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3 reviews
8 helpful votes

If you hate these, I have a way to stop them, and punish Microsoft for not allowing us the option of not displaying them.

Since they won't let me have the option to turn these stupid things off, my workaround is to use a very old browser, which does not even know how to display this stupid ****. Of course, now their ads aren't showing through, either! Bonus!


I think I might just keep it this way. Shot yourselves in the foot, arrogant jerks.

Again, you can not only remove the icons, but stop the ads on the free version too.

I'm using IE 8 for this, just for Outlook only. Ironic, using their own outdated browser to defeat this Outlook irritation. Perhaps a more recent browser will also put the kibosh on the icons, if anyone experiments and finds a better old browser for this let us know.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I bought Windows 8.1 pro from Target a while ago. I have a MacBook pro and I run bootcamp. Hard drive failed after a few years. Replaced hard drive. Rein-stalled Windows. To my surprise, windows couldn't validate the key. Called customer service and they pushed me from one rep to the next stating the key was legit, but there was something wrong with the system and could not validate it. I will stay away from Microsoft for as long as I can.

3 reviews
3 helpful votes

Microsoft is a well-known company providing outstanding software but the problem is that they take really long time responding to the error issues when you get problems with the soft.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Beware of Microsoft! Microsoft does NOT stand behind it's products. I have a Surface Pro 3 that I purchased in June 2014 and was great until recently. I only use it about twice per week, it is kept in pristine condition. Microsoft sent out a firmware update a few weeks ago that destroyed my Marvel Avistar wireless network controller in the Surface. I spent 6 hours on the phone with Ryan at Microsoft the first day I called. After many troubleshooting steps, we set it back to factory settings, still no wireless controller, not even the wireless icon. The call was conveniently disconnected and I never heard from him again! I had called back and was old by the next rep that there was no ticket logged and he could find any record of my issue and working with Ryan. So, after a few days I called back and spoke to anohter rep, John, I believe. He opened a ticket and worked with me for over an hour and conveniently again, the call was disconnected. I immediately called back and was told by the rep that answered that John had gotten another call before he realized my call was dropped, and John would call me back within an hour. I never heard from John again! Again, a few days later I called back - I am not remotely happy at this point and do not appreciate going over the details of my issue over and over again. This time a female rep answered and I gave her my entire story AGAIN. And AGAIN, my call was conveniently disconnected! Guess what? She did not call me back! I immediately called back and spilled to the next one my story yet AGAIN. He then told me after reviewing my case, that it looks like Microsoft support had "done all they coulld do" at this point, I am out of warranty, so my only option is to PAY to send my pristine unit back and have it replaced with a used unit!! Microsoft will not even fix MY surface. A used unit is not acceptible. And, they did not even try to offer any other options.

The worst part of their so called Customer Support is that each of these reps immediately asked for my call back number as soon as they took my call, yet none of them called me back when my calls were so conveniently disconnected.

If you look online at this wireless controller, it has been an know problem for Microsoft since the early Surfaces. They know about it! I read hundreds of online posts regarding this wireless controller not working after an update. NONE of the troubleshooting steps worked to bring it back. Hundreds of other Microsoft customers have this same problem, yet Microsoft is not taking responsiblity. I cannot afford to spend $1500 on a computer that will die in just over two years and Microsoft not back their own product. And, by the way, the $1500 did not include the type cover and case that I purchased for it at the same time. For additional protection, I even put a $40 glass screen protector on it to keep it in exellent condition - the way I keep all of my electronic devices including my mobile phone. And now, it is worthless. And Microsoft is as worthless as my dead unit for putting me through this when I was trying to get support, and then telling me there's nothing else they can do.

