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83 reviews
100 Pier Place
Fort Worth, Texas 76102, US
Tel: 1-800-245-4595
2018 Customer choice award

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1 review
0 helpful votes

I've ordered 14 items from Pier1 for summer in the last month. Out of the 14 two items were cancelled and when I went to the store to pick up 6 of them, I was told they were out of stock. Except I paid for them online so they would be there when I arrived!

Then you call customer service and the wait is 20 mins to speak to someone? Live Chat is 10 minutes but if you even minimize the window during the wait you are logged off the chat wait line. I'm not going to ever shop at Pier1 again. I feel like way too much of my time has been wasted and the lack of customer service and reliable stock is unacceptable.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Customer service at Pier 1 is an oxymoron. I am trying to find out where an order I placed a week ago is and am waiting on hold for the last 30 minutes. While I was on the line I was also trying their live chat. After waiting 15 minutes there, I was told I was number 1 in the que and then was told there was no agent available. Really!

1 review
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We purchased a 3 piece outdoor set with white glove delivery. We waited 3 weeks and the loveseat came with out legs. The driver just left it in our home and told us to figure it out. Waited on hold for 2 hours with Pier1 customer service to be told that the legs will take 2 months. Horrible customer service. Stay away.

1 review
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Shopped at Yuba City, Ca store. Found several vases on Clearance with additional 40%o off... Wonderful!!
Took them to counter to clean out
There was a swing cushion laying on counter so I told the cashier the cushion was not mine She proceeded to ring up my vases, another cashier walked by, noticed one of the vases I was purchasing and said" This vase is NOT ON CLEARANCE, even though it was clearly marked and placed in clearance section
Well I was very disappointed and asked her if she would honor the price it was marked
"Absolutely not, she replied Someone put the wrong tag on this vase". She picked up the vase and took it to the other side of checkout counter with no apologies!!
It was a large gray and white marble vase. So beautiful!!!
I asked if she would consider selling for price marked without the additional 40% off
She was very rude replying "I told you it is not that price!!"
So I let it go and purchased the other 4 items
And tried to be polite despite her rudeness
Well the cashier that was waiting on me in the first place gave me my total
I knew this was too much for what I purchased and I noticed she added the swing cushion, which I had told her was not mine. Without apologizing she deleted the item. I noticed she did not ask for my telephone number for my membership,so I asked about it. She replied no I didn't know if you wanted to get the points. Well of coarse I wanted the points. She sighed and said "I will have to start over I agreed to her dismay, so she reluctantly deleted the ticket and started over. The total still sounded too high. I looked and she AGAIN added the swing cushion which I had repeatedly told her was not mine!!
Finally she finished, I thanked her for her patience and tried to keep my cool
None of the mistakes were ever acknowledged. I smiled and left
What a frustrating experience!!!!!

4 reviews
3 helpful votes

Customer service at the Leesburg site was woefully lacking.

We were told for "security purposes" we could not place our order over the phone, and also that we had to come in to the store to place the order for it to be shipped (at no cost to us) to our Florida home. Since when can one not place an order over the phone?? I was able to order the lamp on-line, received the 25% discount currently being offered, and also got free shipping as the total purchase price was over $49.

We would not have bought this lamp if we had not been able to order it online.

To quote Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, "Big mistake! Big! HUGE!" There are plenty of other Pier 1 stores in our area; the Leesburg location just lost my business forever.

6 reviews
2 helpful votes

The holy grail of bad business. I had not been into a Pier 1 store in years I got a credit card before Christmas 2018 and went into one of their stores. While they have beautiful items this entire business is not worth the aggravation. I browsed around and then had some questions and needed to talk to an employee. Well it never happened because I waited forever and asked the same lady more than once. Yes she was on the register and the manager was flying by arranging items. When she was free I tried again asking for help. No go she got on the phone that rang yes I get they have to answer the phone , I stood there and then she started cashing someone out. Hello!? She should've called someone for help. I immediately told her what I thought of her horrible service. I approached the manage who didn't seem to care. He did get 1 thing I needed and as I started to ask about something else he Scooted off. Arrgghh! Now I'm angry put my stuff down and walked out.
So, I start ordering online before Christmas. Bad move. I received 4 damaged packages filled with 5 shattered glass candles and 1 lantern had glass shattered. They told me they hire extra help during the holidays. Well these were packed so poorly I took pics and sent them to corporate. They could only replace items they had in stock so some of my Christmas gifts had to be bought again. I do not have these photos any longer. It was a huge box full of a shattered glass mess! The replacement box was wrapped much better. Needless to say I closed and paid off my card. I don't recommend you shop online here esp before the holidays. My store experience was awful so maybe you have a better experience but I was clearly ignored. One huge headache I didn't want!

