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On October 25th 2017 I did an e-check deposit of $1000 to my Bing Ads account (Microsoft Online, Inc). When the money didn´t show up in my Bing Ads account I contact customer service. I submitted all the information they requested. After a couple of months of waiting I forgot and "gave up". A couple of month passed, and I reached out to Microsoft customer support again. This time around I was asked to submit proof of canceled e-check I obtained from my bank. To date I am still waiting for my $1000 to be returned to me or credited to my Bing Ads account. Over the last 18 months I have not spent one dime on Bing Ads. During that time I spend over $200000 on Google Adwords and over $400000 in Facebook ads. It is fair to say that Bing Ads lost over $180000 in profit because of a $1000 deposit that they could have and should have immediately credit to my advertising account while they investigated the issue.

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So my family got me a surface pro as my high school graduation gift to help me get through college. It was heartwarming, and I was excited to try out my new laptop! It was great: the touch screen and pen allowed for notes to be easily written down next to lecture slides or on them, and drawing in OneNote was a blast. It worked perfectly for five months. Then the first issue hit: randomly if I typed a button on the cover keyboard it would do something random like take a screenshot or turn the volume up or even type some other character. Then the issue went away on its own and life continued. Then a year after it was purchased, right after the manufacturer warranty had expired, another much bigger problem came up. The surface pro would not connect to any keyboards. None. Not even brand new ones. I contacted Microsoft and after much to do they could not resolve my issue and said the surface pro was defective, and that I would have to buy another from them. Right before I was about to package it up and send it off to drop a whole lot of money on a new surface pro, my brother suggested that I try something: hold the power button and up volume button at the same time, wait for it to turn off, and turn back on (approximately twenty seconds). This resolved the issue, BUT this highlights the fact that Microsoft will not necessarily try all avenues to fix it before telling you to just give up and buy another one. That's it right? Unfortunately wrong. About a month or two ago, my laptop battery was running low while I was working on some important school work. My laptop went black and was unresponsive for twenty minutes (no I did not spastically click everywhere and click all the buttons, I waited patiently for it to show some hint of life). When it finally turned back on, the entire document I had been working on vanished even though I had saved it several minutes prior to the black screen of death. Extremely annoying right? That's not all. Now it refuses to properly connect to networks and will kick me off even if I am in the middle of something and can tell that the network connection is fine with other devices and shows up as being ready and available to use.

Lesson learned: never, ever, not in a million years buy a surface pro. It will fail dramatically and epically when you need it most. It's a super cool product that works brilliantly... when it actually works. Save yourself the trouble and just don't get another type of product. They do not have all the issues.

And I am not the only one. My issues are not as bad as some but an underlying theme is that drastic issues pop up after the one year manufacturer's warranty expires. Check out thankfully that issue popped up once, briefly and has not happened again.

Check out to check out a lot of the issues that are occurring with the surface pro 4. There are plenty more websites too.

Consumer Reports removed removed its recommended recommendation of the Microsoft Surface Pro and several other Microsoft products from its list. Check out their alternatives instead.

All in all, I love the idea of the Surface Pro, but the reality of the Surface Pro is severely lacking.

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I purchased a surface pro about 2 1/2 years ago. Overall, I like the computer, but recently the battery swelled and the screen popped out from the casing. I went to the Microsoft store and they explained that the surface needed to be replaced. They could not replace the computer in the store since it had 1TB memory. I would have to do that online/phone support. I did contact Microsoft while at the store. The lady was helpful during the call and made sure they got the information. The item is under warranty, so that was the good news. Here is the bad. I use this computer for work, it still functions plugged into the wall. However, Microsoft decided that i need to send the computer to them and then they will get me a new computer. They will ship the new computer once they get my old computer. This process will take 11-13 business days once they get my computer. I explained that this was not acceptable. The supervisor tried to do some different things to help, but the answer was still, no. I offered to give them my credit card number. They could send me a new computer and i would send the old one back once I received the new computer. If not they had permission to charge the card. No luck. I use this computer for all my quickbooks, payroll, and software. This is the computer that i take home to do work as well. Guess I am forced to be without a computer for around 3 weeks. I will be looking at other options next time. The people were nice, but the policies of Microsoft are poor. I would recommend staying away from Microsoft, if you have a problem, they do not care!!