Have they even thought about the FACT that

A MICROSOFT firmware update was sent to a MICROSOFT device and destroyed the wireless network controller in the MICROSOFT device??? That is the bottom line. Their own update destroyed their own product! And now, I have no Surface, which i paid $1500 for, got the largest processor, the largest storage, the best unit offered, and I have nothing and MICROSOFT DOES NOT CARE! I will NEVER purchase another Microsoft device again and I will share this with millions of people everywhere to ensure no one else ends up with the raw deal from Microsoft that I did.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I love the Xbox One S but the adapter and Kinect is a joke it don't work like it's supposed to or anything my original Xbox One works way better and actually did was supposed to so do not buy the Kinect for the Xbox One S it's a waste your money just buy the Xbox One S

9 reviews
2 helpful votes

What's going about? Why you force me to update to newest free version? It's
suspicious when any company not only give, but force you to keep something for free.

5 reviews
3 helpful votes

Sometimes people do not appreciate how easy life is with Windows, propably with time go, someone will make something like this. But why we have to wait? I learned about computers with Windows

1 review
2 helpful votes

Microsoft product are cheaply made and they don not back there product!!!!!!! Worst Experience I have ever had, I got hung up on twice and all they wanted to do is make me jump through a bunch of hoops to get me frustrated and give up!!! well you win!!!! not that it makes a difference im just one ant in a giant world of users but just be warned that if you buy there products they WILL NOT BACK IT AT ALL!!!

1 review
1 helpful vote

I byed a Xbox one on Friday 13 jan 2017. 45 gb update then a 100 gb to download my Wi-Fi got finished 200 20gb I get every month this only.
Every game we have to update every single game about 20 20gb very bad. I prefer to bye ps is best in all

1 review
3 helpful votes

Microsoft Support. What a laugh!! On Friday I spent 6 hours on the phone while support agent worked (?) on my computer trying to fix OneNote. Tier 1 couldn't help and they passed me to Tier 2. Tier 2 couldn't help me directly but they started the OneNote sync process which (I know from previous syncs) would taake hours. The agent told me that if this did not work I should contact Support again and have Tier 3 assist.
On Tuesday I called Microsoft again. After waiting on hold for 4 1/2 hours Microsoft hung up on me. All this time I didn't even talk to an agent. I called back and when I got to Dave, an agent I asked for Tier 3 support. He went in file (using the case number I was given) and said the file showed closed. He did transfer me to Tier 2, Melody but after introducing herself, she too hung up. Way to go Microsoft. After years of being dedicated to Microsoft and the PC, the only thing I have to say after this disappointment- MAC here I come.

35 reviews
27 helpful votes

Microsoft 10 they want $119 for WINDOWS 10 it and it removes programs IT REMOVED MY SIDEBAR after installing it on my main computer now I have to do a complete computer reset after speaking with SAMSUNG BUMMER and I decided not to get it AND INSTALL IT ON MY OTHER COMPUTER now my cd rom is not reading I am going to give them a serious bad revview on sitejabber one of the most expensive sites on the internet and their programs and support are a hot mess every time they roll out something new they ruin something you already had! MICROSOFT.COM needs to hire new programmers they haven't updated the media player even though it is very good in YEARS!

I have to use their products but these companies need to be responsible and service their programs after you install them kicking out programs that worked just fine prior to installing windows 10 I rebooted my computer at least the cd rom is back

1 review
2 helpful votes

Case 134906079 Microsoft tech Robert installed Mac office home student 2016 on a
windows 10 computer. Ruined the computer. Did nothing to fix. Blamed me because it took
5 hrs to load. Do not let Tech support work on computer. No support when they do something

2 reviews
4 helpful votes

I am currently 17 years old working a part time job and I saved five weeks of paychecks to to pay for a surface three. Then after using it a total of four times the screen went blank and would not turn on and the surface logo kept blinking. After I saw this I sent it back to get a new one because they said they could send me one due to it still being on warranty, and it cracked while in shipping AND they blamed it on me saying it was intentional damage. They were telling me I had to pay $220 if i wanted a new one for something I didn't even do this is BS. $220 should be about another two paychecks for you think I'm made of money?? Don't waste your money OR TIME paying for the pieces of crap they're selling.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Thanks Microsoft for updating to thw newest cersion of Windows.
I baught a Windows 7 for a reason, I don't like the other versions of Windows. Thanks for taking away a littke peice of freedom from me.
Love, a very angry customer.