1 review
0 helpful votes

Purchased a Isaac fake leather chair that started to crack and peel and the company won't stand behind it and replace it even though they know it is a manufacture defect.

1 review
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I got a Pier 1 credit card for a single purchase of about $50 just to save the 20%. When the bill came I went online to pay it off. You have to enter your bank account information, they don't let you pay it any other way online. So I did, it took my payment, and figured that was that. Two weeks later, I get a letter saying my payment had been rejected due to 'incorrect bank account number.' Confused, I called customer service which said I could pay over phone but they would charge me another $20 or something ridiculous. Foolishly, I tried to do it online AGAIN- very careful to enter the correct numbers, triple checked it. Payment went through again. TWO WEEKS LATER I get another letter- same thing- now I owe $112.23 with late fees and fines, but the worst part is that I now have 'SERIOUSLY DELINQUENT' on my credit report!!! I called again, very upset. Wanted to pay it off over the phone with a live person. Was told if you missed your payment twice you would have to mail a check to a specific PO BOX (Collections?!). I did so with a long letter explaining I had diligently tried to pay my bill, and I've NEVER had an issue paying with my bank account. They would not remove the negative credit comments, but did refund me $27 (one late fee) which I could have cared less about. I'm furious. There is some flaw in their system- which should never accept your payment if there is anything wrong with the number, only to tell you two weeks later. HORRIBLE. Now I have to dispute it with the credit reporting agencies. I will not shop there ever again. Please don't get their credit card!!!

1 review
0 helpful votes

Bought 2 Elaine Flax Dinning chairs with Natural Stonewash Wood, came on time as promised. We picked up the chairs from the store and brought them home only to find out that one of the chairs had one leg shorter then the rest. We returned it back to the store and the clerk helped us order a replacement. Within one week the replacement chair's spring broke. Once again we returned the chair back to the store only this time the manager did not want to order a new chair for us telling us the chairs are out of stock ( it wasn't) instead he said he will have to call other Pier 1 stores to see if they had any on display. We eventually got our chair but i will NEVER order anything from them again. The products are cheap quality & not worth the money.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Ordered 2 items online that never arrived. Was told 3-5 days, called and was told they couldn't do anything until 7 days. 7 days passed still no items and the UPS tracking has been sitting on created label' since day 1. UPS said they never ordered a pick up. I told Pier1 this and they said they can't cancel the order until another week and they couldn't see what was going on. Rediculous. All of my other stores purchased from had simple tracking and arrived as stated. Never shopping here again and I want my $320 refunded.

2 reviews
1 helpful vote

Had an account over a year with excellent payment. Went into store to payoff balance after Hurricane brought onintetnet issues. Got a statement today with 2 late fees after paying off balance in good faith islnsoxe the store.

Hard to get account balance online without account number (not on statement))

Hard to get through auto response when calling customer service.

They would only refund one late fee even after explaining duress of aftermath of Hurricane related problems.

Hurt my pride and my excellent credit rating and took $30 of mine that did. It belong to them.

Account closed

Will not do this again.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Pier 1 in Newington CT Berlin Turnpike. Purchased an item and was asked to hand over my credit card so the clerk could look at my signature. The signature was worn off so she asked to see my license. I asked why and she said to prevent credit card fraud. She looked at my drivers license signature and then asked if it was my license. They profiled me and were discriminatory because of the way I looked. I had a gap jean jacket on, dark hair , dark eyes and grey hair. I am so angry that I'm going back to the store tomorrow to speak with a manager. I will never buy another item at Pier 1.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Two furniture items received, both damaged. Returned to store after partial assembly and credit was not given properly. Reorder returned and not credited to the Pier 1/Comenity card. Pier 1 and Comenity do not communicate. I chased the credit for over 2 months, Do not use that card! Do not order on line.

