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1 review
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Before I say why they suck let me explain my situation. So last weeks monday I recieved a suspenaion because me and my friends were saying naughty stuff in the party chat where you type it out. Which means they are watching what you right which I feel invades my privacy with what me and my friends say. So none of them recieved one. I did yet they were all saying worse stuff. Are reputations are green. Mine was the 2nd best reputation out of the 4 of us. And i was the only one to get one. So I talked to the agents who were very nive indeed. They should get paid more than those jerks in coorperate. Anyway. They sent me to go file a case of review. Well the questions you had to answer were very easy. But when i pressed the right answer it would pick the other one and than i woyld have to wait another 24 hours for another question. So i finally get it friday june 8th and i file a case of review. Well i am sitting her liek what the heck. I have ben waiting 2 days and it is still under review. The whole week i have been having to call my friends on my TRACPHONE WHICH YOU HAVE TO GET 20 DOLLAR CARDS JUST TO GET TEXT AND CALL MINUTES. So i ran out now. My mom is pissed. And i talked to them about it and they said they are not gonna do anything about it. Its those people up in coorperate. They just take our good earned money and waste it on their damn pools full of money. They are like the liberals. Only care about their peoples lives not the people poor on the street needing money. They are very selfish and i am writing this review because i dont think it is right at all and i think they should go to hell for it.

1 review
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Microsoft customer support is awful. It does not work. You need to create an account just to ask a question and then it takes 24 hours to review your information. What is up with that? I need help right now and I have a case open for about a month now and nothing has happened.

1 review
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Purchased a Surface Lap top July 2018 - constant issues with ram after 3 months of having the computer it would turn off and freeze. I took to microsoft and they fixed the issue (which is not convenient since the closest store is 2 hours away and they had to keep for 3 days - its my work computer) 5 months later same thing this time they forced me to pay for a year support subscription to repair the problem for $250 (discounted to $199 because I complained so much! Telling to me to call monthly so they can check the computer.

I have always had mac and NEVER have I had these issues with a computer let alone a new computer my oldest mac is 5 years old and still functions. I bought a PC due to the ease with documents - Im a real estate agent I found my pc at work to be easier to work on then my mac. Never again This computer was $1200 and now I have to pay $250 every year to fix it?! What non-sense I will never purchase a Microsoft computer or product if I can avoid it!

1 review
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When you get enough points to redeem, Microsoft will ban your account, you get nothing but waste your time

1 review
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Purchased Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 which include Skype for business. Absolutely no human support for Skype for Business when purchase and installed. Spent 5 hours researching solutions to fix the problem, but nothing worked. Called technical support and they said they did not support the product. If you going to sell a product and not support the install - shame on you!! Hell has a place for you.

5 reviews
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The lamest customer "service" ever. My account got locked. I couldn't unlock it as the only given solution was to accept a text. Apparently it never occurred to their ITs that some of us prefer to have texting disabled. The super-moronic virtual "assistant" wasted 20 minutes of my time, and trying to get to a live person through the Microsot site was more than I was worth. I finally got a number off a direct Google search and got to a live TECHNICAL support person. I know it was technical because I had to chose from an endless menu before the VM system would let me through. I eventually accomplished this feat by ignoring all the "I am sorry I do not understand" (in response to my explanation of why I was calling), and repeating endlessly "customer service". Yay! A LIVE person at last! Well... after asking me a couple of inane questions and me explaining the problem again, he told me he couldn't help me as he was not a technical person! He offered to switch me to someone who could help and the next thing I knew I was listening to a recorded message - at around 2 PM Pacific - that the offices are closed and are only open from 9 AM to 9 PM. Evidently these offices are in an entirely different time zone than the US, and maybe are on a different planet all together. I then got thanked and hung up on. Seriously???!!!!

1 review
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Spent hours doing work, microsoft decides to delete all of it. Really disappointing and a massive failure, do not use this operating system. This company needs to be shut down.

1 review
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microsoft is a company that truly inspires confidence and causes cooperation in the workplace and a true leader in the business world.