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I am an old a loyal Microsoft customer. I have two Microsoft accounts (an older one and a newer one) and one Skype account. Skype is part of Microsoft. I recently *twice* closed my old Microsoft account but Microsoft *twice* forced me to reopen it by making it impossible for me to log into Skype each time. My old Microsoft account is inseparably linked to my Skype account in their system, even though the e-mail address on my Skype account is that my new Microsoft account.

I asked Microsoft to unlink my Skype account from my old Microsoft account and to let me close that account. They ignored my message. After contacting several Microsoft customer advocates and escalation managers they finally opened a new Service Request for me and sent me an e-mail message saying that they would call me within 24 hours. They did not keep their promise.

I answered their message and copied several top Microsoft escalation managers, customer advocates, and their CEO on it, with no response. Finally a member of their Executive Escalations team in India sent me an e-mail giving me suggestions that did not work. I asked him *twice* to call me but he did not. His bosses in the U.S. ignored my message.

Microsoft knows this is a serious issue, but is not willing to invest time and money in resolving it, preferring to force its customers to keep their old Microsoft accounts open forever.

Don't waste your time complaining to the Better Business Bureau,
Washington State Consumer Protection Division, or the Federal Trade
Commission. The first two are merely mailmen, informing me of
Microsoft's refusal to change its policy, and closing their files. The
FTC did not even bother to reply.

Microsoft is much too big and powerful. It must be broken up for its own good.

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On 01/18/2019 a Microsoft Tech. took control of my computer and erased my entire Office thinking this would help with a tiny issue I was having with POWERPOINT. Afterwards he gave me a link to re-download. And then he left. His link didn't work. I've tried on numerous occasions to get help. They keep saying they're pushing it up a level. But no one willing to take responsibility . Mahvareen and Derrick did nothing today Case #20190101000021 03/04/2019

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I went to Microsoft live chat. I told them the problem, and then they go "for your experience, please tell us your name and phone number." Why do they need your name, never mind asking for your phone number. Horrible company.

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Garbage a$$ company with horrible customer service! A multi billion dollar company that can't do a simple thing as transferring funds within an account. I redeemed a gift card under my account thinking I can easily transfer it over to my son's account and obviously that was a mistake. Called the useless support line and they kept telling me to go buy something so I can gift it to my son ... WT F???? I asked it to be transferred, if I wanted to buy something to gift it to him then I wouldn't be calling your stupid a$$ company in the first place. They gave no options or any solutions besides trying to convince me to purchase something else. Even after speaking with a "supervisor"
she kept repeating the same crap thinking I'll give in and just go purchase something.
What a piece of sh!t this company is. No more Microsoft products I'll be purchasing in future that's for dam sure! If you can't support me with a simple help then there's no reason why I should be supporting a useless company.

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I had never had an issue with Microsoft until my Twitter account was compromised and Microsoft refuse to allow me entry to my account. When i first created a Hotmail account. Granted i did just put made up answers to the questions . That was because i was in a rush to create an account to get started. Anyways i was able to remember some of the answers. When my account with Twitter was compromised , i provided Microsoft with an accurate answers plus my password, but still Microsoft refused to allow me to gain access to my account. I made several phone calls and was messed around. I sent several emails , yet they still refused . Now they have blocked my email account which means i am unable to gain access to Twitter. They are heartless vile thugs .

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They constantly loose your payments. After I paid off my loan, they refused to issue a letter releasing the lien on the title of my house. I will probably have to sue. Stay away from Microf!

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Bought the same product twice. The first one I didn't know I had to mark as a gift. I could not talk to a real person, and I tried everything so I went through the chat (literally my only option). They saw what happened and told me the only way I can get it fixed so my son can have the product was to buy it again but as a gift. I was guarantee a refund because the first purchase was completely untouched. Received email stating no refund will be given. Called 2 more times, they claimed they could not transfer to the refund department and provided no number. 2 separate calls and I can't talk to anyone? I emailed 3 times and they sent a response that they closed the case. Seriously, I kept the emails. So i emailed them without using a reply and nothing. They are literally refusing to answer my emails. Absolutely nothing from Microsoft. Nasty customer service, nasty people, nasty theiving company.