21 reviews
45 helpful votes

I have Windows 7. It works fine for my purposes and I want to keep it.

In May, I started to receive nasty messages to upgrade to Windows 10. Constant. Every time Im on the MSN homepage, its there. Then Microsoft went as far as starting to upgrade my computer without my permission! Thats when I called technical support on May 19.

I was on the telephone for an hour, much of that time repeating my questions, or asking the technician to listen to the question I was asking, not the one he thought he heard, or what he understood.

There was a program that needed to be removed from the registry to prevent the notifications for the Windows 10 upgrade from happening. I thought the technician had taken care of it.

But the notifications started again this morning, May 27, as Microsoft began to install Windows 10 on my computer! I called technical support. Again.

I made a decision when it comes to speaking with outsourced technical support: If I have to struggle with the language comprehension skills of the person on the other end of the line, I ask to speak with a supervisor. If theyre talking down to me, if theyre cutting me off, I ask to speak with a supervisor. In my experience, their English has usually been better, as well as their social interaction skills. This was the case with the supervisor I spoke with.

I have also started to ask how many years experience the technician has. But the Microsoft supervisor would not divulge that information; I wonder why?

What I uncovered was that there are 2 programs that need to be removed from your computers registry in order to stop Microsoft from automatically upgrading you to Windows 10:

KB 303 5583

My total time for this call to get an issue resolved that should have been resolved the first time was 52 minutes almost 2 hours of my time TOTAL. If Microsoft is paying its outsourced technicians to do a job, then Microsoft must provide exactly what has to be done for the technician to do their job.

When I gave the supervisor my last case number, he looked it up, reviewed what had been done, and lo and behold discovered that the gwx.exe program had not been removed.

Why doesnt Microsoft have someone review these case numbers to make sure that both offending programs are removed?

Microsoft increases its profit margin by outsourcing. And Microsoft trades off that with my increased time on the telephone. Thats not good business, and its not respect for the customers that built Bill Gates Empire.

And where did Mr. Gates learn that you can automatically upgrade a customer without their permission? And why does Mr. Gates insist that people have the latest and greatest? Isnt this part of the get the latest and greatest technology mindset which is eroding the fabric of our life, and our wallets?

If youre going to require me to spend 2 hours on the telephone to resolve a technical issue, then issue me credit as a customer, issue me frequent flyer miles give me something in exchange for my time. And curb your arrogance that believes that everyone should have and will benefit from the latest and greatest.

10 reviews
11 helpful votes

I just have to offer the following review for Microsoft since I've been disappointed with them since Windows 7. I liked Windows 7 but 8 and 8.1 really sucked! This, of course, made me very wary of Windows 10. I finally decided that they couldn't possibly f___ it up more then 8 or 8.1 so I took the plunge! I upgraded to Windows 10 and I can't tell you how pleased I am with it. I should tell you that they allow you to easily return to the version of Windows you're upgrading from for a limited time if you don't like it. This should put your mind at ease if you're sitting on the fence. I don't like Metro as tiles are much slower navigating then the standard start menu. That, of course, is easily rectified by installing Classic Shell. Making Google your search engine and homepage is a breeze and removing Crapware is just as easy! Microsoft, we're friends again!!!

Stewart C. Hagerman

Member: American Mensa Society

3 reviews
9 helpful votes

Windows 10 is such a wonderful piece of engineering as I'm told.It's just another Microsoft piece of junk is what it is. It is a masterful piece of spyware too.