7 reviews
19 helpful votes

I am 65 years old and must use reading glasses to read small print. I also am a disabled US Veteran and am unable to deal well with complicated things. I bought two computers, one is at my home in the USA when I am there I use it and one is at my home in the Philippines for me use there. I use my computers (laptops) in order to buy things, check my accounts, communicate with my son and to check my email.
Microsoft decided that I need to be protected from someone coming into my house and using one of my computers and made it mandatory that I sign in with a password. I do not have a good memory and forget things often. So this has been a inconvenience to me and now today on my deciding to use the computer at my home in the Philippines I find that I could not sign on. I attempted to go into the Control panel and remove the password but could not and finally I was able to get on due to the 'assistant' they had which once again required me to change my password for all my Microsoft accounts including my email which was something that I did not and do not want to do. Now I am waiting for a "Live Agent" to assist me to somehow recover all the passwords that have somehow divided my laptop up so that different sign on's and passwords are used. I have lost a book that I spent quite a while writing thanks to their deep desire to protect me and ensure how secure I am. A book that took me days and hours to write that may still be on this computer but which I may never be able to find and may have to spend more time rewriting it from memory, thanks to Microsoft security.
If I ever find a program similar to Windows that does not require a mandatory sign on I will use it. For now due to this software being forced on me with the sale of my computer, the fact that I had to buy WORD in order to use it on this computer and the fact that I can not now access it! Well, it causes me to feel I have been robbed by Microsoft and not protected. I have purchased many computers in the past and each time I have had to BUY WORD/OFFICE again and again. I understood the scam. I understood that this is how they continue to make their Billions and I understood that there is nothing I can do about it. To me it is theft of my money but it is LEGAL THEFT of my money and there is nothing I can do about it.
This is to let you all know what I am complaining about and to relieve some of the frustration that I am now having due to the loss of a book that I was writing and my heartbreak over that. IF EVER YOU CAN BUY A COMPUTER WITHOUT MICROSOFT I STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU DO THAT!
Two technicians worked on my computer the first one was somehow cut off and I had to call again. The second one was able to fix the problems I had. Between the two of these Microsoft technicians it took a few hours to fix things. Even though the outcome was that I can now access all my files on this computer, I do not like the security features on Windows 10. My advice still stands. I am grateful to the technicians of course but all this stress that I went through should not have been necessary in the first place.

1 review
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I am writing this to warn people, and to save you from a lot of frustration. Now I am obviously super mad because I can not use a 1200Dollar device and it is not even my fault. Actually, it is the fault of a Microsoft support agent. More to that at the end.

My first advice is to not listen to YouTube reviewers.You never know until you use it in real life environment.

So I purchased a Surface Pro 4 about 1 year ago. I chose the Surface because I am an artist, and I was looking for a pen enabled device.

The Surface seemed perfect. I watched all kinds of Youtube reviews and everyone was impressed. I thought not much could I do wrong.

The first thing that disappointed me was the pen. Yes, the one thing I was looking for the most.

The pens shape and size

It just did not feel nice. Look at Wacom and Apple. They know what it should feel like.

But if it is just about feel, you can get used to it.

Pen buttons

Missing the second button. No configuration possible. Useless erase button. With no second button and customize feature, useless for artists who want to use Zbrush for instance.

Line accuracy

Drawing diagonal lines shocked me so much, I just could not believe they are allowed to sell this piece of junk. Diagonal lines are so jaggy, it was literally useless for me. Putting a plastic sheet on top of the screen helped with the drawing feel but still. I ended up using a Wacom tablet with the Surface. Great isn't it? So Pen was out.

Camera and Touch keyboard

So the Face login would start failing after a few days and it would prompt for PIN login. Never mind. But the Keyboard? I could not write a single sentence without typos. The worst touch keyboard ever used. So I bought a Bluetooth keyboard. Not the Microsoft one as I think it is way overpriced. Also as an artist I like to have my keyboard a little off the way.

