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Mr. Cooper has a consumer rating of 1.19 stars from 251 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Mr. Cooper most frequently mention customer service, mortgage company and credit score problems. Mr. Cooper ranks 97th among Mortgages sites.

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Positive reviews (last 12 months): 1.3%
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  • Terrible customer service, would not refinance with these people, very rude!
  • This is the worst mortgage company I have ever dealt with.
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Top Positive Review

“Greatest Home Mortgage Company”

Kevin S.

It shouldn't take a pandemic, but during these troubling times is when a company's true color shines. If it weren't for Mr. Cooper we would have lost our home. They have bent over backwards to help us keep our home. Their staff is caring and their work-out programs are designed to help people and their willingness to work with us is a great attribute. We have currently missed six months of house payments and their first question when I call is "Is my family staying safe"! If I could give more than five stars I would!

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Top Critical Review

“Incompetent service.”

Christopher W.

I pay my mortgage every other week and each time one of the payments is misapplied to principal only. I must call when I catch the mistake and each time I'm told my hierarchy will be changed. I NEVER is. The customer service reps either don't know what they're talking about or very poorly trained that they mislead their customers giving them bad information knowing there's no accountability. My loan was fine until being sold to Mr Cooper. Avoid if possible.

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customer service (46) mortgage company (28) mortgage payment (19) credit score (15) escrow account (6)
1 review
28 helpful votes
August 23rd, 2020

I pay my mortgage every other week and each time one of the payments is misapplied to principal only. I must call when I catch the mistake and each time I'm told my hierarchy will be changed. I NEVER is. The customer service reps either don't know what they're talking about or very poorly trained that they mislead their customers giving them bad information knowing there's no accountability. My loan was fine until being sold to Mr Cooper. Avoid if possible.

1 review
34 helpful votes
February 26th, 2020

This company does not care about anything except getting paid. I had an ongoing issues with them and they kept giving me the run around for 4 Months. I asked every question that I could to resolve the issue and I continued to receive the same letter 3 different ways. From one department to the next. I received bad information every time I called. I would not suggest if you are human to use this company. It only works for faceless, heartless, persons or Robots.

1 review
3 helpful votes
October 21st, 2021
Verified purchase

It is hard to describe how bad this company is. They are the definition of predatory lender. They were sued multiple times under their previous moniker - Nationstar - so cleverly changed their name and are trying to screw people anew…I won my legal fight with them, but don't do business with these jackals and you'll avoid the tremendous headaches that surely come doing business with them…

1 review
10 helpful votes
February 16th, 2021

I missed a mortgage payment. Absolutely my fault. Too bad it was 30+ days when I realized it. You see, I received a confirmation of payment email, my father died, and I was offered a new job all in the same week. I paid all dues and requested a gesture of goodwill, explaining everything, to repair my credit. I have no other missed payments in my history. Anywhere. They told me no, and that everything has been reported accurately. You can do so much better looking for a lender.

1 review
26 helpful votes
June 8th, 2020
• Updated review

Filed better business complaint on 5/27 for outstanding missing payment. Proof of usps tracking confirmation and signature by their lockbox Remitco shows. Then they emailed on 5/29 from Mr Cooper saying we will review by 6/15. Still no resolution. Do not trust them with your mortgage. They blocked payments from my account.

Run a round
May 23rd, 2020
• Previous review

Mortgage sold right when first payment was due. No previous obligations thT were discussed at closing with other lender were upheld. Not applying my mailed payment in March and applying to account. But its usps tracking confirmation they signed for it. Wasting my time with automated calls. Then advising when they call me research is being done hang in there. But payment still outstanding not cashed. And in April they wouldn't let me online or over phone make a payment.

1 review
9 helpful votes
March 13th, 2021

Pretty terrible customer service. Refused to pay taxes from escrow and, after 3 months of trying to get a response from Mr. Cooper, I just paid out of pocket. They also stuck me with all the late fees. Morons actually sent me a refund check for my escrow over payment. Terrible company that has an apparently completely automated system they cant do anything about.