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Yep I'm going after the big boy. My wonderful hubby bought me a super awesome
computer for Christmas. Saying he bought it really doesn't do justice to what he actually did. To make sure I got what I needed on my new laptop he had HP build it to my needs. This thing is wonderful. Well almost wonderful.
One of the things I do is make book trailers and videos. Well Microsoft discontinued the video maker I used and then turned around and limited the fonts for paint. You would be surprised at what I can do on paint. Now I can get more for free but it's pretty much more of the same. There's a couple of them you can buy but I'm having issues with that. I don't have to ask why they did it, it was for the money, but the mercenary bull crap of this action blows my mind.
Yes, I got one of those feedback notices and yes, I gave them an earful. They haven't bothered to even respond with an email on that one. I figure they may be looking for an attorney to sue me, no I really didn't say anything I don't think that gives them cause to come after me because I saw no need. I did tell them they sucked. I also dared them to show my feedback to Bill Gates.
Here's the thing. They have taken away pretty much any of the really great script fonts and what they have left is mostly crap. I have other image apps but there was something about paint I loved. Simple to use, true not very advanced but paired with some of the other apps I use I could make a pretty good image or poster. There's one I'm going to share with you when I post this.
Windows Ten is a disappointment to say the lease but I can learn to work around it but when you take the little things away and then offer a few of them back for a few dollars, and I'm talking very damn few where the fonts are concerned, just so you can make another couple of bucks off the people who have to use you because Microsoft is pretty much the only thing offered on computers now. That's so wrong in so many way but I won't get into that because then you are getting off into legal issues.
What is the point of having this magnificent laptop if a lot of the things I had on my old one I can no longer get on the new one? Oh, I'll figure it out, I just have to be careful to make sure I don't get something I don't want on my laptop and I'm not talking some app.
Thanks Microsoft for putting me in this situation. I'll get what I need but if I can't figure
out where to find it, I've got a husband who can and will. So, will I recommend the Microsoft store to others? Not on your life. Stay away from it as much as you can and try to find other places to get what you need. Talk to people, get recommendations, do your research, whatever it takes to get what you need but try to stay away from the Microsoft store.

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After opening a Microsoft account and getting 19 low life sex spam the next day I closed the account and went to Internet Explorer and its running like the old dial up, but if I use microsoft it runs fast never had that problem before they repealed the net nutrality law

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I canceled my xbox live subscription.they steal charged my credit card.crooks then i .called and took forever to even talk to someoneits a joke the computer phone system they have .how dum can you be .looking at PlayStation i wonder who ther under bye xbox microsoft sucks big $#*!

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I have had two surface pro 4 for almost two years now and one of them stop charging. The one that stop charging only gets used 5-10 hrs a mo. I contacted support by phone and the it guy told me after running a lot of test that my one year warranty was up. I explained I didn't mind paying for the repair, besides the part is only $40. He explained they don't repair they replace system it would cost me $450 + Tax. Ok so my $1,200 pro 4 will always cost me $500 after the first year no matter how small the issue. I asked to talk with a manager because the IT guy said he couldn't do anything else. He then put me on hold for 30 min. And came back and told me his supervisor is saying the same thing. I found that to be rude, if I was the manager I would talk to the client, so I ask to talk to his manager. He put me on hold again, Gary was the next person I spoke with he is the supervisors - supervisor, the supervisor agreed, the condition of my pro 4 and as little use, i shouldn't have to go through this but he didn't have the authority to help me.I asked to talk to someone who is able to listen to my problem and be in a position to help me. I asked if I could e-mail some one if no one in that role is available through customer service, after explaining myself 3 times he said I Guess I could e-mail back office but that will take two or three days. I told him I'm fine with that, he told me he would e-mail me at that time. 3 hours later I get a e-mail from Gary telling me the same thing. So after 2 hours on the phone talking to a IT person, messaging though IT guy messaged 1st Supervisor, spoke to supervisors - supervisor 2nd level, to e-mailing back office (still no one in the position to help has spoke with me) to I'm out of options. The part that bothers me is no one even tried to work with me, I'm hopping we can work something out because my family of five enjoy your products.

