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4 reviews
2 helpful votes

Have had a great experience with Hertz in Italy, Bergamo. Liked that the car was new and fun to drive. At the desk got all the help and assistance that was needed, so nothing really to complain about.

1 review
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I made a reservation at Hertz Cancun which was supposed to include all taxes and fees ... I show up to pick up the car and get hit with a "compulsory" liability insurance, plus its tax and a 4.5% surcharge on the total bill for using a credit card to pay (yes, in this day and age!) ... added $200 to my total bill

Contacting Hertz customer care to address the issue and suggesting they should have made this a clear part of the cost of the reservation resulted in a bunch of gobbeldy-gook translating into "it's in the legal fine print for us to hit you with these surprise charges"

It may be legal .... but it is far from an ethical business practice

2 reviews
0 helpful votes

Port St Lucie Hertz is the best place to rent a car if you are looking for friendly and fast service. The cars are always clean, filled with gas and ready to go. The staff is over and beyond helpful and patient!

2 reviews
6 helpful votes

The Hertz car we rented to drive 1300 miles from NYState to Florida had extremely low tire tread when we picked it up in the pouring rain. When we noticed this, we took it to our local tire garage and they said it was illegal to drive the car in NYState. We called the Hertz rental office in Oneonta, NY where we had rented the car, and were told they would call us back the next day. They never called. We then spent 53 minutes on the phone with Hertz Roadside Assistance, who finally said that they would call us back. They never called. We then spent 3 hours researching and writing to the CEO; Director of Customer Care; President of Rent A Car Int'l; and General Counsel, telling them that we have both been lawyers for 37 years and that we have an undrivable & dangerous Hertz car. It was extremely difficult to find any helpful phone number or email address for Hertz, and they seem to try hard to make it hard. Their inexcusable negligence could've resulted in severe injury or death. They finally brought us a new car & gave us $100. Unbelievable that they didn't thank us for catching such gross negligence and give us, at the very least, a free rental without us even having to ask. If you want good email addresses for Hertz management, go to

1 review
0 helpful votes

I reserved a car for my moms trip to California and she decided she did not need a car so when I tried to cancel it they charged me $50 and it was more than 24 hours in advance! Total scam!

7 reviews
16 helpful votes

Would not rent to 22 year olds. Seems a little silly to me. Left me stranded in the middle of Tennessee. Fair to say not impressed

1 review
0 helpful votes

Will you booked online after speaking with a customer service representative from this company who neglected to mention all the details like you had to have additional deposit for a debit card. I needed $200 I had a 159 on my debit card and $50 cash and this company refused to absolutely anything to help me and could have cared less that I was stranded in Oklahoma City.

4 reviews
3 helpful votes

Was treated terribly by a manager in Lisbon airport whilst picking up the car! Completely unprofessional!

1 review
1 helpful vote

The service was horrible, and I didn't get what I asked for! I remember in the 1970's when this company way better than what it is today!

2 reviews
0 helpful votes

I have used Hertz twice in the last month and been impressed both times. I used their kiosk to rent both times and I went through the line way faster than everyone else that went to a teller.

7 reviews
3 helpful votes

The website for is cumbersome in finding out what kind of vehicle they can install hand controls into. So it was no surprise that my hatchback request was deleted and replaced with a full size vehicle (2017 Nissan Altima). I prefer hatchbacks because you can put down the seats in the back and pull in a wheelchair without damaging any upholstery.

I expected Hertz to charge me the weekly rate on a hatchback since it wasn't my fault they could not install the hand controls in the vehicle of my choosing. The clerk giggled at the suggestion when I checked in. Nope, he said you are being charged the full size weekly rate and there was nothing he could do about it. I asked to speak to the manager and was told he was out for lunch but that he would call me.

I did get to speak to the manager and he said he would reduce my rate. However, when I returned the vehicle, the rate wasn't reduced and because I had requested an extra six days, they tacked on two extra charges. Again, I was told that the manager was not there and that I could call the 800 number to try and get it reduced. I attempted to tackle the labyrinth of the Hertz telephone system but I gave up after two transfers because no one knew which department handled accessible rentals.