Tip for consumers:
Don't use

Products used:
Home loan

1 review
16 helpful votes
August 25th, 2020

I'm on ssdi not by my choice my injury changed my life. And when bank of america sold my loan to mr cooper my payments went from 532 a month to 732 a month. I asked if they would move my payment date to the 27th and this way I can make the payment. They said make two payments and then you can make the change yourself and then they knocked off the fees jumped my house up to 832 a month. They are very ungrateful. I hate mr. Cooper they suck..

Tip for consumers:
Refinance your home somewhere else and or buy your home thru other companies stay

Products used:
I contacted customer service and they are very rude.

1 review
42 helpful votes
July 15th, 2020

I refinanced with Mr. Cooper thinking it would be a simple process since my existing mortgage is with them. I was WRONG. We have just passed the 3 month mark and things are still not closed. It takes days and multiple phone calls/emails for anyone to get back to me. Closing has been pushed 4 times due to mistakes on their end. I want to refinance again just to get away from Mr. Cooper. Stay away from this company!

1 review
32 helpful votes
September 9th, 2020

This company is a complete scam. They got caught steeling money in the past. They are still the same company, doing business as "Mr. Cooper". Please investigate before trusting a company with, what is most of ours largest investment. Our fight has just begun, because we will get the money they have stolen. Be WARNED, you will be the next victim. The lawsuits and reviews are all out there. Unfortunately, we have no say who our loans get sold to. But, new buyers and those looking to refinance you do have a choice.

1 review
57 helpful votes
April 7th, 2020

Since Corona has hit, most of us have fallen on a bit of hard times. I applied for the forbearance plan. Got approved but it's a utter SCAM and design to hurt you. They are making you pay in FULL the moment its done after 3 months, instead of adding it on to the end of your cycle like other companies. Well if I'm out of work cause of this how can i pay in full after? This company doesn't care and they make it very clear

1 review
24 helpful votes
August 13th, 2020

I have been in the Real estate business for 37 years and have yet to deal with a worse mortgage lender. Deadlines mean nothing, never a call back. This company was given 52 days to close a deal, we were promised 7 days before closing that they were ready. They had the buyer sit at the title company for 2 hours before telling them they didn't have a clear to close. Now we are 58 days down the road and everybody has closed but there is no money available. The phone numbers they sent out on the closing instructions don't work. Stay Away.

1 review
34 helpful votes
January 16th, 2020

They paid a non-resident property tax on my home even though this is my PRIMARY house which they knew. Now My mortgage payment went Way up because my escrow is in the negative. No communication with the customers. This could of been easily resolved if they just would of contacted me to begin with! Horrible customer service and policy's. Not recommend at all!

1 review
30 helpful votes
March 20th, 2020

My mortgage was sold to Me. Cooper. My previous company for 27 yesrs, no problems. This company can't even give you a payoff over the phone. Why, because they don't even know. It takes them a week to figure it out. Its a strategy they use hoping you don't want to pay off your loan early. Stay far away from this company. PS. Customer service or robotic Customer service is very poor.

1 review
13 helpful votes
December 26th, 2020

My husband was granted a tax free certificate from our county. When we reached out to Mr. Cooper the sales associate assured us it will be taken care of. After several attempts they did not honor my husband's certificate. We took matter into our own hands and now Mr Cooper put us into a collection agency. He is legally entitled have the taxes taken off the mortgage but but you deny him of this right. Shame on you.

Tip for consumers:
Do not hive Zane Cooper your business

Products used:

1 review
13 helpful votes
December 7th, 2020

When you sell your home, you are charged a fee each time the title company or lender requests the payoff. Depending on how long your buyers loan takes to be approved, you could end up paying several hundred dollars. The lender and title company stated that they have never dealt with a mortgage company like this! It literally makes me sick!

1 review
28 helpful votes
January 30th, 2020

They bought my mortgage from another company and it's been nothing but issues since. I tried to set up their bi-weekly program for months and they could not get it sorted. I finally found the executives emails and contacted them directly and that was the only way I had resolution. The "customer care" woman told me to not contact the executives again. Totally disorganized and really shady at times.

Tip for consumers:
Avoid at all costs

Products used:
Mortgage service

1 review
26 helpful votes
January 24th, 2020

Here is the email I sent to Mr. Cooper "You are very disorganized. You have stung us along for months, not answering emails, saying you've spoken to your manager about the jumbo loan back in December, telling us what our approved amount is and now all of sudden. You also said my husband couldn't be on the loan but have had him on with other companies we've applied to. I will be writing a review on you specifically and mr Cooper.