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An Open Letter to Satyan Nadella, CEO of Microsoft
Dear Mr. Nadella,
As the CEO of Microsoft, I think you should be aware of how your support staff deal with clients and how frustrating it is to try to recover an account because of a typo. As a writer/editor/on-line English teacher my world has come to a halt when my account was suspended.
Tuesday 17 July 2018 started as a good day. Then I tried to renew my Office subscription -- it had expired while I was in the process of settling in Ecuador and everything turned to confusion.
After five days of unreturned phone calls, unanswered emails, and rejected account recovery forms I figured out the problem. Somehow I managed to get a typo. So the correspondence from Microsoft went to that non-existent address.
Since there is an option to fix the address I am obviously not the first nor likely the last to make that mistake. However, after too many attempts to count, the Microsoft system still wouldnt accept the correction. Could you please have your technical people fix that problem?
When I tried to get a call-back I was told my phone number didnt exist. Live chat was a waste of time.
The problem is that your front- line people can not do anything except babble the same jargon. I received a series of messages to a gmail account in Spanish telling me that my application didnt meet the requirements whatever they may be.
One thing is that the credit union where I deal in Canada changed Mastercard companies in May, 2018. No, I do not have the old account number.
Instead of going around and around in circles, why doesnt Microsoft establish what they will accept as legitimate? How about a copy of my passport? A scan of my social security number? My maternal grandmothers maiden name? These are tangible pieces of evidence rather than the idiotic questions like How much was your last Skype purchase? Really, as though I would remember the exact amount and the precise date as it is an automatic deduction.
I am writing to you with the hope that I can have my Microsoft account restored. Otherwise, Microsoft will litter my gmail-inbox with more messages in Spanish --saying that I cant prove I am the owner of this account.
The case number is 143-359-1726, My telephone number is 593-999-69-08-77 and my email address is as above.
I am in Ecuador with family and friends wondering why I havent called. Frustrating and totally unnecessary if Microsoft put a second level of real identification in place that could be dealt with in person, rather than another form letter. Some human interaction would go a long way to solving technical issues.
Thank-you for your help.
Jody Hanson, PhD

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Thanks for deciding to take my security in your hands when you try to "make it more secure" you merge skype into microsoft and now if i want to delete my skype i cant its a permanent fixture on my account. Now i get 3 skypes on my account!! You guys are so messed up I literally want to strangle a dev. Oh and thanks so much for the Windows 10 Creators update, just after about 6 months after i bought my new gaming computer, windows 10 creators update cancer hits. Thanks for SOOO MUCCHHH LAAAGGG. Revelation Online, Aion, WOW, Bless Online, all made to be CANCER thanks to you, jerk.

Tip for consumers: Don't ever use microsoft or skype.

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Before I say why they suck let me explain my situation. So last weeks monday I recieved a suspenaion because me and my friends were saying naughty stuff in the party chat where you type it out. Which means they are watching what you right which I feel invades my privacy with what me and my friends say. So none of them recieved one. I did yet they were all saying worse stuff. Are reputations are green. Mine was the 2nd best reputation out of the 4 of us. And i was the only one to get one. So I talked to the agents who were very nive indeed. They should get paid more than those jerks in coorperate. Anyway. They sent me to go file a case of review. Well the questions you had to answer were very easy. But when i pressed the right answer it would pick the other one and than i woyld have to wait another 24 hours for another question. So i finally get it friday june 8th and i file a case of review. Well i am sitting her liek what the heck. I have ben waiting 2 days and it is still under review. The whole week i have been having to call my friends on my TRACPHONE WHICH YOU HAVE TO GET 20 DOLLAR CARDS JUST TO GET TEXT AND CALL MINUTES. So i ran out now. My mom is pissed. And i talked to them about it and they said they are not gonna do anything about it. Its those people up in coorperate. They just take our good earned money and waste it on their damn pools full of money. They are like the liberals. Only care about their peoples lives not the people poor on the street needing money. They are very selfish and i am writing this review because i dont think it is right at all and i think they should go to hell for it.

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Microsoft customer support is awful. It does not work. You need to create an account just to ask a question and then it takes 24 hours to review your information. What is up with that? I need help right now and I have a case open for about a month now and nothing has happened.

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Purchased a Surface Lap top July 2018 - constant issues with ram after 3 months of having the computer it would turn off and freeze. I took to microsoft and they fixed the issue (which is not convenient since the closest store is 2 hours away and they had to keep for 3 days - its my work computer) 5 months later same thing this time they forced me to pay for a year support subscription to repair the problem for $250 (discounted to $199 because I complained so much! Telling to me to call monthly so they can check the computer.