There are just so many charges for renting a vehicle these days aside from the daily/weekly rate. These are the extras I paid at Hertz Phoenix Airport location:

Concession Fee Recovery 11.11% $ 36.90
County Surch $ 14.53
Energy Charge & Maint Recovery $ 6.44
Return Change Fee $10.00
Cust Facility Chg $6.00 per day $78.00
Tax 15.600% on Taxable TTL $69.74

4 reviews
18 helpful votes

this review is about my experience in the state of Israel renting a Hertz car. I am sorry but I have to wonder if you actually care about your brand or its reputation. you clearly dont care about your clients as you let these people rent their cars using your name and US based standards. I rented from hertz ( in the US) for a majority of my professional life through my work and travels, they were always courteous, caring and made some mistakes on the bills but were willing to listen and sometimes correct them. but the experience I had in Israel, does not compare in any way to your US based services.
1. I was never, and I mean NEVER until this day (20 days after I signed up for that car) had gotten a bottom line to how much I am paying, paid or will eventually pay.
2. car was just bad, alignment issues and gas milage issues
3. I was charged 3 times on my card by hertz! non of these charges were approved by me or explained to me! they never sent me a break down of my bill. NOTHING! just one email that says that they are about to charge me. what kind of a service is this??????
I am considering canceling my CC to stop this behavior! why do I need to feel so afraid for my money and security after renting a car?

1 review
0 helpful votes

Just incredibly disappointed! When you rent a car, you assume its working well. Check brake light goes oncalled the Fort Lauderdale Airport Hertz rental & told them the brakes feel like theyre slipping (they told us to return the car to the site) & we were nervous about driving the car back to the airport (30 minutes away)the brilliant response....if you want it towed you will have to pay for the tow truck . They Hertz employee was incredibly rude & frankly was completely unsympathetic about the huge inconvenience to wasting part of our day having to swap the car out. We scheduled a quick trip to Florida & wasted half our day dealing with this car issue. Our day trip to Epcot was definitely impacted. The manager at the Hertz was very apologetic about the rude employee & how we were handled at the emergency call phone center & told us he would offer us a $75 credit (for our inconvenience). Long story short he said he couldnt credit us $75 but would give us a $75 credit towards our next Hertz rentalTRUST methat credit will not be used as we will never rent from them again.

6 reviews
5 helpful votes


11 reviews
2 helpful votes

Usually great cars and service, more so if you have their Gold Card. But careful with the add ons, like pre-purchase of gas tank, EZ-Pass device, toll charges, etc. It can add some heavy weight to your bill. Read everything. Ask about everything

2 reviews
0 helpful votes

I have an extremely bad experience with is company. they charged me twice for the same car of an amount of 3102.6$. I do warn every one not to buy any thing from this company. I contacted them multiple times with evidences of the two payment receipts. simply they ripped me off. The worst company I have ever dealt with in my life. Be very careful.

Tip for consumers: be very careful doing business with this company specially the one in Logan Airport.

3 reviews
3 helpful votes

In Aug. 2017, I rented a car from Hertz for eight days. Three weeks later, I still have not received a return of the authorization payment.

And, when I call Hertz about it, I get blown off: "The delay will be unlimited, sorry, nothing we can do."

It's a substantial sum of money. Why should Hertz simply "borrow" my money, with unlimited delay? They're not paying interest on it.

What is truly amazing is the attitude. Not our problem. We could care less. We'll just take your money, and return it when we feel like it.

It's a nice cheap scam. If I did it, I'd get arrested. No charges against Hertz, though.

So vote with your feet. Avoid this lowdown fly-by-night outfit in the future.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Reserved a van for a trip to Maine. The internet price was $483.17 including unlimited mileage. Went to pick up the van we were told that at this branch there is no such thing as unlimited mileage and what they call up charge was added to our bill. A hold of $1175.00 was put on our card to cover any extra miles. The final bill was $767.34 almost double the internet price. I dont know how long it will take to get a refund, but I wont stop until we do.

4 reviews
3 helpful votes

Had a car rented for three days as my cat was in the shop. My car wasn't fine at the end of the three days so I called and asked for an extension. I was expecting them to price gouge me but they did not. Great customer service and great price!