Screen flicker

Just recently, strangely enough right after my Warranty expired, my screen started to flicker whenever I used the CPU or GPU a lot. Up to a degree where text was not readable anymore. Vey frustrating as I always had to cool down before I could continue working. Lost a lot of time as I am freelance.

So I decided to contact the support. When you visit the Microsoft support website, you get that ridiculous Virtual Agent. I mean that thing is so useless, it must be made for dumb people. So I choose Surface Pro, and Technical issue. It then gave me a screen showing that my warranty has expired. No other option or choice. Sort of like GAME OVER! So I decided to first go through Windows support. At least I could then talk to a real person. It was a huge mistake. So I tried to explain my problem, and he kept telling me it was a driver problem. But I knew it wasn't because it would also flicker in the BIOS. So he asked me to update to a different driver and restart. In order to reconnect, he gave me a reconnect link to him. After a restart, the link gave me an error. And the flicker problem was still there...of course. Next agent. I explain everything again, try to make him understand it is not a drivers problem. He then remotely connects to my PC and does a few things. Then restarts without even giving me a re-connect link. Of course, I never saw him again. The problem still not fixed. Next several days this disaster repeated and even got worse. The next guy told me to contact the Surface Support. He gave me a link, but I told him, that link would lead me to the Virtual Agent again which is of no help. He said he will remote connect to my PC and connect to the Surface Support for me. I took a video of this because I knew he would not find it. And, indeed, he was clicking all over the website, and did not find what he was looking for. I wrote him, believe me now?? You guys don't even know your own website. He must have got embarrassed and simply disconnected without a word. Great staff Microsoft. After about 20 Support agents, the final blow came. The next guy told me to disable all Services from the msconfig and restart. I already thought "hmm??" And I told him, I am pretty sure it is a hardware issue. Nevertheless, I restarted...and bang. cannot log in anymore. The login window simply does not appear. If I wait for 20 minutes or so, it will come but won't accept my password. Camera login also doesn't work probably because of the deactivated services. I contact another Support agent, and he was actually nice. I tried the repair startup via USB recovery image but get an Error. I tried reactivating the services using the command prompt from the startup menu, but it does not work either. So basically I tried everything I could think of. The end of the story, all my client's data is lost. I do my backups once a week, so about 50% is lost. It will cost me a fortune and I don't even have a Surface anymore which means I have to buy a new device. Be assured it won't be a Microsoft product anymore. The worst support ever. Another funny thing is that all the names of those agents were fake English names when it was clear from their English that they were Indians or whatever. I will also be doing a Youtube video showing that video of how he tried to find the Surface Support. This just needs to be shown to the world.

1 review
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I had a $99 on my account from Microsoft. I attempted over a three day period to talk to someone to get the charge removed.The first time I was circling with an automated chat that kept asking me questions that I would answer and then circle me back to the first question. I was transferred between the home and office departments 4 times as one department said it was the other department. They couldn't find the charge, it didn't show up on my order history. Once they found it, they informed me they couldn't do anything about the charge. I will never buy a Microsoft product if I can help it. I will be getting rid of my PC with windows and exclusively using Apple.

1 review
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Hi there I am writing a review on Microsoft and how they are becoming just like sony they think that they understand it all in fact not one of their tech support have come to a solution just because I am running an asus x55u and its not added to the compatibility list yet does not give you the right to just end the chat because you don't like what I have to say. Or because you don't know how to fix it. and are unwilling to escalate me to tier three support. not only that when your tech is not making any sense or logic what so ever and just continues to argue with you on everything is stupid your supposed to have the best support team and lately i just get pissed off when i deal with you guys now. so everyone who can understand my pain please like and leave a comment and maybe if we get enough people Microsoft will be forced to correct its ways and hire back bill gates as ceo or get rid of the person in charge now jesus your company is going down the gutter

6 reviews
7 helpful votes

A virus got thru windows defender and corrupted my brand new Asus laptop computer. Like a fool I contacted Microsoft and they suggested I by the HELP they have for $199.00 so I did and after 3 months of trying they finally gave up and suggested that I do a factory reset!! WELL HELL, I could have done that without purchasing there so called "HELP" so I would like to know what Microsoft is going to do about this because my laptop is still down and my wallet is empty!!