I have always had mac and NEVER have I had these issues with a computer let alone a new computer my oldest mac is 5 years old and still functions. I bought a PC due to the ease with documents - Im a real estate agent I found my pc at work to be easier to work on then my mac. Never again This computer was $1200 and now I have to pay $250 every year to fix it?! What non-sense I will never purchase a Microsoft computer or product if I can avoid it!

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When you get enough points to redeem, Microsoft will ban your account, you get nothing but waste your time

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Purchased Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 which include Skype for business. Absolutely no human support for Skype for Business when purchase and installed. Spent 5 hours researching solutions to fix the problem, but nothing worked. Called technical support and they said they did not support the product. If you going to sell a product and not support the install - shame on you!! Hell has a place for you.

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The lamest customer "service" ever. My account got locked. I couldn't unlock it as the only given solution was to accept a text. Apparently it never occurred to their ITs that some of us prefer to have texting disabled. The super-moronic virtual "assistant" wasted 20 minutes of my time, and trying to get to a live person through the Microsot site was more than I was worth. I finally got a number off a direct Google search and got to a live TECHNICAL support person. I know it was technical because I had to chose from an endless menu before the VM system would let me through. I eventually accomplished this feat by ignoring all the "I am sorry I do not understand" (in response to my explanation of why I was calling), and repeating endlessly "customer service". Yay! A LIVE person at last! Well... after asking me a couple of inane questions and me explaining the problem again, he told me he couldn't help me as he was not a technical person! He offered to switch me to someone who could help and the next thing I knew I was listening to a recorded message - at around 2 PM Pacific - that the offices are closed and are only open from 9 AM to 9 PM. Evidently these offices are in an entirely different time zone than the US, and maybe are on a different planet all together. I then got thanked and hung up on. Seriously???!!!!

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Spent hours doing work, microsoft decides to delete all of it. Really disappointing and a massive failure, do not use this operating system. This company needs to be shut down.

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I am 65 years old and must use reading glasses to read small print. I also am a disabled US Veteran and am unable to deal well with complicated things. I bought two computers, one is at my home in the USA when I am there I use it and one is at my home in the Philippines for me use there. I use my computers (laptops) in order to buy things, check my accounts, communicate with my son and to check my email.
Microsoft decided that I need to be protected from someone coming into my house and using one of my computers and made it mandatory that I sign in with a password. I do not have a good memory and forget things often. So this has been a inconvenience to me and now today on my deciding to use the computer at my home in the Philippines I find that I could not sign on. I attempted to go into the Control panel and remove the password but could not and finally I was able to get on due to the 'assistant' they had which once again required me to change my password for all my Microsoft accounts including my email which was something that I did not and do not want to do. Now I am waiting for a "Live Agent" to assist me to somehow recover all the passwords that have somehow divided my laptop up so that different sign on's and passwords are used. I have lost a book that I spent quite a while writing thanks to their deep desire to protect me and ensure how secure I am. A book that took me days and hours to write that may still be on this computer but which I may never be able to find and may have to spend more time rewriting it from memory, thanks to Microsoft security.
If I ever find a program similar to Windows that does not require a mandatory sign on I will use it. For now due to this software being forced on me with the sale of my computer, the fact that I had to buy WORD in order to use it on this computer and the fact that I can not now access it! Well, it causes me to feel I have been robbed by Microsoft and not protected. I have purchased many computers in the past and each time I have had to BUY WORD/OFFICE again and again. I understood the scam. I understood that this is how they continue to make their Billions and I understood that there is nothing I can do about it. To me it is theft of my money but it is LEGAL THEFT of my money and there is nothing I can do about it.
This is to let you all know what I am complaining about and to relieve some of the frustration that I am now having due to the loss of a book that I was writing and my heartbreak over that. IF EVER YOU CAN BUY A COMPUTER WITHOUT MICROSOFT I STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU DO THAT!
Two technicians worked on my computer the first one was somehow cut off and I had to call again. The second one was able to fix the problems I had. Between the two of these Microsoft technicians it took a few hours to fix things. Even though the outcome was that I can now access all my files on this computer, I do not like the security features on Windows 10. My advice still stands. I am grateful to the technicians of course but all this stress that I went through should not have been necessary in the first place.