2 reviews
5 helpful votes

Rented a small SUV for week-long beach trip. Quote from Enterprise was too high, so we called Hertz. Husb reserved vehicle for entire week for $150 less than competitor. Thrilled! At pick-up on Friday afternoon, husb told pre-paying for gas would be super convenient and only cost $1.80/gal (less than typical price around us). NOT told that the $28 fill-up would have a $20 tax/fee charge attached. Husb asked at pick-up EXACTLY WHEN car had to be returned. Told closed Sat @ 12 noon and closed Sunday. "Just bring it back anytime Monday by 5 pm" was what he was told. Husb returned following Monday at 4:40 pm. At return, told there was a charge for an extra day. Agent told my husb, "We aren't in the business of renting cars for FREE, sir!" Bill went from estimate of $350 to final bill of $498! Husb paid the extra day but then called customer service when he got home. Wouldn't budge! Filled official appeal via email to be refunded the extra $150 but still haven't heard back. In the meantime, we determined that the original phone agent) booked our car for 3 days, not the full week we requested. Have over $1000 of pending charges outstanding on our credit card. To top all of this off, received a NASTY letter from Hertz in the mail yesterday indicating that legal action was going to be undertaken if we didn't return the vehicle immediately (a week AFTER we returned it!) Called Hertz ... told the local office didn't close out the transaction marking our vehicle as "returned" until 3 days after we returned it ... thus the pending charges and nasty letter! Side note: phone "customer service reps" on phone were AWFUL! Everyone we talked to sounded like we were inconveniencing them w/ our call! Sadly, were it not for all the bait & switch with our money, would have been a great experience. Really liked the vehicle (Dodge Journey), though it was a bit dirty inside when we got it!

3 reviews
1 helpful vote

Couldn't get help when I really needed it. Rented a car, had an accident and had to pay for damages even though it wasn't my fault.

2 reviews
12 helpful votes

Tried and tried and tried to call the Hertz Rental car place in Orem, UT. No answer. Got lucky once and got an answer. Had questions I needed answered about the car my daughter was renting. Shawn blatanly told me I was not a priority because I was on the phone. "YOU AREN'T A PRIORITY"??? Really? Well, Hertz, maybe you need to tell Shawn that every customer is a priority. And maybe you should get voice mail since the phone never gets answered.

2 reviews
1 helpful vote

My wife needed a car for several days on our last trip to chicago. So, being long time renters through Hertz (gold, like forever) she made a reservation to pick a car up at the downtown train station. She arrived and was told there were no cars available ( the expected returns hadn't shown up), NO CARS. When asked if there were any other cars, either there or at other locations, she was told there WERE NO CARS. After an hour off wrangling with them, they told her they were going to cancel the reservation. If you are a car rental company, and are in the business of renting cars, especially to premium customers, and a reservation is made well in advance (it was not done that day-just to be clear) how does any self respecting rental company NOT HAVE A CAR AVAILABLE?!! NOT ANYWHERE IN THE ENTIRE CITY?!?!? And then just cancel the reservation without making any accommodations for the customer to get them where they need to go? We have had plenty of bad experiences with Hertz in the past, but this was the straw that broke the camel's back, so to speak. We have picked up cars with the metal holding the windshield literally falling off as we drove, we have had hour delays getting our car (so much for walking out to the car which is already available), we have had twenty minute delays in freezing Chicago weather waiting for a shuttle to the rental center, while watching a dozen or more buses for other companies go by, but not having a car and having them cancel the reservation is beyond belief. We will never rent from Hertz again. EVER!

2 reviews
0 helpful votes

We returned our car 3 weeks ago. We paid $15 for gas (which we expected) and were told we would get a bill for the tolls we used. I noticed a charge on my credit card for $40 saying "Hertz toll fees". I never got a bill, invoice, NOTHING! I'm just supposed to believe I spent that much on tolls (WHEN I KNOW I DIDN'T) and let them take whatever amount they want from my credit card. I called them and none of the Hertz employees could (WOULD) help. They said it's a separate company that does the tolls... THEN WHY DOES IT SAY HERTZ? I asked for a supervisor. Of course, none were available. One was supposed to call me back, but I still haven't heard from anyone. If I owe tolls, no problem, I will pay them but how can they take money without (1) giving me a bill and (2) getting my permission? Oh.. and I found out there's a $30 admin fee and $4.95/day of your rental (up to $24.75). So, that doesn't even make sense. We had this car for over 2 months (airbag recall) so that would be over $50 in their fees...I'm BEYOND mad. I can't believe a company just takes money like this!

2 reviews
4 helpful votes

Recently I made a online order via couponcabin and didn't receive any cashback as was stated. Couponcabin followed up on my order and this is the feedback I got: "We just heard back from Hertz and, unfortunately, they advised us that we did not receive credit for referring your order to them. As a result they will not be paying us a commission for your order so we are not able to provide you with cash back for it."

Seriously, why have all these offers online and then refuse to honor them? I'm thinking... Just don't promise any offers then!

Not to mention that the vehicle I had booked wasn't available and I had to upgrade. Yes, another $60.00 over and above the $240.00 I had budgeted for.

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unfortunately scam is a kind of normal for

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