1 review
10 helpful votes
February 8th, 2021

Only for interest Charges, payment no for principal account. I want to get Cancellations of Deferral Request after I pay all the amount of 12625. 27 dollars. But they just delayed and delayed to respond and tell me to wait. Really bad service for money.

1 review
11 helpful votes
October 19th, 2020

Went to refinance, the loan processor (and his supervisor) don't return calls, don't answer emails, or answer their phones. They changed my closing date and amount of payment, amount of loan, up to and including funding date. This happened at least six times! I still don't know what is going on and no one will talk to me to explain anything to me! I will never-ever-ever do any business with this company again!

1 review
28 helpful votes
March 21st, 2020

This is a lie- "A Mr. Cooper Team Member is ready and waiting to help you. Call *******432"

Phone calls, emails, nothing gets returned, let alone completed. 4 months and still waiting on a preApproved loan to be completed... 4 advisors later and no progress- this company is a joke! A circus of unprofessional clowns that have no sense of urgency, business ethics, and finishing the job! Our lives were so much better before these jokes!

1 review
9 helpful votes
July 30th, 2020

Had property damage at my home submitted all of the endorsed Checks and paperwork required and going over 2 months and still haven't received my first draft. Calling customer service and being told it's with corporate waiting for action for two months. When I call over and over again to try to speak to a supervisor I am spun and they out right refuse to give contact information for any one in corporate to log a complaint. I will never use this company again and will tell everyone I know what a nightmare my experience has been. I feel like I'm the victim of consumer fraud!

1 review
40 helpful votes
December 19th, 2019

The worst company I've ever dealt with in my life mr. Cooper handles paperwork like a bookie at a bar. People heed the warning run from these thieves. Any class action lawsuit out there with copper please advise.

1 review
22 helpful votes
February 20th, 2020

We are in the final stage of our 30 year mortgage with less than 5 years to go when CitiMortgage sold our loan to Mr. Cooper.
Mr. Cooper's website does nothing for current mortgage holders. They not only do not have an amortization schedule you can use for your loan on line, They can't even tell you your current payoff month/year with extra principle payments we have already made. I was told that about 6 months before payoff, we will get a letter. Guess by then they have it figured out.
This is basically a payment facility. What a joke.

1 review
22 helpful votes
March 23rd, 2020

I had a mortgage with them and in the first three months it went up $200. They bought out my original loan and when I did research I already had a bad feeling because they had bad reviews and changed their name. The will continuously try to look for anything to raise your escrow. I even put in extra money for my escrow and it took me getting consumer protection involved to get the money to post. I since refinanced my loan to get away from dealing with them.

1 review
1 helpful vote
October 17th, 2021

In general I have no troubles with Mr Cooper seems as if they are running legitimate operation and all is going as well as I could hope. But when something comes up and I need to make a phone call I enter into their death spiral of an auto phone system. This begins a process of multiple phone calls to get through their system as there are dead ends that lead to them hanging up on you if you happen to choose the wrong selection. Then after you've punched in your data multiple times and you've been hung up on multiple times you finally get to a point where you're feeling hopeful and they tell you that they're closed and we should call back at another time. Basically if you're going to call Mr Cooper add an extra 30 minutes to your anticipated time to resolution. The good news is once you reach a human being all becomes legitimate once again. I'm hoping that this review will be noticed by them so that they could fix their phone tree because it needs to be uprooted chopped up and turned into kindling.


Q&A (9)


Because they're all telling the truth. Mr. Cooper is awful. The worst company ever. I think they changed from NationStar to Mr Cooper to get away from all the bad publicity they had. Instead of fixing their problems they lie and hide from it. I would be ashamed to work for them. If anyone at this company has a bit of a soul they would quit or fix it from the inside.

By Joel W.
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I don't know I hope karma is a real thing and they feel the same pain they cause their customers in one way or another

By Christopher C.
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And all of my 61 years I have never experienced such an unscrupulous company. They have ripped off so many customers I cannot believe that they are still in business. They can change their name but they have not changed their practices. I hope To be involved in a class action lawsuit against them. I will hire an attorney to fight them.

By Pam G.
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None None None None None None None None None None None None

By Jim D.
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