to, that companies this poor are still trading? Yours, heading back to London, AM

Amber F.
1 review

Awful awful awful! Shipped a package worth $300 they decided that my address was wrong and switched it on me! No notice or phone call to verify. Just went ahead and screwed everything up. They sent it to the wrong place. I spent hours trying to figure out where it was. Finally had to put in a claim and the best they can do is $100 refund.... Horrible service. I will never ever ship anything though them. It was their mistake. I should get a full refund.

Sarah C.
1 review
“Didn't even try to deliver”

I was home all day as I knew the package was coming today, went to check mail at 3:30pm and there was a notice, sorry we missed you, no attempt at all was made to even see if I was home. The buzz is sent to my cell phone and there was no alerts whatsoever on my phone.
The notice did not provide any information, none of the boxes were check as to what I could expect to happen next.
An invoice was attached with a note that stated pay online but there were no directions on how to pay online.

Michael S.
2 reviews
“Disappointed in how they do business.”

First off, they never came to my door for my delivery. Instead left a slip down stairs, then went to one of there stores and the lady behind the counter was rude and no help at all. Finally had to go and pick up my packages.

Dave L.
1 review
“Offshore Customer Service Is Horrible”

Had an overnight package that did not get delivered to me. Offshore costumer service did not care one bit and they were rude!

Qin L.
1 review
“Terrible service!!!”

Really bad experience with UPS Canada. On early morning of May 24th, I paid a premium price for Express Early AM delivery (fastest one among services) for a small package from Toronto to Kirkland, Quebec. But for some unknown reason, my package was left behind at its dispatch centre in Quebec on the morning of May 25, which results in UPS failing to deliver the package which was guaranteed on the waybill. Ironically, UPS Canada's tracking system showed that the receiving facility was closed. Such a liar! One of the supervisor at Customer Services called me couple times on the afternoon of May 25th and promised to get the package delivered before 8:30 am Monday, May 28th. Again, UPS failed to keep its promise! The package was finally dropped off almost noon time May 28th. In order to track the package, I spent many hours over the phone talking to customer service reps. They either did not know what's going on with my package or intentionally lied to me. I was very disappointed and frustrated. What a lousy service UPS Canada provided. I paid a premium price for the fastest service but ended up with a delivery of TWO business days. Shame on you, UPS!

j b.
4 reviews

I will forever be this company's nightmare. I would NEVER recommend them for anything. I have friends with businesses and I am making sure that they don't give business to such an awful deplorable company. Their customer service people are robots that follow scripts and have NO capability to resolve problems. They have completely messed up a delivery and lost my package and it is the last straw. I have let the past issues pass because hey, everyone makes mistakes, but this company is so redundant on its mistakes and yet has customer service people that do not know how to talk to clients and have ZERO use. they are not trained properly. the company gives them NO authority to resolve problems so in essence they are paying them to just say "hello" when we call. what a waste of my money, time and a lot of cause of aggravation and hiked blood pressure from these people. awful company!!!

James M.
3 reviews
“overall good”

i order quite a lot of things online, and UPS usually ships them as they tend to be larger items. Sometimes the boxes come damaged, i've called UPS on this many times, and it doesn't look like there's much they can do about quality controlling their drivers. overall, i'd say 80% of the time the boxes come good, the other 20% there are dents/scratches what have you.

Marilyn E.
2 reviews
“Pathetic delivery”

I had an order that was supposed to be delivered on 4/13 end of business. I called and got an agent Stephanie from Guatemala and she told me nothing could be done until next business day. Jason the supervisor supposedly contacted a supervisor in my city but of course, no one called me. Imagine that. Now the item I really needed on Friday is not here and no one to help until Monday. Yet when I track it, it showed arriving in Las Vegas at 615am.

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