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I am writing this to warn people, and to save you from a lot of frustration. Now I am obviously super mad because I can not use a 1200Dollar device and it is not even my fault. Actually, it is the fault of a Microsoft support agent. More to that at the end.

My first advice is to not listen to YouTube reviewers.You never know until you use it in real life environment.

So I purchased a Surface Pro 4 about 1 year ago. I chose the Surface because I am an artist, and I was looking for a pen enabled device.

The Surface seemed perfect. I watched all kinds of Youtube reviews and everyone was impressed. I thought not much could I do wrong.

The first thing that disappointed me was the pen. Yes, the one thing I was looking for the most.

The pens shape and size

It just did not feel nice. Look at Wacom and Apple. They know what it should feel like.

But if it is just about feel, you can get used to it.

Pen buttons

Missing the second button. No configuration possible. Useless erase button. With no second button and customize feature, useless for artists who want to use Zbrush for instance.

Line accuracy

Drawing diagonal lines shocked me so much, I just could not believe they are allowed to sell this piece of junk. Diagonal lines are so jaggy, it was literally useless for me. Putting a plastic sheet on top of the screen helped with the drawing feel but still. I ended up using a Wacom tablet with the Surface. Great isn't it? So Pen was out.

Camera and Touch keyboard

So the Face login would start failing after a few days and it would prompt for PIN login. Never mind. But the Keyboard? I could not write a single sentence without typos. The worst touch keyboard ever used. So I bought a Bluetooth keyboard. Not the Microsoft one as I think it is way overpriced. Also as an artist I like to have my keyboard a little off the way.

Screen flicker

Just recently, strangely enough right after my Warranty expired, my screen started to flicker whenever I used the CPU or GPU a lot. Up to a degree where text was not readable anymore. Vey frustrating as I always had to cool down before I could continue working. Lost a lot of time as I am freelance.

So I decided to contact the support. When you visit the Microsoft support website, you get that ridiculous Virtual Agent. I mean that thing is so useless, it must be made for dumb people. So I choose Surface Pro, and Technical issue. It then gave me a screen showing that my warranty has expired. No other option or choice. Sort of like GAME OVER! So I decided to first go through Windows support. At least I could then talk to a real person. It was a huge mistake. So I tried to explain my problem, and he kept telling me it was a driver problem. But I knew it wasn't because it would also flicker in the BIOS. So he asked me to update to a different driver and restart. In order to reconnect, he gave me a reconnect link to him. After a restart, the link gave me an error. And the flicker problem was still there...of course. Next agent. I explain everything again, try to make him understand it is not a drivers problem. He then remotely connects to my PC and does a few things. Then restarts without even giving me a re-connect link. Of course, I never saw him again. The problem still not fixed. Next several days this disaster repeated and even got worse. The next guy told me to contact the Surface Support. He gave me a link, but I told him, that link would lead me to the Virtual Agent again which is of no help. He said he will remote connect to my PC and connect to the Surface Support for me. I took a video of this because I knew he would not find it. And, indeed, he was clicking all over the website, and did not find what he was looking for. I wrote him, believe me now?? You guys don't even know your own website. He must have got embarrassed and simply disconnected without a word. Great staff Microsoft. After about 20 Support agents, the final blow came. The next guy told me to disable all Services from the msconfig and restart. I already thought "hmm??" And I told him, I am pretty sure it is a hardware issue. Nevertheless, I restarted...and bang. cannot log in anymore. The login window simply does not appear. If I wait for 20 minutes or so, it will come but won't accept my password. Camera login also doesn't work probably because of the deactivated services. I contact another Support agent, and he was actually nice. I tried the repair startup via USB recovery image but get an Error. I tried reactivating the services using the command prompt from the startup menu, but it does not work either. So basically I tried everything I could think of. The end of the story, all my client's data is lost. I do my backups once a week, so about 50% is lost. It will cost me a fortune and I don't even have a Surface anymore which means I have to buy a new device. Be assured it won't be a Microsoft product anymore. The worst support ever. Another funny thing is that all the names of those agents were fake English names when it was clear from their English that they were Indians or whatever. I will also be doing a Youtube video showing that video of how he tried to find the Surface Support. This just needs to be shown to the world.

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Right there with you. Microsoft tried every way it can to make you use their products and they suck.

By Cathy M.
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Depends on the department. Never expect a refund and the department's do not communicate between each other.

By Brandi E.
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