3 reviews
6 helpful votes

It is best to do a manual update to Win10. It is painless and straight forward for any activated Win PC. But there will come a time when you encounter problems and Micrsoft or any "gurus" that sprung up like mushrooms within a day or 2 of the official release advised to "reset". Even if you have to reset select "maintain your existing file" rather than "clear the existing apps,settings, files". I am talking through experience here where my keyboard/mouse/USB drivers are not loaded after Win10 reset,therefore leaving me stuck staring at the "lock screen". I can do a format and reinstall Win10 with the risk of not getting the copy of Win10 not activated. because the Serial number of Win10 is a generic number from my Win PC , I had checked on my 1- Win7 (same number) , 3- Win8.1 (same number) except the product ID is different. These number cannot be used as "your own" copy serial number. Whatever you DO NOT RESET your Win10 (bcoz any marginal compatible/updated drivers) will be deleted. So now I have to down grade back to my previous Win 7 Ultimate version update all the drivers back and do a manual update to Win 10 again after Win7 is activated.(Fingers crossed)

14 reviews
88 helpful votes

Everybody knows Microsoft and that they can be buggy, but overall trustworthy.

3 reviews
6 helpful votes

Products for end user are good. they use microsoft product easily.

65 reviews
201 helpful votes

This evening around 7:40PM friday I received a call from a company that handles Microsoft problems. Microsoft noticed that my computer had over 56,000 errors, my computer was automatically notifying Microsoft. Well this company called me and said we will get rid of all the errors and will put in place a microsoft antivirus and a cleaner that will take care of my computer for the rest of the life of the computer. They were very nice and I was watching them fly around my computer and I thought WOW this is a great thing they are doing. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL, the second person came on and said it would cost me $200.00 for these two programs for the rest of the life of the computer. Here I thought they were going to do this and since there was no mention of money when this call started, this call lasted for nearly one hour and when I told them that I could not afford $200.00 for I am on a fixed income, I am a senior citizen age 70 and also a veteran and see if they would waive the fee. Really, I could not afford that price so they said I could pay 100 now and then next month another 100, I said I could not so they then said you can pay us $60 and we will clean up your computer but will not put a cleaner program on my computer. I told them that for all the help they wanted to do for me and without the mention of money I was going to notify sitejabber how great they are and would gladly mention them to others for the thoughtfulness that they gave there customers. The next thing I hear is she hung up on me and that was that. I have not had any problems with my computer at all. I have been doing my best to protect my computer and still feel that I am ok. I have a tablet and have been using it more and more without any problems there either. I just loved how they set you up and then let you fall. No money no honey. What a really nice company they are (NOT).

Tip for consumers: check and find out if this is going to cost anything before you start or you could wind up 1 or 2 hours wasted.

3 reviews
16 helpful votes

Microsoft is a creative company, they create operating systems, updated software, I appreciate their work, without Microsoft? I can't think about this

3 reviews
2 helpful votes

When Bill Gates made Microsoft.. He used Consumer demand with the us Gov.. to sell His Junk.. Junk back then Junk Now,,, Software and computers was never made to be safe for any user.. Out the door if it worked or not.. Bill Gates and his junk software and his first computers has turned this world into a $#*! Hole... Bill Gates, Microsoft, and every software maker and computer must be forced to clean up this mess.. If they all go broke. so be it.. I am no tech jack ass like bill gates, but I do know leave the back door on computers and its software,, You opened the door for all these crooks.. Starting with Bill Gates and Microsoft... Worlds Number 1 Hackers... This world will never be safe again with Your Hacker Junk... Grow some balls gates and fix Your Junk...

1 review
0 helpful votes

So I was a fool and bought a Dell laptop with Vista I have had to reinstall the software about once a year, now it will not allow me to access apple, everytime I try to fix it says " key not valid in specified state, so on hold with microsoft SURPRISE they need 99 dollars to fix... I hope thry rot in hell I will never buy another microsoft product

3 reviews
4 helpful votes

Best products! Microsoft publishing super attractive products around the world. I love their mobile phones so much. GO MICROSOFT GO!

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Right there with you. Microsoft tried every way it can to make you use their products and they suck.

By Cathy M.
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Depends on the department. Never expect a refund and the department's do not communicate between each other.

By Brandi E.
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