39 reviews
14 helpful votes

I love this place such awesome decor for just such a. Treaty price from candles to furniture I promise something for us all to love

1 review
0 helpful votes

I will NEVER shop at Pier 1 again. They NEVER answer their customer service line. I have been on hold up to 45minutes without a response. It's beyond ridiculous!

Ranee A.
87 reviews
136 helpful votes

Our family enjoys visitinn any Pier 1 store. Customer service is generally friendly to decent. Decent quality items. Though I must say some of the pottery dishwasher we purched over the years tends to chip after a year of use. Would recommend.

3 reviews
3 helpful votes

Pier 1 is a favorite of mine (and many of my friends)--personnel are always helpful and lots of cool stuff to choose from. This is my first experience with online purchase from them and it was a great experience. I made a big mistake but they handled it like pros. I received several packages one day and assumed they were all from another store. I called Pier 1 and told them I had not received the lamp I ordered. No problem---they sent me another immediately, no questions asked. Amazing. Then I opened the packages I had and discovered one contained the lamp I had ordered from Pier 1. I felt like an idiot but the customer service rep at Pier 1 was fantastic and simply issued me a new label for the second lamp package and UPS picked it up. Not once did the rep question my motive in requesting the second lamp, she accepted my word without a fuss. Her only goal was to make me a satisfied customer---goal achieved plus some. I remain a fan of Pier 1 in all its branches.

5 reviews
3 helpful votes

This store doesnt carry your cookie cutter decor. I enjoy all the unique and original decor I find when I visit this store. I took off a star because their pricing could be more reasonable.

2 reviews
4 helpful votes

First time online order two items, towel rack need to repair ( think about return, already opened box, I have to drive to shop). two chairs very bad, your hand feel painful when put on seating area, have to return. customer service is nice. So I rating them two stars. or just one star

1 review
0 helpful votes

Bought 3 bar stools in store. Spent time measuring and telling 3 different salespeople I want 30" bar stool. Not counter height. Ordered. Got home. Order was COUNTER HEIGHT. Called store. Told me call customer service. On hold 45 minutes. No answer. Three more calls to store manager. Told me they cancelled order. Out in new order for correct ones. Next day get email that UPS delivering COUNTER STOOLS! evidently order not cancelled. Now have two orders coming. Charged for two orders. Managers no help. Told me they can't call customer service. It's my problem. I have to acceot stools and return them to store. No car big enough to do that. That why I got delivery. Have to stay home and wait for delivery if stools I don't want. Managers rude saying " I did my part. I cancelled order". Well evidently not. It's not cancelled. Called credit card company. To dispute charge. Takes 30-60 days. What a waste of my time. I'm furious! Their incompetence created this and they just pass it off. Customer service never answers the phone. Will NEVER SHOP PIER ONE AGain!

2 reviews
3 helpful votes

DO NOT BUY FROM PIER 1. My wife received a gift and went to return it because it was not to her liking. They gave her a return merchandise gift card. When she went to use it a week later, she was told that corp removed the balance due to fraud. FRAUD? They are the ones that issued us the card. This is what they do so that they do not need to pay back a return. I have just read how many others are having this issue.

47 reviews
79 helpful votes

Pier 1 was a favorite place of mine to shop 1 or 2 decades ago. My impression now is that their items are more commonplace and not as unique, while their prices climbed higher. Not much to interest me any more.

10 reviews
5 helpful votes

All orders I have placed with Pier 1 have been just as expected. The items purchased were received in excellent condition and just as advertised. It has been a pleasure to order from Pier 1!

24 reviews
26 helpful votes

This place has so many different cool things, from rough peeps to rich look down on us rough but soulful kinds, we all can find what makes us feel great!

2 reviews
0 helpful votes

I've been a user for some 8 months now I'd say, so I feel like I know my way around the service pretty well by now. Truth is, it really is as simple and straightforward as it seems. You get cash back, they get a referral fee, and everyone's happy. I'm writing this review after interacting with customer service and it was stellar. It really feels like they know what they are talking about. In these 8 months I've received around 200$ of cashback, so if your a smart shopper, it's definitely worth it.

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