2 reviews
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Last April, Windows shoved an update into my computer so toxic that, after 5 days, it crashed the computer to the point that I couldn't get into it. After dealing with MANY Microsoft technicians on line and on phone - technicians who only served to make the problems worse - I had to make a reservation (three days out) at the nearest Windows Store 45 minutes from my home and leave the computer there for three days to be "reset" (stripped of and then reinstalled with its apps, etc.) I lost apps and some files. During the entire process, technicians kept insisting that the problems weren't Microsoft's fault. Yeah, right.
Fast forward to December when I began having some minor problems with my computer as a result of some malware that snuck into the computer's system - malware that I naively thought Windows Defender (came with the computer) was supposed to protect me from. I had to call Microsoft Help WAY TOO MANY TIMES trying to connect with tech aid to get the problems fixed and was kept on hold a total of 30-45 minutes each time waiting to explain the situation to people in customer service who then put me on hold waiting and waiting and waiting to get to tech help. Also had to pay $99 for a one-time service package. The first three times that I FINALLY got to tech help I was suddenly disconnected as soon as the technician finished asking how he/she could help me. The 4th time I gave a technician remote access to my computer. He spent an hour messing with things (with me sitting on the phone) and when the computer was restarted I found he had fixed NOTHING. I then contacted Microsoft technical help online. After being kept hanging by one technician, I did manage to contact another who spent 2 hours on the computer (with me in attendance.) When the computer was restarted at the end of this process I found I could no longer get on line through any of my three browsers. I called the local Windows Store to make a reservation to bring them my computer: they couldn't get me in for two days. I finally brought the computer to Geek Squad 25 minutes from my home, having gotten a reservation 1 hour after my call to them. They have for the past week and a half been trying to correct all the problems they found, and will have to do a reset on the computer to fix everything -- another $149 for their services.
I have been trying to get a refund of the $99 I paid to Microsoft since their technicians failed to fix what I paid them to fix. Have had to call Microsoft Help a total of ELEVEN times trying to get to their billing department, been kept on hold anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes each time, been met with resistance, insistence (three times) that I return to tech help (told I'd be put at the head of the wait line so I wouldn't have to wait and then been placed on hold for up to 15 minutes and never did get through to tech help,) was told once that my money couldn't be refunded because a verification code couldn't be emailed to me (their tech had crashed all my browsers) or texted to me (because I don't text I don't own a phone with texting capacity.) I finally connected with a billing representative who - after putting me on hold a total of about 10 minutes - agreed to give me the refund. She told me the transaction could take 4-5 business days
5 business days have passed and no refund to my bank account has been forthcoming. I called Microsoft billing 2 more times today. Both billing reps insisted the refund has been made. It has not. The first rep told me to contact my financial institution. I did as instructed, filing a reimbursement claim with my bank. I then called Microsoft billing one more time to let them know. The woman I talked to insisted at length that the refund had been made. I hung up on her.
I calculate I have spent about 9 hours on the telephone trying to get tech and billing help from Microsoft with this December fiasco - most of it on hold listening to something numbingly repetitive that I believe is supposed to pass for music and some male voice repeating the same message until I want to pull out my hair and beat my head against a wall.

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I am ms user for 20 years. And was really annoyed by bad software compatibility. And in win 10 spying stuff is really looks terrible. I don't want to waste insane amount of time for turning it off.

1 review
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The latest iteration of Microsoft's online Office 365 puts Microsoft firmly in the front seat in terms of office productivity. As a Cofounder and Director of a couple of RTOs it is terrific to see Microsoft investing in education through its educational pricing program.

Whilst I wouldn't class myself a Microsoft fan, I am definitely impressed with their Office365 suite.

Paul Eldridge
Non Executive Director
ph 1300 887 991
PO Box 331 Spring Hill |

4 reviews
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worst place to go! always smells like stinky feet mixed with febreeze and some axe colon! ewwwwwwwwwwwwww

1 review
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Today I went on Microsoft support chats to get help with a simple problem my computer was not finding my hotspots simple problem which would turn into a major problem they asked me if it was alright if they could start controlling my computer which I thought was cool because I wouldn't have to do anything in the problem would be solved however after a while of them deleting some stuff and commanding some stuff on my computer they then restarted my computer and when it turned back on my computer would not connect to any WiFi nor detect any WiFi so I decided to restart it but when it turned back on it wasn't fixed I troubleshooted and everything nothing so I tried resetting my computer to factory reset however it said it ran into problems when I tried to reset it now it's just flashing the HP symbol I would not recommend using Microsoft supports ever not calling or chatting because I called Microsoft and they were very rude and told me it wasn't their fault and I should call HP

31 reviews
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they are a mega corporation who lack customer service skills. if there was some competition i would look elsewhere but no choice.

5 reviews
7 helpful votes

After being locked out of the email account I have had for 10 years I was asked to fill out a formula information didn't seem to match up
I was asked to confirm a code via my back up email on my yahoo account no code was sent
I contacted online support for assistance explaining my plight and they suggested I fill out the form
I explained this had been done and they suggested sending a code to my back up email
I told them tho code was not coming through
He said I must be accessing the wrong yahoo email, I only have one yahoo and there was a confirmation email for linking this
He told my the email must have been written wrong so I copy and pasted the email where the emails matched up
He suggested I was wrong and to fill out the form again
When I told him I had done this twice and it would not allow a third attempt he merely replied "ok, well, have a nice life" then disconnected the chat

11 reviews
16 helpful votes

This is more a review of windows 10, not Microsoft as such.

Windows 10 has bugs. It doesn't work the way Android does. It has performance issues. On simpler laptops it struggles.

It is less prone to crashes than earlier versions, but it is still behind Android.

Tip for consumers: If you are buying a windows 10 PC for any real use, do ensure that the RAM and CPU are enough. If it's just for surfing the web and viewing videos then it's OK. But any kind of real use like Photoshop needs ram and cpu

1 review
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Called to get help because my computer has been blocked for some files that causing it to do so. The guy gives me an estimate of what they need to do and as soon as I tell them that I didn't have money at the time the tech tells me that I am responsible for whatever occurs to my device and logged out of my pc and said bye. He didn't offer me to call back later whenever I have money to pay or anything. Worse help ever gotten just going to get rid of the pc and to a different provider that'll give what the customer is looking for.

1 review
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The worst company ever! Worst than Apple. I $#*!ing hate this company! They are so $#*!ing money hungry it's sad. They don't care about any of their products. Used to be a good company. I don't know what the hell happened but they aren't $#*! anymore. Go with Sony!

1 review
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Have you ever been in the middle of doing important work, and all of a sudden your computer shuts down to do updates? Usually you can just go into your settings and tell the system to inform you about updates but not to install them until you tell it to. This is no longer the case with MS. Apparently, you can customize your setting all you like, but the system will still update without your permission. And don't think that customer support can help explain this, since MS tells their reps to just read verbatim from the troubleshooting guide and ignore the actual problem being communicated. Today, I lost information that is irretrievable, and the work must be started over. It's not the kind of information that can be recovered since it was on a web-based simulator, and the simulation must be done from start to finish. When MS decides that they will sell a product that the customer can control, and not the criminals that run the company, I will consider letting them live in peace. Until then, I will be making their customer service reps hate living.

1 review
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I purchased a Xbox gift and accidentally downloaded it to the wrong Microsoft account and called the 800 number to ask for them to transfer the points to the proper account and they told me they cant. So now my son has list his money and the money is sitting in an account that we cant use. Just transfer the points. The accounts are both mine. I dont understand why they would want my son to loose his money. Way to go Microsoft.

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Right there with you. Microsoft tried every way it can to make you use their products and they suck.

By Cathy M.
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Depends on the department. Never expect a refund and the department's do not communicate between each other.

By Brandi E.
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